Monday, June 13, 2022

"God is The Same Everywhere, but Changes His Appearance To Suit The Conditions of The Culture He Appears In."

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The degree of pervasive insanity is a thing to behold. (from a distance) Look at the numbers of people sucked into the electric car scam! They tried this once before and wound up with many, many cars that sat and sat and then were turned to scrap. I remember a documentary that came out about it, and... it had something to do with Westinghouse or General Electric. Look at the people buying into the sexual perversity message! Drag Queen NFTs anyone? Bubblegum trading cards of The Pros? Well... a tattoo is a way to say I love you for more than a day, even if you can't remember getting it the night before.

What most of you do not know is that the ecstasy that is being distributed, and which Israel cornered the market on some years ago, is intended to feminize the male persona. It is a culture-killing and programming device. I have observed it at work. It accounts for a lot of the sexual low jinx that happen. It unleashes the bitch-hydra, negative-feminine in men, that Hecate thing from the dark of The Moon.

This is what those secret societies use to control the membership and activate the reversed kundalini. They figured out that they could morph human behavior by designing the drug to the desired specifications.

Is it that people find any of this to be credible, or... are they terrified of going against the grain; afraid to lose their livelihoods and even their lives? It does not seem to me that so many people could be so stupid. There must be some other pressures at work. There are. Forms of it are in the water, in processed foods, in entertainment, in the workplace culture, in The Media, in the air you breathe, in the thoughts you think, and the things you say, after the lure takes hold; grab the mind and The Ass will follow.

When they want to change the culture... they change the language. When they want to sustain that change and give it, and further iterations a greater control, it goes after the children. Why is “y'all” ubiquitously in the parlance? Did everyone go into a coma on some Midnight Train to Georgia? Okay... they've settled down into the second stage trance state, hook up the mind probes!

“The Bieber and the Vaccine”. Disney will probably not be making a film about this with a Grimm's Brother's atmosphere. Not a word about the vaccine anywhere in this tragic tale... and his wife had blood clots? Yeah... it is, NO QUESTION, HAND'S DOWN... it... is... the... vaccines... that... caused... the... clots... and... the... paralysis.

Last night I saw the latest Jurassic dumbotron expo. Toward the end, I said, “the gay transsexual dinosaur is going to eat Tim Cook.” Then it happened. You'll know who I am talking about when you see it.

The gay dinosaur is the one who ate the fat technician in an earlier episode. It has this rainbow collar that shoots out around the head like a peacock's tail? It's got wing-like feather effects. You'll recognize it when it shows up, and then... this blond bimbette, pedo-mint (the kind they don't leave on your pillow) goes into this whole non-binary trans-humanist speech, (she's never going to be Shakespearean) and it dawned on me that the whole film was about this atheistic garbage. It's REALLY bad (except for the special effects).

Goldblum is downright embarrassing. One day I'll tell you my Jeff Goldblum story (or maybe I already did?) It was so bad. Laura Dern kept looking like her lips were going to fall off, and Sam Neil has just that one look that is so much like Nipper the RCA dog... hearing his master's voice... or... (in an avuncular fashion) leaning in to let you in on a secret. He cocks his head and arches his eye, in one-trick-pony mode.

Look, I know Religion is full of shit. What's that got to do with God?

One day you will face death. Everyone tries to keep that from their minds. Listen to me, My friends. Make your peace with God. Make friends on The Other Side... NOW! How do you negotiate your passage in manifest life? You have relatives, friends, husbands, wives, and children, a career or lack thereof. You have your employer and your colleagues at work. These all give definition to your recognition factor here and in your mind. Who do you have representing you on the other side???

Let me tell you something. If your life is an act of Faith in a God unseen, yet present everywhere, when the time comes for your departure, a friend will be waiting, and preparations are made for you to be informed... insofar as that might be of comfort to you. Once again...let me repeat Yogananda's comment; “if you do not seek God in the Springtime of your life, he won't be there in the Winter.”

Much of the process of the life and death, cycling to infinitude, is MECHANICAL. It's a process! Does the airline not expect you to book your flight ahead of time? Have you not made arrangements with the car rental company for your vehicle? Consider all the things that you plan, AND... what can and does occur when you show up without having done so; “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.”

“'I'm sorry madam. That flight is completely booked. You can wait on stand-by.” “Sorry, Sir, we don't have any luxury or mid-size cars. We only have sub-compacts at the moment.” Perhaps you think I am kidding about this? The good news is that angels are standing by. The bad news is that they may still be standing there after you leave. Yes... I am being a bit farcical. Life is farce... however. Someone called it The Divine Comedy. If you pay attention to the directions (mind the contraindications on the label) you will not be the punchline. You HAVE TO make God your friend. This you do by fraternizing with him via one of his enduring manifestations, also known as angels.

What is a master? A master is a habitation of angels. It is The House where God Lives. He is a house neutralized of separated mindstuff and filled with The Spirit. We are vehicles for The Presence. If we hinder the demonstration of The Divine through us... then we are a clumsy dancer, and... we WILL step in it. If we allow it to express without hindrance, well... The Gita says, “Wherever you see excellence in expression, know that I am present. I am the best of the best wherever you may see it... no matter what it is.” He even says that he is “the gambling of gamblers.” He IS good fortune. There is no luck involved.

For many, gambling is a mechanism to bring you to the edge of desperation. It is just one more way that God sets up circumstances so that you can find him. Substance abuse is another. Prison can be a crucible for change; trauma, physical hardship, handicaps, all limitations... they are there to GOAD you like The Devil's Pitchfork... or Ganesha's Trident. He's Shiva's son, so... he got the equivalent of a Fisher-Price trident. As blasphemous as that may sound it probably applies.

Siva uses his to fork the lightning; no... I did not read that somewhere. I made it up in my head, cause it has a beat and you can dance to it. Whoa! Did it again. Yes... there is a little more to it than that. There ALWAYS is. If you get it, it will amuse you. If you do not get it, it will confuse you. Why not apply that to understanding life? If you think you know, then it is not possible that you do. If you know that you do not know, You... can... be... informed. I KNOW this to be true, even if I am unable to remember it afterward. Still... I continue to be reminded... nonetheless.

The World of the present gravitates toward lunacy. Materialism continues to make orcs out of elves. Eventually, you wind up in “Idiocracy.” If you don't get there in this life, you will be born there in the next go-round, keeping in mind that there are such places in other locations, where suitable conditions have been created for it; like mold in cheap houses, like bacteria on food, like planting Poisonous Nightshade in The Subconscious Mind. You reap what you sow. Yes... that is scriptural. It is also Law. It's part of that mechanical thing we mentioned earlier.

Fate is for people who do not understand Destiny.

Materialism causes one to forget God. That is how it gives birth to insanity. The further one departs from God in their thoughts, the more Lunacy intrudes upon them. And one is regularly born into a world of madness where anything can be believed, for The Purpose of Demonstration; acted out in the material sense. It is here that everything that is within you is given shape for the experience of it. We are sent out from The Divine on a mission of discovery for... The Purpose of Demonstration. What is your demonstration? What are you demonstrating?

What is it that The Avatars, the Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas do? What is the evidence of their passing? They make a demonstration of God in human form, and... they leave the evidence of that to echo out of their footsteps. The Soul is a vehicle for the transmission and transportation of The Spirit, which is everywhere and goes nowhere. It is a motionless resonance; if that makes sense. God is Ishvara in his highest presentation, invisible in the cloak of his own mystery, the same as Jesus the Christ.

God is the same everywhere but changes his appearance to suit the conditions of the culture he appears in. God is and is not what he appears in or as. You appear to live and die but you don't... not really. Your suffering is in The Mind that gives birth to the experience of it in The Flesh. It can be otherwise. You see life being celebrated by someone every day, and... I can tell you it happens in every moment. Every day, many more souls cry out in an agony that The Mind has conceived for them. The Separated Self lives in The Separated Mind. It does not possess Unity. When The Mind is no longer separated, Unity arrives as a matter of course.

Love expresses itself in the pursuit and celebration of Unity. This is why, at one level, it is called sexual union. This is only the most basic expression. There are much higher permutations and avenues where the unity is more and more present. If you let the pressure build, and... you direct it to a specific end, it WILL accomplish that. Love is refused nothing. Everything accommodates to Love. You have to think of Love as a magical chemical compound that turns everything into itself, that makes everything like itself, AND... makes everything like (love) it.

Talking about something is one thing. Being that which is talked about is another thing. They are not at all alike. Talking about something you have seen is one thing. Talking about something you have not seen is another. Directly experiencing that something, is much more real and credible than either of these EVER will be. Something to think about? Something to talk about? Something that already is?

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Anonymous said...

People got a lot of nerve...
Elephants never forget.

M - said...

"What most of you do not know is that the ecstasy that is being distributed, and which Israel cornered the market on some years ago, is intended to feminize the male persona."

While I don't dispute this, what I see happening is hatred against The Feminine. Perhaps that is because I AM Feminine. I am Female. Unapologetically Woman. Striking a blow against The Feminine also affects The Masculine - and not in a good way.

This is a Fear and a Hatred that goes back centuries. Woman. Vessel of the mysteries of Life itself. Bringer of Life.

The Men that have used surgery and drugs to "become a woman" are fooling themselves. They are but Cosplay manikins. They will NEVER, EVER be a woman. They will NEVER, EVER know what it's like to truly be born a female. Not deep down inside where only we can see.

"Women are more connected to the mysteries, as if it's in our blood..." (The Witch's Kind)
"Men hate being afraid, so they hate us instead." (A Secret History of Witches)

Finally, "There’s a little witch in all of us [women]." (Practical Magic)

and "Fuck them and fuck that" (Eleanor Guthrie, Black Sails)

Anonymous said...

there's this small forest where it is said that Radha and Krishna first met, in the Vrindavan area. I went there with a certain expectation and what I found there was... total silence, quietness, and emptiness. It's the most silent place I've ever seen, like silence is just radiating from the trees and grass and air. I don't know if God is personal or if Krishna and Radha are eternal but there is something definitely there. Yogananada had called it "the presence of God" and that's probably as far as it can be described. My mantra nowadays is "I open myself to divine love".

Love To Push Those Buttons said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Teslas are feckin' everywhere these days. Drives me nuts. Sometimes one dares to park next to me. Well, if it explodes; you gotta get me another car, buster. And we're gonna be stuck with E15 petrol which will destroy my 1993 Toyota? I'm gonna call ARCO and 'splain this to 'em, and ask 'em if they're gonna give us the option to stay at E10. I'm also gonna see my mechanic in 3 or so weeks and ask him what I can do to prevent the destruction of my car if I can't escape. The car has sentimental value. The previous owner of the Garage who has left the planet basically GAVE it to me for the price of rebuilding it. It looks like crap, but it's a real work horse. Almost 300,000 miles, and she's till goin' strong. Her name is Maeve.

We don't have a telly. We ignore everything that messes us up. I'm starin' 60 in the face, take feverfew for migraines when I get the aura, aspirin for regular headaches, oil of oregano, zinc and vitamin D when I get a sore throat. Oh, and a caffeine tab when I don't drink enough tay for a long shift and a withdrawal headache comes on. That is ALL! No pharma crap for me, thank you. Haven't been to a vampire. . .I mean allopathic doctor in years. Here the rule is, when you're gonna die, you're gonna die. You do not waste money trying to spend further time in the PRISON of the demiurge.

"Who do you have representing you on the other side???" Uh, I'm a TOTAL psychopomp slut. 'Nuff said. I want every last one of 'em to pet my nose when I get there.

Plans. Hmmmmm. I wouldn't make any plans based on the past. I'm under the distinct impression the rules are gonna change to the degree that not only will it seem like you'll be livin' in another country, but another planet in another galaxy far, far away.

Nostrils up, namaste, and may Vasuki lick your nose.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Everything Else is Just an Experience... Being Had by The Mind in The Garden of Good and Evil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

The Synchroncity strikes again! Just before leaving for the airport a few days ago, I was looking for a good book to read. Was in a hurry and dug through a stack to find “Autobiography of a Yogi” which I bought almost 2 years ago. I looked at his eyes on the cover and said, “Ok Yogi, you win.”

Started reading after we got on the plane. WELL! When I tell you I got drawn in… wow!! It re-ignited a spiritual fervor in me that I thought might have been gone for good. I’m interested in meditation again, I stopped drinking, and and actually got myself up early to do my Tarot practice for the first time in a long time. Yeah it’s still early on so we’ll see where it goes, but I like what’s happening right now. I even signed up for lessons from SRI which, I’m sure you know, Yogananda founded. I believe you may have said he was your Guru, but I’m not quoting you on that as I’m not sure of it. (I’m still with BOTA and will continue to do so).

Without going into it, I’ve had 2 very big issues in my life over the past five years which have made things very difficult. I’ve been given a new perspective that have not fixed those issues, but have helped me place my priorities in a far better order. Again, I’ll see where it goes, though it is very nice to have gotten relief from the intractable from a source I didn’t expect.

PS- I’ve read your books on planes, too. 😊


Missing Munich said...

Greetings and salutations all around!!

After 2.5 years of COVID craziness, I get to take a break from my hospital duties and am looking forward to 4 days in Colorado. Hoping to relax in the mountains and just having time with my kids.

Watched the "What is a woman" in its totality yesterday. It pretty much underscores what I'm thinking about the whole LGBTQRSLMNOP thingy. Had another "gender confused" patient this weekend that needed reminding that there are certain appendages that are useful for the elimination process; and after some talking-to actually agreed to make use of said appendage. I told "him/her" that I was grateful for the cooperation, and we had no further issues the rest of the time. Never a dull moment....hahaha.
FYI, I was going to share said video, but it now shows banned/censored on bitchute. Maybe too many toes were stepped upon??

Wishing a great week all around!

CS Mojo said...

Les, Things don't happen to me, but through me. I, like you, am a soul living a human experience (as have done countless times before) full of karma, memory, witnessing and synchronicity. I too live in continual communication and guidance with the living Creator, with whom I am very close. I do my best to be good food for the angels around me and I can't help but love others, and I've nothing to prove. My life is my quiet ministry. I'm just an instrument. You, and your writing are one of my very favorite pens of the Supreme Ineffable. We are connected on the Inner Channel. I am here with you, along for the ride, and I needed to share my Gratitude with you. Thank you, Les!!!



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