Friday, September 17, 2021

"There is a Wide Range of Vacillators. Then... There are The Atheists, Satanists, and Materialists."

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It is a riveting experience, watching The Culture cannibalize itself. Mentally ill, and diabolical personalities have managed to get their hands on some of the levers of power, and are showing us what happens when someone who can't fly hijacks an airplane. The people on the plane pushed and shoved, wheedled, and cajoled to get a seat on the plane. It is a very big plane, capable of holding millions of passengers. It does take a while to get off the runway and into the air. The runway is a time continuum, lit up from locations inside the Earth. The programming unit that has to do with what the software is capable of, and the designs necessary to accommodate its potential, is deeply focused on making it possible for the plane to fly up its own rear end and disappear. Their section of the enterprise is called Schrodinger Labs.

According to the technical experts, disappearing up your own rear end is one of the byproducts of going into Hyper-drive, and you can't travel inter-dimensionally without it. Why they would want to do this, having already demonstrated their inability to manage 3 dimensions, not to mention a 4th, which acts like a kind of gravity on the other 3, has not been clarified at this time. We'll be keeping a close eye on the sector as it goes forward, or in whatever direction is eventually decided upon.

I have observed the progression of zombie culture and zombie films since it first came into popular view through the original black and white, "Night of the Living Dead". I remember seeing it in the sixties or seventies. It's hard to pin it down, although... unlike many, I can remember the 60s very well, I didn't much like the film, and it was not memorable for me. I then observed the strange volume of zombie films, and then the TV series called "The Walking Dead". Zombie Culture had arrived. Now I am seeing actual zombies. I am guessing this is what happens to a lot of the vaxxed.

Rudolph Steiner said something about a time coming when The Dark Side (though he doesn't call it that) would have chemicals that would kill the spiritual nature, provided there is one. From what I have seen, and am seeing, in many cases the chemical is not necessary. Materialism has already effected that in many instances.

There is a certain number of people. I don't know how many people are included, but there are those who have occult knowledge which can grant insight into what is actually going on. Two separate agendas are represented; those who want to place humanity into servitude, and those who want to free it. Those seeking to enslave humanity KNOW that the best way to do that is to corrupt them through sexual excess and perversity, in combination with alcohol and drugs. When people lose control over their passions, they cease to be the master of them. Then they are EASILY reprogrammed for whatever purpose the slavers have in mind.

If you are in need of knowing who the present slavers are, simply look into who the previous slavers were; who owned the ships that transported the slaves, and who ran the marketplaces? Of course, EVERY RACE has been enslaved at one time or another. When they no longer have self-control, they are easy pickings for anyone of a mind to harvest them. Minister Farrakhan has spoken and written extensively on the matter. He's not in good standing with those RUNNING this culture, so he is painted as a terrorist demagogue. I have no idea what he is. I do know he is telling the truth on this particular subject.

When I say, “RUNNING this culture”, I mean the appearance of it. The Divine is running EVERYTHING all the time, but he does it in different ways. Sometimes he is in the beginning stages. Sometimes he engages it, through his representatives, in midstream. Sometimes he is waiting at the finish line; is, in fact, The Finish Line. Yes... he is at every point of all the points that connect to make a straight line, or a curving and spiraling line... any kind of line at all, even a dotted line. He's there, usually unseen, and GUIDING people to the end result of whatever it is they are in pursuit of. As a result, sometimes he looks like a Good Guy, and sometimes he looks like The Bad Guy. He is both. The Devil is God as the wicked perceive him.

It can take centuries or more for his plans to outwork themselves. This makes it hard to see what the intent was. We might never know the full intent, but we don't need to. Either WE KNOW that God is real or we have decided that we are God, and then we act according to how we want it all to be, whether it is so or not. In a material culture, those inspired by spiritual objectives are few. They are also like The Unvaxxed. You seldom see the zombies attacking each other (if ever). What you see is the zombies attacking anyone who is not a zombie. Think about that for a bit.

Materialism WILL turn you into a zombie. People hypnotized before the altar of their TV are zombies. You've heard the term, mindless consumers? They are also zombies. There are many kinds of zombies. The cannibal zombies have not appeared yet, but we have heard reports of individual sightings now and again. Alcohol and drugs will turn you into a zombie. There are Good Drugs. There are many more bad drugs. The World has become too much for some people. They fragment and lose control over themselves. Here is another video of the daily zombie conditions in urban America.

Given what has happened in the last 8 months, one can see a steep decline in many parts of the country. Almost all of them are in the so-called Blue States where the Communist Agenda is at full-tilt juggernaut. This is ALL for The Purpose of Demonstration. What I am talking about here, now, or pretty much anytime is a MIND-SET. If you KNOW that God interpenetrates all life, and is also the source of all power, which he can dispense or withhold at his pleasure, then you know God has final say at any time on all things. He may not exercise this, BUT... he can.

If you know this. then all concern about life's unpredictable possibilities goes away. There is no longer any fear or uncertainty. You know there is a firm hand on the tiller. This amounts to very few people. Then there is that large middle ground of The Vacillators. There is a wide range of vacillators. Then there are The Atheists, Satanists, and Materialists. The Atheists say there is no God. The Satanists are in opposition to God and The Materialists are indifferent to the idea of God. It usually doesn't come up with them. The only God they know is The False Self.

God is either expressing through us or is hindered from doing so, and... once again, there is a wide range here. It is the responsibility of each of us to come to some arrangement with God... or maybe you call it Nothingness, or Satan, Fate... or Destiny... or it is simply random. You are truly fortunate if the following statement applies to you; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods; the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones."

EVERYTHING that happens to you is the result of a special dealing of God with your soul. No matter how insignificant it may seem, it still applies. You can take whatever perspective you wish concerning this or anything that gets said here. I tell you what I believe to be true, and you take that however you like. In times like these, it can be VERY difficult to see the light when there is so much false light. Manufactured pandemics and runaway migrations don't help one to have a settled feeling, UNLESS... you have become convinced of the presence of God in all life.

In all human life, what you see is whatever the accommodation is that anyone has (for the moment) come to with The Conscious Cosmos. In some few cases, you see it expressing without hindrance. In most cases, you see a compromise that resulted from a wrestling match with themselves and others, and how they reacted to the telepathic invasion of their parents (Karma) and The World. EVERYONE is in some form of a relationship with God, even those who have rejected him utterly. My goodness, they have got some row to hoe. And... why would people be wresting with themselves? Think about it.

Almost all the time when anyone objects to talk about God, it is Religion they are in contention with. What I am talking about has little to do with religion, or perhaps I should say that what I am talking about does not go on in the public thoroughfares and we wind up with apples and oranges. I consider most churches to be brothels where one has sex with artifice and is made pregnant with Doubt. The zombified mind is no place to spend your time, but many people do.

As bad as it can seem in the moment, these are ONLY appearances, which may, or may not, apply to you. There would not be such an intensity of distractions at this time, if God was not easier to reach now for the willing. Don't be a zombie.

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More than a few links this time around=

Reuters' Marisa Taylor and Dan Levine
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Like I was saying in the last posting=
U.S. could authorize Pfizer COVID-19 shot for kids age 5-11 in October

Reuters' Marisa Taylor and Dan Levine
Via The Truthseeker

Like I was saying in the last posting=
U.S. could authorize Pfizer COVID-19 shot for kids age 5-11 in October

Via P00lriah
Though I have never watched 24 Hours, I do appreciate some of the Jack Bauer Jokes.
At this location, the writer talks about people who could kick Jack's ass. I was amazed at these stories. I had not known about them before=

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Ray B. said...

Think we have it bad? Try this article. (252 million years ago, 90 percent of all marine species and 70 percent of all land species were killed-off during the Siberian Traps volcanism.) We have it easy...

On the other hand, future anthropologists might note that humans had an unexplained 'population bottleneck' around 2022, where 3/4 of the species suddenly went away.

Sorry, feeling kind of grim today...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Is human birth really so difficult to obtain? During my NDE, I was shown I'd lived quite a few lives and even remember some of them. I also asked for one more round, and I got it despite the fact I was warned I'd regret it. Funny. On the Otherside, I said I wanted to make the world a better place, and now I condemn this realm. Me thinks I won't talk about the other two.

A concept occurred to me, is that lives are like many runs through a washing machine; and you don't go to the drier until you are completely clean. Some go through the gentle cycle, et cetera. Some are washed in cold, some medium, some hot water. In my life, I feel like the machine ran in reverse, and spin cycle was first. No, not really. Spin cycle started when I was 6, and lasted 5 years. That was followed by a trip through the Twilight Zone, that sometimes I think I never left, though it's not always bad. Just reality defying. Take it from a nose. (Member of the Holey Order of the Septum.)

Nostrils way up on the post.

Visible said...

I have it on good authority that all will be well. If it doesn't apply to you, it doesn't apply to you. I am getting so much positive confirmation these days; probably because I need it, sigh... (grin)

robert said...

Visible One,

Just tuning in to your oasis for minds under load is refreshing.
There is balm in connecting our minds, which direct our heart's murmuring, back to a whole, enlarging our bated breaths, even for a few moments out of tiresome time!

It is this small but mighty observation that brings back to awareness the truth of our consciousness:
it is wrapped in many veils and we lie still in our cocoons, dreaming of being free to fly wherever the One desire pulls us.
Our mind is a small resonator ringing in real time yet dampened by a burdened imager:
Our imagination, our magic mirror to manifest whatever we hold in coherent contemplation long enough to birth it and let it freely go.

I have it on good authority that all will be well

How do my lyrical ruminations relate to your prophesy?

Though our imaginations have been traumatized since birth in a process to keep us in our place "voluntarily", it takes vast and constant reinforcement to maintain a mental division against our souls' desires.
It takes enormous effort to hold back the inevitable
It demands repeated sacrifices to alter our destiny beyond its appointed time.

Now becoming obvious, full court press of all the malingering malignancy which shadowed souls can spend, to bluff us into despondency, despair and acquiescence to the projected dystopian future is a big bad bluff!

As if it is inevitable with overwhelming momentum and a kind of lefteous just-us.
As if:
the mob always wins
the passive aggressive always get their way
the lowest common denominator divides everyone equally

In the battle for the mind, which leads body and soul throught this temporal illusion, bluffing and deception are the ONLY forces that can be deployed by the uncreative ones!

The icing on the cold fear cake is the insidious condemnation of our fellow humans!
Ignore the imposter skin walkers pantomiming people and acting as judas goats!

THIS is how our minds are tied up so that our hearts can be burgled!
The minute we drive down judgment lane and go so far as fearing our brothers and sisters instead of holding them in the blinding light expanding from our core, we have crippled our given capacity to image alternative futures, as the One intends!

"I can't imagine..." is the tell of our minds being hog-tied.

It is time for our Sumo, Jiu Jitsu & Aikido moves to dance on the face of fear!

To pop the bubble being blown up humanity's ass takes the tiniest effort in comparison to the energy projecting the illusion that we inhabit an island!
Contemplate the chain reaction now beginning to trickle through the corporate media clown narrative, when absurdity snaps back toward reality!

We only despair because we observe normalcy bias extending on and on seemingly without end as real.

If all good things come to an end, why give any more room in our imagination mansion to this peaking evil pretense?
The control game has ALWAYS been a blind man's bluff, based on perception of the herd, the mob, the collective stupid!

Those same bluffed assets acting like cargo will turn again when the wind changes direction. The avalanche of awakening will go exponential and the light will be free to shine on all.
Imagine that expansion and serve your brothers and sisters and confused!
Simple logic cuts through the lies that bind, with a flick of free will!

Anonymous said...

>I have it on good authority that all will be well

I saw an auspicious message this morning. As I was cycling along the sidewalk I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with the message ‘Hang In There’ on the front. Then almost right behind him I noticed a second guy wearing a baseball cap with the words ‘New Era’ on it. It could be just a weird coincidence, but then again I notice these things on a reasonably frequent basis, and I’m in Japan where English is obviously not the main language. Usually these synchronicities coincide with what I am thinking about at the time.

A few other memorable ones.
1. I saw a guy putting out his cigarette at the side of the road which got me wondering which was better (or worse) for health, regular cigarettes or the hand rolled ones. A few minutes later I noticed a bicycle parked up against a building with the message “Smoking Kills” emblazoned in large print on the side of it.
2. I’d just finished work (summer 2020) and was cycling home. I was pondering the gullibility of people who'd fallen for the media lies, particularly a part-timer who’d been absent from work for a few weeks. He'd quarantined himself at home because the media was claiming that the area in which he lived was supposed to be a 'rona hotspot and he was probably afraid. As I was thinking about this a racing bike crossed in front of me at an intersection with the word ‘Dogma’ printed on it’s side. As with the first one, perfect timing and succinct.
3. It was the day after the last US election and I was wondering about the result as I was walking along the top of a river bank. Up ahead I saw a mower cutting the grass on the side of the river bank. As I got up close I noticed ‘George Bush Cutter’ painted on the side. I’d seen these machines before but not with that name. And nothing to do with Trump or Biden but close enough.

Anyway, nothing too deep but the point is that these synchronicities happen often enough that I don’t take them for granted now, so I was happy to see that message this morning.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Stupid - i don’t find in dictionary of psychology written by Artur S Reber first published in 1985. Why
Connection the dots and trust me or not but the British psychological ( psychopaths ) society is the answer to all problems. They make problem and later looking a solution. In many way I can explain it. This bomb is ticking and only God know when make Boom. Real when I watch this movie it is like cabaret stupid people for more stupid people. Beautiful civilisation people make, it is sick real. You know I know everyone know but you lived on this bullshit word. Why is my question now.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...


I'm team Minaj.

It took four little girls to publicly tarnish the FBI, even after the obviously corrupt Whitmer "Kidnapping Plot" setup demonstrated the extent of the rot.

Plenty to see here, folks. Stick around. (Talking to Nostril-philes in particular.)

Mr. Nah

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Mr. Nah, I'm here until my contract is up. I'm 59, so I'm on the downhill slope, thank the gods. And there is something totally cool regarding my attitude. It makes me a little less corruptable in so many ways. I mean, the only way I can be bribed is with an Akashic Library Card or a ginger nose hair coat.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Hope Springs Eternal. They Say Evil is Nocturnal; When You Don't Know What It Is in the First Place."

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Lt. PTB, You're supposed to get 120 years, so you are almost to the downhill.

There's a lot cool to your attitude.

Statements like "I have it on good authority that all will be well." by LV are immensely reassuring. Nose hair coats, I don't think are guaranteed. Ginger ones, gosh, is that new? You will have to open a barbershop in Ireland, not Minnesota for that.

Mr. Nah



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