Thursday, June 16, 2022

"You Can Be on The Calliope of Up and Down or You Can Be on The Spiral Road to The World of The Everlasting."

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The more I travel around the internet, the more Insanity I see. It's not crazy where I live, and it's not crazy in the neighborhood, but across the wide reach of the internet, it's just getting more and more desperate and depraved. All over The World..., people are losing their minds. What is causing this is the tandem of Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening, here on the Advent of the Avatar. People handle waking up in different ways.

On the one hand, (a smaller portion) they embrace it. In various collectives, they find a common madness and there seems to be safety among their sociopolitical, and moral kindred. Sometimes... there is a madness that draws other collectives to it, through order and mind regimentation, and through fear and intimidation. What is called Woke qualifies as such. There are collectives of a common passion... for sex... and all of the specialties that implies. Others draw close to The Church, like fundamental Christians and Muslims. Some found new churches, like Scientology and Satanism.

Much of the fear being generated by The Awakening... and what it reveals through the apocalypse, is caused by... first not knowing, and next by those who stoke the fears of The World, with pandemics... food shortage fears, crime waves, racial hate, sexual ambiguity, poverty, cancel culture mind control, visibly evident corruption of the government... and so on, and so on.

It's like breaking eggs to make omelets. It's like Difficulty at the Beginning. It's CHANGE, and people resist change, once the patterns are imposed on their lives. Fear builds the more you acquire of material things. It can become your whole life... chasing that carrot. Whatever carrot it may be.

The problem is that REAL ENJOYMENT of life cannot... can... not... no... never... ever... be provided by material things. Yeah... you've heard this a million times; “now go away, I'm busy.” However... it is absolutely true and I know it as a direct fact in everything I do. I never enjoy anything unless The Supreme Enjoyer is engaged with me in whatever activity I'm involved in.

Without The Presence of God... present, The Mind wanders over fields of delusion, trying desperately to lose itself in something that is temporary and it never lasts... there was no there, to begin with after the shine went off. That is a form of textbook insanity; looking for permanence in impermanence. It is not unlike doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

You are an example of impermanence. You have been leaving since the moment you got here. However, there is a spark of eternity in you that... unless you can access it, means you will get lost over, and over, and over again... forever in search of something you have been carrying with you the whole time. Something that, in fact, has been carrying you.

So... there is this upwelling that is channeling out of the collective human subconscious. All sorts of new feelings and abilities are there, along with challenges to people's understanding of life that do not reflect what they thought it was. In some ways, it is like being dosed. Many people cannot handle this wider panorama of mindset. The wrap-around sunglasses on the inside of your head can distort the natural appearance of what you see. You see everything through the lenses of desire and appetite... IF... you... are... of... a... carnal... mindset.

The Carnal Mind is on the animal plane and the only senses it recognizes are the physical senses. That is only half of what is present, so... it comes back around to, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Lord Buddha was also well aware of this, and it is a perpetual understanding among The Initiates that there are some things you cannot, you should not... talk about in the public thoroughfares. The World is fickle and The World is cruel... by its nature. One needs to apprise themselves of certain basic truths before setting out in The World with your goods tied to a stick on your shoulder, BUT... that is what we are; The Spirit in search of experience.

I am grateful to all the people who do the things I would not think of doing... so that the rest of us can profit from observing the lack of Common Sense being demonstrated. Materialism REALLY brings out The Scammers, due to the large herds of The Scammed awaiting the shearing, and not knowing or caring what a mixed metaphor is.

The Deceivers are ALWAYS present in Times of Material Darkness. People are easier to dupe when you dangle something they think they want in front of them. The only free bird is the one who doesn't want anything, and it soars above it all. Look! Life WILL provide all you need as you go on your way. Wanting anything with a burning desire... causes it to retreat from the heat. Letting life come to you, taking and enjoying your due, and seeking nothing more... is the real achievement of all you came here for. When you can take it or leave it, it will never be far away.

All successful Lotharios and Romeos know about the key attractor of the fairer sex. There are certain things BOTH men and women are suckers for. Be wise and let them have it all. There is a finer table with a more exquisite feast awaiting you... if... you are of a particular character. In these times... getting into sticky wickets of romance has never been easier. Getting out of them is as it has always been, AND... you don't get to play others for too long before others will play you. You tend to ONLY run into a certain sort of person, once you become a certain type of person.

This whole dynamic of manifest existence is FIXED. It runs on rails. Krishna talks about spinning us on rods or some device that holds us in place while we are spun. Everything is under control. People fool themselves for their own reasons by believing otherwise. In a world that is on fire with desire, The Mind becomes an ingenious device that plots, schemes, and strategizes to possess what turns to dust.

You know those maps that you see in subways, bus kiosks, and similar? There is an arrow pointing to a location on the map, and it says, “You are here.” Well... you are here in The World of Temporary Things. You can be on the calliope of Up and Down or... you can be on the spiral road to The World of the Everlasting, where you travel... through... increasing... densities... of... light.

Perhaps you have heard about Rising on the Planes? The idea has been appropriated by various schools of thought and... not all of them are on that spiral road. You could compare it (in the right mindset) with Jacob's Ladder, and other curious means of transport. Surely you have heard of Being Transported? This is not to be confused with the transporting of criminals and undesirables to Australia a couple of centuries ago. (grin)

There are certain rules in play on The Material Plane, and... once you find out about the workings of particular immutable laws, it behooves you to mind the company you are in before you speak. You should always mind the company you keep, without being a misanthrope, BECAUSE it has a big influence on your quality of life. I wish I had known a few things earlier on. I am sure we all feel this way. You got to pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and once more into the fray! Heh heh... no... The Fray is no longer attractive to me. Let's call it... metaphorically speaking.

I did find certain understandings along my way. Some of them were painfully earned. I can now, more clearly... see the monster that hides among the attractions, and which calls out for the monster within. If you do not tame it, it will destroy you. It will mislead you, and it WILL betray you. Why people walk on The Dark Roads is no longer hard for me to comprehend. Interfering with them is suicidal. Wish them well and pray for them. Help when the opportunity provides. Go on your way.

It is much easier to come back from a place of Divine Love and be useful, than it is to try to pull them from The Swamp when they don't want to go, and you don't know what you are doing.

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