Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too Big to Jail and too Prone to Fail

Dog Poet howling at the Moon.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It was a full moon last night, or it certainly looked like one, Ahroooooooooooooooooooo! It didn't feel like one and then I thought, “it's full in Libra”. Most people don't know that the term Li-Bra is derived from the breast halter of the goddess, Libra, nor did they know she was originally called Li because this constellation was discovered by the Chinese. The reason for naming it thusly is because the interior meaning of the breasts of the goddess, are Wisdom and Understanding and the halter holds them in balance. This was the inspiration for Shakespeare's quote, “the quality of mercy is not strained, it droppeth as a gentle rain from Heaven. This is also why a fairly large number of men feel like they died and went to Heaven when they get to nuzzle between the hooters.; what the first quote means is that because of balance, the goddess is never in a situation where she has to proffer the milk from only one breast, thereby straining. Some pundits believe that it actually has to do with straining the milk to remove clotted substance but I don't think the universe works that way.

I was thinking last night about the three people responsible for me getting another side of the news. Michael Rivero is a tireless warrior. Sometimes I see entries going up on his site when I know it has to be 2:00 in the morning there. Other times it's 5:00 in the morning. Well maybe he has elves.

Jeff Rense works day and night and he's been doing it for many years, as has Michael who began when Clinton was in office.

Across the pond we have Rixon Stewart, I don't know his schedule but he pours it on as well. The reason I mention these people is that, “no good deed goes unpunished”. People get all hot and bothered and, for all I know, wind up touching themselves too, about particular features of the lifetime of these men, or some stance they have on an issue. In any case, I'm a 'by their works ye shall know' them kind of guy and no one out there can tell me they haven't been informed about something from one of these guys at some point in their search for answers. None of us are perfect (except for me, maybe... heh heh). He who is without shins should break the first bone, as the saying goes. One of the main problems we have, in terms of a solution to our problems, is our suspicion and animosity toward one another, never realizing we are on the same side. Don't focus on a person's shortcomings, that's the hand they were dealt. Conversely, when you consider ocean liner crocodiles like Rothschild, Warburg Soros, Blankfein and others, attention must be drawn because they are badly drawn. They get to play the enemy of humanity. They get the perks that go with that and they get the due rewards as well.

A lot of our problems, as I have stated multiple times, is that we only see one side of the Mobius Strip. Then we make the assumption that that's all she wrote. If you have just once seen the size of Libra's breasts, you know she's not going to run out of statements. I remember that comment, “gentlemen, we must hang together or we shall hang separately”. Oh yeah, something to keep in mind. You can be aware of various versions of the road Jeff traveled or any of the others but... what are he and they actually employed at? These men could be doing all kinds of other things. I personally don't care if someone does something in order to 'look like a good guy' as long as they do that something and it's not counterpunched by a greater amount of sidekick evil riding alongside.

Moving right along to the Number One problem on the planet; Satanic Central Bankers too big to Jail because we as the public are too prone to fail. Things like this are the logical outcome of Bankers and corporations running the government. Yet, wonder of wonders, they're getting nailed for it. Anonymous hacked the Mossad files and exposed the identities 30,000 employees of Baal. Now the article is under maintenance. Positive things are happening but so are horrible things, crawling like sightless worms, out of the pen of Glorious Leader Homeboy. There should be little question that Monsanto means 'my Satan', or that Eugenics is a primary imperative of the 'too big to die' crowd. Of course Mr. 'rich enough not to give a fuck' Bill Gates is right on board for that with Lizard Man, David Rockefeller, ♫Lizard Man! and I think it's going to be a long long time♫ Bill wants better protection against more dark skinned people. It's unfortunate his parents weren't employing a similar item.

Still, light is breaking in all kinds of interesting places. The Pig-Mucus Golems are warring on each other, it always happens when evil gets to a fever pitch and sets about destroying itself. We know they got into the business of managing both ends of the information highway some time ago and not even the author of the piece is free of some suspicion, given some of the odd takes he employs on occasion.

The trick with controlling the exposure of sensitive information and alleged secrets is to expose enough to give the impression that it's a legitimate font of truth and then not expose or even mention what's really going on. You'll notice Israel is seldom mentioned in Assasnge's transmissions, unless it's in a positive light. Regardless, the evil ones are getting caught out; whenever an article says, “It did not further have details on who they were”, you know it is Israel.

Things like this are truly unfortunate.

The most enduring pastime of a politician, is lining their pockets and looking out for their own interests first. It's why they got into the game in the first place, so this should come as no surprise and that significant majority of politicians in the west, who have “owned by Israel” tattooed on their impressive behinds, are also taking care of the usual business as usual, which is attacking The Constitution and The Bill of Rights and whatever they are told to do, by those who do own their ass, either by financial force or the result of blackmail, from various sexual events set up for video by their masters for that very purpose.

Keep your shoulder to the wheel of promised and certain justice. Keep your eye on the prize of self-realization, which is the reward of righteous endeavor. If you can't toil in search of the light while surrounded by darkness then you don't deserve to find it. Eventually your determination will power up the miner's light on your forehead. People don't realize that when they are digging through the darkness, the actual darkness they are digging through the darkness of their minds. Resilience, endurance and determination are powerful allies and they attract powerful allies. Think of them as archetypal beings that you resonate with by your practice of the same and know that this resonance automatically attracts them.

One of the best things about these uncertain times is that the light is coming toward us, as we strive toward the light. That is why negative false- self-centered souls are seeking out dark corners in which to hide, practice and perform their selfish and malevolent acts. Light is going to find them too; burning light. It's all the same light but the effect of it is determined by your relationship to it. All of this can be mathematically proven by those equipped with the necessary equations, just as it can look like mumbo jumbo to the voodoo heads. To those devoid of truth and reality, both of these considerations look insane. To those who are insane, sanity looks insane. This accounts for all of the crazy shit going on in the world and the aggressive push for sexual dysfunction as the higher form of expression, rendering what is normal to the status of a perversion. Those who cheer it all on are either compromised by it, or running around thinking themselves enlightened due to their liberal and embracing view of all things toxic, dressed up in a new suit of clothes, or coming to you in a fancy bottle with a designer label. Then you wind up with Jennifer Aniston instead of Saraswati. For some that is preferable, except where the sex of the blowup doll doesn't meet their preference.

The basic unit of society is the family. Job One for Evil is to destroy that construct and replace it with some kind of Hellraiser, S&M Stepford Wife combine. Pinhead is coming to a living room near you. Break out another bag of deep fried, Chicken Fried Butt Rings and a bottle of that special sauce. Roll out another 55 gallon drum of of Coke Zero. They don't lack for irony do they?

I know it can be hard to do the right thing and walk the right way, when everything else is going the wrong way on all sides of you but there are more of you and I than you think and our numbers grow every day AS A RESULT of the efforts of those out to suppress this raising of consciousness. Everything they do, turns against them eventually and we are now entering the dimension of Instant Karma. Unfortunately because of the necessity of it, we don't see who's behind all of this unpleasantness until they come right out on to center stage and perform it in front of us, which they are doing now. There will be no possibility of any of them saying, “Hey, I didn't do nothing”, while pointing at the guy standing next to them. That's something they'll be getting into too; “He made me do it”.

So as April approaches, the predictions of all of those insisting that March was the period when they usually do their bad shit, will have to be passed forward to some other month. If Eliot is right and ”April is the cruelest month” well, there you are. We'll see.

End Transmission.......

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zepheri said...

i'll put all my chips on 4\20 red.

Visible said...

I, on the other hand, am putting all of my chips in the guacamole and salsa dip.

Visible said...

What a Load of Shit.

DaveS said...

Vis, I've been following your blog for almost as long as you've been doing it. Good stuff!

What I've started wondering is what would happen if we woke tomorrow and the world was changed? Would your words be as interesting? Would I be as interested in reading such words? Would all the fine people who read and reply to your writing be here still?

I guess what I'm getting at, is that I really appreciate all your work... even if I don't always get it or even agree with it – I still like reading it.

I hope people start to focus on what they enjoy more than what they fear/hate. I think this is what will change our lives for the better in the long run.

Until them keep your words coming. And thank you!


Visible said...

the only thing that would please me more than my words being needed is not being needed anymore. If that makes any sense.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"the quality of mercy is not strained, it droppeth as a gentle rain from Heaven."

Exemplified by none other than one of the finest Americans who ever was;
Huck Finn.

Huck's ultimate moment came when he found the letter..

Huck had to choose whether to turn in his friend Jim the runaway slave, as was demanded of him by everything he knew and believed about man and God and law. He was convinced that if he did not do his duty and turn Jim into the authorities, he would sure enough go to Hell..

He believed this completely.

"I was atrembling, because I’d got to decide, for ever, betwixt two things. I studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to myself: ”All right, then, I’ll go to hell” - and tore up the letter.”

In the end Huck, in his Libra moment, chose love.

Vonda Bra said...

"Lift and separate."

Rob in WI said...

Does anyone share my suspicions about the "Anonymous group"? Smells to me like another wikileaks. In the years it has been around, has wikileaks revealed anything of interest that had not been exposed by other sources? The light blue hexagram is all over the net.
Be well, all, Rob

Satire said...

Rothschild revealed to table guests over lunch today at the City of London men's club he is willing to seize the assets of savers in as many banks as necessary in order to foment a lack of faith in the present banking system and an allout bankrun. The Rothschilds are poised through their world bank and BIS gold bullion deposits to issue a new fractionally backed gold currency which they issue and control as the solution to the bank disaster they are causing.

"We have been planning a one world currency for decades and we see 2013 as the right time to take control of the world's currency."

Rothschild went on to say he felt his family's half quadrillion in assets was more than enough to base the economic future of the world. "Who else could conquer the world with debt?" Sir Rothschild added he would welcome the responsibility of exchequier of the world.

"The sooner we can cause panic and savers emptying their accounts the sooner we can offer a solution to the problem we have orchestrated."

BlackBelt Yogi said...

"If you can't toil in search of the light while surrounded by darkness then you don't deserve to find it. Eventually your determination will power up the miner's light on your forehead. People don't realize that when they are digging through the darkness, the actual darkness they are digging through the darkness of their minds. Resilience, endurance and determination are powerful allies and they attract powerful allies. Think of them as archetypal beings that you resonate with by your practice of the same and know that this resonance automatically attracts them."

Thank you, once again, for speaking the words I needed to hear today! I recently watched "THE RISE OF THE GUARDIANS" with my kids and normally I am the stick in the mud pointing out all the satanic symbolism and mind warps of such films (yes, I do talk to my kids about the boogey man) and incidentally, the film is about the boogey man stealing the light from the sandman and infiltrating their dreams with fear! Visually, this was well represented, how fear is darkness and how a single light can dispel a room of darkness! The movie was a nice surprise and I wanted to share it, as I felt synchronicity with this post today:)

Abundant blessings to us all!

Visible said...

This is funny despite itself..

Brian Crossland said...

That Augusta grocery scene. Reminds of reading the Grapes Of Wrath. The description of armed men keeping the starving workers away from the excess fruit thrown in the river.
I was shocked at the time, found it hard to believe, but knew it was true.
Happening again, more shocked, less surprised.
Those with eyes to must witness.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

that bill of rights link is the same as the equador link btw ...

Li family was one of the Boodlines of the Illumanati from Frank Springmeir, so I guess that would give them franchise for moonshine just like H Ford said of the International Jews of his time.

if bra is scales of justice, then that explains the mermaids (or half of it (Hi Lili Hi lili Hi Low). (and what of the kids with two heads? is he cross or at odds with himself? )

and those guys who "marry your girlfriends" would be Bibrals (hi gals), (just don't give them ideas).

just making light of it (cant make a quiche though my chickens are laying right now). Who can scramble and be elevated at the same time? outa here. (while there is one)

niijii said...

Reminds me of the nanny we had back in the 80's...

I would slip out early in the morning and meet with her. She would see me and come running with her big titties bouncing. She just stood there as I cleaned her two nipples and squeezed a full gallon of the best milk out. We did the same thing in the evening. I miss her, but time got my goat.

Best to all.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Vis, I've started looking for Niel's poems but it will take awhile. I had a few saved for myself but not nearly enough of them. Since I wasn't sure when he began posting I started at the beginning of Smoking Mirrors. After I finish that blog I'll do the others. I call it strolling through the missives, word searching for --peace--. What would you like me to do with the collection when I finish? There's no guarantee I'll find all of Niel's work but it will be my best effort. Scrolling through thousands of comments is eye blurring but also fun because I can't help stopping to read some of them and that's mainly why it is taking me longer than it should.

Visible said...

heh heh, "the blogs that is"

Visible said...

EM best network with Esteban and Sheila, they have already covered a lot of ground. Thank you so very very much; major props for the help coming in the dedication.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Vis: Sorry about spelling Neil's name wrong above. (Blurry eyes from scrolling so much.) Thank goodness robot check is clear tonight. I don't really know how to network with Esteban and Sheila but if one or the other wants everything I've found from Smoking Mirrors all I need is a way to pass it along. If they've already done this themselves then no matter because it's something I wanted to do anyway. Neil's kind spirit is coming through with every poem I find.

Anonymous said...


yes > em

i am going thru petri, now

almost done and then origami

as i've saved all comment pages

it's not to hard to see > neil's

as they are gathered to the left

usually sixteen lines no breaks

click on my blue est, above

to e-mail me to coordinate +

any others helping to do this

let me hear from you if you will

maybe nina and erin, et al can

scour their blogs and > e-mails


Smyrna said...

@Brian Crossland

Grapes of Wrath is one of my favourite novels, if not an historical document. It should be compulsory reading in High schools, and might have been once. Like 1984, until the 'you-know-whos' and their useful Left-wing idiots took over 'education'.

The part where the older brother just ups and leaves through desperation and nothing furthermore is heard of him.

The man at the caravan stop saying they will be selling you air to breathe in a can soon.

People who aren't infants suckling Rosasharn's breast for some milk at the end etc. Rose of Sharon is another name for Jesus, dig it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Appetite Junkies in an Unlivable Rat's Nest.

Anonymous said...

Hail Viz!


You are hereby awarded the grass crown on the field by your own soldiers.


mike m said...

I couldn't imagine knowing what I know now to go through life with blinders on.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Awakening, Planetary Wide, Slumber Party Hoedown.



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