Tuesday, June 21, 2022

"You Can't Speak The Truth if You Are Untrue. AND... You Cannot Rely on Your Integrity if You Don't Have Any."

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There is no such thing as living your own truth and living my own truth. There is only Truth... which CANNOT be perceived objectively. There is no objective truth. There is no truth you can look at, and define as such... that will meet with collective agreement. Then Your Truth is relative. Truth cannot be seen except at the loss of the observer. It's an immersion thing. Only in the subjective posture can truth be experienced, but... still...without comprehension. The moment you leave it you lose it. The moment you talk about it, it changes.

I can tell you how to find Truth, but I can't tell you what it is. If you REALLY insist on finding Truth... well, actually I can't tell you that either, BUT... I can tell you how to arrange it so that Truth finds you; in the sense of exposing herself to you... LITERALLY. I am not talking about uncomfortable Truth here or relative Truth. I'm talking about Real Truth which you can't talk about.

It's like holding Mercury still on a glass plate. Yeah... actually... that's a good way to put it... because... in alchemical terms it means to fix The Mind... To Still the Reactive Mind... because... Truth can't be perceived otherwise, and certainly not by The Mind. It can ONLY be reflected. The Mind is a mirror. Anyway, I'm digressing. As I said, I can arrange it so that Truth finds you. It is a simple task, but it requires absolute focus and concentration, WHICH IS WHY you have to still The Mind.

You must acquire Love and Wisdom. The Truth appears from a successful union between these two. As I have been saying for a long time... when The Truth takes off her clothes, The World disappears. That is to be taken LITERALLY. Here is one of the reasons that Selfless-Service is so important. You CANNOT acquire Love or Wisdom without it. Love and Wisdom are dispensed. You cannot pick them up at Walmart. You can get carnal love and street smarts at various locations, BUT... not Real Love or Real Wisdom.

When you provide a location for the successful merger of Love and Wisdom, Truth APPEARS in the form of Divine Luminous Wisdom which is the only tool that can perceive it. It's not much good if you can't see what you're looking at... so to speak. You get all lit up. It will be a problem for you if you don't know how to veil it. Like I keep saying... you have to have a guide.

I KNOW there are people out there who will insist that they can handle anything, and often they will say this without even realizing what they are talking about, because they are sure of their abilities to spin a credible tale in the aftermath, NO MATTER WHAT. Lying is a profession and some people are very good at it. A lot of people don't even know they are doing it. It is one of the very old disconnects, an unsolvable conflict that they learn to accommodate to ...and live with.

You can't find The Truth if you are untrue. You cannot rely on your integrity if you don't have any. Then you are forced to rely on your wits. Most times, a fox can get around a hound... BUT... eventually...

If you do not make peace with the dangers around and within you, sooner or later... one or more of them will claim you. Purity has a great deal to do with it too. It scares the shit out of The Impure, who can't even see it so it amounts to a kind of unknown, howling darkness that their imagination cannot defend itself against.

Light makes vermin flee, except for the ones that it freezes in their tracks. Don't be vermin. Eventually, you find your own level, like water, and it is not a pleasant place to be. We've all heard a few of the sad tales; “how could (s)he have fallen so low?” The way that you carry on here... ABSOLUTELY WILL play out down the road. You are literally writing The Script this very moment. That is an enormous power that you have right there. Whatever you are dreaming... you are bringing into being, along the way to arriving there.

The Imagination is an extraordinarily powerful tool. If you can control and focus it there are no real limits. Not if The Intention is spot on. If it is out of control... well, I suppose... you can imagine.

Materialism is xeriscaping the human heart. The more you have, the more you lose. Your life becomes filled with senseless things, and... people that you treat like one, ...and who treat you the same; should you cease to meet each other's needs. You see these dramas play out every day, no matter what year it is. It could be 1000 BC or now... the same forces are acting out in and through us. Yeah... the costumes change. The technology gets ever more refined... until it is used to destroy everything in and out of reach. Warfare drives technology.

I am impressed at the stupidity of those who do not see what kind of fire they are playing with. Let's see... fuck up the routing of your inner fire, and then? Why, you move right into trying to shape fire itself, which is one of the tools employed by the one who has been shaping you. To what end, I might ask? I am exceedingly grateful to all those foolhardy souls who acted out on their bad instructions in order to provide an object lesson for the rest of us. I wish they did not have to do that, and... it could well be true that they did not have to do it, but... bodies under the bridge... as they say.

The thing is that none of this is real. Yes, I know when the material you... runs into the material that, it can hurt. “Doesn't that make it real, Visible?” Yes... in a relative sense. Believe me, I know that life can hurt, BUT... that is because you have invested yourself in that side of things. Material Culture forces it on you once it gets enough power in your mind. Everything happens in The Mind. When you cut your finger, it happens in your mind. Yes... it happens in your finger, BUT... it is your mind that tells you about it.

I'm trying to discuss something that is quite elusive. It is much like that Mercury we were talking about earlier. People are mostly in the trouble they are in because they do not pay attention, they do not listen, they do not have sane priorities, AND... the more that Material Culture intensifies... the less sane it gets. That is the cause of all this sexual bizarramondo, all this personal acting out in a self-validating way that invalidates everything else that gets in its way... because??? Because they are living their own truth. They are being their most authentic self, and... they have no idea what that is, because IF THEY DID... they would not be doing what they are doing. It makes them look ridiculous and it doesn't matter if it is 1,000 BC or now.

You wind up living in the circumstances you designed... in order to reflect your living... your own truth. This own truth of yours is in competition with everyone else's truth. It is just a new marketplace for the same old bullshit that lawyers get rich off of. It is another angle on an ancient scam. It is a scary thing (for a little while anyway) when you realize that none of these professionals know what they are talking about. Even worse... you are required to pay them for the service. I am not including such physical sciences as mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. Sometimes they do know what they are talking about, BUT... they are often using it for the wrong purposes.

I'm not here to tell others what they should and should not do. Certainly, they have a better idea of what they want than I do. Everything comes with a built-in instruction manual that teaches you what it is about while (or well after) you experience it. You do this... and that... happens. Something else will not happen when you do it tomorrow. Of course, you can find exceptions to this, but you are talking about nuance. If you jump off the building at noon today or midnight tomorrow, you are still going to hit the ground. Something else might come between you and the ground. That would be bad for both of you.

I am trying to illustrate the complexity of the arguments that separated minds come up with. “Yeah, BUT... Yeah... BUT.” This planet is Strife World where almost everyone is at war with themselves and each other throughout their stay here. Sometimes the conflict goes wide. The same people have been killing each other over, and over, long beyond any history that has a record of it. Make peace with yourself. Make peace with yourself. MAKE PEACE WITH YOURSELF! “Stop shouting, Visible. I heard you the first time.”

I wasn't shouting. I was emphasizing. You CANNOT make peace with The World if you are at war with yourself. People really like to close the barn door after the horse has run away. If you want to fix something in The World, you have to fix it in yourself first. I think it was a Taoist who said, “whoever wants to fix a bad man must first fix whatever is wrong with the bad man in themselves.” This rule applies across the board about... pretty much everything; kind of like jumping off that building in reverse (grin).

I gotta go. May God be with you!

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I will assume TRUTH comes with an Akashic Library Card. They still won't give me one. Bein' a loose cannon with an Irish temper(Even though I'm only Irish in spirit.) who has a fuse that's a half a nano-metre long on a good day, doesn't help me get one. Probably neither does my own 'tude of now seeing Physical Existence as an inconvenient self-imposed prison sentence that I can't stand, but must bide to the end. A stupid job that I can't quit, but I can and will be a total bastard about it via refusing to play the game by living as virtually as I can for the remainder of my 'incarceration'.

But hey! My flat mate's (totally Irish) mama was even worse than me. She once whacked the thing she was married to with a cast iron skillet. Did a total Mike Tyson on 'im, and he did deserve it. Also once tried to brain my flat mate with his own guitar, but he was old enough to wrestle the instrument away from her. Too bad he lost it when the doofus he gave it to let someone 'borrow' it who never gave it back.

Nostrils up on the post!

robert said...

Visible One for Many to see invisible foundations

A shotgun cornucopia of insights and tools to chisel away at our unbelief!

That is the cause of all this sexual bizarramondo, all this personal acting out in a self-validating way that invalidates everything else that gets in its way... because???

Writing out in a few crafted words, the absurd disconnect playing down all around the theater...
So handy when poignant swords are given to wield on basic human knotty-ness, to cut through the haze.

Like during Viet Nam era of madness:
"destroying a village to save it"
Invalidating everyone else to preserve a self-centric pseudo-validity, a self-given participation trophy to cling to during a mud-slide ride.

That is an enormous power that you have right there. Whatever you are dreaming... you are bringing into being, along the way to arriving there

The Kingdom of heaven is within
Does that mean that it is a subjective thing?
Not at all!
It means that our conceptual space, our capability to image comprehensively is being limited by our habitual, unconscious use of language.

Just as lazy thinkers misuse mathematical rigor to stay in their mental ruts, our use of language has been dumbed down to death.

Reality is a projection from the implicate order which can be modeled as coming from infinite points in space-time and expanding to define it

Our mental point of view, by convention, is pinhead-pointed within the space behind our eyes

Materialism, the religion of the soul-deficient, has told us to model the tiny manifest physical world as the "objective" and the unlimited invisible implicate order from which it is projected as a shadow as "subjective"!

The death cult has spawned a multitude who define their truth subjectively, with no connection to other people, the ultimate order, nor to their own scattered minds!

If our consciousness goes all in on the the appearance of physical reality, we miss the truth
If our consciousness goes all in on our introverted, contractile, self-centered internal subjectivity, we miss the truth
This subjectivity is a huddling point just inside the surface of the bubble of our mental space, nowhere near the center point!

If we permit our consciousness to grow, breaking out of the bubble of our comfort and falling back to the Source from which reality springs eternal, we may glimpse the naked truth for as long as we can stand to face beauty without clutching at straws to hide the intentions which arise!

The partial but practical truths which the scientific method (summarized as: try it before you buy it!) has pulled into our conceptual space DEPEND upon the mind tuning NOT to the appearances, the so-called physical reality!
Not at all!
The facts are used to reconstruct the source, to infer the ultimate order which generates the facts.
Using the facts which are more easily sharable just make things less murky faster

The Vedic, the Taoist and all the many long lost sciences of consciousness itself are ultimately more objective but facts in common are drawn from shared human experience, at first depending on language as medium, but more valuable facts are human actions, the fruits of human ideation.

Purity has a great deal to do with it too. It scares the shit out of The Impure, who can't even see it so it amounts to a kind of unknown, howling darkness that their imagination cannot defend itself against.

Bingo! Canasta! Gin!

In this war for souls in the battlefield of the mind, the offspring of Love and Wisdom DOMINATES imaginations hog-tied by self-defined limitations.

Especially when those imaginations have rarely been utilized to create, only to model the orcs among us, strutting proudly to their disposal drops down into lower frequency dimensions.

Without support, infinite support from higher hands, we cannot hold a pure image long enough for its inevitable manifestation.
Small communities powered by love can help us hold the lighter side of life long enough to see it come....

. said...

Beautiful post Vis.

Great response Robert.

Below is a link, I enjoy watching, that I believe goes to the heart of what you guys are conveying. I hope those who watch it enjoy it as much as I do :o)


God Bless

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You Have to Free Yourself from The Tyranny of Appearances... That are Coming at You Through a Glass Darkly."



Joseph Brenner

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