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Looking out for Number One while Drowning in Number Two

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is a time of great trial and turbulence. Dark doings are percolating beneath the false front of the unreal that overlays what is actually taking place.

The unmitigated greed that permeates every level of our society and infrastructure, is a rank testimony to the schweinhunden and scheise kopfs, whose intents and activities, betray a self satisfied mendacity and arrogance that has been permitted free reign for so long that they unnaturally assume they have an imprimatur to do as they please. After all, no one is stopping them. Every time they want more at the expense of everyone else, they get it. We’ve gotten used to expect this kind of thing and a part of us has acquiesced to the inevitability of it all. We've given in, in the main. There are only an handful of outriders monitoring it all. We are encircled by wolves and there are too few guard dogs but it will prove enough because our ranks swell every day. Our ranks swell because they have made it impossible for people to continue to live under the weight of their oppression. The public has nowhere else to go, except for those getting rich off of it all and they have painted gigantic targets on their backs. That's as it should be.

The pending dangers are exemplifications of 'push and shove'. The bad guys and those deluded into following and mimicking them do not know when to stop. They have a strange form of buck fever that has gone viral. The microbes that manipulate them, into ever greater outrages, are conscious expressions of a poisoned bloodstream, nothing short of a full transfusion can help them now. It is important that we remember that they are diseased and, sooner or later, it is going to bring them down, as they fall victim to the terminal cancer they courted, for the temporary prosperity of their blinded self interest.

Things like this are happening at every level of the corporate to consumer realm and there is no end to the degree of squeeze. They will squeeze and squeeze, until the dry husk of the vampirized public crumbles to dust at the final squeeze. They are vampires. It may be different than the classical personification but everything in operation and application is exactly the same. This terrible insanity has found it's way into the lifestyles and behavior modalities of the population. It's some kind of variant on the Stockholm Syndrome. This is counterpointed by that vile aggregate of Christian Zionists who have been brainwashed to such a point that they are unreachable in terms of true reality. They are wandering in a vast and endless swamp, following will of the wisps and those strange lights, composed of swamp gas and air bourne madnesses. They are doomed and dreaming of a rapture that will not come. The Jesus Christ they believe in, is no more real than the one the atheists do not believe in. These times are fraught with chaos and confusion. They are generating betrayal and indifference, under the guise of self preservation and detachment. The house divided is falling in its parts to opposite sides. We have been effectively turned against one another because of horrible fear and uncertainty that is being generated from the darkling deep in the astral plane. Until these areas are emptied and the occupants destroyed, we will be routine victims when we continue to continue in our ignorance of them. Some of us know about it because we are being told on a regular basis. Some of us do not know because we refuse to listen.

We lost a true hero and man of the people yesterday.  He was murdered by the central bankers. This is not a viewpoint shared across the board by the majority of us. The majority of us are deep in delusion and this delusion comes out of the burning need for self preservation and the feeding of self interest. When one is able to aspire to the greatest good for the greatest number of people, one is set free of this delusion. Selfishness underlays the majority of our erroneous thinking. Somehow, people got the idea that the Ayn Rand template of, “greed is good” and 'look out for Number One' is the epitome of 'enlightened' self interest. From the cosmic viewpoint there is no such thing as enlightened self interest. A narrow perspective is just that. It's called moving through life with blinders on. It's exactly what happens to livestock, moving through the chutes to the killing floor. Most of us have things upside down and backwards and because this view is reflected in the eyes and minds of our compatriots on all sides, we believe that this is the natural and normal way to look at life. It's not.

It's the creatively mad and the generously inspired among us that make the real difference in life. It's ten percent of us that get everything done and the other ninety percent are bounced from pillar to post on their way somewhere in some kind of ring around the rosy Quo Vadis. That nightmare merry go round of birth and death. The tighter you hold your fears and insecurities to your breast, the harder you are clutching and milking your mortality like some venomous snake that is certain to bite like Cleopatra's asp. The harder the clutch, the more certainly you are doomed. The lighter your touch the more true freedom breathes from your every pore. You can argue these verities with me as you choose but I don't see you making much headway arguing with all of those who have said the same thing down through the millennium to today, people with a lot more cred and longevity than I have as yet, have been more than passing clear about it.

There are certain flashing neon certitudes that must come to pass. The central banks must go. The corporations must be brought to heel. The super rich must be made super poor and Israel must join the ranks of the never was nor shall be again. The back of organized crime must be broken. The churches must surrender their preposterous fantasies and Satanism must go back into the pit and the entrance and egress sealed. This must and will come to pass, along with the end to child sacrifice, sex trafficking and the despicable fly by night organ harvesting.

Outrageous turnabouts are occurring all over the planet but we are not given to view them, as they are concealed in the tsunami of bullshit that afflicts us all. I found out this morning that my domestic situation had reversed itself again, at least for the next six months when it comes under review once more. WTF? I did not expect that.

India changed me in ways that might not be apparent to the reader but are certainly apparent to my immediate environment. So... no matter what treacheries and dark plots I passed through, it was all for the best. I can't get over to what a degree the universe has my back and it has yours too. It's just a matter of recognition. Recognition is the firm grasp of an invisible hand, pulling us, each and everyone into the new dimensions of existence. Will we hold on with the opposite of dear life to the hole we have fallen into, or will we trust in what we cannot see to carry us into a promised destiny so long denied us?

It's your call. The cosmos can only meet you halfway. If you will not walk the distance you can only watch from across the unbridgeable gap. My best wishes to all of you, as we make our collective way into the brimming light of the coming golden age.

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Laura said...

Thanks, particularly, for what you expressed in your last two paragraphs, dear Vis! I am curious, if you choose or feel to share, but in what ways has India changed you? I am always enriched by the changes in others that lead to greater expansion within, and, therefore, without.

With love, in grace ~

Lee said...

Les, I am responding to your "Loss of a Hero". Hugo Chavez passed away and I will miss him. Not only was he a hero and a patriot to his people, he was a humanitarian. Chavez shared his oil wealth with Americans by supplying them with cheap fuel. He did the same with the victims of Hurricane Sandy. If Moammar Gadhafi had lived longer, he would have done the same, or probably did,but we do not know about.

Obviously, there is a pattern of suspicious deaths and murders. Chavez, Gadhafi, Sadam Hussein, Benazir Bhutto, Arafat. And the list goes on and on. Next in the cross hairs,is Iran.

Rest In Peace, Hugo Chavez.

Rob in WI said...

Great post, among your best, IMHO. "The Jesus Christ they believe in, is no more real than the one the atheists do not believe in". Just one of several nuggets. Spring seems to be doing you well.
Thanks, Rob

Visible said...

Absolutely Lady Nature bring it on.. May Glossover be buried in a billion locusts. May they consume both the crops and the population, or send something that will.

Visible said...

My heart chakra opened to a much greater degree than ever before and now the throat chakra is threatening to do the same. The intuitive feature got a big upgrade and the inner ear has exceedingly greater fidelity. No doubt there is more but this is what I have noticed. Also, I seem to have no anger anymore.

Laura said...

Back again......

I share the viewpoint that the cosmos has our backs...I call it being in the state of Grace. It is not grace specially dispensed, however, but grace that is co-created by our own personal work of transcending fear and letting go of all judgment, raising our frequency so that we are attuned, and allowing that grace within and without. It is here now, and can be lived and experienced by those willing to persevere and change.

With love, in grace ~

missingarib said...

Vis,your observation "This terrible insanity has found it's way into the lifestyles and behavior modalities of the population. It's some kind of variant on the Stockholm Syndrome." is a most insightful diagnosis and we share this terrible knowledge. The infectious nature of that bug is difficult to treat as the newspapers and history attests to most starkly.
How are we to gather our sons and daughters for a cure, as expressed here:

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing;
when so few see what Shakespeare observed: "And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With old odd ends, stol'n forth of holy writ;
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil."
William Shakespeare

thank you for being a conduit for truth and healing!
live long

Ray B. said...

Vis, congratulations on the "WTF?" change in your domestic situation. I had wondered whether your 'acclimatization' in the Arunachala area might 'bleed over' into this situation. I am happy for you and Susanne...

"There are certain flashing neon certitudes that must come to pass..."

Most certainly. I would state the progression a little differently in that 'something' will cause a change in the consciousness level of every human on the planet, resulting in the repudiation and dissolving of the institutions you mention. (One of the ancient prophetic documents that I read long ago mentioned that the baddies would actually become 'apparent' or distinguishable in some manner to the general populace. Wouldn't that be a hoot?)

Thank you, Hugo Chavez, for coming down to our planet and endeavoring to relight 'caring for the people'. You will be missed. (On a side note, I am apprehensive about the weaponization of cancer...)

I, too, am curious about the energy possibilities of Thorium. I am also curious how the dark forces ultimately owning the oil companies will respond to this 'challenge'. Should be interesting...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
This one is for a Snordelhans production. Beautiful !!!!!!!
Bottom of the ninth, two out, 7th game of WS, three an two, and out of the ballpark she goes !!!!
Cant wait for the radio show and hear that throat chakra with the new timbre of the Heart Tango !!
Be well,

Laura said...

Thanks, dear Vis, for sharing your changes! Heart chakra openings are occurring more and more, and this is accompanied by feeling high emotionality and a new tender vulnerability. Any upgrades to our intuitiveness serves immensely as we navigate this realm. No anger...priceless!

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Regarding Michael Snyder's article. I read all those scary stats and all I could think of was what will be the false flag which will provoke the invasion and occupation of Canada by the USA? Will it even be necessary since Harper is inclined to give the USA anything it wants and Israel too? Then onwards to the next link. It got me thinking that Fukushima will eventually make Canada's water radioactive and quite undesirable. That's where the Bush crime family steps in and starts making yet another killing selling the water in the huge reservoir beneath their Paraguay property. If the Northern hemisphere becomes depopulated then Bush Water Inc. will only need to distribute in the Southern hemisphere where all the elite shits will create a new base for themselves. However, if they think Fukushima can't affect them there they could be quite wrong about that ...

When Spring comes this year I will be particularly appreciative of its return and try not to dwell too long on the thought that there might not be too many more Springs in my future. Guess my thoughts are on the dark side today because I was so hoping that Cuba's good medicine would cure or at least send into remission the cancer which the dark forces succeeded in murdering Hugo Chavez with. I had read parts of "Lee and Me" by Judyth Vary Baker (Oswald's girlfriend) quite awhile ago and made the connection to Hugo Chavez immediately. I wish Hugo Chavez had been given as many lives as Fidel Castro. We still need him and now he is gone. My condolences to Venezuela and the world.

Let me leave this on a better note and say I was happy to read Vis's domestic update and although I don't really understand chakras that all sounds good too.

Rob in WI said...

Hi McKennaFan y Ray B.,
Re: Thorium
The potentials of thorium have been recognized for some time. In '60 or '61 some of us in a HS physics class toured the Elk River, MN atomic power station, before it was fueled. The AEC (atomic energy commission) put on quite a display, as this was the era of "America must lead in science". Anyhow, getting back to thorium, it doesn't have a critical mass, which would sustain a self perpetuating/escalating reaction. Thorium requires a source of neutron bombardment to fission. The 50's solution to this was to have thorium fuel rods, with enough fissionable uranium to start and maintain the cycle.
Either it was not so simple, and the solution seemed out of reach, or "someone" dissuaded the research. I sure don't know, but the renewed interest is fun. It seems to focus on controlled neutron bombardment without using radioactive material. Seems like a good plan. Anyhow be well all, Rob

Smyrna said...

Hugo likely copped a dose of 'CIA cancer'. A la Bob Marley and whoever else.

Jesus and the essence of his teachings is extremely easy
to comprehend.

Those who ascribe to the FUBAR Jesus obviously don't or can't read, or think, or can't be bothered and frighteningly lack basic curiousity. The great majority of people (the Sheeple) are like this, from my experience.

Good to hear about your domestic scene. Hello to the good woman. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

truly one of your best.
to those readers you might have 'lost' I sing Buddy Holly ♫
All my love, all my kissing, you don't know what you've been missing, oh boy!"

my current reading, Mary Ball Martizez, The Undermining of the Catolic Church, a case for the Orthodox against the usual calumny from the tribe getting the groovy thing going with Vatican II and well, whatever, as long its not organised resistance or tradition as lessons learned and institutionally practised.

and the same pattern of subterfuge and "betrayal and indifference, under the guise of self preservation and detachment" (a definition for Judas if there ever was one).

personallly, I am aware so much now how I get angry in proportion to this SI joint pain . I got rid of my main angry thing 15 years ago, a stage I noticed (probably from a less physical lifestyle).
the trick is to identify where the pain is coming from. same applies to these outside forces that, well, plague us these days.
♫chim chiminey chim chimeny chim chim cheree♫ (from Fiddler on a roof). adding ♫.. chim chim cheroo, the radiation that falls on me will fall on you too♫

Anonymous said...

“Somehow, people got the idea that the Ayn Rand template of, “greed is good” and 'look out for Number One' is the epitome of 'enlightened' self interest.”

Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. –- Ayn Rand aka Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum

Duplicitous Jews always teach gentiles their respective collective is evil, so that Jews can more easily subvert it to their own ends. That is real objectivism, and the historical record proves it.

Once a collective is atomized into individualism, the Jewish collective can run roughshod over it. Divide and conquer is not only used between collectives, but also from within.

If 'enlightened' self-interest is defined as win-win interactions then everybody wins even though the motivation for doing so may be selfish. The selfish genes of your parents gave birth to you; surely, that is a winning combination, and proof of concept.

The 'enlightened' part is the recognition that the general welfare of a respective collective is not only beneficial to the self, but also sometimes even more important. It is in everyone’s 'enlightened' self-interest to be good stewards of our mother Earth. Unfortunately, the real problem is many are selfishly myopic. Rosenbaum’s collective stands out in this regard.

Anonymous said...

So, it appears that woe as me apathy is gone and we are back to good times are just ahead.

Thanks for the good times Sri Kumare, thanks for the good times!

-Andy M.

The Thunder God said...

So- why mention the Thorium?

Frankly, I don`t need anything to work out for these people on this planet at all. It can all burn the fuck down, for all I care. Why take any of it seriously? We got reincarnation. There are other places. Or maybe just oblivion in death? Same both ways. "Crunch all you want, I`ll make more," saith the Lord. Yoha.

Having said that, I am always a sucker for a good story. And I`m a science nerd. And that Richard Martin book was the most interesting thing I`ve heard about in the longest fucking time- you would not believe.

It seems to set the scene, in an interesting light, as I`ve thought lately.

The Chinese are scheduling their reactor complete by 2020. That will change the classification of Thorium from useless annoying garbage to Cheap Fuel.

We are in the twilight of Oil, it seems. Once the ingenue, now the Expensive Fuel. And, if Maxie K is right at all, this is the basis of our financial woes.

So, I think we are in the Valley of the Shadow of Cheap-Ass Fuel; here, between Peak Oil 2005 (?) and Begin Thorium 2020.

This seems like enough time to clean out the clocks. Those with and without faith will have a little respite from certainty, in which to try their honest evaluations of the situation as they see it, upon the world.

"And we will see who is right, and who is dead."

messianicdruid said...

"The Jesus Christ they believe in, is no more real than the one the atheists do not believe in".

The real Jesus Christ is uneffected by either, except in observing the bitterness that lack of discernment engenders.

"The super rich must be made super poor and *Israel* must join the ranks of the never was nor shall be again."

Here is where the breakdown occurs. Let me help you. Imprecise language will turn you into what you hate. Call things by their correct label {Esua, Khazar, Ashkenazi, Edom, Zionist, etc. are not Israel}, or become an adversary of the TRUTH.

Rule with God {the meaning of Is-ra-el} is exactly what we must have, {ie: rule with justice and mercy} to keep the ship sailing upright. Complicity in the mis-use of labels will only destroy our efforts at “let[ting] everything be established in the mouths of two or three witnesses”. True witnesses tell what they have seen or heard, true judges WILL perceive the labels that are deceptive. Know ye not that we shall judge angels {messengers of El}?

Many false spirits are gone out into the world {system}. Their claims {and the labels they use or mis-use to make the claims} must be evaluated.

If we fail to detect, or join in using, names {claims} that do not belong to the claimants, then we perpetuate the lies and misdeeds of others. Read Obadiah with fresh eyes.

Visible said...

Please demure with that pseudo intellectual, anal retentive pontificating. It makes me break out in a rash. No one likes to be in a room with someone who comes on the way you do. You must be a lot of fun at parties.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Very good news on the domestic homefront.

Peace and love

Josey said...


I'm trying to reconcile the quote from today :

" Will we hold on with the opposite of dear life to the hole we have fallen into, or will we trust in what we cannot see to carry us into a promised destiny so long denied us?"

with the guy who went down the "Sink Hole" in Florida.

Where did he end up?

Visible said...

I've no idea but what I was speaking of is not a general result

Skepticfrog said...

Hugo Chavez death:
He succumbed to a an extremely aggressive form of "pelvic" cancer.
So we know, it was a "soft tissue" cancer.
The US have developed in the early 1960s, virus induced cancers from monkey viruses. It was developed to be so effective, that it induced cancer in mice in 10 days. (Judyth Anne Baker). At the time the aim was to be used as a bio-weapon against Fidel Castro personally. They killed Jack Ruby with it - BTW. (He died within two months from initial diagnosis). Since it has no cure/antidote, it is/was not used (regularly). But I'm willing to bet, that it's used in they deem "desperate" situation and cases. And H. Chavez was one of those for them.

A terrible loss for the people of Venezuela. The Cabal has already put a Jew (Capriles Radonski) in place against him during the last elections, in a country with less than 1% Jews - kind of glaring, isn't it? Wonder how long will it take the Satanist parasites to put this POS in power, and destroy and debilitate Venezuela.

The Venezuelan people were lucky, half of the parasites have fled (per their whining self-pity statistics - so it's suspect) during Chavez. I guess, they're buying their return plane tickets already. The pickings are good...

niijii said...

I don't know if the road goes on forever and the party never ends or this is all there is and there just ain't no more but...

I can't help but think of the childish stories as I walk on the water to the ice fishing house with a happy home made rhubarb wine buzz.

I don't care what they say, Jesus is just alright with me. Now pass that doobie brother!

Best to all.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Catapulting to the Bending End.

Ray B. said...

The Thunder God, March 07, 2013 5:46:00 AM :

I enjoyed your posting on Thorium (and Rob in WI - good physics). I hadn't thought about it in terms of "the Valley of the Shadow of Cheap-Ass Fuel." Thanks.

"Frankly, I don`t need anything to work out for these people on this planet at all. It can all burn the fuck down, for all I care. Why take any of it seriously? We got reincarnation. There are other places."

A couple of potential problems with this attitude: From my experience, individuals 'gravitate' to the world most suited to their consciousness level at death. You could 'end up' on the Harkonnen home world or Dasor & Norlamin in The Green System. Your 'choice'. (More advanced consciousness planets have active systems to deny 'rebirth' to souls below a certain level.)

Also, you seem to have a human-centric view of Earth. Humans are not remotely on the top of the 'food chain'. Also, reading David Brin's "Uplift" series might give a larger perspective.

Thanks again for the 'Thorium vs Oil', and I would welcome more info on this...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
you have been so on my mind for many months now as my lady and I prepared for and welcomed our second child two weeks ago. (Mutter und Kind sind wohl auf.)
I can relate to your experience :
Five walkabouts in India altered me to the root. Enough to know that : Locusts in Israel, crazed shark schools in Florida, meteors, a resigning Pope and scampering bankers, drone death USA, DOW madness ...
... are portents most strange.
Your friend up North,

The German Farmer

Visible said...

Congratulations my dear friend!!!

Neal said...

messianicdurid. That stuff will not stick in this place, and most that visit here will not pay the price to see into that. That is just various hominids, and suggestions, and war, and the ones left who get to pretend do not jump out of it, most every modern human in this place is looking for some kind of damned deal, with more words afterwords.

They do not really believe the truth of this, not their fault, they do not have to live it, and hide when the authorities notice. Thank you for trying, it happens all the time here, there is no place to seal that up, these ones here are trying to be something that is very lost, the rules are very forgiving, but these ones here are not really as tied into that part as they would like to think.

They want houses, and dreams, and to hold onto whatever delusion that keeps a certain reality from intruding into what needs to be. It makes me cry, in my closet, they would kill you if they had the chance, and justify it as long as that lasts, they do not understand the nature of time, and education.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Of Mice and Munchhausen.

Visible said...

A new Les Visible blog posting is up now-

Clarification for those who need it.

the gardener said...

Interesting synchronicity with your title "Looking out for Number One while Drowning in Number Two" and an entity I've focused the 'shining the light' exercise upon. :) The Almighty does have such a sense of humor! lol

There is a woman, who like most heralded for their 'helping so many people' actually is the first responder to annihilating them and their families working through this 'shelter' funding via: FED, state, local and of course 'the church'.

Anyway, a true altruistic org donated a lot of nice homemade blankets and they were found 'tossed into a dumpster because they had 'been soaked with sewage due to a leak'.

and due to their not being happy with the treatment of their creations donated to this org they've stated 'they aren't going to donate anymore to this org'.

Oh the outcries! oh the turning it around from the real issue 'disrespect of the donated quality goods' to 'let them put those sewage soaked blankets on their children's beds' to 'high and mighty ones acting like this just cause recipients are in a shelter!' ...

Most 'looking out for number One while (blankets) drown in Number Two'.

Very interesting synchronicity showing up that you picked up on (again) Vis.

The Light is still shining on that Number One and it isn't going to stop shining on that one or any of the other Number Ones and twos and threes nor their millions of minions either.

Looking forward to more and more synchronous catches and deliveries from you and the Almighty... makes me smile and even lol!

the gardener



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