Wednesday, April 20, 2022

"Look at The Force of Pedophilia, as It Rises like Baal Rampant on a Field of Ravaged Innocence and Despair."

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Before we go off in whatever direction this post will start going off in, I wanted to add just a couple of details that were omitted from the last posting.

About the links. We are not without method to our madness here, and the articles that are linked are nearly always relevant to the atmosphere of the times we write about. No one should be concerned (usually-grin) with the content of them, because The Elf gives you plenty warning about what's involved, via pictures and intros. So... you can skip the ones that seem too dark for you. Also... I've gotten considerably more support for including them than for not including them.

Today's links are classic for the illustrations they provide, and some of them are mind-blowing. Wait till you see what some people are up to under the cover of the uncertainty of the times; in Ukraine, in Hijacked Palestine, with Johnny Depp, Elon Musk and the cartoons over at TMZ (which we mostly spare you). Some of these I have not included because I know you have seen them. This is ALL noise. The whole of The World is a distraction from The Real World, which... you could be living in, if you wanted to. I am quite serious about that.

Including the links at the end of the posting means I don't have to hotlink them in the text here, as we used to do. I'd be glad not to make any reference to the surround-world, but it is there. We are all aware of it. In any case, these links are ONLY for the people to whom they apply. Hello? Is this the party to whom I am speaking?

Also... your idea about how God put it all together may well not be the same as mine. That is perfectly okay (or it should be). Unfortunately, people polarize over their absolute certainty that they know what they are talking about, and... they do not. I was very fortunate to have The Cosmos point out to me in unforgettable fashion, that I did not know.

What you get here is a broadcast... on a certain wave length, which is being transmitted THROUGH me. I myself, OFTEN do not know what I am going to say next. I myself, OFTEN hear something at the same time as I am writing it. It is all coming from a place I trust ABSOLUTELY. The reader will have to make up their own mind about that.

The beauty is that no one has to come here. Unfortunately, in this world, there is a vast population that does not even know who or what they are without the vehicle of argument. They define themselves by what they oppose. Many... these days... take it to an extreme. People are going mad in exponential fashion. AND... some are getting more and more sane. That's up to you.

This is not addressed to those of you who have been coming here for years. This is for the new readers who are coming in, in more recent times. I am saying these words now because there are going to be changes coming down and none of us will escape being affected by them. Like anything... it can go either way. Since I KNOW that God is real, I have no apprehension at all about any of it. It's one of the reasons I don't get outraged here or anywhere (not anymore). I have been brought to a place where I am able to have a degree of certainty about something, and it has put all other concerns to the side. There is only one concern now.

Not everyone shares the desire to meet God. They do meet The Devil at every turn. If... that is who they are looking for, AND... angels unaware. That comes with the territory. A person's character determines what they become and what they see, and... most importantly, HOW they see it. Character is built. It is something you construct in the process of making countless errors. Oh! What an exhausting road it is for those who insist on playing God and being constantly reminded that they are not. God will occasionally allow people to manufacture situations where they are treated like gods; get away with murder... freely frolicking in the carnage they have orchestrated. Nothing is missed.

In scripture, you occasionally see a “woe betide” reference. Let me add my own here; woe betide the wrong-doers, and the callously indifferent... in times of apocalypse. I pause... in speechless awe... for some moments now, as I watch the carousel of pending change go round and round in my mind. I do not know what shape it will take but I have seen some amount of the coming attractions.

When I see such pervasive darkness as I see now, the rampant depravity and violence, the rampaging appetites of The People from Crazy Town, I am thrilled with expectation... because I know that The Divine must be close by. I KNOW he's going to make an appearance in MANY forms... and fashions suitable to the needs of the moment... the time... and the place.

It used to be that I would talk in detail about goings-on in the wider world. How can one find any significant or singular condition... or thing now, which is not being outshouted by a dozen others? The clamor and crazy-person talking nonsense... the transparent lies from the mouths of grinning jackals; those who indeed, cause massive harm to huge numbers of people; what are we to make of all this? It has REALLY gotten toxic.

Where did these freaks come from? Here we have the helicopter parents, who chose not to discipline their children, but rather spoiled their nature. They let the twisted perverts have access to them, while they read each issue of Parenting Magazine and listened to Offal Winfrey, and Ellen Degenerate. All in the name of protecting their children from harm, they delivered them into Harm's Way. Oh generation of vipers! I see scripture coming to life in the events of our times.

There is an army of green and purple-haired Pillsbury Dough Incels, throughout the school systems and government. There is an army of people who cannot spell or write their names. They are now heads of department. Look at the force of Pedophilia, as it rises like Baal Rampant on a field of ravaged innocence and despair.

I mentioned not talking about these issues, but here they are. Try to remember that this is a world of shadows; transient, materialized illusions. Remember what life was like before cellphones? Now it is the biggest addiction in The World. They are mainlining toxic information that their other colon cannot evacuate. If we are all building ourselves... then we must transform into whatever is the object of our devotion. If it is resident in The Lower Nature, the future does not look bright for you. What you aspire to, you become.

Remember that you live in a carnival that reaches so wide that customs and languages change entirely in different sections. There are booths and displays for everything that is in The World. Where do you linger most? You'll be working there next time around. What arrangements are you making? What relationships occupy your thoughts? What are you doing???

It is all coming up in the Event Horizon faster than I expected. Of course, I do not have The Avatar's Day Runner... but signs, and trends, and patterns, are telling me that objects in the future are closer than they appear, IN THE MIRROR.

Given what I can see of the whole sad and tawdry affair of incestuous evil, replicating itself in monstrous forms... all I can say, is “Whoa!” They... it appears, cannot say, “Whoa!” and they REALLY... REALLY should. They are like, Mr. Creosote... unable to refuse the mint. Interestingly... the very people who were capable of such revealing comedy, later became proponents of what is not funny. Angels sang through inspired hearts, once upon a time, before it all turned to shit; meaning the arts and culture.. Still... there is beauty if one knows where to look, and the angels are still singing on other planes.

I'm guessing there is going to be some amount of Last Hurrah, False Flag action on the way to the mid-term elections. They REALLY cannot afford to lose. The waterfall of overflowing circumstance continues apace, while miscreants reach for what is beyond their grasp. As the clown car goes off the cliff, we see the waving handkerchiefs from shore. The foghorn blast shatters the air, while we disappear over the horizon line.

Somewhere a Flat-Earthpalegic is twisting in their restraints, while the probes vibrate at either side of their temples. One hears the cellphone ring, and the DNA-MRNA activates, and sends the signal through the system; “Zombies! Forward march!!!” "Zombies! Parade (without) rest!"

Hieronymus Bosch (not the Amazon Bosch) sends his regards.

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Like I said, they are getting really serious. This is what happens when you let perversity out of the bottle, a whole lot of invisible force comes with it. Fortunately, there is a God=

Family sex show cast


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"These Transmitting Entities will be Making The Real Safe Spaces; It's the Difference Between Woke and Awakened."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Never had a cell phone, never will. I'll do my innernet addiction from the comfort of our nose cave, thank you. Landline! UNINTERRUPTED!

Try to keep dem dar EMFs to a minimum, thank you. Though we are stuck with a smart meter. It's on the other end of the building. Too bad we're not in the east unit anymore for that, but our present unit is a wee bigger and has a little more sun and wind protection.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lt. PTB,

Me too. When they put the smart meter in, I took an old computer chassis and fitted it around the outside of the meter blocking (reflecting) the radiation away from by bed, only a few feet away.

An inferior product introduced using subterfuge for profitability and cost savings from proper network upgrade. Guess we have to build roads in Ukraine. What, we aren't building roads?

My internal network is hardwired and isolated from the net (yeah, geeking out cuz I can) and my internet box is also hard wired to the satellite modem. I can turn on Wifi temporarily on the modem and an isolated machine rather than "sneaker net" files from the internet with a jump drive, or I could burn a CD. Never had it so good. Just amazing.

Mr. Nah

P.S. I might get a cell phone though, for emergency use only.



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