Wednesday, June 08, 2022

"About Those LG(K-Y)BTU2%ZYX-Rated-MONKEY POX Organ-Grinders in Search of a Simian Hump, LEMME SAY."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

About those LG(K-Y)BTQU2S%WD40ZYX-rated-MONKEY POX organ-grinders... in search of a simian hump, LEMME SAY... that this is not a celebration of diversity. It is a celebration of Perversity, in further pursuit of a perpetuating... self-shaming depravity. This is what happens when you hate yourself for living your own truth in a clown car camper without a condom dispenser. Well... if that is only the first paragraph I suggest you get extra batteries for your self-abuse devices.

Why am I even writing this? Because the cannibal army engaged in the destruction of The West gets a whole month (they want to make it every month) and our Veterans get one day. Because they are coming (admittedly) for your children. (Check!) They want new hate crimes, (written in stone) legally constructed by The World's Oldest Victim Industry (Check!), BECAUSE their idea of God, is a theme park designed to emulate “Meet the Feebles.” (Check) Hey! Disney had that mouse. The Feebles got a diseased rabbit.

Before you go and watch that movie, I advise you to read about it... first. Even though it was one of the early works by Peter Jackson, it's not for everyone. I saw it on Maui a long time ago. It cracked me up so much I had to tell people about it, so... I told my co-worker that it was a puppet movie, and... I guess he didn't listen to the rest of what I said. He went and got it to watch with his 12-year-old daughters. It did not go well. This is known as a disclaimer (sort of).

The entire wave of bizarre sexual preference and LITERAL dog and pony shows, (poor dogs... poor ponies) including coprophagia, is a sponsored and financed brainwashing operation with several intended outcomes. First off, it is a civilization destroyer. If you have any sense of history, you can see what happened to every culture these behaviors have appeared in. You can also see that they appeared in the declining years of the culture... before the barbarian hordes swept down upon them and wiped them out.

Second... it is another tactic, along with The Killer Vaccines (that are not vaccines), and the massive inflow of dangerous drugs into the street culture, AND... the sociopolitical angles. It is an attack on social harmony, with the intention of creating self-separating demographics of The Psychically Fractured and Alienated. These and other efforts are meant to kill you dead, leave you with ruined health... or, insane.

Third, these sexual low-jinx, are for the purpose of herding a not insignificant number of people with no real sense of self... and making them more malleable, pliable, and easier to control. Guilt and self-hate are also forces applied in this process. When they can get to them BEFORE Puberty, it's a cakewalk, and they are the cake.

Fourth, POPULATION CONTROL! The birth rates go down when people stop having normal sex, and especially when they stop having sex with others... such as is the case with Incels. However... the exploding population growth is not taking place in The West in any case.

The idea of The Great Replacement makes more sense when you see the various tools being employed to bring it about.

They say you are supposed to have PRIDE in your sexual diversity, NO... MATTER... WHAT... THAT... MEANS! No matter what that involves. Whatever it is, it's okay, because... you are living your own truth. So are the people who rape, torture, and kill others. Who are we to say they are wrong? ♫ he was just an excitable boy. Excitable boy they all said ♫

Only fools and the easily manipulated do not see what is at work here. AND... who is behind it? Why not do a few internet searches to see which demographic, BY FAR, includes the greatest number of perverse sexual practitioners in human form?

Why not do an internet search to see which demographic is most involved in promoting and publicizing these lifestyles? Which demographic is financing them? Which demographic comprises the lawyers and spokes-bots that sleaze the laws and bang on the drums, and... the drummers? Which demographic forms these organizations and sits on their boards of directors? They have stepped back a tad in this regard in recent years because of the attention being called to it.

They also run and finance Planned Parenthood and The Abortion Industry. They promote and teach Communist theory in higher education, and... frankly at ANY level they can get away with. They are behind the promotion of Critical Race Theory, AND... they were behind the formation of all the major organizations having to do with Afro-Americans; The NAACP... The Southern Poverty Law Center, AND... BLM. They got their fingerprints all over those money pies.

I don't need to go any deeper into this orc's nest of demon enterprises. I've done that time and again. If humanity can't wake up, they deserve what they get... BUT... is that the right approach? The best perspective to have? Maybe not. Maybe it is worth the effort to awaken humanity. Heaven seems to think so. HOWEVER... Heaven is not intrusive. The mindset of Heaven; what little I know of it... is to guide, but not to force; to advise... but not to insist. Yet... here is a puzzle indeed. The same force that frees us also binds us. How does that work?

Well... ♫ come a little bit closer ♫ Take a seat or stand; whatever makes you most comfortable. What force would it be that liberates and traps? Would it be the sex force? Why... I believe it is. Surely with these little hints and guides, you should be able to figure out how that happens. ONE THING... one force... is defined by the intention and direction of it. It can take you down, AND... it can lift you up. Since I have DIRECT experience of this from both ends, I feel confident in saying this is so.

“What does that mean, Visible? Is sex bad?” I don't know. Have you had bad sex? Have you had good sex? What would be the definers here? Once again... some focused introspection should come in handy.

“Visible! Where would we get the populations that keep living and dying here if not for sex? How does your Reincarnation Thing work without mechanisms for coming and going?” Well... it can be complicated... OBVIOUSLY.

Most people who come here want to be here. They are the ones who facilitate (through sex) the coming and going of each other for the purpose of repeating again, and again, all the things they already did, but... blissfully have forgotten doing on previous visits. Some of us do not, particularly, want to be here. I am one of those. Some of us come here to help, AND some of us finally wake up to what it is that keeps us returning here again and again, and which accounts for the Karma that sees to it.

This is The Dreaming Kingdom here. This is the place where you get to do ANYTHING the flesh is capable of experiencing. Your flesh itself is composed of vibrating Karma... that resonates with the experience programmed into it. You come here... and don't get to do all kinds of things you see that you wish you could have done, SO... you come back, again... and again... and again... You are The Spirit in Search of Experience. God wants this because he experiences it through you. Yes... the good, the bad, and the unfreaking-believable.

It's not about Good and Bad, which are always in a state of flux, except on the plane above the archetypes. Because even the archetypes change their appearance. It is about E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-E. This is God's playground, PERIOD. You might not like it. That does not change it. It is what it is. Far wiser souls than you and I have discovered this to be true. What then are we supposed to do? GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!! Or... you will get programmed. Count on it.

I have discovered my preference for Eternity... given that I am Immortal. I choose to serve The Divine and to be a friend of The Divine. This is the direction and intention I give that force which is defined thereby. This means I will not be in accord with Religion much of the time, except for the common rules and admonishments in all of them, which they routinely do not follow.

These sexual abnormalities are expressions of Decadence. They appear in The Fall of a Culture. These people DO NOT procreate more humans, BUT... they think Science will take care of that. Here you go, Dearie. That link is also in the links below. I should not say they do not reproduce because they do. They create creatures for The Lower Astral Plane, AND... their offspring will greet them upon their arrival. Count on it. All of our works repeat on us. Divine Discontent is a form of indigestion.

PRIDE goes before a fall... sometimes it is a feature of the fall, as in The Fall of a Culture. Oh... decadence can be sweet, and it definitely makes some folk nostalgic. Damned if that doesn't make me think of Marcel Proust again. I do eat Madeleines now that Costco carries them. That would explain my only connection with him. I don't think I've read anything he's written, except the part about the Madeleines.

Why on Earth would one be proud of Kink? That force moves as through a hose. Hoses get kinks. You'll figure it out. It's all about bad plumbing and bad parenting. I've had my plumbing fixed, which is not the same as being altered. Women need to figure some of this shit out. They are the ones being hurt by it, AND... it is very often caused by mothers. If you take the trouble to REALLY investigate these mysteries, they will cease to be mysteries.

Nobody else gets a month to run wild in the streets seeking to bugger everyone in reach. Nobody else gets free access to the minds of children BEFORE... I said... BEFORE these questions get a chance to resolve themselves n-a-t-u-r-a-l-l-y. Why do you suppose all of this is like it is?

Once again... I have no opinion of a person's sexual PREFERENCE. That's PREFERENCE, in case you didn't see it the first time. It's all a part of The Soul's Evolution. It's experience. Did I mention experience already? God uses us to experience life according to our preferences. Working through them is the only way to get beyond them. As Voltaire said (probably not verbatim) when talking about homoerotic adventures, “Once, a philosopher. Twice, a pervert.”

I have no idea about getting sent to Hell. You don't get sent to Hell. You wind up in Hell, and you can wind up out of there too. You keep working that exclusivity-living-your-own-truth thing while preaching diversity that is... heh heh... impossible if you are living your own truth. “Huh? What did you say?” You'll figure it out.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I've been here countless times, and I really wonder why? A masochistic streak? Well, I did ask for ONE LAST ROUND, despite being told I had a bad track record and didn't HAVE to come back. At least I ain't in the breeding game this time. That's for those who don't like discretionary time, a lower standard of living, and gratuitous stress, amongst other things. (I don't think this comment section has enough room for me to finish the list.) Occasionally people die in childbirth. Those are the lucky ones, as far as I'm concerned.

After all, I do hate it here. Maybe I should take the so called 'vax'?

Naaaaaaaaah. Might take too long to kill me.

Nostrils up.

Oh, and just fer snarks sake; this here copy/paste:

Why would anyone drag a soul from a place where they could have a nose hair coat, 42 8 to 10 inch nose whiskers, 2 foot long nose hairs, a pet archaeopteryx, a pet smilodon, a pet quagga, a comet that could take them to the furthest reaches of the Nose-iverse (Which contains all multi-verses.), where one is completely self-contained and needs to kill nothing to continue, where telepathy is the norm, where you have no stupid laws that exist only to inconvenience you and steal from you to this perpetually inconvenient HELL HOLE known as the Physical Realm, and where existence has no limits beyond 'Do Ye No Harm, Do As Ye Will?

And why was I so stupid, against better advice; as to beg for one last round in this midden heap?

Anonymous said...

It’s a though I am walking through some kind of unhinged dimension. A horror of a dream I cannot seem to wake up from.
Today I saw a clip on the news of a young male driver deliberately running over a young mother pushing her baby carriage.
I cried,that’s right it brought me to tears. Then I saw a drag queen dancer at a high school.
The kids were enjoying the act, taking pictures with their phones. The dancer looked like it needed an exorcist. It was a horrible spectacle. Everything I am seeing these days is a horror, an unbelievable nightmare. Things have gone too far afield to be corrected no matter who wins the corrupt elections in November. Too much water under this bridge. We are finished, cooked, stick a fork in the country, its done.
I firmly believe the only thing that could save the good people of this country is a HUGE Event. I have no idea what that would be but it will come from the Hand of God or it won’t come at all. The country has been hijacked by Satan, however you perceive him or who you think he is or isn’t. You will know him by his works. Well here we are.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Ectoplasmic Demon Masks, Appear in The Space that is Rippling Behind Them, Like Water in The Wake of a Shark's Fin."

Visible said...

That's perfectly fine with me. Maybe The Elf will put you in the blog roll.



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