Sunday, March 03, 2013

This Horse Needs a Rider

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Oh those charity balls! It must be a whole lot of fun to ball Charity. She spreads wide, till the pink inside turns green; money, honey. Money shots and money's got, or not got. The sheer spectacle stuns me, Billionaires, globe trotting around, lying on sumptuous lounge chairs, getting blown by the best in the business, while the world waits inline, but can't get in at the end of the tunnel to nowhere or is that, or is that Erehwon?

Down in the brownny wine cinders of a love that will not go out. I found the shadow of doubt on my doorstep. He said I had left this bag, which he had in his hand, back at the train station that I had just come from. I pointed to the tree at the side of the house and said, “Why don't you put it there, under the eaves of the ever-leaves. I don't need it anymore”.

I think we are all looking at that state which I call, Doomed to Departure. Another way to say that is , knowing the end from the beginning. Because the end will come around and I would read this one all the way to the end.

New song coming, only written a few minutes ago and only half complete but it gives me time to do this and the radio show, which I am already running late on but not really.

It comes down
like the dreams of many a lifetimes
it comes down
now down that hill
it comes down
to all of those lifetimes,
my children

you are sons and
you are daughters

brought forth born
on the sparkling waters
the unfinished dreams in the dry caverns
of your mothers and fathers
who fell down on their knees

and beat with a fury
on the ground beneath them
begging sweet Jesus
that Krishna would release

all the deva angels
so that one days special meaning
could put our fears away
on that day, on that day on that day

with the tongues of angels
and their healing fire
that we would climb that mountain
and set the cities free
We will storm the castles
all the billionaire towers
and we will drown them in flowers
and they will give us peace

we will have our weapons
all those broken rainbows
they cut like love under moonlight
we shall have our peace

from the tongues of angels
the words will follow
and stamp their feet
it is a long time coming

but it will come like a crying wonder
because our loving mother
wants to let us go free
into the treasure ship
of the dark waters of our kindred keep

She is unchained now
oh they bound her in chains
they broke her wonder
they broke the rainbow
the shards are our weapons
we will have peace

and the truth,
rides a horse called Thunder
she comes down on the plain
naked on her steed
she will bring release
she will
give you peace
I know I know
she will give you peace
and the truth will set you free
I am that horse and she is my rider
on my back is where she will be

Wren these words above your head
let it be in this darkling night of starlight
lay down with me darling
and let these things be

It's all crimson and clover
it's just blood and nature
running silent in the subterranean sunlight inside our skin
they have bought and owned us
but not for ever

we are coming down that mountain
unto the shining sea
the rapture of the waters
and the cleansing dolphin
who take the terrible toxins
into the gills of agape
and the suicide dreams
of all the goddamned bankers and lawyers
and politicians and police
there's a new pope coming cause the old one is running
He's running for cover
but will soon discover that that there is no where to hide
I'm just a horse at the crossroads watching the lies go by

Truth is my rider
and your sons and daughters
across the waters,
they will bring you peace

it's no longer
ancient china
some Japanese despise her
their narrow almond eyes are wider
than the channel to the Indian seas

we are joined together like a chain linked letter
as a reminder for what we needs must see
there are no humming birds coming
to the sushi restaurant in tel aviv
they like the honeysuckle wrapped
in a bloody broken knuckle smashed
into a Palestinian face
because they are the people of the book

What book would that be?
it is the book of life
go ask Dorothy about her red shoes
The Pope wears red slippers
when the pope's nose
from the turkey Thanksgiving special delight
Is given to the chosen
some kind of accidental circumcision
It's a choice cut from Thanksgiving
the pope's nose and
the pope knows
the pope knows

End Transmission.......

Visible and The Critical List: Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ Third World Bummer ♫
'Third World Bummer' is track no. 7 of 9 on Visible and The Critical List's 1993 album
'Jews from Outer Space'

Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

So sorry, there will be no radio show tonight. I was just about to do it when Susanne came up and wanted to watch a movie and now i am too tired and must go to bed. I will get it done tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

you will effect no change until you realize that love isnt a word

Anonymous said...

God is here. God has a divine plan. Everything is under control. It's all for purposes of demonstration. The days of the bad guys are numbered. Etc.

Tell that to the drool running down my chin as a result of barium poisoning; tell that to my constantly aching joints; tell that to my perpetually confused mind. Tell that to the toxic poison in the sky, a result of incessant chemtrail spraying. Tell that to the microwave energy being hammered into our heads 24/7, via Smart Meters and Wi-Fi grids.

Since God creates everything, then God created all of THAT, too. And the bankers. And the wars. And the devil. And the Satanists. And the buggering and murdering of children. All of it.

There is no God. That entire story is a ruse, designed for the minds of malleable simpletons and little children. Because if there is a God, he has been working for the wrong team - and he has been doing so for a very, very long time. And that destroys the entire argument, if you have eyes to see and a mind that has not already been made up for you.

This place we live in, is a living hell. Pure and simple.

The Cathars knew it, a long time ago - they taught their disciples that the earth was a level of hell, and if you look around and examine things, tell me that you disagree. I mean, deep down. Look around and tell me you disagree - I dare you.

This place is a prison for our minds, bodies and spirits. We are asleep in someone else's nightmare. We are prisoners held hostage. And we are food for forces that remain unseen.

God is the Easter Bunny. A little child could destroy the argument that God exists in a matter of seconds. So continue to blindly believe in those who constantly tell us that "help is on the way" at your own peril. There is no help on the way. We have to help ourselves. There is only intent, and its application. That's all. The groups among us who wield the most powerful intent, get to shape the world as they see fit.

Anybody who sits around waiting for God to "set the bad guys straight", or "make things right", is going to end up dangling from a gibbet (or worse).

It's wake-up time, children. The bad guys are winning, and they have been winning for millennia, and they are out to kill us all, and God is one of their most deviously brilliant inventions - and he is NOT showing up, because he doesn't exist. He is an externalized, fictional creation of an internalized force that exists within every single one of us.

We are Gods, each and every one of us, children - and we have the power to create entire worlds with our focused intent.

Wake up, children. Wake up fast.

Because it's High Noon at the Everything Is Not Okay Corral...

Alpha Silex said...

When this article was published last spring, I wondered how many of you guys saw it:

So, THAT'S what they make those communion wafers from! It was always a mystery to me until this article came out.

Visible said...

So sorry, there will be no radio show tonight. I was just about to do it when Susanne came up and wanted to watch a movie and now i am too tired and must go to bed. I will get it done tomorrow.

Visible said...

How can we be gods if there is no God. That destroyed your argument. And you are saying that something that doesn't exist is also something else that doesn't exist?
Sure... moving right along.

Visible said...

You will effect no words until you realize Love doesn't change.

est said...

of course love, is a word

but it's a verb, not a noun

Alpha Silex said...

I can't disagree with much of what you say there Anonymous. While I do not know this for a fact, I suspect that the aerosol spraying is being done to combat the rapid deterioration of the Earth's magnetosphere, ozone layer, etc. The protective veil, so to speak of out planet. Think about the literal translation of the word "apocalypse". A dramatic uptick of various sorts of cosmic rays have recently been detected, as well as a strong energetic emanation from the center of the Milky Way. Within the last year or two, scientists were shocked to find that the carbon decay rate in laboratory settings have changed, as well. Something that was supposed to be constant and never changing. While I at times liken this place to "hell", not everything we see is as it appears. A thought that came to me last summer was this: Children in a sense are nothing more than an extension of our ego. If we are the children of God or whatever you want to call IT, then we are just as much an extension of IT's ego. Maybe what we think we see as "reality" is nothing than a conflict within ITSELF and in order for the IT to reach its own highest level of divinity, IT needs to kill itself in order to attain it. Everything is internal when it comes to IT. We're just comatose brain cells, floating around between the front and back of it's universally infinite mind. I agree that everything is not okay, but all we can do is the best we can, while we can. Everything else is going according to a plan that we can not completely understand and in the end, we won't be "here" anymore, so enjoy the ride and get ready for the real show. This is only the dress rehearsal, so get your lines ready in the meantime.

Alpha Silex said...

Vis, I generally don't watch many movies anymore, but I came across a gem in case you didn't see it. "Idiocracy" by Mike Judge. I thought it was f'ng brilliant and one of the funniest I've seen.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

crikie on that dutch castration link... pooped into my head with the 50's navy kids photo "what shall we do with a lonely goat. hullaley hillaley hilalley who" from the Sound of Music ( my sheet music, submarine game, tribe productions and all). talk a bout misdirection (the priest might have benefited from that treatment) I wonder if they used the "offending members" for ritual?
thing is, if you do the right thing all along and stick with the program, even if you lose you win cause there's that warm inner glow and the assurance of some sort. if you deviate and hurt others, you get more of the same coming back to you, even if you pretend that's all cool for cats.
it doesn't seem like that in many many cases , but we shall see.
then there's the problem of the disconnected pathological types who get by these days under the anononymity (for all practical purposes) of modern life. tribes of old would have exposed them dealt with it summarily. tribes that didnt would have disintegrated (for all practical purposes). least in my fantasy land and the presumptions of evolutionary success/survival.

nice poetry there Vis. glad to hear it and glad to hear Suzie Q getting some priority there.

Visible said...

I saw Idiocracy. It was Hilarious.

I was going to post.movies with every post for the readers of gems that I have seen but no one said a word about it so I stopped.

People did comment about Kumare but I made a big deal about it. Off to bed. Man I'm tired (grin).

Alpha Silex said...

As you drift off to sleep, the aliengels will and appear and say, "Welcome to Costco, I love you"

flying cossack said...

@anon 11:17

you mix in saracasm with non-sarcasm, so your plot gets lost ... lesvisible uses his childish petulance to his great strength in perception ... unfortunately, he still uses it to his detriment too ... but he is growing, and will soon only use its benefits ... until that time, ill add perspective to your plot, because i like it ... though i dont think your imitation is accurate or necessary ... the bad guys' days could very well be numbered (if you grow out of this place, or if lots of people grow and this place becomes another place), i just dont think you understand lesvisible's ideas

any time you use the word god, it is important to define it in entirety or not use it ... since everyone has a different definition of god, we are rarely talking about the same thing

god=everything ... in this world, we have the evil, the ignorant, and the cowardly ... i havent seen any soul in this world free of all three ... since this world is part of everything, we can call it god's cancer ... if you want to join god's healthier parts, you will have to become healthy ... consciousness=accountability ... being accountable means you are aware of things (not ignorant), want to do the right thing (not evil), and take the action to stand up to evil (not cowardly)

it would be logical to assume that everything cares about everything ... so god cares about his cancer too ... probably sends healthy souls here all the time to help clean or educate the cancer ... every good prophet said to follow the truth, and you follow with them ... no one said to worship them ... one way you can tell what has been rewritten ... who these healthy souls are, i dont know, and dont really care ... you can only change yourself, you cant change anyone else

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, March 03, 2013 11:17:00 PM :

Much of what you write about is true, as far as the characterization of Earth's problems through the Ages. That includes the anthropomorphizing of God.

I tend to believe that all-God exists because of my own experiences. As I started developing, I became aware of unseen 'presences' - ranging from simple ghosts to ever more capable non-human types - as I gained the ability to 'overlap' with them. In case you're interested, I covered some in an earlier series of postings .

Now, no one will ever 'discern' all-God, because that takes a Subject and an Object (or See-er and See-ee... grin). At all-God level, that simply doesn't exist. I infer an all-God exists because the farther I go 'up' the more capable and 'spread out' the various beings become. Extrapolate that out, and you might get an all-God.

"There is only intent, and its application. That's all."

I see a danger here. It might be called an Aleister Crowley viewpoint. I covered it here , but pertinent aspects are repeated below.


As I worked my way up and down various consciousness levels, I noticed great differences among how beings on different levels viewed ‘Reality’. Toward the lowest, there was the experience of ‘individuality’, and the posture toward others that might be called ‘ego centered’.

Higher up, other beings ‘pierced the veil' and noticed that, somehow, ‘We are One’.

Higher still, there emerged the ‘knowing’ of anything ‘below you’ as illusion.

Finally (and paradoxically, immanently), beings approached the level where all literally is One.

Now, the crux of the matter (in my current estimation) lies between the last two levels. Yes, all is indeed illusion, below wherever one is ‘residing’. However, there are two possible viewpoints here:

First is that - since it is illusion - you should not be bothered about anything below yourself, and simply have a good time doing whatever you do on that level (including ‘messing’ with the lower levels, since they are only illusions).

Second is that - yes, it is indeed an illusion below you - but (since the illusion was ultimately manifested from all-God) it must have some form of ‘validity’, and should be ‘cherished’ or ‘worked with’ in some manner.

I am toying with the possibility that the former may be a kind of ‘origin’ of what might be called lizard-soul beings (i.e., “a pain and suffering perp”), while the latter may be the ‘origin’ of what might be called ‘true’ love-soul beings.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Interesting that I spent last evening contemplating the all god. Looks like this posting didn't go over well with some people. Funny how people develop the idea that I only owe then what they want.

Anonymous said...

Oops, somebody spoke the truth. And the herd jumped on him, and pounded away. This, children, is the Playing Field of Appropriate Thought and Behavior in action. Brainwashed robots who believe they know the truth, while being subconsciously programmed to pummel anybody who discusses something beyond the boundaries of what is deemed "appropriate" (i.e, beyond the boundaries of the playing field, i.e., the truth - because truth is stranger than fiction, and therefor, it is beyond the boundaries of the Playing Field of Appropriate Thought and Behavior). Google "The Magician's Sheep" by Gurdjieff. (Or Bing it, Google blows.) Then this concept will make more sense to you. I'm sure all you "truth seekers" won't mind the suggestion. After all, we're all after the truth, are we not...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible. Would you care to comment on Cap'n Spadgett's proclamation, that you claimed, in his presence, to be the living incarnation of one of the Seven Avatars - the final one, in fact - sent down to earth to save mankind? Many people read that piece of his, before his blog came down. (I wonder why his blog was taken down; anybody here know? Has anybody heard from him, or corresponded with him recently?) We all know you never lie, Visible; you have made this statement more than once. So I'd like to know what really happened there, as Spadgett obviously drank too much Kool-Aid of one sort or another.

Anaughty Mouser said...

'Charity and Prudence were last seen tied up in the back of an unmarked white van heading north.'

"long after US citizens finally realize the the so-called War on Terror, brought about by 9/11 (inside job), was a sham that had targeted them all along, their rights, their freedoms, their guns, and begin to rebel; and the nation begins to break apart...the oil depotier infrastructure their taxes created, their military died for, the reduction of all Muslim states in the region to the stone-age, will be left to its planned benefactors: Israel and its creator, the City of London."


Before the problem can be solved, it must be identified. The problem is 0.02% of the world, ex-Khazarians, create and lend out the world's money at interest which can by definition never be repaid. The ensuing poverty and corruption of all world leaders is paving the road to hell on earth for the 99.98% of the rest of the world.

'Mr. Rothschild, step away from the economy and put your hands in the air where we can see them or you will be shot dead.'

Visible said...

I never said that to him. I don't know how he came to say it. Unfortunately, I never read the blog posting, thinking that, what could he have said that was bad since nothing bad ever happened? Susanne read it and didn't say much about it and so I took that as a guide. I should have gone and looked at it, my mistake. So many weird things are happening, friend turning on friend and there have been recent episodes as well.

I don't know what to do about any of this except to just keep on keeping on. I've put his betrayal behind me. It is so strange. There was no sign of any of it whatsoever. He just up and split. We were getting along fine, I thought. It makes no kind of sense but... I definitely did not say that. I would have by now said it to other people and I have not because that would have come up too. Even when asked about that very thing, of whether I am the avatar, as on the radio show with Amarynth, I said, "No". I don't know what anyone believes at this point but he has done me serious harm and given aid and comfort to my enemies. It is shocking that someone I trusted would behave in this fashion. I was sent the blog posting of his and all of the comments but have yet to read it. Maybe I should but there is a part of me that is not interested in those kinds of things and since I did nothing wrong I don't feel curious about whatever lies got told. My apologies all around for this happening. I'm going back to work.

Visible said...

His blog came down because he was embarrassed about being a jerk. That is my take.

Anonymous said...

On reading the Holy Qur`an, I found that the Jews are mentioned many times, in various chapters of this seventh century book. Anonymous says that there is no God, and we`re in Hell right now in this Zionist controlled world. But Anonymous misses the main point, which is that `all it takes for Evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.' Thats where we are now. Since the 9/11 hoax,the neo colonialists have extended their Usury, and wars for resources without serious opposition, hoarding $Trillions in Tax Havens,destroying the Middle Class workers and their pension funds and attempting to disarm all possible opposition. The time to fight back is NOW.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

On Betrayals and the Inexplicable.

Alpha Silex said...

Read the synopsis and reviews for "Kumare". Sounds very good and I'll be watching it soon. Now leave me alone, I'm baitin.

the gardener said...

"I suspect that the aerosol spraying is being done to combat the rapid deterioration of the Earth's magnetosphere, ozone layer, etc." Alpha Silex

I suspect that the deterioration of the magnetosphere is aided and abetted by the aerosol spraying-the gardener

The murk skies blots out the visibility of the Sun - and everything else and does drop temps sometimes dramatically blatant.

Until recently the coverage was provided by white dots one couldn't see for years-so high up but then a few years ago the dots of the climate changers could be seen and now it appears to be planes doing low acrobatics to form those grids, diagonals and other geometric lines converging into the murk right in front of our eyes.

My neighbor is just out of the hospital with pneumonia. From the murk. Going around. Though he's witnessed the grids and formations of lines that converge and though he's a draftsman-he supposedly never realized until I told him that those are CHEMTRAILS-emphasis on the CHEM v the easily duping term contrails.

He couldn't BREATHE. Sometimes I feel like there 'isn't enough O2 in the air'... like I'm gonna need gills to breathe.

"There is no God..." -by anon

That gets into what the Vatican's been up to with all their observatories and big scopes etc that they've always been into but stepped up over the past decade or more. Awaiting the siting of the 'alien brethren' which they'll eagerly accept as 'members of the church'.

LOTS of talk about the Nibiru since the Pope's taking of leave.

Reminds me of the movie "Cowboys and Aliens' or whatever. So weird of a movie-different head set required for viewing that I'd like to see it again. Mainly the gold extractor machine out in the middle of the bizarre desert formations out West. Liquify that gold and suck it up straight from source. What a fab idea!

I had a 'little more than a dream' thing a while back. I found myself in a very large space with very high vaulted ceilings and stone or tiled floors. Lots of wizard types sorting things out at long library type tables.

I walked into the ancient sepia colored scene feeling very much on guard.

Approaching a cluster of very old ones, (with my nearsighted ness coming along in the dream with me) I spot one tiny female laughing it up (falsely) with the group of wizards pouring over some huge old books. In my times she was a reptilian entity posing as a beautiful little woman-one everybody wanted to fuck.

The kind that could come into dream worlds unleashing ten foot long dicks inside the pools where we swam.

I recoiled at the sight of her. Extreme caution over where the hell was I, with HER there.

She was like one of those fairytale princesses with the large conical hats with ribbons streaming down.

She was very glad to see me and was making fun of me to the others that "I had worried she had wanted to kill me" in this timeland here.

I had certainly worried about that and her in this time scape. She was reptilian in all ways.

I wasn't disarmed by her fake mirth.

She says to me (to great chuckles from the old wizards) "I couldn't kill you silly! I AM you!" the old guys really ripped apart on that statement.

Serving just to confuse me, I stood back and observed the entire scene from above, from around.

I softened by that statement "I couldn't kill YOU, because I AM you" ... and awoke with that tagging my memory.

the gardener (part 1)

the gardener said...

Part 2, con.

Are our beyond 'negative emotions' feed for those who cause harm? YES

Is this place a prison in all ways? YES

Is there a way out of here? YES

Is there 'help on the way'? YES

Our human focused intent-ie human magic is very simple and very strong forces. Compared to what is doing the insidious and worse to millions or billions of humans and worse to all those who live in the oceans, seas, land masses, in the skies, rooted in the grounds... the focused intent of the few against the many is very strong-very powerful-but very exhausting to hold that pose.

With a loved one going through the last stages of medically induced life ending right now-her suffering so insane... having been told just yesterday by another great wise one reading these same works, knowing the same lines... "she's DEMONSTRATED enough! now it is just pure out suffering'.... and it is. BUT when it is that bad, it is not often for the one suffering that they go through that-but for everyone else to DEMONSTRATE their selves with that opportunity of involvement in her life.

THIS timeline is but a blurp on the screen of our human lives spent demonstrating here on this planet.

Truly multi dimensional is the works of the talent on our screens. Micro and macro.

When you have the MIRACLES involve-interlude... and the other things happen which you notice or even invoke, and I predict that these too will be revving up in observable forms... by self if not all others who are able to see and involve... then you come to know that we are not alone here handling the monsters and the monstrous.

OH-just noticed the last lines of 'anon-11:17 posts'

"We are Gods, each and every one of us, children - and we have the power to create entire worlds with our focused intent."

Yes! the focused intent of the souled humans. Very strong and very intense and very powerful against such weak ones with no souls perpetrating such death and destruction.

the gardener

doing cleanup ops on the micro of the macro problems of the last seven years. Ones that provided lots of the type of feed the cloaked scary ones like so much.

Now that I've gotten over the worst of the terrorizing (for the feed) and having been hooked and barbed by those able to do so with so much raw emotion OF MINE to work with... I'm doing emotional experiments to see which ones work best with the soulless to accomplish my goals as quickly as possible-seeking divine guidance, strength and protection all the way back home.

Alpha Silex said...

Suspect or believe whatever you choose. I didn't come here to debate and bicker, just to share ideas. Leave that to the uninformed idiots on Yahoo or your pick of any other mainstream site. Not everything that is being done in this world is a nefarious conspiracy. The ozone layer maybe, but I highly doubt that man made particulates would erode the magnetosphere. Go to Mars where there is no magnetosphere and let me how know how your friend fares there. I don't think they'd be breathing at all. I love all the talk about "it's time to fight blah, blah, blah". Oh really? What's the game plan and what are YOU going to do about it. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and have a nice day.

Visible said...

C;mon people. There sure is a lot of this contention going on lately.

Elva said...

I don't normally comment, but my heart goes out to you, Les. Don't let the bastards grind you down, stay in the moment of the now and live.
And as for god! The god of this contrived reality is a demon. Welcome to Yaweh's farm.
One Love528hz

the gardener said...

"I suspect that the aerosol spraying is being done to combat the rapid deterioration of the Earth's magnetosphere, ozone layer, etc."
Alpha Silex's words...

So then is it also your suspicion that the obliteration of what were blue skies by grids of applied chemicals and other hideous substances are benevolent actions taken on in total secrecy that are to help this planet and all that resides upon it?

alrighty then.

X10 Alpha Silex

"Everyday is a good day"

the gardener

Alpha Silex said...

This is like discussing politics, it ain't gonna get anyone anywhere. It's either this side or that, good or bad, whatever. Again, I see much of the messed up stuff going on, but just because that's so, doesn't mean that EVERYTHING is being done solely to kill/control us. If "they" wanted to do that, there's way it could be done much more quickly and efficiently. Beyond that, keep in mind that "they", according to your view, are also doing this to themselves. In the big picture, bring it all on if it takes care of them, as well. I'm only offering an alternative viewpoint. The main views I see about this are yours or none because the "none" side are completely unaware of what's taking place. You're missing the message here and if you're really a "zen gardener", you'd take it for what it is and leave it at that. Otherwise, maybe you're just one of "them" and/or some sort of black ops social scientist looking to pick the brains of those in the know. Maybe that's what this site is, no implied offense or true held belief there, Vis. Doesn't really matter to me either way. Now, I'm going to get on with my day and take a nice stroll outside to breathe in the sweet anti-pole shift vapors.

Alpha Silex said...

See, I almost forget to pack my genetically modified chem-trail mix, with aspartame M&M's and canola soaked, Dead Sea salt covered shit peanuts for my hike. "Thanks Zen Gardener, I love you and welcome to Costco".

Visible said...

Please, you don't need to be so contentious and that is not Zen Gardner.

Alpha Silex said...

No problem at all and no disrespect was intended toward you, Vis. If I'm going to be censored, then I won't comment towards the muckrakers attacks on what's nothing more than an idea. I won't comment on anything. That is fine with me. I'm not here for a guru, an argument or anything else. It's probably no fault or construct of your own, but I've found that many on these blogs are narrow sheep minded idiots who crave someone to praise and follow. While I enjoy reading your writings, a follower I am not and I'm just fine by not participating or giving any attention to what's being discussed here. I enjoy the comedic banter, the rest of what these morons say, I could care les.

Anonymous said...

no, his blog came down only because he wanted absolutely nothing more to do with you, nothing more to do with anyone who was or is associated with you and your blogs, and nothing connected to you in any way whatsoever. thats basically what he said, and i believe him.

he also said that he was done with blogs and the majority of his internet activity, except for email. he said that he desired to return to his real-life friends and real endeavors in Australia - working and interacting with people whom he is able to know and relate to face to face, and not faceless people on the internet.

Visible said...

Well, I never credit anything that anonymous says. Whatever his reasons, what he did showed a complete lack of class, especially since so much of it was outright lies and I know this because I was there and so does everyone else who was there as well.


Alpha, no one is asking you to be a follower but why would you come to my site and just start attacking people? No one else does that sort of thing. You just show up out of the blue and look at all the nasty things you just said. If you don't like the people here, why come around?

Visible said...

I don't know why there are so many people seething with resentment that all of these people like me. Well, actually I do know why. It would be one thing if I thought it made me important but I take no credit for it. I don't walk around thinking I am somebody. I don't do that. This resonance comes about by itself due to who I work for and people know this. If I start to put on airs then I deserve the criticism but I never do that. It's something to think about.

Visible said...

I do not publish anonymous screeds, as for all of the other people there, I gave a contact number and he has all the others. So there! To write such things anonymously is the mark of a coward who does not stand behind or believe in what they are saying enough to give their name.

And to the other fool who thinks I am not doing my job because I don't mention chem trails and the second amendment thing, that is being talked up by thousands all over the place. There's no need for me to do it.

If you want to see your negative comments you must leave your name and I must be able to verify it. Those are the rules with negative comments. If you don't have the balls to identify yourself behind what you say then you don't deserve to be heard and that is not going to change, ever.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Somewhere a Wing, No Bird is Flying.

Flood said...

I may catch some crap for saying this, but I like the comment by anonymous at 11:17, the 2nd comment here about there is no god.
We have the power, the love, an internalized force that is our birthright from creation, but the fact that there is an externalized, fictional all-benevolent godhead figure that is 'always looking out for us', well, I'm not convinced that's true. What I'm saying is I just don't know. What anonymous is saying makes sense on a certain level. I'll admit I have a hard time believing "Everything happens for a reason'. Sometimes I think there is no reason, no purpose to the evil,the suffering, other than evil exists, it is a part of GOD, and because of that it just gets to have it's own way sometimes. There is absolutely nothing to be learned from it, the suffering, there is no teaching, no lesson, no demonstration, just the fact that 'good' people sometimes have to bear it because evil gets to have it's own way at times.

Just a thought. I'll admit I don't know much.

But anyway, anonymous, keep posting. I thought it was a thought-provoking comment.

Also, if anyone is still following Cliff High and the webbot, there is a blog right here-

that is giving out detailed summaries of all the weekly immediacy data reports from webbbot, as well as summaries of cliif wujos', interviews, and the Global Coastal Event. Apparently Cliff has given the green light on posting these summaries.


Josh in North Carolina

Visible said...

For hopefully the final time, that is not Zen Gardner.

the gardener said...

Hahahahaha funny to see these just out in the air like this:

"For hopefully the final time, that is not Zen Gardner.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013 3:41:00 PM "

Is somebody banging on you thinking I, the gardener, am 'Zen Gardner' or what?

I am not Zen Gardner... I like Zen Gardner's site and what he posts, I think I've even posted a comment or two there-I've noticed Clarity and a few others from here post comments there-speaking of... where is Clarity?

But Vis if someone is ragging your ass about the gardener being Zen Gardner... LOL!

Happy to hear about Spring time there where you are. We've still got snow above the windows where I'm at so I'm happy for you and everyone else who's got the birds and the trees waking up and coming round.

I've been doing the 'snorting out of the left nostril' of bad energies/thoughts after another of your friends brought that up. You've taught us so many things that we do use all the time.

Saw Erica on another post about chemtrails and a friend of mine who did Tai Chi taught me how to disperse them using our own and others chi.

just get grounded-on the ground in warrior stance if you can though I've done it driving too. (grins) Call in the earth chi and it'll rise through your own body and point at the line in the sky and focus your 'out demons out' at it and ... usually I exert pretty hard and am done and go on my way only to remember 5/10/15 minutes later to check and THE CHEMMIES WILL BE GONE!

Fun to experiment with them too. So much of what we're witnessing, experiencing has no earthly recourses availed to us. Truly spirit works. They work. The simpler the better for me. Most require only a body part or two and focused intent.

And at least it is DOING SOMETHING!

the gardener

creepy to me all the house numbers probably from Google street on the captchas. Would you freak if it were yours?

Ray B. said...

Flood / Josh, March 05, 2013 1:52:00 PM :

"I'll admit I have a hard time believing 'Everything happens for a reason'. Sometimes I think there is no reason, no purpose to the evil,the suffering, other than evil exists, it is a part of GOD, and because of that it just gets to have it's own way sometimes."

That is part of my 'nightmare', too. This perspective has to be said, although it requires a God-like outlook to stand-off far enough to contemplate it. It is truly scary. (I prefer to posit some form of high-level 'evolutionary' design, although I am honest enough to know that this may be whistling in the dark.)

Well said...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



Joseph Brenner

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