Friday, March 30, 2012

The Soft Stool Brigade on Batshit Mountain

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May your noses always be upwind from Batshit Mountain.

It's a poorly written article and dripping with oblique agenda and the rectitude of a wide, politically correct embrace. It also doesn't mention a thing about supporting terrible wars, or a number of other things. This is typical of something from Salon and reflects who owns it and uses it for the usual purposes. I put it up for my own reasons, none of which has to do with who reprinted it. The point will emerge. One thing I hope you'll notice is the first face in the series of Christian leaders. It just happens to be Alex Jones, unless he has a twin brother. Except for Tim Hagee and Pat Robertson, it also leaves out most of the cutting edge hypocrites and demagogues.

A member of Obama's cabinet was sentenced for his crimes yesterday. He didn't get much of a body count, compared to his fellows, but maybe it's a a start. I'm thinking he had a moveable 'information extraction' vehicle, taking the pulse of America's hitchhikers until there was no pulse. No doubt he was an employee of Homeland Security.

I've mentioned The Apocalypse many times over recent years. I've said that the suffocating, 'all lies all the time' media would soon be forced to publish information about people, conditions and events that are diametrically opposed to their agenda. They might not want to do it but they will do it. They might not know why but they will do it. People are going to start incriminating themselves and others, they may not want to do it but they will. This is the force of The Apocalypse.

Here is an example. It was only a headline for a few hours, if that. Now it's buried in the small print menu, still... there's a lot of this going around, this est culpa, mea culpa flu. Instead of a runny nose, you get a runny mouth and instead of your bones aching, your conscience does, in those cases where one is resident. Otherwise the condition blind sides you.

Along with more and more inadvertent and irrepressible exposure, the transparent bullshit manufacture will intensify. This is one area where the manufacturing infrastructure did not get outsourced and off shored. I'm pointing this out because I and others have been predicting the arrival of things going haywire for the bad guys; evil destroys itself. This is meant to give you a sense of optimism about things to come and maybe spur a little industry toward meeting the challenges on a personal level.

I'd appreciate it if someone in any of the relevant areas would acquire a ticket in my name. I think it's time to see how Visible does as a member of the 1%. Of course, we will split the proceeds after expenses (grin).

Along with the unfortunate (for them) revelations of malfeasance on the parts of The Soft Stool Brigade, there comes the daily outworking of excrement in action on the part of troglodyte underlings. This has now reached epidemic proportions, that range from porn to baggage theft and domestic violence to child molestation; not to mention recurrent and ongoing offensive behavior that repeatedly backfires in mastectomy fondling, geriatric and kiddie frottage, as well as burst colostomy and urine collection bags. My theory is that there is an intense familial connection between the TSA workers and the contents of these bags. It's some kind of ancestor worship or reunion communion.

All over the world, along with the viral spread of the Occupy Movement, unrest is coming to a boil, as in Greece, so it goes elsewhere. If Spring is bringing this, imagine what the warmer months will generate. This is going to amplify and intensify in the lands where personal freedom of all types used to appear to exist. It's why they put all those police and repressive laws in place. Like I said, they have known about the approach of The Apocalypse, but if they understood anything about The Apocalypse, they wouldn't have gotten up to what they got up to in the first place. The World Wide March on Jerusalem is coming and someone is ratcheting up the race war blueprint, in the former land of the free. This is also going to bite them in the ass.

Crazy rich people are camping out on Batshit Mountain, like Bill Gates with Monsanto. Along with 50% ownership of a cloaca maximus media, sewer pipe, he's doing the occasional dingbat dumbshit, which is really all about his heavy investments in toxic vaccines. Yeah Bill, “not only poor people should experience this”. Hang in there partner because, ♫Your day is gonna come♫ Bill's got some kind of bad Zen meditation going on at his Batshit Mountain retreat. Him and Little Georgie Sorrows, (irony alert!) are doing their unlevel best to make the world a more fearful and uncertain place. There's all that phony prestige, working for pervasive democracy, while creating the opposite and... there's got to be money in it, the same way there's money in the global warming scam, which isn't working out like Mr. Gored on his own petard originally hoped it would. Of course, our favorite wooden soldier, Big Al, has always done his part to put his money and lifestyle where his mouth is. The usual weasel shit from places like Snopes and elsewhere attends this revelation, like there's some big difference between 20 times and 12 times and that 'changes have been made'. We're entertained by the anecdotal comparisons between Gore and Bush but, then again, Gore didn't kill nearly as many people as Bush; not yet anyway.

I want what you've seen so far, which is only a small portion of what is there to be seen, to be a convincing argument for the fact that The Apocalypse is operating exactly as some of us said he would. I want you to entertain the idea that Mr. Apocalypse is your friend. We need a poster like the ones that used to go around, where you see a cop stooping to help a kid, with the caption “some call him pig” above or below and which is usually about stooping to conquer as opposed to stooping to help. Our poster should show Mr. Apocalypse waving his walking stick with the caption, “Mr Apocalypse needs you”. Or we could have one with a kid and a dog and possibly grandma, with the caption reading, “Mr Apocalypse, restoring decency and the rule of the law the old fashioned way”. Mr. Apocalypse can be seen standing in front of the kid, the dog and grandma and wailing on a congressman with his cane.

We need an international organization like the Friends of Mr. Apocalypse. You could have another poster with Madeline Albright (separated at birth from Little Georgie Sorrows; just look at photos of them alongside each other), or Hillary Clinton, having their skirts pulled up by Mr. Apocalypse's walking stick with the caption, “Mr Apocalypse goes where no man wants to go and we're going with him. We love you that much. We love you long time”! Just remember not to lift Madeline's skirt from the rear; then again, 500,000 dead children was worth it. Remember, you don't have to be a Tribe member to do these things, though it does help in the aftermath, with all the assets of media control. Hillary and others are members of the club. You might think of them as honorary members. Some of them do these things because they have acquired a taste for it, some of them do it for personal gain and some of them do it because of blackmail. Whenever you see world leaders and any influential types, pushing horrific agendas that nothing human could countenance, remember, there's a good reason, even if you don't know what it is.

Think about it, these psychopaths murder hundreds of thousands, millions... and they don't bat an eye. In most cases they do it simply to advance business interests. These lives are nothing more than numbers on documents. Far more people have been killed by the sweep of a fountain pen than by any other instrument on Earth. Reasonable men and women in suits, have lunch and talk about world hunger, while discussing how best to apply it. They have lunch and discuss the destruction of countries and their inhabitants, because these countries possess resources that they want. They do this, without a flicker of concern, for the outcome of their efforts in making these things happen. They move right on to the next thing. They blind people in Bhopal. They poison the residents of The Gulf of Mexico. They spread depleted uranium, like hellish fertilizer, across vast landscapes and then wait for the fruits of their industry to sprout in terrible and lasting ways. They do these things. The Rothschild, Warburg and Schiff bankers do these things. The politicians, judges and lawyers do these things. The corporations that own them and the banks that own the corporations, do these things. They take money that doesn't even exist and they loan it to you at interest, to create and maintain a culture of endless debt. They wake up in the morning and think about who they can harm. They no doubt compete with their fellows for body counts. Like that Rothschild mommy said, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none”. Think of it? Imagine the mind that can contemplate such things and carry them out. There is nothing human about these people.

The long awaited time of cosmic justice is on the doorstep. Mr Apocalypse is on the doorstep of the world, knocking at the door with his walking stick. You don't actually have to open the door, a few taps of the stick and the door will open. That's cosmic imperative for you. We are living in interesting times.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bodysurfing the Kali Yuga

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May your noses always be cold and wet. I'm still not sure if you should be ridden hard and put away wet. I think that's a personal decision, at least I hope it is.

Last night's radio show is available for download.

There it is, the sputum specimen, or is that a urine or bowel presentation for scientific inquiry? “The road goes ever on and on”. It's Bilbo banana dana time here in Middle Earth. That's a Buddhist construct, isn't it? Hobbits have a kind of Buddha like quality to them. I guess that depends on the hobbit. ♫I've got many rivers to cross♫ and we are all about 'still finding our way over'. I mentioned before that Paracelsus made an announcement to the scientific community of his day that he was going to present the First Matter for public display. A silver chafing dish arrived and on the platter there was a turd. I'm assuming that Paracelsus generously provided his own excrement for the occasion. Would anyone like some pate? Anyone?

Kali Yuga, baby. That's how it be. You know that Kali Yuga, (by whatever the extremes of determining the length of time) be it brief, with Yukteswar, or the otherwise predicted, it is still longer than whatever we have records of, so, keep it in mind. After all, it is your behind that we are talking about and it does follow you around. Karma is right there and so is the scarcity of ammunition and surfeit of ammunition; the availability of water and the lack thereof of food, sundries, shelter, money and whatever, coming and going, coming and going.

Evil destroys itself. It may take too long according to our motor vehicle department time conditions, but it will get the job done. Let me further explore the sexual angle and example the anti-Semite construct at the same time and direct you to recent commentary by the ubiquitous anonymous and say, isn't that special or differently abled and soon to become 'better abled '? Well, you bet your sweet Jesus that it is and hello Satan! Well, we'll explore that later on.

Kids are being taken away from their families in UK and Sweden and... and, in some cases, they are very deliberately placed in (nudge, wink) neutral zones. Yeah, pilgrim, do your research. I have ...and I have divine guidance missiles going off in my head all the time as well. Dig yourself, or dig your unhappy grave. Most don't wants to hear the truth... how it be, I and I, by the by. You know, the irony and the sorrow of it all, is that I do this for you. I do it for you. You don't even want me to because it interferes with your capsulized agenda, or your mistaken course would be compromised by the real information and what you don't get is, they're coming for you. That's right. After you have fulfilled your dummy puppet role as chief enabler, they will put your shit in the street next. I would recommend a careful study of the French Revolution and maybe the Khmer Rouge as well. Nobody talks about Danton anymore but I suspect you will see if you choose to.

I couldn't care less about what consenting adults get up to sexually. Mind... you have no idea what I have gotten up to sexually. On my own recognizance and as the witness for the defense, I know all about it. I have an awakened kundalini. I can't get closer to home than that, on your way to the alchemical marriage rites, one does tend to certainly encounter every permutation on the road.

For myself, I am going Elsewhere, past the solitary raven in the branches of the dead tree. I believe in eternal vigilance being the price of liberty and I continue to do what I do for free. If there is something more real than that, I haven't found it yet.

I am pummeled and pounded by the last gasp of the dark side. I'm not crying about it. It comes with the territory. If you can't endure, then become manure. Maybe you will show up on a chafing dish sometime. I tend to hold certain truths self reverent, which is also ironic considering that I don't like myself very much, that comes with the territory too.

Back to that anti-Semite equation and the 'alternative sexual thing. Plug uglies hide in the crowd and use the offense of truth, as an attack on all of the members, when there is only a small part of the total that engages in the unseemly and undesirable. They muster their regiments of willing stooges who jump right up like they thought they were at the Palm Beach election center and enmasse, they want the ass of the person who came there to liberate them. Anyone who doesn’t understand the mystery of the cruci- fiction ought to give a think because it's not all pink inside and all cats are not gray in the darkness; may the roses bloom on your cross.

The saddest thing about Kali Yuga is the enormous number of people who came here for the closing and opening of a grand cycle and then forgot all about why they came here. I have not and will not. Nothing would suit me better, or you either, if you knew what I was talking about, than a quantum leap.

There's a kind of Murphy's Law, which states that the more that someone has your best interests at heart, the more you will ignore and or revile them.

I'm going to lay a few things on you which I do believe you might find important, if you should choose to employ them; never become attached to the demands of the personal self, at the expense of your onward journey. Do not let any creed, color or religion and no government, gold, currency, dick or pussy, compromise you on your way to what you truly want. If you don't have the stones, it is probably because you are one of the foolish virgins. Yeah, those are the stones. “The Ninth Gate” just started playing alongside this post... fitting.

I could tell you all kinds of tales about what goes on in France, Tel Aviv and other places, where those devoted to misrule and disorder congregate. I don't have to be there in person, remote viewing has its benefits. None of this side of the equation is confusing or complex to me, only I myself am complex to me, which I suppose is the case with all of you, n'est-ce pas? Yeah, cutting edge munitions aren't the only thing that will suck all of the oxygen out of the room.

Yes, Virginia, things ain't what they seem and might I add that you are not Virginia in the first place? Ah, Mr. Visible is playing word games again. Is it an allusion or an alliteration? Would that apply or is he playing more word games? That is for the reader to judge. I have done my best, for free and beyond the call. Now the call that I hear is louder than what brought me to these specific efforts in the first place; not going anywhere right away but sooner or later. We all will won't we? So it's not generic to me. It's something all of us face, regardless of our duties, real or imagined, and regardless of the degree of celebrity conferred upon them. Fame and fortune are not what they crack up to be.

Anyway, though unlikely except among those already paying attention, I don't expect this to get anymore mileage than it usually does but that will change, everything does, except the things that never change. Which is probably why “small change got rained on with his own 38”. Oh, what the Hell, Two for One.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pizzas from Hell in a Flaming Dumpster

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May your noses always be cold and wet and truthful in the sensing.

Here on Animal Farm, there are pigs, there are the feral outriders, there are the Mason Verger, accelerated, pig operatives of the Smithfield variety. Variety can be the spice of life, depending on the chef, or even if there is one, because; 'here's those hog nostrils, Visible, sliced real thin, just the way you like 'em', like prosciutto for your Pizza from Hell. Yeah, wafer thin Visible, almost like you, in real life. Of course, you prefer rapier thin, doncha cuz?

Deed I do, deed I do but I ain't deeding it over to you; sides, the Vis doesn't eat pork for various reasons. He knows ein wenig about reincarnation and also doesn't want certain qualities in his composite.

Yes, there are all sorts of pigs, which means there are pig Hermes, like this delightful porcine journalista. Yes, Michael Ledeen's buttbuddy, is still stoking the coals for his own baby back ribs, all you can eat special. How dark is my dungeon? How green was my valley? We'll be using human pins down at the bowling alley, “smoking them here Boss”, 'snorting them here Boss'.

There comes a time in every man's life when he has to decide whether to be man or pig. In Kali Yuga there are a surprising number that will opt for the latter. They want that Jacob Frank thing. They want those franks on the bun, with all the nasty things that making laws and sausages have in common, especially if you happen to be common and not special and elite.

An argument can be made for asking how is it all that different from eating goats (symbol alert!) instead of pigs? Well, I don't eat goats either so, that would be my response. I also don't eat carpaccio, anymore than I eat prosciutto. Yeah, I know what those things are, I'm a cook, as opposed to a chef, because they lost me at nouvelle cuisine, or maybe even before, with all the strange sauces; not to mention basic ingredients from the gitgo. We're all about putting the gitgo in your Gitmo around these parts.

How those sabers do rattle, as the rapiers hum in the apprehensive air, that wishes they had just stopped with Ozzie and Harriet. That's the thing about being absolutely right and absolutely certain, when you are absolutely wrong. You can't stop. You got a taste for it, sort of like Clarice describing Buffalo Bill to Hannibal Lecter and “I, on the other hand cannot”, smell it but then I'm not Miggs am I? Visible digressing and coalescing, as he goes and don't mind the deliquescence. It comes with the territory and you need to keep in mind that tears and salt water have a lot in common and that the Earth is 3 quarters water. That sounds like a lot of tears but fish fuck in it so, what do I know? There's that salt crystallizing in a perfect cube, like the tears of Mary, or the bench on which sits the High Priestess and don't get me started on Lot's wife.

Have I got your attention or am I in a different dimension? It's all a matter of perception. Words aren't the only things that can be made to stand on their heads. The critical issue and concept that everyone, who even gives a shit, should keep in mind, is that we are watching evil shoot itself in the foot. Once evil is sure the foot is dead, evil is going to grill that foot and eat it as an appetizer, on the way to getting around to the rest of itself. Yes, pilgrims, this you must keep in mind. Evil is doing it's death dance. It's impressive. It looks to be unstoppable. It's got all kinds of special effects and the money to pay for them. It's got your attention and everyone wants to be on the winning side but there is confusion about the time remaining on the clock and who the referees work for; the price of those franks on the bun, what is actually in those “take me out to the ballpark” franks (where do you park your balls?) and who and what you will have for dinner. If there is a dinner; “didn't get a dinner”. Do you think I'm trying to make out with a snake? Wow, he mentioned Lot's wife too and that brings me back to what I heard a few years ago in Italy, “Visible, I'm having my morning coffee, then I'm going to dispense my blessings. I'm going to open a window of forgiveness, for those who may come as they may and then I am going to kick some ass”. Hmmm, now, I'm wondering if any of this has to do with the merry, merry month of May?

I remember the highway from LA to Palm Springs, there's a part of the road where you are looking at these parched, brown hills and you can see the faces of the comedians in the rock and strata formation; at least I did. Of course it could have just been the result of the LSD but it was there, a long line of entertainment, Mt. Rushmore contortabiles, frozen in the moment, sort of like that fly in amber kind of a way.

This brings me back to Shakespeare, where I hadn't gone in the first place. It's all tragedy. It's all comedy. It's both. It's two for one night at Little Caesar's, with harmony, tranquility and peace, “stuck in the middle with you”; if you happen to be there. Indeed, it is a pizza from Hell but you don't have to eat it. The world is what it is, because it really couldn't be any other way, here in this boot camp, Greyhound station, to points unknown. Some are traveling luxury and some are traveling coach and some are riding the trains in India. That all depends on your ticket and the quality of the ride depends on what you can afford and that depends on whether you earned enough, however you did it. At the same time, some people can fly first class with next to nothing depending on who they know. Who you know counts for a great deal in all cases; as does what you know and don't know. Finally, in this regard, trips, tours and lives end and how they end and what the result is, or the continuance, does not depend on whether you traveled first class or coach, or on foot, across whatever landscapes. It depends on how you comported yourself and all of us know this is true, regardless of what we believe in, because we feel it and we have to live with it, as we are doing and will do. This is what we contend with and we seem to think that's okay. Enough of us do, so that it continues, or it has. Then there is the apocalypse. It's right there on the Rolex, Oyster Perpetual, on the wrist of the cosmos. It's highlighted. Keep in mind that pearls grow in oysters and maybe you want to reference the irritation, that grain of sand that causes the pearl to form and what the pearl symbolizes; something along the lines of The Philosopher's Stone, for all those stoned philosophers.

We don't do wetwork here at The Petri Dish, unless we do it on ourselves because there are things that need killing. One of the true arts in this life is knowing what needs to die and what needs to live and assessing what certain experiences and desires can cost you in that respect. One thing you don't want in your knapsack is regret. How's that go? “Act in haste and repent at your leisure”. That can be expanded on, so that it's not only about haste, but intention, over the long haul. It's about direction. As has been stated here and there many times. It doesn't matter if you catch a plane, ride a train, hitchhike or walk, you are going to get there all the same, if Kansas City is where you are headed. That would be a metaphorical Kansas City. Some people think that Shambala is metaphorical or allegorical. That's not the case. It's as real as you are, if you are.

I've had deep and high-end burgundy moments and Thunderbird wine sorties. I've had the high end comestibles, if you please. None of any of these things count in the long run. It's what and who you are in the mix. There are all sort of irritations that are commensurate with divine discontent. There are all sorts of follies and frolics to choose from and so you are bent. We are bent according to whatever we are after. All the strategies of acquisition, the smoke and mirrors and the trick lighting, are only stage props and features. What we are after defines us. That's how it is down here. We are representative of what we seek. We are fashioned and formed by what we are after. That's all you need to know about what's going on and then comes laughter, or whatever follows after and then come tears and remorse and regret. If you don't know bout this, then you ain't got there yet. So it goes, the Whiffenpoof disappears up your ass, or up your nose. It's why we don't look so good without our clothes on, except for that space of a youthful sprint, in pursuit of what? That's the part I don't get. Yeah, I get it but I don't get it and I don't want it, either. Help yourself, every sense of the phrase.

Alrighty then. Here we be. Is it Scylla and Charybdis, or the devil and the deep blue sea? Well that depends. Everything is available, including the Colossus of Rhodes less traveled. You can be a ketamized John Lilly, dreaming with dolphins or Albert Hoffman, riding his bicycle around Basel and be over a hundred year old. You could have a dead animal on your head like Donald Trump. Or you could be a Darth Vader Obama who is definitely not Forest Gump, or you could be yourself. Then Lecter says to Clarice, “yourself” and there is the Benjamin Raspail with no bottom. So you can see the stars if you look down. Yes, you can bring home a bucket full of starlight, with no bottom in your pail. It comes down to you and who or what you rely on. You can even cue Bill Withers to lean on me.

Goldbergs or gold mountains, are nothing next to Cold Mountain, where you can “sleep by the creek and purify your ears”. All the gold, guns and ammunition are of no consequence, when the mind behind the object, or apparatus, is no longer under the control of the one possessing it.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Whistle-Blower Rhapsody in Asia Minor

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May your noses always be noses and the rest of you the same.

Radio show tonight, usual time and place.

Whistle-blowers to the right of us, whistle-blowers to the left, into the valley of disclosure rides the many. As predicted on this blog for several years, the time would come when some numbers of players will step forward and say, “He/She did it”. AND “this is what they did”. That time has arrived and just like an early leak in a dike, the rate of water intrusion will increase due to pressure and wear. It's possible that 'someone' could open the floodgates but... we'll see. Certainly there is pressure operating in the collective human subconscious to air 'it' out. This is going to be attended by various degrees of humor, as in the case of Jason Russell. Don't tell me this whole thing isn't scripted.

The winds of incredible change are blowing in the parallel atmospheres and internally, the sympathetic string is vibrating. Just yesterday, someone came and told me something that both amused and surprised me. It was something they had done, which was out of character and they wanted me to know it. It was no big deal but it was definitely an example of what I am talking about.

Conditions never arrive on their lonesome. There are always attending conditions and contents to the package. Along with the whistle-blower rhapsody in Asia minor, we've got that cosmic cello solo. That's supposed to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, as it inlays confirmation, upon the restless end of the general consciousness. There are maxims that attend these things and they are not about condom manufacture; 'the masses are asses', or that timeless homilie from Descartes, “I think, therefore I'm wrong”. As for the masses being asses; the thinker inside the box, this correlates to the operation of the hive mind. Control of the hive mind, grants control of the world, insofar as the world is a hive and that is certainly true, so far as it goes. Those of us outside the hive mind have simply gone further. The point about being an ass, is connected to the willing cooperation of them that are in unknowing agreement with their own confinement and destruction and it takes a lot of the freedom and joy out of the existence of those who have gone further. That changes at a certain point but it can be a bitch to get there in Kali Yuga.

When you mess with the natural order of things, fooling around in the area of science and fooling around with powers and abilities of the invisible sort, you attract the attention of guardians. Every door that leads to an area of performance, outside of the usual applications, has a door warden. Sometimes you can “break on through to the other side”, or, “storm the gates of Heaven” but that kind of thing is temporary at best, with mixed results and you get flagged for your trouble; speaking from personal experience. The acquisition of a siddhi, as the result of an excess of virtue, or relentless focus and effort, puts the door warden to sleep.

Many people, especially those who come by these things, through deceit and specialized information, believe that they have rightful possession of something. Authentic possession of any of these things comes with the manual. If you don't have the manual, you don't have the operating principles and your possession of any of these things, is only for the purpose of demonstration; demonstration of what happens to someone when they usurp timeless authority. It's what happened to Atlantis. Those possessing workable details from the Atlantian time zone, are in a position to make the same mistakes because the one thing they don't take away from it is the lesson. That would be the most important detail of all. As Lao Tzu says, “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.

The most powerful weapon in the hand of the villains de jour, is leverage. It's leverage that has made these recent wars possible and what is fueling the drive for what is planned. It is leverage that accounts for the emergent police state; the ongoing economic crises, the behavior of politicians and all the rest of the heavy hitters and the lies which accompany the day to day. John McCain, Hilarious Clinton, John Kerry, other members of the Senate and the House and most of the governments around the world are all compromised by leverage. This leverage has various acupuncture meridians and Brazilian jujitsu, pressure points. There is the economic leverage and this is made possible by the control of the production of the currency by a handful of psychopathic sonsofbitches. There is the blackmail factor and the possession of the evidence, by those who arranged the compromising scenarios. There is the threat leverage, which involves the loss of life or freedom and the murder of those close to the principals. There is the near total domination of the press by the same fiends who control the currency presses. There is the promise of reward leverage that appeals to the greed of those who put themselves in these positions for personal gain in the first place.

Lindsey Graham being gay is attended by videotapes. Whatever dark shit McCain and Clinton have gotten up to, is attended by videotapes or other damning evidence. The judiciary is riddled with corrupt and compromised individuals, who rubber stamp according to orders. In the future, when you wonder how and why, certain individuals do despicable and unjustifiable things, you can rightly assume that not doing so puts them in a very unfortunate position. When you see the various agents of the judiciary and law enforcement, engaging in selective prosecution and acting like thugs, you may be sure that this is because of policies set in place, by those caught in circumstances they can't get out of, or who were hired precisely because they will not argue against instructions. There's no independence of thought and action going on here. It's all grooved into place, by those who control the currency presses. This is the biggest big deal of all the big deals and why efforts to eliminate the Federal Reserve, come up against a dead end or wind up dead. It's the Big Kahuna of the demon kingdoms. It's why such a tiny minority can control such a huge majority and the largest percentage of them don't even know what is happening, or worse, don't even care.

Of course, all of this is incidental to the summation and conclusion of the whole affair. Think of it as a movie, where the plot is hardwired and the players only imagine and assume independence in their roles. There are the usual red herrings, twists, surprises and denouements. All of these include the impression of different possibilities, an element of the unpredictable and the usual uncertainty that keeps us involved in watching; the resident suspense that makes the whole thing interesting and hopefully entertaining. In fact, it's none of those things in reality and as has been mentioned a time or two before, only the backing screen is real. The unseen stagehands, trot out upon the landscape of a white cow grazing in a snowstorm. They set up the scenery boards and assign the costumes. They build the stage and when it's all ready to go, the play occurs. Once the play is over and the purposes of demonstration have been served, they break it all down and put it into storage. Then they do it all over again for the next production. On and on it goes. Some players keep coming back because the essential reason for the whole affair, has not dawned on them, nor are they finished with whatever it is they wanted out of it. Some players disappear somewhere and you don't see them again. Sometimes one or two return after a long interval of absence. They've come back on the scene to make certain things known to the rest of the players, who seem incapable of coming to the necessary conclusions on their own.

The whole gamut of environments are there; from the conservative and traditional to the liberal and avant garde, straight and bohemian, the greedheads and the generous, the weak and the disciplined and they all come to particular ends, which remain as evidence, affirming that you don't need to go down that particular road. History is littered with examples and the forgotten histories are filled with them too. Multiple, glaring examples are present in abundance but... for some reason, this doesn't do much for the hive mind. This leads to periods like the one we are in, where you are guaranteed answers and examples, whether you want them or not.

Some of us have acquired or constructed an anchor, in the process of their arrival at this moment. Some of us have anchors around our necks. Not all anchors are desirable but the good anchors are very valuable and important, for when the forces of Nature go to work, dislodging and dispensing with all of our former illusions and confinements. The same goes for internal Nature as well. It's a little late to lock yourself into place when the tsunami is upon you. Those in the mountain reaches don't have to concern themselves with tsunamis.

Very soon we are going to have all kinds of new things to talk about. Intermission is about to end. If you don't have any idea of what's under discussion here, you can just go on repeating, “Whip me, beat me, just say you love me”.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Dostoyevsky Pause on the Doubt Couch

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May your noses always be on your face.

First things first; let me wish Michael Rivero and What Really Happened, a very happy and auspicious 18th birthday. Congratulations, you are now officially old enough to go to war, without needing your parents permission but you are still not old enough to drink. This is the first alternative news site that I ran into, when I first considered doing a blog. It's a treasured resource, a good friend that sits on my parallel Favorites Bar and does planches inside my head, shortly after I click on the link. I am grateful to What Really Happened for my expanded, gymnastic awareness. Conversely, I have the world to thank for my growing abilities on the uneven bars. Anyway, Happy Birthday Michael Rivero and What Really Happened!

With very few exceptions, I make it a point to share private aspects of my life. One of the main reasons for this is reader identification. It's an accepted fact around these parts that what gets said here, is very often mirrored in the lives and consciousness of the reader. I have an idea for why this happens and that has to do with whom I am employed by. There are some who might argue that my lifestyle and the things I say are not reflective of what is generally expected from an employee at my firm but... it's a big firm and all sorts of specialty work goes on for specific projects and that work also goes on inside the employee, so that eventually, evidence arrives for dual use purposes and later on one can see that not being reflective of what is generally expected, has much to do with being based on insufficient evidence. In the beginning, the employee probably shares the same viewpoint as the people with presumed expectations. Surprises follow on both sides of the fence.

A few days ago I was told, that in the coming week, changes that have been long sought after by this writer, were going to go into effect. This morning, I woke up to find out that it was true. I don't know how extensive or far reaching it's going to be but my employer never does things in a small way, even though the influence extends to single grains of sand and individual snowflakes. Did something happen? Was there an event? No. I woke up this morning around 7:00 AM. Given I was up late and had missed some amount of sleep over recent days, this was not to be expected but... there I was, refreshed, thoughtful and reflective. That too was not to be expected. I was lighter somehow and not just because I didn't have anything to eat yesterday (grin). Usually when something goes missing, we call it a loss. It's conceivable that this can be a very good thing. I felt the way you feel when you've been to the dentist and left a tooth behind. There's a vacancy, but... the absence has a presence. Your tongue finds it's way there all on it's own. It probes and explores. It ponders the mystery of the absense.

There are some things I have wanted to be gone for a long time, but they were persistent and unwelcome guests in my life. I've been engaged in a private struggle with some things, which could not be addressed by any modalities known to me. In fact, when I tried to make dramatic changes in the way my life was ordered, not only could I not effect them but I ran into a strong negative reaction that left me, seemingly, worse off than I was prior to making these positive efforts. That was pretty disheartening to be sure. It happened on each occasion, when I went to set myself into a more controlled and disciplined routine.

Two or three years ago I was in Italy. It was in the spring and the weather can be really fantastic in that environment, the same way southern Portugal is. Frequently in Portugal, you get a condition that I call 'painters light', this is when the sky and the landscape have the appearance of an animated painting that evokes long forgotten moments and draws up tall glasses of deep nostalgia, for your antebellum, front porch, mint julep flashbacks. This brings me to a kind of digression; You remember when you typed a word or a sentence and there was an error or errors in the text? In the process of inserting a letter or two, you discovered that you could have just deleted the word or sentence and done it again and there wouldn't be any time differential either way; ay Cisco, ay Poncho and rock and roll.

(my digression ran away with my initial objective. At this time in Italy, I would sit on the terrace each morning and meditate. On a couple of occasions the meditations went on for several hours. I did some wonderful traveling in third eye country and got to sample various esoteric candies. Then like clockwork the operation got shut down. Quite some number of times, I would either, with calculation, approach a day in which I sought to initiate the process. Sometimes I jumped on a day, trying to be unpredictable and spontaneous. Nothing worked. I attach another condition that's been going on over recent months. The 'I' character on my keyboard often doesn't come up on the screen and I have to go back and insert it. I guess everything is under control, even when it looks like it's out of control. That's a contained environment for you. The pinball can bounce off of the bumpers for a good while but eventually it's going down the hole.)

I mention rock and roll for good reason. You can think of meditation balls moving in your hands. You can think about a rock and a hard place. You can think about life. You can think about your life. You can think? Congratulations! There might be a happy birthday in there for the rest of you too.

We have these arguments in our heads about all kinds of things. We have that elevator heart, of desire and aspire. We got a lot going on, but it basically breaks down to those rolling balls, doing their nookey thing in the palm of your hand and whether or not you should directly apply Jackson Browne's “Rosy” or work those balls instead, up into a brighter promise of 'to be announced' tomorrows.

The thing that grinds on us is sexual. It's about unions, separations and divorce. You are or you are not on the horse. Truth always needs a rider. A seldom explored consideration is, does truth need a disclaimer? One thing we don't know, going in, is that the game is fixed but... after your innocence is gone, you have only yourself to blame, if you go back to that same bar, that same casino, that same routine. Hey! On any given Sunday you could get lucky but... luck is fickle and that is why it's called luck.

I consider faith, certitude and determination as a highly effective replacement for luck. I will not ever quit heading in the direction of what I am after. I suppose that makes me like the bankers and politicians in their inflexibility of purpose. The evidence of them getting where they thought they wanted to be is patently obvious. Given that example, I will also get where I think I want to be and so will you, if you possess the requisite, consistent intensity. Some people get up in the morning thinking about making money. Some people wake up thinking about killing somebody. Some people wake up and think about having sex, or a drink, or both. Some people wake up. I will not be going by the lost and found today to claim whatever it is that I lost.

It's like the I Ching says, “perseverance furthers”. So, I got a promotion and just like the way people resonate with the different topics that show up around here, I suspect similar activity, by degrees, dependent upon energy invested, is going to show up in the readership. I have noticed that when things were going well in the world, relatively speaking, they were going bad for me and when things went bad in the world they went well for me... heh heh. That does put me in a problematic situation. Should I hope things go badly for me so that the world can prosper or...? It is relative, so sometimes bad is good.

I like to think that I pay attention. Seekers after light are similar to psychopaths in some ways. There's a certain persistent awareness of the objective, because all of the usual limiters and hesitations aren't present. There's no moral argument going. This is what contributes to the success of psychopaths. They don't have a conscience. There's no Dostoyevsky pause, between the thought and the action. Thankfully there's cosmic traps and barriers that operate like a substitute teacher. It's okay to hang out on the doubt couch occasionally, as you try to understand how they get away with so much for so long. The answer to that can be given in two words, Kali Yuga. This is why the High Priestess in the Tarot has the quality of memory ascribed to her. Creation moves over a vast expanse and your best resource for coming to terms with the meaning of it all, is resident in that deep pool that is not commonly explored, most especially in Kali Yuga.

Day by day it is becoming more and more apparent to me that things are exactly what they are supposed to be. That doesn't mean what they could be. It means that what is, is the logical result of the total contribution. If we put our heads and hearts together, we can accomplish just about anything and that is why divide and conquer, is the preferred and established method by which the adversary compromises us. Unity of purpose is key. Unless you're a misanthrope, you get this but... we won't get it, until the internal conflict is resolved. It's inefficient, ineffective and doomed to fail, if you set off in the attempt, already at war with a part of yourself. Whatever you do or don't believe, you do have to be convinced of it. Right or wrong, you have to be all in. In Kali Yuga, wrong has a better support system but that does not alter the dynamic or inevitable resolution. Sometimes it's easier and sometimes it harder but it always is.

I've run into a game changer this day. I expect it happened while I was sleeping. I hear that a lot, “It will happen while you sleep”. Maybe that's why I really look forward to going to bed (grin). I can't possibly express the degree of affirmation that this conveys to me. It's telling me that, as far as my end of the equation goes, it comes out the same on the other end. It's not only “new and improved” but “it's the same thing, only different”. This makes perfect sense from my perspective and none at all from the general and logical state. The commercials are lies of course but the concept is workable. It's kind of like having your cake and eating it too and it actually is “the real thing in the back of your mind”. It just happens not to be Coca Cola. I'm wondering what Clif High is going to uncover in his next synopsis. Heh heh, just tumbled to all the humor in his name. If you see him you can tell him I found that 'f' that he's been missing. (Man! There goes that 'I' thing again) Yeah, the 'f' was under the chaise lounge with that missing slipper and the nine year old Hindu boy. As usual, it was the dogs that found it.

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Friday, March 09, 2012

The Great Schmoo Army of Mindless Zombie Christians

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May your noses develop a chronic addiction to the truth.

There's crack cocaine and then there's crack cocaine. The most deadly, destructive and addictive crack is Christian fundamentalism. You've heard that bullshit anti-drug, pro alcohol, advertising line; "a mind is a terrible thing to waste"? It's arguable how much it might apply here because in order to be a Christian fundamentalist, you can't have a mind; certainly not a mind with independent function. Of course, you don't have to be a no fun fundie to lack cognitive abilities. Most people do not have an independently functioning mind. It's a signature of the times. This is some inexplicable reverse engineered evolution. This is premeditated with calculation for the result. A specific percentage of people not having a mind is job one for the vampire elite. The bankers are at the top of the food chain.

Although the existence of the state of Israel is the gravest of problems for the rest of the world. The force it put into use for the performance of its perverted will, is that great Schmoo army of Zombie Christians. This is the mechanism at work, in opposition to all things human and a sleepwalking contradiction in all ways, concerning the tenets of the founder of the religion they represent. It's nothing less than a cosmic irony that Jesus was not a Jew. They were his enemy in person, as they are his enemy in his absence in the moment. He may or may not be hereabouts but one place he certainly is not is in the hearts and lives of most Christians. The Judaic religion is another cosmic irony because the Jews have the highest rate of atheism by far, among the less civilized cultures.

The Protocols of Zion was a road map for principles and policies that we see in action in the present and which was written quite some time ago. Of course they wrote this book and of course they are engaged in carrying out everything it contains. Their denial of provenance is ridiculous, in the face of the evidence of the contents being visibly carried out, by them, in modern times. The intent to identify Jesus as a Jew went into play well before the protocols was written. There are historical suppositions that Julius Caesar burned the library of Alexandria, when he set fire to his ships and also that it was burned by Amr Bin Aas under instructions from Caliph Umar. The very fact of the truth being unknown tells me it was burned by those who knew what was coming and wanted all record of it gone. Who would that be? Who has it always been?

In the library at Alexandria were many books about Atlantis and previous conditions that existed before the latest round of whatever this is. Those who had access to these records were in a good position to know what was coming, due to what had been and were also in position to take advantage of this information by substituting crafted lies into the prominent religions, in order for massive falsehoods to be embraced as true, by those who were intended to be the footsoldiers of ignorance. This huge army carries out the will of these defilers of history. They are the poster boy retards for stupid and stupid believes anything it's told and anything that justifies the end result.

The good news is that with the introduction of a new age and... not just any new age, but the completion and beginning of a grand cycle, is that all of these religions are going belly up and symbolic adjustments will be made to each and every icon, the same way Christianity grafted itself over polytheistic paganism. We're living in the death rattle of all former institutions both religious and temporal. This is why the final moments are so intense and why the predators and psychopaths are scurrying about like meth crazed chihuahuas. Christianity is the hillbilly heroin of the opium of the people. That quote about the 'opium of the people' was coined by one of the recurrent tribal scribes who come around to set up blueprints for mass murder.

It is beyond my comprehension what means can be employed to wake up these people. They're not in a deep sleep. They're in a coma. Obviously some other force has to come into play to make the necessary changes and that's the job of Mr Apocalypse and Madame De Revelation. She's knitting up some items just like Madame DeFarge.

The destiny of evil is a step by step affair. It's also a tunnel vision modality. It's cyclopean in directional intent and Byzantine in strategy, which means there's a combination mares nest and briar patch for Br'er Stoat. The image is of one tangled in vines, wires and brambles planted by the same. Eventually one is trapped inextricably, in the product of one's own machinations. It includes grasping beyond reach, buck and gold fever in a Treasure of Sierra Madre context, within the framework of a personalized insanity that gladly trades one's life for the object of desire, without ever fully comprehending that angle. That's where the tunnel vision comes in and that is the state of evil in this time. You're watching it play out in front of you. Now you can ask yourself, why are all these seemingly innocent people having to experience such terrible conditions as the result of Christian love and charity, at the hands of those who manipulate them? It's hard for a lot of people to understand. Thankfully I have a system that explains all of it. A lot of people don't like this system, don't believe in it, or think it's an example of the cosmos being as fucked up as they are. However, there are no innocent bystanders. Everybody is at Point This or Point That because of whatever happened from Point A to Point B to Point C, unless you're Asian (grin) and then it looks different but the result is the same. The laws of Karma are inviolable, except where exceptional states or forces come into play.

There's a particular illusion at work where we are all seeing the most powerful nations on Earth, under the command of a collection of dung slugs, effortlessly removing all protections and any semblance of human rights from possession and practice, domestically and abroad. They are, without opposition, killing many people in various countries, while making the survivors wish they were dead. It all makes you think that they are really powerful. The truth is that they have never been weaker, but in order for the purposes of soul sorting and effective demonstration, the powers of appearance are operating the way they are and concealing the truth of the matter. They are relentlessly marching toward a Waterloo and these careful planners, these meticulous strategists, are ignoring the obvious because the obvious is not desirable and so far, hey, they've managed to do all of the other nasty shit, so this shouldn't be a problem either. The redoubtable Dr. Lasha Darkmoon has laid out some reality factors that you would think these fools would be aware of. They are but they aren't. Once again it's the tunnel vision and we might add, there is the banker nation pressures that are very difficult to deal with.

Most reasonably sane people would swiftly be able to see that Israel has, for her own reasons and profit, been behind every war in recent times, using the same arguments against each new victim. Any reasonably sane person could see this but that would not include Christian fundamentalists and it also wouldn't include those bought and paid for and those compromised beyond resistance. The latter, of course, might know these things but it doesn't make any difference, such as in the case of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and John Kerry, who are routine pillow biters for Joe Lieberman, Carl Levin and the other satanic little drummer boys.

Most reasonably sane people with even basic research skills would know who owns world media. That's the same people who own the currency printing presses. Now some say that these facts are not true. What they wish is that these facts were not known and they can thank the internet for that. Just look at what these two links show. Whoomph, they it is! The control of the printing presses is the resource for the control of the media, all media, informational and artistic. Interestingly, these same people performed 9/11 and related terror false flags and are the primary motivational collective that has sponsored and demanded all recent wars, for their own profit and are seeking now a global conflict, where they hope to be the head maggots at the top of the biggest pile of corpses in recent history. This one paragraph makes something very clear. That's how it is, argue at your leisure. That's how it is. I left out some really big historical demon morphs but you know all about that.

It all comes down to whether the cosmos is conscious. That's the demarcation line between physics and metaphysics. However, physics says that the cosmos is conscious. Physics says that the universe is 'thought born'. Obviously a lot of people didn't get the memo because they are arguing about and denying what their own sciences have already confirmed. Sure, we may not be sure about the composition and intent of this consciousness, but as far as it being conscious; somehow, some way, that's no longer under dispute. The good news here is that it's possible, possible that the cosmos will become proactive. I submit that it's been proactive all along. Movies are no fun unless they are engrossing, thrilling and or nicely comedic. Well, life apparently agrees with that projection and as a result, many people are caught up in the drama and also think they see the plot but... they do not.

The vast Christian Army of spastic somnambulists is marching somewhere. No doubt there is a cliff in the vicinity; a sinkhole, a swamp or some kind of opposite to expectations. It is highly doubtful that the cosmos, being conscious, would have anything but contempt or antipathy for these cretins. The only rapture one can confidently expect, is the rapture that comes with their absence and that would be experienced by others. There is no heaven set up by an impossible and non existent deity of anthropomorphic construction, where those who systematically torment, maim and murder their fellows, will go in their imaginary afterlife. It is far more likely they will return as food animals on large factory farms. They can huddle together in their pens that permit of little movement, with their equally deluded fellows, just as they huddle together now, praying for the destruction of everyone who is unlike them or defined as an enemy by their real enemy, who continues to deceive them with transparent lies. Quo vadis? Absolutely nowhere, or worse.

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Monsters at the Turning of the Age

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Things seem to have calmed down so I'm going back to pro forma and hope to see smoother seas for those of us in the same boat, regardless of how we got there).

Well, the world didn't end but the world doesn't end. The world is like a gigantic factory that makes stuff based on the collective mindset of the inhabitants. It's a Shake 'n Bake world. This factory, like any factory, goes through an unending process of upgrading and adapting and changing according to the mindset of the collective. It's possible that, over the course of time, the factory no longer makes any of its original products but moves on to make entirely new products because the demands of the consciousness require this. The world doesn't end. It changes. It is going to change soon, in ways and by degrees of intensity, that we have not seen since long before presently recorded history. A great many things, a great many people, a great many traditions and institutions may soon or shortly be gone ...or they may simply be changed. A very large amount of people came here for some reason. Quite obviously, a great many of them forgot why they came here.

People who are here in this time; trapped in this time might also apply, when the consciousness is caught up in material nature, are extremely confused and not representative of what is possible for humanity in an age where more light is present. It stands to reason that the predators among us would take advantage of this and they do. In a time of material darkness, banking and the control of currency is behind all of the evils that beset us. Criminal nations have been constructed in order to steal all of the wealth of the world. When the political and religious institutions have reached a certain level of corruption then the bankers can command policy on all levels. One of their primary tools is historical revisionism. Create a historical tale that supports the application of injurious policies upon the public. Control the content and flow of information so that everything is justified according to the lies created to defend whatever comes about. Make things happen and then blame them on the people you wish to exterminate.

No matter what period of history we are in, the collective consciousness lives in a dream that is reflective of the amount of light that the age makes available. Materialism is a dream. Everything we imagine is a dream. Everything that composes our view of the external world and everything we seek and intend to realize is a dream. At the moment, the awesome pull toward material culture is immense. This compromises our values and our perceptions of what is and is not so. This is how so many people can buy into obvious lies and turn a deaf ear to the truth, because accepting the truth and promoting the truth can be a dangerous proposition. It can get in the way of getting what you want. People have a natural inclination to bow to authority, to trust someone in a uniform, to believe what is stated on a piece of paper, to abide by the declarations of paper, no matter how many ways the words on the paper get rearranged, to suit the purposes and interests of those who employ the lawyers and the hired guns to enforce the dictates of their will.

Cattle mills about in crowds, eats and sleeps en masse and stampedes the same way. Most unfortunately for the cattle, or sheep, if you prefer, those empowered to herd and care for them have made an arrangement with the predators who feed on them. Basically they are screwed but they have the idea that, since there are so many of them, there's a good chance that things can go on for a good length of time before anyone or anything gets around to them. They're playing the odds, just like when they buy lottery tickets. They couldn't be happier about the presence of protestors and imaginary terrorists because it gives the government and their hired guns someone to focus on. Of course, they keep changing the designation and definition of what constitutes a terrorist or a protestor, until it pretty much covers any objection, no matter how slight or ridiculous it might become.

The odds change. The possibilities change and soon enough the conditions change and they change and change until they become so bad that no one can breathe; until there are few people breathing or until they are changed by whatever means necessary. That's where we are now.

A monster walks among us with a clipboard and instruments of torment and oppression. This monster has been walking for a long time, planning for a long time. This monster works for the concentrated evil of the departing age. This monster wants war, mass murder, gulags and concentration camps. This monster wants unending screams, uninterrupted by rights and protections. This monster has all of its rights of performance and practice guaranteed by laws brought into being by other monsters employed or compromised by it and who came into positions of power because too many people were dreaming about their own confinements that came disguised as the liberty and freedom to acquire and possess what they did not have and believed they needed and that their lives would not be complete without. Even as they pursued these things they lost everything of real value, which they possessed along the way, until they had neither.

We know who this monster is. This monster screams for blood in the headlines of the world, in the media controlled by this monster. This monster wants to attack and destroy nations and peoples who have not made war on others in centuries and those who did, did it with the assistance and at the urging of this monster. Agents of this monster are traveling from country to country at this very moment, breathing down the necks of other monsters, until they have achieved what they seek. They want to open the gates of Hell, just to see what happens and to enjoy the show. There will be no peace, no symmetry and no prosperity, while this monster and his crew are allowed to move among us. We have always been at war with the same enemy and this enemy's chief weapons are our ignorance and our appetites. We are seduced but we go willing enough.

Our good friend, Mr Apocalypse is banging with his stick on the closed door of the collective mind. The collective mind is awakening. It's a race between the evils being committed and enough minds awakening to stop them. Is it neck in neck or is it not even close? The speed of the one is increasing at a far greater pace than the pace of the monster but... will it be enough in the home stretch?

I, for one, do not believe we came all this distance to collectively sink into the darkness of this transitioning age. I believe that the end result will be very different from what most everyone expects. I think a whole lot of people are in for a big surprise, even though I don't know what that surprise is. I can feel the tension in the air. I can see the malevolent and malicious machinations of the enemies of humanity; the enemies of all that is good and decent and desirable in life. I can see the levels of their industry. They press down on the well being and economy of the masses in order to create desperation, confusion and want. They create the appearance of danger to instill and inspire fear and this grants the permissions to engage in all kinds of horrors. They are the authors of the climate and conditions. They are the authors of the appearances of danger and they are the authors of the horrors. It's all a part of 'problem, reaction, solution'.

It's all a lie. It's all transparent and obvious lies and the degree of transparent and obvious is directly related to the degree of flat out stupidity that is the general state of awareness, in those seduced by crass material attractions in shrink wrapped glitter. It's all about showing a little leg as a promise of what lies beyond but... when you unwrap the thing there are no privates, just plastic bumps. Whatever they thought they were after isn't there and even when it is, it's not what they thought it was. The next thing they know, they're trapped below the surface in filament nets; food for what lies beneath.

This is not a new story. This is always going on to some degree. You couldn't have this world without the interaction of dual nature. It's balance that we want, the same way it's always a good idea to take the vices and darker attractions and put them in a certain part of town. If you get hurt, robbed or disappointed well, you went there under your own power. People go to Las Vegas for the single purpose of throwing their money away and to temporarily feel that they are part of some kind of hot and heavy action. They're like people playing carnival games that don't understand how the games work. It's why you still see three card monte games and you still see people taken in by them. These are the same people that believe all of the other bullshit and who have picture frames on their mantels of their dead children in uniforms.

I don't know where I was going with all of this. It just sort of happened and there it is. Make of it what you like. It won't be long now and we are going to see what the results of our cowardice and indifference have gotten us. We're going to see what stupidity and ignorance harvest. You plant tomatoes, you get tomatoes.

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