Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Hades Syndrome and the River Styx

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Before you know it, we'll be at that time of the year where Gourmet magazine will have a Caesar salad on their cover, with a bunch of tiny daggers sticking out of it, like they were rehearsing to be a swizzle stick but something went wrong at the audition. Obama would probably like to play Caesar but he's not even equipped to be Pompey. I do like the fact that the two allegedly fought over ballsacks. Well, of course they couldn't have been fighting over Balzac. He wasn't even around then. This is the point at which you explain to me how Balzac could have written all those books and never said much more about Caesar than, “Render unto”.

History is complicated and a lot of it never even happened. That is because there are many kinds of historians. There are the historians who are paid to write things that are historically inaccurate; that's most of them. Then there are the ones who write inaccurate history for free because it dovetails with why no one will pay them to write history for money. Then there is that rare breed that writes history because it, more or less happened that way. You have to go looking for these people because they are not readily found. They're usually found, ♫High on the back shelves♫, or would be if Bruce had been singing about them instead. They're in life's back catalog. They're on back order. They're in The Way Back Machine and they are definitely back to the future.

To get an idea just how fucked up history is, you only have to read your daily paper and note the enormity of the lies being told about something as close as yesterday. This is why the people who own the printing presses own them. You'll probably tumble to the fact that they own more than one kind of printing press and one of the other presses also makes the money. If you are a satanist and... they are, this is a pretty sweet deal. Generally satanism is a reincarnation kind of a thing. You develop certain behavior patterns and a syndrome. We metaphysicians call it the Hades Syndrome. This is where a certain set of louvers come down over the interior lights. This has the effect of concealing certain things and revealing certain things and it works out just fine in terms of calculated blindness.

Usually, this sort of thing is a 'big up' in the material world and leads to all kinds of access behind the velvet ropes and seats in the VIP section. As I have mentioned before, these people get really big funerals and there's a cosmic yardstick that says, the bigger the asshole, the bigger the limousine and the bigger the funeral. There are exceptions. Hundreds of crocodiles attend these funerals, with big silk handkerchiefs and they wave them in wild abandon, as the cigarette boat makes its way down the River Styx. ♫Yes, we'll all be together, yes, we'll all make a stand. Yes, we'll all be rewarded, when the shit hits the fan♫ or something to that effect.

The funerals of Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller are coming up fairly soon and you'll get to see what I'm talking about. You'll see legions of Dr. Hyde's in top hats, talking in hushed whispers about the departed. There will be a tight circle of 'family only' and there won't be a public smile among them. They're saving that for the wake and the reading of the will. There might not be a lot of smiles then either. It depends.

Yes, a lot of the leading points of darkness, for the preceding age, are going to be getting their travel vouchers. Whole countries are going to be getting travel vouchers. They're going to have to take The QE2 out of drydock and recommission her, just to get some portion of these people down the River Styx. They might better take that false flag aircraft carrier and put it into ferry service, instead of sinking it with an Israeli submarine in The Straits of Hormuz. Well, you do know that both sides want the strait closed off, right? That's sound economic policy. Profits are highest when products are most dear.

Never before have such a collection of the very worst of us been in such wide abundance at the top of the compost heap. The compost heap looks like one of those mushroom visions; crawling and alive. That's because millions of dung beetles and hungry worms are motoring all through it. A lot of people think this is all either an accident, or the obvious result of a certain Darwinian imperative; nothing of the kind. Mr. Apocalypse has put all of them up on his Facebook page. He's friended them, although I think that's a misnomer. Mr. Apocalypse has put their names up in lights. They're going to be feasted and feted in “♫All the old familiar places, that this heart of mine embraces, all day throoooo♫” Yes, it going to be “♫A hot time in the old town tonight♫”

We are on a vast horizon, facing into the blazing sun and we have come to Armageddon, just to find the battle's won. Spread your wings, close your eyes, let your love flow, come inside and so on and so forth. Inside looks a lot better than outside at the moment; of course, that depends on your precognitive capabilities. Some got em and some don't got em.

Yes, at the moment they're all sitting around inhaling out of their Darth Vapor bottle like it was 'Rush' or some derivative thereof. They're ridiculously high on themselves. They got uniforms and rows of service medals. They got pictures of themselves with all the high toned corpses and certificates of practice and authority mingled in among all those 8X12's. “Harumph, by the power invested in me, I hereby grant you the power to abuse your fellows, in all ways contrary to the greater good, so help me... uh uh... uh, oh God, I'm coming”! Yeah, precognition aside, that's where we are at the moment. A lot of them will be at The Super Bowl, recently of Davos and soon to be in attendance at Bilderberger in June, except given what lies between then and there, June won't be soon.

Damn, they're impressive aren't they? They got trillions of dollars and armies and police forces. They got concentration camps all over the former Land of the Free. They got coffins stacked up outside Atlanta; no telling how many people have set up housekeeping in them; like they were capsule rooms in one of those unique Japanese hotels. Is your coffin wired? Yes, they're impressive and wanna be scary. They got it all covered. They got their underground, surround lounge complexes and freeze dried hookers from Ost Bloc. They got cases of McCallan scotch, that 25 year old, five hundred dollars a bottle stuff. They got military grade Viagra. They got the complete works of Barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow and The Turtles. They might even have The Chairman of the Board on Bluray. They got warehouses full of oxygen bombalas and naughty nitrous. You can be sure they've got plenty of cocaine for medicinal purposes. They got wide screens and an enormous library of DVD's. They got that bidet style, warm rinse, all water toilet paper and probably the 'invisible hands' option as well. Of course, they can't destroy everything, they need some kind of a world still standing when they crawl out of their holes. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. They know something isn't battened down somewhere. But... they don't know what that is and won't until it's standing next to them on the inside of their reinforced steel, panic rooms.

See, there's an interesting and inescapable cosmic dynamic. You take your character and your fate with you, everywhere you go. You can't escape it. It is you. The only thing you can do is change it, to some degree. Like I try to tell people who presume to read fortunes with Tarot cards, “Why fumble around in the dark, trying to predict the future, when you can change it with the same mechanism"? The symbols, like Ginseng flowers, with their phosphorescent glow, close up, when footsteps approach. It's why people hunt them with a bow and arrow. This is the case with all sacred mysteries. They go into concealment at the approach of the profane. It's an old story but one whose impact, like all the fables and allegories of times past, tends to escape the minds of those who seek out powers for nefarious application. You are under observation, from the inside and the outside. Your own vehicles of perception are utilized for this purpose. That should give some of you an extra boost of affirmation in these times. The rest of you are welcome to the paranoia which that reality implies.

Yes, they are talking out of both sides of their mouths. They are grabbing your elbow when they shake your hand. They're scratching your back as they move you through reception and asking you about your handicap. You'll all be together at the 19th hole. That's quite a hole and directly connected to the hole in your heart and the hole in your head, cause you didn't bother to 'seal the door where evil dwells'.

It will all sort itself out, differently than anyone expects, on the way to the oppositional destiny that will never rear its ugly head. It's just wraiths and shadows looking for a welcome port.

End Transmission.......


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I wonder how much time they have left. I wonder how terrified they are now. I mean, there is a movement that started in Sicily HALF A MONTH AGO, AND IT'S STILL NOT IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. THE PITCHFORK MOVEMENT OF SICILY.

And after having to operate three of those infernal Polielettronica printers for 4 years, I came to the conculsion all Italy was good for was their awesome food. (Shoot me or put me to the guillotine before I ever see one of those horrid things again.)

Guess I was wrong.

Still waiting for upheaval in March. I mean if both Les Visable and Clif High are ganging up on the month, something real awesome must be happening. Then there's the fact California is going to be broke again for the umpteenth time. It will probably be rescued, but if not; it will probably become a war zone. And yes, I am bringing a pitchfork to the gun fight.

Hopefully I get a lethal headshot, fast. This garbage just ain't worth the effort, when you know what I know.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oops. I suppose I should have provided a link for the pitchfork movement:

This one is kind of old, but hey. Last I heard, it was still going strong, and that was a couple of days ago. Won't hear about it on BBC, not that I think that organisation is worth jack doo-doo anymore. I can't get over the time one of their reporters referred to Puerto Rico as a country, not to mention a few other instances of so gorifying various other territories of which I cannot remember specific instances.

On the other hand, U.S. mainstream is even worse. They must think we're all just fell off the 'tard wagon to believe that crap.

Oh yes. Most of us did. If we hadn't, would this country be in the mess that it's in? Wouldn't we have like ADOPTED THE SOCIAL WAYS OF THE MORE PEACEFUL FIRST NATIONS TRIBES AS OPPOSED TO KILLING THEM ALL???!!!!

Tannon said...

"This is the case with all sacred mysteries. They go into concealment at the approach of the profane."

Ahh ha, so the evil secret society bankers can't pervert the deepest most profound secrets of the universe for their purposes. Because if they could, it wouldn't be their purpose any more, would it?
Due to the profane nature of their intentions, they can only get to a certain level of understanding and even that has been concealed from the masses in this dark age.

Richard said...

Pure Poetry.
Gratitude arises spontaneously.
Tacos and refried beans are food for some souls. Can't wait for Patrick W. reading of this one, just for the sake of the 'oral transmission'.
May the Rose garden of your Heart always be in bloom.
Woof woof from the Dog Nation, Siempre fi.

Anonymous said...

May the satanists meet their demise choking on a thousand skin flavoured swizzle sticks. Then again, they might like that!

Anonymous said...

les, i am sure you have read it, but one forbidden history worth the time is Imperium by Yockey ( all les fans should read it and give it as a gift. he foretold our misery based on our fear - or if you prefer the fear of our fathers and grandfathers to put an end to the cult of mammon. we will continue in this twillight world of suffering until we put them down as heroes before us did, from Christ to Andrew Jackson to the mysterous corporal. Do an Osho Dynamic and shake off your lazy shells friends. And do not surrender to loser's fatigue , i.e., hopelesness. Let's die with swords in our hands, as our ancestors did, so they will great us with respect as one of theirs, YaTaHey. With Love, a German Farmer

Alan Cabal said...

This coming Event reminds me of the climax of ANIMAL HOUSE where the Deltas crash the parade.

It's going to be FUN!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, you may have read this already but this really hit me after your references now and in the past to the delusion of the "elite."

As always, thanks for your uplifting words. You nail it every time.


Navin R. Johnson Opti-Grab CEO said...

My favorite source of unvarnished history is the internet. Hopefully the best government money can buy in the cesspool by the Potomac won't destroy the www but that is probably wishful thinking. Those SHTF lyrics reminded me of the SoCal punk classic 'when the shit hits the fan' by the Circle Jerks, some of that good ole 80's punk. Kiki has taken in interest in the Low Vis series of pags everytime I'm reading one she jumps up on the desk and does the scratch face on printer routine. It is not some Italian crap printer but it doesn't work anymore so it is a face scratching post now. Carry on Low Viz, hooorahh!

Anaughty Mouser said...

Good one Visible.

This is going to be thermonuclear cat-scratch fever.

I agree both the zionists and the Iranians want to close the straights of Hormuz to 'increase profits' - but nobody wants to be seen throwing the first punch.

Enter dumb as mud israel 'in disguise' who will be 'disovered' and sacrificed to get this glass party started - all according to Rothschild + co plans to get the one world government in place.

May heavan help us - literally.


Chinese Sneakers said...

Wow, talk about overlooking the obvious in plain sight. The profound truth in what follows is so simple i'd missed it for years:

"This is the point at which you explain to me how Balzac could have written all those books and never said much more about Caesar than, “Render unto”."

It's absolutely true--Balzac bore witness to almost everything in the life of Paris around the middle of the nineteenth century; and yet, he wrote nothing expressly about the money powers that infused such potency into nearly all aspects of that melieu.

Guess this blindness of Balzac's goes some way towards explaining his wide-spread success in the publishing buzines$ of his day.

Suppose that also explains why Balzac didn't have to prostitute himself to the Pope and the Holy See, as thoughtful folks had had to do in centuries past. No, it turned out that by the time Balzac happened along, the Vatican finances were well under the management of the Rothschilde Bros. And anyone with an ear to the ground like Balzac must have surely known that the bros. and their tribe had the presses to "make" people.

What was a young man to do?

Well, apparently, this Ba'al Zac took the deal.

He chose to turn a blind eye to the red octopus violently strangling the world around him. His sin became that of concealing the truth by omitting it in order to continue covering up the conspiracy and to thereby win the reward of being published. Which was no small thing in those days.

Well, at least he knew what he really wanted.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned big funerals. Well, the former Cardinal of the Philadelphia Archdiosese is now up to bat. For twenty years he pretended not to notice the ongoing sex allegations that occured on his 'watch'. At any rate, just a two days ago a judge ruled that he was competenet to testify in the big child sex abuse criminal trial that popped up recently.12 hours later, Cardinal Elvis left the building.


mike m said...

Can't make this shit up:

Every Christmas, House of Jerky and our generous customers support the heroes that are serving our Country with our Jerky Up! For Our Troops

Fighting to protect our "freedumbs"?

Robin Redbreast said...

Can't come soon enough
Why does life have to be so hard????

missingarib said...

vis, hex 57 of the I ching showed me this.( one has to deal with hidden enemies, intangible influences that slink into dark corners and from this hiding affect people by suggestion. in instances like this, it is necessary to trace these things back to the most secret recesses, in order to determine the nature of the influences to be dealt with. this is the task of the priests; removing the influences is the task of the magicians. The very anonymity of such plotting requires an especially vigorous and indefatigable effort, but this is well worth while. For when such elusive influences are brought into the light and branded, they lose their power over people.)
Your dedication to reveling the task before us is persistent like a wind.

-thank you vis

Mouser said...

No one would believe that Rothschild would sacrifice Israel to achieve a goal (the NWO) and that's why it would be a perfect crimw...nobody would believe it.

I mean there is even a Rothschild Blvd named after the clan who built the knesset and gave the pseudo nation its flag of the goldsmith Bauer hexagon.

But remeber the pagan warriors of old sacrificed their own babies to to the 'god' of war to promote victory. I think the other son, America, is also on the sacrificial block with his brother israel. Both have outlived their expirey dates and like moonwalk MJ are more useful to the clan dead than alive.

Where to put the new 'capital' of the world if israel and America go to thermonuclear glass? Perhaps Switzerland; that where most of the NWO gold is stached, the country is 'freeä from the EU or Nato, such a 'small' country could be missed but the nukes flying back and forth globally.

IDK but it seems Rothschild could sacrifice israel and the US in a heartbeat if it clearly fibalised the one world currency and government plan these sick, zionist f*cks (who would eat their own young in a pinch) have in mind from my POV.

Anonymous said...

death by a thousand cuts
the place where all tyrants fall
a pathway into the great circle
the love thats held deep in all
paved through the edge of existance
truth gathers and beauty sets sail
upon winds that gust everlasting
the heavens will always prevail
feathers tied within motions
of grace fills the spirit inside
hearts ponder and bow in upliftance
the truth crumbles to death every lie
the crimes of inhumain insanity
shattered in its every effect
a journey along the great road
where love sparks deep in a chest


Anonymous said...

Mouser @ 10:38,

At this point 'Israel'--as a concept, as a polity, as as cultural/religious miasmatic fetish-- is worth more to the zioborg in it's past tense. Twenty centuries from now jews will observing two more High Holy Hell Days--the holocaust and the destruction of the third temple. No Third Temple you say? Well, no problem, they'll just invent one retroactively once they're back in the saddle after a couple hundred years.

For the time being it looks like the plan is seems to be to head for the hills(of Patagonia, Tasmania, South Africa, Mexico or wherever) and lay low for a century or two until the smoke(and radioacivity)clears and another Exodous mythos is generated...


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be laughing or putting all my eggs in one basket.This thing can go any which way.

Anonymous said...

new term for "fundies" -


(... forgive them; they know not how zio-ogre brainwashed they are ...)

Visible said...

People are having a hard time commenting because Zio-Blogger is shutting them out. If you have that problem then email the comment to me and also where it goes.

Zel said...

I think it was Crowley that said something to the effect that "true death is the one thing denied you"

If he's right, and if you believe there's any kind of divine justice at work in the universe, you'll see that it's quite possible for TPTB to win all of their battles in the material world, yet still lose the war.

One could presume that even if they turned this world into a nuclear wasteland, the righteous - however the universe defines that term - would proceed to greener pastures, and the ghouls would be left behind to haunt the graveyard for a long time to come.

I'm going back and forth, on the topic of the March timeline the Time Monks have put forward as the beginning of a crisis. It seems logical enough, given the beating of the war drums, and the state of the financial house of cards, but timing is often tricky - you've got the effects of countless beings exercising their will, for better or worse, to add their weight to the scales and affect the timeline, before the final deluge cuts loose to sweep the board clean. So as I said, I'm not sure of the timing, but I do agree we'd all best wax up our surf boards.

Anonymous said...

I've observed once something is considered truth, people will line up to defend it. in time it does not matter how foolish or insane the precept is. It becomes an emotional crutch for them to lean on. There is a certain point where you are questioning their intelligence and belief system if you expose a cherished myth.

It seems very easy to convince the simple mind their choice is between God and the devil. People prefer to believe in something rather than use the intellectual capacity. Belief is much easier than doubt. I suppose there is a certain security in knowing nothing. The old saying ignorance is bliss.

As far as history goes it is a two edged sword. Nobody ever writes about thanksgiving from the point of view of a turkey and lions never give their side of the hunt in history. We can see here you do not want to lose as you are then at the mercy of historians. I think it was Voltaire who said history is just a series of lies upon which historians agree, liars who torment the dead. History is a lie that becomes truth with age, it happened regardless of what is written about it. God does not alter the past, only historians do in so much as how they write about it.

The most fortunate people in life are surely the ones we never see mentioned in history books. History is like an early warning system, politics projected into the past, the continuing story of the fall of man. Real history consists of the crimes the rulers never allowed anyone to write about. Wasn't it William Wallace who said history is written by those who hanged the heroes, or was that Mel Gibson?

History is a dark candle over a dark abyss and it only answers those who ask questions and then the answer is never very clear is it? It usually turns out to be the propaganda of the winners.

James joyce called it a nightmare from which he is trying to awake.


katz said...

This is probable.

This is what already happened.

So, Mr. Apocalypse is not so nice?
Maybe, he's not even funny.

Anonymous said...

The first Gulf War ended on Purim 1991.

Shock and awe began 2 days (March 20th) after Purim 2003. Purim began in the evening of Monday, March 17, 2003, and ended in the evening of Tuesday, March 18, 2003.

This year Purim begins in the evening of Wednesday, March 7, 2012, and ends in the evening of Thursday, March 8, 2012.

Here is a little tidbit about Purim.


Gulf War One is ended on the eve of Purim 1991. Purim is celebrated today by Jewish people as a great victory over a terrible evil. Purim is set in Shushan, found today in modern Iran.

Anonymous said...

"The funerals of Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller are coming up fairly soon..."


Anonymous said...

May visible never becomes les invisibles on the net!
You can be sure they will die a slow death, surrounded by oxygene tanks and machine to keep them alive.They even might refrigerate their corpses and come back later when darth vader costume ready!!!!
I can see it clearly, some kind of darth rotchield or Diabolek(daleks) back from his cold embrace with kali....CREEPY

GodSend said...

Anyone here find the "narrow gate" yet? Seek - and you will find (but you had better hurry, because the gate will soon close for the duration!)

Anonymous said...

I know you have told me to tone down the hyperbole but you are god's messenger. I wake up on some nights and I hear the voice of Patrick Willis articulating what you have written and I know judgment and salvation are assured. I have spent my life as a scholar of the mysteries and the academic lie factories. I teach this shit. You are the real thing. You are, hands down, the only sincere and incorruptible voice.

I know you're a telepath or you couldn't do what you do. Yet, the other things you do cannot come by human agency.


Anonymous said...

a sober rendering, almost spooky.

'steady as she wavers' - every now and again - evens its keel.

feedback ever more incisive.

continuous uptick in the quality of participation. cant say that about too many forums.

carry on.

curse of the responsible.(grin)

coletteonice said...

@R...Happy New year..and glad to say to you within this format..same dinghi..2 paddles ..letz go forth and row...

DaveS said...

Well, Hell must have been pretty cold the last couple of weeks because I've managed to fire-up the presses (risographs) and publish not one, but two issues of my lil' rag, The Free Daily Observer... this ain't your zionist's paper, that's for sure.

Here's the link to the page of links. New issues are at the top:

Peace, and keep the positive imagery flowing back into the universe, we're about to need a bunch of that sort of thing. I can't believe how crazy the war talk regarding Iran is becoming. Stupid sheep.


As I was saying, keep the positive vibe flowing, it makes a difference.


Anonymous said...

it's all just information. profound and profane differ only by intent and application.

"you are under observation ... that should give some of you an extra boost of affirmation in this time, the rest of you are welcome to the paranoia that reality implies."

(tragic)comedy IS cruel shoes! had to smile nonetheless.

(by the by, 'low men' still tinkering with your neighborhood. think i got through anyway.)

Anonymous said...

I gotta rant.

This whore of Babylon IS israel. She's fucking so many people at the same time she looks like a BPD girlfriend on steroids!

And whose her daddy - whose he pimp? Why the 'honorable' Rothschild consortium. Just look at how much whoring and carnal fucking this bitch is exposing the world to.

We've got closet gay presidents in subservience to her blackmail, and private usury central banks in (almost) every country.

Her disease infects and pollutes all her look into her eyes or experience her pussy.

The whore of whores: israel. The pimp of pimps: Rothschild.

No wonder the world is in terminal moral decay.

If God hadn't made the rainbow pledge I'm sure He'd flood the earth today.

Sebastion Giraud said...

"Incredible how many americans still believe in their government. US is indeed the world terrorist and remains the only country ever to have dropped nuclear weapons unnecessarily on civil populations TWICE.

Not to mention it has performed several false flags attacks on it´s own population to justify terrorist and agressive policies around the world.

Everything that comes out of jewish owned media is either a distortion or a lie, and that is what american population is beig fed to their "brains" .

It will be a shock for them to realize the truth of what kind of evil rules their country once this happens, and it will happen."

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Windows of Promise and Food for the Moon.

Anonymous said...

sunflower yellow
diamonds of sky
emerald green
cluster of high
indigo circles
deep summer blue
brushes and bristles
sunbeams and moon
lotions and rivers
dynamic sparks
reach of a tempest
pull of the stars
seeds of a rainbow
up where they climb
old mother weaves
in heart butterfly's


Anonymous said...

Why would MSM put a nuclear bomb football stadium movie on the day before the (last) superbowl?

Here's one answer:

@myvideoisonutube Well said....Sadly I think it may even happen during the super bowl tomorrow.....The movie is on tv today.....pre- conditioning...Black President, Baltimore, Nuke...Israel is now saying an attack could happen on US soil in form of a nuke from Iran...False flag BIG TIME!

GodSend said...

After the Flood comes the FIRE - and a lot of MELTING in Israel! (Ezekiel 22:20)

It's important to remember that those Israeli Zionist Slimeballs are really reptilian, humanoid AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan). Their NATURE reveals their origin. John Carpenter was right (sorta) when he filmed: "THEY LIVE" (and look just like us) - right here, among us, including some in DUMBs! (Google 'Phil Schneider' and 'William Pawelec').

I wonder if THEY will let the 911 Vancouver Hearings (June 15-17) proceed without interference?!

Visible said...

pretty epic and highly symbolic if Madonna goes up like a road flare.

Anonymous said...

"...pretty epic and highly symbolic if Madonna goes up like a road flare."

I know, right? "Mother-of-God" and "like a virgin" and all of that—not to mention her crucifix fetish and the fact that her latest sex object is a Muslim boy. This is a sacrifice straight out of Central Casting.

One wonders how many private jets of the self-chosen may have been murkily advised to "stand down" before they jetted off for Indy today? (And does "Lucky, Lucky" Larry Silverstein have any skin in the local real estate there?)

Predictions: McDonna's posthumous album—due in a few weeks—goes sextuple platinum; pieces of her last performance and kabbalah string bracelet will land as far away as Chicago and Detroit, and NBC is FINALLY able to deliver some boffo ratings numbers!

Oh, and somehow, some genius managed to get "Oil" in the name of the stadium, too—I love these guys! :D

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Super Bowl Sunday and the Material, Kabala Girl.



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