Friday, June 24, 2022

"It's All Fake. All The Award Dinners at The Rubber Chicken Buffet WILL NOT Keep Death or His Companions Away."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Massive changes in the Material Realm are in motion. On various sides of... For, Against, Indifferent, and Clueless... are people who want to run The Show, stop The Show, could care less about The Show, and... have no idea there is a show. Otherwise, they would not be exposing themselves to school children in the park.

As a result... we have all kinds of reports coming out from all kinds of people, making and not making shit up. A lot is at stake. A great deal appears to be at stake. They fabricated a pandemic and shut The World down for a year... in some places... in the densely crowded spaces... where the regimentation goes on apace with... madness.

I am getting a sense of something. I don't know how credible it is. It is based on my own observations, BUT... I see political and financial heavyweights gathering off The Visible Grid to strategize The Future.

On the one hand, here's what I see happening. The Republicans are going to take both houses of congress. They may even be near filibuster proofed. Then Ron DeSantis is going to win the presidency and, perhaps, appoint or at least anoint Donald Trump to be Speaker of the House. I don't know if DeSantis can simply do it on his own or whether Congress has to elect him by majority vote. I do know that you don't have to be a member of congress to be The Speaker of the House.

On the other hand are=

the ones backing the present economic holocaust and making expensive laws that can't be enforced... except among The Stepford Catamites, and The Bendover Boys with their special negotiation teams... they find themselves in fearsome disarray. They are tripping over each other, playing touchy-feely in the dark. It's the Gang that Can't Think Straight, so they can't see straight. And... they are not straight in any way, having bent themselves out of their natural shape. This is ALL Mr. Apocalypse's doing. He is INSIDE their minds. He is at the controls like Beavis and Butthead trying to 'score' in formless space.

I see it kind of like The Keystone Cops in real life. Once... any of these players might have been competent AND capable. Now... they are neither. Think of it like this; you are in a serious car wreck... and then you find that the person you crashed into was yourself. It's part of Mr. Apocalypse's technique. He's got a style. All the major players... the archetypes... have got a certain style... ♫ s-u-a-v-e ♫

The reason I am saying it like this... besides the fact that it is true... is that you have no reason to be concerned or worried... unless you have been concerning or worrisome. Karma goes around very quickly these days... even though it is glacial in some theaters, BUT... that is because the stage is being set for major league denouements and thrilling climaxes, AND they take a great deal of time and planning. The kind where the hero says, “I'll be back” but it means something else entirely... because that guy is no hero, He just plays one on TV. There IS a difference in competence, AND outcome... when you have to show up in real life.

Most real heroes are unsung in this location. They are more about getting it done than about taking accolades. Sometimes The Cosmos singles you out as a good example. God knows we could use more of those. We are in a time when weakness and excess are celebrated, especially when you are living your own truth, while The Truth gets hammered in your every thought, word, and deed. That's okay and par for the course. You can hammer The Truth all you want. It is yourself that you are shaping while you are doing so. The Truth is not affected... nor do you match up well against it.

Well... personalities come and go. You can get them from The Subconscious Vending Machine on a wall inside your head. It's a form of invisible Pez dispenser. They can be a delight and they can be a cross. Mostly... they are a cross... because you haven't learned how to stay out of The Scrum in The Combat Zone... the endless conflict in the war for supremacy. Nobody wins The War, BUT they get confused and ambitious when they win a battle... and think it was the war. What you did instead was to paint a target on your back for the next attack.

Even Achilles wasn't invulnerable. Once he dragged Hector around the walls of Troy, his days were numbered. Some would say they were always numbered for The Purpose of Demonstration. IT IS ALL for The Purpose of Demonstration, so long as you are in the contested territory of win and lose. The justifications never end, and they always look absurd to those paying attention, and... life as usual for those who are not.

People like being fooled and entranced and entertained. God himself likes being entertained. I'll tell you a little secret. Maybe Demosthenes knew it. I am certain that all true artists and initiates know it... BECAUSE... they are aware of the source of the inspiration.

If you go into the wild places with your guitar or whatever you can carry; if you go with only your voice, and you sing to the heavens, and mind-finger-walk your way up the trees, and out over the leaves, across the rocks in the babbling brooks and streams... into the water itself, and the darkness of The Earth below... into The Wind that carries everything along the timeless slipstreams of space... round the mountains... over hill and dale... it will find its way to Your Father's House.

It will be heard in the meadows where God takes his tea... and... it will delight Heaven and be heard far and wide in the invisible kingdoms. Every day of your life and in every moment of your life, you are performing for a very large audience that you cannot see. I can assure you of this. You will get heard where it really counts. Lady Nature and all of her subjects will hear you. It is no small thing to win her favor. Let me see... your health and well-being on the physical plane are very much in her hands. Your fortunes; all kinds of things she has a hand in, AND... she is well-disposed to you if you treat her right.

I cringe sometimes concerning what some believe they have gotten away with... the remorseless wheels of Fate and Justice... “I'll grind his bones to make my bread.” Observe what happens to people!!! Entire nations are brought to ruin. It has happened again and again. Do not put your faith in the works of men. You will be gravely disappointed. Look at how individual destinies are resolved! The cruelties of the medical community are widely known. Their general incompetence is not. We live in a false front Hollywood town. It's all fake. All the award dinners at The Rubber Chicken Buffet WILL NOT keep death away.

Look at the fools who built an empire of dust only to watch it crumble away; to be RSVP'D for that very period of unfortunate change. Magically made present by The Lords of Karma. You do HAVE TO come back and deal with what you brought into being. The French and Bolshevik Revolution... The Spanish-Marrano Inquisition... Rwanda... The Battle of The Somme... Nero's Rome... a cast of thousands upon thousands showed up to be in each episode of... The Show. Oh! The dramas that played out!!! The betrayals and... “The Horror! The Horror!”

Interesting times... living in interesting times... The Chinese curse of interesting times. Is it any wonder that The Wise retreat from The Spectacle... from The Show? We are all actors acting out, AND... it has to be this way, AND it doesn't have to be this way. Did you audition for the part? Did you help construct the stage? Hmm...

I watch life demonstrate in front of me, in the near field and far afield. The World... is VIRTUALLY at our fingertips these days. You can get more information now than at any time in history. If only you knew what to look for, AND... of course, everything of value can ONLY be found within. All else fades away at the appointed time.

No matter how many times you tell people these things, and no matter how many times they experience them... again, and again... lifetime after lifetime... for reasons that defy sanity and logic... there they go, right down The Garden Path, again, and again, and again... and... it does not lead into The Garden. It leads OUT of The Garden. Oh well... it was all arranged to get us out looking, cataloging, and identifying... right up close and personal, right up until we find out that we don't have to do these things. Fear and Appetite made us. The Devil made me do it!!!

So... on and on it goes... time and circumstance flowing by like a river... always the same and never the same... BUT.. regardless of which side of that argument you put yourself on... it can't be found outside of you, AND... once you do find it or it finds you... you fall head over heels in love, and it falls in love with you. Everything is easy after that. Love makes it so.

End Transmission.......

Some links=

Yes... as a matter of fact, she is freaking crazy.
She seems to be in a time warp imagining that she is still a teenage girl. She is not. She's not even fit (as some would say)=

Via Breitbart
And yet more crazy=

Via Tony Heller @ YouTube
What a colossal load of weasel shit!
Thank goodness they got professional actors who know how to let you know they read at about an elementary school level. The next step would be to trace every line on the teleprompter with their finger, the way they would if they were reading a book. That makes it redolent of authenticity. NOT EVER, ever, will I buy into this. NOT EVER=

Via Fox News
You think maybe Lady Nature does not approve of what they get up to?=

meningococcal outbreak

Via The Real History Channel
He makes some very interesting points, but it doesn't account for all those athletes dropping dead. I agree with him about Stew Peters, who put me off from the start. I posted that ridiculous video earlier. He reminds me very much of Sorcha Faal=

Via Fox News
People are so desperate for fame.
They can't contain themselves when they get their 15 minutes and then they get as near-naked as possible because they have confused human contact with a Tinder profile. I will say that she looks the part and the facial physiognomy is telling=

Via Breitbart
This man constantly embarrasses himself.
By the physiognomy... he loathes himself. the masses think that fame and fortune are blessings. Why not ask those bestowed with so much of both. Ask them privately so that you can hear it honestly. God often puts such blessings(?) on people he intends to make a telling lesson with AND on=

Via Fox News
Step by step...
inch by inch=


Anonymous said...

Well, Visible, that was just beautiful!

Thank you. I look forward to reading it again over the weekend.


Gandalf Carlin said...

The Potemkin farce of West Tavistock or Hollywood is so stale and uncreative anymore.
The 1980's were the last of the great movies but the Long March wasn't in a relay sprint to burn it all down back then.
The fear of the grim Skeletor is how the COV-LARP almost succeeded and JoJo Brandon the CPUSA clown revealed that there will be another plandemic LARP, he also read aloud the please take your seats and keep questions under two minutes notes aloud as Mr. Apocalypse laughed out loud.
The great philosopher Alfred E. Newman was onto something with the what me worry altruism.
George Carlin is my favorite and just imagine what he would have to say about the egalitarian rainbow poop emoji Clownocracy.
It is so cute this endless prattle about muh democracy when it is supposed to be a representative republic...if we can keep it.
The bone thrown by SCOTUS has the demoralized in giddy mode but it is just one battle and the WAR is far from over so time to stop the ball spiking and return to the huddle and get ready for the next play.
I wonder if the Kavanaugh situation and comrades camped out protesting at the homes had anything to do with these recent rulings in the fun rhetorical questions department.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ye gods, why would anyone WANT to keep death away? (Ereshkigal, Hel, The Morrigan, Santa Muerte, Kali and a few others may want a word with you on your title.)

Well, I guess if ya wanna stay in the prison of limitations, illusions, intestines, bladders, psycho gubments and all that. . .uh. . .as far as I'm concerned, LET 'em live forever, 'cause then these braindead doofuses won't ever show up in my 'hood.

LOL! I just did a post on this which I threw on three different sites before readin' this:

"Is it any wonder that The Wise retreat from The Spectacle... from The Show?"

Devil? Naaaaah. Ego made me do it as far as circumventing the garden again. Won't do it again, though. Me thinks the gazillion years and gazillion lifetimes I've lived with idiotic priorities and quests are over fer good.

So, here's a gazillion virtual nose pets for ya, and a NOSTRILS UP!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Add on comment regarding the comments. Well, Britney ain't no Sam Tobey.

This chick is buffed to the gills, fearless, and you may match her in the looks department, but I don't think she can be beat.

I got my tubes tied when I was 19. All ya gotta do is call Planned Parenthood. They'll find somebody to do it. I NEVER regretted it. I'm 59. I have a life to live without an annoying damn ball and chain to mess up my freedom and standard of living, amongst other things. I'm with Olivia on this. Not to mention the concept of bein' preggers is absolutely repulsive to me.

Anonymous said...

About the last link,Wikipedia states under Early Life : "Manseau attended college at the University of Massachusetts". Hmmmm... I thought early life was childhood.
Anyway, Peter Manseau also won the National Jewish Book Award. Who'd thunk?


Leesa said...

Wonderful guidance LV.. I have been filling in my dream journal
from dreams from last year 2021...
No time to sit sttill because we are trying to NOT
be hostages to fortune, so constantly robbing that
Peter dude to pay Paul.. This move next will ease the
cycle- success is speedy for the energetic!!!
So back to the dream themes; it all seems to be hinted
at ascension for the adepts....Les, do you have any affiliation
with Serapis Bey?? I heard he inspired (with others) to
give support to Madame Blavatsky for her Theosophical Society
Works and teachings.
What an inspirational Ascended Master...
We all need to hold the fort now- it's gonna get wild!!!!!!!
Love Leesa

Visible said...

I don't have any direct connection to the Theosophists. I do belong to The Brotherhood, though I could not give you the official name. Part of my mission here; and we ALL have one, whether we answer the call or not... was that I have not been permitted to know much of anything about myself. Even my master is unnamed and has no provenance known to me. I did ask him if he was Chinese and he said, "No." Anyway... all of us have shortcomings, drawbacks, handicaps... some form of hindrance to our realization. For most of us, it comes in the form of Karma, expressed through samskaras. Some of us have taken on handicaps to amply the power of our work IF WE SHOULD SUCCEED. which... of course, we will if we do not hinder it.

Visible said...

Good catch, Bryan (grin)

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Wow! Talk about a Flame Retardant for The Divine Fire! No Reason for Me to Keep Looking for What I Already Have."



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