Wednesday, September 22, 2021

"There is a New Marshal Coming to Town from The Luminous Worlds of Light."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

If you have your focus right, you can see the culture imploding before your eyes. I always concentrate on maintaining 'the thousand-year stare'. It is a little like 'the thousand-yard stare', but it is time instead of distance. It is Objective, rather than Subjective. It also takes in a great deal more territory.

Fights are breaking out in public arenas; at sports stadiums, in parking lots, at nightclubs, in parks, on the sidewalk, in restaurants, airports, and on airplanes. Sometimes they happen in mob-like conditions, and sometimes they are single protagonists. Sometimes they simply assault themselves in public.

Obviously, there is something in the air, the way they used to say, “Something is in the water.” I could speculate, but I am weary of speculation. Whatever comes into my thoughts when I am watching The World, it always raises the question; What's the up-side? Often, it is very hard for me to see the up-side in what people get up to. More and more, there is the sense that madness is like a wind blowing down the avenue, then up the side streets. Like moonbeams running along a roof, they come down the chimney or into the heating or air conditioning ducts. They come in around 3 am, and then fix some drinks, get comfortable... Then it all goes to Hell when one of them turns on the TV.

Mr. Moonbeam's argument is, “What's the big deal? How often do I come around anyway?” The answer would be, “Too often these days. Why don't you see yourself out before I have to call my Shishi guardians? They eat moonbeams.” That's how I would handle it. Of course, not everyone has a Shishi, or two. It's getting weird Out There. By now, some readers might be thinking, “Yeah... it's getting pretty weird right here.” I have a point. If I give away the plot, in the beginning, people might feel like they've already seen the movie. In fact, you have... lifetime after lifetime. This would be less egregious if we got The Plot earlier. Then we wouldn't get the burial plot so often, if at all. I wonder how many headstones we've had by now?

All of my life, and probably not only this life, I've been obsessed with finding God. It shouldn't be a big surprise if I actually ran into him. I mean, I've been traveling with him from the beginning. We all have. Unfortunately, if you are not obsessed; driven, determined, passionately engaged in the quest for The Divine, you will find The World instead. It's said, “Faint heart never won fair lady.” I'd have to say that applies to God as well. You have to be like an ardent suitor. God is especially pleased with poetry and song dedicated to him. They have been known to attract the angels.

Back from that digression into the subjective (but altogether relevant); people are LOSING IT. Those maddening winds are a kind of elemental Santa Anna. Perhaps a Sirocco would also apply. There are some winds that have been known to make people crazy. Both of those have done so. Winds blow out of both Heaven and Hell.

We are coming up on a big plot change. It may be composed of both natural and human events, with inspiration coming from both kinds of wind. I don't know the details because that is not my department. In the spiritual realm, one Specializes, just as do doctors, lawyers, tradesmen, and others down here. Let's take doctors, Some are internal specialists. Some deal with bones and some with The Mind. On the metaphysical planes, one specializes as well, due to As Above, So Below. So... there are different departments. It's great when you can get all the departments under one roof like they do in Heaven. Down here, such forms of organization are called, Brotherhoods and Fellowships. You get good and bad examples, and in times of cultural implosion, BOTH come to the fore.

In the links, you will see where Tucker Carlson talks about Satanism as quasi-official policy in the military. Well, maybe I am giving too strong an impression of it. Anyway, The 7 Tenets of Satanism showed up in a PowerPoint presentation. Wait till you see what those tenets are! Why, those Satanists are just all-around decent and normal folk like us!!! That is what the servants of The Father of Lies want us to believe. They've even got a statue with a couple of little kids looking up at The Baphomet, sort of like a Padre Pio display that I used to see in Italian towns in The South.

Yeah... it's heating up. Flu season is around the corner, and by now they must have a Baskin & Robbins level inventory of designer flus for all occasions. You know, one variant does not suit or kill all. Then there is the collapse of the Chinese economy because of a real estate conglomerate gone wrong. That USUALLY means War. Then... there is the doddering old, sold-out ruin in The White House. I don't know who is running him by remote, probably The Usual Suspects, in an affiliation with the central bankers, and a lot of help from down below. You throw in all the compromised governments that are owned by the bankers and, Voila! You lean a little. You press a little, and you twist a little, and you get what you want.

Then there is Humanity with Samsara masks, and all you can hear is, “Marco!” “Polo!” “Marco!” “Polo!” It's a bit disheartening. Breitbart, which is run from Tel Aviv, makes sure to let us know now and again about how the people who could not possibly have done 9/11, absolutely did 9/11. They also let us know, like most compromised news outlets, about a really bad thing that happened during World War 2. Oddly enough, they are not talking about the tens of millions of executions in Bolshevik lands, nor the Dresden firestorm, no... they are talking about something else that could not possibly have happened, and which has proven to be the case.

Their house of cards is collapsing, Someone hit the lead domino. The camel is in the orthopedic surgeon's office. The cat is out of the bag, and someone is closing the barn door, now that all the horses ran away. I think that sums it up nicely and I didn't have to even mention the little boy with his finger in the dyke. Ah... me... so much distance. So little time or... something. This is a small pastiche of unknown provenance. It's what it looks like to me. It's like someone poured water on an anthill after a scattering of bread crumbs, except that many of the bipedal ants are moving in slow motion. They seem confused and disoriented, almost zombified.

Obviously, anyone paying attention can see that someone is toying with the Herd-Mind in a variety of ways. So far, it looks like they will do all that they think they can get away with. That means it's rougher in Australia and New Zealand than it is in New York, and it's rougher in New York than it is in Phoenix, and so on. Like I said, whatever they can get away with. It's rougher in Canada than it is in America because we have The Second Amendment.

It is a comically absurd production that is taking place now. Certain bobbleheads in public offices want to open all of the cages in the zoo, and whatever animals live in us too. Dark Forces are breathing down their necks cause they are in Hurry-Up mode. Meanwhile... for some reason, they can't get their act together. It was supposed to be a lot easier than it is, and TIME IS RUNNING OUT. There is a new marshal coming to town from the luminous worlds of light. He's got full authority to do... WHATEVER IT TAKES. He has more power in his pinky finger than all of the armies of Earth assembled together.

The people playing The Bad Guys this time around are well aware of The Marshal. However, they have had it their way for so long, and they don't have the necessary time to pack up everything they've stolen over the many years; not that they will be taking any of it with them anyway. What should occur to them does not occur to them. What they should do, they do not do. It's all programmed.

As long as you do not buy into the hysteria, you won't be fighting in the streets or on planes or... anywhere. As long as you don't let appearances trouble your senses, perhaps you can see and hear beyond them. There is a whole lotta freakout pending right this moment. The pressure is intensifying by degrees. Those not holding tightly to some fixed reality will lose their grip on whatever was passing for reality, which proves to have not been very real at all. No matter what you may think you are up against, Love will see you through it. Sometimes hard times are needed to wake up the Love.

The fibers of the surround sound carpet of darkness, that contains the worlds of the false light, are fraying at the corners. The seams are giving way. True light is breaking through the darkness from a million cracks, and holes that shine like galaxies of stars in the night. Be stable in your faith and the faith itself will light the way. It's like being able to see in the dark. We are self-illumined beings who have forgotten where the light switch is.

When the liberator comes to free the inmates from the Penitentiary of the Mind, they wrap their arms in the bars and refuse to go. What is The Liberator supposed to do?

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Glad I don't like getting out much these days. It's like being on a rocky mesa watching the vile city below, burn down with the wind in the right direction.

robert said...

Visible One to Many,

We are self-illumined beings who have forgotten where the light switch is

Another gem of insight to wear in our armor, while we weather the winding up of the red carpet long trod by tyrants.

The fecal matter of facts are being furrowed up by the plowshare of the Harvester.

As the light penetrates all serious matters, the dust of darkness is stirred up into view, getting into everyone's eyes bringing tears of joy or grief...

Can you be bluffed?
Can you be loved?
Can you be moved against your will?

Cozy up to the calm center while the rising energy intensity drives people off center.

We can interpret the high energy as harbingers of fearful happenings
We can open our mind's wings and sail on the flow of hot air like gliders

Every moment brings to mind an intrusive thought or memory, surfacing from the deep like long winded cetaceans, which fear-shrunk perception may see as a huge megadon shark ancestor.

It is still true and more so in the storm, that any fear state vying for our attention fades before our thousand yard/thoudand year stare, especially as the light grows abundantly enlarging the shadows in our optical illusion.

The media-induced miasmas are fading fast, exposing ugly habits rearing their head.
The thinnest of illusions holding self-centered opportunists in a trance of tantalizing treasure tempting, is being suffused with contradictory dictation from the Source.

When we realize how our minds have been wired shut, we unwind from the pole of clinging cretins and see through the totalitarian project.
For every breathless attack on the heart's true desire, there is a breath of fresh courage.
The most unlikely to stand up to betrayal find their sense of humor and the devil retreats within, with nowhere to hide from inner reflection for much longer.

We stop and think as an antidote to a culture of unthinkingly obedient assets.
We feel deeper than the artificial superficiality of the Matrix
We know the Knower in which our minds live and find the reason to go through with the live action role play of balance returning to an upside down Earth.

In the face of hellions yelling to be cracked down for attention, we rest on faith that time can't touch.
We are combing the lies out of our hair, sifting the s#!+ out of our litter boxes, learning the right way to bring our full soul into the singular moment.

We raise our hands off the control bar as the ride takes us out of this old world into the new world again!

Ray B. said...

Vis, a good/terrifying blog. Thanks!

My ladyfriend listens to a lot of MSM news. (Sigh...) The single thing which I have gotten out of this is the Absolute Press for getting Jabbed. The drumbeat is unrelenting. This almost always means that some Message has been sent-down from way-up on the Power Pyramid, and is being 'echoed' down through the ranks. My Intuition always goes crazy on this kind of Maneuver. For that one reason alone, I would be very, very wary of obeying The Master (Doctor Who reference)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

dave1010 said...

When one realizes the goal of the vax is to reduce global population (like "they" said they would try to do) everything starts to be unveiled and make sense?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

" He Sent His Angels with the Message that He Couldn't Come, Because He was ALREADY There."



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