Monday, March 11, 2013

Marooned on the Planet of the Demons from Dumbass

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Every now and then, you see something so off the wall that it beggars the imagination. The very idea that this would ever possibly happen in any world known to us is ludicrous. We've had our share of shit golems over the last few decades but it would take some real effort to find one equal to the psycho frat boy. The polices of this demented offspring of one of the most evil families on Earth, cannot be over emphasized, in terms of the horrors visited upon the majority of us, in the aftermath of his twisted tenure here. His grandfather was instrumental in the production of World War Two and profited from the concentration camp slave labor. His father was one of the orchestrators of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and he ran the White House during the Reagan years. His wife and her 'beautiful mind', she belongs high on this list. His brother helped rig the elections that put this depraved piece of hyena shit into the White House. His other brother was in charge of security at the World Trade Center, when Israel attacked the towers and brought us to the state we presently inhabit. The Zion Crime Factory link is down again.

Now we got Bwak! Obama, a mass murdering, Zio-stooge, Banker Nation butt boy. Notice how so many name people support this piece of filth. The majority of the American public deserves everything that happens to it. This disgusting piece of rotting excrement, is responsible for the ascension of Rahm Emmanuel, Leon Panetta, Hilarious Clinton, John 'Wayne Gacy' Kerry, John 'drone killer' Brennan, Janus-face, 'Butch' Napolitano and a host of malodorous, bloated corpse, compost piles of varying degrees of stench and stink.

Behind these fiends lurk the likes of David Rockefeller, The Satanic Rothschild clan, Henry, 'Ed Gein' Kissinger and George, 'Albert Fish' Soros. Satan's got the welcome mat out for them, when their time comes, which will be fairly soon; vile, vile, evil creatures on their way to their final reward. It seems nigh on impossible to so many of us that this could turn out right but none of us and none of them are in charge, it's just appearances, designed to kill our faith and drown us in despair. It's working for a lot of people; sad to say. It's not working for me and some others; glad to say.

The thing is, it's been going on for so long that the sheer incremental passage of laborious time, eventually weighs most of us down. That's what it's all about. You get discouraged. Then you get frightened and then you get angry. Then you get whatever you get, based on what you don't get, based on wanting the wrong thing or just wanting, instead of having that confident expectation that whatever is going to show up is the right thing because you are not getting in the way.

It ain't easy to prosper in confidence, when the universe allows and permits inhuman dumpsters of chemical waste like Bush, Obama and their infernal elves to claim the seats of temporal power, to the dismay and distress of everyone who has to live under their barbed whips of torment. It is even more unpleasant to live in the midst of the mass of dumb fucks, who can't see anything wrong with the state of recent and present affairs. This loathsome and indefensible ignorance, is enough to send even borderline intellects screaming and running into the hills. Well, maybe not but... certainly intellects not too far over the border.

There really is no end to the degree of possible absurdity. A few years ago, none of us could have imagined this as possible. None of us could have imagined they would lay claim to the rainwater falling on our roofs. None of us could have believed that legitimized drone killings could be coming to the American mainland, or that massive concentration camps would rise up all over the continental U.S. None of us would have possibly conceived things like secret renditions, Israel destroying the World Trade Center, or taking over complete control of the American government, it's foreign and economic policy and pretty much anything else that's there for the taking , freely given by those entrusted to look out for our interests.

It's a difficult visualization to have to witness men and women in powerful positions, doing things that none of us could countenance, in our most deranged moments of dislocation, from the central theme of what is right and good. How can anyone, before the eyes of the world, terminally embarrass themselves like this? You really have to be on another planet. The kind of planet which, if it showed up in your horoscope, would be considered a malefic, If it were made into a film it would be called, “Return to the Planet of the Demons from Dumbass”, or perhaps, “Those Who Cannot Hear Must Feel”. How about; “Born out of a Rat's Ass and Fed the Afterbirth”? So little time, so many good ideas.

We've been talking about places to go, over the course of coming time and... I'll still have to keep all of this in mind because... sooner or later, the timer is going to go off and I'll have to find a place in time and space to operate out of, with a whole new prospectus on whatever it is that I didn't completely get earlier. Of course, if we persist in our persistence, this all gets exposed to us at some point, probably consonant with our own exposure. I think that's how it works.

Massive armored tanks are rolling through the heartland and the assland, courtesy of our ancient and implacable enemies. At least we are hearing about it all now. Not all of us are chickenshit cowards, or robot, Christian Zionists, who worship the vampires that suck their blood and are, by some kind of retarded pathology, capable of believing everything they are told, no matter how bogus and impossible it would appear to anyone with an operating intelligence.

It's all got to have something to do with these moments in time, with the fog, the miasma that penetrates the world to every one of it's corners, even though it doesn't have corners. Some of us are fully intoxicated by it and incapable of breaking the spell and some of us seem not to be affected by it at all. It's a real mystery. Though it may not be a mystery for those who can look into the obvious, while discarding the peripheral. I think it has to do with what inspires and attracts you, with what you put your attention on and with what your intention is. I've thought long and hard about all of this and can come to no other conclusions. It all comes down to what you identify as the object of your desire and where your treasures are.

I'll leave you with these thoughts, as I can think of nothing more to say. Times come and times go but the eternal flow never ends, we simply transform the ways we identify it, as we are newly identified on the other side of every passing change we go through.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

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Anonymous said...

Not so loud Vis. You may go and wake them up and some people wake up in a pissy mode. I keep reading that more people are waking up but I have not seen it yet. If I point out something that our owners are doing, I usually get a snicker or a snide comment. I would like to see them defeated by peacefull non-compliance. There was a time that I wanted to shoot them all but I have outgrown that time in my life. Sorry to remain anonymous but when you live here you learn to keep a low profile.

Anonymous said...

Christian Zionists, who worship the vampires that suck their blood and are, by some kind of retarded pathology, capable of believing everything they are told, no matter how bogus and impossible it would appear to anyone with an operating intelligence.

My A ain't handing out thai sticks...

mega ditto's


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If ya wanna stay in Europe, Andorra might be cool. Chile or Argentina might be better, though. I'm stayin' put with a promise made from one of my 'invisible friends'. Not invisible in dreams, and quite a dreamboat, really.

I'm near a couple of good nuke targets, and as far as I'm concerned that's a pretty good way to go. If the pain's too bad, I know how to hurry things up; thanks to a study of witchcraft and all that goes with it. I don't see a reason to try and fight to stay in this repulsive realm of existence. After all, I have nothing left I want to do, and I'm about as obligation-free as you can get down here. I've also seen what's next, and comparing here to there is like comparing a sewage pond to a Swiss chateau, though in reality the Swiss chateau pales in comparison.

missingarib said...

vis, MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY looks and sounds like the place.
Spanish maybe the one impediment for a time -whatta ya think ?

Fine expose of the devils that stalk the planet.
live long

Anonymous said...

"The thing is, it's been going on for so long that the sheer incremental passage of laborious time, eventually weighs most of us down. That's what it's all about. You get discouraged. Then you get frightened and then you get angry. Then you get whatever you get, based on what you don't get, based on wanting the wrong thing or just wanting, instead of having that confident expectation that whatever is going to show up is the right thing because you are not getting in the way."

Yep. thanks Les! Miss this
Les is more
Its all under control

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

Sad to learn that Neil departed - this dimension, but is he gone or just changed forms ...

Some suggestions which may not be your top of the line, however, i can offer only what i know a little about; in case your domicile situation changes again: camper (or caravan as the Brits say); go WWOOF-ing (World Wide Opportuniteis on Organic Farms (absolutely skip the USA information - it's like most of the rest - wasted time and false advertising - Europe is different, inviting story); homestead a farm in Europe (it is said that this is available in parts of Europe (or now EUSSR).

Interesting topics for the Relections in a Petri Dish -and synchronicity: i just completed a book by a Brit Nicholas Hagger - The Secrety History of the West - much info on the exact topics you cover today (including this bit: The Puritan Movement were Brits who wanted to be Israelites hence their clothing styles and etc - no wonder the USA was f-d from the start).

Synchonicity 2: noone else would believe this, except for perhaps Visible and company: I live in a pickup truck (5 months now) and in the wild - i witnessed a small pack of coyote about to be hunted and likely slaughtered by a biped beast - i couldn't watch the whole thing - not even from a distance of about 300 meters - later at night back at my camp and broken hearted for those coyotes - i played a sad-sweet melody on my guitar with wishes that the souls of the departed coyotes would find a better place; 3 days later, about midnight, a pack of coyote visited my campsite - announcing their arrival with AAAYOOOOs and quietly walked into the site - and right next to my pickup truck.
It was one of the finest visits i've ever had.

Repsects to all souls

by the way - make no mistake: the largest Jewish nation on earth is not Israel - it is the US of Israel (a.k.a. USA) - though most don't know it and will deny the fact.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Citizens
I saw that article written for Americans wanting to flee the rat-infested mess their greed and stupidity has created.
Chile is now the destination of choice for all sorts of bogus reasons. Perhaps before anyone rushes for their passport they should consider what it's like to have to deal with the chaos of one of the regular massive earthquakes they get there, or ponder what it's like to be covered in volcanic ash from one of their regular eruptions.
One of the links in the article is to a a community now being established called Galt's Gulch, which is named after the hero of an Ayn Rand novel.
Yep, that's how I want to spend the final days on Earth, surrounded by a bunch of fascist fanatics while the ground shakes underneath me.
One of the other favourites is Thailand, which has the attraction of everything being really cheap, including the prostitutes and drugs that no homesick American can do without. And so is the medical treatment they offer to clear up those venereal diseases you get from the whores and to help with the withdrawal symptoms from the boom-boom powder.
And the only person who could recommend Malaysia is someone who had never been there.
Finally Mexico. Oh dear. Forever so far from God and so close to the United States of America.
Stay where you are kids. If the metaphorical bullet has your name on it then it'll find you no matter where you go.

Anonymous said...

your comments let me know that there are others who see this world as it is and have hope for change

Anonymous said...

Here's an uplifting tune. Play it, you'll feel better...

Anonymous said...

Jews, Zionists All Compact.

Joe Dead Horse said...

And where is there to run to escape all these bonkeroonies dingaling dipshits?

Nowhere on this planet. If a social collapse or whatever happens, the infrastructure that was keeping 450+ nuclear power plants from going into meltdown, will no longer exist.

You do the math as to what happens next.

Yep. Virtually all life on Earth will die from radiation, from pole to pole.

Sounds lie... FUN!!!. eh?

Or, maybe not.

Crapping and puking myself to death from radiation sickness hasn't really been on my agenda of Desirable Things To Do.

But then, there are many who call me an "obvious nutcase".

Bill said...

i dont like you much, and cant stand your writing, however, that said, you hit the nail on the head with this one. i guess even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Strum said...

Anyone planning on moving to Chile or Argentina or harbouring delusions about it being somehow safe and out of the reach of the Zionist NWO Illuminati Masonic crime gang might want to try plugging search terms like these into Google and doing some reading:

Jewish ownership Patagonia and Chile
Bush family Patagonia

It Would seem our beloved Zionist elitist friends have already staked it out as their retreat when TSHTF. so where now then? Siberia? Antartica?

Change is inside you, and wherever you are you are still there.


Unknown said...

Appreciate your words, thank you

Anonymous said...

A serial killer in a white lab coat
Starts the chemo drip
Smiling at his victim, he ups the dosage
"You're the doctor," the trusting patient says

Six days later
Another brainwashed fool is dead
"Couldn't be helped," the serial killer says
As he feigns empathy for the grieving family

Then he moves on to his next kill.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

read liking a SMoking Mirrors, but am I a confiused one to poke smirrors after ( 2 glasses).
nice link there to editorial, 'bout sums it up for me. also "only a few hundred jews" might or might not be the case, depending on the Quorum requirements and the silent majority culpabilties.
onward, forwards and in any case...
(mm, wv: onvillan and I swear I write the comments before page downing to the wv).

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

you'll get about 10% of the radiation in the Southern Hemisphere... enough to last for a few generations more.
barring some conspiracy theory life saving hidden technology that can be applied to the last Ant on Earth.
and that's the good news. it's About Face for the Human Race or Off-Planet, or holigraphics universe fantasy.
that's it, I can now see (4 glasses) the numerics in the wv, obviously a sign of the end of times). Up Periscope, Down Glasses, Targetting just now for practice and we shall see.

Anonymous said...

Resisted the urge to vomit big-time today. My best friend from childhood (we no longer speak) is a surgeon and on the boards of directors of various "health care" facilities in the Midwestern USA. As if that isn't bad enough, his son, I recently found out, is a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs. Admitting that he and I were once close, is kind of like admitting you were close to Heinrich Himmler - or maybe Ted Bundy. Doctors are serial killers and anybody who works for Goldman Sachs...well, enough said about that. I guess it's not surprising - the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the dead, twisted tree.

Parzival said...

For the brother Jeb apologists...we don't forget

flying cossack said...

the chances of winning may be lottery odds ... but the chances of losing are even less

so long as the truth lives in one person, the devil hasnt won

Ray B. said...

Joe Dead Horse, March 12, 2013 2:58:00 AM

"If a social collapse or whatever happens, the infrastructure that was keeping 450+ nuclear power plants from going into meltdown, will no longer exist. You do the math as to what happens next. Yep. Virtually all life on Earth will die from radiation, from pole to pole."

I'm sorry, but I have to point out the the Numerous safeguards that would stop nearly all reactor cores from going into meltdown. (I was an aerospace engineer, and I am not associated with the nuclear industry in any way.) Even assuming no Mossad nuke in the Fukushima containment structure, it took a huge earthquake (reactor SCRAMed fine), large tsunami (reactor still fine), and extended electrical outage (non-nuclear design flaw) to bring down a core and/or waste containment pools. If a social collapse were to occur, most reactor cores would simply have their moderating rods dropped into their nuclear fuel and ANY reaction would cease (before the engineers walked away). And, most reactors (outside the USSR) have been designed with massive containment structures to keep most radiation within the dome. In the absolute worst case, you would have a few localized 'hot spots'. Nowhere near 'end of humanity' levels...


If you want to be scared of radiation, you should read this paper . It is the single scariest thing that I have run across on the internet. You may have seen it already; it is from 1999. Lots of details that I had not known. Well worth the reading.

Especially, MOST especially, check out Appendix A estimates.


I suspect that the greatest 'source' of radiation will be from the simultaneous detonation of dozens of nukes that have been slowly and carefully assembled over decades within many large cities. Call them the poor man's ICBM...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, March 12, 2013 9:01:00 AM :

"Doctors are serial killers..."

My father volunteered out of his college MD program in 1944 to be an Army doctor at the Presidio's hospital in San Francisco. I have no idea how bad it must have been with multi-thousands of soldiers coming back wounded and maimed from the Pacific island-hopping campaign. He treated them. He also treated soldiers coming back from Korea and Vietnam. He was a Republican, and was emotionally-stunted (with his resume, I can certainly empathize). He was definitely not perfect. But, he was not a serial killer...

I understand the intent and passion from which you speak (corporatization of medicine, etc.). Please also be aware that lumping 'everyone' under a certain label can cause pain in others. Thank you.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

an update and timely review on Fukushima from the JimStone persepective. I missed the 2 year anniversary on 1 March. How time flies as the dust settles.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

on topic of Fukushima, href="
this one I've just had found for me that I could not find for so long , Patrick's take on no quake. (not a 9.0 anyway)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Gatekeepers and Vipers Among Us.">

the gardener said...

Medical industry taken over by the likes of what is in charge of all the other industries.

Liars, cheats, thieves and killers who bonus when they 'reduce health care costs' even if that translates to offing your loved one via strange experiments touted as 'cures' or medieval type allopathic tortures or through the endless types of infections their dirty facilities and bizarre 'RN's initiate then bill you for weeks in ICU treating those infections they induced in the patients.

One of my friend's dad was a physician like Ray B.'s father. Pediatrician for forty plus years-odd that he retained all his medical experiences for his and his patients' medical care benefits.

And once you've made the decision to not do the 'full body radiation' or another two weeks of 'micro drip chemo' then guess what? You'll face the hateful scorn of those in the white smocks who will, at best transfer you to hospice care so the pain meds will still be allowed you.

Very despicable typical psychopathic behavior running amok in all the "once were our systems, now just industries"-they don't care if they kill you or you die from their experimental 'care'. And good luck finding another one of their tribe called lawyers to sue them for wrongful death.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

satan's time is VERY short and she's beginning to SMOKE. And all of her Fetal Alcohol/crack baby/pill-popper baby demons from their cursed planet Mars have kicked into high gear to try to destroy the earth and turn all of God's children away and towards satan.
Once you've met the beer-baby sociopaths/children of satan, you'll understand.
They will go home very soon; probably in our lifetime.



Joseph Brenner

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