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The Monsters at the Turning of the Age

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(Things seem to have calmed down so I'm going back to pro forma and hope to see smoother seas for those of us in the same boat, regardless of how we got there).

Well, the world didn't end but the world doesn't end. The world is like a gigantic factory that makes stuff based on the collective mindset of the inhabitants. It's a Shake 'n Bake world. This factory, like any factory, goes through an unending process of upgrading and adapting and changing according to the mindset of the collective. It's possible that, over the course of time, the factory no longer makes any of its original products but moves on to make entirely new products because the demands of the consciousness require this. The world doesn't end. It changes. It is going to change soon, in ways and by degrees of intensity, that we have not seen since long before presently recorded history. A great many things, a great many people, a great many traditions and institutions may soon or shortly be gone ...or they may simply be changed. A very large amount of people came here for some reason. Quite obviously, a great many of them forgot why they came here.

People who are here in this time; trapped in this time might also apply, when the consciousness is caught up in material nature, are extremely confused and not representative of what is possible for humanity in an age where more light is present. It stands to reason that the predators among us would take advantage of this and they do. In a time of material darkness, banking and the control of currency is behind all of the evils that beset us. Criminal nations have been constructed in order to steal all of the wealth of the world. When the political and religious institutions have reached a certain level of corruption then the bankers can command policy on all levels. One of their primary tools is historical revisionism. Create a historical tale that supports the application of injurious policies upon the public. Control the content and flow of information so that everything is justified according to the lies created to defend whatever comes about. Make things happen and then blame them on the people you wish to exterminate.

No matter what period of history we are in, the collective consciousness lives in a dream that is reflective of the amount of light that the age makes available. Materialism is a dream. Everything we imagine is a dream. Everything that composes our view of the external world and everything we seek and intend to realize is a dream. At the moment, the awesome pull toward material culture is immense. This compromises our values and our perceptions of what is and is not so. This is how so many people can buy into obvious lies and turn a deaf ear to the truth, because accepting the truth and promoting the truth can be a dangerous proposition. It can get in the way of getting what you want. People have a natural inclination to bow to authority, to trust someone in a uniform, to believe what is stated on a piece of paper, to abide by the declarations of paper, no matter how many ways the words on the paper get rearranged, to suit the purposes and interests of those who employ the lawyers and the hired guns to enforce the dictates of their will.

Cattle mills about in crowds, eats and sleeps en masse and stampedes the same way. Most unfortunately for the cattle, or sheep, if you prefer, those empowered to herd and care for them have made an arrangement with the predators who feed on them. Basically they are screwed but they have the idea that, since there are so many of them, there's a good chance that things can go on for a good length of time before anyone or anything gets around to them. They're playing the odds, just like when they buy lottery tickets. They couldn't be happier about the presence of protestors and imaginary terrorists because it gives the government and their hired guns someone to focus on. Of course, they keep changing the designation and definition of what constitutes a terrorist or a protestor, until it pretty much covers any objection, no matter how slight or ridiculous it might become.

The odds change. The possibilities change and soon enough the conditions change and they change and change until they become so bad that no one can breathe; until there are few people breathing or until they are changed by whatever means necessary. That's where we are now.

A monster walks among us with a clipboard and instruments of torment and oppression. This monster has been walking for a long time, planning for a long time. This monster works for the concentrated evil of the departing age. This monster wants war, mass murder, gulags and concentration camps. This monster wants unending screams, uninterrupted by rights and protections. This monster has all of its rights of performance and practice guaranteed by laws brought into being by other monsters employed or compromised by it and who came into positions of power because too many people were dreaming about their own confinements that came disguised as the liberty and freedom to acquire and possess what they did not have and believed they needed and that their lives would not be complete without. Even as they pursued these things they lost everything of real value, which they possessed along the way, until they had neither.

We know who this monster is. This monster screams for blood in the headlines of the world, in the media controlled by this monster. This monster wants to attack and destroy nations and peoples who have not made war on others in centuries and those who did, did it with the assistance and at the urging of this monster. Agents of this monster are traveling from country to country at this very moment, breathing down the necks of other monsters, until they have achieved what they seek. They want to open the gates of Hell, just to see what happens and to enjoy the show. There will be no peace, no symmetry and no prosperity, while this monster and his crew are allowed to move among us. We have always been at war with the same enemy and this enemy's chief weapons are our ignorance and our appetites. We are seduced but we go willing enough.

Our good friend, Mr Apocalypse is banging with his stick on the closed door of the collective mind. The collective mind is awakening. It's a race between the evils being committed and enough minds awakening to stop them. Is it neck in neck or is it not even close? The speed of the one is increasing at a far greater pace than the pace of the monster but... will it be enough in the home stretch?

I, for one, do not believe we came all this distance to collectively sink into the darkness of this transitioning age. I believe that the end result will be very different from what most everyone expects. I think a whole lot of people are in for a big surprise, even though I don't know what that surprise is. I can feel the tension in the air. I can see the malevolent and malicious machinations of the enemies of humanity; the enemies of all that is good and decent and desirable in life. I can see the levels of their industry. They press down on the well being and economy of the masses in order to create desperation, confusion and want. They create the appearance of danger to instill and inspire fear and this grants the permissions to engage in all kinds of horrors. They are the authors of the climate and conditions. They are the authors of the appearances of danger and they are the authors of the horrors. It's all a part of 'problem, reaction, solution'.

It's all a lie. It's all transparent and obvious lies and the degree of transparent and obvious is directly related to the degree of flat out stupidity that is the general state of awareness, in those seduced by crass material attractions in shrink wrapped glitter. It's all about showing a little leg as a promise of what lies beyond but... when you unwrap the thing there are no privates, just plastic bumps. Whatever they thought they were after isn't there and even when it is, it's not what they thought it was. The next thing they know, they're trapped below the surface in filament nets; food for what lies beneath.

This is not a new story. This is always going on to some degree. You couldn't have this world without the interaction of dual nature. It's balance that we want, the same way it's always a good idea to take the vices and darker attractions and put them in a certain part of town. If you get hurt, robbed or disappointed well, you went there under your own power. People go to Las Vegas for the single purpose of throwing their money away and to temporarily feel that they are part of some kind of hot and heavy action. They're like people playing carnival games that don't understand how the games work. It's why you still see three card monte games and you still see people taken in by them. These are the same people that believe all of the other bullshit and who have picture frames on their mantels of their dead children in uniforms.

I don't know where I was going with all of this. It just sort of happened and there it is. Make of it what you like. It won't be long now and we are going to see what the results of our cowardice and indifference have gotten us. We're going to see what stupidity and ignorance harvest. You plant tomatoes, you get tomatoes.

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Moshe Lieberman said...

I love juice.

Anonymous said...

blips and bleeps of energy floating
believing all of this is real
when it ends
it ends
it's all nothing

don't isn't matter

time to release more of what you believe is 'you'

before you chew your own leg off trying to escape a non-existant trap move into the Allness and be free of this never ending staged event

liz in los angeles

Thomas said...

I find it funny that Truth, that which in a way is that which is most pure, is also that which can be most purely brutal, in another way. Of course, what do I know about Truth?

The Divine is Real, ever-watching, all-powerful, eternal and It loves absolutely everything. If I know anything, that is it.

Also, the tragedy of most peoples lives, as you describe it, is at least somehow real. As we dream it, so it is. But there are rules, of course, set down by the Creator. Soon, as you say, we might see them in action, increasing our understanding from none to none + a grain of sand.
I will say, my curiosity is greatly stimulated, but I suspect that some of the way will be ugly.
I was in a town without electricity on the night of the Oscars. There was one bar with a generator and a TV. Such a slimy and self-fellating bunch, sprinkled with empty cow-eyes and decked out in empty extravagance and graveyard smiles is rare to see. It was all scripted for corruption, but they were actually pretty honest. I remember one saying, at the end of one of the emo-porn montages "...and in the future, they'll be saying "how in the world did these people do it?"" or something like that. Well, you've just said it, hah! But what a night sky... An infinite expanse of womb and Lights, pulsing through the aeons.

Praise the Creator!

thank you Les, for the nexus of Light you let show/flow through.

To All, Love, blessings, and wishes of Inner fortitude and endurance.

Anonymous said...

ence sitsvVia Homer..

If the Israelis and the Zionists and the Communists and the Nazis and the outright Devil worshipers all disappeared overnight, there would still remain ... the rest of us.

The vast majority who are, through ignorance or no, nonetheless enmeshed in demonic acts of a collective and damning culpability.

Yeah, I know. No one wants to hear that..
Death to the naysayer, etc., etc.

“Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul.”—Pythagoras

“For hundreds of thousands of years the stew in the pot has brewed hatred and resentment that is difficult to stop. If you wish to know why there are disasters of armies and weapons in the world, listen to the piteous cries from the slaughter house at midnight.”—Ancient Chinese verse

“Because he has pity on every living creature, therefore is a man called ‘holy’”

“Life is life — whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage.”
—Sri Aurobindo

“Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission — to be of service to them wherever they require it.”
—Francis of Assisi

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God.”
—Luke 12:6

“There is not an animal on the earth, nor a flying creature on two wings, but they are people like unto you.”
—Islam. Qur’an

missingarib said...

vis,in an age of Alzheimer vacations , Waldheim gates,in a time of rage and screams muffled by the fog horn of a distant ship about to pull into the harbor there is no shelter for our ears or our years-
Einstein's question is about to be answered , will we see a roll of the dice , the hand writing on a wall.
what language , who has the ability to read the words -
les - feels like a little sea sickness coming on -
stay well

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I wasn't expecting anything for the first or second of March. I'm expecting something on or a day or two after Purim. I'm a nondenominational Pagan, not Jewish, but I'm gonna celebrate Purim for the first time this year. . .for the reason of CHANGE. (I'm not gonna get drunk, but boy am I gonna have a fun time dragging myself home on foot after a buffet at an Eat Indian restaurant with a couple of the best cooks on the planet.)

As for being here. . .I can't see why I'm here anymore except to see the end of this era which I loathe so much. There used to be other reasons. I've got a huge collections of accomplishments (and failures) in my life, not that any of them matter any more. Well, maybe one might, but I suspect I was possessed when I was working on it.

Seems like the rest of my life is 'hurry up and wait' for whatever. It's not like life in general has much interest for me these days. My ambitions have all been fulfilled, so what else is there? Besides being the most pussy whipped cat slave on the planet, that is.

Anonymous said...

"It is also my thinking that the entrenched elite agree with Gurdjieff's assessment that 'new directions' can be implanted. Further i think their new directions are the same old shit from the same old bosses only more of it piled higher and deeper. Thus my thinking to forestall their attempts to take advantage of the karios of this time to flip us into the war rut of these past centuries by pointing out that they have secret plans to do just that, start yet another war. NOT because i think that they will do it, but to prevent them from even trying. If several thousand people had gathered down at the World Trade Center Building complex on September 10th, and when asked WFT?, had replied, "we are here waiting for the false flag attack due tomorrow morning". Would the September 11 attacks have happened? So i point out, 'hey, them bastards are planning to sink one of our ships and blame it on the iranians!'.

Note that i am not alone in saying such things, but what i can bring to the discussion is a finer perception of the timing that the entrenched elites seek. Then, perhaps, we can all band together, point fingers, and spoil their plans." ~ Clif High


Visible said...

Homer, I could not agree more. Plently of people tell me they wouldn't kill an animal but they will eat one. I have been a hypocrite in my time. It's the price of learning but on this account I am no hypocrite. I will not eat what I won't kill and all creatures are equal in more ways than the dominant species might wish to know. They feel. They love. They are no different than us except for the need to express certain things that required a certain form.

They are my friends and I pity everyone who does not know how precisely certain behaviors will come back to show them the nature of fear without the capacity to cry out in terms understandable to their masters of the moment.

If you haven't seen Eight Below or any number of other films, or watched those who know the souls of animals like Jabari, or the various animal whisperers, then you don't know a great many things. One whom no animal needs to fear need have no fear of any animal. I have proven this point to myself when it damn well would have gone the other way, otherwise.

You can absolutely tell the state of the culture by how it treats those viewed as less than us. Present time, there are few lifeforms lower than us. I'm ashamed to be a member and God willing I'll get a promotion sooner rather than later.

lightandlongshadows said...

Keep it square
Lost in time
Wake up stone cold sober
The stairway to heaven
Turn vice to virtue
Over the moon
To the seventh heaven
Cats have nine lives
It's written in the stars
The wheel of fortune
The answer lies within
Mind over matter
Silence is golden
Talk is cheap

Visible said...


Those are precisely the thoughts that go through my head when I talk about periods of time, as if I knew what I was talking about. I always get the feeling that if they think people expect it on a certain day, they will postpone it.

Unlike a lot of people, I don't disrespect Clif High. I know how his system operates and how the system that it is can feedback based on the very tenets it is based on and skewer the conclusions, but I have gotten a lot of good information from that man and I believe he is a decent human being who has all of our best interets at heart.

The only thing that concerns me about him is personal. He is obviously given to states of depression based on the conclusions he comes up with and it pains me to see him put himself through it but... that's just more evidence of him being a decent human being and we have way, way too few of those.

Being a decent human being cannot be determined by how one behaves in ordinary life with nothing on the line. The sole determinant of such a label is what a person does when it is all on the line. Some of us are fortunate enough- if you want to call that fortunate- to know how we will behave because we have had the opportunity to see it and in some cases more than once. Many of us have not.

I often study people and wonder from what I get, through body language and phrenology how they would be under certain circumstances. It's an interesting and fascinating exercise to observe people and to consider from external tells to intuitive reads how they would be if such and such went down.

I do this sort of thing across the board concerning all kinds of things I would rather not mention (grin). I'm a cultural voyeur and obviously I have a rich fantasy life (grin).

One thing I am sure of, Iran has a lot of cards up its sleeve.

Richie (Dana) said...

This piece seems to speak to the collective consciousness of this world but fails to provide discrimination.
I have been following the conversation the last few days in which the possibility of different possible types of souls were discussed and our acceptance or rejection of that.
I am going to emphatically state that I have no part of this collective consciousness which you are describing, and I furthermore take zero responsibility for ANYTHING that is taking place around us.
Ian was scornful and critical of my statement that this plane of existence is scheduled for demolition. He asked me “how long”. My response would be this. The fact that I am not aware of the exact date of this occurrence does nothing to detract from the truth of it. If you have eyes to see then it will be quite obvious.
The “human race” is just a bunch of meat sacs. The “humans” are just a shell in which an entity resides. All humans are NOT created equal. There are 3 types of humans alive today. It is very easy to find out which one you are, and as an example, please read this.
“Stating that newborn babies ‘aren’t people’ and it is therefore acceptable to kill them, two ‘ethicists’ writing for the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Ethics are now calling for after-birth abortions. The writers, who worked with Australian universities in the construction of their paper, say that newborn babies simply do not have a “moral right to life.”
“Study authors Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, both from the University of Melbourne, state in their paper that “after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.” They go on to say that while it is infanticide, they prefer not to call it that. Instead, they prefer the term ‘after-birth abortion’ — a term that avoids the true labeling of the proposed technique.”
Read more:
I would here just ask each of you to look within yourself and analyze your reaction to this idea. There are only 3 ways to look at it.
1. You think this is a great idea to get rid of the “useless” eaters and look forward to the day when halftime at the Super bowl would include blood sacrifices of these babies who “aren’t people” anyway. (This would describe a foreign ALIEN intelligence that exists only for the cause of destruction. I use the word alien because it is so far removed from ANYTHING that could be categorized as “normal”).
2. You do not wish to get yourself or anyone else into trouble over this because of your job or any other material thing on this plane. You are willing to “live and let live” and refuse to judge any of these lost souls doing this evil as they are just doing “Gods work” and are all part of the plan for the purposes of demonstration. (These are either a true soul s who are currently deluded and need to wake the fuck up or they are ZOMBIE S created by the evil side to trap True Beings for the purpose of energy extraction.)

Richie (Dana) said...

Collective consciousness rant continued…….
3. You know that God is LOVE and does not ever destroy ANY of HIS creation. You see this as total insanity of which you will have no part in, or ever accept as normal. You realize that this is simply the end result of evil and that they must destroy themselves because that is the nature of evil. You have a very strong feeling that you do not belong here and that what you see around you is evidence of the unsustainability of this plane. (You are a True Soul with an eternal, ageless, immortal spark of the Divine within and are simply waiting for the day of rescue and your continuance on the path back to the creator of all things.)
This creation is rigged. It is created by evil for the purposes of evil and all of us are being actively programmed to serve it. I reject all society as evil. I reject all “live and let live” bullshit. I do not respect those who would place themselves in positions of authority and DICTATE to me exactly how to live. Their system sucks, their laws suck, and they suck. They are vampires that only survive because of the energy they STEAL from true beings.
There are only 2 paths that are available to all the “humans” now in existence. It seems to me that these 2 paths are being more clearly defined as time goes on. It is imperative to pick a side. I have no problem if this all seems a bunch of crap to some and my response would be “Go your way and the best of “luck” to you”. I am not here to convince or dissuade you from your beliefs. Your belief matters not. I am NOT trying to save souls. This is a very personal thing and the real answers are ONLY within.
You are either returning to him or you reject him.
That choice has always been ours and ours alone.


Anonymous said...

i would pretty much say lord high has done a fantastic job of pinpointing our attention and focus,now satanetanyahoo and the corporate media are trying to sell a war that cant be sold,syria is coming undone,i think if we could get reports from the local people over their in syria,shower the internet with those reports,,the syrian people will be a lot safer,the mercenary colonialist thugs will be more carefull,not wanting to give anything away,,,when the truth becomes obvious to a percentage of the general public ,maybe the people would demand to know what happened in libya too,anyway trying to sell a third world war to people who are just not interested is just stupid...israhelli people are not interested,americans not interested ,british people not interested everybodys not interested apart from the corporate elite,that seem to have run into a spell of misfortune,,,,lets keep those thinkings up focused and raring to go,,,,


Anonymous said...

Please may I present An offering prayer of wisdom for the consciousness of this planet
(courtesy of Gentle Voice online)

Hymn to Shri Sarasvati.
Your manifestations thoroughly destroy the afflictions like the scent of the jasmine flower,
your appearance radiantly beautiful, shining protector
sublimely playing a beautifully adorned vina,
your body brilliant white, seated in lotus asana.
Your sacred resonance streams forth as auspicious
offerings and praises to the devas, a celebratory proclamation of purity.
Sovereign Bhagavati Sarasvati, entirely dispelling, without remainder, any lack of discernment.
I offer this hymn of praise to Sarasvati, the mighty patron of knowledge, the lotus eyed one,
wisdom taking form, distinguished queen, the very embodiment of awareness.


Visible said...

Richard, I think one of your comments got lost. I don't know how it happened except that I hit the publish button by accident before I checked the last comment and then I see it didn't appear so, resubmit if you can.

Richie (Dana) said...


The entire rant appears to be there.


Clarity said...

Visible, you sound like yourself again, and that is nice to hear in your words, which sound hopeful.

To all those who left positive comments, I read them, and I appreciate each one.

Pierre, perhaps Brevity is my better half. (grin) And I have only posted under this name.

Gregory, thank you for the loka info.

onething, I was responding directly to something posted to me about a certain group not having souls. As far as the Khazarians, I am not referring to all of them.i The monsters are hard to name without qualifiers. In terms of the souls, in relation to that earlier post, I was trying to distinguish between them and "true Jews".

For any who might appreciate, or get something out of this:


Steve said...

I see you have Ceser Millan on your side bar there. We have our own "dog Whisperer" here in the Valley. He comes around on Mondays rain, hail or shine and picks up the three dogs that live with us. He has a big van and by time he gets to our place, which is his last stop before heading into the bush for a couple of hours with them all, there are about a dozen dogs in the back, all smiling and excited and as happy as can be in anticipation of there walk. There is a Great Dane, a couple of Staffies, Kelpies, Border Colies, and a few mongrel breeds it's a real mix match. It is such a joyful sight when he turns up seeing them all together like that. Sam, the youngest dog here who still has his balls, always has a bit of a growl when he hops in, I don't think he would ever bit another dog as he is so sweet, and to watch the way Mick handles them all is amazing. He never raises his voice, but they listen and follow his harmony. He should be here in a couple of hours. Oh, I might add, he does the whole thing for next to nothing, just as long as he covers his petrol money he is happy and he offers dog training, also for free. I fell privileged to have met him.

Visible said...

Wow Cap'n Spadgett, that is wonderful to hear. I am glad for you to know someone like that but I'm not surprised that it happened to you. Yeah, the people from Natural Awakenings always send me their latest issue and when I saw Caesar on the cover, I thought, well, here comes another free ad. It's a gas for me to be able to do that, knowing I could be making bucks otherwise and even Google ad sense would grant me hundeds of dollars a month but the divine handles that for me. I will sell out but it has to be priceless (grin).

Clarity, so far as I know, I've been fine for some time of late. However, one thing I don't want to be is my old self. I'm hunting for the new Visible (grin).

Folks, if you hear the radio show tonight and you wonder why I had to talk about what I did, please understand that if I had been able to avoid it I would have but I keep running into seriously weird things from a certain quarter and it complicates my ability to do the right thing.

I emailed some people I know for some help in sorting the situation out and the one fellow basically told me to fuck off and the other one didn't even answer me. Now, this is very strange considering if they were going to be upset with me they would (you would think) have been upset with me much earlier but now they appear to be really upset with me, although I have had no contact with them and have said and done nothing concerning the situation or them. Obviously something is going on that I am not privy to (accent on privy).

I've tried to be quiet and absorb the blows, such as they are and I've even put up with the most incredible lies based on nothing more than one individuals need to cover their tracks, after misreading a situation due to imagining that I was doing what they were doing.

People can think what they like about me and I'm not going to spend my time trying to make myself look good because some of the responsibility does lie with me and I have no difficulty admitting that. Conversely, what followed in the aftermath proved out exactly what I was picking up on telepathically, which more or less proves that I did the right thing, even if my technique left something to be desired.

I think I did good keeping all of this to myself, given the intentional and malicious activities that went on and which I did not know about until later. I'm sure I can count on those who received these vile efforts of character assassination to back me up to the hilt, if it becomes necessary. Hopefully it won't and thankfully the people I am referring to have a high level of credibility with the reader.

Visible said...


One thing I find disappointing are the conclusions being drawn by people who weren't even present. I thank god I don't make any decision about the ultimate reality of anything, unless I was right there. I'm thinking I learned from experience and I can remember several of those off the top of my head.

I realize some of this may seem confusing to the reader but I would rather not get into specifics unless I fnally have no choice but I do know if this horseshit continues that I will use all of my creative talents to tell the unvarnished truth on a great big laundry line and it will include my own. Although, I do, in fact, not wear underwear (prefering to use toilet paper instead) I will come up with something and I will be as fierce on myself as I will try to be kind otherwise.

There are very often very good reasons for things, that change the entire complexion of the situation and in this case what came after proves out divine interference to a point where it can't be argued against, unless, well, unless.

I've kept it to myself, even though it would have been a most entertaining tale for the rest of you and even though I am certain the reader would see that I was telling the truth and not trying to cover my tracks because, quite frankly, I don't give a rats ass what fair weather friends think. Okay, now that you are thoroughly confused I'll go watch a movie. Man! Sundays are always a labor for me with a post and a radio show and several other things that occur on Sundays and here it is midnight and I am finally done... heh heh.

Sick to fucking death of lying israelis said...

"'Peace is always our first option. But, if we are forced to fight, trust me -- we shall prevail,' he said to applause from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference at which was speaking."

You know what, fuck the lying sack of shit primeminister of that shitty little country. If israel attacks Syria/Iran, with or without Uncle Sam, they are going to get turned to glass.


Visible said...

Okay, I'm not going to post things from people named Tantric Ass Rape or other unimaginative names who think they're clever but are not. If you have something useful to say, say it. We have the highest quotient of intelligent and informed readers on the internet, I'm not going to dilute it with the contributions of juvenile pranksters even if what they say is only nonsensical, like, "I hate juice" submitted multiple times.

It's gotten so entertaining and enlightening here, at least for me, with contributions from people better informed and smarter than me, that I'm not going to let the people in the cheap seats from the Oakland Raiders games come in here and pinch off a loaf at the public expense. I hate that phrase, "pinch off a loaf" so you can assume I am serious (grin).

geobro said...

les another meteor flys through the sky in scotland 2 in 2 nights .i had a lot of fun after 9-11 asking people what time the heard about it .then telling them jew york is 5 hours behind no fun times ahead this time that must have spoiled the jew year for them wonder if purim going the same way .the old people told me never to do my washing in public they knew better me im badly flawed ? love the banter on this site keep it up nanu nanu

neal said...

I am also not privy, just chose to answer the phone, so to speak, and maybe broadcasting some point concerning irrelevance not being irreverance.

Hidden agendas feed on most anything, even honesty, such things are creating monsters.

It's really mostly my fault, I won't pretend that this level of involvement does not stir things up.

Be well, and prosper.

geobro said...

just thinking about a bit in the bible -revelations 12-12

Visible said...

This is funny, "There's been a little bump in the internet" concerning tonight's radio show; never saw that before, or heard it to be exact. I must say, life is entertaining.

Doc Boughton said...

Always refreshing to read for the day ones thought fresh out of the hen house. The surprise will be to most and then not at all to a select few who are in the know. The Black Awakening is bulging at the seams, restrained by what? That is the question. Keep writing.

onething said...


I read about that article over at Sott and my take on it was that I didn't take it seriously. I don't know the context and I might be wrong, but my first thought was that these are people who are against abortion and are trying to provoke people by giving the same arguments for infanticide that are given for abortion.

I tend to agree with you that we are being pushed to take sides. People who say that good and evil are both necessary and/or that it is an illusion have made a mistake. The way it seems to me, this setup here, is that we don't get to move "beyond good and evil" till we have understood them and chosen a side. We're here to understand good and evil, which few people do, and we don't get to skip grades. Refusing to see the seriousness of it is a hindrance to the soul's progress.

Anonymous said...

Putin remains in power.

Bad news for a certain little group who've been pulling the strings.


Anonymous said...


I think you are correct in using Clif High and “decent human being” in the same sentence… or paragraph.

Speaking of a rich fantasy life, mine involves a streetfight between Ahmadinejad and pussy ass Netanyahu.

Ahmadinejad: “Isn't that just like a Jew? Brings a Jericho III ICBM to a fist fight.”


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Last night I saw a movie from Ghana called "Perfect Picture" (2009) at the Cascade Festival of African Films here in Portland, Oregon. "Perfect Picture" is basically an African "Sex and the City", filmed in Ghana with black actors, Euro-American music, Euro-American clothes, Euro-American decorating, and Euro-American lifestyles. After the film, there was an audience discussion that became sharply divided by a majority who praised the film for celebrating African "progress", and a minority that dissed the film for celebrating materialism, class division, and the triumph of Euro-American culture over indigenous African culture. There were many African immigrants in the audience, including some from Ghana. A few of the people from Ghana claimed that the affluence displayed in the film was normal in Ghana, and that there is "no poverty there." A few other people who have traveled recently in Ghana disputed that claim. It was interesting to see the psychological rationalizations of people from Developing countries who want to embrace Western materialism and classism lock, stock, and barrel.

The film has a "fairy-tale ending", in which the corporate-executive heroine learns that her boyfriend is actually a weathy lawyer who was only pretending to be an air-conditioning repairman, so he could be sure that she was not just after his money. So there were no lower-class characters in the film after all. Such a relief! How could the couple live "happily ever after" if he had truly been an air-conditioning repairman?

Riboflavin said...

My idea on how things work in this existence and I could very well be wrong about this (I'm batting 0-20 on correctness these days), but I picture the universe observed from a great distance away as two giant spheres, one representing "positivity", and the other "negativity" that are rotating at a high rate speed in opposite directions (i.e. one clockwise the other counter-clockwise). Then these two massive orbs are 'allowed' to come into contact with one another, and the energy released from the resulting friction is the reality in which we exist. I guess you could look at the stars and galaxies as 'sparks' caused by this 'friction'.

The nature of the negative sphere is to 'take'. The nature of the positive sphere is to 'give' (i.e. closed fist, open-hand). The contact between the two spheres is a benefit for the negative, but is a great detriment for the positive. The negative sphere over time consumes the great majority of the positive thus growing in size and influence. As the negative grows the positive shrinks and the danger of the positive being completely consumed and an 'absolute' being achieved in the favor of the negative becomes more real (this is where we are right now). I believe this 'absolute' is "game over" and thus can not be allowed.

So, the question is how to keep the friction going and at the same time prevent the negative sphere from completely consuming the positive? Well, I'm no physicist, and I never did well in school, but I do try to understand things and what my meager understanding tells me is that the only why to keep the friction 'alive', without negativity achieving an 'absolute', would be to place a neutral 'wedge' between the two spheres. The 'wedge' would have to be perfectly neutral like a mirror in which the innate nature of the two spheres are reflected back to the source (i.e. negative to negative, positive to positive). This is the only way I can think of in which the positive sphere would be able to replenish its emaciated self.

Granted, just as the contact between the two spheres was a detriment to the positive, the lack of contact with the positive would be detrimental to the negative, for as many have said, the evil creatures behind all this shit are like "vampires" or "parasites" whose survival hinges on their ability to siphon from a host. Hence, the desperation by the evil ones to keep humanity asleep, or to 'end the game' before the awakening completes.

If this neutral 'wedge' is keep in place between the two spheres for too long then the same dangerous situation would occur, just this time it would be positivity in danger of achieving an 'absolute' since positivity flourishes without the burden of negativity, and negativity consumes itself without the host body of positivity to siphon from.

Anyway, this is my understanding of things and is what I apply when trying to understand the current state of affairs. I'm sure this has been stated many times and in much more elegant ways, but this is the kind of porridge my brain is able to churn out, and hopefully someone finds it palatable.

I guess the question now would be what form will this 'wedge' take, and when will it show itself? Or, maybe a better question would be:

If this 'wedge' is 'knowledge', who or what is moving it into place between the two spheres?

Anyway, thanks for reading. I done now.

"Orange pee means you took too much of me." - Riboflavin

Anonymous said...

It's the jews stupid!

Well lets get specific about what that means. Before ca 1880 there were no zionists to speak of, yet their was already occuring in europe, america and the world a sort of inner club of international financiers who were jewish.

Then came Herzel, Jabotinski, and the Balfour declaration and suddenly all the jews wanted to be associated members of the inner club of zionist jewry.

Since 9/11 a whole lot of goyim have caught on to the conterfeiting going on by the zionists through their private central banks in all but a handful of countries of the world. People are becoming aware that those who create and lend the money in fact control our lives.

Zionism is falling into disfavour. Israel is falling into disfavour as the de facto hub of murder, extortion, counterfeiting and moral corruption. so now the jews are taking a stance from zionism and creating a zionist vs. non-zionist jewry question.

The bottom line is that any jewish person who is pro-israel, and/or pro-Rothschild, and/or pro-centralbanking, and/or pro-usury, and/or pro-NWO IS THE PROBLEM for the 99%.

Repackaging poison in new wrapping does not make it less lethal.

End chosenitis.
End zionism.
End the Rothschild dynasty.
End usury.
End central banking.
End the NWO.
End the wars for corporations.
End the moral corruption of pornography and prostitution.

"It's the jews stupid."

Well yes, in many, many, many cases it is.

Ian said...

Richard said...
Sir, sir, "Ian was scornful and critical of my statement that this plane of existence is scheduled for demolition. He asked me “how long”, sir.

Nobody likes a telltale Richard; that's how that reads. If you have a problem, go the the source.
You say scornful, I say jovial,
you say critical, I say curious.
(How do you get those musical notes up?)

"The fact that I am not aware of the exact date of this occurrence does nothing to detract from the truth of it."
I didn't ask you for the exact date, I merely asked you to round the time remaining to the nearest billion years. Something you still seem incapable or reluctant to do. Not so much a schedule as doom-laden prognosticating on your part.

"If you have eyes to see then it will be quite obvious."
I have eyes to see, I think. What should I be looking for or at? Teach me Richard, please.

Yours in giddy anticipation.

Paul Von said...

Hello Visible,
There is a tone of resolution and solace in your comments today. You pretty much nail down the primary mode and method of 'alpha' programming, with these following lines:

"One of their primary tools is historical revisionism. Create a historical tale that supports the application of injurious policies upon the public. Control the content and flow of information so that everything is justified according to the lies created to defend whatever comes about. Make things happen and then blame them on the people you wish to exterminate."

This has been going on for at least 3500 years. ??? Or at least since the invention of the "WORD". I’ve concluded evolution must work from the feet up, rather than from the frontal cortex forward. Humans seem to prefer this very slow and painful method. Yes, I am a cynic...

Be well,
Paul Von

Ian said...

Visible said...
"There's been a little bump in the internet"
Any idea when this will be fixed?

Things that go 'bump' in the night
Should not really give one a fright.
It's the hole in each ear
That lets in the fear,
That, and the absence of light!
- Spike Milligan

gurnygob said...

Les I can't get the link to the radio show. tried all the links on the page. the only one that comes up is 27th Feb.


gurnygob said...

sorry, make that the 26th Feb.

Richie (Dana) said...

Your comments made me chuckle. You have quite the sense of humour my friend.

I would like to respond by stating that this place has aways been a "take it or leave it" type of place which I appreciate very much. Visible tells us that he has invisible friends who tell him things. He is the first to acknowledge that most of what he writes does not come from him, but that he is only writing what he is impressed to write.

So we all just read what he says and we are impressed or not. Because of the personal nature of our individual paths back to the Divine, some of what he says may not work in your particular situation and that is fine. (By the way, I would say that I buy into about 99.9%, but that is just me).

As to what I could teach you, the answer would be nothing. I am incabable of telling you any exact dates about anything. I have no invisible friends that I am aware of although some say we all have them. We shall see about that one.

As for your "Doom Laden" comment it is true that there will be great "Doom" for some, but at the same time there will be great joy for others. Amazingly, that happens to be a choice only you make for yourself.

A little more on this "teaching" thing would be that I am constantly changing my views and trying to learn more, so what I may write today, I just may discard tomorrow at the drop of a hat. The key point to remember is that this is personal and is NOT collective. There is NO club. Each person who is aware knows that it is their personal responsibility to seek out the Divine. No one else can do it for you. No one can "teach" you anything period.

You injest information and then put it to the inner litmus test to see if things resonate and then act accordingly. Sometimes it gets a bit foggy and you may misunderstand but eventualy you will find the correct answers from within. That would be God's promise to us all.

Bottom line is that I am nothing and I know nothing. I was simply impressed to write what I did. If it does not work for you, then that is all good.

God Bless

Visible said...

GG, it could be that my firend hasn't put it up yet. I'll get right to him. I do know that James had to take off on a long haul (he's a trucker) as soon as he put the show up so maybe that is a factor. Once again, beforehand, my deep apologies for having to talk about something I wanted to avoid. I always hope people will come to their senses; not stoop to the occasion beyond any good sense. This unfortunate affair cost me the affection of a couple of people who were formerly close to me. It still surprises me that given what followed they aren't 100% in my camp. It probably comes down to money or circumstances affecting something continuing to go on but, given what happened, it could not go on and as for money, heck, that's the easy part. Sometimes it takes me a little while but I always cover the spread. (grin)

gurnygob said...

what Richard said

Richard your last comment is exactly what I was thinking today. As a matter of fact I was going to comment earlier today that I see Les’s blogs as a school of learning. We, most of us, put our hands up to lend are experiences and knowledge to the topic of the day and it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, we, all of us, come away with something. We learn new things every day and even if it does not resonate with our own personal beliefs there is always something we can take that expands are understanding and gives new prospective to our thinking even within our own personal beliefs.

It’s a great wee school for sure.


Ian said...

Thanks Richard.

On an entirely different note, something is most definately in the air. The pressure here is incredible. WOW.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Interesting thoughts, Riboflavin. I was wondering what the wedge would be as I read and I sort of thought -- perhaps truth? -- but knowledge works better. Truth would be more like a tool the positive side would use to keep the knowledge wedge in its place and built up to a sufficient thickness for as long as it was needed. I apologize if I'm messing too much with your analogy.

lightandlongshadows said...

I like porridge, can I throw in some raisins and cinnamon?

I find it helpful to remind myself that I'm the point of reference of my dualistic thinking and I provide many biases, attributes and associations to everything including concepts such as positive and negative. As one can't have one without the other both are necessary. There are two sides to a coin but only one coin. In space/time there's no definitive up or down, left or right. These are products of my perception, my point of view at a given point in time. If I focus on either pole I see dischord but if I expand my perspective to view the creative interaction of both I see harmony.

I find it fascinating that the act of creation requires two to make one. A female and a male create a child. Which of these would you assign the attributes that we associate with the concept evil? There's no good without evil so surely someone has to play the part. Not from the middle path, the razors edge. Balance and harmony are also a matter of perspective. All creation is perfectly imperfect or imperfectly perfect, take your pick. These are concepts that we assign characteristics based on our limited perspectives.

The precession of the equinoxes is said to be speeding up, is this a flaw, an imperfection? Perhaps we simply exist in a binary solar system which may explain this observation. Has the demiurge, the created creator, those ancient Gods, the seven heavenly bodies, been playing out of tune? Has the conductor, Jupiter/Zeus/Jehovah in the age of pisces, screwed up the tempo? When Saturn/Chronos, the lord of the rings, takes over in aquarius will he restore harmony? Has Mercury/Hermes/Thoth been telling us porky pies all along? Has the Sun of God, the hero of our story, been leading us astray? It seems to me that everything is as it should be, context, context, context.

We seem to be arriving at a summing up of sorts as we cross the galactic plane. Are we about to reap what we've collectively sown? When I think of the unknowable number of choices and decisions that contribute up to exactly this The errors of our ways are being revealed, sounds about right. There's a great deal of discord, there's always a greater harmony we can tune into as well.

Recently a funny thing happened to me. I've been booney-bashing my way up the mountain for some time now. It's been full of thrills and spills, frustration and elation scampering through thickets and bogs, scaling cliffs etc. I've come across many animal trails in my journey that all seem to be leading somewhere specific. In the last few weeks I've stumbled upon an ancient trail made by homo sapiens sapiens. It goes from the base of the moutain right to the top and beyond, it's all very orderly. It was there all along, funny how we see only what we want to see. We enjoy the drama of the self, perhaps too much. It's all necessary I suppose. The fractally embedded nature of it all is wonder-filled.

Round and round it goes... where it stops, nobody knows.


Visible said...

Okay, the radio show is now available for download.

Anonymous said...

RE: Richie (dana)
That story has to be some kind of mind exercise rather than a real positioning for action.
The practical implementation of a post-birth abortion has no time limits.
There is no acceptable 'test' for one's humanity.
Time in grade is most glaringly obvious as a non-proof, witness the state of most of the planet.
Therefore, we can, on the basis of non-human, eradicate anyone we like.
And, we have done so, and continue to do so on a regular basis.
Indeed, entire economies have been built and sustained on the premise that eliminating 'sub/non-humans' was a morally justifiable endeavor.

We know this is wrong,. This is not the path to 'a better place/space', so the Italians in Australia are making a joke of sorts, making the connections of post-birth abortions to our war-mongering ways to cause perhaps some change?

I can not accept that anyone with any prevention to being human would make such a proposal on any other basis.

If I am wrong, then Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva should be the first to be eliminated under their own "not people' regime.


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous..encesitsviahomer...Than You! Karen Toffan

Anonymous said...

This blog makes more and more sense. What reason the constant destruction? The Earth feels the pain and may be responding. It's Alive, and We are part of It, and we all sink or swim together. I also hope the race is won by Compassion rather than Selfishness. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Not long now.

Shall we agree at the latest when the US "elections" in November 2012 result in Obama, Romney, Gingrich or Santorum becoming the next puppet president, or Ron Paul being elected.

One of those two events WILL occur, and soon.

If a puppet get into office the game is thrown and over. Thinking people will realise their government does not represent them in any shape or form and anarchy will begin to manifest and gain momentum.

With one more puppet USA will become a laughing stock even to itself. No one will take the US president seriously, not even Americans. The anarchy will culminate in the second American civil war with the American people tossing the puppet "government" and closing the Fed.

Or R.Paul will be elected and will bring the troops home from fighting corporate wars and close the Fed.

In either case the changes which are coming are indeed not far away - little over ½ year away.

One can only hope the revolution in America will spill over into the other countries of the world. Right now the zio Rothschild international bankers have private usury central banks in 194 of 197 countries.

These people rule the world and run (ruin) you and your families' lives.

Anonymous said...

JerseyCynic here -- I'm going to quit blogging and hang here until the space junk does us in!

clarity that video is everything I imagine -- ALL THE TIME. only 3,000 views -- sad

Visible said...

A New Visible Origami si up-

Mr Apolcalypse is Banging on the Judgment Drum.

Zebedee said...

Thanks for mentioning those bankers again Les.

Back in the good ole days here in Oz, people worked hard and saved for a house. Borrowing money was not the way to go. The people of yesteryear knew better. They saved hard and paid cash for everything. They bought a nice 3x1 house with zero furniture, no curtains, no appliances, (no fences (it’s an aussie thing)), no gardens – nothing. But what they could buy was a nice huge quarter acre block.

Nowadays you can have it all. A 4x2house and land package inclusive of all the white and silver goods imaginable, landscaping, fencing, curtains, spas, theatre room, swimming pools – you name it and they’ll do a deal. But of course it’s not a quarter acre block anymore. You’d be lucky to get that. They are about one eighth of that. In fact you’d be lucky to be able to build a fence between the houses they’re so packed in let alone have a garden. Mine is about one sixteen of that old quarter.

A few years ago (post GFC)I bought into the hype. I was asleep then, snoring loud along with the rest of them. Had a good job, worked hard, did the sums and signed up for a sweet interest only loan deal. Well here I am today flat broke with negative equity, nothing to show for my some 160K I have given to the bankers for the funny money they lent that SUPPOSEDLY they had in the first place. My bad!

But the good thing Les, I wanted to know where my money was going, who was getting it and so I went down the rabbit hole after swallowing that red pill and here I am today. I’ve read it all now thanks to the net and those ahole banksters. I guess you could call me a truther or maybe a terrorist if you were to ask howdy doody.

I have a point to all this and it is all about greed. You see the people of yesteryear didn’t have to compete so much with their fellows wanting it all immediately and now the greedy fuck fellows are willing to pay their masters that evil usury. I got a deal for you. It’s a fucking great deal! How about you borrow the money to pay for the house and we’ll charge you twice the original price. Oh, and we’ll spread it over 30 years so you can do the debt forever.

Hopefully you’ll default when we orchestrate the next crash and we’ll buy your house back for pennies in the dollar. History repeats. A lesson to be learnt for all here at my expense.

Those evil usury based, nefarious, fallen angel fucks will be judged in good time.

Thanks for listening and thanks for writing Les. Always great to hear. Tis a full moon tonight.

You know I came across your blog from a fellow aussie on an MSM site. Fancy that! Never been able to hold a job since either, hehe!

P.S .I planted tomatoes last year and I didn’t get tomatoes. Blossom drop apparently.

Love to all! AUDPaulE

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Succubi and Incubi in the Kingdoms of Desire.

Anonymous said...

My first comment and wanted to say I'm glad you're back and things have settled for you. Thank you.

Eric said...

Thanks for this. It is very well written and incredibly insightful. It is amazing, when you work your way through the problems and horror of how the world works - and do not turn away for fear - you learn what truly matters.

When the zeitgeist reaches the point of spontaneous ignition, it will spread quickly.

Thank you, also for allowing the post to be used in the video posted to liveleak...a great work.



Joseph Brenner

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