Friday, February 24, 2012

The Nightshade Nightmares of the Monsters among Us

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Weird and seriously weird, appear to be the order of the day, these days. A few days ago, I noticed that Spring was here. That's something I have always been able to sense. Several days later, it is obvious that Spring has arrived. It comes earlier in this part of Europe than most anywhere else, except the far south. This is only tangentially connected to my point; those change in seasons. It doesn't matter that it is Spring. It could be any season. It is the change factor that is important.

Last night, I am sitting in my office, watching a movie with someone and I started getting hit with an amplified version of what I have been experiencing for a couple of months now. It was unpleasant and powerful. I took certain steps to tone it down and that worked, for awhile. I went to bed and could not sleep. In a little while this 'attack'; I don't know what else to call it, ratcheted up significantly. My whole body felt waves of force moving over it, like highly amplified chicken-skin, rolling over me like ocean waves. I asked for help from my invisible guardians and found myself moving my hands in unknown gestures and speaking out in an unfamiliar tongue; certainly not any of the commonly used languages of the day. This served to intensify the experience and I was told this was supposed to happen. Shortly after, most of the phenomena went away but sleep was out of the question.

After dawn had come up, I fell into uneasy dreams. The main feature was Macaroni and cheese casserole and there was a deep and powerful meaning to it (like I said, weird). I don't think I've had a Macaroni and cheese casserole in years. I can't remember the details now but I do remember that they made plenty of sense. I will be cooking one for lunch today (grin). I didn't have any fear, while this event was taking place last night. It was just a state of discomfort, with me faced off against and confronting an unknown force. It is the same kind of thing as when we are focused on using force and concentration to accomplish a complicated and technical effort. There's a deep assurance I have in the agencies that protect me; from myself and other things external. They tend to get me thru everything, even if the ride can be a little bumpy. Enough of that. I put this out only because I am hearing from many people about similar things. This morning I received an email from a friend who was concerned about me and who wanted me to send him a 'smoke signal' because he was worried about me, based on something he must have been feeling. Odd, that. Like I said, enough about all that for the moment. Let's look at what's going on in the world around us.

Once again, the general insanity generated by materialism, is acting up. The rank and file of humanity is certifiable. Do not get between these people and whatever it is that they want. One of the cosmic laws is 'the more mundane and stupid any collective attraction may be, the more likely people will be inclined to kill you for it.

Another law is that the more laws that are created to protect children, the more children will be abused, tortured and killed as a result, especially if it is in Florida or California. Mickey Mouse and the gang definitely fit into all of it. California is really out there when it comes to this. It is beyond debate that California judges, state social workers and other facilitators are engaged in Satanic, child abuse rituals and in making sure that children are placed in, or returned to truly terrible conditions, where they can be harmed and tormented for extended periods of time. I have listed very little of what I have come across and using a major search engine will turn up more information than you could read and absorb in a very long time. A few months ago, more or less, there was an article that listed case after case, after case in California, where the courts were returning large numbers of children to abusive situations, when a sane and caring parent was available to receive them. In case after case, the courts returned these children into the hands of monsters, who already had a history of violating them and turned a deaf ear to the good parent; often the parent who had brought it to their attention in the first place and who was backed up by the testimony of the children and corroborating medical evidence.

Over the course of recent decades, the corrupt system of appointing the very people engaged in the crimes they are appointed, or hired to prevent, has accelerated beyond all reason. It is obvious at this point that the officials put in charge of hiring and appointing, are picking individuals with a pathological mindset for the very worst behaviors in this diseased age. Whether it is DHS, TSA, Child Protection Services, or any of the gamut of bloated and useless government agencies, they are specifically hiring criminals, perverts, troglodytes, serial sexual psychopaths and serial killers, for the very reason that they are what they are. There is no hyperbole or exaggeration here. That is how it is.

A couple of years ago, while remote viewing Obama and others of recent infamy, I saw things I don't even want to talk about. Under certain circumstances, remote viewing is as easy as daydreaming.

Does this mean we are on a terrifying downward spiral, into an abyss of accelerating degeneracy and dysfunction, with no end in sight? No it does not. What it means is that the boundaries are being pushed to ever increasing levels of insanity, until a cosmic global reaction takes place. Portions of this are taking place at this very moment. That portion of the awakening populations are pushing back and will soon be joined by a much larger mass of their fellows, as conditions make their lives more and more unlivable and more and more dire. It is a matter of time and we are in that time frame.

Rampant materialism and the emergence of organized psychopaths and sociopaths, who flourish in this environment, are oppressing and abusing humanity, until it reaches its breaking point. The cultures of the world are being soaked in a belladonna/nightshade nightmare. Ugly things from the depth of the cosmic ooze, are surfacing like creatures from a Lovecraft novel. Those on the cutting edge of exposing these energies, conspiracies and environments, are being pounded by both visible and invisible means. It's a hard road for those on the forefront but there is no other road that is acceptable.

These twisted abortions from the dark side of the human psyche, know that their time is coming. They cannot change and they cannot go back, so they press on in the pursuit of the destruction of all that is good and beautiful. They press on in search of ever greater violations, of innocence and every residence where the finer qualities of the human heart, are barricaded and in hiding from their pernicious advance. There is no way to put a better spin on it at this time. One can only endure and hold tight to the inevitable certainty of their demise. It is in times of trial that those hidden strengths and enduring virtues, within the human matrix, are driven forth into heroic expression out of the desperation of the times.

We have been here before. This planet is a battleground, where all that is good and enduring must come up against the temporary monstrosities, created out of our confusions and weaknesses. It is because so many of us are in a state of convenient blindness, born from self interest, that these creatures can go about their dreadful enterprises.

These fiends are worse than we know and they will never be satisfied, until the entire Earth is one big concentration camp and killing floor. They delight in the misery they bring about. They do evil for the sheer joy of it. They take an extreme pleasure in outrage and torment. They have developed a taste for it and there is no reason, rationale or restraining emotion that can be applied in any argument that will have any success, in causing them to cease and desist. They are monsters. They have forfeited every human quality, in order to be what they are. They are beyond reach of anything but the urgings and appetites of the infernal realms.

I hate to say these things. It is my nature to paint a brighter picture and to draw attention to the temporary time-line of this egregious period but it is what it is and all the promise of what is bright and beautiful and which lies ahead, does not change the conditions and concerns of the moment.

I face each day with renewed hope and faith in our finer nature, rising triumphant above the murk into a better world. I see evidence of it all around me in the basic human decency of those who soldier on through this dark night and I will not be convinced of anything short of permanent victory over these malicious agents of darkness. I know that freedom, security and strength will come out of the collective heart of our majority. We are many and they are few. May it come soon and remain for a long time, until the tears, the loss and the awful injuries are no longer even remembered.

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Anonymous said...

Amen Viz.

So let it be done.


Machiventa (Melki)

Anonymous said...



Kray Z8 said...


The truth may not always be pleasant, but it is always necessary. Evil can only be eliminated if it is identifed, exposed, and targeted with the light of truth. IMHO what you discuss is endemic to the core behavior of the dark ones, the enemies of humanity. It won't just go away if we ignore it. Perhaps learning the true extent of this and other systemic psychopathic practices is what it will take to wake up those who aren't already.

Your regret at not being able to express this topic in an upbeat manner is understandable, but sometimes hard truth is the only medicine. Opening an infected wound is not pleasant either, but it's the only way to eliminate the corruption and start the healing.

When it comes to addressing truth to power, you walk the talk, Vis. I am both humbled and inspired by your example. Keep up the great work!

Peace, Love, Courage,


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible
everything you have written hear today is as if you are recording the history of these trying times, and the emotions of the people of truth. For instance yesturday afternoon around 3 or 4 pm west coast US time I was hit by a energy draining force, that I havent felt ever in all fifty years of my life, I allmost climed in bed at 4 pm. I was like being hit by a very bad flue bug. It did pass after a couple of hours.

There is no one in my area that has a clue what is going on. I know that I am surrounded by fools. (smile)The seperation is so aparent. Thanks for being a great historian.

from a remote area of Oregon

ps perhaps I will try to hook up with Rense I hear he lives in Ashland OR

Paul Von said...

Hello Visible,
A few years ago I was very preoccupied with sometimes rabid or confrontational blogs on major web sites like BBC. The harder I pressed on Zionist backed issues, such as the Rothschild/China backing of the corrupt Robert Mugabe régime in Zimbabwe, the more I experienced very unpleasant 'visits' with nocturnal energy disturbances. If you haven’t looked at Zimbabwe and it’s recent history, you might want to take a look…
Your description of sensations you experienced last night, is nearly identical to many I’ve had in the last seven years or so. I am fairly certain these energies are generated using some type of directed field technology. Shit also began happening with computers and other electronic equipment in my home. I am a VERY low-key player, a virtual hermit, and have no direct influence on any particular participant in the big game. I am only a think/writer, yet apparently I was pissing someone off. I used to write these visits off to clearing my own energy field, but there is something ELSE going on. Like I was so totaled out last year, I almost died from exhaustion and seizure activity.

You don’t have to post my comment if you don’t wish to, as it is perhaps off topic. I mentioned a few postings ago, that you might do well to (closely) study electric eel behavior. I believe the Kundalini energy, may be a latent DNA based; psycho- physiological pattern in human anatomy. This force was studied for many centuries before being hijacked by “Roman” interests. The Egyptians experimented with electric eels, as well as the ancient Greeks. Also many independent alchemists during the ‘dark ages’ attempted to discover how this energy might be accessed in ‘charismatic’ experiences.
Thanks for all,
Paul Von

P.S. I know you have your hands full right now, but if you would like to contact me, my email is

Anonymous said...

"the sky is filled with good and bad, but mortals never know ... bring the balance back." - 'battle of evermore'.

the '60s meet the 60s for me here and now (today.) 'middle age' as you would call it.

still i find that the concerns and sensibilities that once defined me have long since ... never left.

most but not all of those with whom i once shared like thinking have moved on in one sense or another.

for me, once the cat's out of the bag, it never wants to go back in.
I'm more than okay with that, for regardless of where the path of open engagement with the truth of things lead me, it feels real and not too far from 'home'.

optimism is the direct benefit of knowing the true nature of the universe. (cynicism falls short of the finish line, just plain poor sportsmanship.)

to those who subscribe herein to the former, a toast to the great good will and tenacity of your hearts, and my profound thanks for your simply 'being there'.

now it's off to c.r.!

nsa (not so)anonymous

Richie (Dana) said...

We are all well aware of the physical side of this thing, but I am interested in what is really going on in the spiritual. Relative to what I have researched it seems to be some sort of energy extraction. The more innocent the victim the higher is the "reward" to evil. We know that strong emeotions play a huge part in this, be they good or bad. I can imagine that there is a secondary reward garnered by the evil that is contingent upon "how" we react to this information.

I am just interested in the protection of the true souls trudging through this dung heap.

Thanks Vis,


Anonymous said...

Rise like lions after slumber

in unvanquishable number

Shake your chains to Earth like dew

which in slumber had fallen on you.

P.B. Shelly

Richie (Dana) said...

the one mind is at work

Visible said...

"We are all well aware of the physical side of this thing, but I am interested in what is really going on in the spiritual".

Patience, observation and surreptitious efforts and endeavors are going on on the spiritual side.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your works Visible!

anyone in need of a laugh

(Visible, i beleive you've been writing that things like this were going to happen, and here we go)

"Fortress DC: New Capitol lockdown plan in works""

on "nocturnal visits, energy disturbances": perhaps the negative demons are departing as they and their negative workings and parasitical ways are no longer safe in the naturally positive soul; they do leave their victims easily (?)

Anonymous said...

It is a well documented FACT that TSA has never caught a Terrorist, but, TSA Human Resources has found a whole lot of TERRORISTS. As a matter of fact, TSA Human Resources only hires Terrorists. The best "anti-terrorist" move the USA could make, would be to arrest everyone that TSA Human Resources hires because that is all they hire, Terrorists. Rapists, Thieves, Muggers, Pedophiles, Drug Smugglers. -----------------
"Integrity, Team Spirit, Innovation" is sewn around the border of the newest TSA patch. Have you ever seen an organization that had to SEW A REMINDER not to STEAL, LIE, and CHEAT on their own shoulders!!!! They STEAL from the "abandoned" items, BACK-STAB the PASSENGERS and their CO-Workers and "INNOVATIVELY" CHEAT on their own tests.
Supervisors PADDING their hours to make house payments.
Supervisors staggering in drunk.
Supervisors yelling all NON-Christians should leave the country
Supervisors expressing their desire to see certain U.S. Senators DEAD
Read the stories of the Gestapo and similar organizations (KGB, STASI)They ALWAYS look for the malcontent, social outcasts, because they will GLADLY oppress their own neighbors.

Visible said...

Unknown, if you want to believe lies and garbage, you have that right. You do not have the right to spread them on my websites or engage in specious reasoning as if your limited capacities and insights were something only a short way past what former Romper Room residents would see through.

I especially don't appreciate you showing up days later and I even more, do not appreciate that you are a fucking coward who will not even post his name but are one of those craven and miserable types that pot shot from the shadows because you don't have the stones or sand to identify yourself or stand behind what you say.

It is even more telling how you bury you comments in another post that has nothing to do with it.

It's not hard to figure out who is standing behind you. Fuck off you slimely, malformed slandering reptile, under control of the slanderer in chief. You're not welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Vis --

My tit's been in a ringer all month, but this cheered me up and answers some of who is resigning and why...

Beam me up,


Gypsy said...

This is just SOOOO bloody cool!
A zio muppet was giving a NWO redition of the arab spring revolts when about a dozen students at the University of New Mexico seminar began to chant:

"This is propaganda for israeli aparthied!"

"This is propaganda to promote genocide of the Palestinians at the hands of the idf!"

Pandemonium broke out between the pro-israel audience and the pro-peace agitators.


Keep up BDS everywhere and always.

Reader said...

Hello again Mr. Vis.
I would just like to add one thought (or concept) to what you've posted here.
We (thinking humans) must be constantly reminded that there is a great gap between:
what we THINK we know and what we actually know;
what is actually happening and what SEEMS to be happening;
what THEY do and what we would have THEM do.

I know it seems pedantic (and it is!), but our ability to interpret "the situation" is HIGHLY LIMITED, even in the most "aware" individuals.

We must AVOID accepting THEIR "endgame" concepts, which are as unnatural as all their other aspects.

Speaking of aspects, you might remember that Uranus was squaring Pluto last year when the "Arab spring" erupted; that will happen again in June.
Maybe the "change" will happen sooner than we expect...

Anonymous said...

The U.S. of Hollow

Junior demons litter the culture,
sucking up all that’s left.
The Elder knew how to pick em’
The Boy claimed no such heft.
Picked apart and long picked over,
our bird of Giving Thanks.
America, finally laid to rest,
by her own traitorous Yanks.
Liberty and freedom,
need no such plan to follow.
Bleeding slowly across our land,
The United States of Hollow.
RJ O’Guillory /Author/ Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

And this demonic sadistic behavior is not limited to human beings.

It is perpetrated nonstop on the innocent animals and by extension violates Bhuma Devi, Mother Earth herself.

"In all the round world of Utopia there is no meat. There used to be, but now we cannot stand the thought of slaughterhouses. And it is impossible to find anyone who will hew a dead ox or pig.I can still remember as a boy the rejoicings over the closing of the last slaughterhouse.

- H G Wells

Anonymous said...

Great read, Les. There is so much evil in the world these days, on both the visible and invisible planes..In my sanctum meditations, I always visualize white light around earth..last night my focus was on beating back the darkness, the evil..who knows if I'm having an effect, but I believe I am. in the objective world..I'm doing my best to be a warrior of light. I've lost a lot in my life for pointing out evil, but I think it's made me a better man, so I cherish the experience. I hope to be even stronger going forward. We need everyone to STAND UP. we need people to look evil in the face,draw their (metaphorical) sword,trace a line in the sand and say..
"You shall not pass".
Time to dance, evil. time to dance.
Peace profound, brother.

Anonymous said...

ok. self correction. more precisely:

opti-mystic: a residual benefit of 'knowing' by direct experience (the only way one can) the true nature of the universe.

it is for some a feeling long forgotten, still inherent to us all.


Paul Von said...

Hello Visible,

Ouch! Your last reply to Unknown was totally wow. No problem here. I can understand getting pissed…
Perhaps I am only naive, but I just can't get into the good/evil spiritual mindset. It just seems far too programmed, linear, or rational. Rather like instructing the right hemispheric brain, with an analytical left brained value process. Assuming the right brain is our ‘holistic’ processor, we are programming the interior stage toward exterior conflict, whether one truly desires conflict or not.
It would seem obvious our concepts of good and evil are often projected toward the right brain matrix, yet we are evaluating the (assumed) quality, in a left hemispheric value process. Because ‘evil’ has historically been introduced to people in highly charged emotional terms, it results in an overall null program, because neither brain hemisphere is executively equipped to yield a long-term functional or practical response. Thus the cosmic looping, paralyses, malaise, and massive social dysfunction as a result. The original programmers? Err…

The human race has been praying to various gods for 'assistance' for tens of thousands of years, and still no cigar. Seems like a null program to me. It also smells kinda like dead fish, or rotting carp. (See Pope’s hat)

Be well,
Paul Von

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Paul Von:

You're so right about Zimbabwe; the foreign support for the corrupt Mugabe regime is neoColonialism. This sort of thing has been happening all over Africa.

I saw the film "Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children" last week, which showed how the government bulldozed the homes of the poor, and now they live in squalid villages of makeshift tents. The majority of children cannot pay the school fees of about a dollar a month, so the government bans them from attending school. The police round up street kids and use them for slave labor on farms.

The Western governments and media present the meme that the African nations' problems are the fault of the Africans, but the truth is that the Western neoColonialists are in control of most African economies and governments. Unfortunately, the Western propaganda about dysfunctional Africans has many Africans believing it also.

The reality is that the Western neoColonialists make Africa dysfunctional, so they can control Africa. Few people are aware of the role the Western neoColonialists, including the US government, played in the horrific massacres and wars in central Africa. The controlled Western media gives us a very limited and biased view of events in Africa.

Here is a revealing look at what the NeoColonialists are doing in Mali and north Africa. "The drumbeat of alarmist news concerning Mali is a signal that the West intends to open another military front on the African continent following last year’s seven-month air, naval and special operations campaign against Libya and ongoing operations in Somalia and Central Africa with the recent deployment of American special forces to Uganda, Congo, the Central African Republic and South Sudan."

Rob in WI said...

Great to see your quote posted by Rivero as a header at WRH. I think it was an excellent choice, one of many possibilities. As for today's Petri Dish, an unpleasant subject, but another thing to consider. It seems that the collaborators allowing this to go on also take delight in pursuing and charging innocents with the very crimes they engage in. Divorce attorneys hold seminars on how to get your spouse accused of abusing the children.

Anonymous said...

To Mike in Oregon,
That very same thing happened to me last week around midnight at a very crucial moment my daughter needed me. This heaviness and nausea hit me out of no where that I thought I was coming down with the flu. I thought it was odd that when I awoke I was fine.

Paul Von,
Nocturnal Energy Disturbances sounds about right but I would go even further and say our struggle is not against flesh and blood...
I personally feel there are two separate things going on here. And let's just say I know longer forget to pray.

From Northern CA

Visible said...

Paul; there is this vicious smear campaign being fomented on the alternative news sites by Henry Makow, Paul Blair and a handful of malicious swine who are relentlessly looking to diminish Jeff Rense in any way they can. They're making up outrageous lies about him.

None of us are perfect and I am sure that Jeff like myself has made mistakes in his life. I've made plenty but I have always struggled to be a better person and most of my crimes have been against myself, or motivated because certain people thought I was simple minded enough to be controlled and manipulated by them. I've behaved in crazy ways that run counter to accepted bullshit protocols because I will live free or die. There's no middle ground and I have tried to serve humanity, in my own way, my whole life. I have dedicated my life to this. I'm not looking for merit badges, medals, praise or any other kind of reward. I do it because it is my duty. It's not just my duty it is everyone's duty.

All Jeff did was object to someone's insistence that they be allowed to proliferate something that Jeff believes not to be true. It didn't extend to anything else and if Makow had respected this everything would be as it always has been except that Jeff would not have been compelled to present something that he did not agree with.

Jeff helped Makow in many ways for which Jeff never got paid or praised or appreciated, from what I can see by this person and just because he wouldn't be bent this fellow unleashed a war on him, enlisting everyone he could to slander Jeff anywhere they could get away with it. He did not think to himself, "I owe Jeff for making my website seen by tens of thousands of people. The least I can do it respect his position on one small item"; an item that Jeff has put hundreds of hours into investigating and of which Makow knows a great deal less.

All kinds of people that I know and respect think Jim Stone is seriously misinformed and is using his theories to create exposure for himself because of how controversial what he says is.

Jeff has helped and promoted Henry Makow for years and this is the repayment he got. Jeff even tried to reason with and explain to this man and it did no good. Now, he and his henchmen who are jealous of Jeff's success are trying to pull him down. I'm not going to allow that on my watch. Jeff is my friend and my loyalty to my friends is only surpassed by my loyalty to God. It is an automatic irresistible foundation stone of my life that I will do just about anything for my friends. I don't care what kind of trouble it gets me into, and that has meant prison and I don't care what kind of heat it generates. It's part of the code by which I live my life. As Christ said, "Greater love has no man than he who would lay down his life for a friend"


Visible said...


Maybe I'm a drama queen her or some kind of self righteous, I don't care about that either. When someone comes to my site and goes to an older post that isn't even connected to the incident and says nasty untrue things and then when I object gives me disingenuous arguments about defending Jeff and ignores the fact that I didn't even attack Henry, just made an observation and blithely engages in holier than thou horseshit, while ignoring his own shortcomings, I'm gong to say something and and he posts anonymously and then he says his name is such and such, I don't know. All I do know it that I said what came into my heart. Maybe I was wrong and maybe I will be wrong again but that's just the way it is.

I am connected to someone who despises Jeff. I won't go into the reasons. I am involved with this person and this person has been very good to me but is relentlessly working to destroy Jeff. I am afraid I am going to have to walk away from some years of close encounters because of this. It could cost me a lot. It could lead to things being said about me but that's just how it is. I am going to have to do something very soon if it does not stop. This has gone on far too long and is far too vengeful and beneath all of us. It makes them look worse than everything they are saying about Jeff. It's a fucked up situation and everybody needs to grow up. When I am at odds with someone, I try to apologize and make it better. I just went though something like this. But when you can't make it better, at least one can keep their mouth shut, move on and hope someday it changes somewhere 'up' the road.

missingarib said...

vis, for the love of our children, the young ,surly goodness and mercy and love will defend itself-is the planet so blind and deaf that their cries go unheard -
thank you for pushing so hard ,to your health and happiness

bholanath said...

A very moving interview with someone on "the front lines" - <a href=">Rev. Kevin Annett</a>.

Some day, when we get through this (we will), acknowledgment and gratitude will be given to all the pagans, polytheists, shamans, witches, outcastes, traumatized chirontic mystics, dirt-worshippers, gnostics, animists, tantrikas, sufis, monkey-wrenchers, naga-babas, nada-yogis, medicine-wo/men, non-human sentient being tribes, whisperers, alchemists, hard-core chanters, sound healers, sacred dancers, medicine-wheelers, katchina hosters, and just generally all the maha spirit workers who have come here for this time to help us navigate through the stormy seas.
...just sayin'


Clarity said...

Dear Visible,

Bless you for focusing so directly on the children. Of course we think about them, but perhaps too often as secondary. It's hard not to focus on ourselves; the chaos and turmoil we are feeling. It can be easy to hold the mindset that defeating the evil is for the children too. Yes, we may be working to achieve a better future but they are experiencing their own fair share of darkness as well. Now. Unfortunately, I am reminded of this daily. In 25 years, I have never had a group like this one, and at 20, it's not big as classes go. The number of problems, the variety of problems, the ones with multiple problems. I could fill 10 comment boxes and not be close to describing what I am seeing. And from what? Single parents? Two parents working? Time at after-care or babysitters? Not enough physical activity? Too much TV, computer, and video game time? Yes, the standard answers I'm sure do apply. But I can't help but think that I am seeing some serious effects of what has been done to our food, our air, our meds. I cringe when one girl drinks from her water bottle "with fluoride". Her beautiful smile shows white spots on her teeth. How much of the poisons am I seeing in the behaviors, the lack of focus, and the inability to accomplish half of what we should each day? More pertinent to your blog today, though, is the story of the boy in another class. He came in with sticky residue on his wrists. From what? He was bad, so he was duct taped to a chair for the weekend. Was CPS called? Yes. Anything done? No...

It really sucks, but this, and all of the evil, needs attention. We cannot move on to the bright and beautiful that is promised us until we fulfill our obligations. The dark needs to be recognized and addressed first. Before privilege comes responsibility.

A few days ago I posted a comment. You responded. The first two words were, "Jesus Clarity..." I thought, "Oh shit, I really fucked up on that one." But apparently I didn't. I got many nice comments which I appreciate so much. I know I should quit while I am ahead, but I have a question about this evil...


Clarity said...

I've seen some really great people who have come from some really crappy situations - and some asshats who had great families. Nature-nurture-life experiences-free will - the combinations of these and other things create who we are. So why does this "group", these families, TPTW... why do they persist in being evil? Why has this carried on for so long? Maybe there have been some good ones here or there, I don't know. But I find it hard to believe after all this time, that there hasn't been any significant amount who discovered any sense of morality, of breaking the cycle, of doing "right"? These people are in the real world. There are people trying to make positive changes. Even in our corrupted education system, we try to teach "character". Are they so blasted within their environments - their homes, their schools, their places of worship - that the message of, "We are superior to the point that we should eliminate most of humanity, except for those which will serve our needs," is all that gets through?

From a soul perspective, this has baffled me. As souls choose what lives to live to achieve growth, how is it that the lower level souls, or the ones who must perpetrate evil on others, choose that group so consistently? It seems to me that there is an awful lot of opportunity for some positive work, and tremendous growth, that could be achieved by choosing to live a life as a member of this group.

I've come across different theories. One says that they are immortals with dark souls. But in hundreds of years, there has been no growth? Another discusses an Anunnaki connection. Whether they were given special knowledge or powers which were supposedly given to the Jews (Ark of the Covenant/monatomic gold/ORMEs or DNA manipulation, which could explain their efforts to keep the bloodline intact), some say the Anunnaki are an evil group who try to conquer every planet they visit... One more theory is that these are highly advanced souls who have agreed to come to earth to play these roles. But wow, we must be in pretty bad shape to need this kind of evil in order to progress.

I realize I'm probably missing something big. I will blame it on a bad hair day. Or that maybe my invisible friends don't like to come out on rainy days. Or that I'm still learning...

Any thoughts from anyone?

And Visible, what a beautiful ending to today's post...


bholanath said...

via homer -
thanks and praises!
"Bhumi/Bhoomi Devi"


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Paul Von:

Good and evil are recognized as mental constructs in Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. One can believe in a universal Spirit and an individual soul, without believing in the good and evil dichotomy as an objective reality.

I think that there are bad ideas, attitudes, desires, and behaviors, but not bad souls. Everyone finds redemption eventually -- even if it takes them myriad lifetimes to do so.

bholanath said...

corrected hot link:
Rev. Kevin Annett

GBCIR said...

PS I had NO RIGHT to say Rense is a sell-out. I just DETEST slander and the bullshit that goes with THAT game. Talk about others negatively, and you’re a fucking wanker giving plasma to the WRONG side; Talk about events – you’re a regular Joe along for the RIDE; Talk about IDEAS – now that’s You Les (and the growing number of awakened Good Beings)

Karl Roves et al (soon to KNOW their HELL) use tipping points and morphic resonance (they call it “message-force-multiplier” to keep the INSANE, insane.

That’s all changing now. Truth is too Powerful and as you state – has NEVER been defeated.

I don't know what happened at Fukushima other than what the masses "know" is bullshit. An 8,9 or 10 earthquake is all the same to me regarding man-made buildings. They just can’t take it. The 9.0 (it was initially reported as a 9.1) is equivalent to a 10 on the “old” scale and USGS have been caught lying before…)

Re Jeff et al: The game of divide and conquer is being played – and you're a Good Being for trying to stop it.

People like Jeff Rense have done too much Good to fall into the “talk-negatively-of others” game. That’s what piss me off. Never talk bad of others unless you are looking the prat in the eye when you say it. And be prepared for “tit-for-tat” escalation if you want to play that shit – to the death. (by other forces should it BE)

A lot of awakening people are experiencing vertigo and nausea – you were correctly informed by the Macaroni Cheese. My Dad (who is VERY awake) has been thru this.

I KNOW you were Grateful for every mouthful of your Macaroni Cheese lunch. Encore I watch that video.

And I REMAIN Grateful for Beings like YOU. “Laurals” and all


The Cosmic Player said...

I was told awhile back by someone who's opinion I highly value that as this planet sinks into degeneration it begins to resonate with the inferior dimension and the laws of that plane or should I say what passes for normal in those dimensions begin to manifest on our planet. I have no doubt that if we continue on the current path that we are on all forms of sexual degeneration/abuse will become accepted ( I say within two or three generations) one needs to look no further then porn industry, and what passes for entertainment on television, Fear Factor comes to mind, with their whole goat semen debacle, who thinks something like is television worthy. Anyways thanks for another insightful post.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

"The Clay Bird" (2002) is a great film about religion in Bangladesh during the troubles of the early 1970s. Features Baul music and a Hindu festival. The comparison to Satyajit Ray is well-deserved.,1

Visible said...

With the Jeff Rense thing and I'll try to let this be the last mention of it by me. All i wanted to do was to state the good work that Jeff has done for years for 14 hours a day or more, before hardly anyone else was involved or even knew about any of it. I didn't criticize Makow except to say I disagreed with him about women. It really annoys me when present themselves as experts on women and I wanted to say that I thought he should do the right thing and apologize and drop it. I thought I was as even handed as I could get. That is what got to me with the ration of shit I always get when I defend someone.

Now it has escalated out of all proportion and it's getting. Yeah, we look real good fighting among ourselves at this time in the combustible stage of the world.

Visible said...

Please do not tell me about the goat semen (grin). I wonder if that is one of the ingredients in Goat's Head soup? Course the goat is associated with the devil which is why the show's producers picked it because that is their totem animal.

Visible said...

I know I said I wouldn't mention it again but Unknown AKA Paul Blair said something so amusing to me, over at the Under the Big Top Origami post, which he is using to trash me because it is off the beaten path, said something I have never heard before in explaining why I do what I do. I think he imagines himself somewhere between Carl Jung and Alfred E. Neuman as a psychologist of unique insight. This is what he said as to my motivations for the blogs and all else, "And now I will go one farther and suggest - because you don't like your basic self, you felt you must go to extraordinary means and become a beacon of truth to make up for your perceived deficiency".

Okay then (grin) carry on.

Adam Lilien said...

Here's the deal. The support structure of the cells themselves, microtubules are composed of a water that is a fifth state, quite distinct from vapor, liquid, solid and liquid crystal (that is what the cells themselves are composed of transceiving operations from the fifth state supercosmic super-computer.) The fifth state is a Bose-Einstein consolidate. This means that the whole infinitely complex network connecting all the cells is a non-dual holographic unity with the emanation of pure intelligence and the eternal beyond. This is the astral matrix that associates with an incarnation at around 6 months for a human. Before that the embryo is like a limb of the mother. After that it is distinct. Now this astral matrix imprints itself into the holowater of the cellular support matrix. According to the relative virtue or vice of the persisting astral matrix, the returning identity, so the type of birth occurs. The form of the astral matrix resembles the star of life and is also known as the Merkaba (vehicle of consciousness). This water is the life source covering needed for a vehicle to have the nature of being living.

Now due to the all-pervading nature of the coherent space at the time of the dissolution of the gross covering the astral matrix imprinted into the creative cellular source rises to the heavenly bodies (subtle realms) where according to character identity is re-emerged in infernal or bodies of ignorance or finer bodies to continue the return to source movement. Unfortunately for humans at this time they are being conditioned to lower regions through actions and thoughts that are dualistic or vice-based. A kind of feedback field.

You can realize directly the non-dual nature of Self and be free of fear and all it's symptoms including the pull of "evil". That which has been involved can return to the Absolute.

I can elaborate further if interested

Visible said...

Adam! Do not toy with my natural curiosity for all things of this nature! (grin) Of course I and everyone else here, who is not a dingbat, would like to hear more with attribution and bibliography and I would be happy to send you a digital copy of my newest book if you would like one.

It's written by me so, it's surely lacking in true precision and the deepest truths but it does have nice pictures, courtesy of the fine efforts of the elves who worked on my behalf.

Don't keep us in suspense, buddy, heh heh.

Thank you by the way, that possessed an intriguing style and elegant delivery, indicative of an organized mind. I don't have one but I can recognize them.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the Mac & Cheese?

I made it a week ago. I saw a recipe for it in the newspaper a few days later and wondered why they put a bucket list of ingredients in it, when the simple version is soooo good.


Anonymous said...

The www is the revelation which is why it will be controlled and ruined. Dreamt of old high school buddies and buddettes last night and was awakened by a voice saying "the power is gone. There is something humming on the antennae. Another weird tale: I had an odd bump on the top of my head that had been there for six years, a few weeks ago was feeling lethargic with headaches and sleeping too much. Well the bump is gone just woke up one day and it was gone. People can laugh and scoff all they want at the divine but there is nothing that can't be done by the divine.

Richie (Dana) said...

Thanks for the link to that story. I was analyzing my feeling while reading it and honestly am having a very difficult time trying to put that into words.
It is a combination of anger, disgust, and a huge dose of love. There is no fear, hatred, or revenge. It is an extremely strong emotion that brings tears to your eyes. It simply blows me away how people can just go their merry way buying crap and making money while all these souls are murdered.
There are untold millions doing this everyday and that is fucking amazing.

I am a friggin alien and do not belong here.


Visible said...

10:`17 and a double amen to that.

Anonymous said...

yes. and what a fine diversion as well from all the dirty soap lathering up the joint.

Paul Von said...

To Gregory F. Fagel:

Thank you for your many well considered replies and insights.
The situation in Africa is waxing horrible beyond belief. The slave labor diamond mining is a historic fact, along with gold and mineral exploitations, the confiscation of indigenous lands, the total collapse of private farming, and the systematic butchering of any persons who politically disagree. All funded by banking interests such as Barkley bank system and many other foreign interests.
I did a fair amount of research on Africa back in 2006-2007, and was foolish enough to start naming names and connections on various news web sites. The Olympic games in China were coming up, and things became very controversial in Zimbabwe, as China was shipping armaments to the Mugabe régime.
In any case, it was a big whops for me personally, as my life began to disintegrate out from under me at about that time.

You also commented:
"Good and evil are recognized as mental constructs in Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. One can believe in a universal Spirit and an individual soul, without believing in the good and evil dichotomy as an objective reality."

I appreciate your view on this, and have tried that hat on any number of times. However; I've been involved with electronics engineering for well over twenty-five years, and when my electronic equipment started failing with sometimes multiple failures, it became a real objective challenge to try and track the problem down to some 'spiritual' event. It got even stranger when I began to have numerous debilitating health issues. > Buzzing in the ears. Creeping shit under my skin. "Demonic" visits. Speaking in ancient tongues. Inexplicable confrontations with people I didn't even know. It went on and on. It all came off like a psych-op program, designed to destabilize and ruin me as a person. I don’t junk easy, so good luck to ‘whatever’. You’re going to need allot more than luck to survive me.

In any case, thanks very much for commenting.

Rob in WI said...

Spent an hour thinking over your comment, but that's only a small beginning. Working with children these days must be an emotional roller coaster. Thanks for sharing your insights with us. You express things very well.
Re. your question; IMHO, today's world offers far more material rewards to those who accept "whatever goes", "evil? what the hell?" than being "Love your neighbor", "do unto others", "mr/s nice guy", human beings. Temporal, rather than spiritual success rules the day for now. Hope things are different in the coming days.
Be well, Rob

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK, is someone using my ID whilst attempting to comment here? I'm quite curious as to what 'he' (I'm a she) said. Feel free to e-mail me this person's dribble via my blog, and there's obviously no need to post this on your comments, though I don't care if you do.

And all I can say, is you tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Hello,Bryan from Crewe ,NW England here.
I don't know the right or wrong of the Makow -Rense feud.I've gotten leads from both and don't go to either very often these days( though Makow doesn't pass the
Holohoax litmus test).
I'd very much like to have Mr. Visible defending me in what's going down now though.Loyalty means a lot and in these times is a very difficult virtue to practise.

gurnygob said...

Adam Lilien said...

Adam you need to get off what ever it is you are taking that make you talk so much shit.


Visible said...

I liked what Adam Lilien had to say but he didn't come back. Is it remotely possible that he didn't know I was joking?

Anonymous said...

Pedant says :

It was I believe donkey spunk not goat semen . As an old goat I resent the slander !

It refers to some reality show with Joe Rogan , and some blonde girls .

The imbibing of said liquid seems to have Old Testament origins .

Is it true that "Testament " and "Testes " have common roots ?

I read years ago in an Icke book that a guys balls would be squeezed as he declared an Oath , hence , " Testament " !!

I dont know if this is true , but ,
lay off the Goatism !!

GTRman 22 -12 -68

WV : Tuenie gonalle !!!

Anonymous said...

Man I am so fucking sick of hearing about Rense vs. Makow. The smartest guy in the history of the universe, Paul Drockton has done about 10 stories on Makow. Please just STFU about it people.

Anonymous said...

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

I wept at the courage of the UNM BDS youthes. Let our prayers be with them, Les, all of us at this site and others like it, and all those in this fight for our own souls and that of this great blue planet,crafted by a loving God. Amen.
A simple German farmer

Anonymous said...

Referring loosely to Mugabe , has anyone tried to listen lately to mainstream political shows like BBC radio 4skin's "Any Questions " or BBC1's Question Time " ?

The participants seem to me like children , as they ponder whether to " do a humanitarian intevention " into whatever country has just landed on their desks , as they ignore human suffering in other geographic areas..

It doesnt matter how old a person is , if the light is not switched on in their skull and they dont know which end of a hammer is foe holding , they KNOW NOTHING and are INVALID .

I laugh at these grey-haired toddlers.


lightandlongshadows said...

Did you check out Adam's site Les?

"Here's the deal." I cracked up straight away but then hmmm.... I only got the gist of what he was saying but it was interesting.

Visible said...

According to Paul anyway (grin).

Look, when you're gonna come out all bombastic in your motorcycle boots and be the oracle of Delphi, at least use your name. It sounds brittle and unconvincing otherwise. I wrote one post and that was it and any followup has been by way of response. There hasn't been that much discussion here; measure the percentage of comments.

gurnygob said...

See Les my problem is that my fifth state supercosmic super-computer responsible for transceiving operations in the astral matrix got wiped whilst I was still in the womb. I was only five and half months old at the time. Something interfered with my microtubules crystals, which reversed the nuclear cell core atoms of my BMI and I ended up on earth 7 months before my mother became pageant with me. The Matrix is a complex network connecting all the cells on a non-dual holographic unity along with the emanation of pure intelligence. If sub atomic particles enter the matrix, which can sometimes happen, the Bose-Einstein condensation process is interrupted and the, magneto-optic trap, or transceiver, described by Adam can have unforeseen consequences for the human embryo in early development. This is what happened to me and as a result I get confused by simple easy to understand statements like Adams. I could draw you a picture of the whole process if you like and email it to you.


gurnygob said...

Is this how the news would read if the real truth were spoken?


Rob in WI said...

Please don't drag Drockton into this egotistical folly, waste of energy. Isn't it time to get away from it, period? It really discredits the community of those who seek truth, and the ability (via Inet), to speak against vested power, to get involved in self destructive feuds. Is everyone having fun? Yet? These feuds are a virus. Am I the only one to sense this? Sorry, nuff said.

gurnygob said...

What bholanath said...

Thank you bholanath for the link.

The only words that come to mind concerning Reverend Kevin Annett are these. No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for his friends. I think that about sums it up.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I checked out Adam's site and must say it is honestly impressive, the work of an incredible intellect far beyond my extremely limited attention and comprehension. I actually got a little woozy as I proceeded.

But then I came across the gist, the base, the heart of the matter (and spirit) when Maha Vishnu appeared and this was furthered when Adam later described the "male-female principle, as in the original Creation."

I wonder if Adam is an admirer of Sadaputa Dasa or other such exmplars?

Adam's transcendental realizations are very wonderful and I wish him all success!

Thomas said...

this is crystal truth, hard and unpleasant, but beautiful by your pen.

I was in Tikal today, the biggest mayan complex in the world, so far as I understand. Jah provided prime ops, meaning that I met a very particular and highly-vibrating man on the way there, who also happened to be in the know about the whole area, and who is on friend and ceremony terms with the mayan elders. We walked about and he told me some extremely interesting things. The people who say that the mayans are not saying anything specific about the 21 of december are definitely wrong. A change is gonna come, is what they say. The whole complex is made according to the Heavenly Bodies, and is 6 seconds more precise in a year than the most advanced mechanical watch humans have constructed. He explained it to me, although I cannot reproduce it. The whole complex is made to represent the solar system, in accordance with the galactic center, and everything is aligned after that, so that the planets, sun and moon move between the pyramids on these special dates, or something. I was convinced, at least, haha...

Then there are the "perdido mundo" temple grounds there also... The indian prophecies speak of the white man coming, and going...

Supposedly, some of the mayan elders believe that there will be a pole shift around the 21 of june. This would mean no magnetic field for some days, making staying indoors vital when the Earth is facing the Sun. Furthermore, one is supposed to spray windows and doors with energized or blessed water. The truth of this I don´t know, but he said that they were at least prepared for the possibility.

who knows? Jah knows!

I will say this, though. The spirits of the junglewood showed me how it had been. Oh my OH my oh my oh my. So beautiful we are when we are not corrupted, and living close to and in nature, building with the help of the Divine, or its agents.

thanks Les, and to all, wishes of inner calm and bright thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

Clarity @7:51
This is my take:

The Jews have no soul - by their own religion's teachings.
Here is why:
In every other religion there is a soul, and it is immortal and eternal. Eternity, heaven and hell, reincarnation and afterlife of any kind REQUIRES a SOUL.
Again, to make it clear: requires a soul.
Judaism rejects any kind of existence after death. Death is the dead black end - literally. That belief automatically PRECLUDES the existence of a soul.
No way around it. So there you have it.

My personal belief is, that through incarnation(s) we are put on this plane (earth) to better ourselves, to evolve our souls, so we can graduate to a higher plane (or heaven?).

I also believe, that Jews are "failed" souls, put here as a last chance to redeem themselves. Those who do, get enlightened and learn, they'll go on with new incarnations to evolve. Those who don't, will be eternally extinguished - in total agreement with their religious beliefs.
In that context, Judaism is right on the money; if you stay the way you are, this is the end of the road.

In this (religious) context, that is why they are scattered by the Creator among people of every kind; the people around them are there as EXAMPLE to them, to observe the higher moral values of the host people/societies they live in. (Yeah, like truth, integrity, honesty with ALL, and the rejection of the "chosen" dogma). Those of them who "get it" by example, change, and acquire those (necessary to continue) traits, and go on, and reincarnate. Those who don't, and stick to their old "failed ways" (in the eyes of the Creator), will end finally and eternally, as it is taught in their books and religious belief system.

In this context I believe, that the change and evolvement must be 100% self-realized and self-directed, rather than ordained. By other words: it's up to you "to see the light". If you don't, there will be consequences - later - in another life, or in their particular case, will be the end of the road.

Ryan Blake said...

yes we shall carry on but alone? with God, Gaia, or little green men
"up in the rafters" waiting mearely for US to be "ready" to ask and accept their help? There is a growing sub culture within the new age "movement" that believes we are but days away, due to the proximity of Dec. 21, 2012 and the whole Mayan calendar monkey-shines, of a giant disclosure. Yep, a Galactic Federation exists, planetary committee's have been formed and have representation for earth when appearing before/working with the benevelent Galactic Federation. They are here to help us "ascend" into 5th dimensional existence and become far removed from the struggles and turmoil found in our current 3D existence, a "duality based" type of life needed to school us but was never meant to imprison us. We are apparently to be freed from this tortourous 3D duality experiment designed for our development, a educational "prop" or tool for our spiritual growth, and find ourselves free of our physical form. we will have new light bodies. ( Cant help but wonder if they need our old physical bodies for their own nefarious reasons and just happen to have a plan to help us "shuck off" our mortal coils and ascend.
-all with our "choice" and free will. that seems to be some kinda cosmic law, we cant be harmed by negative beings unless we invite them and request their presence in our lives. Les, is this the great deception mentioned that would befall us in the "end times" that even the "very elect" would be fooled into following and surrendering to Satan/Lucifer/Adversary/antichrist?

Clarity said...

Hi Rob,

Thank you! I do appreciate that you spent so much time thinking about my comment. It is draining - moreso this year than any other. It is frustrating because I desperately want to teach these children and it's just not happening - not as it should be, anyway. And with the problems I am dealing with, these are not always things that can be ignored. I have to be constantly redirecting these children, and as I am saying something to them, I know that to some extent, they can't help it. I try to imagine someone telling me, "Don't breathe," or, "Don't blink." I know I could only last so long before I couldn't help it, and that's how it must be for at least some of them, some of the time.
As for my question, I guess it basically comes down to where are the good Khazarians, or Ashkenazis, or Zionists (bloodline)? Are there really none who look around and think, "Hey, this is wrong! We need to make a change here." I'll take the material rewards - of my hard work. Not at somebody else's expense or pain. And I'm happy to share them too. Boy, we got stuck with quite a bunch in this lifetime, huh? If you don't mind, I'll join you in hoping for a 'better' different.
You be well, too, my friend.

Richard, I owe you an apology. I referred to you as 'Richie', using the name at the top of your posts. I just realized last night that you sign off as Richard. As someone with a not-so-common name, I am usually very good with names and spellings. And speaking of names, you complimented my posting name. You really did make it sound beautiful. I think you'd be surprised to know how I chose it. ;)

Visible, you stand as a model to what makes a true friend. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be called friend by you, and doesn't appreciate how lucky he is, does not deserve your friendship. A gift such as that is one I would not take for granted.

Mike and Mel, I have been experiencing something similar for the past 2-3 weeks of so. I am suddenly it with a wall of fatigue. I feel like I am in a fog, and I feel the need to press the bottom of my palms into my eyes. This can last for one hour, several hours, or an entire day. Once or twice, I did feel mild nausea.

Another strange thing is that I often notice movement in my peripheral vision, but if I look towards it, there's nothing there. I don't know what that's about...

Visible again - You are the absolute best at ripping into people when they deserve it. Last night I started a collection of some of my favorites, so I know the Big Top Origami post you're referring to. (sheepish grin)


Clarity said...

Anonymous @4:36

I just entered my comment, refreshed, and there was yours! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, which were clear and thorough.

It was interesting to read, and you have given me some food for thought.


MiaBellezza said...

Les, in 2000 I awoke from a frightening nightmare, that I cannot remember. Actually I pulled myself out of the dream. Upon awakening there was a reptile or gargoyle head on the pillow next to me, contorting its face. I proceeded to pummel it and it disappeared. About a week later I woke and noticed its head protruding out of a long antique mirror hanging on the wall. This time I said "Is that the best you can do?" and it receded back into the mirror. A week
later I awoke to watch, to my delight, a Hummingbird suckling flowers in a vase.

The reptile/gargoyle set me on a journey of discovery, that began slowly and I continued to jump down the rabbit hole many, many times
and decided to accellerate this journey last year to completion. IOW to place all the pieces of the puzzle together.

I continue to be psychically attacked in my dreams. In another dream I was in a room and there was a man in a black robe (Satanist?) and cape and his face was a mist of dark smoke. I dodged him and then, in a flash (like the contortions in Rihanna video ~ Disturbia), his face was within a hair of my face and then I pulled myself quickly out of the dream and told it to get out.

Another strange thing occurred around the end of my journey. I dreamnt I was sitting up in bed and a white light was circling around my middle and then went quickly up my spine and then through my neck and then thru the middle of my
head and then shot out. This too was frightening.

I feel now as if my body is vibrating within.

At the end of the journey I discovered that the Hummingbird is a messenger from the Higher Realms.

I believe all that junk dna and extra brain cells we don't use are going to be activated for the next step in our evolutionary leap. Low lifes and Satanists aren't invited. Fasten your seat belts and prepare to do battle. It's going to be a rocky ride, but take heart and fear not, as Good will prevail.

Awake and Aware and ready for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

Richie (Dana) said...

Anon @ 4:36,
Everything you said can be condensed into a few words.
"The act of creation"


Ryan @ 5:05,

Every sentient being is not created equally. Some will have experiences that are the polar opposite of what you describe.
Simply put.
It will be what it was meant to be.


Anonymous said...

Wow..........just WOW e ZOW e.
I and many love you Creator 4 providing us Les in this time of maya on steroids. Guide us all to remembrance.

MachtNichts said...

Here is my deal:
I think the so called 'truth movement' has done a great job of making people realize not everything is as it seems. Unfortunately, there are egos and agendas involved which, on the surface, don't further the cause. Forgive me for repeating your words, Vis: That is to be expected at this time. No argument here.

Despite your perceived deficiency (griinnss) you also made a most noble gesture by offering Adam a copy of your latest book.

I know most people need guidance. If they would but trust in themselves and learn how to discern, relying on the guides on the other side of the veil some more. It seems 3 is the magic number. It also seems that I'm not making much sense right now.

Please, just do me a favour and don't hook up with the great white brotherhood. I don't think they are up to snuff. Love Silvia

Wv: wellarua youtings - wonder if these Wvs are inspired by the force using strange tongues

Adam Lilien said...

Vis, I appreciate your comments. Interesting how some folks have to try to invalidate or disparage what they have not explored. I do not have to take anything BTW, gurnygob to be sensitive to the absolute.

I am posting this 2:30 AM as I was at a shamans gathering this last evening. Anyway, I will send to you as requested a measured elaboration during the day. And a digital copy of your book would be great. You are a real hero in my book.

John C (UK) said...

Anon 4:36 AM

I was going to reply to Clarity's 'Why?', with the same answer. You phrased it much better than I could. Thank you.

In my opinion 'Jews' are the archons or psycho/sociopaths, take your pick.

Today on Veterans Today, Alan Hart has an article up about the 'Jews' fearing Holocaust II, about how they should distance themselves from 'Zionism' before we all start blaming the 'good Jews' rather than just the naerdowells.

I replied that how can it be just the zionists? Zionism was founded in 1897, (i think), but the 'Jews' had already been expelled from over 130 countries in the two millenia before zionism was founded.

My comment has not yet been published.

Visible, thank you for what you do, it is heartfelt

Anonymous said...

The sooner humanity takes ownership of its own problems the better, blaming the elite, zionists or next door is a cop out,

Chnage yourself then worry about the rest

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis!

Regarding your macaroni & Cheese - I recall a wonderful story (possibly apocryphal) about the actor Lawrence Harvey.

He was fed up with his life, his lack of success at his endeavors, and he decided to end it all. He stuck his head in the oven and turned on the gas.

He looked at the oven as he lay there and realized it was filthy. So he turned off the gas and got out some cleaning things and scrubbed the oven until it was a fitting venue for suicide...

But after all that scrubbing he was hungry and said to himself:

"I think I'll make macaroni and cheese..."

He did, and that was then end of his mood for suicide!

To Clarity - Perhaps there is a reckoning/balancing of several lifetimes' worth of insanity and unpleasant karma being amassed and burned up in a very short time span - this might go some way to explaining the difficulties that are so evident...

ALSO - There have been *plenty* of very spiritual men and women of Jewish religion and ethnicity - Check out TALES OF THE HASSIDIM by Martin Buber - if nothing else - if you don't believe me.

VIS wrote:

"It is because so many of us are in a state of convenient blindness, born from self interest, that these creatures can go about their dreadful enterprises."

Tennessee Williams was certainly capable of being unpleasant and selfish, as well as generous and full of fun, but he saw a lot of things very clearly - as when he summed up the American experience of the "Great Depression" in THE GLASS MENAGERIE:

"Their eyes had failed them; or they had failed their eyes. And they found themselves matriculating in a school for the blind, their hands pressed forcibly down upon the fiery braille alphabet of a dissolving economy."

Today - February 25th - is Meher Baba's birthday!

- "Irani Friend"

Thank you, Vis, as ever! Lots of LOVE to you and yours - and ours!

Anonymous said...

the truth is the same regardless of witch or who's instrument it flows from.

presentations vary.

acceptance is key for many reasons, not the least of which is on account of the best things in life are gifts.

not quite enough information yet for this simple mind to catch a true bearing, but i for one would not mind seeing which way this wind blows.

your response to adam was point on gracious and welcoming. good job. guess that's why they pay you the big bucks.(grin)

scuffer said...


Thanks for all that you write. Fantastic post.


Visible said...

I take it that was penned by a member of the Zionist elite, itherwise it makes no sense in terms of the obvious.

Visible said...

Happy Birthday Meher Baba! One of my favorite (maha avatars) people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les!

You write a LOT about "the Avatar"....

- and obviously you must intuit that I feel (after more than forty years of "gnawing" and "noodling" (to use Clif High's terminology) on this, that Meher Baba *is* the Avatar you write about so movingly...but -

It doesn't matter a darn if you or anyone *believes* Meher Baba is the Avatar, of course. If He is, then He is doing all, and despite and underneath this truly terrifying stuff, His manifestation (in and through all people, creatures and things) is assured...

This is maybe worth a quick look:

I'm going to e-mail you about a project out in Palestine that could use the support of *notable* individuals! Keep a look-out on your electronic inbox, okay?

- "Irani Friend"

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis – All –
Rense/Makow – my very simplistic view. If things are happening for the purpose of demonstration, then we can watch and sort out things learned. Since none of us is perfect, this incident just highlights that; a reminder of our shortcomings no matter how much good you’ve done. I try to keep in mind that in every positive there’s a negative and in every negative there’s a positive. We can observe, absorb, discern, analyze, etc. but judgin’ ain’t our yob.
I was fine here with my little cuppa coffee feeding my head and getting geared for the day ahead. I got thru the first mention of mac n’cheese, then after a couple of mentions, I now find myself craving baked macaroni and cheese! Guess I’ll be making that today.
Love to All - Serena

gurnygob said...

Adam please don't take offence, fact is, I am only showing my own ignorance in such matters. I'm a beans on toast man, nothing to elaborate and simple to a fault. You are way above my league. Truth is, I poked fun because I am too stupid to comprehend a single word you said. I am calling for a truce, what say you?

BTW I still think you're weird.


onething said...

To Clarity-

I do like a good discussion! I ponder the same question(s). When my son was murdered I sought consolation in more knowledge about souls and found Michael Newton's books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, which I found to be so authentic and believable that I pretty much compare all other views in light of them.

And yet I think he misses something and has almost a not believable picture in which evil has no other source than the human mind - no bigger picture re evil. He mentions souls who do too much harm not being allowed to reincarnate and wishes he knew more about what their next options are.

It is all well and good to see that immature souls can become caught up in the delusion here and trapped by their ego and animal survival instincts. But when we learn a little about reincarnation and think about how someone like Jackie Varencho can suddenly start singing like an adult at the age of 8 or 10, or Mozart composing as little more than a toddler, then we may also wonder about evil. Is it possible to be very evil in one incarnation or does one perfect it over a few lifetimes?

This is a real puzzler for me as in Newton's books the soul is always counseled by good guides and helped to correct bad behaviors in a next lifetime. As he describes it, as we learn our hard lessons, they make a bigger imprint on the soul to the point that we sort of almost remember the moral lessons and our souls have the power to retain itself even in the face of, say, an abusive childhood. A wonderful book showing this is My Lobotomy. It's a kind of soul strength. The soul stays in charge and makes decisions in alignment with its character even though the person does not consciously know why. So when a person orients toward evil (if that is even so) then what do they do about the soul? Do they have some way of nixing its influence? Do they sever something? What does it mean to be sociopathic in terms of the soul? Because in some cases it is a brain problem.

To be continued...

Visible said...

According to a source I trust, the ineffable helps you in every direction you think you want to go in. If you want to perform evil; go to evil places, or perform good and go to good places then the ineffable helps you get there. This is all for the purpose of demonstrating the truth of motive and action to the one engaged in it. Was this where you wanted to go? You'll find out.

Peaches said...

Vis I hesitate to share this but I will do so anyway. I had a dream about you right before waking today. I woke up with a tear. It was you and me hanging out in various, changing places, as dreams tend to do. The feelings of love from you were so profound that I'm still carrying it with me now. Much love to you and all here. Peaches

Visible said...

Well, that's reassuring, given that all kinds of things can happen in a dream. I've been getting a lot of this 'in dreams' lately, mostly in emails. I don't know what to make of it. I guess it's just more of that resonance. I'm glad to hear it because for around 3 months I've had this cloud cover going on that has obscured my usually deepening interaction with my invisible friends. It's only started to lighten up in the last few days.

lightandlongshadows said...

Here's some grist for many mills or is it grist for the mills of many? Santos Bonacci

onething said...

Looks like my continuation got lost in the ether, but here it is:

As to the families, I think that there are probably quite a few good ones, but they may keep their heads down and not actually expose their relatives. They may do good, charitable works in the world. Sometimes they do indeed betray their relatives, openly or in secret. That's actually now we get a lot of our information.

As to learning character in school, well not so much, and the real elite don't send their kids to public school.

The Law of One stuff says that some souls choose the self serving path; it is a difficult and unpleasant one and will last an extremely long time into the next couple of stages of soul journey - perhaps millions of years - but that at the 6th level they can no longer progress and turn around.

On a side not, re sociopathy, the Rothschilds are interesting in that the founder of the current fortune had 10 children and married them carefully to cousins. You don't usually hear much in historical accounts of the women, yet his wife is supposed to have boasted that when her sons wanted war, there was war. This indicates that this couple were both sociopathic and the genes are therefore pretty reliable.

I am also interested in what Adam said regarding the resonance. I think it is probable a soul has multiple choices before incarnation but only within a certain resonance range. I think that is just sort of physics. Oil and water separate. According to Newton, the human being is the result of a melding of the human soul with the mind/body. He also would agree with what Adam said that the soul does not hang out much until about the 4th month at the earliest, because of insufficient brain matter to work with.

Lastly, I am interested in this idea of good and evil being a mind construct. My general reaction is that when people say this they are playing with something above our current station. Are all dualities ultimately false? Yes. But within a certain spectrum of reality, they are indeed real. In fact, duality is an absolutely necessary state of affairs to have an experience and a universe like this one. It's my understanding that we have got to grok good and evil before we can move on, and so I think it is a delay tactic to say that good and evil are a mental construct. Or perhaps I just don't quite get what that means. But I have come to the conclusion that as regards the "masses" the problem with our world is that they do not perceive the difference between good and evil. So, it is a crucial step in the soul's progress to see them starkly and act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

,,,nice explanations going new stuff,peaking through,,the comments section is like a good strong cup of thinking soup that you just cant help wondering about,in a good way,i mean,

respects to everyone...neil

Anonymous said...

Clarity, or any other seeker, I suggest reading Plato's Dialogues especially the Apology, where Socrates gives his defense of his actions to the Athenian court (Which sentenced him to death)

Socrates was a mystic and philologist but somehow he was very simple and down to Earth. I don't think it gives answers so much as it helps your mind find the right questions. At least I think it is helping me.

I also have an altar to Ganesh where I say prayers, make offerings and light incense.

(I find life very mysterious. But I like it!)

Some things are in the hands of the gods and goddesses and as humans we can only do our best with what we have to work with. So, help where you can and don't let the weight of the world drag you down.



Rob in WI said...

The Dialogues are a great study, except IMHO, Republic, which I don't think was inspired by Socrates. It may even be the product of a corrupt translation, with an agenda attached. A question for one more scholarly than I. Life is indeed mysterious, and if it were not; why the hell participate?
Be well, Rob

MiaBellezza said...

Thomas referred to Tikal and the Mayan complex being designed based on the Heavenly Bodies.

The Pyramid builders created a clock for future mankind to inform us about the Great Year’s spring equinox.

Giza Clock by Pateo takes you through great videos about Sacred Geometry, Sacred Numbers, Mayan timetable of epochs and why he believes Giza is an astronomical clock of the Universe. We are leaving Age of Pisces and entering Aquarius marked by position of Heavenly Body (now Orion rising) in which the Sphinx faces now after a half cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. Here is the specific Youtube Video on The Clock of Giza. He also references somewhere on his site that the deadline to become awake and aware has passed.

Thomas, in reference to the 6 seconds and June 21st, 2012, this lines up close to Pateo's date of July 14, 2012.

Anonymous said...

Amazing article, man. Your writing just keeps getting better and better.

The Illuminati are finished soon.

(including the Zionist pig Makow,

Anonymous said...

Vis and Paul Von at 11:05,

In March of 2000 artist Mark Lombardi was found in his apartment in New York, after allegedly having hung himself. Towards the end of his life he conveyed to his friends that he thought he was being followed.

Why is this relevant?

Mark Lombardi was beginning to emerge from obscurity through his phenomenal graphic works which clearly and concisely charted the timeline and interactions of various political-financial-governmental-corporate players that were involved with various international scandals, in what has since been labeled 'Conspiracy Art'.

The fact is, each one of his works was simply a graphically distilled, artistically rendered, factually immaculate reportage of the outlines of each so-called conspiracy. He was quite diligent in his research, and yet at the same time he was attracting the attention the TPTB. It seems they took umbrage to his work, in particular the ones dealing with the Harken Energy scandal and the Savings and Loan scandal, in which that members of the Bush clan and their retainers were intimately involved. The timing of Lombardi's first big exhibits in the late '90s corresponded to the season of the political ascension of the Bush family's moron spawn, G.W.

Lombardi's Global Networks pieces are described as such:

"...In drawings both small and monumental, Mark Lombardi creates visual narratives of the way money flows in our postimperial, transnational economy: from corporations to political organizations, from individuals to various ad hoc groups, most of them acting outside of and transcending national boundaries. Using graphite and colored pencil, and information culled from newspaper accounts, TV and other sources in the public domain, Lombardi has developed a new type of history painting that maps the economic underpinnings of our global society...."

Suffice it to say, a lot of weird stuff began to happy to Lombardi in his last several months.

Lombardi's profile simply got to high to be tolerated by TPTB/W. He was suicided just before the 2000 presidential primary season got into full swing and his work was quickly shoved into the 'conspiracy art' niche by the usual lackeys, including NPR.

In June of 2000, three months after he died, I had the opportunity to see his works in a gallery in Philly. The effect on me was indescribable. The evil vibe just resonated, so much so that I had to leave. I was left with a most uncomfortable, unsettling feeling. Powerful stuff, for just pencil diagrams.

One wonders how he would have connected he dots with putative pieces dealing with 9-11 or the war on 'terror' or OBL/Al Queda(which was dealt with in part in some of his works).

Google Mark Lombardi. You'll understand what I'm talking about.

We need a hundred more like Lombardi, producing clear, concise easily understood, easily grasped, summaries of what TPTW are getting up to. Oddly, no one has yet rivaled his achievements, despite this 'information'/internet environment in which we're immersed these days.

He was as subversive as it gets. He was on thin ice and he knew it. He carried on until the end.


Sylvia said...


Since the time I was a tiny child I have had what is know as "night terrors" - I would wake up screaming, because I usually saw something over the bed - a dark energy that could take a myriad of forms - my parents said these were nightmares, but these episodes were different from any dreams I had. These episodes have continued periodically over my life of 51 years, and my husband has been a witness to them for the last 24 years. They were explained away by doctors as neurons rapidly firing in my brain or due to blood sugar issues since I have had Type I diabetes since 12 years old. However, nothing could explain what started to happen shortly after I turned 50 - I woke up from the couch one evening and sat up speaking a language that I do not know and I do not recognize as any modern spoken language. I know no foreign languages. I spoke several sentences (I was awake) and my husband witnessed my speaking. I wasn't afraid, but we were both very startled! These episodes have continued to happen for over a year. I mentioned to a psychic friend of mine that I wish I knew why this had started to happen and even what I might be saying. She said I would come to know. Well, about 4 months ago, I woke up in bed and saw an entity over our bed and I knew it was not friendly. I wasn't saying anything when I woke up, but started to speak this strange language. The entity was struck dead by my words and fell straight through the bed between my husband I and desinigrated into what only I can guess is another dimension. Les, whatever language you are starting to speak, they are words of power. Since I've started speaking this strange language (always at night and totally involuntary)the night terrors have almost completely ceased. I've been told by one pschic that it is an angelic language. Whatever it is, it is powerful and I welcome it.

MiaBellezza said...

Les Visible, you are going to enjoy this serendipity. Pateo is a Latin word that means ‘No Longer Hidden’, Be Free and Be Visible!

Gypsy said...

Just how corrupt and lying is the MSM in 2012?

Check this out. Zio muppet John Boulton gets BOO-ED by the army veterans listening and Faux News edits in APPLAUSE!

Un-fucking believable.

Not just editing out the booing, but editing in applause.

The MSM has completely Jumped the Shark!

Believe NOTHING on the MSM you see or here.

Gypsy said...

hear not here

Anonymous said...


right you are. the truly - self professed - elite do not send their kids to public school.

More likely, those (rare) family members who stray don't so much betray their blood, as opt to be true to themselves.

i'm guessing this is allowed on a case by case basis, and only tolerated ... up to a point.

makes sense that the soul would and could only sublimate it's ethereal state to the physical realm when it was a perfectly purposeful fit on all levels.
(any port in a storm!)

Grok on.

Anonymous said...

After reading Les's post and all the comments, there is so much discussion material I wouldn't know where to start. Actually I can't remember half of the points. The old mind isn't what it used to be.

Les when you talk about the evil ones "forfeiting every human quality" could it be they never had any human qualities to begin with? I haven't mentioned cloning/robotoids in quite a while. This isn't a subject that is easy to discuss but it explains a lot of things. There is a lot of material out there and a lot of people discussing it both terrestrial and celestial. It is a subject that you must grow into through your own research, nobody can convince you through explanation. Think about this, they clone animals, don't you think they can also clone humans? Or do you feel TPTB would be too moral to do such a thing?

Every human whether joo or gentile has a spark of the Creator and after eons of time will return to Source. Clones lack this spark/soul therefore when they die that is it. Clones are programed at creation to behave in a certain manner. Many world leaders are clones. They don't give a rip about the human race, as a matter of fact they want to eliminate most of it. All their other nefarious behavior is the result of this programming.

Most clones probably don't realize they are clones. I'm not much of a people person, but have you ever noticed how Hillary Clinton changes her appearance. Sometimes she looks half way decent and at other times like a old hag. She is an excellent example because with her they can't seem to get a consistent look. There have also been reports where she has been seen in two places at the same time. (take it for what it is worth, I don't have links)

Bush junior was another good example only with him it wasn't appearance. He would be giving a speech and say some stupid thing and then just keep on trucking. The guy was supposed to have a masters in business. An educated person might make a slip but he will instantly realize what he did and correct himself. Clones aren't wired up that way.

I could go on and on but as I said I wouldn't be convincing anyone, you need to study and convince yourself.

Maybe this is the "big thing" Clarilty is missing. You can harp about the way things are until you drop dead, nothing is going to change. It is going to get worse before it gets even worse.

If you peal back all the onion layers you end up with a big ugly god with sharp horns pulling the strings. Someone mentioned the elect being deceived. Well the unelect, the not so elect, and most of the elect have been deceived by the prince of darkness. The human race is in desperate need of help. We can't fight a system we don't even understand.

Like many I'm convinced help will come, probably sooner rather than later. Didn't Cliffs bots say to expect something significant between March 2-9 and afteward no building tension? We started building tention four days after 911. Hmmmmmm, we can only hope.


DaveR said...

Sylvia. You must record this speaking in tongue. Many will want to hear.

Anonymous said...

This is only a rumor; I have heard from a number of Jewish people over the years (maybe 6-7), so it is strictly hearsay. The chief rabbis, and their sons, are not circumcised. The cutting is reserved for those chosen to be the obedient.
I post anon, because I have no proof of this, but it is my experience. BTW, I never was a passenger on a flying saucer.

Daphne said...

Visible, I rarely post, but this was so beautiful. All that I see in world today is there in its ugliness, but the hope for a better world to come that I have is expressed so perfectly.
Thank you so much! Sometimes we need to be reminded that love and beauty WILL win and that what we are seeing is being shown in order for us to return to our true Selves.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

p.s. with older brother joe's early check out and the advent of the sixties clearing the way for younger brothers john and bobby to attempt a clean sweep of the ancient power paradigm, 'safe' to say they became prime examples of family members having crossed the proverbial (blood)line.

john junior's timely demise was more likely preemptive, however shakespearean in scope and color.

an initiation requirement, perchance, a ritualistic re-visiting of the earlier sins of the father (george) upon the son, jr.

looking back through the glass darkly.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most interesting set of comments to appear on the blog in a long time. When I am feeling down it always helps to check in here as it is populated by what I consider real people expressing their real concerns and what they feel is true.

I have so many of my own problems I don't comment so much anymore but I feel humanity is on the verge of something big and earthshaking. No I can't offer you a link but just a feeling from all I have heard, seen and read on the block all these years.

With regard to the various sites such as Rense, Thetruthseeker, Makow and others they all have revealed much truth we all would probably have never encountered. I don't consider any of them the final source of what is and what is not however. That is up to you and I.

Like Les I have often thought the for a better word, "what Christian women want" idea was a little absurd from Makow. It is strange when I guy who professes to be Jewish understands Christina women. Frankly it seems more of ploy to link the old testament to the new testament to me. Just my opinion however. Makow has had some very well researched articles however but we should expect that also.

My feeling is I will take information and research from wherever and run it through my own computer. Stewart Rixon I must say has some of the very best information you will find on the web today.

Honestly one of my favorites is Zen Gardner and Martin Luther who both indicate that ... love is all there is and nothing else matters.


Anonymous said...

Rob, There certainly is some dischord in Plato's Republic. I take it with a grain of salt as Socrates was using hypotheticals to try to find the root meaning of justice. A definition he (Socrates) was never able to find.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Adam Lilien

You said, “I can elaborate further if interested”

Though you taxed my ass to follow what you said and it is wasted on most that follow here. What was provided only grants you cosmic wanker status. Yes do elaborate but effort to distil the message to make it available and yet at the same time preserve its expansive consciousness value.

Understood you will literally bleed over the keyboard in doing so but it will have value for us all.

I could add more on super light theory and how it’s mechanically driving the whole illusion and will in time.

Yah… go with more mac and cheese!

Clarity you have blessed the space with more clarity!

Hey Judge this new wv is a pain in the arse.



Anonymous said...

The above was posted on Rense the same day. Go figure.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Ryan Blake

You are so right on with we are not victims until we aqueous to be victims. Choose source connectedness daily and be a sovereign being, fuck that shit.



Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Clarity said:

Another strange thing is that I often notice movement in my peripheral vision, but if I look towards it, there's nothing there. I don't know what that's about...

A lot of shit occurs in the peripheral space... further illumination of peripheral data does not occur with a confrontal attention. Just be with it and take in and process the data on a higher bandwidth level...

Check out Dr Meceal and his obs data set and you will in time come to appreciate that will live life in a fully occupied space.

Lots of folks hanging out and they can be reliably interacted with.



Richie (Dana) said...

What I have to say here has no ‘real’ world evidence to back it. As it is a metaphysical impression the verification would be resonance.

Additionally this is the best of my ability to explain what I have been told to say.
I heard you talk about the clouds. I realized the day of inception.

“God’s not dead he’s only hiding”.

We are so used to vetting the information that comes to us. If you do not have the proper truth, you suck. I do not deny that this has been necessary. The current Rense/ Makow thing is a lesson for all. Let’s make sure we get the “proof”. See these pictures…..etc.

The time arrives when this will no longer be needed. The current ‘distraction’ is only relative to this transition. The true essence of everyone will be exposed for all to see. The only ‘evidence’ that will be needed, resides inside of all those true to God. The apparent ‘mistakes’ made by you in linking to incorrect sources was not an accident. This was and is designed to make us realize one simple thing.

Do you rely on physical evidence or the inner small voice within?

Sir, I know that your life is not easy. You have been a good and faithful servant to the Divine. I note that of this writing there are 100 comments. There are an increasing number who search for the truth. Through your efforts this place brings those searchers together. That is a valuable contribution. I just have to thank you again, and do not expect that to change.

While it is true that we have the power of creation to change our reality this is something that is being done on this plane that no one will have control of.

All beings will be stripped naked and exposed for what they really are, for all to see.

The last few months may have seemed a long time for us but I think it is important to consider that ‘time’ is a construct of this evil place and that since we are at a such low frequency, ‘time’ would be much different for those who seek to rescue us. For them, I can imagine 30 seconds for a few months. Again, I wish to stress that I have no evidence for what I say here. My highest wish is to serve the Divine in the best way I know.

May God bless each of you.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Macaroni and Cheese Wonderland of the Inexplicable.

peternolan9 said...

Wow...great to see someone else awake.

Anonymous said...

mountain cluster
forest green
summer fountain
radiant stream
midnight fire
moonlit swan
arc of songbird
way beyond
sunshine plume
golden chute
hearted rivers
nurturing root
touch of ground
reach of stars
round in circles
light and dark


Paul Von said...

Hello Sylvia,
On Sunday, February 26, 2012 12:04:00 AM you commented:

"However, nothing could explain what started to happen shortly after I turned 50 - I woke up from the couch one evening and sat up speaking a language that I do not know and I do not recognize as any modern spoken language. I know no foreign languages. I spoke several sentences (I was awake) and my husband witnessed my speaking. I wasn't afraid, but we were both very startled!"

Did this language sound anything like a pre-Latin tongue? Did vowels seem rounded, also very soft consonants? Somewhat like modern French in the softness of delivery?
I've been quite interested in sorting this phenomenon out, as I've viewed video footage of Pentecostals and others, who are often seen thrashing around and quite disturbed as they speak. Oftentimes it is a harsh babbling, and mostly a nonsensical and repetitive exercise. Perhaps demonic in nature, though they insist it is “God” or Jesus speaking through them.

I've been experiencing this phenomenon for nearly 15 years, yet it is quite controllable in my case. I also find I am able to alternate between my native tongue and this ‘other’ whilst remaining intellectually aware and mentally sober. Like you, I have no formal training in any language other than English.

This all began after a brief, yet highly charged 'encounter' with a woman who was traditionally trained in biblical study, and who spoke in a tongue she claimed was Aramaic. > This would be the language of the "Holy Spirit" spoken in the times of the Christ. I sometimes resort to this language when attempting to communicate with whatever this haunting is. I am not fearful of this circumstance. I am only curious- perhaps foolish…

I would be most interested in your reply.

Anonymous said...

ok ok that does it! I'mma making us some baked casserole mac n cheese. Don't have any cheese but do have some food storage 'cheddar and broccoli soup mix' which makes an easy sauce.

My dear mother-who fifty six years ago today would be giving me life the next day-a leap year too-to a perfectly brought forth baby in a feet ruled Pisces way-breech... lol after fighting her way through a blizzard in mid Illinois.

In her honor I will share her 'navy wife mac n cheese' stretched to feed four hungry kids. ummm so good.

boil a pound of elbow macaroni-drain dry

make a white sauce using butter (oleo), with flour to cover the butter to make the roux-then milk to make a sauce to layer over the noodles.

Pour a third of the dry drained elbows in a 2 quart casserole for the oven at 350-layering with a third of the white sauce and a handful of grated cheese.

layer 2 more times with: noodles, white sauce and cheese with the sauce and cheese on top.

Cover with torn up pieces of bread-dot them with butter (oleo) and bake til bread is browned and noodles made with the hot white sauce and cheese is melted through.

One of our favorite dinners our mother made us every night. No matter how dysfunctional our family was or got-we always had great dinners and food.

We had tv dinners about once a year as treats-pot pies were our exotic fast foods a few dinners a year.

I'll make mine the same way except layering with the 'cheddar/broccoli soup made thick' along with the white sauce... lots of white bread topping-like croutons.

the gardener

Visible said...

Interesting; of course there are many ways to make that dish.I know about that one. It's very rich. What's interesting is that I loaded mine up with broccoli florets and tossed the noodle with a lot of parmesan in butter and olive oil, various seasonings and a rich tomato sauce then put a thin layer of cheddar over it. I don't usually eat this kind of food but I make sure to do it now and then, which makes it perfectly okay. I bake it till its bubbling and then I crank up the heat for a few minutes until the top looks the way I want it and... well, heh heh, I can't believe we're talking about macaroni and cheese. I don't even talk about that when I'm talking about food. It just doesn't come up.

I think the reason this got mentioned and some of the strange directions these blogs go is due to the seriously high intelligence of the reader interface. Most people here are better informed than I am and that segment of existence that we are a part of, needs something simple like macaroni and cheese and similar things so as to give the mind breathing room and let events take their course. Certain things are not in our hands so... but it in someone's hands because it's all under control so that means what must happen will happen, according to whether people can change. If they can change into it, they can change through it and come out into the place where all this new and fantastic period is goig to take us. Geez, I better end this. See, macaroni and cheese can be complicated.

Anthony Hopper said...

Interesting post.

Anonymous said...

little ball has small moment , much is spent and lost on none thing , the real not reached by thems without distant eye - only sit with them meaning is lost, all dance through rhyme history , break through old dark germ , reach fresh and alwaysfresh ,bring back big moment to little ball , thems not real gotten seen by all under big light and thunderclap .

edlemon .

Drey said...

Your articles are a pretty good channel of truth, it's health energy to eat so to speak. Those of you who can channel the energy that's going around now, it's basically your job to channel it effectively so everyone benefits. If people are fools it's because they are not able to know. The bad ones that know what they're doing can be sensed if you are in tune - as for them, if they encroach on your space, eat them alive, you know how.

Ray B. said...

posted by bholanath, Friday, February 24, 2012 7:50:00 PM

"Some day, when we get through this (we will), acknowledgment and gratitude will be given to all the pagans, polytheists, shamans, witches, outcastes, traumatized chirontic mystics, dirt-worshippers, gnostics, animists, tantrikas, sufis, monkey-wrenchers, naga-babas, nada-yogis, medicine-wo/men, non-human sentient being tribes, whisperers, alchemists, hard-core chanters, sound healers, sacred dancers, medicine-wheelers, katchina hosters, and just generally all the maha spirit workers who have come here for this time to help us navigate through the stormy seas."


As usual, I am late to the blog. I just wanted to say that your (above) post really reached me, and I wanted to thank you for this. (For some reason, I want to touch my heart, then my 3rd-eye, then raise my hand over my head into crown and release, to your Self...) Thank you, and I second the sentiment!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



Joseph Brenner

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