Friday, April 15, 2022

"The True Object of Desire is The One That Puts an End to Wanting and Sets You Free of Desire. We'll Leave the Light on for Ya."

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The Zelenksky gambit, in which a Tribe gangster keeps the Holocaust theme park in operation in the human mind, and... The Usual Suspects, front and center, as the most maligned and- “we never done one wrong thing” people the Earth has ever known... continues; pawn to pawn 3, rook to some place over there on the board.

How did over a hundred countries over the course of history get it so wrong? The Usual Suspects had their moment in Soviet Russia where they murdered tens of millions of people. They made it happen for the whole world to see, and NOW??? Now they are in control of The World money supply, and the access to it, so they intend to turn America Communist, which is a strange thing... when your whole thing (their whole thing) is about controlling MONEY. How does the philosophy of communism embrace such a conflict of postures that are antithetical to one another?

How did all this vile 1984 PC rhetoric get here? Well, who was behind it in Soviet Russia? Who wrote the playbook to begin with? Who are the bankers that can lean on anyone who... at some point... is going to need money from them? Why would a banker demographic promote a Communist perspective that is the opposite of their standard-operating-procedure? It is ALL about CONTROL. With Communism, there is only one political party that the bankers make the rules for; the rules that apply to you, and the rules that do not apply to them.

It's not enough to tell people that things are screwed and shouldn't be. You have to further screw things up so you can blame it on the competition, and sell the comatose on the idea that your toothpaste is better than their toothpaste. When you control the money, you can pay the crowds to show up and make noise as if they were really there for that. Pulling off scams like Sandy Hook, and the election theft, 9/11, and sundry... is not the problem you think it might be, when such a large group of people are in dream land, or bone deep stupid in a Tamasic miasma.

You've heard of The Homeless Problem? That is not the actual problem. The real problem is The Mindless Problem. When people are unable to think in a logical fashion, life does not unfold logically. It is not just a residence they are lacking when no one is home upstairs. I've been at street level. I've DIRECTLY seen what the situations are and what THEY say the situation is. The two are remarkably different. Confuse people and promote disorder; who does that sound like? Who is it that goes around like a raging lion, spreading fear and discord? “Door #3! It's door #3! No! Wait! Is it tomorrow yet?”

A long time ago, the gods... the impersonal divine archetypes... the several serpents behind the heads of the personalized presentations for the good of all... realized... possibly through trial and error... that the manifest plane... the central plane of Karma... realized and repeated without end... was, and is... how it has to be.

Desire runs the wheels of engagement and the soul learns the meaning and value of everything. One is then in a position to be set free from it... and... that is there for everyone. That promise is everlasting and always being fulfilled somewhere. This place... this plane... is where people come to TEMPORARILY live in the physical senses. It is here in the carnal realm, where one can further immerse The Mind, OR.. where one has suffered enough, or learned enough, to want to move on, and then? The way appears. I KNOW this to be true.

This is The World. This is Material Culture. Yes... there will be times of great light and luminous civilizations, but darkness comes too. It replicates. It relocates. It is always shifting into the appearance of the object of desire, but... that is not it. The true object of desire is the one that puts an end to wanting and sets you free of desire. I know how that sounds. I also know that is how it is.

Learn to move in The World and... MOST IMPORTANTLY... have powerful invisible friends. Nothing is better than that... and you never get anywhere worth going to without them. And this is especially important in Times of Material Darkness. We are at a BIG moment in the turning of the age. A lot has to be processed before the quantum jump is effected. On a personal level though... it is ALWAYS present.

Each of us moves at our own speed. Some flowers bloom earlier. Some fruit appears first. Some buds never open. That fragment of life that you are, is... in this moment... at some point on a torturous journey into the light. All those stations of gray and shadow are where the negative emotions live, and they actually lead to places on the planet where most of the people are like that.

There are bardos beyond counting. We populate our Hell(s) and our Heaven(s) through a shared commonality. I am through with abusing myself, and loving God has taught me that no other agenda is worth the pursuit. I do not know what it will look like when it flowers, but I do know that it goes on blooming forever. It is the flame of immortality dancing in the soul, but the mind comprehends it not. The darkness comprehends it not.

It has been explained so many different ways, in different times and places. It has come in profound simplicity and it comes in an intricate ever unfolding wonder. It cannot be described. It can be experienced.

How do you acquire powerful invisible friends? It is quite simple and ANYONE can do it. One simply represents the interests of The Invisible Hierarchy, in visible fashion. You go around in the mindset of The Creator's Presence. This attracts those entities who serve that presence, and repels those who do not. There are witnesses to all you say and do here.

There are little beings in the underbrush. There are elementals that move in the air, that dance in the fire, that swim in the water, that are industrious in The Earth. There are malign spirits associated with negative human emotions. There are benefic spirits who are resonant with positive human emotions. Find the level and quality of friendship you seek.

Some of us are meant to have a working relationship with The Supernal Realm, and some of us are meant to have a working relationship with The Infernal Realm. Each will learn the cost, and in many cases... the limitations of The Carnal Mind. They are like romances. There are good boyfriends and bad boyfriends. There are virtuous women and town pumps. It is all in the nature of the arrangements you have made. Is it fair? Well... you are the one who put yourself there. That can change. Everything phenomenal is subject to change. Lay down with dogs and you get up with fleas.

In The Emerald Tablet it is said,

“Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world.”

Superiors and inferiors means the Supernal and Infernal kingdoms. All kingdoms have their concerns and their duties to perform. Make yourself known to The Invisible World. Oh... wait a minute, you already do, with everything you think and say and do... and by your works? So you are known to them.

You will see below that there is mention made about what the real deal is in Ukraine. I will highlight the link. These goosestepping psychopaths are dancing to the tunes of Mr. Apocalypse. EVERYTHING is being exposed, revealed and identified in the court of public opinion. Yes... it seems that the stupid will go on being stupid forever. Some are not just stupid. Some are afraid.

None of what is happening is by accident and the same people who destroyed Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Libya, and Syria, are now seeking to destroy Russia. Only... it is not just Russia alone. There is China... and India... and Brazil... and the cushioning satellites around The Motherland.

The psychopaths are flushed with their success and their control of public opinion, via The Information Highway. They've ruined everyone else who got in their way. Why should it be different this time? The affairs of humanity are ALWAYS under the control of The Supreme Commander who made the whole thing out of himself; who is both mother and father, who has a Left AND a Right hand. Two great rivers run, and from each are spawned countless tributaries. It pleases some to reside in The Carnal Mind. Certain rules apply there. It pleases some to aspire to a higher state of being. Certain rules apply there.

Eventually, everyone will learn what is and is not. They are here for that very purpose. God explores The World of Matter through human experience. How long you must suffer is entirely up to you. You want to blame someone else? Have at it. This is like a patient telling his doctor that his lifestyle is not responsible for his physical condition. That doesn't change the truth. You can lie to yourself all day long. It changes NOTHING. At some point, the dams of denial and resistance are blown away, and one is no longer able to deny or resist. Then... then we shall see, and more importantly... so will they.

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Anonymous said...

I’m ready to check out. Give me the bill. Oh never mind , I am sure I have paid it in full. Enough of these fuckers. How did we ever get so derailed ? I wanna go Home. While I wait impatiently, I want to thank you Vis for your work. It helps .....

Anonymous said...

The insanity intensifies:


Visible said...

Yeah... the monitor lizard caper. It is probably a Soros financed operation for grade school curriculums. I had already put that aside for the next post (ah well). These things actually eat people so... great degree of difficulty; soon to become an Olympic sport for transgenders.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Desire for stuff? Meh. Knowledge is another matter. (YES, I'M KIDDING ABOUT TNE NOSE HAIR COAT! But mentioning it does sometimes get a rise out of people, and my handle explains that.) I WANT MY AKASHIC LIBRARY CARD! YESTERDAY! LAST YEAR EVEN!

#1, I'm with ya. Glad I'm starin' 60 in the face instead of 2, or sumthin'. At least I'm on the downhill stretch of my 'tenure', and approachin' retirement, or should I say 'parole' from my self-imposed 'life sentence'.

Zen Motorcycle said...

LV FAM is watching a show where a woman is having dinner with Jesus at an Italian restaurant and says that letting God live within you is the key.
She asked about things that humans are up to such as battles between tribes and sects, that is not the fault of God.
Freewill is for you to learn from the Purpose of Demonstration and choose wisely.
People who have put their faith in systems or organized religion ($$$), worldly materialism or their skin uniform are going to lose their minds during the peak stupidity of terminal madness.
Others have prepared for this time mentally, spiritually, physically, and will fare much better.
You are right that some places will proceed as normal while madness will reign elsewhere.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"May The Spirit Update Your BIOS, and May You Dwell in the Paradise of Devotion for The Author of The Sun."



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