Sunday, March 31, 2013

Manly won't Mind but You... Had Better get a Clue.

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I know it's tough out there. Because of the effect of the external, our internal should be our greatest concern because that's where the problem really is. It's how we relate to everything that is going on around us that determines our relationship to it and how we feel about it. Do we feel overpowered? Then we are overpowered, at least in our minds ...and if we believe we are overpowered that is half the battle already. The enemy doesn't even have to work that hard does it? If we are so disposed, due to telepathic invasion when we were young; not to mention being unaware of it, for the most part, we are vulnerable in ways we can't protect ourselves against. This imbeds a predilection toward reinforced negativity in the way we think, feel and act. I should know, it used to be the case with me before I used Nature's most potent scouring power on all those dubious locations. It didn't happen overnight.

Things slip through to us, if we are paying attention. They slip through to us in poetry, literature and even movies like this one. The monsters feed on Fear. It gives them power over us. If you don't fear the monster then you are not feeding the monster and it is only a matter of time before the monster begins to decrease in size until, well, do the math.

Things slip through to us in dreams. Things slip through to us in what people say because something is slipping through them on your behalf. This sort of thing happens a lot but we don't acknowledge it. This is because we have been seduced by the counter argument. We may not think this is the case but how else do we account for our depressed mood and propensity to despair in the face of cartoon monsters?

I write this today because I have noticed lately that there is a certain segment of the readership that has bought into the 'no exit' mindset. This makes you an unwitting tool on behalf of those who oppress you. One of the great metaphysical lights of the last century, Manly Palmer Hall, who, no doubt, will be excoriated by those uninformed about his contributions ,once said; (to paraphrase) “There is White Magic and there is Black Magic. There is also gray magic and that is the magic performed by a large portion of the population who are unconscious of it or its effects on their lives and on others. Gray Magic serves the interests of Black Magic and can be considered an ally in it's camp”. I extemporized a bit there but I'm sure Manly won't mind.

I don't give two rat's asses to a pile of weasel shit, whether someone is a Mason, a Wiccan, a Pagan or a Christian. I'm only affected by the quality of their work and whether or not it added to or took away from the cosmic effort on behalf of human liberation. What any organization might have in it's earlier days and what it got hijacked into over the course of time are two different things. Whether some members of any group are corrupt is not a matter for debate, it is an observable fact. Whether certain members may be decent human beings, unaffiliated with the corruption that exists around them, is a horse of a different color ...and something that gets overlooked by the witchburners and tunnel-vision operatives is that there is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

One of the things that evil does, besides seeking to subvert the weak links in any chain; given the fertile environment that the Kali Yuga provides for this sort of activity, is to put all orders and associations, visible and invisible under a cloud of suspicion. The truth is that there are groups and collectives who tirelessly work for the greater good of humanity. We'd be in much deeper shit without them.

While the wicked seek to push yet one more Chalabi down our throats there is a percolating vitriol, burbling beneath the surface of the moment. The cosmic imperative for our liberation cannot be hindered, only delayed by our complicity in our collective enslavement to what is not real. However, this force is inexorable. It will triumph when the time arrives. So, regardless of your present state, what is real remains unchanged. Certainly, eyes deluded by the sad magnetic resonance, with all of the false objects of desire, will remain so imprisoned, until the appointed time, when what is not, is swallowed up by what is. For those intrepid souls who are capable of the requisite optimism and possessing the determination to keep a hold of it, 'Now' is the appointed time.

I don't know how to put this any better, or more clearly, than I have been putting it for some time now. Let's just consider the words of one of the greater teachers of humanity; not that most people pay attention when they hear it and not that they get the real meaning and implications of it most of the time; “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world”. In companion with that is the direct assurance that if a particular force is with you, who can be against you? I live by this and it has proven out. I don't need to be convinced. I already am. This is why I continue in optimism. If 90% of the world is washed away, I will continue in optimism. Riddle me this, how is anyone's state improved by pessimism. You can attract sunlight or cloudbanks. That's your call. You can bemoan the state of the world and your own sense of impotence and helplessness in the face of what? The whole point of this particular adventure; the whole point of 'the purpose of demonstration' is to make you aware of your access to a greater power. Through the ages, classic examples have found this in many ways. Some of it is mystical, some of it has a serious scientific basis. You can argue religion and whatever other excuses you have for not looking behind the curtain and... religion happens to be one of the curtains but... there's something there, if you persist in relentless inquiry. I have made contact. I am not in doubt about who and what permitted this whole dreadful extravaganza, for the purpose of demonstration and... education. Your state is directly dependent on your level of awareness. Your state is directly dependent on your level of awareness.

Don't argue, comprehend. Don't be a ping pong ball. Don't be a pinball. Don't bounce from pillar to post. That is the ongoing dynamic of the world, maintaining you in a state of confusion. Be certain. How can you be certain of something you don't understand? Well, ask yourself how can you already be certain of all of these other things you don't understand because... surely, if you understood the rest of the things you now take for granted, you would have control over them wouldn't you?

This is why I am a practitioner of 'casting out thought'. That's on automatic pilot now but... back in the times when I was persistently engaged in this, I would occasionally find myself in these wide open interior spaces, where absolutely nothing was going on. It took a little while before I realized I was not alone. Once I had removed all the furniture and the chattering entities, seated in various locations, whatever was unmovable remained. In the time following that, I found something out. The essential resonance within becomes hidden and it's transmissions compromised by the chatter that goes on over the top of it. It becomes very difficult to distinguish between who and what is communicating with you. This is how we get misled. Then we wind up arguing about the irrelevant. First we argue with ourselves, then we argue with others. There is no argument. Ergo, the process is pointless.

The chattering entities within, are directly connected to invisible transmitting towers, that broadcast the accepted lies of our time. Sure, it sounds crazy and unacceptable that there are invisible transmitting towers but you are certainly aware of the visible transmitting towers that are broadcasting the accepted lies of our time. 'As above, so below', refers to the different environments of the seen and unseen. The seen comes out of the unseen. This is all easily proven by simple reflection upon the seen and a consideration upon, “where did all of this come from”? If one wants to understand one can. If not, there are a multitude of diversions that exist to confuse you, for as long as you are comfortable with that. This is where most of us find ourselves, moving from day into day, through the same old same old; world without end, because it just goes on and on, welcoming you into another permutation of the same old same old; “Hello sailor”, “why don't you come up and see me sometime”?

I can't account for what others think and say and do. That's all predicated on their state of awareness. Until that changes, things will not change and... the same old same old still applies. I've got no interest or investment in the same old same old, precisely because it is the same old same old.

Hopefully, there was something of value in this circuitous monologue that came out of nowhere, like it usually does. It's not nowhere though, 'this' (surrounding you), the rest of all this, is nowhere. If there is a nowhere and... most of the people who come here will acknowledge that, then, according to the laws of displacement and opposites, 'nowhere' postulates 'somewhere.'. I don't personally have any problem with any of it because, no matter where I go, I always wind up in the same place, just as soon as the furniture and the entities sitting on it get evicted again. Is this a great system or what? Find yourself a system and beast the system. Find the system that works for you and employ it. Could I possibly be more clear? No... Have a nice day!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too Big to Jail and too Prone to Fail

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It was a full moon last night, or it certainly looked like one, Ahroooooooooooooooooooo! It didn't feel like one and then I thought, “it's full in Libra”. Most people don't know that the term Li-Bra is derived from the breast halter of the goddess, Libra, nor did they know she was originally called Li because this constellation was discovered by the Chinese. The reason for naming it thusly is because the interior meaning of the breasts of the goddess, are Wisdom and Understanding and the halter holds them in balance. This was the inspiration for Shakespeare's quote, “the quality of mercy is not strained, it droppeth as a gentle rain from Heaven. This is also why a fairly large number of men feel like they died and went to Heaven when they get to nuzzle between the hooters.; what the first quote means is that because of balance, the goddess is never in a situation where she has to proffer the milk from only one breast, thereby straining. Some pundits believe that it actually has to do with straining the milk to remove clotted substance but I don't think the universe works that way.

I was thinking last night about the three people responsible for me getting another side of the news. Michael Rivero is a tireless warrior. Sometimes I see entries going up on his site when I know it has to be 2:00 in the morning there. Other times it's 5:00 in the morning. Well maybe he has elves.

Jeff Rense works day and night and he's been doing it for many years, as has Michael who began when Clinton was in office.

Across the pond we have Rixon Stewart, I don't know his schedule but he pours it on as well. The reason I mention these people is that, “no good deed goes unpunished”. People get all hot and bothered and, for all I know, wind up touching themselves too, about particular features of the lifetime of these men, or some stance they have on an issue. In any case, I'm a 'by their works ye shall know' them kind of guy and no one out there can tell me they haven't been informed about something from one of these guys at some point in their search for answers. None of us are perfect (except for me, maybe... heh heh). He who is without shins should break the first bone, as the saying goes. One of the main problems we have, in terms of a solution to our problems, is our suspicion and animosity toward one another, never realizing we are on the same side. Don't focus on a person's shortcomings, that's the hand they were dealt. Conversely, when you consider ocean liner crocodiles like Rothschild, Warburg Soros, Blankfein and others, attention must be drawn because they are badly drawn. They get to play the enemy of humanity. They get the perks that go with that and they get the due rewards as well.

A lot of our problems, as I have stated multiple times, is that we only see one side of the Mobius Strip. Then we make the assumption that that's all she wrote. If you have just once seen the size of Libra's breasts, you know she's not going to run out of statements. I remember that comment, “gentlemen, we must hang together or we shall hang separately”. Oh yeah, something to keep in mind. You can be aware of various versions of the road Jeff traveled or any of the others but... what are he and they actually employed at? These men could be doing all kinds of other things. I personally don't care if someone does something in order to 'look like a good guy' as long as they do that something and it's not counterpunched by a greater amount of sidekick evil riding alongside.

Moving right along to the Number One problem on the planet; Satanic Central Bankers too big to Jail because we as the public are too prone to fail. Things like this are the logical outcome of Bankers and corporations running the government. Yet, wonder of wonders, they're getting nailed for it. Anonymous hacked the Mossad files and exposed the identities 30,000 employees of Baal. Now the article is under maintenance. Positive things are happening but so are horrible things, crawling like sightless worms, out of the pen of Glorious Leader Homeboy. There should be little question that Monsanto means 'my Satan', or that Eugenics is a primary imperative of the 'too big to die' crowd. Of course Mr. 'rich enough not to give a fuck' Bill Gates is right on board for that with Lizard Man, David Rockefeller, ♫Lizard Man! and I think it's going to be a long long time♫ Bill wants better protection against more dark skinned people. It's unfortunate his parents weren't employing a similar item.

Still, light is breaking in all kinds of interesting places. The Pig-Mucus Golems are warring on each other, it always happens when evil gets to a fever pitch and sets about destroying itself. We know they got into the business of managing both ends of the information highway some time ago and not even the author of the piece is free of some suspicion, given some of the odd takes he employs on occasion.

The trick with controlling the exposure of sensitive information and alleged secrets is to expose enough to give the impression that it's a legitimate font of truth and then not expose or even mention what's really going on. You'll notice Israel is seldom mentioned in Assasnge's transmissions, unless it's in a positive light. Regardless, the evil ones are getting caught out; whenever an article says, “It did not further have details on who they were”, you know it is Israel.

Things like this are truly unfortunate.

The most enduring pastime of a politician, is lining their pockets and looking out for their own interests first. It's why they got into the game in the first place, so this should come as no surprise and that significant majority of politicians in the west, who have “owned by Israel” tattooed on their impressive behinds, are also taking care of the usual business as usual, which is attacking The Constitution and The Bill of Rights and whatever they are told to do, by those who do own their ass, either by financial force or the result of blackmail, from various sexual events set up for video by their masters for that very purpose.

Keep your shoulder to the wheel of promised and certain justice. Keep your eye on the prize of self-realization, which is the reward of righteous endeavor. If you can't toil in search of the light while surrounded by darkness then you don't deserve to find it. Eventually your determination will power up the miner's light on your forehead. People don't realize that when they are digging through the darkness, the actual darkness they are digging through the darkness of their minds. Resilience, endurance and determination are powerful allies and they attract powerful allies. Think of them as archetypal beings that you resonate with by your practice of the same and know that this resonance automatically attracts them.

One of the best things about these uncertain times is that the light is coming toward us, as we strive toward the light. That is why negative false- self-centered souls are seeking out dark corners in which to hide, practice and perform their selfish and malevolent acts. Light is going to find them too; burning light. It's all the same light but the effect of it is determined by your relationship to it. All of this can be mathematically proven by those equipped with the necessary equations, just as it can look like mumbo jumbo to the voodoo heads. To those devoid of truth and reality, both of these considerations look insane. To those who are insane, sanity looks insane. This accounts for all of the crazy shit going on in the world and the aggressive push for sexual dysfunction as the higher form of expression, rendering what is normal to the status of a perversion. Those who cheer it all on are either compromised by it, or running around thinking themselves enlightened due to their liberal and embracing view of all things toxic, dressed up in a new suit of clothes, or coming to you in a fancy bottle with a designer label. Then you wind up with Jennifer Aniston instead of Saraswati. For some that is preferable, except where the sex of the blowup doll doesn't meet their preference.

The basic unit of society is the family. Job One for Evil is to destroy that construct and replace it with some kind of Hellraiser, S&M Stepford Wife combine. Pinhead is coming to a living room near you. Break out another bag of deep fried, Chicken Fried Butt Rings and a bottle of that special sauce. Roll out another 55 gallon drum of of Coke Zero. They don't lack for irony do they?

I know it can be hard to do the right thing and walk the right way, when everything else is going the wrong way on all sides of you but there are more of you and I than you think and our numbers grow every day AS A RESULT of the efforts of those out to suppress this raising of consciousness. Everything they do, turns against them eventually and we are now entering the dimension of Instant Karma. Unfortunately because of the necessity of it, we don't see who's behind all of this unpleasantness until they come right out on to center stage and perform it in front of us, which they are doing now. There will be no possibility of any of them saying, “Hey, I didn't do nothing”, while pointing at the guy standing next to them. That's something they'll be getting into too; “He made me do it”.

So as April approaches, the predictions of all of those insisting that March was the period when they usually do their bad shit, will have to be passed forward to some other month. If Eliot is right and ”April is the cruelest month” well, there you are. We'll see.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Wu Wei, Aft Gang Agley and Whatever's Right

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I have been giving some deep thought to conditions over recent times; something I probably should have been doing before I got caught up in some of it. It's always better to reflect on things first, before acting on them, unless they're right there in front of you and demand immediate response of one kind or another. Often that isn't the case and we just react anyway. We act in haste and repent at our leisure. Sometimes I wish I knew more but I don't for, "very good reasons” as I have been told so many times.

I thought I would take a short journey around the net to sites I am aware of and check the pulse of the times, as it expresses itself through the people engaged there. I was fairly surprised at the confusion,rage and frustration that I encountered, even though there's been some amount of that all along. It seems to be everywhere. People in general are going through a lot of difficulty that expresses itself on different levels; sometimes on all of them- mental, emotional and physical.

What I also noticed is that there are what seems to be organized bands of internet thugs, intentionally stirring up trouble, setting people against each other. Sometimes they argue between themselves for display. From what I've been able to glean, they are professional trolls in the employ of one faction or another, of the same overriding group of affiliated Nazguls. What I have also noticed is that while I am on my guard against one faction, I can sometimes get temporarily sucked in by another. Then I defeat my own purposes of attempting to stay above the fray and just stay focused on hammering the same points over and over again, which is what they do.

Seems like their most favorite tactic is character assassination. It doesn't matter if you hew to the line in most things, if you represent something they are trying to kill out in the human spirit, they will come after you, because the best way to destroy people's faith in something, is to tear down each and every icon that seeks to resemble those states of being.

I watch children a lot but generally surreptitiously because, these days, just watching children can draw heat. There was a time if I walked into a public restroom and saw a kid in there, with no attending adult, I would walk right back out until they left (grin). You may think that's over reacting but I personally know people that got set up like this. It worked out for them, thank their lucky stars, because the perpetrators weren't slick enough but... it bears thinking about.

There's a lot I haven't talked about, concerning malicious actions directed at me, with the intent of disturbing my home life, messing with my artistic output and other things. I'll admit, I haven't been as disciplined, aware or wary as I should have been. I tend to have a certain amount of supreme confidence that they can't do anything to me of any telling amount. This has required me getting stitches on occasion, metaphorically speaking, because, no great amount, no telling amount, can still add up to appreciable damage.

I'm thinking about taking a break from all of this after the next Origami, so as to assess and analyze what I am up against and the way I go about dealing with it. Part of me just wants to wade in and go toe to toe with these feckless swine but... that's a mistake right from the outset. That way of looking at things will get you into Pyrrhic difficulties. My basic nature in terms of conflict has always been to be purely defensive, based on the maxim that evil destroys itself and also that aggression loses the majority of its force when not met with the same. If I was trying to raise a child, besides the one I am presently raising, which is myself, I'd make sure he learned Hapkido, while taking Aikido at the same time. This has the benefit of giving quick observable results, while the zazen and dynamics of learning how to fall take place and the boredom is neutralized because the Hapkido is so cool; speaking from the mind of a 12 year old; something I actually do with some frequency (grin).

What I'm trying to say about all the tension and nasty doings by the shit golems, is that we are presently in a time where the potential for making false moves, or engaging in something we will regret, is at an optimum. I would recommend that everyone reading these words, take some time in this day to consider what you are feeling, what passes through your minds and consciously release all of it; the good, the bad and the undefined. If you are successful, all that will remain is what is real.

Every legitimate spiritual discipline has, as one of it's cardinal tenets, either the emptying of the mind, or the focusing of the mind on a single process or image. One could say that until this has reached some degree of efficacy, you're just spinning your wheels and you won't get anywhere. The only exception to this is Bhakti and that turns out to be a process, so...

At a certain period in my life I used to say, a lot, “whatever's right”, in response to queries about things where something like that might apply. It got to where this resulted in things going right to a noticeable degree. May be I shouldn't have let that go. Lately I've had this behavior of, “shoot first and ask questions later” on unguarded occasions. Of course this results in my not always being right. Then I wind up beating the shit out of myself because no one is harder on me than myself.

The more I look back on events that have transpired in the last several years, the more I come to understand that they were unavoidable. I say this because, prior to anything of a certain nature happening, I often knew in advance what was coming but could not alter the course. When I did not know, the course was set in any case. In every case there came, upon later reflection, the awareness of a definite cause and a definite result. The definite result COULD NOT have occurred had there not been a definite cause. This was powerfully illuminating to me, comprehending this in that way, when a simple mental process, that usually results in an expected permutation, all of a sudden opens a trap door and a little genie pops up and hands me a Kewpie doll . I definitely love those moments.

Across the wide spectrum of people from countries all over the globe, who have traveled with me in these blogs, over the course of time, there are various collective takes on me. For the most part, this has to do with people's individual takes on themselves. That is how and why 'the resonance' works here the way it does, 'most of the time' (grin). I'm a little concerned about myself at the moment; being clear headed has certain drawbacks. That may seem disingenuous but it happens to be true. When I say concerned that's not the right word because I am not concerned, it is more like, I am aware. Given the massive uptick in emails of late, I would have to say that the same thing is going on in some amount of the readership and that some of these readers are saying and doing things a bit out of character for them and the cosmos is providing opportunities, at the same time, for these things to happen so... I am advising the reader as I am advising myself; step back and assess. This is a very critical period for all of us and significant pressures are at work, in concert with our being here. This does not mean, automatically, that I will suspend my posting. that might just continue as it has and I will have the necessary moments for introspection.

The long awaited shit hitting the fan is on the doorstep now so... don't open the door. This is in reference to all that's been said in this posting so far. We must all be watchful at this time and we must consider where we are, in proximity to what is, very likely coming, given the general intransigence of the general population. If the alarm doesn't wake you up, other measures must perforce occur. Don't let the sun come up and find you sleeping (parabolically speaking) and don't let the sun go down on your anger. Much can be repaired if we engage it early and especially not add unto it. There's a definite propensity for that in the air right now. For myself, I'm thinking of getting in touch with my friendly astrologers (grin) but what good will it do, beyond what can occur by listening to my interior stars?

They call Hollywood actors stars and part of that is due to their charisma. They feed off of the attention of their admirers and it gives them a noticeable glow, which is also a false light. Some number of politicians and religious leaders have this as well. It accounts for their being able to do a lot of things they shouldn't be doing, simply because a large portion of the public believes they wouldn't be in that position unless they were meant to be. There is another light that is acquirable, but both lights require ignition, either through shaktipat, or Old Scratches benediction. In one case, the current goes in one direction and in the other case it goes in the other direction.There are only two directions and there are seven portholes, where the force expresses itself. On the one hand, the practitioners are mainly operative through the top 4. The other faction works through the bottom 3. Since this is Kali Yuga, or at least the fading echo of it is still paramount at the moment, one should be able to intuit which faction is having the most influence, 'for the moment'.

Hopefully I have conveyed how important self reflection and self analysis are at this juncture in time. You can be sure I will be engaged in it as often as is possible. I would prefer to sidestep Savonarola Avenue, as well as Rasputin Boulevard (I can already see Talmudic snakes, coiling around those terms and getting into position for a little projectile vomiting). I can see where I've been unconsciously flirting with things similar but far less identical, inadvertently. Contemporary malefic forces are truly sneaky. You have to take your inventory every day. Luckily, I have a monitoring minder, who clues me in when I get to certain margins that are not always visible. They're there but they might well be vibrating above or below the bandwidth of your eyes.

We are basically all good people, the majority of those who come here. I've met a few dozen of you, while I was abroad, but mostly here as a result of visits. I have been suitably impressed and even surprised. You come from different walks of life. Some of you are relatively poor and some of you are doing quite well. Most all of you have big hearts. This is crunch time. May providence and whatever Devas are looking out for us, be powerfully engaged on our behalf.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Doomed and Clueless Rich in Freefall

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

News of rapidly advancing poverty in America is starting to appear in the media. Not by accident, things like this are also appearing alongside, or further down the page. Signs of conspicuous consumption by the clueless rich are readily available to see, at least in the media. It's doubtful that 'you' will see any of it up close. It's ironic to see the conspicuous consumption of the fatuous rich, behaving as if they've gotten their due and don't mind hooting it up in the midst of terrible economic times for the rest of us and painting a giant target on their backs. They don't see this? Why don't they see this? They are not permitted to see it because they are for the purpose of demonstration. They party down like there's no tomorrow, waltzing by all the want and desperation of their fellows that they had a hand in creating, believing that the orchestra is playing only for them. Who could possibly need solid gold toilets and wash basins? Who needs an eleven million dollar watch, does it tell a special kind of time? It tells time alright but they don't know what time it is, or mind the hours and days that pass as they dine in their private mortuaries, already entombed, already dead and dead in the only way that really counts. What does it say in the Bible? “ For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his only soul”? If you Google or Bing this, you can see how the many differing versions alter the text and meaning. This has been happening at an accelerated pace of late and significant quotes have been either changed beyond recognition or disappeared entirely like, “even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived”. So, logically, who does this mean he works for? Swish... nothing but net. Well, it's still there but not like it was a couple of decades ago. Why change it? It's not about any one specific change, it is about a series of changes incrementally applied.

You dig into the first level of appearances and new things emerge. Few choose to dig to any depth, afraid of what they may discover about this world and, more frighteningly, about themselves. Is it true? We'll see. There are no limits to the appetite of greed and behind the backstory, there is always the real story. There is a vast library of offenses that seldom come to the public's attention because the presses, both media and currency, are owned by the people committing the crimes, or are employed by them. How do you get the attention of people who don't pay attention and who, even if they were told and shown the evidence, would say, “Go away, I don't want to know”? Good question., I submit one sinkhole in Louisiana and all the implications forthwith. I also submit the New Madrid fault line, courtesy of BP and the Royal Family, along with assorted 'don't give a fucks'. I submit the looming California earthquake. It's on deck and soon to be seen. Count on it.

I've had this dream a few times. I know it's a real premonition because of the details. I am walking in LA but it's not me. I'm occupying someone else's consciousness. The dream is presented in hyper reality so that all of the details are sharp and precise. Most of the dreams I have like this, which don't come often, are always of this visual quality. I'm on a residential street and suddenly everything goes quiet. I can even hear the quiet and I sense the minds of all of the four-legged and winged creatures. There is an extended stillness that appears much longer than it really is. I can feel the animals begin to move at speed for some other location. I can feel something coming. The ominous sensation is one of extreme dread and helplessness. After what seems an age, as I stand there frozen, the ground begins to move beneath my feet. It's like being in one of those children's blow up, party castles, only there are no rubber walls to bounce off of. Then it is all confused for a time, as the Earth ripples and undulates beneath my feet and then I hear something like a hundred express trains, moving on parallel tracks and the dread moves up several octaves, into sphincter loosening fear and I turn to look behind me and I see in the distance, above all of the buildings, an enormous wave of water, hundreds of meters high, coming toward the land and... me. The dream pretty much ends at that point. Even now I can close my eyes and visualize it. That's how strong it was. ♫standing on shaky ground♫

I had another similar dream where I was in Peru. II might actually wind up there. I was on a plain below the Andes mountains. A descendent of the Incas was sitting on a rock playing a flute and the music was visually moving up to the sky. There were 30 or 40 people strolling around and the grass was an iridescent green. Every color had a surreal glow, unlike what we see here in ordinary consciousness. I looked up at the mountains and between two cliffs I saw these winged sphinxes, like extremely high definition cartoons, bouncing off of the peaks. There was this sense that the world had changed in such a way as to be unrecognizable as its former self. Thing's happened before and after this but I am unable to remember them. A sense of powerful awe attends these forgotten moments and this dream also comes up on me with an irregular frequency. Both of them seemed prophetic.

We have been lulled into a sense of false security because so many of us thought that various things should have happened some time ago. For many, the passing of 2012 was a landmark non event. So many things continue to tremble on the verge and many of us have reached an accommodation concerning this. It's a form of uneasy complacency. Be not deceived. The reason for this inexplicable (boy, I sure seem to like that word) extended time period, is that it is an opportunity from providence to get our act together. It is also there to give us a chance, all of us (as if we have not been given so many chances already) to rise to the occasion because many of these things do not have to happen. They do not have to happen. They will only happen if there is no alternative and that is up to us, both collectively AND individually. Whatever the fate of another, it does not have to include you. Don't let the wrong magnetism overwhelm you. There are all sorts of practices that one can engage in which neutralize the pull. What needs to be remembered is that when we are not consistent in this, the negative magnetism does not take the day off. Evil doesn't rest. It can't.

There are various ways to look at the world. You can see it as random happenstance and many people do. Viewing it from this perspective robs it of all meaning and plays havoc with moral compasses. You can see it as an orchestrated symphony, with a conductor, this connects you to the inner ear, so that you can hear the music and the byproduct of that, is harmony. You can see it as flat inevitables of the observable stages. This steals your joy. Due to the manipulation of Christian scriptures, many people believe that they have only one life. This is absurd and I won't even get into the argument(s) to the contrary. What is true is that a human birth is more rare than most imagine it to be and yet... this does not have to be the case. One needs only to properly focus on what is real, according to the footsteps of those walking in the right direction and those are not hard to find because in that direction there are not many footprints. ♫Try to make it real compared to what?♫

Run with the crowd and die with the crowd. Walk the solitary road and disappear from the eyes of the world. Every one of us has a spark of something within them. What we lack is ignition and that comes about through mysterious contact. Of course, having a piece of flint and an industrious nature, you never know. There is not a one of us who might be reading this that lacks the possibility and as I've said by analogy; if you pick up the guitar and play at odd intervals for half an hour here and there you're going to get the degree of ability and performance you put into it. If you're at it for a few hours a day the results will soon be significant and if you play all the time you will be able to do it at a professional level soon enough and that translates into every area of endeavor that the mind is capable of imagining, no matter how decent, useful or productive it may be, or how indecent, useless and not productive it may be. That's how it works. So many people go around bemoaning their state. Often times they are trying to succeed at something they have no emotional connection to, so where's the charge? Where's the connection? ♫connection, I just can't get no connection♫ Even if you have to work for free at something you do feel connected to, you will find success or be routed toward some higher octave of the same.

People talks about the laws of Nature and fail to realize that they are aware of only a few of them. This should be a concern. Who is going to hip you to these mysterious laws? Well, consider the source; where do they come from? That's something Lao Tzu had down and he was rewarded commensurately for his due diligence to what's important, as compared to what amounts to pissing into the wind. The story goes that, disappointed with the state of humanity and recognizing there was nothing he could do beyond what he had done, he got on a water buffalo and rode out through the great wall of China to parts unknown,. Before he was allowed to leave, the door warden, who was also an initiate, prevailed upon him to sit down and write out his wisdom, on whatever medium they were using back in the day. Thanks to him we have what we have today, where it sits, for the most part idle, while Kim Kardashian and Piers Morgan do their dog and pony show, on the main stage, under the big tent. It will always be a matter of priorities and the personal determination of what those priorities are.

Your real progress and attendant rewards may be invisible to you for some time. That's to sort out the uncommitted and insincere. Once past that period of trial, you only have to put one foot in front of you and keep your attention on the light. You'll know when you've gone off the path because you won't be able to see where you're going anymore. That should be evidence enough for anyone but... strangely enough sometimes it is not. You would think that the pornographically rich would realize that they should keep their excesses private but they cannot. You would think that the Zionistas would realize that what they do is best performed under the cover of darkness but they do not. You would think a lot of things would occur to a lot of people but... so it goes.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Exit Bags and Unseen, Hidden Entrances

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Certain online manufacturing entities, are making these things called 'exit bags', which are for the purpose of suicide. This is the first I heard about them, while having tea in the kitchen this morning. Switzerland, along with, I think, The Netherlands, are two of the few places where assisted suicide is legal. For those who can't afford the expense, exit bags are for sale online. I'm supposing that this is available for those seeking a quicker departure than the slow suicide, in which they are presently engaged as a result of terminal lifestyles. The incremental increase of planetary stress, combined with the 'no exit' mindset, of so many entrapped in their mortal minds, which cannot provide the escape hatch that awaits all those who have put the illusion of mortality aside is playing havoc with our ability to see clearly. This is no easy feat to accomplish. It takes a persistent effort of remembrance. The mind has to be reminded with relentless consistency that appearances are unreal but that what is behind them is not. The way appearances show themselves to us and the way their meaning is interpreted, is all the result of an assumed perspective that is, by parts, the result of peer pressure and the impact of materialism. Swimming against the current of the human tide would be impossible, were it not for a particular imperative that assists us on our way.

This particular, emergent type is becoming more and more prevalent in these days. The human consciousness is being hijacked by those being forced out of their astral hideyholes into the material sphere. This accounts for most of the crazy behavior being demonstrated by formerly, more or less, sane individuals. I observe it taking place in the wider world and I see it operating in my own small sphere of existence. We're up against it at the moment and if we submit to the way things look we lose the more steadfast potential of the objective position.

You know that the media is lying to you. We have absolute proof of the lies that have led our countries to engage in gratuitous wars for the profit of bankers (needs to be said over and over). We have incontrovertible truth that Israel was behind 9/11 and strong evidence of their involvement in the London Tube bombings, as well as the Madrid Train Station bombing and the 'so-called' terror attack in Mumbai. ICTS was handling security at the first 3 events listed. Quite ze coincidence eh hombre? We can readily assume that they are pathologically focused on ratcheting up the stress world wide through ruining the employment market, the housing market and the financial well being of the general public. There is a multi-tiered war going on and you are the targeted enemy. You're not just being targeted in the aforementioned zones. You are being targeted at your dining establishments and your dining tables. You are being targeted at your medical facilities. You are being targeted with fear based lies and unending disinfo in your media. You are being dumbed down for the purpose of control in your educational systems and driven into debt for the purposes of enslavement. Your constitution and it's amendments, are being attacked by your legislature and the courts, who are all compromised by blackmail and phony money, being printed by the criminal counterfeiters, who own the financial printing presses. We know this. This is all proven and indisputable.

Can anyone imagine that there are not insidious, hidden technologies and activities geared toward making you a helpless pawn in their nefarious schemes? These claims are hardly the progeny of paranoia, when the evidence is piled higher than the mountain of bullshit being produced each day by the shitmeisters extraordinaire. The word is getting out. This is no accident.

This is an accident, or the result of not paying attention (grin). I did this myself once, truly ripped and peaking on acid in L.A. Thankfully I was in my apartment at the time and not in some public restroom. You can only imagine my distress and the temporary pain experienced, when I took the only course of correction available to me. Ah, what a relief it was!

I know that a certain element of the readership might well be wishing I would branch out into other areas of exposition. Surely I could find other things to talk about. Yeah, I could. I could talk about, “how pretty the flowers, how pretty the hours, how pretty you, how pretty me”. I could let those willing to turn violently against me when I don't allow it, put a defining robe around my shoulders and call me guru, simply because they find it difficult to access the voice within. I could do that instead of dramatically acting out in rejection of this because... the time and place has not yet arrived for that.

In these times, most pretenders to the throne, all sorts of thrones, are more than willing to take the unfortunate shortcut. They figure they can fake it and reshape the words and teachings of the bonafide fountains, who have come and gone. Religion and the metaphysical realm are big business. One might say it rivals the illegal drug trade and it is also tax free. My god, they're almost corporations (grin). I watch with equal measures of chagrin and amusement, those charlatans who pose as what they are not. I have had the good fortune of meeting real jnana yogis and other extraordinary beings. I know the difference. That is how I come to know that I am not ready to sit among them. This is a critical awareness that all presuming representations should possess. It can save your ass and other parts of your being, by giving you the proper humility of insight, which will protect you against claiming positions and titles you are not yet deserving of.

There is a particular transformation that must take place before one is authenticated. It is unmistakeable and it comes in due course to everyone who is unflinching in their dedication and determination. Preempting the natural accretion of the qualities necessary for representative mastery, is... a very bad move. Don't make this mistake. If you have to act in whatever way is available for you to dissuade others from conferring upon you, what is not legitimately yours, do it. The fallout from that will not be nearly so great as the fallout which attends shoehorning yourself into a caricature of the real thing.

Those of you who read the book Aghora (be advised, he has two other fantastic books in the same vein) know that the province of the unknown cosmos is not nearly so narrow as the uninformed may believe. Meher Baba, when traveling in India, used to make a special trip to see the 'masts', who ran around naked and looked completely insane but are defined as God-intoxicated beings. They were his favorite people. Imagine someone behaving that way in the U.S. Consider some of the events and conditions described in Aghora. Imagine being present for a number of them. Uh huh. I am certain that few people are aware of the extremes I have gone to, to establish a connection of a certain order. It's the most important thing in my life. Number 2 can't even be seen from this perspective. It's the only way it works in any case. People are free to fool themselves otherwise. It's a personal affair regardless.

Pretending that certain things don't exist, or simply being uninformed about them up to the present moment, has nothing to do with whether they exist or not. Claiming that the Sun rotates around the Earth does not compel it to do so. Believing something that is not true, is no asset when in the pursuit of what is real. People of this persuasion are as they are, due to wanting the universe to conform to their expectations, instead of the other way around. Sooner or later an epiphany shows up on their doorstep. How it interprets itself, is dependent on the degree of denial in situ.

Because we take our definition of what is real from the world around us; the material world, we do not see a rather enormous amount of things not “dreamed of in your philosophy”. Because of demands of the ego, we are prevented from acquiring the means by which to control and understand it. There's nothing wrong with having an ego. You'd be hard pressed to exist otherwise. The concept of getting rid of the ego is bullshit and causes no end of harm. Coming to understand it transforms it into a useful tool. That is the proper course.

Far too many people refuse to believe the truth about 9/11 and the other related events, carried out by the same band of flaming psychopaths. It's there to be discovered, should one be so inclined, as are the connections between it to the perpetrators of all of these events. People do not want to see what is so because it requires an acknowledgment which they consider dangerous to their well being. Actually, not acknowledging it is what is dangerous, because this maintains you in subjugation to the unreal. Seeking the real, provides a protection against the forces arrayed against you. Denying it makes you immediately subservient to the forces deceiving you. Once again, the shadow has no power but what you give it. We compromise and waste our existence, due to cutting a deal with things that are not responsible for our existence. They are only responsible for the fraudulent part of it.

You might think of your life as a compilation of data on a CD. There's a certain amount of required experience. The reaction side is open for varieties of response, based on the quality of your awareness. There is also a time code on the CD. Coming into sync with the best possible course, in relation to your required experiences, is the key. You can't do that if you are in denial about the obvious and furthermore, you set yourself up with certain unavoidable encounters on the road ahead. One must see things as they are in order to see themselves and others as they are. That's just how it is.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Talking 'bout the Spawn of Satan that moves Among Us

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May your noses always smell out the truth, which leads you in the right direction.

It's wonderful to see that our institutions of higher learning are engaging in the kind of research that the ordinary public can gain extraordinary benefits from. Of course, then there is Penn State that protected Jerry Sandusky and allowed him to flourish, like some kind of ambulatory, poisonous nightshade. Speaking of the administrators, their jobs and the paychecks provided are just more important than their honor or integrity. The lesson we can take away from this is that the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State are being funded and run by powerful and depraved interests. This is not untrue of a great many universities at this time. They are hotbeds of unreasonable philosophies and devilish research projects, as well as recruiting grounds for Satanic, intelligence agencies and soul and flesh devouring corporations. One of the things every fascist state has to seize control of, early on, is the educational system.

You don't teach in these environs unless you suck the devil's dick (sorry about the image but it is all too appropriate). You seldom lecture in these locations, unless you're a parrot for some vested interest. It's the same as it is in the music and other entertainment industries. It's rare for anyone presenting the outspoken truth, to get a contract or a forum, in which to disseminate their message. Instead we get sold out whores, who perform as perverse parodies for those taken in by shabby glamor and juvenile stage magics. By now, any intelligent person knows who controls these venues and that is an indisputable testimony to their motivations concerning the rest of us.

I give the goings on in the film and music industry a casual eye, as I go from day to day and I notice things. I'm not going to go into the details of how I came to certain conclusions because I think the reader, most readers, is/are familiar with what I am going to say, or can intuit or research the matter, on their own; Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are all tools of the dark side. They are joined by a bloated number of their associates, who equate the desire for greater power and exposure with, 'by any means necessary' and there is little they won't do to get what they want. Hollywood is a steaming swamp of Satanism and Scientology, along with every possible expression of sexual perversity. It's worse than you know. In most cases, people gravitate toward all of these things because it grants them entree to the circles where the movers and shakers hang out.

As a result of the novels I write, I have made a serious study of sexual psychopaths and their connections to governments, established religions, law enforcement, mass media and the entertainment world. The connections are there and can be found by anyone taking the trouble to look into it. It's a well known fact, among those of us who have taken the trouble to research it, that anytime a scandal breaks, in which children are sexually abused, disappear, or ritually killed, in the process of the investigation, the investigation gets quashed, once it starts to enter into areas of inquiry, where the influential and important are to be found. This has been the case all over the planet and especially so in the U.S. and the U.K. What you can intuit and presume from all of this, is that there is a fairly large cabal of powerful individuals, who engage in the practice of ritual Satanism, for the purpose of self advancement. Particular forms of behavior are required, in order to cement the practitioner into carrying out the will of those running the operation. These cells of demonic enterprise, are linked internationally and woe betide the occasional leader who doesn't go along with the program.

You can tell yourself it is pure greed, or the lust for power that provokes the terrible behavior of those set up to rule over us but it is a universal constant that the desire for these things, eventually leads to the source of these things.

I know there are people out there who dislike me for my inflexible belief in a higher and lower power but I've seen more, far more than enough in my tenure here to come to any other conclusion. I have engaged with both sides of the dynamic more than once. What anyone else chooses to believe is not my affair. The truth of what the truth is, will be revealed in its own time and these are the times in which such revelations occur.

Back and behind the veils that obscure antiquity from our view, there existed high magics that were given to those who proved themselves worthy of this benevolence. The original intent of the Kabala and similar forms of practice, was to enable those so equipped to converse with the angelic realm, also know as The Devic Realm and thereby to receive inspiration, concerning all manner of things that would benefit humanity. Those so empowered were sworn to codes of secrecy, lest these very powerful conditions and abilities fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, for all of us, the Kali Yuga was in play and the propensity for corruption, on the part of some, who had formerly been good and noble souls, was greater than their resistance to it. Some portion of abilities came into the possession of twisted characters and they reversed the force for personal power and gain, just as one's Kundalini can be reversed and which thereby leads to all manner of sexual perversions. Within certain groups there are practices engaged in that awaken the Kundalini for no other purpose but to reverse it. Kundalini, in one manner of expression or another is the active force of the universe; just to give an idea of how potent it is. It is capable of destroying all illusion and also, when reversed, manifesting illusion for the purpose of mass control. This is what is taking place in these times. It's about to meet up with the same force that always appears when the human race is in its greatest state of peril.

Yes, humanity has a hero but this time it is coming in the hearts of the population, through collective awakening brought about by the cosmos in your hour of need. Sad to say, this is not going to occur in everyone. Some are just too embedded in and devoted to the materialism that owns their hearts and minds. It's no different than it has ever been. It may express itself in a new drama but the realities are the same as always. So is the condition of the collective, diverse and superficial faith of the populace when confronted with that which inspires fear in the place of understanding and confusion in place of clarity. These states are all constructed by the human agents of the enemy. It looks hopeless. It is anything but.

We are surrounded by awful disasters like this. Our leaders are cowed and controlled by demonic imperatives. We don't know what is true or not true and most of us are chronically incurious. Knowledge is attended by a responsibility that most people want no part of. “I don't want to hear about it, go away”! These things come about because of certain proven and indisputable truths. The continuous violent oppression of the Palestinians, the theft of their lands and the intention to exterminate them all, has to do with their genetic connection to the land of Israel, which these imposters do not possess.

We celebrate the courage and conviction of Rachel Corrie in these days, on the anniversary of her death, at the hands of the Synagogue of Satan. She was deliberately murdered by bloodthirsty fiends, who gave the kill order from the shadows, where they live and from which they take their strength. The understanding one should bear away from this, is that these damned and depraved entities, are fed by the shadows and that the light has eternal power, over the presence of all shadows and that these shadows exist only for the purpose of demonstration and to test and prove who has the integrity and fiber to endure this temporary darkness.

Rachel Corrie was and is a great hero and she did not die in vain, though there are monsters among us who celebrate her passing; would that there were more of us, with such a mighty heart as hers. Alas, human frailty accounts for a large number of us. Materialism waves its wand of bondage, over the hearts and minds of those with too much to lose. Yet, everywhere we see them losing what they had. It is a truly unfortunate irony. Time and circumstance marches on from one outrage to the next. Strange events beg the inquisitive mind to wonder at their meaning. Those who provide you with the information you receive, concerning what they say is happening, do not tell you that all their vile machinations are beginning to fall down around their ears. Final exposures are on the menu as the world wakes up to who is doing what.

The whole production and and tragic comic performances in this movie, where we are all actors, is being played out for the purpose of demonstration. For those with eyes to see, the exit lights will also be visible, as will the apertures for departure to wherever your destiny may call you. For everyone else it will just get more and more uncomfortable, until they do finally wake up, or they do not wake up and they will see the meaning of that in the course of events to come. I've said enough, valuable to some and nothing more than an irritation to others.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A New Pope at Child Molester Central and Other Things

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The dogs bark but the caravan moves on. We have weathered many a storm here at these blogs over time. It isn't always smooth sailing. In this world, there are two basic types of people, with a few sub-categories. In the main, there are the people who seek the truth because it is important to them and they understand how the lack of it will cripple them in their movements and also determine the direction of their movements. On the other hand are those who want no part of the truth because it does not support what they want to believe, at the expense of the truth. In this latter case there is no cure for the condition, until the false perspective meets up with the truth and that will come with some severity of contact. This is a cosmic certainty. All anyone requires when anonymous primates throw shit through the bars of their cage, that confinement in which they have imprisoned themselves, is patience and fortitude, all of what is needed will follow after at its designated pace. Thank God for The Apocalypse on the one hand ...and a continuous mounting fear and darkness on the other.

The new Pope on a Rope has been installed as the titular head over at Child Molester Central. Tens of thousands of bleating, hysterical sheep were on hand, on site, or video linked, to celebrate the selection of another rubber stamping ghoul. Clearly the ones engaged in the shadow management of church funds are pleased with the selection. It comes as a complete surprise to me that this is the first Jesuit Pope. I don't think it necessary for me to get into what the Jesuits have been up to over the centuries, from their dark iniquities in the oppression of indigenous peoples, to the awful horrors visited on third world nations. This new Rope a Dope Pope has got the requisite bag of dirty laundry, attending him into the investiture. This is as it should be. This provides the levers of control for those pulling the strings. This is how it has always been. You put someone already compromised into a position of power and that power is exercised by the people with the dirty evidence on the stooge in residence. The comic ironies of this institution just continue to rear one ugly head after another.

These same principles of blackmail and control extend into the political arena, with monsters like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Bwak! Obama and just about every single stuffed shirt, corruption bot, scamming the system in these hours of transition. Behind these twisted freaks are The Central Bankers, the Satanic, Rothschild Nation and the multinational corporations. In concert with these vicious anti-human forces, is the cultural hijacking and manipulation of society, by political correctness and the celebration of any and all perversions that work contrary to the well beings of all of us; those aware of what is taking place and those terminally clueless, until the appropriate trauma surfaces, which it will.

I cannot stress this enough and I will continue to bring it up and bring it up and bring it up because it is critical to your operational harmony in the day to day and your survival as well. The major weapon of the dark side, is the manipulation of appearances. Their greatest power lies in their ability to convince you that what you see is real and what you see is being determined by them, through their control of the media and every other industry that impacts on the human consciousness. You have to establish a commitment to the mantra of 'things are not what they seem'. The whole extravaganza is just a groundswell of poisonous mist that the rising sun will burn away in due course, especially if it is rising in your heart at the same time.

It's a hard road to hoe, when you are surrounded on all sides by quasi-functional morons, who refuse to hear what compromises their pursuit of useless things and temporary positions of phantom power. That is the problem with delusion. It presents something as it is not. This directly leads to you becoming what you are not, followed by a belief system that stratifies and rigidifies, until you become tone deaf to the bells of freedom. You hear things that are being generated by malicious entities, for the purpose of seducing you into truly unfortunate circumstances. What you cannot hear, as a result, are those transmissions dedicated to your liberation and transcendence, out of the murk and mire of this desperate and dying age.

Another thing that has been mentioned here again and again, is what the real purpose of all this insanity is. Several portals are opening but we will concern ourselves with only two of them because all portals fall, by definition and destination into two general areas of being. Each of them is equipped with a magnetic resonance that keys into particular vibrationary states. If you are being sucked down into the material swamp, you are being ferried to a certain portal. This portal leads into a kind of dressing room where bodies and lifetimes are hung on racks, similar to the closet where your clothes hang now. These are the lifetimes that await you in the coming 26,000 year cycle. This is the result of going in the wrong direction and being deaf to all reason and useful assistance. If you are moving in the opposite direction and are magnetized by forces seeking to lift you out of this Karmic Boot Camp, you will proceed into one planetary system or another, based on your degree of awareness and relative level of freedom from any number of things. In some cases, not everything is worked out here but can be worked out 'there'.

The Amitabha Buddha is the central light of The Western Pure Land.


Should you have established a working communication with this being, you are allowed to go there and work out all of your karmas in that location without ever having to come back here ...or any place like this. You get reborn there. It's a sweet setup. Similar conditions apply in other venues of similar makeup, differing only in terms of doctrine and presentation, with the exception of Judaism, which equates to Satanism in the same way that Christian Zionist fundamentalism, equates to applied mind control which, by varying speeds, leads to dysfunctional insanity.

The appearance of world wide supremacy, by organized Satanism, is a demoralizing thing for some number of us, who are incapable of realizing its transitory status. They've been up to their low jinks for some time. Their controls of the currency production machines and the various organ of disinfo that give us the manufactured information most people accept, without inquiry or qualification, has imbued them with a terminal arrogance. It will get them in the end, believe what you wish. That they have been busy little scorpions is beyond doubt. Most recently, the following, 'in your face' perversion of justice was allowed to take place. These is no question these psychopaths were guilty. Here is more of the same, with a certain amount information and links not presented in the first one.

Similar depraved dramas are taking place all over the world in present time. However powerful they may appear in the moment, it is no more than the dying gasp of an enduring evil, whose time has come. We are moving through an ordained series of sequences, which are inexorably pointed toward a cosmic summing up. To those with random and ever changing focus, it all looks random and pointless. It is anything but. It's scripted and directed every step of the way. This is the meaning of, 'everything is under control' ...'for the purpose of demonstration' and it is why, “I don't know” is such a powerful and useful tool, in negotiating the snares and landmines of assumed, incomplete and imperfect knowledge. If you viscerally know that you do not know, you are in a position to be informed. If you think you do know, you cannot be informed because what is has displaced by what is not. I am routinely amazed by people's insistence that they know all about something they had, or have, zero evidence of or contact with. Usually these individuals are driven by malicious intent, or the desire for personal gain. No matter how unsuccessful they are in their juvenile efforts to shape the truth to their own ends, they always fail. The truth is not shaped. The truth is the shaper. You are either formulating your world according to the dictates and determinations of limited awareness, or you are in submission to a much greater awareness that guides and ferries you past every trap and pitfall. The one is doomed from the inception and the other is affirmed by a power no other force can route or restrain.

That life is a series of trials and tests is irrefutable. You come up upon the same tests and trials over and over again, until you acquire the tools and state of mind needed to pass them. I can look back and see some of these things that came at me hundreds of times, until I made the decision to give them all of my attention for as long as it took. Once done, you never see them again.

So... yet one more posting has concluded and we'll see you in the next one, if there is one. Be well!

End Transmission.......

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Marooned on the Planet of the Demons from Dumbass

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Every now and then, you see something so off the wall that it beggars the imagination. The very idea that this would ever possibly happen in any world known to us is ludicrous. We've had our share of shit golems over the last few decades but it would take some real effort to find one equal to the psycho frat boy. The polices of this demented offspring of one of the most evil families on Earth, cannot be over emphasized, in terms of the horrors visited upon the majority of us, in the aftermath of his twisted tenure here. His grandfather was instrumental in the production of World War Two and profited from the concentration camp slave labor. His father was one of the orchestrators of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and he ran the White House during the Reagan years. His wife and her 'beautiful mind', she belongs high on this list. His brother helped rig the elections that put this depraved piece of hyena shit into the White House. His other brother was in charge of security at the World Trade Center, when Israel attacked the towers and brought us to the state we presently inhabit. The Zion Crime Factory link is down again.

Now we got Bwak! Obama, a mass murdering, Zio-stooge, Banker Nation butt boy. Notice how so many name people support this piece of filth. The majority of the American public deserves everything that happens to it. This disgusting piece of rotting excrement, is responsible for the ascension of Rahm Emmanuel, Leon Panetta, Hilarious Clinton, John 'Wayne Gacy' Kerry, John 'drone killer' Brennan, Janus-face, 'Butch' Napolitano and a host of malodorous, bloated corpse, compost piles of varying degrees of stench and stink.

Behind these fiends lurk the likes of David Rockefeller, The Satanic Rothschild clan, Henry, 'Ed Gein' Kissinger and George, 'Albert Fish' Soros. Satan's got the welcome mat out for them, when their time comes, which will be fairly soon; vile, vile, evil creatures on their way to their final reward. It seems nigh on impossible to so many of us that this could turn out right but none of us and none of them are in charge, it's just appearances, designed to kill our faith and drown us in despair. It's working for a lot of people; sad to say. It's not working for me and some others; glad to say.

The thing is, it's been going on for so long that the sheer incremental passage of laborious time, eventually weighs most of us down. That's what it's all about. You get discouraged. Then you get frightened and then you get angry. Then you get whatever you get, based on what you don't get, based on wanting the wrong thing or just wanting, instead of having that confident expectation that whatever is going to show up is the right thing because you are not getting in the way.

It ain't easy to prosper in confidence, when the universe allows and permits inhuman dumpsters of chemical waste like Bush, Obama and their infernal elves to claim the seats of temporal power, to the dismay and distress of everyone who has to live under their barbed whips of torment. It is even more unpleasant to live in the midst of the mass of dumb fucks, who can't see anything wrong with the state of recent and present affairs. This loathsome and indefensible ignorance, is enough to send even borderline intellects screaming and running into the hills. Well, maybe not but... certainly intellects not too far over the border.

There really is no end to the degree of possible absurdity. A few years ago, none of us could have imagined this as possible. None of us could have imagined they would lay claim to the rainwater falling on our roofs. None of us could have believed that legitimized drone killings could be coming to the American mainland, or that massive concentration camps would rise up all over the continental U.S. None of us would have possibly conceived things like secret renditions, Israel destroying the World Trade Center, or taking over complete control of the American government, it's foreign and economic policy and pretty much anything else that's there for the taking , freely given by those entrusted to look out for our interests.

It's a difficult visualization to have to witness men and women in powerful positions, doing things that none of us could countenance, in our most deranged moments of dislocation, from the central theme of what is right and good. How can anyone, before the eyes of the world, terminally embarrass themselves like this? You really have to be on another planet. The kind of planet which, if it showed up in your horoscope, would be considered a malefic, If it were made into a film it would be called, “Return to the Planet of the Demons from Dumbass”, or perhaps, “Those Who Cannot Hear Must Feel”. How about; “Born out of a Rat's Ass and Fed the Afterbirth”? So little time, so many good ideas.

We've been talking about places to go, over the course of coming time and... I'll still have to keep all of this in mind because... sooner or later, the timer is going to go off and I'll have to find a place in time and space to operate out of, with a whole new prospectus on whatever it is that I didn't completely get earlier. Of course, if we persist in our persistence, this all gets exposed to us at some point, probably consonant with our own exposure. I think that's how it works.

Massive armored tanks are rolling through the heartland and the assland, courtesy of our ancient and implacable enemies. At least we are hearing about it all now. Not all of us are chickenshit cowards, or robot, Christian Zionists, who worship the vampires that suck their blood and are, by some kind of retarded pathology, capable of believing everything they are told, no matter how bogus and impossible it would appear to anyone with an operating intelligence.

It's all got to have something to do with these moments in time, with the fog, the miasma that penetrates the world to every one of it's corners, even though it doesn't have corners. Some of us are fully intoxicated by it and incapable of breaking the spell and some of us seem not to be affected by it at all. It's a real mystery. Though it may not be a mystery for those who can look into the obvious, while discarding the peripheral. I think it has to do with what inspires and attracts you, with what you put your attention on and with what your intention is. I've thought long and hard about all of this and can come to no other conclusions. It all comes down to what you identify as the object of your desire and where your treasures are.

I'll leave you with these thoughts, as I can think of nothing more to say. Times come and times go but the eternal flow never ends, we simply transform the ways we identify it, as we are newly identified on the other side of every passing change we go through.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Looking out for Number One while Drowning in Number Two

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is a time of great trial and turbulence. Dark doings are percolating beneath the false front of the unreal that overlays what is actually taking place.

The unmitigated greed that permeates every level of our society and infrastructure, is a rank testimony to the schweinhunden and scheise kopfs, whose intents and activities, betray a self satisfied mendacity and arrogance that has been permitted free reign for so long that they unnaturally assume they have an imprimatur to do as they please. After all, no one is stopping them. Every time they want more at the expense of everyone else, they get it. We’ve gotten used to expect this kind of thing and a part of us has acquiesced to the inevitability of it all. We've given in, in the main. There are only an handful of outriders monitoring it all. We are encircled by wolves and there are too few guard dogs but it will prove enough because our ranks swell every day. Our ranks swell because they have made it impossible for people to continue to live under the weight of their oppression. The public has nowhere else to go, except for those getting rich off of it all and they have painted gigantic targets on their backs. That's as it should be.

The pending dangers are exemplifications of 'push and shove'. The bad guys and those deluded into following and mimicking them do not know when to stop. They have a strange form of buck fever that has gone viral. The microbes that manipulate them, into ever greater outrages, are conscious expressions of a poisoned bloodstream, nothing short of a full transfusion can help them now. It is important that we remember that they are diseased and, sooner or later, it is going to bring them down, as they fall victim to the terminal cancer they courted, for the temporary prosperity of their blinded self interest.

Things like this are happening at every level of the corporate to consumer realm and there is no end to the degree of squeeze. They will squeeze and squeeze, until the dry husk of the vampirized public crumbles to dust at the final squeeze. They are vampires. It may be different than the classical personification but everything in operation and application is exactly the same. This terrible insanity has found it's way into the lifestyles and behavior modalities of the population. It's some kind of variant on the Stockholm Syndrome. This is counterpointed by that vile aggregate of Christian Zionists who have been brainwashed to such a point that they are unreachable in terms of true reality. They are wandering in a vast and endless swamp, following will of the wisps and those strange lights, composed of swamp gas and air bourne madnesses. They are doomed and dreaming of a rapture that will not come. The Jesus Christ they believe in, is no more real than the one the atheists do not believe in. These times are fraught with chaos and confusion. They are generating betrayal and indifference, under the guise of self preservation and detachment. The house divided is falling in its parts to opposite sides. We have been effectively turned against one another because of horrible fear and uncertainty that is being generated from the darkling deep in the astral plane. Until these areas are emptied and the occupants destroyed, we will be routine victims when we continue to continue in our ignorance of them. Some of us know about it because we are being told on a regular basis. Some of us do not know because we refuse to listen.

We lost a true hero and man of the people yesterday.  He was murdered by the central bankers. This is not a viewpoint shared across the board by the majority of us. The majority of us are deep in delusion and this delusion comes out of the burning need for self preservation and the feeding of self interest. When one is able to aspire to the greatest good for the greatest number of people, one is set free of this delusion. Selfishness underlays the majority of our erroneous thinking. Somehow, people got the idea that the Ayn Rand template of, “greed is good” and 'look out for Number One' is the epitome of 'enlightened' self interest. From the cosmic viewpoint there is no such thing as enlightened self interest. A narrow perspective is just that. It's called moving through life with blinders on. It's exactly what happens to livestock, moving through the chutes to the killing floor. Most of us have things upside down and backwards and because this view is reflected in the eyes and minds of our compatriots on all sides, we believe that this is the natural and normal way to look at life. It's not.

It's the creatively mad and the generously inspired among us that make the real difference in life. It's ten percent of us that get everything done and the other ninety percent are bounced from pillar to post on their way somewhere in some kind of ring around the rosy Quo Vadis. That nightmare merry go round of birth and death. The tighter you hold your fears and insecurities to your breast, the harder you are clutching and milking your mortality like some venomous snake that is certain to bite like Cleopatra's asp. The harder the clutch, the more certainly you are doomed. The lighter your touch the more true freedom breathes from your every pore. You can argue these verities with me as you choose but I don't see you making much headway arguing with all of those who have said the same thing down through the millennium to today, people with a lot more cred and longevity than I have as yet, have been more than passing clear about it.

There are certain flashing neon certitudes that must come to pass. The central banks must go. The corporations must be brought to heel. The super rich must be made super poor and Israel must join the ranks of the never was nor shall be again. The back of organized crime must be broken. The churches must surrender their preposterous fantasies and Satanism must go back into the pit and the entrance and egress sealed. This must and will come to pass, along with the end to child sacrifice, sex trafficking and the despicable fly by night organ harvesting.

Outrageous turnabouts are occurring all over the planet but we are not given to view them, as they are concealed in the tsunami of bullshit that afflicts us all. I found out this morning that my domestic situation had reversed itself again, at least for the next six months when it comes under review once more. WTF? I did not expect that.

India changed me in ways that might not be apparent to the reader but are certainly apparent to my immediate environment. So... no matter what treacheries and dark plots I passed through, it was all for the best. I can't get over to what a degree the universe has my back and it has yours too. It's just a matter of recognition. Recognition is the firm grasp of an invisible hand, pulling us, each and everyone into the new dimensions of existence. Will we hold on with the opposite of dear life to the hole we have fallen into, or will we trust in what we cannot see to carry us into a promised destiny so long denied us?

It's your call. The cosmos can only meet you halfway. If you will not walk the distance you can only watch from across the unbridgeable gap. My best wishes to all of you, as we make our collective way into the brimming light of the coming golden age.

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