Monday, January 31, 2022

"You do THIS, and... THAT happens. You do THAT, and... THIS happens. It Really isn't Rocket Science."

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Tavistock and MKUtra are twisted creatures who delight in perverting the sacred parts of humanity... growing human ears on pig's bodies, chasing the darkness no matter where their test tubes might lead. They have a real-life Island of Dr. Moreau in these places. It doesn't dawn on them that they come back as the people and animals they previously experimented on... over and over and over again. It never dawns on the people who make the huge errors in the drama of life that they will have to account for them all.

The game is fixed, and not in the way the conspiracy-minded will tell you; keeping in mind that there are ALWAYS conspiracies, but... guess who is listening in? The game is absolutely under the control of The Supreme Being... AT ALL TIMES, and outside of time to the furthest reach of The Akasha, and beyond into the unimaginable, which exists only in The Mind of God.

The same people now hold the record for the two biggest scams in the last hundred years; The Holocaust Hoax, and... Covid and The Killer Vaccines. These same people are the bankers who own all the politicians, AND The Media, and who apply the pressure when they want whenever they want something. They created the virus and then provided the vaccines; ALL THE VACCINES. It is beyond dispute what they are up to. Meanwhile... people's lives are ruined by the horrors of The Killshots. People are dropping dead. Women are miscarrying. This is not speculation. I am not making this up.

These are powerful people in their sphere. Did you see Joe Rogan knuckle down and kiss the ring yesterday? He's falling all over himself seeking that Good Housekeeping Seal (awk!! Awk!!) He's going to do everything he can to help stop the spread of misinformation and... when The Truth shows up, as it did with Dr. Malone, he's going to make sure that Wolf Blitzer... or some real empirical wizard, with Cliff Notes in hand can show up and take The Truth down a few pegs. You betcha!!!

These people are without conscience. They are of the Demonic Kingdom, living through the human form in bodies they have hijacked through the bad and selfish behavior that let the demons in, to begin with. Then... over time, they take over every aspect of the person until all humanity is erased. Heaven is well aware of all of this, permits it... even designs it for the Purpose of Demonstration. People without vision cannot comprehend how a deity... whose every facet of being is a permutation of Love, could allow the things that happen in this world to take place. You must remember that the cycling of a Yuga covers vast reaches of time. The Kali Yuga is the shortest yuga and it is also the Judgment and payback time of Karma from all other times in the yuga. It is the age in which certain things are resolved.

Is The Kali Yuga at an end? It cannot end until The Avatar appears. Scripture is clear on this, but... The Avatar is coming, so... yes... The Kali Yuga is coming to an end, but maybe not for everyone right away because it is that important to them. I don't know what figures you use to decide when an age ends and a new one begins. I do know that whatever math and conclusions you have, you got from someone else. I have no conclusions. I don't know about that. I do know that The Avatar is coming. More than that... I don't know.

People make themselves mad trying to define God... poorly defining God, and fighting the idea that there is a God. The False Self believes there is no God but itself. Each case is different and for some, it is a long time coming, but... they all discover that they are nothing at all, sooner or later... nothing at all; a wisp of smoke from a cigarette in a doorway of some no-name town, somewhere down a side street, as The Cosmos drives by.

Okay... We've jumped around a bit through The World of Appearances, where desperate minds reach around for something to hold on to. There is none of it you can hold on to. It is all ephemeral and evanescent. It's some cotton candy substance that they spin the clouds from. You can get trapped in it, but... you can't hold on to it; how does that make sense? Yeah... I don't get it either, but I do get it. It makes sense and nonsense at the same time, and if you can hold those two opposing perspectives in your mind at the same time... you're on your way.

On your way where? Exactly. From what I hear, you don't get anywhere you do not already happen to be. You don't discover new things. You REMEMBER what you have forgotten. You already are what you are trying to be. You just can't see it because of the scarves of Samskara over your eyes. You can't see yourself; not really. Otherwise... you would see yourself in everyone you meet. That is what The Masters and Initiates can do. Why is this? It is because it is true. Everyone else is you that took a different route, that sings on a different ray, from a different landing on The Eternal Stairs, about life seen from that point of view, until it moves beyond you. When you can see yourself in everyone, shining through the personal darkness they have wrapped themselves in; the tight weave of Fear and Appetite that gives the appearance of substance to their presence here... you have become Realized.

The simple key is to manage attraction and aversion and treat these two charlatans the same. The key is to be indifferent to either. You rise above the mechanical cause and effect of seeming random occurrence that becomes precise patterns leading you back again and again... for as often as you are reactive to it... for as long as you choose to be engaged in it.. You do THIS, and... THAT happens. You do THAT, and... THIS happens. It really isn't Rocket Science. The greatest tool to managing attraction and aversion is... (drum roll) Impersonal Love.

People torment themselves with endless questions... all while being driven by Fear and Appetite. The Truth is that they are unwilling to let go. They still want THIS... and they still want THAT. Cut yourself loose and put yourself voluntarily in the service of Love for... eternity, and you will be free as any bird that soars on the invisible zip-lines of the sky. Everything is under control, including the birds.

Why do people give themselves no peace and argue with others through their entire residency here? They refuse to accommodate themselves to The Will of God. They believe that they should be the ones in charge although they don't know a damn thing and are well on their way to knowing even less than that. As soon as you surrender to The Ageless One who supervises all things, it is taken out of your hands. You have consciously released yourself from hand grenade ping-pong with mechanical fate. You no longer have to worry about any of it. Heaven will now take care of The Details that you previously insisted on handling yourself.

How are you supposed to handle The Details when you don't even know what most of them are? Take it off your mind and let The Professionals from The Angelic Realm handle it. They've been doing this for a really long time. They are ALWAYS willing to help... IF YOU WILL LET THEM!!! What do you think angels are even around for? They are the invisible workers (not always invisible) that handle what they are permitted to handle; it's the same with The Infernal Kingdom... if that is the direction you take. ALL roads lead to God eventually. Results may vary.

Some people want to run into a flame dancing wrathful deity; God accommodates them. Some want to see Jesus Christ; God accommodates them. Whatever suits the fancy of your imagination... so it goes. God The Father... God The Mother... God The Friend... God The Elder Brother/Sister... God The Impersonal and ineffable unmanifest... God The Child... What's your flavor? God comes in all flavors. There are religions for stupid people and religions for smart people. One God suits up for them all.

I travel The World each day for a brief period of time. I watch the endless replicating postures of people pretending to be God. Just about everyone thinks they are right. They'll go to war over it... or anything for that matter... because they are already at war with themselves. Your job is to not be in conflict with anyone. Block no one's way and no one blames you. Come into harmony with all life. It is not your job to set the standards for everyone else. Your job is to come into positive resonance ( and radiance) with all things... like The Sun.

It can be disappointing to find that so many heroes have feet of clay, not to mention... a price. Real heroes are not celebrated in this world. They are at cross purposes to The Binders. They set people free. The Dark Side does not like this, and... there are few times when The Dark Side has as much sway as it does now. It does not want to relinquish it. Well... that's not up to them, and... when you KNOW this, it changes the whole dynamic for you.

End Transmission.......

I watched a very disturbing series; two seasons actually of a show called Utopia. It's from The UK and came out in 2013. It is violent, really violent, and sociopathic. Be warned... this can be pitiless and gruesome. It is eerily like the moment we are in. It's about a virus and a vaccine. You will see things you did not expect. Last year they tried to make an American version with John Cusack. It is so woke it is intolerable and its main theme seems to be to mix as many races into improbable situations with each other as it is possible... and I mean they go to the absurd in this regard. The UK version is more tolerable. They didn't even make a season two of the American effort. It was that bad.

I also saw a film (still haven't seen the last 20 minutes) called The King's Daughter. It stars Pierce Brosnan and William Hurt in better presentations than I have seen in a long time from either. It reminds me of The Princess Bride, though it has no plot similarities... still... If you are a romantic at heart and love the supernatural when it is well done, I think you might like this. The acting, the writing, and the direction are super. I can't speak to the ending as I haven't seen it yet.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

"Love... You Have to Work It Until It Works You. Love Is the Manifest Presence of the Unseen Ineffable that is God."

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The censoring becomes more pervasive and selective by the day. People who tell the truth about conditions and events are routinely mocked by the hydra-headed media AND the anonymous comment sector. Evidence of it streams by me in every moment. A deliberate effort is afoot to make the cities lawless zones where criminals hunt with impunity. We are relentlessly assaulted by the doings of sexual degenerates and the clinically insane. They are going after the next generations. They are destroying their capacity for critical thinking and making them question everything about themselves that falls outside of The Police State Mind.

Psychopaths with deep pockets are consolidating their power among the witless and willing. They have made Bread and Circuses into a full-time event. I could go on for pages about what I see that indicates a world out of balance. People have been driven mad by vicious attacks on their sexual nature. Every agenda now has its enforcers. If you fall out of sorts with them, they will come after you... except when they don't, (or can't) and that is a curious thing.

Nothing anyone can say or do is going to bring life back on to an even keel. Certain events, apparently... must take place. Even now... hundreds of thousands, millions have been poisoned by vaccines specifically designed to that end. They were smart about it. They made various batches, so as to give different readings. Some of the vaccine batches were simply salt shots... placebos. Some are a death cocktail. It might not kill you right away, but... it will make your life a living hell.

In the midst of the shocking changes of recent years, stands an army of the intellectually comatose. It seems that they cannot be awakened. Now their systems are charged with a strange chemistry that will facilitate en masse control of them. To what end? Entertainment and the media have already dumbed them down to Beavis and Butthead-speak. The schools that have purposely killed out objectivity and independent thinking have done their part. Most importantly... they got to the kids in Middle School and twisted their sexual understanding. Now... nothing else will work right either. We are in a time of nihilism and fatal despair.

So far... this may have been the most negative four paragraphs I have ever strung together, and I have barely scratched the surface of the matter. To put it bluntly... there is a great deal of mean and nasty shit going on. Many of us who come here, have the good sense to be at a distance from it. It is not a matter only of that... however. What matters is what is inside us. It is that which tunes us to a certain pitch in relation to what is outside of us. Everything is vibration and all vibration is controlled by thought and feeling, most especially through a tandem effort of the two. All creation comes about in this way... as well as the certain destruction to follow, because all form is temporary.

What can you do when The World is losing its mind? My first thought is that you should keep control of your own. What others do is their concern... even though we are our brother's keeper, if... we know the basic truth of existence which connects all things to each other. There is harmony and there is disharmony and you will have to sort that out to your own satisfaction.

I could never understand why people would go to race tracks to watch a bunch of mobile billboards go round and round in a circle. I could add an exhaustive litany of examples of things I am unable to understand the attraction for, but... that's just me. The point is that tens of thousands of people attend these events, and I have been told on several occasions that one of the main reasons which draw people to these spectacles, is the possibility of terrible accidents.

I've been in the crowds at martial arts competitions; not often, but now and again. I've been to a very few music concerts and none of them very large except for Altamont. I've watched videos of crowds at rap concerts. I've seen how certain segments of the population behave. This is why I rarely (and these days... never) attend public gatherings of any size. I'm a student of history. I have often wondered what made people go to the French battlegrounds in the First Rothschild World War. I have many questions about the Second Rothschild World War as well. What causes people to willingly go and die in Banker Wars? I realize now that it is the same combination of inducements and pressures that causes them to get vaccinated for a non-existent pandemic.

When I first heard about this Coronavirus, I thought it was just another one of those seasonal maladies that have been coming around since people got here. As you know, they have been hammering on people to get their flu shots for a long time now. I never bothered nor ever will. Then I saw where they were attributing the deaths that used to be due to Natural Causes, Old Age, Obesity, Compromised Immune Systems, and whathaveyou to the same cause. Then I saw where The Common Cold and Seasonal Flu, and everything else within reach were all under the umbrella of COVID. I know a scam when I see it. I may not always catch on right away, but I do catch on because I NEVER stop paying attention.

When I looked into the vaccines, I saw that there were a number of ingredients that don't belong in a vaccine. As I looked deeper into the forensics, I saw that the vaccines were not even vaccines, just like the virus wasn't what it was made out to be either. I may not know entirely... why THEY are lying. What I do know is that THEY ARE LYING. This does not surprise me, since they lie all of the time anyway. Now... their bad ideas have gotten so out of hand and are bringing them so much scorn that they must now start a war somewhere and... this they are doing. They are poking The Bear. Anyone with any sense knows that you do not poke The Bear. This is going to prove to be one of the great historical screw-ups. Everything... these days... is a screw-up. It's an apocalypse.

In recent postings, I have talked a great deal about Love. Love or Panic is what you do when you can't think of what else to do. It is also what you should have been doing in the first place. Love creates an aura around you. It requires a degree of persistence, but you can accomplish this if you try. There is no Option B.

I mention Love because it is the solution to EVERY concern you have or may have at any time to come. I might as well be speaking Greek to most people (except for Greeks) because they have done little in their life to exercise their love beyond their possessions, which includes all of their familial contacts. Most love is selfish love and it won't get you very far. In order for Love to be truly effective, and to operate at a wide reach, it has to be Impersonal and Selfless. That is The Love that God feels for us. That is The Love we see expressed by The Sun. That is the Love that Initiates practice in all their interactions. The Sun shines on both The Good and The Evil. This is what it does. We are advised to do the same.

If you find Love attractive (well... it is The Attractive Force), if you would like to be a great lover, I suggest you model yourself on The Sun. We live in a world of incessant, “Yeah... but(s).” We live in a world of persistent argument. It is the presence of argument in many minds that leads to war. The majority of us are plagued by internal conflicts and these WILL surface at some point. Whatever you are thinking and feeling most is what is certain to appear in your life. We think things into being, and when feeling attends the thought, the process is accelerated.

All of these words... just to get around to saying that Love is all you need. It doesn't matter what is going on outside of you. It does matter what is going on inside of you. This is what sets up the polarities and relationships that form around you. If you can channel all of your thoughts and feelings into thoughts and feelings of Love, angels will be drawn to you. Love is the essence of Divine Harmony and when you possess it, all life... anywhere around you... is aware of it. Some factions may not like it, but they do know to stay away. Eventually... even the hardest hearts can be melted by the gentle rain of unfaltering Love.

There is no seminar where you can go to learn this. I don't care what the advertisements say. It is already present within you. It simply isn't put to use much. It is like those old-time hand crank water pumps that used to be outside of every home without indoor plumbing. I've shared this image before. When you first start cranking it, nothing happens. After a number of cranks, dirty water, rusty water comes running out of the spout. If you keep cranking... in due course, the water will run bright and clean. This is how it is with Love. You MUST exercise it.

Or... you might think of Love as a flame in the heart to which a bellows might be applied. I don't care what it is that we are talking about, you have to exercise it if you want it to grow. You have to attend it. You have to water it. You have to shine on it. If you lament about not having enough Love... you have to work it until it works you. Love is the manifest presence of the unseen ineffable.

Many others have spoken and written about this, and some have done it much better, but they are ALL in agreement about Love. Why is it so difficult for people to understand this? It is because of our selfish nature. We need to learn to read The Book of Nature. We need to love without reserve, as if that were all we do, regardless of what it may appear that we are up to. Love is a shield AND the greatest protector you have... against Viruses and Vaccines... against all the turmoil of these times... against ignorance and obstinance... against every argument and conflict. Only Love is victorious overall and over all. Hell is the absence of Love.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, January 21, 2022

"There has Been a Half Visible, Flaming Hoof-Stamp on the Formica World Surface of Temporary Things."

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The UK is removing the mask mandate. London is the financial center of The World. It had been said a time or two that Hong Kong was right up there, well... Hong Kong was London too. That is Rothschild turf. Restrictions were hot and heavy. Australia (Crown colony) got out of hand; is still out of hand. Ah the wriggling, slithering glide of reverse Kundalini snakes in the grass. Their poisons, like their blood, are black in the moonlight. They were hoping for the dark side of The Moon at noon. What's going on?

Is it a pause in the breath? Is it a moment of faux retreat? The kind of strategy where, “just when I thought I was out, they puuull me back in!” Yes... it could be just some Napoleonic thing where the hand never leaves the wrist. You look one way, they hit you from the other. The way events have been trending in recent years, it has been bad to worse with more to follow. Anyone paying attention can see there has been a half visible, flaming hoof-stamp on the Formica World surface of Temporary Things. The plastic smolders and stinks from the contact. The smell of Ozone in the air makes the hairs on the back of your neck tremble. Who made even all those ordinary people bad actors?

Who poisoned the minds of all those schoolteachers? Where did the plague of sexual dysfunction come from? Where are the heroes? Part of the problem is that only certain news is reported, and most of that is fabricated. The liars all agree with each other and it becomes fact. The media is a hydra with more than 7 heads because each of the seven heads has seven heads. How did all the corporations go so quickly into soulless hives of Stepford Lawyers and Silas Marner accountant clones?

When you think in terms of reincarnation it all begins to make sense. Of course, you NEVER get the whole picture, but you can see enough of the picture to get a clue. I've been following a trail of breadcrumbs all of my life. Some things add up and some do not. When the things that add up, continue to add up, you start to think you might have something. That is how it has worked for me. I tested everything, over and over and over. Some things are true and some are not. The source of everything is absolutely true. The endlessly appearing and disappearing forms are relatively true. Arguments lead further and further away from the point, whatever the point might be. Contemplation leads deeper into the point but you can't argue about it.

Arguments are the province of fools. When arguments stalemate, war prepares itself, but the war is NEVER about the arguments. The wars are ALWAYS about The Money... territory and resources... debt creation; the gift that keeps on giving, like having your victim vaccine card and flashing it all around while you poison The World. If you are paying attention, eventually you see what is going on and who is doing it. If the cameras show that a certain someone was often around the bank entrance before it gets robbed, well... what would you think? If a certain group of people is always neck-deep in certain enterprises and when deception is their modus operandi, you can assume that every country in The World was not wrong a hundred and nine times; give or take.

It is IMPORTANT to remember that all things come from God. Not all things are used properly or well here by us; God's fragments in search of him. In Times of Material Darkness, the general motivation runs toward Self-Interest. That is NEVER a good thing. There are those of the mercantile mind who make their fortunes by misleading others and pandering to their appetites and the lowest common denominator. They either got picked for the job or they earned it. Whatever the case may be, someone has to play the bad guys. It is all a drama, my friends. You can whine and pull your hair about why life is so unfair. You can howl that, “somebody is going to pay!” You can do your Walrus and Carpenter pitch about the horrible things that happen to children... as if your sham concern were a real thing. IT CHANGES NOTHING!!! It is what it is, and you had better meet it at the marrow rather than fill the air with your impotent arguments.

Yes... there are bad guys out there and they operate by Divine Fiat... until they don't. There are good times and there are bad times. There is night and day. There is pleasure and pain. There are all the opposites that set the parameters for action here on The Playing Field of Temporary Things. You need to get over yourself and the rest of it will be a piece of cake. Stop wanting!!! Take it as it comes. Which has greater value, millions of dollars or Divine Luminous Wisdom? Which is better, a roll in the hay on a summer's day or eternal union with the source of Love itself? As scripture tells us, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul?”

You can live in a world of dueling opposites but to what end? What have you gained from a lifetime of conflict with what you don't like, while in pursuit of what you do like? What do you have now that you didn't come in here with? That is the question to ask; what have you accomplished since you learned to walk? What have you gained and what have you lost? How do you answer yourself on that, and... do you tell yourself the truth?

A life is built around a value system and defined by intentions which set the course you move over. In life, value systems can become flexible and intentions questionable. It's the sum of your moments that wind up on the highlight reel. When people go wrong. it is usually not a sudden screeching turn up a side road. It is... USUALLY... a series of incremental, near imperceptible shifts in a particular direction. No one shift is that noticeable, but... you find, over time... that you can be hundreds of miles (and more) wide of your original destination. Such is the nature of compromise... “well... maybe just this one time.” It doesn't work like that and let me also say... it doesn't work when you do it like that.

Why is it that people walk in circles in the woods?

There isn't anything you can do about the state of The World. What is the point of a good education when you don't know what you are talking about? Does it matter if a few thousand people come to hear you talk? Some incoherent troglodytes can muster tens of thousands into a writhing mosh-pit of Stupidity and animal rut. Bankers decide they want a war and millions can and do die for banker profit.

Look at what happened in The First Rothschild and Second Rothschild World Wars. Did any of it matter? This is a training ground. This is a training ground. The Good and the Evil suit up and wave attractions in your face. Well? Then what happens?

You are here because of your attractions, and you will continue to be here because of your attractions and all the events that proceeded from your pursuit of them. BUT... if you make The Divine your attraction, all these other attractions will melt away... and The Supreme Enjoyer will come and experience your life, and you will know what real enjoyment is when you are not attached to results.

One cannot make sense of Truth in the minds of those where Truth is a hindrance to their self-interest. What is that fool talking about with selfless service? That makes no sense. It might not make any sense in Times of Material Darkness. It might make no sense if there was no God, and... that is the argument used by many, BUT... there most certainly is a God, everything else proceeds from that.

If you are on the fence about it. If you reject the idea entirely. If you could care less either way, that changes nothing. God is still there and looking for the fully committed. Half measures amount to mixed results. This is a staging ground, a testing ground, a training ground and it is ALL... ALL geared to Self-Realization. Alternatively, you have regret and recrimination in a bowl of disappointment. It is the centerpiece for a holiday nobody celebrates. It is a funeral procession. There is only one victory and that victory goes to Love. Love is the means and the medium by which God announces and sustains his presence.

Wherever there is Love (Real Love) God is present. Wherever there is true greatness and true nobility, God is present. Wherever any of the qualities of God are present, God is present, and his anonymous selfless servers are the pearls strung round his neck. It is they who subjugated the false self and made of themselves a window through which the light of Heaven shines. It is the experience of lifetimes that wipes the grime from the window... or adds to it.

There is only one thing worth seeking. Once you find it there is nothing left to find. Oh... certainly there are worlds of discovery to come. There are the great halls of learning in the sky and The Mind encompasses the whole of that through the reach of the imagination. People behave like packs of feral dogs when their appetites take command of their reason. They roll in pig-shit and serve themselves warm. I have no idea why it is so. It is utter madness to be that way, and yet... there it is to be seen all around you.

There are a lot of good and decent people here. There are a great many who are confused. Heavens knows the ins and outs of it all, and we shall see all of these slot cars come into their appointed parking garages. If you wound up in Kansas City it is because you headed there. You wind up where you are headed, even when you have no idea of where that is.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

"It Might Look Like Many Rivers and Patterns Running in an Incomprehensible Mosaic of Differences."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Yes! We have said it before. We have mentioned it as much as Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening. We have not mentioned it as much as The Divine ineffable, and that is as it should be. A few days ago, I made passing reference to people with a high social recognition factor losing their minds. In just those days since, there have been a surprising number of celebrities from all walks of life losing their shit. That is how The Street would put it. I am not The Street, so... please forgive my lapse into the colloquial commonplace. Right.

In the links, you will see few examples, because it is spreading faster than a new rumor about COVID. I don't have the time to be a news-gathering device, but... I can tell you about what I see. People are losing it. Violent expressions are not uncommon. In Los Angeles, crazies are walking in off the street and stabbing workers to death, then just walking away. In the Maya dream of pre-Bladerunner dystopia that is city life today... people think it is a cool kick to live in dangerous places. It adds a kind of scary mystery atmosphere to the Hollywood stage-set that is LA and sundry. It's like a bizarre sex victim ad in the local Penny Saver; “seeking anonymous sex partner to find me bound and masked at home.”

There is an entire subculture engaged in the most depraved and humiliating acts you can't imagine. I'm not saying it is End Times, cause End Times come and go and prove not to have been the absolute finito End Time. However... this one is trying to be. It hopes if it lines up enough bells and whistles it can sell tickets to a mass extermination event with a cast of... I don't know how many.

I talk about God because I think about God all day long. I don't talk to many people now because I don't want to talk about The World or The Weather or Whatever. Perhaps there is something beyond God. I don't know. What I do know is that all I found, in any direction I looked in, and did not stop looking in... until I could see what was behind it... I found God. God is the constant behind all appearances. Of course, there are degrees of God-Being you have to negotiate; archetypes, angels, finer angels and finer angels, Rishi-Elohim, depending on the direction you are going in, AND... you probably know what that means.

I have been truly fortunate, not in the events of this life so much, but fortunate that I had the objective I did and that it never changed; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones." I don't know how to explain it. I'll try.

God is made out to be the most elusive of beings. Many claim to have found him. Few demonstrate to that effect. Anyone can find God. You don't need any social standing. You definitely do not need specific material things. You don't need an expensive education. That is often a hindrance. However, anyone can find God if they want to. Here is the most remarkable thing about finding God; there is NOTHING left to accomplish afterward. Your quest is at an end. Sure... you might have events yet to occur. You might be like an adept bound by his engagements, as personified by The Hanged Man. The reel might need to run out for a bit. It is different in every case.

Upon finding God, and the wonder, beauty, majesty, and splendor of it coming upon you, there comes one burning aspiration to follow, and that is to share it with everyone. It's like finding free everything forever and being able to give it away all day long; world without end. I'll admit, it's not for everyone. Some will stuff as much of it in bags as they can carry away. Some will gather cohorts with a scheme to sell it far and wide. Some will try to repackage it and claim it was of their own invention. That, in fact, is what has been going on for a long time.

Those stuffing their bags will return and find the source no longer present. Those scheming to sell it will find that it cannot be sold. The repackagers will discover this too. As soon as you try to materially traffic in it... it leaves you. Only those who love it for what it is and who share it at every turn get to hold on to it as it is only passing through them, BUT... it NEVER stops doing this for so long as one continues in the act of it. You are attached to a boundless reservoir. You only have to find it.

God does not make it as hard as people imagine it to- be- to- find- him. You have to be able to bear the experience of it. That is a hard one for most people. You have to let go of everything else. Everything else doesn't go anywhere. You simply have to let loose of it. None of it belongs to you anyway. You are watching schools of fish and birds in flight. They move as The Hive Mind tells them to, BUT... who is telling The Hive Mind to move? There are two streams of thought that move through The Hive Mind. One is carnal and one is divine. It might look like many rivers and patterns running in an incomprehensible mosaic of difference, but... it's just the two, going in different directions. Both have a powerful slipstream.

God WILL reveal himself to you if you are persistent and true. I don't feel like talking about anything else, and if I do, it has to be trending back to this. God is not just some everlasting light from which all things proceed (grin). He is also the source of far-far more than you imagine to be possible. The study of God is endless, and fascinating beyond description. The realms of being are inexhaustible. Every wonderful possibility of conscious engagement is taking place somewhere. So is its shadow self. They are entire worlds. You live in the one that resonates with where you are at. You can resonate yourself out of anywhere. Change your tune. Nothing happens here, nothing moves that does not make the web tremble and alert The Webweaver.

Just because no one answers you does not mean no one is listening. If a manhole cover flips in the city with no one to flip it, does that mean God is playing Tiddlywinks? There is NOTHING random, not even a single dust mote, which is frozen sunlight dancing in the sunlight as do we all... coming and going. To what end?

New religions are coming. It will be fine until they get here. Then it is probably a good idea to move along because God will be doing just that. They may seem to be a much better replacement for what we had; just like that one did when it replaced the previous archetypes, changing their names as if they were towns in Palestine, way before the Israelis made that an art form. New scoundrels will appear to refashion the scripture and make it possible to hijack The Message. It will take a while though and conditions will be good for those who are still here, except in those places where it is not.

The thing is, cultures only go so far in the direction of their high note. Then they begin to crumble and molder to dust away. It's not something you can put a band-aid on. You could plant mushrooms in it. Some venues and ideologies are meant to prosper in the coming age and some are not. I look to The Sun for my cues. If all life here came from The Sun, then that must mean it still is coming from The Sun. That implies (to me) that a lot more than life is coming from The Sun. The Sun has a variety of rays upon which more subtle things travel. If the PART of yourself that needs to be open to this is open to this... you get the message. You get the transmission. You get your cues.

God is the ONLY important thing. It might take some souls millions of years... lives... to get this. I can hear the Hound of Heaven baying. What I can say is that you get out of God what you put into God, in terms of his company and attendant benefits. If you want to be his friend then you have to be his friend. It's the same high to low. The conditions and forms of expression are different down here, and even more confining below here. It gets lighter, clearer, cooler, and more beautiful as you live and breathe in The Kingdom of God within. You also attract the spiritual pollinators depending on what blooms from you.

Change can come very swiftly, especially when those most challenged by Change feel forced to act in defense of their many crimes. “It's just business, nothing personal.” When it gets really crazy streetside, you can feel as if it is closing in on you. It's just appearances. Time will tell and we shall see, and no matter what, God will still be there for whomever the interest may arise in.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

"The Powers of Heaven are Beyond Comprehension, and They Have Not Gone into Action Across the Board, Yet."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Sometimes I wonder at the intricate, metaphysical technology that brings the Cosmic into the Personal.

What needs to happen and what probably will happen, as The Avatar gets closer to materialization, is that angels will come low to the Earth and overshadow (and awaken) the minions who have been subverted by The Deep Satanic State, and who compose our police, educators, administrators, political flunkies, religious drag queens, and whores of every specialty position, who bump and grind from their level of succubi action. In this overshadowing, they will pacify the action phase of each, and render them still or at most... trembling in place. Those who have used THEM against US for such a time WILL... no longer have their minions.

The powers of Heaven are beyond comprehension and they have not gone into direct action across the board as yet. They will... and once that happens, the vermin in the high chambers will be dragged out into the sunlight by their former stooges and the outraged populace. In some places, they will literally storm the vampire's castles with torches and pitchforks.

As The Awakening intensifies, and the Panic expands, these heavenly forces are going to act upon the hearts and minds of those who have been serving The Dark Side, and who know where the bodies are buried. It won't take much to turn the lot of them, and then? Heads WILL roll.

Many of them will be finished by the sunlight as soon as it hits them; metaphysically speaking. Many will be done in by their bodyguards and assistants. When those who remain see what is happening, many will do themselves in. Sometimes... real mirth passes through me for a series of moments BECAUSE I KNOW what is said here will come to pass. It is IN THE ORDER OF THINGS.

Materialists... and this includes most intellectuals and religious scholars; most people of any stripe in these times... believe only in what they see. The idea that Heaven could have standing (and flying) armies, and that vast half invisible kingdoms might exist, near and on this Earth at this very moment, seems ridiculous to them. How anyone can study even physics (much less metaphysics) and see where it has been mathematically proven that everything manifest is thought-born... and miss The Implications, well... that implies a whole nother order of Stupid, and not being able to see what is right in front of your face? Ah... but you have your eyes closed, TIGHTLY... in the grip of shuddering uncertainty.

It is like that image I used to bring into the blogs now and again, about a man whose fingers are gripping the top of the wall, and he cannot let go for fear of the fall. Eventually, the tension proves too great for his strength and he must let go, only to find the ground mere inches below his feet.

The universe and everything in it being thought-born... EMPHATICALLY leaves one with no other perspective than that omeone did the thinking into being. Our thinking was conferred upon us by the original thinker. We are each of us, thoughts in his head... AND in our own heads... are thoughts coming and going, and we are the lumbering deity of the particles of our own temporary being. When what composes us does not get along with itself, disease appears. Wake the Hell up, because... there is one... the eternal, silent, indwelling witness, who effortlessly controls all of our particles... thoughts... feelings; IF WE PERMIT IT. That indwelling witness is also NOT silent, always. He can and does speak. He is speaking all the time through the angels and the elementals that build the worlds that our thoughts visualize, and most especially build the worlds that The Original Thinker visualizes.

For everything that we can see come into being, or notice for the first time, or... have pointed out to us, there is an invisible army of Devic Realm workers who handle the process, as it is envisioned in The Mind of God, as it processes through the specific angel who administers it for him. There is a vast unseen hierarchy of... Hmm... let's come at this a different way. Consider some of the massive government agencies that exist in this country. Some of them have satellite offices in every state of the union. Now... imagine that there is an agency bigger than all of these put together, BUT... it is invisible, and it is very much like the terrestrial one, except that it is uncorrupted and efficient, and transparent in a way that is comically ironic... if you think about it.

According to several traditions, there is this entity called, Sanat Kumara. He is the Earth Regent. He is said to be one of The Son's of Brahma who... lives in Shambhala. It is said that he is the one who plans out the strategies of events and planetary evolution as they occur here. However... his plans are so far-reaching that they often make little sense in the Here and Now. We simply don't have the far-reaching vision necessary to comprehend the entirety of it, which is why we OFTEN have to proceed on Faith.

The governing and working forces of The Great Celestial Hierarchy have been operating for times out of memory and will be working for times unimaginable yet. We are a TINY, fragmentary cog in a vast interlocking mechanism, which we are either in resistance to or in harmony with... and whichever that may be... it determines how it goes for us... and how it will go for us in times to come.

The spark of life in us is... eternal, in the same way that matter AND energy cannot be created or destroyed, they simply change their form or manner of expression. This alone should tell you a great deal, especially if you factor in that The Universe is thought-born. How is it that so many people can be blind to this? There is a mysterious force whereby The Creator causes both the evil and the good to persist in their ways for The Purpose of Demonstration. When I say that certain events and conditions will come to pass, it is not Prophecy. It is simply an accurate observation through a legitimate lens. Anyone can do this. How do you access that lens? Ask for it.

Ask for anything you want and you will get it at some point, usually when you no longer want it. There are certain laws and restrictions in place where you cannot call down harm on another who is under specific protections. The harm wished, falls back upon The Wisher. Everyone gets what they want here, in a sense, along with a whole lot that they don't want. It accounts for much of what is outrageous and inexplicable in people's situations and behavior. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! There is one thing that I recommend as being a really good idea to work for and to wish for; that The Kingdom of Heaven will be brought to Earth. You can't go wrong with that.

I believe that one who aspires to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, WILL BE empowered to do so, at some point; WILL BE empowered to carry it with them wherever they might be, and radiate it from their being to as great an extent as they have earned the right to do. Some of us are committed beyond ordinary human understanding. Read about the life and aspirations of The Amitabha Buddha. He is not alone in his efforts. There are others who aspire to similar states. The work and transformation necessary to do what they do can take MANY millions of years. Who has that kind of time? You do.

You must first have The Great Love awakened in your heart and then it's just going through the motions. Look at all those shining stars!!! Find God and everything else will fall into place. “Seek ye first The Kingdom of God and his Righteousness and all else will be added unto you.” That is a prophecy and you are guaranteed of the result if you persist... Faith, Certitude, and DETERMINATION.

I am not concerned about the material organization of Christianity being corrupted. It most certainly is. I am not concerned about the enforced fabrication of Jesus Christ being a Jew. I am not concerned about the lack of historical evidence of him even being here in the time attributed to him. I KNOW he is real in the same way that The Sun is in the sky. I KNOW that the spiritual existence of Jesus Christ is a fact. His impact on history, and so many people who have changed The World, stands as convincing evidence. This DID NOT all come to pass as a result of a mirage. Meanwhile... Avatars are a fact. It is not a stretch to say that Jesus Christ is one of them. When he was here is incidental to his impact.

I never concern myself with the details because I am NEVER in possession of all The Details. The Details are God's concern. My concern is to leave The Details in God's Hands. Yes... there is a Heavenly Hierarchy. Yes... it is going to directly intrude on material life at some point, much to the amazement ...AND dismay of many; details... details... details. How about this? Let's watch and see, shall we? Let's watch and see.

End Transmission.......

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Myanmar: Aung San Suu Ky Gets 4 More Years in Prison:
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How These Stories Are Connected

Monday, January 10, 2022

"Basic and Enduring Truths that Exist All Through the Whimsical Permutations of Humanity in Search of Itself."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Love is the life and the magic that moves through the bloodstream of existence. Avatars come at regular intervals to spill their sanctified blood and radiate their selfless love, which redeems all the wickedness to follow and opens the way for the righteous to go home. It creates thousands of reservoirs on the etheric plane that The Wise and illuminated can drink from and pour out into the cups (hearts) of humanity. It sets The Portals and The Guardians, while Sanat Kumara creates the blueprint for what is to come on the drafting table of The Rishis who serve as The Elohim of The East, just as The Devic Realm and The Angelic Kingdom are the same place, differently presented for the perspectives of The East and The West.

All the coming consul postings of The Heavenly Hierarchy are being charted and announced. Those who handle the Stations of The Cross, all the other metaphysical service agencies get suited up, and whatever The East calls them; they get suited up too. All those who missed The Mark, east and west, are sent to The Wardrobe Department as we have previously mentioned. Certain positions continue from age to age, like Lord Vivasvan who is Sun Regent in Lord Surya's seat for 400,000,000 years. Do you think you could shine that brightly for that long? It makes me laugh to see how seriously people take themselves and the levels of self-importance they are able to maintain... for a time.

Few understand that we are all actors. Actors act and The Purpose of Demonstration is set into motion. All the dramas, high and low, are for the entertainment of Heaven whose residents watch us on the celestial television set. There is where the angels of our better nature reside. Heaven is who you want to appeal to... to woo... to gain the attention of... BEFORE you set out on the course of your ambitions. If you are strutting around in a miasma of temporary good karma, it won't last. Karma is currency. Once you spend it is it gone. Some of us choose to invest it in service and that does not get good mileage which is actually great mileage... and means you can burn up a lot of karma through the industry of selfless service. “Success is speedy for the energetic.” I do not tell you things I do not know to be true, and where it is something beyond my present understanding... it is because I trust the source I got it from... implicitly.

I would say that words are the most difficult art, but... silence, I think, is more difficult. Still... you will need Silence because how else can you answer people who ask questions for which there are no answers? Sometimes the answer travels on the Silence, and... like timed depth charges, becomes audible when the time is right. There are certain basic and enduring truths that exist all through the whimsical permutations of Humanity in search of itself. In saner times, they are more commonly understood and practiced among us... as existence spirals into disorder... which is inevitable (when people have lost their way), and as The Winds of Insanity blow like the Santa Anna through Southern Kalifornia... these truths become buried under the sands that once were the cinder blocks of fallen cities... now... no more than dust and debris.

Every time I watch the poseurs and pretenders of any present time, dancing through the mediums of communication technologies before the witless eyes of a comatose society... I wonder and reflect on what it might be that convinced them it was a good idea to be a clueless embarrassment before the eyes of their community. What made them think their ambitions would not only materialize but remain in place for any length of time, where the one constant is CHANGE?

I don't know how it looks to the rest of you, but to me... it looks like a large portion of the population is batshit, barking mad... and it presently has a headwind. For a long time, I have felt I should wear a white lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck to distinguish myself from the masses. It is like The King of Hearts these days. I can't remember how it happened but the inmates got out of the large mental institution right outside the town. It was in Europe, perhaps it was during the 2nd Rothschild World War? All the residents left and the mental patients took over as the mayor, the baker, the florist, the police and they acted out as their fantasies dictated to them. Did the Germans then occupy the town or something?

Here's a brief excerpt from a review of the film. I was wrong about most things. I got the atmosphere right though...

“It's World War I, and a Scottish Private named Plumpick (Alan Bates) is ordered to infiltrate a French village and stop a bomb that the Germans have planted from going off. Upon arriving, Plumpick discovers the entire village deserted, except for the patients of the local insane asylum, who have been left behind. The patients soon escape the asylum, play dress-up with the various clothes they find lying around the village, and take it over. Not only this, but they crown Plumpick their king! With the German army still in the vicinity nearby, Plumpick must find the bomb, diffuse it, and save his "subjects" from certain death....”

I saw this film when it came out in the '60s and never forgot having seen it. It remains a profound metaphor in my mind. I have come to see it realized in modern times. Do you have any idea how crazy teacher's unions are, now that they are being administered by The Usual Suspects? This is the same source for the bizarre sexual and historical perversities being taught at EVERY LEVEL of the education system. BLM...Antifa... Critical Race Theory...The Gay jackboots... the Communist agitators, ALL are the product of these twisted curriculums. All of these are creations of The Usual Suspects, doing 'ground and pound' on our humanity. They are really crazed in The Crown Colonies round The World where The Usual Suspects are much more deeply entrenched in the governing of the lands. Look at what is happening in Scotland!!!

The main tenet of the Satanic agenda, now running at high tide through all of the planet's institutions; here, there, and everywhere is... ATHEISM. They had enforced atheism in the Bolshevik countries, before it all fell apart, just as what they are presently attempting will fade away to nothing at the appointed time.

You cannot convince insincere people that you are sincere. They see you and they say, well... if I was like that this is what I would be. The thief sees everyone else as a thief. The liar believes that everyone is lying to them. The bombastic and self-aggrandizing become infuriated when someone else gets more attention than they do. The corrupt see everyone else as corrupt. Many see the whole world as a cock-blocking interference of their plans. With rare exceptions, nearly everyone is crazy now. The glitter and magnetism of Materialism are irresistibly hypnotic. In Times of Material Darkness, there are countless souls born to lose. The climate of resentment, envy... jealousy is near suffocating in these time. Millions of people DID NOT BOTHER to learn about, “certain basic and enduring truths that exist all through the whimsical permutations of Humanity in search of itself.”

Take a look at the mindless icons who are most followed by the public these days, and that will tell you all you need to know about the public and its state of mind. Hundreds of millions of them want to be like these people who have no USEFUL talents whatsoever. Gladly would they trade all there is of themselves to be a moth in the candlelight.

Here is what I have learned about life. There are those who have given up on life. Their selfish nature has come to predominate. Satan is the very image of cold and selfish. There is a cold and hard core of resentment at the center of their being... because they have failed at life. They do not want to hear a positive message. If they have turned their world to shit from selfish pursuits, then... the whole world must be shit too. You cannot stop and explain yourself. If your own life is a testimony to what you do, then... that is all that matters. I am not Gloom and Doom, I will not wind up among them when the sorting takes place.

I will close with something from Eknath Easwaran's translation of The Bhagavad Gita. He intros each chapter with a wonderfully concise commentary. This is one of them;

“When he departs from this body, he ascends with the rays of the sun, repeating the syllable Om. As soon as he thinks of it, he comes to the sun. That, indeed, is the door to the next world. Those who know enter; those who do not know are stopped.

There is a verse:

A hundred and one subtle tracks lead from the heart;
One of these goes upwards to the crown of the head.
Going up by it, he goes to eternal life.
Others depart in various directions.

In the Gita, as well as in this passage from the Chandogya Upanishad, the mantra Om is used. If the yogis can remember the mantram even as consciousness itself is departing the body – and, the Gita adds, if they can meditate on Krishna – they will go to the “highest goal.” Relinquishing the body in a state of samadhi, they attain the mystic eternity that is union with Krishna.

In this chapter, the Gita alludes to the two paths, “northern” and “southern,” that the soul may take after death. Verses 24–25 present in abbreviated form what the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad spells out in obscure detail:

Those who know this, who meditate upon Truth with faith while living in the forest, go to the light, from light to day, from day to the fortnight of the moon’s waxing, from the waxing fortnight to the six months of the sun’s northern journey, from those six months to the world of the devas, from the world of the devas to the sun, from the sun to the lightning. Then a spirit approaches them and leads them to the world of Brahman. In that world, they live for eternal ages. They do not return again.

But those who conquer worlds through sacrifice, charity, and austerity pass into the smoke, from the smoke into the night, from the night into the fortnight of the waning moon, from the fortnight of the waning moon into the six months of the sun’s southern journey, from there into the world of the ancestors, from the world of the ancestors into the moon... and from there to rebirth."

Why did I post this particular section? One of these is the direction I am going in. I do not know what others intend. I do not care what is involved. I don't care how long it takes. This is the direction I am going in. You are welcome to drop in on me if you are ever motivated to do so. There are countless realms of being one can exist in. Some are sublime and beautiful beyond the reach of words to explain. Some are horrific in a similar indefinable sense. It is your choice which (or any of these) you arrive at. You are ALWAYS heading somewhere and that is defined by WHAT YOU THINK and SAY, and DO. You make manifest all that you encounter. It is you who decided on your area of residence and the neighborhoods that attend it.

“No!” you scream. I did not want this to happen!” Yeah... you did.

End Transmission.......

A few links, still looking for positive news to counterbalance all that is not=

Via Brighteon
This will probably be too exhaustively complex for most of you... so, you could fast forward to the 40-minute mark (where she goes into actual conditions and circumstances), or... you could listen to the whole thing. This cigarette and whiskey-voiced woman is the closest I have seen of someone being remarkable about The Stars. I find her fascinating and credible. I met only one other person in my life at her level of understanding and that was Robert Aiken; now gone on to better things. I am not recommending her perspective... however... she is a deep one and you will get something from her, if metaphysics appeals to you=
Just So You Know , God of Mammon

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Well, what do you expect?=
Fox News Drinks the Trans Kool-Aid

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Wheels... within Wheels... within wheels as depth charges, placed long ago begin to explode at the bottom of the sea and cause long anchored turds to surface=
“Non-Partisan” Judge Who Ordered PRIVATE COMPANY “Cyber Ninjas” To Give Up Personal Communications To Leftist Newspaper Or Face $50K/Day Fine Donated To Campaigns of Anti-Trump US Lawmakers

Via Gateway Pundit
Where did they get the idea she was talented or beautiful? I think I am looking at virtual Anne Frank back from the dead to die again and as proof, of some kind... that Israelis are just as vulnerable as you. What's the real message with this put-up obit? If you read carefully you can see this is an intricate web using every heartstring that can be pulled in order to make this one transcendent above the common folk= same as they ever was.
14-Year-Old Israeli American Girl Suffers and Dies from COVID Vaccine – Makes a Video of Her Story Five Days Before Her Death

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Yes... it is going to get much worse in places, for The Purpose of Demonstration=
George Osborne Backs Colston Statue Smashers, Compares to King-Killer Cromwell

George Osborne

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Yes... much worse in places. This WILL NOT end well=
Skyscrapers Go for Woke

Affirmation Tower
Affirmation Tower, first skyscraper to be built by African Americans

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This is one of the newer sites for The Usual Suspects to perform their controlled opposition through pretender Ben Shapiro. However... this is a key to what is happening, as is the last link=
Matt Walsh Suspended From Twitter Over Transgender Tweets:
Here’s What Twitter Has Censored

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