Wednesday, June 29, 2022

"People Dream and Aspire... They Long for a Life... Under The False Lights of Downtown... so They can Live Uptown."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I wrote the first part of this on the weekend. Only a couple of days later... the shining objects appeared in the sky. No... the stars were already there. Flares is it? That's what they're calling them? Some form of Wag the Saucer. I expect them to go full smoke and mirrors soon because NOTHING is working for them. The latest gaffe at the Jan 6th Pratt-Fall Festival is almost painful to behold. They are imploding! They are melting; “I'm melting! I'm melting!” Ukraine is being mulched for the next planting season. Now... almost no one wants a Killer Vaccine. What's an evil villain and his partners to do?

Okay... let me see how much of what else is here might prove salvageable.

What a great new world this is!. We are filled to the brim now with stunted exhibitionists who celebrate their dysfunctions as if they were badges of honor. I was schizophrenic long before autism was a thing, and the spectrum was nothing more than a gleam in the eye of the junkies of pathological self-abuse; “I'm autistic!” “I'm gay!” I'm gay AND queer!” I'm gay, queer, and anal-retentive!” Oh! You've got to be a lot of fun at the orgies. AND... whether it is an actual sexual orgy, an orgy of ignorance, or... an orgy of dysfunction... as far as I'm concerned, if it puts the snap, crackle, and pop in your Rice Krispies then I don't care where you stick them. HOWEVER...

Please stay in... or migrate to... your assigned demographics and neighborhoods.

I know some people, people in a hurry... like to make Rice Krispie bars with Krazy Glue. It is similar to how people... in search of backdoor intercourse... get around the obsessive need (counterpointing their sense of Sartrean emptiness) by traveling with a vibrating butt-plug. So many of the in-crowd are doing that these days. Now they have to make an announcement about shutting it off, along with your cellphone, when your plane is about to take off. Apparently... they can interfere with communications in the cockpit because some of them are Bluetooth. Then there are the hackers who have nothing better to do than hijack the butt-plugs of the unsuspecting; “Well! It NEVER did that before!!!”

But then... I'm not telling any of you anything new.

I'm a bit amazed that the bad guys of the hour are all graduates of the 60s dark side. No one else seems to have survived. There are a number of zombie rock gods, and assorted others... but... the positive examples seem to have fallen into a time warp... and not made the cut, or... they died, I guess. In Times of Material Darkness, it is the agents of darkness that rise to the surface of the septic tank.

There's down the rabbit-hole and down the rat-hole. Bob Avakian is the latter. I bring him up because some D-list actress from Bob Sackett's, In-The Closet-Porn-Hole-World ganged up with Antifa to Fight the Power in LA... and got a tad of road rash for her troubles. I can see her screaming at the police; “Do you know who I am?” Then the cop says, “yeah”, and kicks her ass again (link is below). No doubt this Avakian character is financed by the usual bankers and dark, disturbed, kin of Hades.

They are losing their minds over this abortion issue. Pink says that pro-life people should never fucking listen to her songs again. I cannot remember ever having heard one. That's the truth. Some entertainers just strike me... right off... as hard customers with no light. I tend to go wide of them.

Perhaps... you might wonder how materially successful people can be anti-capitalists? Hypocrisy is the fruit of those who lack integrity, AND they still had to live with themselves. On the other hand, those who have had no success seethe with resentment because they cannot understand why talent should have anything to do with celebrity, AND... they want their moment in the artificial sun.

Success is a tricky item and you MUST have an inner resource in order to celebrate it. Therefore, success must be rooted in something real because... otherwise there is nothing to celebrate.

Although I do not suffer from it (thank you, God!) many entertainers are overwhelmed with what they call, an existential despair. I interpret this as a profound sense of emptiness and desolation; that Sartrean emptiness I mentioned earlier. It takes me about a page or two with most philosophical poseurs before I move on to something else. I just don't have the time. I can sit on a hill all day, while The Sun seems to traverse the sky. I've got plenty of time for that. I have no time for gibberish, nonsense... or... top-heavy flatulence.

Everywhere... around The World, people dream and aspire... they long for a life under the false lights of Downtown so they can live Uptown. They have no idea how painful and meaningless an existence this can be. A host of diseases come with these lifestyles. The ruler of this world loves to set people up for a fall. No matter where they end up, it is not a good place because of the thoughts and actions that paved the highway which took them there= ♫ going to Kansas City. Kansas City here I come ♫ There are probably (these days) a whole lot of “crazy women there” and you will almost certainly get you one.

None of these things are worth the trouble it takes to get them, AND... you find this out. What is REALLY worth having is a treasure map that leads you all around the pits... the quicksand... the cliff's edge... the glueboards... the trip wires... the cemeteries and the shuttered rooms... the wastelands, and The Halls of Bad Memories. Such maps do exist. There is more than one of them because there is more than one location; “In My Father's house are many mansions. If it were not true, I would not have told you so.”

You ever notice... in all those adventure books and films how the hero has to go across dangerous ground where dangerous people... monsters and such... await round every turn? Sometimes it can really be a nightmare, like Les Misérables or Tess of the d'Urbervilles, before it turns out okay, like in The Count of Monte Cristo. There is ALWAYS... a great deal of personal loss. You got your Theseus and the Minotaur... Jason and the Argonauts... and that classic tale of loss and revenge... Ulysses and The Odyssey. It is because the trials of our quest sow the qualities of our being. They test and temper our metal.

What has materialism done? Now there are people who can't climb a hill or walk to the store without being out of breath. They live in small cubicles inside their minds. People become more and more unattractive because no effort has been made to channel their inner light... “oh generation of vipers!” Rome is a classic example. It once had the finest armies ever seen. Then they fell into indolence. They could not protect their borders. (sound familiar?) They became obsessed with perversity and excess, AND... they had lead in their water. Anyone want to peel me a grape? Then... Attila came.

I remember a story from occult history when Attila came to Rome and The Pope and his lackeys rode out to speak with him. Behind their banners were a panoply of visual effects. Creatures flying in the sky and large bodies moving in the wind. Attila... as the story goes, sat bent over his horse (he was already bent over) looking at the FX, and said, “I'm not impressed. I will return in the spring.” He did just that. Back in The Day, they had magicians who could do any number of things. Certain qualities render a person immune to The Sideshow Effect.

Attila was called, The Scourge of God.

A similar band of shapeshifters and illusionists are at work today. Similar reactions to them still work. When one has The Qualities of God, no armies can stand against them. All agents of darkness are put to flight by The Light.

Mr. Apocalypse leads and herds people to the place of their greatest and most telling exposure, as he just did with The January 6th Hearing. (laughter) Oh! Surely they stepped in it; reminds me of the chorus to one of my songs...

♫ Oh, we'll all be together.
Yes, we'll all take a stand.
Yes, we'll all be rewarded when...
the... shit... hits... the... fan ♫

Why is it that people do not connect the state of apocalypse with WHAT TAKES PLACE in an apocalypse? There is this glaring disconnect that anyone not under the spell of it can see. It's axiomatic in Times of Material Darkness that people cannot see what it is that is right in front of them in The Event Horizon. The World is not a bouncy castle

It's coming to term, my friends. It is like a grievous labor... a tortured birth. Critical Mass is in the approach. We shall each find some permutation of what we seek. I seek to find, and m-a-i-n-t-a-i-n sanctuary in The Living Light of God. To get there one must be able to tolerate the effects of The Light upon... and within them. This is no mean feat. You have to be equal to the challenge. You have to be capable of dramatic change. If you cannot rise to The Occasion... the occasion will pass you by.

End Transmission.......

I know I was all over the place today;
“Forget about it, Jake... it's Petri Dish.”

Some links=

I never even heard of this guy before.
I guess I live a sheltered life. He is obviously- from the photograph- a Botoxian infomercialist. It has a nice ring to it. (another mass murderer in the making) He's definitely showandtellpro; a form of cointelpro, which involves an army of scamalamadingdongs=

(Here's some of the mumbo jumbo of Comrade Avakian)

"Neither the emergence of the human species nor the development of human society to the present was predetermined or followed predetermined pathways. There is no transcendent will or agent which has conceived and shaped all such development, and nature and history should not be treated as such—as Nature and History. Rather, such development occurs through the dialectical interplay between necessity and accident and in the case of human history between underlying material forces and the conscious activity and struggle of people."

One more garden variety Satanist.

That's a whole lot of words to say there is no God and no Divine Order. Some of us are able to read and comprehend at the same time. I know it's a vanishing art, BUT... the misdirection and mesmerization doesn't work on all of us.

Via Fox News
These monsters (not the farm worker) are the ones who should be in prison. You are going to pay for these crimes against humanity and your failed Zionist state is doomed!=

And this is as it should be at the very beginning... on the way to full exposure=

Via Fox News
They do it to themselves=

Don't poke the police bear=

Via Chris Bray @ Substack
It's all going according to plan=

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This is MOST DEFINITELY NOT a quick update.
It is a terrific read=

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More hidden history=

President Buchanan

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I can't wait for this=

Via Screen Shot Media
Some of the things that are coming IF...
IF it doesn't all come down. Some part of it is going to=

Via Fox News
Gee. What do you know?
Business as usual=

Via Fox News
Going after gay marriage?
Heh heh... as if.. and what is wrong with "cultural gay ghettos?"=

Clarence Thomas

Friday, June 24, 2022

"It's All Fake. All The Award Dinners at The Rubber Chicken Buffet WILL NOT Keep Death or His Companions Away."

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Massive changes in the Material Realm are in motion. On various sides of... For, Against, Indifferent, and Clueless... are people who want to run The Show, stop The Show, could care less about The Show, and... have no idea there is a show. Otherwise, they would not be exposing themselves to school children in the park.

As a result... we have all kinds of reports coming out from all kinds of people, making and not making shit up. A lot is at stake. A great deal appears to be at stake. They fabricated a pandemic and shut The World down for a year... in some places... in the densely crowded spaces... where the regimentation goes on apace with... madness.

I am getting a sense of something. I don't know how credible it is. It is based on my own observations, BUT... I see political and financial heavyweights gathering off The Visible Grid to strategize The Future.

On the one hand, here's what I see happening. The Republicans are going to take both houses of congress. They may even be near filibuster proofed. Then Ron DeSantis is going to win the presidency and, perhaps, appoint or at least anoint Donald Trump to be Speaker of the House. I don't know if DeSantis can simply do it on his own or whether Congress has to elect him by majority vote. I do know that you don't have to be a member of congress to be The Speaker of the House.

On the other hand are=

the ones backing the present economic holocaust and making expensive laws that can't be enforced... except among The Stepford Catamites, and The Bendover Boys with their special negotiation teams... they find themselves in fearsome disarray. They are tripping over each other, playing touchy-feely in the dark. It's the Gang that Can't Think Straight, so they can't see straight. And... they are not straight in any way, having bent themselves out of their natural shape. This is ALL Mr. Apocalypse's doing. He is INSIDE their minds. He is at the controls like Beavis and Butthead trying to 'score' in formless space.

I see it kind of like The Keystone Cops in real life. Once... any of these players might have been competent AND capable. Now... they are neither. Think of it like this; you are in a serious car wreck... and then you find that the person you crashed into was yourself. It's part of Mr. Apocalypse's technique. He's got a style. All the major players... the archetypes... have got a certain style... ♫ s-u-a-v-e ♫

The reason I am saying it like this... besides the fact that it is true... is that you have no reason to be concerned or worried... unless you have been concerning or worrisome. Karma goes around very quickly these days... even though it is glacial in some theaters, BUT... that is because the stage is being set for major league denouements and thrilling climaxes, AND they take a great deal of time and planning. The kind where the hero says, “I'll be back” but it means something else entirely... because that guy is no hero, He just plays one on TV. There IS a difference in competence, AND outcome... when you have to show up in real life.

Most real heroes are unsung in this location. They are more about getting it done than about taking accolades. Sometimes The Cosmos singles you out as a good example. God knows we could use more of those. We are in a time when weakness and excess are celebrated, especially when you are living your own truth, while The Truth gets hammered in your every thought, word, and deed. That's okay and par for the course. You can hammer The Truth all you want. It is yourself that you are shaping while you are doing so. The Truth is not affected... nor do you match up well against it.

Well... personalities come and go. You can get them from The Subconscious Vending Machine on a wall inside your head. It's a form of invisible Pez dispenser. They can be a delight and they can be a cross. Mostly... they are a cross... because you haven't learned how to stay out of The Scrum in The Combat Zone... the endless conflict in the war for supremacy. Nobody wins The War, BUT they get confused and ambitious when they win a battle... and think it was the war. What you did instead was to paint a target on your back for the next attack.

Even Achilles wasn't invulnerable. Once he dragged Hector around the walls of Troy, his days were numbered. Some would say they were always numbered for The Purpose of Demonstration. IT IS ALL for The Purpose of Demonstration, so long as you are in the contested territory of win and lose. The justifications never end, and they always look absurd to those paying attention, and... life as usual for those who are not.

People like being fooled and entranced and entertained. God himself likes being entertained. I'll tell you a little secret. Maybe Demosthenes knew it. I am certain that all true artists and initiates know it... BECAUSE... they are aware of the source of the inspiration.

If you go into the wild places with your guitar or whatever you can carry; if you go with only your voice, and you sing to the heavens, and mind-finger-walk your way up the trees, and out over the leaves, across the rocks in the babbling brooks and streams... into the water itself, and the darkness of The Earth below... into The Wind that carries everything along the timeless slipstreams of space... round the mountains... over hill and dale... it will find its way to Your Father's House.

It will be heard in the meadows where God takes his tea... and... it will delight Heaven and be heard far and wide in the invisible kingdoms. Every day of your life and in every moment of your life, you are performing for a very large audience that you cannot see. I can assure you of this. You will get heard where it really counts. Lady Nature and all of her subjects will hear you. It is no small thing to win her favor. Let me see... your health and well-being on the physical plane are very much in her hands. Your fortunes; all kinds of things she has a hand in, AND... she is well-disposed to you if you treat her right.

I cringe sometimes concerning what some believe they have gotten away with... the remorseless wheels of Fate and Justice... “I'll grind his bones to make my bread.” Observe what happens to people!!! Entire nations are brought to ruin. It has happened again and again. Do not put your faith in the works of men. You will be gravely disappointed. Look at how individual destinies are resolved! The cruelties of the medical community are widely known. Their general incompetence is not. We live in a false front Hollywood town. It's all fake. All the award dinners at The Rubber Chicken Buffet WILL NOT keep death away.

Look at the fools who built an empire of dust only to watch it crumble away; to be RSVP'D for that very period of unfortunate change. Magically made present by The Lords of Karma. You do HAVE TO come back and deal with what you brought into being. The French and Bolshevik Revolution... The Spanish-Marrano Inquisition... Rwanda... The Battle of The Somme... Nero's Rome... a cast of thousands upon thousands showed up to be in each episode of... The Show. Oh! The dramas that played out!!! The betrayals and... “The Horror! The Horror!”

Interesting times... living in interesting times... The Chinese curse of interesting times. Is it any wonder that The Wise retreat from The Spectacle... from The Show? We are all actors acting out, AND... it has to be this way, AND it doesn't have to be this way. Did you audition for the part? Did you help construct the stage? Hmm...

I watch life demonstrate in front of me, in the near field and far afield. The World... is VIRTUALLY at our fingertips these days. You can get more information now than at any time in history. If only you knew what to look for, AND... of course, everything of value can ONLY be found within. All else fades away at the appointed time.

No matter how many times you tell people these things, and no matter how many times they experience them... again, and again... lifetime after lifetime... for reasons that defy sanity and logic... there they go, right down The Garden Path, again, and again, and again... and... it does not lead into The Garden. It leads OUT of The Garden. Oh well... it was all arranged to get us out looking, cataloging, and identifying... right up close and personal, right up until we find out that we don't have to do these things. Fear and Appetite made us. The Devil made me do it!!!

So... on and on it goes... time and circumstance flowing by like a river... always the same and never the same... BUT.. regardless of which side of that argument you put yourself on... it can't be found outside of you, AND... once you do find it or it finds you... you fall head over heels in love, and it falls in love with you. Everything is easy after that. Love makes it so.

End Transmission.......

Some links=

Yes... as a matter of fact, she is freaking crazy.
She seems to be in a time warp imagining that she is still a teenage girl. She is not. She's not even fit (as some would say)=

Via Breitbart
And yet more crazy=

Via Tony Heller @ YouTube
What a colossal load of weasel shit!
Thank goodness they got professional actors who know how to let you know they read at about an elementary school level. The next step would be to trace every line on the teleprompter with their finger, the way they would if they were reading a book. That makes it redolent of authenticity. NOT EVER, ever, will I buy into this. NOT EVER=

Via Fox News
You think maybe Lady Nature does not approve of what they get up to?=

meningococcal outbreak

Via The Real History Channel
He makes some very interesting points, but it doesn't account for all those athletes dropping dead. I agree with him about Stew Peters, who put me off from the start. I posted that ridiculous video earlier. He reminds me very much of Sorcha Faal=

Via Fox News
People are so desperate for fame.
They can't contain themselves when they get their 15 minutes and then they get as near-naked as possible because they have confused human contact with a Tinder profile. I will say that she looks the part and the facial physiognomy is telling=

Via Breitbart
This man constantly embarrasses himself.
By the physiognomy... he loathes himself. the masses think that fame and fortune are blessings. Why not ask those bestowed with so much of both. Ask them privately so that you can hear it honestly. God often puts such blessings(?) on people he intends to make a telling lesson with AND on=

Via Fox News
Step by step...
inch by inch=

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

"You Can't Speak The Truth if You Are Untrue. AND... You Cannot Rely on Your Integrity if You Don't Have Any."

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There is no such thing as living your own truth and living my own truth. There is only Truth... which CANNOT be perceived objectively. There is no objective truth. There is no truth you can look at, and define as such... that will meet with collective agreement. Then Your Truth is relative. Truth cannot be seen except at the loss of the observer. It's an immersion thing. Only in the subjective posture can truth be experienced, but... still...without comprehension. The moment you leave it you lose it. The moment you talk about it, it changes.

I can tell you how to find Truth, but I can't tell you what it is. If you REALLY insist on finding Truth... well, actually I can't tell you that either, BUT... I can tell you how to arrange it so that Truth finds you; in the sense of exposing herself to you... LITERALLY. I am not talking about uncomfortable Truth here or relative Truth. I'm talking about Real Truth which you can't talk about.

It's like holding Mercury still on a glass plate. Yeah... actually... that's a good way to put it... because... in alchemical terms it means to fix The Mind... To Still the Reactive Mind... because... Truth can't be perceived otherwise, and certainly not by The Mind. It can ONLY be reflected. The Mind is a mirror. Anyway, I'm digressing. As I said, I can arrange it so that Truth finds you. It is a simple task, but it requires absolute focus and concentration, WHICH IS WHY you have to still The Mind.

You must acquire Love and Wisdom. The Truth appears from a successful union between these two. As I have been saying for a long time... when The Truth takes off her clothes, The World disappears. That is to be taken LITERALLY. Here is one of the reasons that Selfless-Service is so important. You CANNOT acquire Love or Wisdom without it. Love and Wisdom are dispensed. You cannot pick them up at Walmart. You can get carnal love and street smarts at various locations, BUT... not Real Love or Real Wisdom.

When you provide a location for the successful merger of Love and Wisdom, Truth APPEARS in the form of Divine Luminous Wisdom which is the only tool that can perceive it. It's not much good if you can't see what you're looking at... so to speak. You get all lit up. It will be a problem for you if you don't know how to veil it. Like I keep saying... you have to have a guide.

I KNOW there are people out there who will insist that they can handle anything, and often they will say this without even realizing what they are talking about, because they are sure of their abilities to spin a credible tale in the aftermath, NO MATTER WHAT. Lying is a profession and some people are very good at it. A lot of people don't even know they are doing it. It is one of the very old disconnects, an unsolvable conflict that they learn to accommodate to ...and live with.

You can't find The Truth if you are untrue. You cannot rely on your integrity if you don't have any. Then you are forced to rely on your wits. Most times, a fox can get around a hound... BUT... eventually...

If you do not make peace with the dangers around and within you, sooner or later... one or more of them will claim you. Purity has a great deal to do with it too. It scares the shit out of The Impure, who can't even see it so it amounts to a kind of unknown, howling darkness that their imagination cannot defend itself against.

Light makes vermin flee, except for the ones that it freezes in their tracks. Don't be vermin. Eventually, you find your own level, like water, and it is not a pleasant place to be. We've all heard a few of the sad tales; “how could (s)he have fallen so low?” The way that you carry on here... ABSOLUTELY WILL play out down the road. You are literally writing The Script this very moment. That is an enormous power that you have right there. Whatever you are dreaming... you are bringing into being, along the way to arriving there.

The Imagination is an extraordinarily powerful tool. If you can control and focus it there are no real limits. Not if The Intention is spot on. If it is out of control... well, I suppose... you can imagine.

Materialism is xeriscaping the human heart. The more you have, the more you lose. Your life becomes filled with senseless things, and... people that you treat like one, ...and who treat you the same; should you cease to meet each other's needs. You see these dramas play out every day, no matter what year it is. It could be 1000 BC or now... the same forces are acting out in and through us. Yeah... the costumes change. The technology gets ever more refined... until it is used to destroy everything in and out of reach. Warfare drives technology.

I am impressed at the stupidity of those who do not see what kind of fire they are playing with. Let's see... fuck up the routing of your inner fire, and then? Why, you move right into trying to shape fire itself, which is one of the tools employed by the one who has been shaping you. To what end, I might ask? I am exceedingly grateful to all those foolhardy souls who acted out on their bad instructions in order to provide an object lesson for the rest of us. I wish they did not have to do that, and... it could well be true that they did not have to do it, but... bodies under the bridge... as they say.

The thing is that none of this is real. Yes, I know when the material you... runs into the material that, it can hurt. “Doesn't that make it real, Visible?” Yes... in a relative sense. Believe me, I know that life can hurt, BUT... that is because you have invested yourself in that side of things. Material Culture forces it on you once it gets enough power in your mind. Everything happens in The Mind. When you cut your finger, it happens in your mind. Yes... it happens in your finger, BUT... it is your mind that tells you about it.

I'm trying to discuss something that is quite elusive. It is much like that Mercury we were talking about earlier. People are mostly in the trouble they are in because they do not pay attention, they do not listen, they do not have sane priorities, AND... the more that Material Culture intensifies... the less sane it gets. That is the cause of all this sexual bizarramondo, all this personal acting out in a self-validating way that invalidates everything else that gets in its way... because??? Because they are living their own truth. They are being their most authentic self, and... they have no idea what that is, because IF THEY DID... they would not be doing what they are doing. It makes them look ridiculous and it doesn't matter if it is 1,000 BC or now.

You wind up living in the circumstances you designed... in order to reflect your living... your own truth. This own truth of yours is in competition with everyone else's truth. It is just a new marketplace for the same old bullshit that lawyers get rich off of. It is another angle on an ancient scam. It is a scary thing (for a little while anyway) when you realize that none of these professionals know what they are talking about. Even worse... you are required to pay them for the service. I am not including such physical sciences as mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. Sometimes they do know what they are talking about, BUT... they are often using it for the wrong purposes.

I'm not here to tell others what they should and should not do. Certainly, they have a better idea of what they want than I do. Everything comes with a built-in instruction manual that teaches you what it is about while (or well after) you experience it. You do this... and that... happens. Something else will not happen when you do it tomorrow. Of course, you can find exceptions to this, but you are talking about nuance. If you jump off the building at noon today or midnight tomorrow, you are still going to hit the ground. Something else might come between you and the ground. That would be bad for both of you.

I am trying to illustrate the complexity of the arguments that separated minds come up with. “Yeah, BUT... Yeah... BUT.” This planet is Strife World where almost everyone is at war with themselves and each other throughout their stay here. Sometimes the conflict goes wide. The same people have been killing each other over, and over, long beyond any history that has a record of it. Make peace with yourself. Make peace with yourself. MAKE PEACE WITH YOURSELF! “Stop shouting, Visible. I heard you the first time.”

I wasn't shouting. I was emphasizing. You CANNOT make peace with The World if you are at war with yourself. People really like to close the barn door after the horse has run away. If you want to fix something in The World, you have to fix it in yourself first. I think it was a Taoist who said, “whoever wants to fix a bad man must first fix whatever is wrong with the bad man in themselves.” This rule applies across the board about... pretty much everything; kind of like jumping off that building in reverse (grin).

I gotta go. May God be with you!

End Transmission.......

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"For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an'
"Chuck him out, the brute!"
But it's "Saviour of 'is country"
when the guns begin to shoot;
An' it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that,
an' anything you please;
An' Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool --
you bet that Tommy sees!=

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Via Fox News
Man! What sick and twisted minds from which all Reason has fled=

It's no surprise that this article was written in SF.
The author moans about guns and evil illness- FOR THE CHILDREN!!! while celebrating the launching of a plague of Ed Gein dressed degenerates=

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! What bullshit!!!
(also from The Modern Fruit Gazette)
Here's an excerpt... "these people said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss matters that aren't public."=

Thursday, June 16, 2022

"You Can Be on The Calliope of Up and Down or You Can Be on The Spiral Road to The World of The Everlasting."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The more I travel around the internet, the more Insanity I see. It's not crazy where I live, and it's not crazy in the neighborhood, but across the wide reach of the internet, it's just getting more and more desperate and depraved. All over The World..., people are losing their minds. What is causing this is the tandem of Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening, here on the Advent of the Avatar. People handle waking up in different ways.

On the one hand, (a smaller portion) they embrace it. In various collectives, they find a common madness and there seems to be safety among their sociopolitical, and moral kindred. Sometimes... there is a madness that draws other collectives to it, through order and mind regimentation, and through fear and intimidation. What is called Woke qualifies as such. There are collectives of a common passion... for sex... and all of the specialties that implies. Others draw close to The Church, like fundamental Christians and Muslims. Some found new churches, like Scientology and Satanism.

Much of the fear being generated by The Awakening... and what it reveals through the apocalypse, is caused by... first not knowing, and next by those who stoke the fears of The World, with pandemics... food shortage fears, crime waves, racial hate, sexual ambiguity, poverty, cancel culture mind control, visibly evident corruption of the government... and so on, and so on.

It's like breaking eggs to make omelets. It's like Difficulty at the Beginning. It's CHANGE, and people resist change, once the patterns are imposed on their lives. Fear builds the more you acquire of material things. It can become your whole life... chasing that carrot. Whatever carrot it may be.

The problem is that REAL ENJOYMENT of life cannot... can... not... no... never... ever... be provided by material things. Yeah... you've heard this a million times; “now go away, I'm busy.” However... it is absolutely true and I know it as a direct fact in everything I do. I never enjoy anything unless The Supreme Enjoyer is engaged with me in whatever activity I'm involved in.

Without The Presence of God... present, The Mind wanders over fields of delusion, trying desperately to lose itself in something that is temporary and it never lasts... there was no there, to begin with after the shine went off. That is a form of textbook insanity; looking for permanence in impermanence. It is not unlike doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

You are an example of impermanence. You have been leaving since the moment you got here. However, there is a spark of eternity in you that... unless you can access it, means you will get lost over, and over, and over again... forever in search of something you have been carrying with you the whole time. Something that, in fact, has been carrying you.

So... there is this upwelling that is channeling out of the collective human subconscious. All sorts of new feelings and abilities are there, along with challenges to people's understanding of life that do not reflect what they thought it was. In some ways, it is like being dosed. Many people cannot handle this wider panorama of mindset. The wrap-around sunglasses on the inside of your head can distort the natural appearance of what you see. You see everything through the lenses of desire and appetite... IF... you... are... of... a... carnal... mindset.

The Carnal Mind is on the animal plane and the only senses it recognizes are the physical senses. That is only half of what is present, so... it comes back around to, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Lord Buddha was also well aware of this, and it is a perpetual understanding among The Initiates that there are some things you cannot, you should not... talk about in the public thoroughfares. The World is fickle and The World is cruel... by its nature. One needs to apprise themselves of certain basic truths before setting out in The World with your goods tied to a stick on your shoulder, BUT... that is what we are; The Spirit in search of experience.

I am grateful to all the people who do the things I would not think of doing... so that the rest of us can profit from observing the lack of Common Sense being demonstrated. Materialism REALLY brings out The Scammers, due to the large herds of The Scammed awaiting the shearing, and not knowing or caring what a mixed metaphor is.

The Deceivers are ALWAYS present in Times of Material Darkness. People are easier to dupe when you dangle something they think they want in front of them. The only free bird is the one who doesn't want anything, and it soars above it all. Look! Life WILL provide all you need as you go on your way. Wanting anything with a burning desire... causes it to retreat from the heat. Letting life come to you, taking and enjoying your due, and seeking nothing more... is the real achievement of all you came here for. When you can take it or leave it, it will never be far away.

All successful Lotharios and Romeos know about the key attractor of the fairer sex. There are certain things BOTH men and women are suckers for. Be wise and let them have it all. There is a finer table with a more exquisite feast awaiting you... if... you are of a particular character. In these times... getting into sticky wickets of romance has never been easier. Getting out of them is as it has always been, AND... you don't get to play others for too long before others will play you. You tend to ONLY run into a certain sort of person, once you become a certain type of person.

This whole dynamic of manifest existence is FIXED. It runs on rails. Krishna talks about spinning us on rods or some device that holds us in place while we are spun. Everything is under control. People fool themselves for their own reasons by believing otherwise. In a world that is on fire with desire, The Mind becomes an ingenious device that plots, schemes, and strategizes to possess what turns to dust.

You know those maps that you see in subways, bus kiosks, and similar? There is an arrow pointing to a location on the map, and it says, “You are here.” Well... you are here in The World of Temporary Things. You can be on the calliope of Up and Down or... you can be on the spiral road to The World of the Everlasting, where you travel... through... increasing... densities... of... light.

Perhaps you have heard about Rising on the Planes? The idea has been appropriated by various schools of thought and... not all of them are on that spiral road. You could compare it (in the right mindset) with Jacob's Ladder, and other curious means of transport. Surely you have heard of Being Transported? This is not to be confused with the transporting of criminals and undesirables to Australia a couple of centuries ago. (grin)

There are certain rules in play on The Material Plane, and... once you find out about the workings of particular immutable laws, it behooves you to mind the company you are in before you speak. You should always mind the company you keep, without being a misanthrope, BECAUSE it has a big influence on your quality of life. I wish I had known a few things earlier on. I am sure we all feel this way. You got to pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and once more into the fray! Heh heh... no... The Fray is no longer attractive to me. Let's call it... metaphorically speaking.

I did find certain understandings along my way. Some of them were painfully earned. I can now, more clearly... see the monster that hides among the attractions, and which calls out for the monster within. If you do not tame it, it will destroy you. It will mislead you, and it WILL betray you. Why people walk on The Dark Roads is no longer hard for me to comprehend. Interfering with them is suicidal. Wish them well and pray for them. Help when the opportunity provides. Go on your way.

It is much easier to come back from a place of Divine Love and be useful, than it is to try to pull them from The Swamp when they don't want to go, and you don't know what you are doing.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, June 13, 2022

"God is The Same Everywhere, but Changes His Appearance To Suit The Conditions of The Culture He Appears In."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The degree of pervasive insanity is a thing to behold. (from a distance) Look at the numbers of people sucked into the electric car scam! They tried this once before and wound up with many, many cars that sat and sat and then were turned to scrap. I remember a documentary that came out about it, and... it had something to do with Westinghouse or General Electric. Look at the people buying into the sexual perversity message! Drag Queen NFTs anyone? Bubblegum trading cards of The Pros? Well... a tattoo is a way to say I love you for more than a day, even if you can't remember getting it the night before.

What most of you do not know is that the ecstasy that is being distributed, and which Israel cornered the market on some years ago, is intended to feminize the male persona. It is a culture-killing and programming device. I have observed it at work. It accounts for a lot of the sexual low jinx that happen. It unleashes the bitch-hydra, negative-feminine in men, that Hecate thing from the dark of The Moon.

This is what those secret societies use to control the membership and activate the reversed kundalini. They figured out that they could morph human behavior by designing the drug to the desired specifications.

Is it that people find any of this to be credible, or... are they terrified of going against the grain; afraid to lose their livelihoods and even their lives? It does not seem to me that so many people could be so stupid. There must be some other pressures at work. There are. Forms of it are in the water, in processed foods, in entertainment, in the workplace culture, in The Media, in the air you breathe, in the thoughts you think, and the things you say, after the lure takes hold; grab the mind and The Ass will follow.

When they want to change the culture... they change the language. When they want to sustain that change and give it, and further iterations a greater control, it goes after the children. Why is “y'all” ubiquitously in the parlance? Did everyone go into a coma on some Midnight Train to Georgia? Okay... they've settled down into the second stage trance state, hook up the mind probes!

“The Bieber and the Vaccine”. Disney will probably not be making a film about this with a Grimm's Brother's atmosphere. Not a word about the vaccine anywhere in this tragic tale... and his wife had blood clots? Yeah... it is, NO QUESTION, HAND'S DOWN... it... is... the... vaccines... that... caused... the... clots... and... the... paralysis.

Last night I saw the latest Jurassic dumbotron expo. Toward the end, I said, “the gay transsexual dinosaur is going to eat Tim Cook.” Then it happened. You'll know who I am talking about when you see it.

The gay dinosaur is the one who ate the fat technician in an earlier episode. It has this rainbow collar that shoots out around the head like a peacock's tail? It's got wing-like feather effects. You'll recognize it when it shows up, and then... this blond bimbette, pedo-mint (the kind they don't leave on your pillow) goes into this whole non-binary trans-humanist speech, (she's never going to be Shakespearean) and it dawned on me that the whole film was about this atheistic garbage. It's REALLY bad (except for the special effects).

Goldblum is downright embarrassing. One day I'll tell you my Jeff Goldblum story (or maybe I already did?) It was so bad. Laura Dern kept looking like her lips were going to fall off, and Sam Neil has just that one look that is so much like Nipper the RCA dog... hearing his master's voice... or... (in an avuncular fashion) leaning in to let you in on a secret. He cocks his head and arches his eye, in one-trick-pony mode.

Look, I know Religion is full of shit. What's that got to do with God?

One day you will face death. Everyone tries to keep that from their minds. Listen to me, My friends. Make your peace with God. Make friends on The Other Side... NOW! How do you negotiate your passage in manifest life? You have relatives, friends, husbands, wives, and children, a career or lack thereof. You have your employer and your colleagues at work. These all give definition to your recognition factor here and in your mind. Who do you have representing you on the other side???

Let me tell you something. If your life is an act of Faith in a God unseen, yet present everywhere, when the time comes for your departure, a friend will be waiting, and preparations are made for you to be informed... insofar as that might be of comfort to you. Once again...let me repeat Yogananda's comment; “if you do not seek God in the Springtime of your life, he won't be there in the Winter.”

Much of the process of the life and death, cycling to infinitude, is MECHANICAL. It's a process! Does the airline not expect you to book your flight ahead of time? Have you not made arrangements with the car rental company for your vehicle? Consider all the things that you plan, AND... what can and does occur when you show up without having done so; “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.”

“'I'm sorry madam. That flight is completely booked. You can wait on stand-by.” “Sorry, Sir, we don't have any luxury or mid-size cars. We only have sub-compacts at the moment.” Perhaps you think I am kidding about this? The good news is that angels are standing by. The bad news is that they may still be standing there after you leave. Yes... I am being a bit farcical. Life is farce... however. Someone called it The Divine Comedy. If you pay attention to the directions (mind the contraindications on the label) you will not be the punchline. You HAVE TO make God your friend. This you do by fraternizing with him via one of his enduring manifestations, also known as angels.

What is a master? A master is a habitation of angels. It is The House where God Lives. He is a house neutralized of separated mindstuff and filled with The Spirit. We are vehicles for The Presence. If we hinder the demonstration of The Divine through us... then we are a clumsy dancer, and... we WILL step in it. If we allow it to express without hindrance, well... The Gita says, “Wherever you see excellence in expression, know that I am present. I am the best of the best wherever you may see it... no matter what it is.” He even says that he is “the gambling of gamblers.” He IS good fortune. There is no luck involved.

For many, gambling is a mechanism to bring you to the edge of desperation. It is just one more way that God sets up circumstances so that you can find him. Substance abuse is another. Prison can be a crucible for change; trauma, physical hardship, handicaps, all limitations... they are there to GOAD you like The Devil's Pitchfork... or Ganesha's Trident. He's Shiva's son, so... he got the equivalent of a Fisher-Price trident. As blasphemous as that may sound it probably applies.

Siva uses his to fork the lightning; no... I did not read that somewhere. I made it up in my head, cause it has a beat and you can dance to it. Whoa! Did it again. Yes... there is a little more to it than that. There ALWAYS is. If you get it, it will amuse you. If you do not get it, it will confuse you. Why not apply that to understanding life? If you think you know, then it is not possible that you do. If you know that you do not know, You... can... be... informed. I KNOW this to be true, even if I am unable to remember it afterward. Still... I continue to be reminded... nonetheless.

The World of the present gravitates toward lunacy. Materialism continues to make orcs out of elves. Eventually, you wind up in “Idiocracy.” If you don't get there in this life, you will be born there in the next go-round, keeping in mind that there are such places in other locations, where suitable conditions have been created for it; like mold in cheap houses, like bacteria on food, like planting Poisonous Nightshade in The Subconscious Mind. You reap what you sow. Yes... that is scriptural. It is also Law. It's part of that mechanical thing we mentioned earlier.

Fate is for people who do not understand Destiny.

Materialism causes one to forget God. That is how it gives birth to insanity. The further one departs from God in their thoughts, the more Lunacy intrudes upon them. And one is regularly born into a world of madness where anything can be believed, for The Purpose of Demonstration; acted out in the material sense. It is here that everything that is within you is given shape for the experience of it. We are sent out from The Divine on a mission of discovery for... The Purpose of Demonstration. What is your demonstration? What are you demonstrating?

What is it that The Avatars, the Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas do? What is the evidence of their passing? They make a demonstration of God in human form, and... they leave the evidence of that to echo out of their footsteps. The Soul is a vehicle for the transmission and transportation of The Spirit, which is everywhere and goes nowhere. It is a motionless resonance; if that makes sense. God is Ishvara in his highest presentation, invisible in the cloak of his own mystery, the same as Jesus the Christ.

God is the same everywhere but changes his appearance to suit the conditions of the culture he appears in. God is and is not what he appears in or as. You appear to live and die but you don't... not really. Your suffering is in The Mind that gives birth to the experience of it in The Flesh. It can be otherwise. You see life being celebrated by someone every day, and... I can tell you it happens in every moment. Every day, many more souls cry out in an agony that The Mind has conceived for them. The Separated Self lives in The Separated Mind. It does not possess Unity. When The Mind is no longer separated, Unity arrives as a matter of course.

Love expresses itself in the pursuit and celebration of Unity. This is why, at one level, it is called sexual union. This is only the most basic expression. There are much higher permutations and avenues where the unity is more and more present. If you let the pressure build, and... you direct it to a specific end, it WILL accomplish that. Love is refused nothing. Everything accommodates to Love. You have to think of Love as a magical chemical compound that turns everything into itself, that makes everything like itself, AND... makes everything like (love) it.

Talking about something is one thing. Being that which is talked about is another thing. They are not at all alike. Talking about something you have seen is one thing. Talking about something you have not seen is another. Directly experiencing that something, is much more real and credible than either of these EVER will be. Something to think about? Something to talk about? Something that already is?

End Transmission.......

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