Monday, September 12, 2011

The Ides of Something are Upon us

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

It was the time of religious wars. It was a time of materialism and intellectual darkness. It was a time of epidemic moral compromise and the end justifying the means by whatever means. It was a time of the worship of the transitory and the elevation of drunken ignorance over the thirst for truth. Truth was a refugee in flight on a violent night. It was a time of deception and reaction toward the solution of freedom as an intolerable state and a non commercially viable condition. It was a time of precessions and regressions and a confusion of the moment on the doorstep of irrevocable change. It was a hard time to live in unless you were one of the few who made existence hard for everyone else. It was a time of images and symbols that were wielded as weapons upon superficial minds so inclined and submissive in a pornographic sexual exchange that mocked the true surrender of the deeper self to the higher awareness and all things human. It was a time of debasement for the virtues and a celebration of vice because it was a time of political correctness masking the hatred for all that was good and real.

We were the people that might have been; you should have gotten in touch with us then. We were the unseeing in relentless persecution of those envisioned who were labeled a threat to the disorder of order. We were pawns engaged in our own destruction, proud and stupid and false. We cheered in the coliseums and informed on our fellows. We raised perversion to be normal and locked normal in a barn. We laughed with merciless humor at persecutions that came by our consent and everything that was true and meaningful within us, got up and went. We were the Hell-bound in denial of the heaven sent. We embraced the animal as the civilized way, cannibalizing our loved ones and killing ourselves, like a collection of poor unfortunates who gnawed off their own foot. We held what was trivial as a worshipful profound and we went all too quickly into the cold and forgotten ground. We made heroes out of rogues and pariahs out of our most important friends. We were the generation of vipers, ever and ever after, amen.

You will not see or I could show you. You will not hear or I could tell you. You will not be stopped or moved. You will see perdition as the holy gates and hear the lies of your corrupted guides as they take you through corridors of the condemned up the thirteen steps. We would have served and healed you but we were cast out from our quarters as your neighbors and friends.

Into this time of darkness came a signal event. They called it 9/11 and they made it into a royal seal, like a lock on a letter for the eyes of the few who composed the lies it contained and who carried out the crime. You could not see the contents but you had their guarantee that all was well and legal, keeping moving, there is nothing here to see.

You vain and fatuous mortals you shall reap the indifferent wind that was roused by your indifference and nothing will be the same again. You dance and pray and celebrate the horror and the lies. You pinch your face and become solemn though you must be uneasy beneath and your keepers snicker and make jokes at your expense. You lick their hands for they are your master and determiner of fate.

You can’t get there from here.

You can’t get there from here.

You can’t get there from here.

We few who wait by highway, we hold up the signs, “the bridge is out” and the road is slippery when wet with the blood of those you have driven over through proxy and malicious assent. You cannot hear and you will not see so you will be forced from both perspectives and you will be brought to your knees. A pestilence moves among you motivated by hunger and greed. They are the habitation of demons. They are the demons seed and you are honored and privileged to serve on their behalf which is the end of all of you. It is no wonder that they laugh.

They will not change. They cannot change they are the expression of what cannot be pacified or convinced. They are open to no argument that might affect profit or excess. They are the poisonous few in your midst. They pretend they are you and you are content.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:


est said...

i keep thinking
this guys nuts

no way he can
get any better

here he has
topped the brim

you all know
exactly what i mean

Anaughty Mouser said...

"You can't get there from here."

I, you, we can't get to heaven or spiritual fullfillment here on earth from where we sit in our habits or vices that we ourselves KNOW are destructive to ourselves and others.

It is a rare person who can honestly live their life the way their heart tells them to.

Ever try to get through one day without telling a lie either to another/others or to oneself?

One day. From morning wakening to going to bed that evening. See if you can get through one whole day without telling one single lie - in word, thought or action.

The truth will set us free.

By corollary, it is lies that keep us prisoners.

Thank you Les Visible and peace to all who visit here.

Love, Mouser

P.S. Neil your poems are a real pleasure. Please don't let somebody or nobody stiffle you.

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. We should all pray for Clarity, Guidance and Strength.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping that someday, people will stop going to the big parade. All those fire trucks and police will have to honk their horns and wail their annoying sirens of self promotion to each other before returning hungry to their dens. Lord, please let me not curse them. Let me find another place.

As always, your honesty and forthrightness are refreshing.


kikz said...


i'm gettin a visceral image of the batpeople frm the orig beastmaster...................

Sim said...

Patrick Willis to the white telephone....

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"May this terma liberate you
to be thus as you seem, just so
for there is no illusion in your truth
seeming or not, enlightened or not,
And that is such.
And that is such.
And that is such."

Anonymous said...

Every day I check in to see what you have to say and I am never disappointed.
You always manage to express in your words my inner most feelings.
If it were not for you and the folks who add their comments, I would feel totally alone.
Yes, folks are waking up, however not fast enough for me.
It's like to trying to get everyone out of a towering inferno
and they don't believe the building is going to come down or they think only one or two floors are engulfed while the rest of the building is safe.
It is all going to come down, implode in its own footprint...what irony

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

How naive was I when as a child I read Mark Twain and listened, and from his true self heard Huck Finn conclude, after searching his mind and heart for a way to deny his soul; "you can't pray a lie."

How naive was I?

Anonymous said...

This one nearly works.
Bollocks. It works hehe..
Cheers and thanks Les for such great opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Hehe Sim... I cracked when I saw that... Just after I posted the link. Thank you.

Alpha Silex said...


Anonymous said...

And now, an explosion at a nuclear plant in France.


Anonymous said...

thanks mouser,and your comments are always spot on,,,,,

and once again sorry for being a blithering idiot.....neil

Visible said...

Hey Neil;

Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm the biggest idiot around these parts.

Anonymous said...

no lord visibles,you most certainly are not an idiot in any way at all,,,

you sir are the great dog poet,
one day you will have a star system named after you,if their are any tyrants left in the universe they will imediately shrivel up if they dare look in your direction......

deep respects to you lord visibles
from your faithfull dog.... neil

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Awesome, Patrick ... simply awesome! And you put it up so quickly with perfectly matched visuals and music. Awesome AND amazing!
wv: airali -- You and Les are the best of "air allies" and we are so lucky to be able to enjoy the results.

just me, Laurel A. said...

i just listened to the recorded version by patrick of The Ides Of Something Are Upon Us........oh if only i were not choosing to choose celibacy in exchange for a higher mind....because patrick's voice would sure do it for me :)))

Ouzel said...

My thanks to you, LV, and the commenters.
Neil, don't leave.

This article, on how hospitals hand over guardianship of some patients to the states who bankrupt them is another horrifying item.

When will the populace wake up?

Prayers for a change of heart in and redemption of humanity.

Love to all.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Idiocy is a contest?
Why wasn’t I told?

After checking, my sign just says: “Bye.”
Or is that “Buy?” I get so easily confused with English, spelling was never my strong point.


wv: resesses - yeah, never enough, too much to hear in the quiet. Soon I expect...

amarynth said...

Oh Man! There is channeling and then there is Les Visible's Channeling!

Hi brother PatrickW from the same piece of earth as I. Speak! Speak these words! I'm just sitting here quietly trying to get my heart rate back to normal.

The best of 10,000 Visible!

Anonymous said...

I usually pass on your writings. Not to be critical but sometimes the message is buried so deep in the text I lose interest. How appropriate that I am aware of my limited attention span hence an empty head is better than one full of lies. But here you gabbed me. Setting our spirits to look at this time in history in retrospect is very healing. Theres a magic in it.

Anonymous said...

i'm liking this guy

Cosmic Conspiracy Revealed!

his 2 channels

thom j

Anonymous said...

Les, are we there yet?


Anonymous said...

9/11 was done by Rothschild through Mossad and US secret services for geopolitical gain and introduction of the zionist new world order where the international bankers own and control everything.

Problem, reaction, solution - by those who created the problem. Hegelian principles.

Arabs attacking America, fear, the war on terror with the murdering of brown people sitting on desired resources and implementation of a police state domestically.

kikz said...

well done of you both!

Anonymous said...

Your answer to my question may be, 'We're getting pretty close'. However, I'll give you my answer, 'You may think so but I reckon there is no limits to what you can write - it just gets better and better.'


Anonymous said...

Thanks Les

I also wondered why they laughed so hard.

Im not totally with David Icke but he was right, energy goes where the attention for it is. If we dont start paying more attention to the divine love that is us and all around us, we have no one to blame for the S.Q.

Love Your Life

est said...

i know it wasn't here
but someone brought up

the glass half empty /
half full thing

it's a good example
of how a mind works

the glass is of course
both half empty

and half full
as one defines the other

each and both
not one or the other

strictly speaking
the glass is just a glass

what is being filled
or emptied is the space

i've never heard anyone
question that our first breath

is an inhalation
and our last an exhalation

we keep thinking
we draw our breath on our own

when in truth
the pitcher is filling the glass

MR said...

I had a Reiki session today. There came a point where I was seeing and feeling ancient energy honoring the creator, feeling the energy of reverance for nature, and for each other. I wanted to lay prostate on the ground, it was so intense. We are so blessed during these times, even though we may be in pain and confusion. I am full of grief and working on letting it all go. I am focused on moving my Mother into an assisted living arrangement for Alzheimer's patients. My father is full of guilt. After 66 years of marriage, he is tired, yet so in love with my Mother. It is cute to watch them, I feel blessed to witness. Especially since my childhood was full of rage and physical abuse from the both of them. Somehow, in someway, I am healing through it all. I miss my Doves - they have brought me tremendous peace. I do not see many birds around here. May be because the people here want the perfect grass to distract from their imperfect lives.
I hope to make it back home before the New Madrid fault line gives way .... if it is to give way. Nothing like a Divine comedy and causing me to stay in this heartless heartland of America. I still feel very positive, very peaceful of the future.

You give me peace and joy, Les, and everyone here too. Love your poems, Neil. We're all in this together. We show up here to hear each other's soul speak. Thank you.

Peace and Love

Thomas said...

Les, it sounds like the gobblegloom took a bite out of your heart.

The reason eveything is so utterly and totally fucked-up, is so that we are spurred to make a choice.
The really "bad" people are agents of the Divine Oneness. So that we might see what we are not. They do it out of Love, but they have to be "bad" to accomplish their purpose. Then you have all the people who buy into it and follows
the piper. But it's just the surface of reality. Illusion. No reason to give into anger and hate, which only gnaws on yourself. Reality is somehow a reflection of our minds. I know this for a fact, but I have only the most limited understanding of it. We reap/experience in manifestation, what we sow/create with our minds.

I learned something last week, which I urge you not to reject before you have tested it against your own soul. In meditation, I was, in the sea of Oneness, blissful and thankful and One with the All. Without thoughts, but
with Knowing. Awareness expanded. I took the word "God" into my mind,
and experienced everything contracting into a tiny point, my awareness suddenly totally in my HEAD. God is a word, a construction in the mind, and as such, it limits our understanding of the One All.

God IS, in the sense that All that exists is One Infinite Conscious Loving Creator. But God is not outside of us. The responsibility is Ours. God does not create your life. YOU, as that part of you that is the purest expression
of the original One Creator does. Again, my understanding is extremely limited, but my experience confirms it, again and
again. You get back what you send out. Whenever you are doing anything, you do not have to imagine that the Divine is
doing it. The Divine IS doing it. We are Creators, of and with the All. Your Will is Free and yours alone. What you wish to Create is totally at your discretion, and it is so ingeniously constructed that you get to experience what you have created.

In essence, what I'm saying is that it's useless to say "thank you God", whereas it is powerful "magick" to BE thankful to the Infinite Creation.

I have deep respect for your calling. Sullying the sacred space of your mind with all the crap that is turned out daily, in your attempt to poetizise it and describe it in the language of feelings, which are Higher than words. It is a Beatiful task, and you do it so well! (just a bit worried that you're sligthly off balance, maybe)

I hope this does not come through as anything but helpful. That is certainly not my intention, and I KNOW that I am not one to tell anyone what to do or don't. Just expressing the view here through my distorted lens :)

Love to All, Brothers and Sisters of the Divine, and Thank You Les, for your hard and ardous work!

Burnie said...

My apologies for being late.
"no worries, you're never late for this show. It repeats ad infinitum"
pass the popcorn.

This is so very well said. Thanks for the words in truth

hello Neko, hello Les, hello neil
and all the rest as we band together for the test. in good company i am.

Tom Lowe said...

I hear them 50,000 closet poles just a' growin' away in some forest far way from here right now, just gettin' ready for their cosmic gig.

Anonymous said...

How bout we put that as a paid ad in the major papers, won't make much difference- maybe make them think a couple minutes before returning to screw unto to others and have a bigger house and be respectable, no, won't change anything. Most are too busy working for that shallow grave to give a shit.

Rumplemeister said...

Cool site and posts from what I've seen so far:"The Ides of Something are upon us." Truth appears to be an important aspiration to be pursued. Well, I am gonna get on my bad motorscooter and ride The Storm out. Seeking those things which are Above, where Christ sits at right hand of God. For I am dead. And my Life is hid with Christ in God.

Freddamedgjedda said...

Neil YOU ROCK, some people see and some people don't. The same way with alot of things. I really like having you around, so please stay. Don't take shit to heart!

MR I really feel for you and hope you will keep your positive attitude until the very end of this iron age!

Mouser, Les, Kiks, Richard, Niko, and all I have not mentioned: I salute you! You make my life easier, even to the point that I am not sure i would be alive today if this place did not exist. Life can be pretty ugly, but it is because we deny the beauty, simple as that, and hard as fuck at times.

Kray Z8 said...


Thankfully, there is no rule that says fundamental truth cannot be expressed in a manner that is both artistic and emotive. That you consistently do so is a mark of your faith and generosity. Pray, continue.

Those who choose to opt out of mass delusion, by logical consequence will feel isolated and marginalized. As has been noted, though, it is no cause for pride to be considered "normal" in a dysfunctional culture. We really only have two choices. To recognize and embrace the truth as we see it and conduct ourselves accordingly, or to engage in the pretense of ignoring the truth for whatever transitory gains we think will come of it. The first choice is often lonely and dangerous, but ultimately liberating; the second is a form of abdicating one's humanity/divinity, and is ultimately self-betrayal and self-destructive.

IMHO, 9/11 was a test to see who was paying attention and would speak out versus who either wasn't paying attention or wouldn't speak out. I don't think it was just tptw conducting the test, either. As you say, LV, it's all for the purpose of demonstration.

Mouser speaks wisely of the importance of honesty. How can we hope to connect with the Divine if we can't be honest with ourselves? Those who ignore truth and embrace lies for convenience soon lose their ability to discern what is true and what is not. In nature, creatures in this state invariably perish, usually with great fear and confusion. Honest people disencarnate as well, but with clear minds, strong hearts, and the serenity of knowing it is but a passage.

None of us are perfect, but that doesn't mean we can't strive for improvement for the rest of our days. Truth plays a big part in this. By examining our actions to determine whether or not they are injurious to others, we serve truth. By conducting ourselves accordingly, we serve ourselves, all other beings, and the Creator.

Thank you, Les, and thank you Friends, for the sharing and interaction. Keep the Faith.

Peace, Love, Tranquility,


Anonymous said...

Who are you Vis? Your words are beyond the boundaries of self limitation, while simultaneously true, grounded expansive, un dogmatic and wholesome. My deepest gratitude and respects to you Sri Visible.


kikz said...

@patrick & laurel....


Anonymous said...

Everything is speeding up – the
madness, the collective egoic dysfunction, as well as the arising of the new consciousness, the awakening.

We are running out of time. From the perspective of the ego, that’s bad news and will give rise to fear. From a higher perspective, the running out of time is exactly what is needed for the new consciousness to come into this world.

Sim said...

Neil; don't let anyone get you down...

You are amazing. You write poetry straight from your heart, and what a wonderful heart you have!

There, I just validated you. Great, isn't it?

Get validated.

Visible and Patrick W's stuff aside, it will be the best 15 minutes you spent online in ages, I promise.

Doubting Denny said...

Thomas 1:33 00 AM

Nah, regarding those "good" bad guys... I'd rather just clobber them over the head with a baseball bat if given half the chance...

Meanwhile, guard your daughters! Those "good" bad guys are about to pump their "gardasil" into every girl in Sweden aged over twelve! And don't think their parents know any better either.

If any one of those "good" bad guys were to attempt to pump toxic waste into any daughter of mine, I'd automatically view their head as a baseball, and it wouldn't be because anger or hate is gnawing away at me either.

Hey, if all the world's bad guys are ultimately "good", does this also mean they've got good karma coming their way for all their kindly crimes against humanity..? If so, then I'm gonna have to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch...

Anonymous said...

1. Japan annoys Israel:

a) 11th March 2010 – exactly one year before the event – Japan deplores Israel’s expansive plans to build upon the West Bank: ‘Japan demands that the plans should not be implemented’. ‘Demands’, eh? Did they maybe need to be taught a lesson?

b) 18 Feb 2011 Japan voted against Israel for the first time at UN

c) Feb 2010 Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran.

2. Japan employs an Israeli security firm for its Fukishama nuclear reactor (Arava based firm called Magna BSP. Arava is a district around Dimona) QUOTE: “It is documented that a team from Israel, with a history consisting only of working in Israeli defense, got unlimited access to a Japanese nuclear facility, which then went boom.”

3. The Stuxnet virus arrives in Japan only weeks before the event. This was a Mossad/CIA creation, used to wreck Iran’s nuclear reactors in 2010. It is able to undermine liquid-flow technology, while preserving the control dials so it looks as if the system is functioning normally.

4. Israel places a rather huge ‘camera’ inside reactor number 3, over 1000 lbs in weight, but actually it was a mini-nuke.

5. An earthquake strikes Japan Mark 6.8 on the Richter scale, not 9 (i.e. a hundred times weaker, its a log scale) with an inland epicentre. Synchronously the mini-nuke blows up, demolishing reactors 3 and 4 at Fukishama.

THE EXPLOSION: “The containment walls were at their thinnest points in the lowest allowed General Electric design a minimum of 4 foot thick steel reinforced concrete, were likely to be a minimum of 8 feet thick, and were totally blown away. All concrete was stripped from the rebar, which was left dangling. Reactor 3 vanished entirely,as seen in the classified photo used to compare the destruction to the diagram and reactor 4 appears to have been blown to pieces as seen in this classified photo The yellow dome which should be sitting on top of reactor 4 can be clearly seen on the wrong side of the containment building. This type of destruction is is indicative of hard weaponry in use; a hydrogen air mix will not do that. Reactors are not made out of tinfoil. On top of this, there was no potential for an explosion at reactor 4 at all, it had been defueled. SO WHAT, PRAY TELL, BLEW IT APART? That’s the dirty question no one is asking – how did that happen?”

6. Two hours later the Tsunami hits Japan, flooding the reactor: this could not possibly have done the damage claimed or destroyed all of the protection-backup equipment. In all the pictures of the Tsunami, no-one was already fleeing or panicking because of the earthquake, its effect was so terrible because it was unexpected. In Jim Stone’s words, ‘the phony 9.0 story [of earthquake magnitude] was used as seismic cover for a tsunami nuke, which produced the tsunami of a 9.0 when detonated in the Japan trench (where no earthquakes of significance happen) … It is obvious NOTHING happened along the coast of Japan until the tsunami arrived.’.

Reactor 3 was found to be completely missing.

That Tsunami was caused by a sea-bed nuke at or near the tectonic plate fissure.

Anonymous said...

Boy, are those Ides ever upon us... On Friday, we had Egyptians, with hammers and fists, breaking through steel and concrete, raining Isra-helli documents onto the chanting crowds below, the Isra-helli ambassador running home, tail firmly entrenched between legs.
Today we learn that Turkey has changed their air force's radar signatures and now recognize Isra-hell as enemies, no longer friends. This change will soon be applied to their missiles and submarines, as well.
And we also see the Turkish PM bellowing bellicosity in Cairo, letting the Arab League know there's a new sheriff in town, and it's ready to support Palestinian state-hood, while also letting the bully know there's another that's sick of their antics, with the ability to throw some weight around, of its own.
Hanging over everyone's head's is Damocles sword, waiting to drop. Like Chekhov illustrated (and I'm paraphrasing), when the gun is introduced in the first act, and not used, it will be by the third. All those nuclear weapons the world over, just itching for the third act to start...
Take care, one and all...

Anonymous said...

With each day passing, my hope sinks mired into the sand.
I hesitate to grab hold of the many outstretched hands.
That clammy cold skin, that feeling within.
I shall never make that mistake again.

Still I weep inside and it gets harder to hide.
I watch my loved ones in sorrow while they think that this will subside.
They are along for the ride, they continue to abide.
I must pity them and understand why they are so snide.

Was it better to sleep? To be just that sheep?
The herd seems so happy, me, I just weep.
It could have been cured in one fell sweep.
This is no nation, they can have it, to keep.

katz said...

This 911 farce refuses to admit that Israel took down our Towers. I had to avoid the MSM salute to mendacity. It made me mad. Angry. Red hot mad. Those Israelis are the worst criminals in the world. How can we continue to pay their vig? What is wrong w Americans, to not notice this enemy within?

People that I know, don't seem to care, except for my mother, of course. I'm still seething over 911. Ten years later, and I'm even more disgusted and angry w everyone bc they don't demand justice.

It was bad enough what they did to Jenin. And, to all those poor children. I often think of that boy cradled in his father's arms while the IOF proudly shot them both dead, in front of cameras.

They continued. They did Gaza. They did Lebanon. They were behind Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Libya. They ran thru nations' treasuries like water thru rain. They traded gold bars for tungsten, and stole the world's gold. They stole teenagers and their body parts. They sold women they didn't own, drugs they knew would kill, organs that came from living beings.

And, nobody really seems to care. Not enough to stop them. I used to pray for help. I realized that nobody was listening, or cared.

There is a song called "Armageddon Days are Here Again" by The The that won't get out of my head. It's from the CD "Time Bomb". That refrain "If the real Jesus Christ were to come here today, he's be gunned down cold by the CIA" sums it up.

The bad guys have names. They need to be stopped. You can only stop them by calling them by name, like demons, you must know their name.

neal said...

Mr. Visible, thank you for the pulse and the downdraft of that Station. That sort of balance and beauty seems hard to come by these days.

I sometimes think your saucer pod is a bouncing ball helping others to groove to that Avatar Hokey-Pokey. Maybe that's just me, but I swear I hear others in/out there, too.

Anonymous said...

harvesters fire
sweet loving lift
luminal vibration
divine heavens grip
sensations of sunflower
life of all stars
deep loving sanctity
bloom of all hearts
breeze of the meadows
whistle of the hills
bloom of the roses
river of wills
feilds of reality
luminous flow
divine heavens grace
on the wind blows


Anonymous said...

peoples,thankyou for your wonderful caring thoughtful comments,every single one of you....

deep deep respects...neil

Anonymous said...

light makers harmony
deep earthly green
indigo fire tip
luminous stream
accordance of center
concentrated inside
deep hearted emanating
rising through night
bright fired lantern
heavens behold
unfolding unity
rivers of gold
old as the ancients
beautys first place
the gardens of the mind
where truth awakes


Anonymous said...

How thou hast fallen—
Lucifer, you ought to feel ashamed.
The morning star no longer in the game,
I see you now, the golden boy in chains,
still pointing that accusing finger to lay blame.
An old hand now, who, through the years, has learned
his job to point in the direction—why not that?
Your legion‘s weak, their scheming soon discerned:
their selfishness, their vanity, their doubt.
Temptation, the trick you used to play—
you peer from hell to higher realms and sigh.
Carrots, strings, and axes put away,
your stern facade slips. You wipe tears from your ―"eye"
and grasped in your hand man‘s lone unsettled debt:
twice bitten, the core you can't forget.


Anonymous said...

Les, I loved your piece, as always. The video with Patrick Willis was astonishing, his voice and that sublime music, my only regret that I couldn't make it bigger on the screen.

Israel definitely seems to be getting 'itchy', what with the Palestinian vote and Erdogan and all - the piece you linked about the WWIII scenario really resonates. And the comments on the blogs I'm reading, as well as some of the MSM, have definitely got the hasbarabots and megaphonies working flat-out in damage limitation.

It's all coming together, Les and all. I can feel it on the wind, the same as most of our community here. It seems to get stronger by the day.

Neil, fwiw, I love your poems, and est, your glass poem was a knockout. Thanks to you both.

wv: worto - Where to, indeed, Mr Vis - Where to?

Anonymous said...

Vis and all,

Thank you ! ! !

All of your poems are very powerfull to most of us here I'm sure. Keep'em comin' brother.

walking hawk

amarynth said...

Something from the Playing for Change group. This video is not yet distributed in many places, so, you have to go here:
and then click on the 52 nd song. It is called Higher Ground.
(You gotta have a heart for a blues thing to love this).

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

reminds me of the scene in the Blues Brother's movie with the "penguin", the nun,

Your told us about your financial problem, we offered to help you, you refused our help, and I said Well then, I guess youre up shit creek ... OUCCHH!!!


wv: hypew. kneeling at the church where they worship shit .

Daphne said...

Les, I don't know how you do it, and usually I don't write and thank you but this was amazingly appropriate.

Thank you Thank you Thank you...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

On the Cups of the Moment in the Tightening Vise.

Anonymous said...


cool link , Thanks.

thanks vis and all.!

Anonymous said...

Hipriestess4u - Somehow I knew immediately who you were referring to. Great Deceiver indeed...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Degrees of Darkness in the Absence of Light.

WWS said...

Snordelhans was banned today after posting Les Visible's "Ides of Something", which is still available here:


they are ...

they are losing ...

they are losing control ...


we are ...

we are winning ...




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