Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Eternal Night Time of the Eternally Damned

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

We’re at the midway point of the month between the beginning and the anniversary bash of 9/11. Many things are going on in the background and I’m going to list some of them with my take, unsupported by links, though there are some out there, if you are of a mind to go and look for them.

The Libyan army is coming out of the desert with attendant mercenaries and the support of Algeria, as well as other countries who don’t care for the carpet bombing of civilians and who also realize what that may mean for them in the future. Turkey is pulling out all the stops against Israel and seriously mucking up their intentions of a sneak attack on Iran. At this point you can think of Turkey as an early warning system for the Iranians and I don’t doubt that Turkey will make it hot for Israel any way they can. This puts Erdogan directly in the Mossad crosshairs where he has been, in any case, for awhile. Erdogan’s chief concern of the moment is to purge Israeli influence from the ranks of the military and elsewhere and shut down on Israeli business enterprises there. He’s got to clean the cockroaches out of the kitchen.

Israel’s intention to attack Iran from bases in the area of Georgia, now has to be considered seriously compromised. Then there’s the real concern that Iran will hit the Zio-controlled Saudi oil fields and whatever other havoc they can loose in the straits, as well as whatever strategic initiatives they have up their sleeve, should an attack come. We have to remember that this threat has been on the table for a long time.

It goes without saying that the Israelis, who engineered 9/11 and the London and Madrid attacks will be in a full court press to make something monstrous and evil go down as the declaration of a Palestinian state on the 20th approaches by the hour. It’s a sure bet that they are setting up all sorts of mischief for the Palestinians. Most of the whole world is now aligned against Israel, primarily for their messing around in everyone’s county on the planet and secondarily for their genocidal murder against the authentic and original inhabitants of Palestine, which was renamed as Israel but ‘a rose by any other name’ and so on and so forth.

The ZATO murder spree in Libya is sure to crank up for more holocaust work against the residents but we shall see how that turns out. Yes folks, it is most certainly a holocaust, what is happening there and the dread irony is that those who have trumpeted their minor holocaust, compared to the one they pulled off in the soviet states, are continuing to engage in holocausts anywhere they can manage one because their bloodthirsty god demands it in support of the engines of materialism and free enterprise; you are free to get out of our way (maybe), or die.

It’s a terrible and fascinating thing to see what is taking place these days and it has never been more clear what control of the majority press will make possible. The carnage is terrific and the coverage is either full on fabricated or staged in other countries for the purpose of propaganda. Meanwhile, The Rasmussen kill team is on the scene, torturing, burning, mutilating and dismembering anyone standing between them and the theft of someone else’s oil and gold. ♫Rape and pillage, rape and pillage, let’s go out and burn a native village, you can’t have one, you can’t have one without the other♫

You should read the article on Strauss-Khan by T Stokes. There’s plenty out there about Turkey now planning to accompany Palestinian aid ships, as well as the relentless effort of the British, German and others interfering in the Iranian elections. You can find out all you want to know and more and you can intuit the obvious, even uglier details, simply by looking at the surface. I like the mention of Lord Mandelson’s small furry animal caper in the T. Stokes article. You don’t get much sicker than the members of Parliament in the UK.

Let’s consider the mind of the international banker, as he sits with his fountain pen poised, over the death warrants of hundreds of thousands, millions perhaps; what festering swamps they must be. Can we know the depth of the black hearts that carry out these operations every day? They are a fathomless abyss. This is the eternal nighttime of the eternally damned. The ordinary mind has no clue of the depravity and casual violence of these Hell-born vipers. They are a breed apart. They are serial killers and torturers of a magnitude that goes beyond the reach of a normal imagination. These are truly, sick fucks from Hell.

When the hammer of the cosmos comes down upon these miscreants, there won’t be a dry eye in the house. That’s to be understood in the sense of ‘weeping for joy’. I could see Lord Buckley doing a routine on them now, “mi-lords and mi-ladies of The Satanic Court, the tormented sex and murder fantasies of the British aristocrat”.

Anyway, another day is passing, stuffed to the filling with murder and mayhem. Forty one people got shot in New York City over the weekend. The stock market is about to take an epic nosedive. New storms are brewing on the troubled oceans of the world. Fukushima is bubbling like a runaway crockpot and the winds are traveling over the North American continent, dispensing slow death and mutation as they go.

It appears that all the bad cats among us are mobilized against some kind of a deadline. I don’t know what’s driving them (well, actually I do) but whatever it is, it has some kind of deadline in mind too. Yes, there’s a dead line out there that’s been drawn upon the sands of time, while some amount of the same sand is pouring through the hourglass.

How truly crazy is it now? This article should tell you all you need to know.

The thing is that each of us is in a similar situation to the rest of us. We are being pushed by the force of change. If we do not change we are made more and more insane. This is why the politicians and the police are behaving like they are. They can’t adjust to the sane course out of the madness they are engaged in, so they get crazier by the day. It’s some kind of cosmic imperative. There are also a frightening amount of the rest of us out there, who refuse to budge against the imprimatur of our desires and appetites. They’re going crazy too. What’s happening in New York City should be a warning sign to all the congested urban sprawls of this world but, of course, few will see it as any kind of sign except for a renewed chance to abuse the citizenry at every opportunity.

The thing about crazy people is that they don’t know that they’re crazy. That’s one of the main tenets of being crazy. When Ronald Reagan threw the mentally ill out of the institutions, he said that they could just take their medication at home or at whatever bridge abutment they were living under. However, crazy people don’t take their medication because... because they are crazy and the medication, uh huh, that’s not the solution either.

The further you depart from the familiar and healing territory of Nature, the more and more insane you get, until you live in a completely artificial world that has cut itself off from Nature and can only come to destruction as a result. Without an awareness and respect for Nature, you are absolutely doomed. Reason goes out the window along with balance. Crazy becomes the new sane, as you can see from the single link I added here. This is going on all over the place because the inmates have taken over the institution. They wanted control, now they think they are in control which means, they are completely out of control. Interesting times are upon us and there is no telling what’s likely to happen now. I wouldn’t even begin to speculate. All I know is that since insanity is in charge the conditions are most likely to be insane.

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A.Mouser said...

Thank you for your post Visible.

Very good synopsis.

This would seem to be business as usual given where we are on the downward hyperbolic curve.

'How low can we go?' reverberates through my brain.

Like the anti-birthday party that just keeps on taking.

Under the burgeoning new world order where zionist international bankers own and control everything - we verily are all Gazians now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I don't agree with your treatment of Ghaddafi, after all a 27 year old colonel couldn't have made it to the top without some significant "inside" aid. "Inside" always means the worst possible scenario. Patti Smith was damn right to sing "Outside is the Side I take !" The bases he designed underground - or let construct by others - haven't surfaced in any way. Yet we may allow for them to exist - after all, the CIA did use Libyan terror interrogators, or at least claim to have done so ... - now. Maybe that's their way of admitting how bad a group of horrors they are, and : "Ghaddafi helped us with rendition victims, too...!" Northern Africa is all fucked, green books or not. Egypt is riddled with secret bases and very well hidden artifacts which are not for us to know about. Tunisia sold out to tourism 40 years ago, ruining their once nice beaches. Algeria has always been a mess, and Morocco's dying king got standing ovations from senate and congress - I guess that says enough about what that government was about.
Fukushima should let anyone decide right now and fast to get oxydizing anti-radicals into their bodies, 'cause that's all that one can do. Mms is a good starting point, and people have to wake up very fast before the cancer epidemic strikes. But there's also an even darker side to it all, so dark that it will have to evolve into consciousness by itself. In the end, guys, we're not here to suicide ourselves just to force you to wake up, which most don't want to do anyway.
Lapin Sauvage

kikz said...

notice of the slightly strange here in the north dallas 40.

it's that same weird blue sky of a decade ago. it's just too...electric blue.

could just be the convergence of a cold front w/the remnants of TS Lee... could just be the changing of the sunlight w/the season...

it's been a weird decade for sure.....

Visible said...

Lapin, I don't believe I mentioned Khadaffi here at all so I don't know what you're talking about and I'm not going to make any assumptions about what might or might not have been the case with a 27 year old colonel and I don't further see what Egypt has got to do with this or the other countries, you leave me confused. You seen to be suggesting that their corruptions are worse than the corruptions of those assaulting them and Patti Smith well, the less said by me the better.

Anyway, other than that (grin)I don't know what to think. Is this you E.P.? Why aren't you answering my emails? If it's not you then ignore it but I think this is you and I'm wondering...

Richard said...

Yes, there certainly is tendency to go black or white in our opinions, saint or devil, no gray, or god-forbid, colour!!

Higher self.

Lower self.

One or the other!!!

" Ordinary men (and women, my addition for sake of clarity) have their 'yes' OR their 'no', men of the Tao (see bracketed message above) have their 'yes' AND their 'no'." Lao Tze.

Yes- to the impulse of Love that the higher Self manifests by its very nature.
No- to the impulses of the lower self.


Perhaps to start with, the 'no' to the impulse of the lower self is first in our experience, accompanied by the 'yes' to impulse to Love, depends on where our 'mind' is focused upon in this linear experience of time.

When an animal has the rabies virus, it becomes a beast, no cure is available as yet, apart for the ending of its life, or it will continue to try to bite and thereby infect all those around it so that bestiality will express in them as well, propagating the virus we might say.

The 'people' who you speak about, Les, are not caught by their lower self impulses, but are beasts, and unless an anti-rabies remedy is found, well..... The universe will have to act.

Those who do not have the virus, the instruction from the sage are clear.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation.

May the Garden of your Heat always be in Bloom, time for the Shiva/Shakti tango.


siamsam said...

It seems like a lot of these self appointed leaders are attempting to drink themselves sober - so to speak. But they can't as sobriety has left the building. Instead they are left running around like they have a hamster up their arse :)

We always knew they were mad. But never appreciated the to what degree. Thing is they don't like it up em - not if it scratches anyhow. Their tolerance to pain and discomfort is zero. Money makes you soft, as someone once said.

There seems to be a lot of ratting out going on - or you could say a 'vole lot of shaking'. Perhaps if they had decent Ministers of Propaganda - the likes of 'Gerbils' - instead of their fancy spin meisters they could have remained hidden for longer.

The captain is drunk and we are heading for the rocks. Or have we already ran aground. By the amount of rats abandoning ship i think possibly the latter.

NB. no small furry animals were hurt during the writing of this post.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The inmates are running the asylum. The apocalyptic shuffle swings us from the inside out.

Again, at the mundane level, that which saddens, stupefies, and alarms is first and foremost a Machiavellian psy-op intending to divide us from Ourselves.

At an even deeper level it is farce, theater of the absurd in which we have all agreed individually and collectively to play our ever evolving (warm and cold blooded) roles.

Live and learn I suppose, but for the life of me I can barely manage my own. The very idea of wanting to control the world is, beyond words, inconceivable to me.

Guess I'm just a light-weight.

Anonymous said...

I wish the hammer of the cosmos would get a move on. Patience is a virtue I haven't nearly begun to master.

Thanks for your words.


Anonymous said...


Gordon Duff, Veterans Today 2011-09-06:

"...Laying out what we know, what we fear and what we can safely surmise:

We have confirmed that the killings in Norway were a Mossad operation entirely, managed by a controlled cell of Freemasons in Northern Europe and Britain with strong contacts to Poland and Belarus. This group has extensive access to weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear material..."

Anonymous said...

morning sickness
disturbing cry
corrupted misuse
devalued lie
promiscuous course
fabricated deceit
cloud of non virtue
house of disease
a cold hearted passage
desolations fall
withering incestuous
wretched worths form
born is true goodness
vibrance vibrates
everything everywhere
truths at the gates


Visible said...

Wow! Quite a read.

Tom Lowe said...

One often wonders when will the SHTF finally but I can tell all of you as a resident of the California aptly linked to in Visible's post that I am surrounded here by a sea of people living on entitlement checks as far as the eye can see and beyond, and if those checks were to suddenly stop coming then within just a few days total havoc will ensue because all of those entitlenment bunnies have already spent much of the next check and whoever was supposed to get that money is going to be real mad right along with that bunny.

This includes not only the many professional freeloaders from all walks of life milking the system and authentic defectives, but also all of the retired people.

Vast hordes of Entitlement People (EPs) unable to buy food or pay rent would beset government buildings within one week and destroy everything. And frankly, that's what I'm hoping for, because we've got 100% criminal judges in this state as proven by their unanimous adherence to the MERS fraud and on that basis alone the whole place must go down and be reborn.

How about me? I sell stamps and postcards on eBay to survive here in CA. About half of the money comes from Europe, and all of it from out of town. I bring this up to make a point: while surrounded by these people moaning about no jobs, I have had a standing opening here for someone to learn to sell such items on eBay and make money, yet no one is interested. Sheeple would much rather have an entitlement check, do nothing, and continue moaning.

L.L.O. said...

Hey Les,
Good one today. I just happened to start reading Jimmy Carter's 'Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid' the other night and I don't think the timing could have been better. Let me just say that right off the bat however I disagreed with his statement that it is unacceptable for the Palestinians to continue to deny Israel the right to exist. Let me make that clear. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO EXIST AS A NATION. Sorry for the all caps but fuck 'em. Racist, murderous, how you say, sick fucks from Hell.
Anyways, I have been following the situation in Palestine since pre-9/11 and have a fairly solid understanding of the situation but Jimmy's book really helped to fill in some blanks. How many of those blanks are Zionist Propaganda I don't know but he doesn't do the usual suck the cock of Satan routine when it comes to explaining the Zionist entity that runs their "country".
Palestine is the key. It is the shining example of everything that is wrong with our world. Their situation exists purely as a result of callous greed and self-appointed holier-than-thouness mixed with unfathomable hatred and lack of empathy.
For those of us who have been paying attention the moves by Turkey and Egypt involving the dissolution of peace treaties and cooperative agreements is game changing. Those treaties were one of the major obstacles to regional war and now they're gone. The game is changing fast. It is getting really exciting(?).
I live in Kali-Fornia by the way. It is pretty stupid here but that's why I spend every chance I get backpacking or just being outside. I live in the foothills on a little ranch with chickens and goats and a garden so I have something real to take my mind off of all the bullshit. It helps immensely.
I must admit, the show is starting to get pretty good though.


Anonymous said...

sanctimonious harmony
illuminating call
divine emanation
earth deep in all
unifying current
stream of ever clear
universal course
deep loving peer
liberating all things
lifting far and wide
mighty rivers courses
mountains held inside
unions equilibrium
vibrance's engage
natures living truth
of divinitys embrace


Anonymous said...

Les –
Thanks again for allowing us to share and communicate at this space. It really, really helps to make those of us in the choir feel a little more in key hearing others’ voices.
Anyway, I’ve been remembering a situation I encountered when I was younger. After finishing college, I ended up at a summer camp for wealthy Jewish boys (think Dirty Dancing, but sans the opposite sex; and it’s a long explanation how a West Coast boy wound up at this camp in the first place, having had virtually no interaction with Jewish people up to this point). That summer at the camp, I was a counselor living in a cabin with 12, 12 year old boys.
The dynamic in the cabin was very challenging. One of the boys was a budding psychopath, one was an emerging sociopath and another was slyly instigating amongst everyone else. So, during the course of my two months with these boys (imagine sending your kids away for 2 months, with several of them going to private boarding schools, to boot, so you “have” kids but don’t raise them), I kept having to intervene and stop fights, usually punishing those who I saw reacting due to the nature of events.
Thankfully, though, by the end of the two months, I’d finally deduced that it was the sly, quiet one who was constantly stirring the pot, getting everyone else to react and get in trouble. So, on the very last day, I’d had enough. He’d instigated something, again, and now the entire cabin of boys was mad at him. This time, though, I got out of the way. Shoot, I even helped! I joined in with the other boys and started chasing him, throwing whatever we could find at him, all the time he was running for his life, tears streaming down his face.
The whole situation reminds me, in a certain respect, of what’s currently taking place in Israel. All the while, the people of the world were told this sob story, how they’d been unmercifully persecuted. And now we’re finally learning the true story, finally realizing, “Wait, they’ve been the one’s bringing this all about, and bringing it on themselves.”
It feels like the world’s about to do what I did, and stop protecting them and turn on them, as well. And like you’ve hammered home, there’s a lesson in there, if they’d only stop to learn (what irony, too, given how into “education” they supposedly are).
Thanks and take care –

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

30,000 bombs -- 60,000 deaths. For every ZATO bomb, 2 die in Libya. This we know but I also believe that 200 souls in ZATO countries then go on the list of the damned as well. That’s 6 million to date -- surely as much of a holocaust of the spirit as it is a holocaust of innocents in Libya.

Anonymous said...

Turkey is soon due for its very own zio-flag surprise party, courtesy of Mossad & Co.


Lee said...

We are all Gazians, and if you don't mind, Norwegians too. If anyone would like to show support for the terrorist victims in Norway, here is an email for the Norwegian Consulate in San Francisco.

Geir Tonnessen
Tel. Dir.: +1 415 364 2211

Cell.: +1 415 350 6014

Royal Norwegian Consulate General
20 California Street, 6th floor
San Francisco, CA 94111-4803

Thank you Les and all the rest of you.


Darius said...

Hi Les
Just love this article and the recent Smoking Mirrors.
The cracks, both great and small, are appearing by the day in the facade erected by the Chosen People.
When the push against Israel finally comes it will come from the north and the tanks will have Turkish flags on them.
But for the present, tell me if you can when you last saw a police officer talking about them as described in this article: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/sex-suspect-protected-20110906-1jvzw.html
From little things big things grow.

vixen said...

In answer to "Tom Lowe said"

Interesting that you include the truly disabled and retired in a heap with what you call deadbeat users of the system. If you had any awareness then you would know that the Social Security System was set up as an Insurance program that seniors paid into their entire lives. The fact that the people in charge used it as a giant Ponzi scheme does not reflect on those that paid their dues. That you call these people “do nothings”, because the ravages of time took its toll on them reflects on your intelligence. How dare you call it an entitlement program. The correct term is Insurance!! And when your money fails, let’s see you keep selling your worthless stamps and postcards when there is no demand and maybe no world wide web on which to hawk your wares. Get a trade, be a carpenter, grow something. And don’t grow old and become a deadbeat.

est said...

i find it remarkable
that anyone

thinks iran
cannot defend itself

in a flip version
of the great battle

we are actually, once again
going to fight what's outside us

while most of us here
know where

the victory
is truly won

another arrow, please

Anonymous said...

For sure, its going to look insane to all of us. Even those willing change now, still havent the mind to see its outcome. The other half might be too crazy to care but your right, times up on that lot. If that wouldnt make you go fast and take a bunch of chances, the ZOTA pack is pulling out all the stops.

Its like a dial to turn up the heat. For some reason the Skeksis are banking on something mighty big happening, why else are they running the whole thing into the ground. Its all got to go sister, guess burning it to the ground first seems a better reaction for the crazy mind.

Im guessing the monstrous act soon to be played out on Palestine is the last act in ways. ZOTA and UN will soon put Gaza back on the plate and force us to watch them eat and kill it.

At that point if no sizable reaction by free sovereignty loving groups nations what ever, fails to materialize, lights out (or should I say lights on for the Atonist

Im saying some force of human nature will bite back, but how much?

Either way the Zioboys stay on the top of the heap, if the world is changing and they fuck the world over with their (our)own hands and tools, it looks just like the cosmic real thing. You see the masters of the light are hoping we watch the drama they create instead of looking at the changes happening within the person or self. They win, you loose, come again.

After the shock of change passes the sick crazy stories of the "bad guys did it they fuck up the world that why it changed for the worse soo fast." That story will let the master Skeksis start over again as the masses will have a tangible object the hate and fear again, instead of dealing with the hate and fear within that the "real forces" of change are thankfully helping us to see at workout.

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

est said...

@7:31 am

let me explain it to you
in the simplest terms

if you have nothing to say
and drag it out endlessly

you might be a fruitcake
or it's a paid position

(I dare say it's a good thing there are more than two pairs of eyes around here, by golly)

Dear est (from the last post),

Poet, as you know, there is so very much that goes unseen by most.

Time is running shorter for all by the day. Thank you for taking the time to give me some of yours. Awful kind of you. Some might even say, gentlemanly.

You take care now.

*tips hat**

Peter said...

hey mr visible,
i stumbled upon this song today, thought you'd dig it
what would it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?

lol wv prept (prep) t as in prepared?

Anonymous said...

@ est

P.S. I totally didn't understand the rest of the stuff you said about duct tape and hooks and all that. Or cake and compensation for that matter. Sorry.

*tips hat**

DaveR said...

Tom Lowe said...
"... I have had a standing opening here for someone to learn to sell such items on eBay and make money, yet no one is interested. Sheeple would much rather have an entitlement check, do nothing, and continue moaning."

I'd be interested unless I need to be in California. I'm getting pretty good at this location-free thingy. I did that for about a year for somebody selling (and buying) antique lamps. Get in touch?

Anonymous said...

Libya = Water - Quantum of Solace.

.....of course 144tonnes of Gold & sweet Libyan crude, the best in the World......ah! The World is not Enough............all prayers for the Ancient Capital Istanbul....The Great City of Constantinople, home of the Santa Hagia Sophia. peace

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
ta for that, darius. said syndicated media outlet does let some readers comments critical of you know who. drip drip drip. (modied rendition of Oz tune "Clip goes the shears boy, clip clip clip ", to "drip goes the tears goy, drip drip drip", til the cup overrunneth)
The Lying Rodent
at the Howard Memorial Assylum for the Criminally Insane, who is yet to get his shock therapy, cops some flack in comments.

trivia: as I read this post a big eagle (2m wingspan) swooped down on my chooks in front of my house, me and the Rooster dispatched him (I take full credit, cockadoodledo, the Rooster was merely where the action was), aforesaid criminal mastermind sat in the tree 10m ahead unruffling his/her feathers and flew off with 2 youngungs in tow. no meaning implied, but I am sure there are meanings everywhere all the time. beats TV anyhow.


wv: bilersla . bile, burp, drank too much at a spa.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I started reading your post half way down, and I immediately knew after just a few sentences you were talking about California. Being a lifetime(almost) resident of that state, I agree with everything you have said about it and its criminal leaders in Sacramento and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Um, those links gave me just one more reason why I left California when I did. I was born there in 1951. It always breaks my heart.
Mo Visible

Darius said...

Hi Les
I case people can't find the link on my earlier comment, here are some key quotes:
PROMINENT members of the Melbourne Jewish community lied to the police, covered up an alleged sex scandal and protected a man accused of repeatedly molesting children from a school in St Kilda East, a court has been told.

Twelve alleged victims - who were aged between seven and 17 at the time the crimes are said to have occurred - knew Cyprys through Yeshivah College, where he worked as a security guard. Some also took karate lessons taught by Cyprys after school.

Detective Senior Constable Lisa Metcher said Cyprys was supported by ''high-standing members of the Jewish community'' who did not say anything when the alleged offending was canvassed. ''They failed to act in any way to protect children and the matter has been swept under the carpet,'' Senior Constable Metcher told Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Asked on what she based this, Senior Constable Metcher said: ''Based on the lies told to police and information that has been twisted and covered up.''

She said there was a high risk these supporters would help Cyprys flee the country if he was released on bail. Cyprys had told her he was ''unable to locate his passport''.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/sex-suspect-protected-20110906-1jvzw.html#ixzz1XFP2ee4K

Love it.

Anonymous said...



Islamophobe, Arab (true Semite)- hating, Arab/Muslim murdering land thief, narcissistic "chosen-one" exceptionalist, sociopathic treasonous seditionist, zionist (Israeli or otherwise).

'There is no greater nazi than an anti-Semitic ashkenazi.'

"You who call yourselves Jews, but who are not, you are the Synagogue of Satan." Jesus Christ

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

To Divine, to Intuit and to Comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Barry Jennings said that as he was trapped in WTC7, “I started praying to Allah. I said, that’s it. We’re gone.”

Therefore, Jennings was a Muslim, unlikely to accept the lies of the conspiring jews:

Dov Zakheim
Michael Chertoff
Henry Kissinger
Amit Yoran
Jeremy Kroll
Jerome Hauer
Maurice Greenberg
Menahem J. Atzmon
Paul Wolfowitz
Joe Lieberman
Richard Perle
Douglas Feith
Robert Zoellick
Michael Mukasey
Ronald Lauder
Larry Silverstein
Frank Lowy
Philip Zelikow
David Frum
Ari Fleischer
Lewis Eisenberg
John Deutch

and all the rest of their fellow treasonous jews, crypto-jews, and non-jews at the top of the U.S. and New York governments.

I here state that all those jews I listed above are ultimately directed by the supreme jews in the world, the male Rothschilds, who have reigned over international banking for 200 years and thus funded the giant subset of world jewry’s rise to their current level of control over the USA and the world.

Americans, true Americans, truly patriotic Americans — with brains:

Where are you?

DomOracle said...


what happened to the Cassiopaeans (good Laura)- did it happen to you?

If ever you had any substance hidden in your drool, it should happen inevitably.


Visible said...

I'm sorry, i can't do cryptic at the moment.

Visible said...

Alright DomOracle, now I see. Please go away and do not come back. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm always so happy when I see you have a new blog entry up. I make myself a fresh cup of coffee and then just soak up your latest piece of art.

One of my little pleasures. Thanks Les.

What is happening to us is exactly what has happened to the Atlanteans. A people can't evolve technologically without evolving spiritually. The two should go hand in hand. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

Visible said...


criticism is one thing and none was offered. What I got was vituperation and nasty language. You haven't got a leg to stand on and I'm not printing what you said because you just want to stir up a hornets nest by insulting me and the readers who I don't think would take kindly to being called asslickers among other things. Going out of your way to assure me that you are not a Zionist troll and having zero constructive to say, outs you. Goodbye

Tom Lowe said...

Hello DaveR,

Yes, you bet I can do that with you wherever you are. If Les Visible would be so kind as to forward my email address to you, we can get started. Or you can find me on eBay as userid postalviews and contact me through one of my listings.

Best - Tom Lowe

Anonymous said...

via Homer

Repeating itself is an accurate definition of history.

This can be taken to an extreme when seen as time.
An extreme which is virtually impossible to imagine much less comprehend.

Yet the incredible reality is we, all of us, have been along for the ride the entire time and most, the vast majority will keep on spinning along for Who knows how long.

Many things are describable as eternal temporaries.

A fitting example of an invariable variable is the built in guarantee of material technology being synonymous with human devolution, not evolution.

Just stuff to ponder..

Sim said...

Tom, DaveR, all:

If (and OK, this might be a biggish if) you are a "follower" of this site (and this applies to any site with the followers" gadget - here, it's in the sidebar) - then you can easily contact one another by clicking on the relevant picture within that gadget.

Tom Lowe said...


Please go soak your entitled 'haid'.

Anonymous said...

I just have a question: has anyone here been seeing 11:11 a lot lately?

If yes, have you ascribed any particular meaning to it?

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to see people wearing either a T-shirt with a flag, like the American flag, but with 50 blue hexagrams and blue stripes
(indicating who really runs this country) -OR- a T-shirt with Osama the Patsy on the front and Obama the Puppet on the other.

I'm afraid you'd have to be pretty brave, or foolish, to wear a shirt like either one I've described in todays political environment.

John C (UK) said...

anonymous 12:10

re 11:11

yes, about 4 or 5 times every week, usually in the am. This has been going on for a couple of months and has been freaking me out slightly.

wv: ousness - i don't know where to start with that one


Visible said...


I'm looking for your comment which i just posted and now cannot see. Did you put it on an earlier post or is blogger playing games. Actually, I don't see any of the comments that I just posted this morning. I'm sorry if I didn't handle the exchange as well as I could have; no worries and no memories remain concerning any of it. Carry on and my sincere hopes that things improve for you.

JahJah said...

This is my first time here and I commend you on a well written article, also there are some equally interesting comments although I'm not sure why Gathafi's revolution to free Libya from a tyrannical empire rooted in the Kingdom of Judah has to be viewed as an inside job. The house and lineage behind this madness has manipulated wars and bloodshed for thousands of years, it has been the innovator behind so called peace keeping organisations like the United Nations and the League of Nations that have used illegal mandates to do violence to the Palestinian people and reclaim the Holy land just as the UN in 1948 declared Libya should be independent from its colonial rulers, Great Britain, Italy and France. This UN declaration led to Libyan independence as the United Kingdom of Libya under a constitutional monarchy ruled by King Idris. Interestingly the City of Benghazi which was instrumental in Libya’s 2011 rebel up-rising against Gathafi’s regime was also the central location for the implementation of the puppet Libyan constitution back in 1951. Back then those controlling Libya merely changed their mask, this is what they do, people eventually “wise-up” to them, so the illusion of change takes place but in reality nothing really changes at all, this was why Libya remained one of the poorest nations in Africa under Idris whilst her massive wealth was plundered.
Gathafi was inspirational enough to unite soldiers and the Libyan people to overthrow colonial control. He nationalised Libyan wealth and began re-distributing it back to the people - years later this wealth would be used to develop the African Union as well. Gathafi sent the diabolo scampering with its tail between its legs and the humiliation he caused shouldn’t be underestimated. Libya was added to a “to-do” list. Gathafi’s actions, which put the people of Libya before members of his own family showed that his revolution was inspired by freedom and was not merely another passing of wealth from one hand to another. This is why they went after him under a blanket of lies and erroneous resolutions and so called justice – this is why they are hunting him down. A clear indication of the level of corruption is mirrored in the actions of the vast African Union who unanimously called the International Criminal Court and the Western media sham for what it is - lies and deception.
Gathafi may have become corrupt over the years and may well have been complicit with unsavoury things but compared to the Manchurian despots that have bayed for his blood under a mountain of hypocrisy and misinformation, Gathafi has been a saint. The standard of living in Libya before NATO reduced it to rubble was as good if not better than some aspects of Western society - literacy rates, education and health care in Libya put the United Kingdom to shame. It’s no good standing back and watching our armies under the influence of this evil intent bomb, put under siege, pillage and then destroy sovereign nations and then say “it’s nothing to do with me – it’s our leaders”. When they attack Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine and soon to be Iran, Syria, Egypt, Turkey etc on the frenzied six o clock news how different are we to the Germans that never raised a voice in protest to the train loads of people rumbling into the death camps.
Gathafi was right to call the UN Security Council the “Terror” Council. As Martin Luther King once said "I often laugh at Satan and there is nothing that makes him so angry as when I attack him to his face and tell him that through God I am more than a match for him”

Anonymous said...

@ John C (UK)

Re: 11:11

Ah yes, many-many people (including myself) are experiencing the 11:11 phenomena.

I happened on an article the other day where Ellen Degeneres named her new record company ElevenEleven, because she's also experiencing it.

Here's an article I found:


JerseyCynic said...

i'm always late to the party Thank you Les -- you've cleared a lot up for me here

@Lapin Sauvage -- READ THIS!!!
Breaking Out of a Bifurcated World

Shape-Shifting and the Spaces in the Middle

"Amalia Deloney: My understanding of movement has always been universal and that migration was never just about A to B, as in the immigration narrative. It was always about global migration or global movement from many places. I think about this movement a lot, in different pieces of my life. Like, how do I show up in a space or not show up in a space? How do I occupy a space? And how can I be in many spaces equally at the same time?

I've gotten to a place where it's not so much trespassing, it's maybe not even squatting, but I feel like I'm a shape-shifter. Whether it's code switching, with language, whether it's mimicking what I see around me, it's not about a lack of genuineness. It's about reflecting what's being fed to you and at the same time having the double consciousness to be in a whole different place internally and to have both of those realities at the same time.

When I think about what that means for the work I do, to who I am, there are traditions you can draw from. Mayans have a concept called en lak etch — it means “you are my other me.” It's a concept that is rooted in a belief system that we can only come to know ourselves and communities in relationship to one another. It is not just about the individual, it's the collective. Or, as Angela Davis calls it,

“It's about thinking things through, together.”

There's the concept of nepantla — this idea that the space in the middle is actually a space, a place in and of itself. It's not a place going to anything. It is a place to be and become all at once.

How do you hold many yous all at the same time within one person? How, as the Zapatistas ask, “do we create a world where many worlds are possible?” Where in the work that we are doing in communion with one another do we value and teach that and not subvert it? I've had some interesting conversations that border a little bit on fetish. There's a piece of me that's like, how much do I want to share, because I don't want it to become quaint or interesting.

Roberto Bedoya: I really love the shape-shifting concept. I run a public arts agency. It's a weird mambo because I'm working with such a broad range of concerns, from the symphonies to the grassroots people, and I've always thought the job has been about making the space. I am perceived as an insider by the general public because of my agency's status. Yet I have a high threshold and love for the outside. Maybe it started, as a little kid and my sister, loving Little Anthony and the Imperials singing, “I'm on the outside looking in” and later Patti Smith, “Outside is the side I take.” So, I flow in that zone. I'm comfortable there, between the inside and outside. What does it take to be a shape-shifter? How do you move in those spaces, loving the in-between, the interstices in anything that you do and being mindful of it? That's, like, fierceness.

Who defined the world as bifurcated? It's complex, and I live in complexity. The economy is showing us all the fault lines of our civic infrastructure, and they're all collapsing. Not just culture, it's railroads, it's health care, it's all collapsing. And my job is to imagine the plural, coming out of this collapse. You know, I feed the people who do the imagining.

Risë Wilson: I think double consciousness gets hard. I have to create a third space so that my whole self has somewhere to live, because everyone else has asked me to be either/or. That notion of a bridge, that A or B, it just doesn't work. It's both/and. But until we actually create a larger space where both/and can exist, then there's this kind of third space to hold ourselves, where sanity lives.

Brownhawk said...


Brownhawk said...

I wrote a book, "Masters of Illusion: The Awakening of Man" (soon to be an e-book) In it is my take on 11:11. To briefly explain it here, I think it represents a deep spiritual message through its indication of the controlled containment of an existence (the matrix) we are experiencing. The 4-1's represent what we call the 4 "elements". Together they can be made to form a square, as in the containment of a box. But the true reality of "elements" exist (as do we) in a timeless realm of what I call in my book a "Coalescence". I believe this is the reality we are moving into and hints of it occur when we look at digital clocks to see "what time it is". True "time" is to be liberated when the "box is blown apart".

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Why does everything always have to contain some secret esoteric message or hidden revelation?

Most everyone ignore the truth in front of their faces and in their hearts yet seek and strive for some magical nugget of esoterica which would not even if it were real mean squat as compared to what is palin as day every day all day and all night.

Why can't 11:11 (a perfect example) be exactly that.
Eleven minutes after eleven.

Just as 4:34 is thirty four minutes after four.

7:11 is eleven minutes after seven.

And on and on and on..

Twice each and every day these numbers, and many many other clock numbers just plain ARE.

If six turned out to be nine,
I wouldn't really care about that, either.

And I certainly wouldn't dare discuss it, philosophize about it and so much other nonsense over, say, a chicken salad sandwich..

You want to philosophize?
Want to find some esoteric meaning?

Start there.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

9/11 and The Big Smoke and Lie Machine.

Anonymous said...

“The fools and rascals of modern society have no knowledge of the extent of the responsibility of the government. Animals are also citizens of the land in which they happen to be born, and they also have the right to continue their existence at the cost of the Supreme Lord. The disturbance of the animal population by wholesale slaughter produces a catastrophic future reaction for the butcher, his land and his government.”
Srimad-Bhagavatam, Canto 4, “Instructions by Maharaja Prithu.”



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