Monday, September 27, 2021

"When You No Longer Suffer at Your Own Hands You can See more Clearly the Suffering in Others."

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There is much talk about Zombies these days. One becomes zombified by immersion in Material Culture. One becomes zombified when one has lost control of their passions and their thoughts and becomes controlled by mass think. One becomes zombified through negative patterning, via the education system, programmed religious activity, government fearmongering, and the influence of other outside forces, and forces that seek to overthrow the citadel of personal autonomy. People are being reduced to herd animals through appetite and fear. This is self-evident.

Those who have sex with animals are possessed by the demons whose passion this is. ALL sexual attractions are the province of those invisible forces that express in a similar manner. Furries are a Tavistock-style stepping stone from play-acting to the real thing. Remember, we are dealing with Sexual Force that is God Power and the good or evil of it depends on which aspect of God it is directed at. Tavistock is the research department of Hell on Earth. Those who are carried away by ANY unwholesome appetite OR desire OR simply indulge too much, are ALSO possessed by the demon whose passion that is. Someone must be in control of that behavior, who permits and does not permit it. If you aren't in control then someone or something else is.

You are serving someone, by intention... or without even knowing or being aware of it.

The Living God within can, and does control ANYTHING, and all you have to do about it is aspire to it and NOT HINDER IT; permit it. He will send his angel into your body and THAT is how the real alchemy gets done. Anyone who thinks otherwise is dreaming. The Great Work is attended and accomplished by The Holy Guardian Angel. You do NOTHING other than PERMIT it.

Sure, in the lower realms, they have bad copies of the original thing. But... to get The Genuine Article, you HAVE TO meet the guy. The good news is that you can. The bad news is that it's a real climb. Not only do you need to be fit on the various planes of enterprise, but you also have to possess a determination you can ONLY get from Heaven. You need the Qualities of God if you want to be with God.

Whenever you have an unwholesome or negative thought or feeling; where did it come from? Did you think it was your thought or feeling? Our thoughts and emotions move in an atmosphere like ocean currents, and ANYTHING that lives in that ocean (The Subconscious) can swim right on by; swim right on in, and swim right on through. We are ALL baiting the hook for something, wittingly or unwittingly. In rare instances, we may dine at the table of the Gods, elsewise we might be at a different table where the table manners are not as pleasant. The serpent swallowing its tail should tell you something about that ENDLESS consuming thing.

Think about it... you are in a position to decide what happens to you, instead of your Karma, which is to be found in your astrological resonances. If you command the planets from within you, then you are the wise one who rules the stars. That is EXACTLY what that means! Even if your negative Karma comes in, as it surely will, it can be transformed in the moment by divine agency!!!

This will all mean nothing to those who believe nothing, except what comes of the zombified mind. Some are highly intelligent, but they are under Circe's Spell, or some spell, which fills and surrounds them. You can tell them nothing. Helping people is dangerous, like trying to save one who is drowning. You have to know HOW to approach them and disable their ability to pull you down as well. Many have gone down with those they were trying to save. It is something to consider.

Let us say you are booked to be attacked by a tiger, another person, or your own heart or mind. Okay, but... you could befriend the tiger or make an accommodation with any other. You could resolve the need for The Demonstration because the truth about what caused it has manifested PRIOR to the event happening to you, and it has been resolved within. This is one of the beautiful secrets of Karma that is not in publication. Yes... you have Karma or you would not be here unless you were an illumined visitor who can appear AND disappear simply by altering his vibration. However... HOW your Karma finds you, and what happens, can be very different depending on who it is happening to, especially if you are under the protection of a guardian.

The REALLY important information is NOT WRITTEN DOWN. Some of it is written in the human heart, and in the subconscious mind, but... how do you access it? Perhaps The Intuition is the answer. Maybe that is the influence I should attend to? Of course, the REALLY important information is also present in certain individuals who pursued it and to whom it was granted. You could run into one of those people. I did. Do I need to mention that these individuals are moving among us, physically AND otherwise, and that they are ALWAYS on the lookout for ripe fruit and flowers to harvest on behalf of Heaven?

You become what consumes you. You could become like one of those demons that exercises a single appetite over and over, and which is also consuming you as it does so. Then you become a Hungry Ghost on your departure, if not before. You could also be consumed by one who is eternal and so shall you become as well. God and his angels DO NOT go around eating bad food, and they don't come around if your food is not blessed prior to consumption. People have little idea what an important feature of your life that is. Yes... a lot of this is metaphorical and allegorical. I have no choice about that. However... it is also literally true, just not in a way that can be effectively discussed. You have to happen upon it or have it happen upon you.

I was having a conversation with my master, and he blew my mind about a couple of things. The information in this posting is related to that, although it happened after what was written so far. It still was a part of what led him to speak to me in the first place; I said, “I wish I were in your presence.” “You are in my presence,” he replied. “No... I mean physically.” I continued, and then he said, “Visible, I could not be any closer to you now even if I was there.” I walked right into that. It will probably not hit the reader like it did me. It was one of those, 'You had to be there' moments. Now I see what he meant about it being lost in translation. Some things you can't talk about. I have yet to fully learn that.

When you have trained the mind to see clearly, people-watching can become a fascinating experience. You can see what is driving them, and even what troubles them. You can see what possesses them, and it can't hide, either. Trained professionals can do this to a degree, and on occasion, BUT... NOTHING beats having the internal narrator going. Once you can REALLY see what is happening around you, life makes sense, and... you are in a profound manner, detached from it. Think of it being like a hologram of someone or a mirror reflection. You've seen it in movies; “Virtuosity” comes to mind, “The Matrix” and quite a few others these days. So... if someone throws something at you, or shoots you, they hit the hologram, and this applies in ALL situations where you are NOT ATTACHED to the results.

If they try to insult you or slander you or give you a dirty look, the hologram gets it. “Okay coppers, I'm walking out of here. Any funny business or sudden moves and the hologram gets it!” Even though it can be amusing, it is very real. This World is a reflection of a much finer world. It is a poor reflection because the mirror is dirty. That finer world itself is also a reflection of a much finer world. You can still be here, but no one can see you if you are consciously resident in a finer world... unless you want them to. This is one of those ways that The Valley of the Shadow of Death is navigated. The human mind has a tendency to block out what does not interest it. Animal Nature accounts for most of what we get up to.

Every plane of being has a Heaven and a Hell. Think of the pleasures and torments of The Heart and Mind. We torture ourselves and others and wind up in Hell. Elsewise we carry the environment of Heaven within us. Heaven is a harmony of being. If you are out of sorts with yourself, you will be out of sorts with others. Therein is your environment determined.

I must digress now because of something that came to my attention on Friday. If real... that takes care of there allegedly being no historical record of Jesus Christ, AND pay CAREFUL attention to how Pilate describes him in this letter to Emperor Tiberius.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

The most important aspect is in how he describes his appearance. I do not know this letter or its provenance. It is said it has been authenticated. I never doubted that there was such a character. Look at what followed AFTER he came and left. I do doubt some of the historical and genetic references made about him in Traditional Scripture. If what Pilate said is true he was not a Tribe Member. I have never thought he was. Perhaps they had peroxide back then.

Let me return to the beginning, about people possessed by forces that attend their hungers, and which personify the hunger. The truth of this is widely known to those who have mastered themselves. A whole new world opens when you are no longer a slave to your appetites and desires. You begin to keep a different company on The Invisible Planes. There are different invisible companions for the emotions and for the thoughts you NOW experience. There is a command chain that flows from Heaven and animates all divine expressions. It is good to be a link in that chain. Otherwise, you are WEARING chains of a different order.

The reason I am mentioning this, and more than once of late, is because your state of life equilibrium accounts for the harmony of your being... or the lack of it. Disease is no longer a concern when diseased emotions and thoughts are no longer exercised, and then find their way into The Flesh. All suffering is caused by ignorant wanting. What is meant for you will come to you whether you are in want of it or not. You do not lose any of life's blessings by not running passionately after them. What's yours is yours. In these times we put ourselves in grave danger of Possession by inimical forces when we cannot rein in our appetites.

These things... I have learned by experience, oft times PAINFUL experience. When you no longer suffer at your own hands you can see more clearly the suffering in others. When you encounter slander and scorn, it should have no impact on you, BECAUSE... everything is a projection of The Mind. They are telling you what is true about themselves. They are telling you how they would be if they were like you, which would not be like you at all. They are talking about themselves. We ALL project outwardly what is within us. Knowing this, you will no longer be troubled by the howls of the mob, and you can then CLEARLY see what it is that troubles them. If you want to help others, The Physician must first heal himself.

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dave1010 said...

That was great.

Steve said...

What a fantastic piece of writing- thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, the REALLY important information is also present in certain individuals who pursued it and to whom it was granted. You could run into one of those people."

Dear Les,
You are One of those people to me for sure. Thank you so much for this very wonderful posting. It affected me profoundly. I thank God daily for His messages here and pray
that He continues to fill your sails with His Loving Grace.
Thank you,

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It is a Wonder of Self-Abuse by Proxy, Projection, and Hunting Down the Hologram."

Chris said...

Thanks Les.
I have never come across that Pontius Pilate letter before. If it is indeed correct then all the many images of Jesus that have been drawn and painted are way out. For most of my life I have been fascinated by the resurrection; the darkening of the skies during the crucifixion, the earthquake, and the eventual rising from the tomb. It is hard to put into words, but something in my core has always questioned whether Jesus was a human, an alien or something/one else. One could never discuss these things in church.
I try not to suffer at my own hands.I am still very nervous about events that lie ahead of us, yet I do know that positive change is coming. It's this "in-between time" that I'm finding hard to get through....some days are better than others.



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