Thursday, September 30, 2021

"Three Things are Needed to Bring ANYONE up to Speed; Faith... Certitude, and Determination."

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No one is more dangerous to everyone else than are social reformers. And never have there been so many as there are now. It is an actual movement being financed by The Central Bankers. If there is a major problem in The World anywhere today, they are behind it. They move in the background, using world leaders and lawmakers as their proxies. They pave your way... and you do what they say; or else.

Now we have people doing bad things for what they say are the right reasons, which means that moral standards and self-restraint are no longer valid mindsets. Garbage in and garbage out... Solving and resolving the situation is akin to unraveling The Gordian Knot. Alexander (as legend has it) took care of that by drawing his sword and cutting it in two. The Avatar will be bringing the sorting machine. Like a traffic cop, he will wave you through in the direction you are determined to go. There will be far fewer of us at some point in time.

We are all in various stages of imperfection, and we learn in cooperation only when we are capable of being taught. Before that, it's a smack to the left and a smack to the right, with a boot straight ahead to follow. We have to pay attention or our attention is gotten somehow, through enticement or intimidation; probably whatever works best, combined with a hearty assortment of our own past acts coming back on us. It's the Whitman's Karma Sampler.

♫ You put your left foot in, you take your right foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it all about ♫ “Shaken... not stirred.” NOTHING is harder to accomplish than lasting change because there is no such thing. It will change yet again. In The Manifest World, change is the one true constant. Does it not make sense to take both feet out and stop shaking either one about? The Personality both suffers and thrives in The Manifest World. The Real Self is triumphant and unassailable, in and by The Manifest World. As long as you are engaged in its nonsense, you CANNOT see clearly, and you cannot escape it. You need help. Perhaps you have been told that “You better call Saul.” Neither Saul... nor any other lawyer can help you with this problem.

Life is very much like a river. Sometimes it's a lazy stream, and sometimes it is a roiling torrent. Sometimes it goes left and sometimes it goes right. This may seem simplistic; “Hey Buddy! My problems are a lot more complex!” People like to take their problems and groom them up like a pure breed at The Westminster Dog Show. They like to trot them around in public. People come up and pet it on the head, telling you what a lovely problem you have. People invest in their problems. Most of the time, they have little interest in fixing them. They ARE their problems. They would not recognize themselves without them. Eventually, the problem manifests in their bodies and proves terminal.

I have to EMPHASIZE again that The World is becoming crazier and crazier. That is the REAL Pandemic. Covid is a mere byproduct. Everything you see these days is the result of people losing it. Why is human insanity the worldwide state of affairs now? A Great Change has come sweeping through the human mind, and most cannot handle it. Their panic and loss of the sense of self is their reaction to it. This is The Awakening. It has ONLY just begun. In the early stages, we are seeing the negative results first. The weakest people with the most twisted perspectives are the ones with the weakest links in the chains that bind. Both their internal gyroscope and their moral compass are broken. They are experiencing what happens when the Gods decide to make you mad, as a prelude to destroying you. We are especially seeing this among celebrities and world power brokers.

Who are these “Gods” of which I speak? They are the enduring archetypes of your own Higher Nature. They are the part of you that wins in the end, though it may take forever and a day to accomplish it. You are a MICROCOSM. You are a reflection of The Macrocosm, via The Macroprosopus. Here is where it gets interesting. The pure light of Heaven moves down the planes into the shadow worlds. There are various reverse filters that cloud the mirror, alter the template, and result in an imperfect representation of the original Heavenly Pulse. We must aspire to get higher and closer to The Source. As we do, we become an ever more accurate representation of what we were intended to be in the first place.

Remember the Devil's Pitchfork? That is the cosmic goad that drives you forward. It also drives you toward, and into whatever your Mind Fever has made attractive to you. Then... by The Purpose of Demonstration, you discover through your own direct experience, the meaning and the value of everything you encounter. Very often, the outcome is painful. It is ONLY painful for so long as you hold on to it.

Mahatma Gandhi was asked if he could sum up his life in 25 words. He said he could do it in 3; “Renounce and Enjoy.” When you let go of what is hurting you, it stops hurting you. When your thoughts and your feeling are conflicted and tortured, they will precipitate down into your physical form and become disease and discomfort. THAT... is how it works. Perhaps it might be helpful to pay attention to the messages imprinting on you AND conditioning you. It is the influence of The World speaking to Appetite and Desire. Reject it all out of hand!

If you don't know that you are being played, you WILL continue to be played. You have a remarkable opportunity before you now. With The Coming of the Avatar, the force of his transforming Love and Wisdom are radiating out before him, as is ALWAYS the case. If you are SENSITIVE to it, you can embrace it, and it will wash away all of The Ties that Bind. Liberation will come to you. This is a real thing. I am not making this up.

Perhaps you think something else is happening. Maybe you think The World is turning to shit. The World has always been shit, gold-plated, and made attractive, like the worm on the fishing hook. As Lao Tzu said, “even a fish would survive if it kept its mouth shut.” That applies in every sense you can understand it in.

I have been told by sources that I trust that The Avatar IS coming, and may already be here. I have also studied many ancient texts and the Cosmic Clock. I have studied the nature of Apocalypse. I have even been visited by an entity called Mr. Apocalypse on several occasions for hours at a time. There has been many a message come to me in recent years, and ALL of them indicate the same thing. I well understand that this can make me appear to be crazy as well; especially by those whom I consider to be possessed lunatics. Well, I know... in as profound a manner as I am capable of, that you must go mad to discover Truth. If you think of The World as an ocean, those driven mad in a spiritual fashion, become a seashell beyond the reach of The Sea (or ocean, as you prefer).

There are different kinds of Crazy. There is ALSO, Senility, and Regenerated Innocence. There is Pure Light and False Light. There is Awakened, and there is Woke. There are traps that look like escape hatches, and there are escape hatches that can only be seen in The Right Light. Whether I am considered loony for believing in The Avatar, given the historical facts of The Avatar coming again and again, and given the titanic accomplishments of those who believed as I do, if I am crazy... I am in very good company.

I do not write these posts for those who have no interest in them or who object to the very idea of God. I don't appeal for money. I don't work to increase my traffic, and I don't care one way or the other if anyone comes here or believes anything I say. I am only fulfilling a commission, and the results will be what the results will be. Time will tell and we shall see.

It is my hope and prayer that many will respond to The Awakening in a Positive manner, and achieve a positive outcome. I work as a Herald. If I hear angels singing then I will sing Harmony; thirds... or fifths or in a compatible minor. I listen intensely all through my day. I do little else that does not include that. You hear what I hear, within the limited framework of my knowledge and abilities. Surely you can see that something big is happening in this world. You may attribute it to other sources. I do not. Perhaps we will all find what we believe to be true. That will prove either very good or very bad.

I understand how hard it is to believe in what you cannot see. This is most especially true in these times. The bombastic deceits of the committed liars rule the airwaves. I am very fortunate to be given evidence of what cannot be seen with mortal eyes. I KNOW there are others out there who have had their own share of experiences, and who wouldn't keep returning here if they did not in some way agree with what they read. Three things are needed to bring ANYONE up to speed; Faith... Certitude, and Determination. If you employ these, and most especially NOW, you will get evidence of what cannot be seen.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, September 27, 2021

"When You No Longer Suffer at Your Own Hands You can See more Clearly the Suffering in Others."

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There is much talk about Zombies these days. One becomes zombified by immersion in Material Culture. One becomes zombified when one has lost control of their passions and their thoughts and becomes controlled by mass think. One becomes zombified through negative patterning, via the education system, programmed religious activity, government fearmongering, and the influence of other outside forces, and forces that seek to overthrow the citadel of personal autonomy. People are being reduced to herd animals through appetite and fear. This is self-evident.

Those who have sex with animals are possessed by the demons whose passion this is. ALL sexual attractions are the province of those invisible forces that express in a similar manner. Furries are a Tavistock-style stepping stone from play-acting to the real thing. Remember, we are dealing with Sexual Force that is God Power and the good or evil of it depends on which aspect of God it is directed at. Tavistock is the research department of Hell on Earth. Those who are carried away by ANY unwholesome appetite OR desire OR simply indulge too much, are ALSO possessed by the demon whose passion that is. Someone must be in control of that behavior, who permits and does not permit it. If you aren't in control then someone or something else is.

You are serving someone, by intention... or without even knowing or being aware of it.

The Living God within can, and does control ANYTHING, and all you have to do about it is aspire to it and NOT HINDER IT; permit it. He will send his angel into your body and THAT is how the real alchemy gets done. Anyone who thinks otherwise is dreaming. The Great Work is attended and accomplished by The Holy Guardian Angel. You do NOTHING other than PERMIT it.

Sure, in the lower realms, they have bad copies of the original thing. But... to get The Genuine Article, you HAVE TO meet the guy. The good news is that you can. The bad news is that it's a real climb. Not only do you need to be fit on the various planes of enterprise, but you also have to possess a determination you can ONLY get from Heaven. You need the Qualities of God if you want to be with God.

Whenever you have an unwholesome or negative thought or feeling; where did it come from? Did you think it was your thought or feeling? Our thoughts and emotions move in an atmosphere like ocean currents, and ANYTHING that lives in that ocean (The Subconscious) can swim right on by; swim right on in, and swim right on through. We are ALL baiting the hook for something, wittingly or unwittingly. In rare instances, we may dine at the table of the Gods, elsewise we might be at a different table where the table manners are not as pleasant. The serpent swallowing its tail should tell you something about that ENDLESS consuming thing.

Think about it... you are in a position to decide what happens to you, instead of your Karma, which is to be found in your astrological resonances. If you command the planets from within you, then you are the wise one who rules the stars. That is EXACTLY what that means! Even if your negative Karma comes in, as it surely will, it can be transformed in the moment by divine agency!!!

This will all mean nothing to those who believe nothing, except what comes of the zombified mind. Some are highly intelligent, but they are under Circe's Spell, or some spell, which fills and surrounds them. You can tell them nothing. Helping people is dangerous, like trying to save one who is drowning. You have to know HOW to approach them and disable their ability to pull you down as well. Many have gone down with those they were trying to save. It is something to consider.

Let us say you are booked to be attacked by a tiger, another person, or your own heart or mind. Okay, but... you could befriend the tiger or make an accommodation with any other. You could resolve the need for The Demonstration because the truth about what caused it has manifested PRIOR to the event happening to you, and it has been resolved within. This is one of the beautiful secrets of Karma that is not in publication. Yes... you have Karma or you would not be here unless you were an illumined visitor who can appear AND disappear simply by altering his vibration. However... HOW your Karma finds you, and what happens, can be very different depending on who it is happening to, especially if you are under the protection of a guardian.

The REALLY important information is NOT WRITTEN DOWN. Some of it is written in the human heart, and in the subconscious mind, but... how do you access it? Perhaps The Intuition is the answer. Maybe that is the influence I should attend to? Of course, the REALLY important information is also present in certain individuals who pursued it and to whom it was granted. You could run into one of those people. I did. Do I need to mention that these individuals are moving among us, physically AND otherwise, and that they are ALWAYS on the lookout for ripe fruit and flowers to harvest on behalf of Heaven?

You become what consumes you. You could become like one of those demons that exercises a single appetite over and over, and which is also consuming you as it does so. Then you become a Hungry Ghost on your departure, if not before. You could also be consumed by one who is eternal and so shall you become as well. God and his angels DO NOT go around eating bad food, and they don't come around if your food is not blessed prior to consumption. People have little idea what an important feature of your life that is. Yes... a lot of this is metaphorical and allegorical. I have no choice about that. However... it is also literally true, just not in a way that can be effectively discussed. You have to happen upon it or have it happen upon you.

I was having a conversation with my master, and he blew my mind about a couple of things. The information in this posting is related to that, although it happened after what was written so far. It still was a part of what led him to speak to me in the first place; I said, “I wish I were in your presence.” “You are in my presence,” he replied. “No... I mean physically.” I continued, and then he said, “Visible, I could not be any closer to you now even if I was there.” I walked right into that. It will probably not hit the reader like it did me. It was one of those, 'You had to be there' moments. Now I see what he meant about it being lost in translation. Some things you can't talk about. I have yet to fully learn that.

When you have trained the mind to see clearly, people-watching can become a fascinating experience. You can see what is driving them, and even what troubles them. You can see what possesses them, and it can't hide, either. Trained professionals can do this to a degree, and on occasion, BUT... NOTHING beats having the internal narrator going. Once you can REALLY see what is happening around you, life makes sense, and... you are in a profound manner, detached from it. Think of it being like a hologram of someone or a mirror reflection. You've seen it in movies; “Virtuosity” comes to mind, “The Matrix” and quite a few others these days. So... if someone throws something at you, or shoots you, they hit the hologram, and this applies in ALL situations where you are NOT ATTACHED to the results.

If they try to insult you or slander you or give you a dirty look, the hologram gets it. “Okay coppers, I'm walking out of here. Any funny business or sudden moves and the hologram gets it!” Even though it can be amusing, it is very real. This World is a reflection of a much finer world. It is a poor reflection because the mirror is dirty. That finer world itself is also a reflection of a much finer world. You can still be here, but no one can see you if you are consciously resident in a finer world... unless you want them to. This is one of those ways that The Valley of the Shadow of Death is navigated. The human mind has a tendency to block out what does not interest it. Animal Nature accounts for most of what we get up to.

Every plane of being has a Heaven and a Hell. Think of the pleasures and torments of The Heart and Mind. We torture ourselves and others and wind up in Hell. Elsewise we carry the environment of Heaven within us. Heaven is a harmony of being. If you are out of sorts with yourself, you will be out of sorts with others. Therein is your environment determined.

I must digress now because of something that came to my attention on Friday. If real... that takes care of there allegedly being no historical record of Jesus Christ, AND pay CAREFUL attention to how Pilate describes him in this letter to Emperor Tiberius.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

The most important aspect is in how he describes his appearance. I do not know this letter or its provenance. It is said it has been authenticated. I never doubted that there was such a character. Look at what followed AFTER he came and left. I do doubt some of the historical and genetic references made about him in Traditional Scripture. If what Pilate said is true he was not a Tribe Member. I have never thought he was. Perhaps they had peroxide back then.

Let me return to the beginning, about people possessed by forces that attend their hungers, and which personify the hunger. The truth of this is widely known to those who have mastered themselves. A whole new world opens when you are no longer a slave to your appetites and desires. You begin to keep a different company on The Invisible Planes. There are different invisible companions for the emotions and for the thoughts you NOW experience. There is a command chain that flows from Heaven and animates all divine expressions. It is good to be a link in that chain. Otherwise, you are WEARING chains of a different order.

The reason I am mentioning this, and more than once of late, is because your state of life equilibrium accounts for the harmony of your being... or the lack of it. Disease is no longer a concern when diseased emotions and thoughts are no longer exercised, and then find their way into The Flesh. All suffering is caused by ignorant wanting. What is meant for you will come to you whether you are in want of it or not. You do not lose any of life's blessings by not running passionately after them. What's yours is yours. In these times we put ourselves in grave danger of Possession by inimical forces when we cannot rein in our appetites.

These things... I have learned by experience, oft times PAINFUL experience. When you no longer suffer at your own hands you can see more clearly the suffering in others. When you encounter slander and scorn, it should have no impact on you, BECAUSE... everything is a projection of The Mind. They are telling you what is true about themselves. They are telling you how they would be if they were like you, which would not be like you at all. They are talking about themselves. We ALL project outwardly what is within us. Knowing this, you will no longer be troubled by the howls of the mob, and you can then CLEARLY see what it is that troubles them. If you want to help others, The Physician must first heal himself.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

"There is a New Marshal Coming to Town from The Luminous Worlds of Light."

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If you have your focus right, you can see the culture imploding before your eyes. I always concentrate on maintaining 'the thousand-year stare'. It is a little like 'the thousand-yard stare', but it is time instead of distance. It is Objective, rather than Subjective. It also takes in a great deal more territory.

Fights are breaking out in public arenas; at sports stadiums, in parking lots, at nightclubs, in parks, on the sidewalk, in restaurants, airports, and on airplanes. Sometimes they happen in mob-like conditions, and sometimes they are single protagonists. Sometimes they simply assault themselves in public.

Obviously, there is something in the air, the way they used to say, “Something is in the water.” I could speculate, but I am weary of speculation. Whatever comes into my thoughts when I am watching The World, it always raises the question; What's the up-side? Often, it is very hard for me to see the up-side in what people get up to. More and more, there is the sense that madness is like a wind blowing down the avenue, then up the side streets. Like moonbeams running along a roof, they come down the chimney or into the heating or air conditioning ducts. They come in around 3 am, and then fix some drinks, get comfortable... Then it all goes to Hell when one of them turns on the TV.

Mr. Moonbeam's argument is, “What's the big deal? How often do I come around anyway?” The answer would be, “Too often these days. Why don't you see yourself out before I have to call my Shishi guardians? They eat moonbeams.” That's how I would handle it. Of course, not everyone has a Shishi, or two. It's getting weird Out There. By now, some readers might be thinking, “Yeah... it's getting pretty weird right here.” I have a point. If I give away the plot, in the beginning, people might feel like they've already seen the movie. In fact, you have... lifetime after lifetime. This would be less egregious if we got The Plot earlier. Then we wouldn't get the burial plot so often, if at all. I wonder how many headstones we've had by now?

All of my life, and probably not only this life, I've been obsessed with finding God. It shouldn't be a big surprise if I actually ran into him. I mean, I've been traveling with him from the beginning. We all have. Unfortunately, if you are not obsessed; driven, determined, passionately engaged in the quest for The Divine, you will find The World instead. It's said, “Faint heart never won fair lady.” I'd have to say that applies to God as well. You have to be like an ardent suitor. God is especially pleased with poetry and song dedicated to him. They have been known to attract the angels.

Back from that digression into the subjective (but altogether relevant); people are LOSING IT. Those maddening winds are a kind of elemental Santa Anna. Perhaps a Sirocco would also apply. There are some winds that have been known to make people crazy. Both of those have done so. Winds blow out of both Heaven and Hell.

We are coming up on a big plot change. It may be composed of both natural and human events, with inspiration coming from both kinds of wind. I don't know the details because that is not my department. In the spiritual realm, one Specializes, just as do doctors, lawyers, tradesmen, and others down here. Let's take doctors, Some are internal specialists. Some deal with bones and some with The Mind. On the metaphysical planes, one specializes as well, due to As Above, So Below. So... there are different departments. It's great when you can get all the departments under one roof like they do in Heaven. Down here, such forms of organization are called, Brotherhoods and Fellowships. You get good and bad examples, and in times of cultural implosion, BOTH come to the fore.

In the links, you will see where Tucker Carlson talks about Satanism as quasi-official policy in the military. Well, maybe I am giving too strong an impression of it. Anyway, The 7 Tenets of Satanism showed up in a PowerPoint presentation. Wait till you see what those tenets are! Why, those Satanists are just all-around decent and normal folk like us!!! That is what the servants of The Father of Lies want us to believe. They've even got a statue with a couple of little kids looking up at The Baphomet, sort of like a Padre Pio display that I used to see in Italian towns in The South.

Yeah... it's heating up. Flu season is around the corner, and by now they must have a Baskin & Robbins level inventory of designer flus for all occasions. You know, one variant does not suit or kill all. Then there is the collapse of the Chinese economy because of a real estate conglomerate gone wrong. That USUALLY means War. Then... there is the doddering old, sold-out ruin in The White House. I don't know who is running him by remote, probably The Usual Suspects, in an affiliation with the central bankers, and a lot of help from down below. You throw in all the compromised governments that are owned by the bankers and, Voila! You lean a little. You press a little, and you twist a little, and you get what you want.

Then there is Humanity with Samsara masks, and all you can hear is, “Marco!” “Polo!” “Marco!” “Polo!” It's a bit disheartening. Breitbart, which is run from Tel Aviv, makes sure to let us know now and again about how the people who could not possibly have done 9/11, absolutely did 9/11. They also let us know, like most compromised news outlets, about a really bad thing that happened during World War 2. Oddly enough, they are not talking about the tens of millions of executions in Bolshevik lands, nor the Dresden firestorm, no... they are talking about something else that could not possibly have happened, and which has proven to be the case.

Their house of cards is collapsing, Someone hit the lead domino. The camel is in the orthopedic surgeon's office. The cat is out of the bag, and someone is closing the barn door, now that all the horses ran away. I think that sums it up nicely and I didn't have to even mention the little boy with his finger in the dyke. Ah... me... so much distance. So little time or... something. This is a small pastiche of unknown provenance. It's what it looks like to me. It's like someone poured water on an anthill after a scattering of bread crumbs, except that many of the bipedal ants are moving in slow motion. They seem confused and disoriented, almost zombified.

Obviously, anyone paying attention can see that someone is toying with the Herd-Mind in a variety of ways. So far, it looks like they will do all that they think they can get away with. That means it's rougher in Australia and New Zealand than it is in New York, and it's rougher in New York than it is in Phoenix, and so on. Like I said, whatever they can get away with. It's rougher in Canada than it is in America because we have The Second Amendment.

It is a comically absurd production that is taking place now. Certain bobbleheads in public offices want to open all of the cages in the zoo, and whatever animals live in us too. Dark Forces are breathing down their necks cause they are in Hurry-Up mode. Meanwhile... for some reason, they can't get their act together. It was supposed to be a lot easier than it is, and TIME IS RUNNING OUT. There is a new marshal coming to town from the luminous worlds of light. He's got full authority to do... WHATEVER IT TAKES. He has more power in his pinky finger than all of the armies of Earth assembled together.

The people playing The Bad Guys this time around are well aware of The Marshal. However, they have had it their way for so long, and they don't have the necessary time to pack up everything they've stolen over the many years; not that they will be taking any of it with them anyway. What should occur to them does not occur to them. What they should do, they do not do. It's all programmed.

As long as you do not buy into the hysteria, you won't be fighting in the streets or on planes or... anywhere. As long as you don't let appearances trouble your senses, perhaps you can see and hear beyond them. There is a whole lotta freakout pending right this moment. The pressure is intensifying by degrees. Those not holding tightly to some fixed reality will lose their grip on whatever was passing for reality, which proves to have not been very real at all. No matter what you may think you are up against, Love will see you through it. Sometimes hard times are needed to wake up the Love.

The fibers of the surround sound carpet of darkness, that contains the worlds of the false light, are fraying at the corners. The seams are giving way. True light is breaking through the darkness from a million cracks, and holes that shine like galaxies of stars in the night. Be stable in your faith and the faith itself will light the way. It's like being able to see in the dark. We are self-illumined beings who have forgotten where the light switch is.

When the liberator comes to free the inmates from the Penitentiary of the Mind, they wrap their arms in the bars and refuse to go. What is The Liberator supposed to do?

End Transmission.......

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Friday, September 17, 2021

"There is a Wide Range of Vacillators. Then... There are The Atheists, Satanists, and Materialists."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is a riveting experience, watching The Culture cannibalize itself. Mentally ill, and diabolical personalities have managed to get their hands on some of the levers of power, and are showing us what happens when someone who can't fly hijacks an airplane. The people on the plane pushed and shoved, wheedled, and cajoled to get a seat on the plane. It is a very big plane, capable of holding millions of passengers. It does take a while to get off the runway and into the air. The runway is a time continuum, lit up from locations inside the Earth. The programming unit that has to do with what the software is capable of, and the designs necessary to accommodate its potential, is deeply focused on making it possible for the plane to fly up its own rear end and disappear. Their section of the enterprise is called Schrodinger Labs.

According to the technical experts, disappearing up your own rear end is one of the byproducts of going into Hyper-drive, and you can't travel inter-dimensionally without it. Why they would want to do this, having already demonstrated their inability to manage 3 dimensions, not to mention a 4th, which acts like a kind of gravity on the other 3, has not been clarified at this time. We'll be keeping a close eye on the sector as it goes forward, or in whatever direction is eventually decided upon.

I have observed the progression of zombie culture and zombie films since it first came into popular view through the original black and white, "Night of the Living Dead". I remember seeing it in the sixties or seventies. It's hard to pin it down, although... unlike many, I can remember the 60s very well, I didn't much like the film, and it was not memorable for me. I then observed the strange volume of zombie films, and then the TV series called "The Walking Dead". Zombie Culture had arrived. Now I am seeing actual zombies. I am guessing this is what happens to a lot of the vaxxed.

Rudolph Steiner said something about a time coming when The Dark Side (though he doesn't call it that) would have chemicals that would kill the spiritual nature, provided there is one. From what I have seen, and am seeing, in many cases the chemical is not necessary. Materialism has already effected that in many instances.

There is a certain number of people. I don't know how many people are included, but there are those who have occult knowledge which can grant insight into what is actually going on. Two separate agendas are represented; those who want to place humanity into servitude, and those who want to free it. Those seeking to enslave humanity KNOW that the best way to do that is to corrupt them through sexual excess and perversity, in combination with alcohol and drugs. When people lose control over their passions, they cease to be the master of them. Then they are EASILY reprogrammed for whatever purpose the slavers have in mind.

If you are in need of knowing who the present slavers are, simply look into who the previous slavers were; who owned the ships that transported the slaves, and who ran the marketplaces? Of course, EVERY RACE has been enslaved at one time or another. When they no longer have self-control, they are easy pickings for anyone of a mind to harvest them. Minister Farrakhan has spoken and written extensively on the matter. He's not in good standing with those RUNNING this culture, so he is painted as a terrorist demagogue. I have no idea what he is. I do know he is telling the truth on this particular subject.

When I say, “RUNNING this culture”, I mean the appearance of it. The Divine is running EVERYTHING all the time, but he does it in different ways. Sometimes he is in the beginning stages. Sometimes he engages it, through his representatives, in midstream. Sometimes he is waiting at the finish line; is, in fact, The Finish Line. Yes... he is at every point of all the points that connect to make a straight line, or a curving and spiraling line... any kind of line at all, even a dotted line. He's there, usually unseen, and GUIDING people to the end result of whatever it is they are in pursuit of. As a result, sometimes he looks like a Good Guy, and sometimes he looks like The Bad Guy. He is both. The Devil is God as the wicked perceive him.

It can take centuries or more for his plans to outwork themselves. This makes it hard to see what the intent was. We might never know the full intent, but we don't need to. Either WE KNOW that God is real or we have decided that we are God, and then we act according to how we want it all to be, whether it is so or not. In a material culture, those inspired by spiritual objectives are few. They are also like The Unvaxxed. You seldom see the zombies attacking each other (if ever). What you see is the zombies attacking anyone who is not a zombie. Think about that for a bit.

Materialism WILL turn you into a zombie. People hypnotized before the altar of their TV are zombies. You've heard the term, mindless consumers? They are also zombies. There are many kinds of zombies. The cannibal zombies have not appeared yet, but we have heard reports of individual sightings now and again. Alcohol and drugs will turn you into a zombie. There are Good Drugs. There are many more bad drugs. The World has become too much for some people. They fragment and lose control over themselves. Here is another video of the daily zombie conditions in urban America.

Given what has happened in the last 8 months, one can see a steep decline in many parts of the country. Almost all of them are in the so-called Blue States where the Communist Agenda is at full-tilt juggernaut. This is ALL for The Purpose of Demonstration. What I am talking about here, now, or pretty much anytime is a MIND-SET. If you KNOW that God interpenetrates all life, and is also the source of all power, which he can dispense or withhold at his pleasure, then you know God has final say at any time on all things. He may not exercise this, BUT... he can.

If you know this. then all concern about life's unpredictable possibilities goes away. There is no longer any fear or uncertainty. You know there is a firm hand on the tiller. This amounts to very few people. Then there is that large middle ground of The Vacillators. There is a wide range of vacillators. Then there are The Atheists, Satanists, and Materialists. The Atheists say there is no God. The Satanists are in opposition to God and The Materialists are indifferent to the idea of God. It usually doesn't come up with them. The only God they know is The False Self.

God is either expressing through us or is hindered from doing so, and... once again, there is a wide range here. It is the responsibility of each of us to come to some arrangement with God... or maybe you call it Nothingness, or Satan, Fate... or Destiny... or it is simply random. You are truly fortunate if the following statement applies to you; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods; the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones."

EVERYTHING that happens to you is the result of a special dealing of God with your soul. No matter how insignificant it may seem, it still applies. You can take whatever perspective you wish concerning this or anything that gets said here. I tell you what I believe to be true, and you take that however you like. In times like these, it can be VERY difficult to see the light when there is so much false light. Manufactured pandemics and runaway migrations don't help one to have a settled feeling, UNLESS... you have become convinced of the presence of God in all life.

In all human life, what you see is whatever the accommodation is that anyone has (for the moment) come to with The Conscious Cosmos. In some few cases, you see it expressing without hindrance. In most cases, you see a compromise that resulted from a wrestling match with themselves and others, and how they reacted to the telepathic invasion of their parents (Karma) and The World. EVERYONE is in some form of a relationship with God, even those who have rejected him utterly. My goodness, they have got some row to hoe. And... why would people be wresting with themselves? Think about it.

Almost all the time when anyone objects to talk about God, it is Religion they are in contention with. What I am talking about has little to do with religion, or perhaps I should say that what I am talking about does not go on in the public thoroughfares and we wind up with apples and oranges. I consider most churches to be brothels where one has sex with artifice and is made pregnant with Doubt. The zombified mind is no place to spend your time, but many people do.

As bad as it can seem in the moment, these are ONLY appearances, which may, or may not, apply to you. There would not be such an intensity of distractions at this time, if God was not easier to reach now for the willing. Don't be a zombie.

End Transmission.......

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Reuters' Marisa Taylor and Dan Levine
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Like I was saying in the last posting=
U.S. could authorize Pfizer COVID-19 shot for kids age 5-11 in October

Reuters' Marisa Taylor and Dan Levine
Via The Truthseeker

Like I was saying in the last posting=
U.S. could authorize Pfizer COVID-19 shot for kids age 5-11 in October

Via P00lriah
Though I have never watched 24 Hours, I do appreciate some of the Jack Bauer Jokes.
At this location, the writer talks about people who could kick Jack's ass. I was amazed at these stories. I had not known about them before=

"They can kick jack bauer’s a**"

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

"War is the External Result of Inner Conflicts in a Contagion. Plague is Generated by Self-Loathing."

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Last night... or whenever it was, they had The Met Gala. This is an event where those who attend are so driven to be seen, and so clueless of how they appear, that they appear to be some form of stagnant pond-life hybrid, something with suckers and eyes on stalks; not human, but vaguely similar. I just thought it was something you were invited to, if you traveled on The Spiritual Short Bus, and were temporarily famous for... something. It turns out you have to pay $35,000 to attend. It's about the cost of a private jet flight across the country.

I'm not linking to the photo galleries. You can get there on your own. The Culture is moving at a good clip from absurd to ridiculous. It can't be long now before something has to give. Being as none of it is too tightly wrapped or stitched together, the coming apart-part should be easy. There are a couple of links below that touch on the Hypocrisy Angle.

Today, The Fixed Election in Kalifornia goes down. Irregularities are already evident. It should be a real Hootenanny, BECAUSE... The Awakening continues and the Critical Mass moments, which are kind of like Waking Aids, also continue, and sooner than later, the excrement will hit the fan. This SEEMS inevitable. It is also, just part of the process. It's kind of like an organic moment just before the GMO stormtroopers rappel down the side of the building. I'm thinking that another great social event which hasn't happened yet and... really, really should, is a Met Gala spinoff, attended by corporations where the attendees come as they really are. It would be a lot like Halloween. They could host it at The Museum of Modern Art.

It has gotten so comical! Sometimes you can laugh at the absurdity of it, but then it hits you. It's not funny at all. It is very sad, and also, certain to be painful. It's like experiencing growing pains when your feet are bound in feudal Chinese style.

A culture of excess will invariably result in a culture of Want. This invariably leads to Famine. We already see pandemic famine in the area of the common heart and mind. It will continue to precipitate into the manifest and become Real Hunger.

In times of famine, God feeds his people. Scripture has made many reports of that. What appears as sustenance is a synchronicity of Faith, AND the thing believed in. It is a timeless dynamic. “FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen.” There are those who doubt this. They ridicule this faith. However, should a time of famine come into being, they will not be fed. It is not that God is indifferent or lacking in compassion. The circuit is not completed... something is missing and the dynamic cannot perform. All should be mindful of this. It takes two to become one.

The seasons of human life mirror the seasons of the year. We are presently in the Time of Harvest. They are 'bringing in the sheaves'. The Wheat and the Chaff are being separated. The Met Gala showcased the glittering chaff, eternally boarding The Ship of Fools, on a cruise to nowhere. That is not what the brochure told them in the full color glossy. No mention was made of the pointless exercises of their lives. Michael Bay did a film called “The Island”. The people on the island reminded me of the people at the Met Gala. There was a harvesting going on in the film too.

The entire world of fashion is built on the control and twisting of The Sexual Force. Fashion produces the costumes that the Hidden Underlords want promoted; also... the lifestyles, the toxic celebrity, the empty, voided lives. It's a magic show. The magic is SIMULTANEOUSLY being practiced on the audience AND the celebrities. Many of them have only pedestrian talent, and many others have little talent at all. Why are they there? Somewhere... someone threw a switch and the spotlight hit them. They'll jerk and tremble for a bit, like a dead frog being jolted by electrodes in biology class, and then? Then they will lie still.

The people who finance and produce the perversities, which are now a hallmark of the culture, have NO POWER to save the ones they mesmerized with promises of fame and influence. They wouldn't bother if they could. The celebrities that they WORK, are no more important to them than the audience it was been created for. They flush the celebrities with Kickapoo Joy Juice, which intoxicates them with the deluded fantasies of The False Self, and they behave like the morons that they pretty much have to be, to have gotten seduced into it in the first place. They rock the imaginations of the great unwashed and unlovely with dancing sugar plums in their heads. Soft whispers tease their minds with short videos of similar fame and fortune. It's not real, and it almost never happens, unless you were meant to be a joke like the Gorilla Glue Girl, ALL of which was engineered to that end.

There are many thousands who plot all manner of assaults upon the castle of exclusivity. They WILL do ANYTHING to get noticed. Even when they are noticed, The Jussie Smollett caper sings like the sirens in their ears. It could have worked! He just didn't plan it out all that well. I'll do better!!! Yeah... sure, and what better time than an apocalypse to give it a shot?

There is a long-standing, and moving, tradition of The Divine stepping in to assist those who sincerely love him/her/it. Here, there is also a circuit that needs to be closed. Surrender and utter reliance are a big part of it. It makes it possible to hitch the couplings. Surrender makes you flexible and modifiable.

As for the famine aspect; "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." Famine DOES NOT begin in The Body. It also has to precipitate into the manifest. Certain cultural and social behaviors DIRECTLY CAUSE Famine... and OTHER ills. There are STDs for every area of human activity. You might say they are the moral of the story.

Karma plays the major role, and you did not get here as you are because of something that happened last week. I don't care how dramatic it might have been. All of us are the work of lifetimes of shaping ourselves and being shaped by the reaction of existence to whatever shaping we did. Eventually, the stream of life melts away the forms standing against it.

Famine, Plague, War, and Death, ALL come about as a response to cultural triggers. It's like stepping into a trip line or setting off a building alarm. When the course of humanity departs past a certain point, these conditions are activated. One can see the causes of their activation all around. Some are BOUND and determined to find Perdition. Perhaps they think it is a ride at Disney World? One REALLY SHOULD study the cellphone fixation syndrome. It speaks volumes! I have zero inclination to be tapping on and stroking a tiny screen. I think it goes against my nature. What is this magic that hypnotizes hundreds of millions of people? There is more going on here than is evident.

Famine need not come to your door. Famine and his crew come by Invitation. There is some kind of vampire protocol that has to be engaged in. Often... before Death actually arrives, those in the waiting zone are begging him to hurry on up. War is the external result of inner conflicts in a contagion. Plague is generated by self-loathing. How did I arrive at those conclusions? A little birdie told me. It might have been a big birdie. It wasn't visible. That did not impact on my ability to hear the little birdie.

There are PRACTICAL REASONS for loving God. The benefits are past counting. Of course, I doubt that God is pleased by anyone who loves him for practical reasons. I suspect it becomes increasingly harder to maintain it. A sincere love, on the other hand, grows and strengthens beyond one's ability to imagine it. Once again, the 23rd psalm covers every exigency. So does The Bhagavad Gita.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

God does not abandon us, we are a part of God, so it is unlikely that God would cast-off parts of himself. He is simply patient as a mountain. He knows the end of all comings and goings. We abandon God in a frenzy of materialism, AND... it is ALL for the Purpose of Demonstration. It is how we learn, and eventually, we do... BUT; at what cost?

I don't know what anyone else is going to do. I am going to seek to serve and befriend the ineffable with all my forces; stolen, borrowed, or begged. Anything else seems to me like a monstrous insanity. You need to watch out or you might get invited to The Met Gala. It's not far from there that Famine dwells, and... Plague, and War, and Death live near him.

End Transmission.......

and some links with occasional brief commentary= page capture from WSJ
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Woolly mammoths could be resurrected to fight CLIMATE CHANGE, firm claims

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We've got a double helping of hypocrisy this morning=
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wears ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress to $35,000 Per Ticket Met Gala

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wears Tax the Rich Dress

Ella Emhoff Channels Menstrual Cycle at Met Gala

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THREAD: News from Kalifornia

Voting irregularites in Kalifornia

Thursday, September 09, 2021

"Love is the Lifeblood of the Heavenly Body, AKA as the Body of Glory. Love is What Makes it Incandescent."

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You don't hear about God from those on The Left at all. If occasionally you do, it is all venom and disparagement, directed at the tradition or the believers. That segment of The Separated Mind is Atheistic because it has been programmed by atheists, through the education system, and especially in Higher Education. A good way to take over a country is to kill people's faith in a finer life and a finer world; to kill their hope is to bring them despair.

As I began gravitating toward more and more commentary on the ineffable, the webmasters at the larger alternative news sites grew increasingly colder toward me, until my presence at any of them just bled out. It is rare to find people living an actual spiritual life. In most cases, it's a Front, when it isn't a direct affront.

In no way do I present myself as an expert on the intricacies of invisible life. All Visible Life is emergent from invisible life, so... to not care to be aware of this, and to not act accordingly, seems to me a dangerous and ignorant way to travel. I shudder at the thought of it. The 23rd Psalm makes the right road, and the right mindset clear.

There is a simmering rage that is moving across the landscape. It's in the streets and the supermarkets, in the watering holes of the night, and in the private dwellings of everyone subjected to the invisible and visible threats being directed at them. Fear and apprehension are afoot.

An obvious struggle is taking place between those hypnotized by Political Correctness, and those who see through to its real intentions. People are fighting at school board meetings, on planes, and other forms of transportation. Children are being attacked. Sure... you can look to COVID and the vile rules being enforced by those who use it for social control. You can reference the election fraud that took place some months ago, and the divide it created between the scoffers, and those who had the sense that something was off. Now... hard physical truth has been revealed in Arizona and Georgia and is soon to come to other locations.

A battle (metaphorically) for the soul of the nation is taking place in Kalifornia. Yesterday, the leading opposition candidate was attacked by demented Communist agitator bots. It is heating up. The Vaccine putsch is not working, and the hidden Underlords are getting restless because they are On the Clock, and The Clock is ticking. It doesn't help that they are subjected to stern warnings and admonitions in their heads, and the hot breath on the backs of their necks is a nice touch.

It is here that I have to address how it is that I come by the information and perspectives that are presented here. Yes... I have read widely and voraciously all of my life in all traditions, and have studied Occult History. So some of my presentations draw from that. Mostly, however, it comes to me through The Intuition, and either it serves the reader to hear these things or it does not. I am CONVINCED of the legitimacy of what I hear and that is enough for me. I am aware there are people of different minds concerning this. They are welcome to that. It was never important that I convince anyone else, only that I myself am convinced, and that is confirmed and affirmed every day.

It doesn't matter to me if people come here or not. I do what I do, regardless. For some reason, there is a small sector of visitors, some who have been coming here for a long time, and who adamantly disagree with this work. Why they continue to come back with such regularity is a mystery. Recently, due to mentioning The Usual Suspects, and for simply talking about God, I am getting the occasional forays at me, which are often disguised as something else, and which will hide behind a pleasant and engaging manner until whenever it is they think it most opportune to come at me.

None of this has the slightest effect on me. I often find it amusing because people expose themselves in everything they say and do (just as do I). If you are paying attention, you can see what that amounts to. There are filters for everything, and if you know where to look, you can get whatever filters you need for Incoming and Outgoing.

I have no intention of ceasing to talk about God. God is the ONLY THING that interests me. I am incurious about everything else unless it has to do with God in one way or another. The PROFOUND mystery of God is only a mystery for so long as one has not discovered a Higher Love. Let me explain a little about what I mean when I say, Higher Love.

It is a form of Possession where one is taken over by The Love, and The Love... being alive and conscious, then shapes the lover and directs the life. One becomes either ENTIRELY reliant on it or one is notified at every juncture concerning that. It begins to live and breathe within the lover. It purifies the being. It regenerates innocence. It restores the soul. It galvanizes every particle of one's being with Love. Love is the Lifeblood of the Heavenly Body, also known as the Body of Glory. Love is what makes it Incandescent. The highest expression of light is Truth, and that is made evident by the joining of Love and Wisdom. Higher Love generates Wisdom, and the polarity between them unveils Truth. Love is VERY important. Higher Love is far, far more important.

Writing about this is exceedingly difficult. This time, let me use the analogy of Breath. Everyone breathes, and if you discuss it with them, they know it only by their own subjective experience of breathing. There is another way to breathe, which Higher Love inspires, and effects within the breather. This causes every particle of the being to vibrate in resonance with The Heavenly Plane within. You have heard about the ecstasy of saints and mystics. It is a real thing.

It comes as a kind of keen trembling, like that which causes Chicken-Skin. It is not only over the surface of the body but it rolls within in undulating waves as well. It can be disconcerting when first it happens; alarming even (grin). I speak from direct experience of this. One can think of it as God making love to you within your being. This is also a real thing. Higher Love is immune to and unassailable by ANY of the forces of this world.

Higher Love is the persona of God, and when it moves through the prism into this world it expands into variations of itself beyond description. Why would anyone devote themselves to anything but this? It is because all they know of breathing is pedestrian, and all they know of love is NOT Higher Love. There is the intercourse of brutes and the intercourse of angels. There is a GREAT difference between them, and there are stages, steps, and stair-landings that rise by degrees between them. Aspiration is The motive force that propels you inward and upward. If you love God, you are drawn to God. Why would anyone spend their time on anything else? That... is a good question and one that should be contemplated.

At no time do I imagine that I fully understand ANYTHING. At no time do I imagine that I am anything but i. The Glory and Splendor of God has humbled me in a way I shall never recover from. I only try to share in my small way those portions of my life and thought that I feel might be useful. If it isn't useful, I discard it. To be Useful, I believe, is the highest calling of all. An everlasting life of service to The Divine seems like Paradise to me. This largely sums me up. Whether you believe I am sincere or not is up to you, and that doesn't matter either. I don't do what I do for you or anyone. If one is served here by something they read, it is ancillary, a byproduct to the main theme of serving Heaven.

It is my desire to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth within me, and to radiate it anonymously in a constant manner. Others have aspired to this as well, driven by the relentless impulse of Higher Love. The Avatar embodies it and brings it as an imprimatur of Heaven when he comes, and the effect of it is good enough to feed and fuel the centuries until he comes again. Of course, it is beyond my power to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, BUT... it is NOT beyond God's power. One must start from wherever they are on this Great Work. It is the fruit of the industry of lifetimes of a singular purpose.

Conversely, there are those of a carnal mindset who come and go here for no other reason than to feed their appetites and satiate their material desires. I have no quarrel with them, and I know better than to broach the subject. However... when one anonymously and invisibly radiates The Kingdom of God, there is no telling what might happen within the reach of the aura of The Kingdom.

End Transmission.......

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Well... not important at all, sorry.

Okay... that should do. There's plenty more out there.

"(this was a rough first take)
"All romance is about the search for God and union with our own true nature. That's what this is about.""