Thursday, January 31, 2019

Covington Catholics, Gosnell Zombies, Jussie Smollett, Incredibly Stupid Tattoos and the Providence of an Internal Sun.

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(Busy with the book so... blog postings will be catch as catch can. However... today is a must and this being the Petri Dish turn and the Hog Lagoon of the American Left now exploding from the pressure of igneous shit in a molecular intensification of igneous shit, like a flaming tornado swirling in the biggest toilet ever known... some things just have to be brought to your attention, in case you missed some of them.)

In Covington, where some of the youth has still not been brainwashed into Gender Bender Purgatory, or taken to wearing Free Dr. Gosnell T-shirts, when news came out about a (in reality) non-confrontation between a young Catholic high school student and a Native American; both in search of publicity for their side of an issue, neither of which was relevant, in this case, between the two; a Saturday Night Live (writer) publicly offered a blow job to anyone who would “punch that Maga kid in the face”.

Ironically and a dark shade too conveniently, an actor from a cable series called Empire was allegedly attacked by two guys wearing Maga hats who also put a noose around his neck, called him a faggot and beat him up. Take a look at the photo and the massive damage done to this 'victim of a hate crime'. The usual suspects are crying out for Trump to disavow the association of his hats with this attack and I'm definitely getting a Maga hat.

It's mentioned that a camera sees the actor walking down the street but nothing about any assailants being caught on film because... well... there weren't any. Not everyone is fooled by this charade. I've recently come across this man from the Seventh Day Adventists; I think that he's associated with them; sorry if I'm wrong. He has a nice way about him.

As tragic as the days may be, here in the land of 'what's in it for me and the home of the slave', there are still moments of amusement to be found. Apparently there was a religious reason for this, as one of the whirling dervish stench dancers revealed to an airline employee; not for stinking but for being kicked off. It is my informed certainty that they did this on purpose in order to sue the airline. They should be locked in a room with Jussie Smollett. We have to look for episodes where the sunlight is dancing over the tension wires of the time. Personally I am seeing evidence of the ineffable , more often than at any time in my life in decades. I'm waiting for that signal moment. That moment that will send the dominoes of revelation, tumbling across the Hollywood facade of badly woven lies. I'm waiting on the glory and splendor to break forth with the dawn of a long awaited awakening from sea to shining sea. That's what's in it for me!

Are people flat out losing their minds in droves? There's a lot of evidence of this. If you scroll down the page of this tabloid and look at the pictures to the right, it clear that those in control of the media are desperate to seduce the clueless into Z-list celebrity worship. The toilet paper inventor has a lot to answer for, because back in the day, newspapers like this had a useful purpose but now people read them instead. The lady with the tattoo that really doesn't look much at all like Harry Stiles, reminds me of a joke I heard some years ago; a lady walks into a tattoo parlor and asks the ink master to put an image of John Lennon on one thigh and Paul McCartney on the other. Once he was done, the lady looked at the final product in the mirror and said, “Well, that doesn't look like them at all.” The inker said, “Lady, that's as close as you are going to get. I see the resemblance.” She retorted, “I'm going to get a second opinion on that. I'm not paying for shoddy work!” So... she walked out of the tattoo joint and nearly runs into a drunk who was trying to make his way down the street. She grabs him and stops him. Then she pulls up her dress and asks, “Do these tattoo's look like John Lennon and Paul McCartney?” The drunk squints for a moment and says, “Mam, I don't know about those two but the guy in the middle is definitely Willie Nelson.”

Dumb and getting dumber are truly remarkable. I ask myself, how can people who went to colitch and are employed in high profile positions not be terminally embarrassed at their low jinx displays? Most especially when they have a senior moment right in the middle of their press conference. Good grief!!!

It's too bad people don't have the same concerns about people.

It's really going nuts out there and I am guessing that when the cultural offal hits the fan of all fans in the wind tunnel of time, it's going to be London where it really goes off the hook. Presently the Parisian Storm Troopers, going Medieval on the Yellow Vests, puts them ahead by a nose, in the race to Global Village Armageddon ...but London has so many of the elements necessary for full blown chaos to manifest.

Her face is everywhere and she came out of nowhere, where she used to tend bar (like Obama); one more Monarch Butterfly in search of her Sacher-Masoch moment, as Venus on the Macht Schnell (alright Visible, don't get too cute). Well, I'm feeling a tad punish. Good grief an entendre yet! And that happened without my help and right before my eyes. Am I alone in here? It looks like I am but it doesn't feel like it and... appearances are deceiving; very deceiving for that matter, these days. All things considered, I feel like humming a few bars of Alexandra Leaving (with her horned lord- to paraphrase some lyrics from the song.) I've probably lost everyone by this time, in a flurry of associations, inferences and innuendos; god I'm good (grin). And I hardly even went to Colitch! I'd be one of those really dry martinis, where you turn and look giving a sideways glance at the bottle of Vermouth and then you pour the gin into the glass. Speaking of Monarch Butterflies and Dumber and Dumber.

Mr. Apocalypse is doing the not so light Fan Tango with a Kabuki mask. The fan, of course, is a martial arts weapon. One thing the bad liars don't get is that eventually even really stupid people are going to see through their fabrications and they're really going to be pissed, if only because, deep inside they know that they weren't supposed to see or hear any of this. Here they were, blithely walking off the cliff, when they caught themselves in one of those, “wait a minute' moments. Somebody is definitely going to pay for that.

Yes... Mr. Apocalypse can do subtle like no other and especially when that which he is acting upon is anything but subtle. “Hello! Comet Ping Pong Pizza, how can I help you?” “Yeah... we'd like one of your pulled pork specials, with the hog nostrils sliced really thin and extra Hellfire Sauce.” “You got it!”

I can't possibly make a prediction here on what's going to come out of the fluff and gurgle of this last gasping, dead culture walking ...but it is surely going to be entertaining, if viewed from the other side of a bridge too far. Tom Waits will definitely be doing the soundtrack, interspersed with agonizing moments of pregnant silence, just before the shudders start to roll up and down the necks of the werewolves and vampires in three piece suits, caught in the headlights and... how am I going to traverse the distance between this posting and back to the book I'm working on? This is definitely why I am NOT paid the big bucks ...but I've got my own invisible 401k, gathering interest in the place that time forgot. I'm comfortable with that... very, very comfortable. I took out a loan from a spiritual bank and have been putting it to work in certain efforts that are going to be measured against a feather in a scale at some point or... maybe I'm in the wrong allegory... uh yeah, never mind; another time, another place. It all works out; not always the way some people wish it did but then... they should have known the end from the beginning.

Well... as we draw this blog entry to a close, I wish those of you to whom it applies, a warm space for the time needed. Here the temperature is temperate and shall remain so. We've tried to make light of certain increasing and expanding features that tell me, revolution is in the air. At some point, Push and Shove are going to find themselves in the same room and it's going to prove too small no matter what size it is. What shape it will take and how dramatic it may become is not clear to me. What I do know is that the ones who are certifiably crazy from what I can see and which I have been studying at a distance for a considerable period of time, are in no mood for compromise and being deeply wrong at a deeper level, does not bode well for those whom they imagine are in their way. My considered advice is that those of us who are sane, or relatively so, keep a weather eye out and be mindful of the inner grace of the divine who, no matter what appearances may tell us, is ALWAYS more powerful than anything that is or ever has been. May God extend his providence upon you at all times and in all places where you may find yourself. God willing we shall all find ourselves.

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♫ Without a Clue ♫

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Some Thoughts on Tonight's Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse; esoterically speaking, I Hope.

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(I saw on the clock that it was approaching 11:00 AM. I thought to myself, it's too bad the game is starting then, because otherwise I would be inclined to write a post. I put on Jim Reeves singing, "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You" as I went to put the game on and could not find it).

My friend said, "It's probably on later." I said, "but all week I have seen it coming on at 1:00 Eastern." Somehow I was wrong. This is why, even when I am absolutely certain, I never insist. I've learned the lesson in that regard. So... let's write a post (grin). By the way (I'm not sure I should even mention this. I heard a voice come into my head last evening and it said, "You should do a meditation for Tom Brady tomorrow." To put it lightly, I was stunned. That sort of thing never happens.

I went ahead and did it anyway and... I did one last night too, heh heh. Now if it doesn't play out I suspect I will look the fool. This is a position I am not unfamiliar with. Perhaps, then, I should not even have mentioned it but... I did for the purpose of demonstration, though I do not know what this will demonstrate since I was only responding to an unusual request.

I'll close this intro with a tale about my learning never to insist that I am right. I had a girlfriend once named Svargo, oh... about 30 years ago. It was during the most desperate period of my life and she was -and is- an angel who remains one of the finest people I have ever met. Aside from the wreckage that was my life and my torturous battle with myself and the world, she protected and sheltered me and was ♫ Right Thru My Heart ♫ proof that god loves me.

On one occasion I was at her house and we were talking about a song. I can no longer remember the title but I was absolutely certain it was done by a particular artist. I insisted I was right. I was wrong. I was stunned. Six weeks later, the same thing happened with a different subject. This time I was absolutely-absolutely certain I was right. I was wrong. Yikes. I was super stunned because I was ever so much more certain this time. It did not happen again. I did not insist again; point taken. Oh... dear lord... the lessons I have learned, especially of late. My gratitude cannot be voiced or measured but I will try to. Onward and upward!)

Welcome to our latest blood moon eclipse, taking place some time this evening, or so I am told. It is going to last around 4 hours, or so I am told. It's in Leo (well... I'm a Leo with my opposite rising; full moon's usually take place in the sign that is the opposite of the sign it appears in.) Maybe it will have some significance for me personally. None of the rest of them have but... It is in a square with Uranus, the planet of upheaval and transformation; interestingly 'liberation' as well as... revolution. It is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury (one might gain some amount of insight considering what that means; the higher octave of Mercury. ALSO... it is the ruler of Aquarius- the sign we are supposed to be in. Uranus is ALSO associated with 'rebirth'. Aquarius begins on the 21st on January. This is the 20th. So... this is a cusp moon passing into Aquarius right while it is happening. Whoa Nellie.It's also called a 'wolf moon'. I don't exactly know why but you can look into it if you wish... ahrooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

People don't associate me with Astrology, however... I have put a good deal of time into Esoteric Astrology, in tandem with my Tarot and other arcane studies. I might add, I am very much into Phrenology and I doubt that is known much outside my own head. It is now in the realm of common knowledge (grin). I studied Chiromancy in some detail too but... as with Clinical and applied Astrology, I did/do not possess the gene for it. You'd be surprised how certain information can prove valuable in a tangential way, regardless of one's overall expertise. Right off, I notice that in this planetary configuration, Trump and others might consider the possibilities. In some countries, at a further reach, heads might roll in following days. It seems to have all the earmarks for it. I imagine some astrologers might disagree with some of my statements but... argument is a given when it comes to that 'science' since perspective plays, to a great degree, in the application and formation of one's POV; one of the reasons I ALWAYS prefer to 'look in' before I even think about 'looking out'.

For reasons I won't go into, I am going to be in a meditative state during this eclipse. I've gone into similar behavior for similar events, including 12/12, the Sacrifice of the Harmonica Virgins and the last eclipse. Nada is what I got. This time I expect more because it has personal implications. I'm trying to play down the personal these days because I'm looking for ease of passage when I take the big journey (if I do in the usual manner... I don't HAVE TO; none of us do but that's not up to us).

My final word on this eclipse; the big picture has to do with Mr. Apocalypse. Consider the qualities of Uranus mentioned in the fourth paragraph. Do these not all have context concerning Mr. Apocalypse? I am hearing that much of what I was told in Italy a few years ago is now going to go into action; the things Mr. Apocalypse told me he was going to be getting up to, should this be true- and I am betting it is- indicates that there is going to be ♫a whole lotta shaking going on♫

The force of Uranus is considerable. One might well 'expect the unexpected'. The planets are both inside and outside of us. Their interplay is the source of the soundtrack of our lives. One could also say they set the environment we act out in. The relationship between our interior schematic and the macrocosmic side, determines the nature of our 'events'. There are a number of ways for one to look at the natal (and progressed) map of their present existence. I tend to view is as, the wise man or woman rules the stars. We have interior impulses that act on us and those who move in an unconscious manner are prisoners of fate. On the other hand; much like T'ai Chi' and similar dances of harmonization, one can intuit the necessary footwork, given that one is moving in a conscious manner.

The essential behavior of manifest life is change. In the highest sense, the configuration we were born with provides the conditions for the working out of our Karma. We can operate like a pinball, or we can work the table. I used to (when I was a pinball wizard in my youth) put the front legs of the pinball machine on the toes of my shoes; not my own toes. I made the necessary protective adjustment. This gave me a more even playing field. Yeah, I was cheating but perhaps, so was the designer of the machine. I think of that sometimes in terms of life as well. It is clearly evident that those who schemed their ways into the corridors of temporal power, in all the larger fields, adjust the playing surface to their advantage. You need to know this going in, or you need to learn it earlier on because otherwise you can find yourself where you would rather not be, like performing as cannon fodder in a Banker War for Banker Profit, or economically disadvantaged because of the way the system operates.

If one has striven for a wider sense of awareness and has sought to associate themselves with that consciousness, which possesses the widest and most enduring awareness that there is; interesting developments appear. You might struggle and sometimes get battered from pillar to post but in the end, having proven worthy or, in any case, having endured and never given up... then VERY interesting developments WILL come into play. I speak from personal experience ALWAYS and when it is something I have not yet experienced, or- praise God!- did not have to experience, it is always something that I have accepted as true based on the integrity and wisdom of the one whose thoughts I have unequivocally embraced, or a telling and unfortunate lesson that someone else kindly experienced on my behalf (thank you very much).

The result of my life up to this point has been that I consider the ineffable, the divine being, to be the primary objective in life and there is no second choice. This is because, despite the epic suffering that my choice of path and relentless ignorance of earlier times put me through, the mindset I presently enjoy cannot be compared in value to any other ever, at any time anywhere. Surely it can and will improve measurably for all of us that share in this pursuit but 'the thing itself' is beyond compare, is the essence and body of joy and bliss, of wonder and beauty beyond description. It is priceless and unique unto itself and is... is... is...

I think you get my point. It is beyond the reach of any superlative. It is real beyond the furthest stretch of any hyperbole ever; the word does not apply.

It is my constant prayer that some portion of this will find its way to you. I know in cases I am familiar with that it already has and you share with me the singular view of what will always be beyond us, while being more intimately a part of us than anything else can ever be.

Okay, dear friends, I got to go. I have an appointment shortly so... “may the good lord bless and keep you till we meet again!”

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♫ Persephone ♫

Friday, January 11, 2019

Fake News, False Lives and the Ever Fading Duplicities of Make Believe Fortune or The Everlasting Indwelling Love.

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You have, of course, heard about Fake News. All of the critical news, which has to do with political information, religions, social and cultural issues, certainly this applies to metaphysics and all speculations that deal with, 'what lies beyond' or the unseen within. Fake News is that which is generated intentionally to deceive, in order that those with particular material ambitions for obscene wealth and power, can perpetuate in their criminal behavior. There is also another form of fanciful truth and those are generated by scientists and academics and have to do with theories generated by 'informed and educated' observations, based on presumptions about how things are and how things work in the natural world; long since rendered unnatural.

Those promoting and disseminating Fake and False news at a wider reach, are nearly exclusively members of a small demographic of life forms and their deluded sycophants, who also control and regulate world finances, the various theaters (is that some kind of double entendre?) of entertainment; of course that would include mass media, which might be called entertainment, if it were entertaining and there is also the control of the type of messages, generated in the arts, where actual muses might be involved. The only messages permitted these days are either petroleum based, cotton candy derivatives, or vile commentary on the feminine aspect, with an unhealthy dose of violence and general depravity. This is ALL intentional. Basically the ineffable wants to see if you have what it takes to rise out of the murk and soar, like you have never done before. This is why the darkness is permitted to proliferate; or you could demonstrate whether you have what it takes to be cannon fodder for Today's Army.

No doubt you are 'somewhat aware' of fake foods but not with the detail you might wish for if you cared more about how you will wind up, once your youth is spent. In this industry there is also far more petroleum as an ingredient than you might have thought (Wow!!!). Petroleum has as many uses as the coconut and Bamboo.

What we can surmise, with little research required, is that the nature of both life and Nature, have been twisted into states beyond recognition, have become criminally diluted and transformed as they are to cater to the whims and demands of the senses; “if it feels good, do it.” or... “go with the flow”- (Boom! Right into the abyss.)

There is a reason why information about cultures and civilizations from the long ago; Atlantis, Lemuria and the grocery list and speculations from the Urantia Book and Scientology... not to mention, the Gurdjieff magnum opus; “Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson” or Blavatsky's “Secret Doctrine”. Our relationship to speculative and forgotten history is not unlike the premise of the book, “A Canticle for Leibowitz”. I'm not suggesting one read any of these books. In at least one case I would recommend against it but... there's no accounting for taste.

Historical revisionism is a dark and dangerous thing. Many of the uninformed (and they significantly outnumber us; the slightly informed) might think it's no big deal... unless they wind up in a Khmer Rouge reeducation camp (usually they just shot you, which, considering the alternative, was probably a blessing... like the choice between a trip to the gulags or a bullet in the back of the head), or have the misfortune of being born in Germany, after the biggest lie of all time was being cemented into a kind of metaphorical Berlin Wall... but which was no less substantial for that. Life is often enough like the search for Anne Frank's ballpoint pen.

The internet feels like it has been around since the day before forever sometimes. Most people don't use it for its greatest asset; being able to research anything, depending on your skills at that. Did you ever imagine that there were so many versions of The Bible? It can be disturbing when you find that a scriptural phrase has been so changed over recent decades that there is now no longer any reference (in any of those bibles) to it in its original form, which I KNOW I once read with my own lying eyes.

Let's move on to the point we were hoping to make and for which the preceding was merely a preface. In legitimate spiritual texts there are three states of awareness in which the meaning of whatever is being said can be interpreted. First there is the pedestrian understanding and that can also be defined as what is generally understood in the common parlance. Then there is the deeper understanding, where a chord of resonance is struck and one is able to trace the thought being expressed to the mind of the thinker who manifested the thought. Then there is the revelatory experience of the words that transforms the mind of the reader and where the truth of the words are imprinted upon the mind of the reader, so as to become a living part of the one experiencing the revelation. Visions may attend this last experience. Time and space can be also set aside. There are a number of phenomena that can occur.

There is a problem that attends everyone who reads scripture, within which eternal truth has been written and that is 'accommodation', where the meaning and awareness of anything is lost. A good example would be having a window open in an urban setting. Imagine that the street is being torn up in order for improvements to be made on the surface, or perhaps some aspect of a utility that is beneath the surface that is to be worked on. Let us say that a jackhammer is in use. After a period of time, one no longer hears it. Or we might use car horns as an example. These can also fade from ones awareness.

There are many things we become used to so that they no longer have the impact on us that was there in our first experience of it. This can include the environment we live in and familiar landmarks we no longer see that are a part of it. This can include people with whom we interact every day. We no longer might notice their characteristics. They are just there and we are no longer curious about them.

We look at something. We hear what is being said, or it is something we have read a hundred times, we gloss right over it and never capture the thought behind the words and the thinker behind the thought but the tracks are there to follow, outwardly and inwardly at the same time.

Civilization is humanities reaction to pain and discomfort... houses for shelter, heat for comfort, soft chairs... an icebox. One of the main byproducts of the search for comfort is convenience... what is the most important vehicle that you possess? Your body, perhaps. Your mind? It is kept in shape by exercise and a proper utilization... We don't want to make any effort because that is not comfy, so we eventually wind up with a lot of perpetually ill, mentally and physically lazy shmoos who are constantly in pain. So it comes full circle... civilization, as it continues, in pursuit of comfort and freedom from pain, due to our indulgent and indifferent lifestyle results in pain and we have come full circle, more unhappy than we were in the beginning.

We become addicted to chemicals taken to relieve pain but the pain we are really trying to relieve is not always physical pain. My personal observations are that an alarming amount of people drink alcohol every day and especially at night. The reason that most people drink or drug themselves into states of alienation are a sought after forgetfulness, or because life is losing its meaning, because of unbearable loss, because of loneliness, because of fear and because of pain and depression and there are many reasons and justifications. Materialism invariably creates an emptiness that cannot be filled by a surfeit of objects and distractions. Because people no longer have a viable sense of who they are, they hope that altering their consciousness will free them up to express themselves and regret afterwards that it happened, as often as not.

People are losing touch with themselves and with each other. They are being made uncaring. Everything seems pointless and it might well be.

On the other hand, some of us are free of these unfortunate states because we have found something that solves every problem and provides us with an enduring promise of discovery and an awareness of possibilities of existence which cannot be spoken of here because they are beyond the reach of description.

There is something deep and profound and wonderful within each of us, though few have discovered it because a certain sacrifice is required. It is no sacrifice actually. It only seems that way to some people. It involves taking all of our worries and concerns and tossing them off into some real or metaphorical ocean and never looking back again. We throw all of our regrets and disappointments and every sense of loss there too. There is within us the very living spirit of liberation and freedom that is like eternity before us beckoning us into worlds of light where no darkness can penetrate. I know this to be true but it is something each person must discover for themselves, should they be motivated to do so. All it takes is to rid yourself of everything that will most certainly turn into disappointment anyway and rest your life and all your hopes and dreams upon the certitude of the conscious and aware, everlasting, who is the source of every truly desirable thing and condition and whose deepest and most prevailing urge is to make sure that all of it finds its way to you.

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Next time we will seek to articulate a more comprehensive view of that which cannot be seen, except indirectly through the results of ones constancy of contact with that which cannot be described.

♫ Hare Christos ♫

Saturday, January 05, 2019

The Jambalaya Gumbo of Race Mixing Profundo and the Shining Light beyond Physical Sight.

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I am noticing trends and events that are startling. This is mostly because I am seeing them before I see them. I am getting sensations akin to a kind of chicken skin deja vu.

I mentioned a few months ago that I was noticing in commercials, a steady increase of white men and black women and black men and white women. I probably would not have ordinarily seen these commercials, since I do not watch network TV, except for certain sporting events, however you get a lot of corporate advertising in these presentations. A few months have passed and this particular trend has increased noticeably. I passed no judgment on it but one individual took me to task because he said I was referencing the 'mongrelization of the races' meme, which apparently is something white supremacists talk about. I wouldn't know because I don't go to those sites. Things have gotten really bad when just pointing something out without qualifying commentary, is an offense against those too uptight to defecate without pain. Then again, it must be hard losing a piece of yourself every time you go. “Visible!!!”

“Right... right... sorry.”

Now I have noticed this also happening in well over a dozen recent movies that I have watched. You can't help but notice if you are paying attention and I do; it's one of my objectionable qualities that agents of the darkness would prefer that none of us engage in. As previously stated; noticing something is a crime against our intensifying atmosphere of political correctness. You don't have to say anything negative about an observation, simply making the observation is apparently a crime against humanity in its own right. I've heard that the word 'humanity' is now an undesirable term. It's not on all the lists but... give it time. The insanity of Materialism leads to gender dysfunction, which leads to public outbreaks from certain demographics that are under threat from Nature and the endless and eternal natural order of things. Nature will soon be viewed as an outlaw, whose Draconian tactics are an abominable cycle of oppression, against the tiny minorities who insist that Nature is a tool of The Devil because it doesn't conform to their schematic.

When you live(d) in Nature before the artifice of civilization departure from Nature, you were engaged with Nature in the raw. When the elements of Nature were converted (some might say perverted) into the building materials out of which villages and cities were made, existence entered into an adaptation of Nature. One day, malls and condos came and some number of people began to perform what was once a reproductive dance in ways having nothing to do with reproduction; rather let me say the offspring are of interesting construction. You may thank the Lords of Formation that you cannot see these offspring from the darkest corner of the mind of Clive Barker.

Personally I don't care what color of person seeks to interact or cohabit with any other color. I know I don't care because when I see it, I don't have any interior reaction to it. I KNOW when I have a particular position on anything ...because- in many cases- there is an instant, interior take on what I am looking at or reading about and following my take... I MAKE A HABIT of investigating and questioning my perspectives on everything; it's one of the by products of self-inquiry. The trend of racial blending isn't one of them but... when I see Madison Ave. making a concerted effort to portray social interplay in a calculated manner, with a specific end in mind, I wonder at the motive. Being a person who tracks conditions back to their origins, I have discovered that there is a certain demographic that exercises majority control over the way life is presented to the public, through the mediums of entertainment, art, media and the rest of the vehicles that shape-shift reality, so as to be in line with their intentions.

There is a particular document that came out about a particular group of people that illustrates their designs on civilization and all kinds of things (including what has been discussed here) are in it; directly stated or alluded to and it has to do with a manufactured breakdown in the culture for the purpose of managed (by them) chaos, which is the stated agenda of The Prince of Darkness. Here is something I have noticed about life. Some things occur naturally and some things are created and orchestrated. If you take any particular orchestrated trend and you investigate the origins of every example that comes before you and you trace it back to its point of origin and you discover, in every case, that the same people are responsible; what does that tell you? You would think it tells you the same people are responsible but who am I supposed to believe; them... or my lying eyes?

You find that they are also the finances and force behind Communism, the atheist movement and every alternative sexual organization and somehow are the majority force in the banking industry. What is stated here is PROVABLY true. It's an observation of what is patently so. If I point out a tree or a mountain, a sign post or a lake, there's no pro or con about them. They are what they are. You may not like trees or mountains, signs or lakes, that's something else but... in this case, merely calling attention to it is a serious faux pas and... depending on where you are, could result in unfortunate results. At the same time we have this memorable quote by Gutie Schnaper- “If my sons did not want war, there would be none.” You're told this site is dangerous and you have to hit the 'advanced' button to get in there. So... wars are bad and people get dead and hurt and... yeah... so maybe some things need to be pointed out, even more so when the right to speak is suppressed and the one speaking rendered into a pariah. My sites are labeled dangerous as well.

The world is sick and getting sicker. What does it mean when a couple announces that they are going to have a child and you discover that someone else is having the child?

One feature of present day existence that I am paying a great deal of attention to and tracking back to its source points, is the strange levels of support that are being demonstrated by governments, religions, educational systems, the rich and powerful and famous etc. MOST of them are collectively parroting the same position on issues that go counter to the positions held by the general public. Here is a little list (♫I've got a little list♫) by a website that represents a particular section of the public. I know they could be called traditionalists and such. Regardless of that, what they state and report on happens to be true. Cultural insanity leads to strange bedfellows (literally). You have to ask yourself; how is it that the governor of a southern state would appear in public under these circumstances. Or... why would the head of a country do something like this? Ironically, the coin is called a 'loonie'.

I've had a point all along but I wanted to set the stage first. For some time now I have been watching powerful political and religious figures, the rich and powerful and famous, corporation heads- or at least those individuals who set policy... I have been watching them and marveling over how they all fall in line behind certain agendas, concerning tiny splinters of the population, engaged in behaviors that are not the common behaviors of the large majority of the population. WHO has the power to make them all behave as they do? Who has the power to destroy the Western European Cultures through the forced migration of criminal elements into their society... after fomenting the wars necessary to create the migration? Who has the power to make it a crime to even say what I just said? Rather than go into detail about what should be obvious and if it isn't obvious to you then that is obvious evidence of something else I don't have to go into... moving right along.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Wherefore take up the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and, having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your foot with the preparation of the gospel of peace; withal taking up the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”

That's more scripture than you usually see here but it says clearly what was apparent to some, long ago and what is apparent to some, now. The reader is welcome to take everything that is said here any way they please. I am responsible for what I say and happy to be so.

I illustrated what has been mentioned here today for a particular reason and most especially, given what is going to come to pass in the year ahead. Conditioning is an interesting application. The idea of a frog remaining in a pot of water, as it is slowly brought to a boil, is a good example. It turns out that this might not be true. However, it most certainly is true when viewed through a measured and incremental progression of social changes. Most of us have wondered why people who (one would hope) are intelligent enough to see disaster on the horizon, when the tanks begin to roll and hopefully before that, remain where they are. I could give dozens of examples of bizarre thinking in similar fashion but I presume you get what I am saying. Over the course of an extended length of time, social trends are causing revolution to precipitate from the plane of thought into material presence.

Most of the time these days, I feel like I am tripping on LSD and I am not exaggerating whatsoever. It could be due to the drastic change in my lifestyle in every area. It probably is. I can't put into words what I am seeing. I wish I could. With all the disturbing and seemingly inevitable, off road, with a broken suspension, denouements, that are in the event horizon, I am increasingly feeling a deep and profound sense of peace. My dreams are like rapture dancing on a stairway made of music and light. My days are a wonder of discovery, a continuous pattern of moments that jump out at me like something I've never seen before and then turn out to be something that was right there in front of me all along and I just never saw it. This is all an entirely new world that has replaced everything I was once familiar with, with a variation on the theme. I keep trying to understand how ordinary things and moments can be so extraordinary. It's nothing to do with the world. The world hasn't changed. All that has changed is the way I am looking at it. There is an entire secret world that must have always been there and I now know what certain mystics and mysterious strangers have been talking about.

I do not mean the variety of worlds that represent the reality that we all create our own world through the agency of our desires which shape our perspectives. I am talking about the world behind the world of appearances. Somehow I fell through a hole in the world and traveled upward in defiance of physics. I am grateful beyond the reach of words but will never be able to effectively communicate it. No one, I observe, ever has. Oh... they make stuttering attempts and... they sometimes smile enigmatically, as if this summed it up and it doesn't. All I can say is reach for it. Put your heart and soul, your strength and your mind into it and... you won't be disappointed. I can say that and be confident that it is true.

As for the mischief makers in this world, they are not my concern, except as it comes to a mention of irrefutable truth in the process of my speaking and singing about Elsewhere. They are the concern of a particular agency which will handle the details when the time comes for that. If you have made that enduring contact (and it could well be termed enduring since... it is eternal) you need have no concern about the world or any or all of the malefactors in it. They are powerless against those who have replaced all fear with Love. Fear is the only force that can make you vulnerable to anything and it is fear also that initiates reckless bravado and insubstantial courage which only appears to be brave.

It is a joy to be alive. I wasn't sure I would ever get to say that but... I can say with authority= if you don't give up and are sincere and true in both your objective and your pursuit, you WILL NOT FAIL.

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♫ When Darkness Falls ♫