Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Torturous and Byzantine Road of Self Deception

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's said that Neptune removes boundaries. There are obviously more than one kind of boundary. There are boundaries between you and higher truth and boundaries between you and illusions. Obviously the borders are getting blurred in a big way. This is past really strange. I've been noticing weird business at that location for awhile but I'll reserve commentary and judgment since, I don't know. If more of us said “I don't know” we'd be a lot better off. I'll say just one thing, based on a vibrationary feed; there's an emotional texture to this writing that impacts on me a lot more than any of the actual information in it. There is an unusual energy vortex going on here.

Unlike many people who blog, I have few external sources, mostly only internal sources. I'm not connected to the mainstream of the official, alternative blogger-verse and I'm certainly not connected to the no alternative Cloaca Maximus of the mainstream. Due to the, by comparison, extremity of some of my views and the manner in which I present them, I'm avoided by a wide area of influential sorts, who make their living servicing those they criticize, within the officially permitted, parameters. Sites like Antiwar.com and Greg Palast come to mind. The latter finds it absurd that 9/11 could be an inside job and the former does the cha cha over skid treated rocks. I could list a bunch of them, or incidents like Thinkprogresses, fawning backpedal of late. The thing is that many of these sites are either getting paid or working some angle that provides for them to get paid. I have another litmus test and that is the converse relationship between advertising and content. I'm not going to get into obverse and contrapositive here (grin) but if you're wearing Chuck Taylor's or any high heeled sneaker from the corporate line, then someone is controlling the direction of your footsteps. Now, how many people are going to get what I just said (grin)? This is a test in attention and absorption because I know that the general trend is to just keep going, if something doesn't seem to make any sense. Some smaller portion contemplates it and some few don't rest until it's come clear. I like to think of myself in that last group and people who have had the misfortune to be around me and not be on the up and up can attest to this.

I purposely put free ads on my site, because I take the invisible at its word, that I don't have to concern myself with spinning more colors than Solomon in all his glory. I got a donation button because that is the least I can do to avoid repetitive back and forths every time someone is feeling generous. It's not that I dislike money. I like money. You can do really cool shit with it but it is very secondary to my primary drive, the same way that food as sustenance is to the pleasure of eating, or channeling the sex force, as opposed to spraying the environment and making picnic tables or base camps for lower astral, mountain climbers. None of the things necessary to offset gravitational pull are easy. That's why few do them. It's a calling, I suppose. Certain scientists and artists who get caught up in their work, practice some of these things, without being aware of it.

We all need to make a living, or think we do. It's a tricky scenario. How do you operate in the marketplace and not wind up on one of the shelves? I'd say the first thing would be to check and see if it is possible by virtue of example, or (grin) maybe even by virtue. I try to bring out the parallels between what we see and don't see. I like to use the example of cosmic rays. Our senses operate with a bandwidth. Some exceptional people have a larger bandwidth than the norm and, depending on how you live your life, certain things can happen as you progress in age. The bandwidth can expand or narrow. Obviously, according to any science that measures and computes this sort of thing, there are conditions and constructions that operate outside of our general bandwidth. Here is one of the fundamental problems in society. People just assume that there is nothing going on that they can't hear, see or touch, or... they get wacko beliefs and theories based on ancient, distorted and reworked texts. A true occultist or metaphysician knows that there is a science to these things, just as they know that there are laws of Nature that are hidden from the common observer.

Like I've said, it all depends on whether you think the cosmos is conscious or not, because if you do, then you are dealing with potentially, reachable intelligences. Back to all the people that talk about what is or is not really happening. Everyone serves someone or something; no matter what. This is an inflexible law. Some not insignificant number serve themselves and the ratio of them that do is relative to the degree of pervasive materialism in the culture. Most people who starve to death in the woods, do so surrounded by food. Most people who believe themselves poor have too many desires. Most people cannot prioritize and discriminate between essential and desirable. Meanwhile, your buttons are being pushed all day long. It must be really intense these days to be a child who has the TV set as a babysitter and then they go to schools, where learning has been replaced by programming, 'no child left with a mind'.

The competitive aspect is enhanced by the climate of shrinking employment opportunities and the vast numbers of those who will do it for less. So corporations, which have no loyalty to anything but profit, destroy the balance and infrastructure of a nation, in the pursuit of ever greater margins of profit. They literally suck it dry, while preparing to relocate. They are engaged in 'capital crime' and you can make what use you like of the double entendre. Back to those who report on and analyze life's events (grin).

When you notice a steady departure of any writer from their former core principles, or a quick and reactive change, as was the case with Christopher Hitchens, something is up. People get co-opted every day by the usual fare; money, power and sex. You can add in fear as well. We're weak and we have to watch ourselves because, depending on our level of exposure and the nature of our work, you never know who's who or what's what, depending on the circumstances. I see life generally, very different from most people. I've been lucky in the sense that I had no choice coming to this point and unlucky, according to many, given what I had to pass through to get here. As Timothy Olyphant asks in “The Girl Next Door”, “Is the juice worth the squeeze”?

If life were a cakewalk and abiding by certain principles easy, then maybe there would be a lot more people doing it, then again, maybe not. There's an interesting feature about discipline. It might be hard to develop in the beginning but at a certain point it becomes automatic and difficult to break. In other words, it becomes easy. People don't persist and that is understandable given all of the things that can turn your head in any moment. Changing your diet; takes about ten days for your taste buds to change. This is too long for most people, who may not even know about this component to begin with. Stopping smoking (should that interest anyone) can be much, much easier than it generally is, if two things are kept in mind. The first principle is that one must absolutely believe they want to do this, more than they want to do it. The other principle is that the impulse of desire is short lived. If the person knows this then they can wait it out. It comes and goes. This impulse grows weaker over time but it can also grow stronger in the short term. Once, when I quit smoking for a number of years, I was absolutely convinced that I had stopped and it wasn't difficult at all. The uncertainty of whether you want to or not is what compromises you.

People lie but they don't always imagine that they are lying. No instrument can rationalize better than the human mind and no instrument is as easily deceived as the human heart. Without intrinsic values, greater than the lure of whatever they would be compromised for, compromise is easy. Some believe their compromises are temporary, an arrangement to expedite passage onward. They'll just reacquire them on the other side. It doesn't work like that. You can get them back but only at the cost of what you gave them up for. Thoroughly compromised people can make a serious angle adjustment, if they really wish to. Usually they don't or the cost is too dear. I assure you it is not, not by comparison with the cost of continuance. In these times of The Apocalypse, we are going to see some surprising examples, I suspect. Some of them are out of simple desperation and some of them, having to do with a greater resonance, coming down on the area of the conscience.

The definition of 'uncovering' and 'unveiling' doesn't get the more intense scrutiny that it deserves. You are dealing with a cosmic force that is a naturally reoccurring portion of a cycle. It comes around like clockwork. Why this happens is something else, but that it happens is a given. Times like these, the porpoises of demonstration are leaping out of the water and reflecting the sunlight when they do.

Telling the truth for the sheer duty of it, is an oddity in these times. There's no material advantage that makes itself known. However, in order to lie for the purpose of employment, it requires a consistent self deception and self deception is terminal. Your own body will come after you. Your heart and mind won't function properly. It's like deliberately walking off the path into the wild because you saw something glittering in the trees. Everything you need is going to come to you anyway but... you're not sure about that, are you? You need to make sure don't you? Well, there you go.

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Alpha Serpentus said...

You covered so much there, but I'm still not sure where I can get myself a pair of Doc Maarten Air Taylors?

Icemon said...

Littlefeat.....tee hee

Clarity said...

"Past really strange" hardly covers it. I have been working on a project entitled, "Lessons From Libya", which happens to be the exact words Duff used in his article. I put it off for a little while but just did a lot of work on it over the weekend. Something last night kept me from working on it as checking through one of my sources led me astray for the night. And now I am at the uncomfortable point of questioning yet again what is and isn't real. The comfort zone in which I found myself after believing I had discovered truth in this matter is now not so comfortable. I am again left questioning that which I thought I knew.

Visible, you managed to hit two other areas today, one of them a significant one. I am feeling like I was just on the losing end of a fight. But nobody ever said looking inside and questioning self was easy, did they? Well, certainly not you. (grin), if I may borrow that.

You have given me much to think about today, and for that I am grateful.


Anonymous said...

The VT site has failed my litmus test more than once. Today settled it since we are talking about sister Syria as we call her. Syria had troops on the ground in Lebanon for nearly thirty years. The green light to enter was from the US because after all the CIA had brought Hafez el Assad to power. The key to understanding the changes that happened in Syria lies in the two things. One the fact that there was a clique of CIA managed personnel---Rifaat el Assad, Abdul Halim khadem and others that kept the people in check and the power dealers in the control. The then president was in a situation where, as you said in today's article, he wanted to go back and to his old values but the price was too great, the life of his son Bassil.
From that time the power shifted completely to Hafez and later his other son Bachar, trying to return to a more "Syrian" solution. The problem of corruption and CIA style secret police was beginning to be treated but the US was giving them flack for ten years trying to get them out of the resistance movement. That required a bit of a one-man-show because Bachar couldn't trust the closest advisors even.
Given time the foreign interference will be taken out but meanwhile, the Syrian people are with their president because they know the conspiracy is a big one and failure would mean the end of Syria as a united country. Oh yes and those people I mentionned? Still angry because they got pushed out of power. They are the controllers of the "opposition".
So Clarity, just remember, when the Nato powers are at work, you don't need to wonder. And that "past really strange" should tell you that Libya was a Zionista
coup d'etat, that is conversely.

From a far outpost in Lebanon

Smyrna said...

Great post with a relaxed and jovial vibe, Vis.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"

As for being sure of getting what you need anyway,...I am and have already. To be sure. It all came to me. I was given it. The ineffable provideth. Vague but true.

Anonymous said...

For the most part, my comments do not appear on your site. That is okay :) I have no expectations. In this instance however, I feel inspired to apply some critical analysis. In short, the philosophical discourse provided, conveys a limited context which seems too simplistic in its nature.

Let me explain...

Their are many times where the path forks. It can be impossible to determine which direction is the best to take. Some paths look scary, but lead to an amazing waterfall. Some look beautiful, but lead to a den of hungry bears. Sometimes no path offers paradise.

Further, in a time of darkness, vandals swap, edit or remove sign posts. This results in making the stimulation of discovery all the more intense.

Finally, a policy of 'do nothing' may be adopted. Afterall, if you do nothing then surely you aren't breaking any 'laws'. Right?

For the most part, in the sheer boredom of doing nothing, waiting for something to come, we look around. Take stock. Smell the roses. It during these times when we notice the 'something glittering in the trees'.

Through experience, we may be aware that once we reach out for the shiny thing, we are left with the dilemma of truth versus lies. Openness and honesty will attract the wolves who feed and never sleep. Lies may eat you alive from the inside.

Considering this scenario, one may conclude that the entire matrix is a trap. Free will simply gives us the option to choose which end we prefer.... Death by drowning, bear, wolf, ourself, or starvation.

Thus our entire prism of perception, regardless of colour, is a rather complex prison from which the only escape appears to be the grave.

Not a happy tale!

***I could be well off the mark here. I invite further clarity or a spaceship (A spaceship is preferable).***

Visible said...

"In short, the philosophical discourse provided, conveys a limited context which seems too simplistic in its nature."

I'm not even going to comment, I'll allow your comment to stand as evidence of something that may bear some connection to irony but more so to something else.

Eamon said...

"Free will simply gives us the option to choose which end we prefer.... Death by drowning, bear, wolf, ourself, or starvation."

I mean no disrespect, but that is one helluva dark take. What is more, we are no more in control of our death than we are of being born. Yes, the choices we make over a lifetime often serve as a remote cause, but no one knows the day or the hour. We only know we will all die at some point. Until then, free will is the greatest treasure we have; how wisely we use it determines everything, both in time and eternity. I don't know what you've been reading, but perhaps you'd profit from an increase in prayer and meditation? I don't know, but my own experience teaches me that getting trapped inside a mind filled with dark thoughts is like getting lost in a very bad neighborhood. Visiting elderly people who are lonely helps, as does being around little children. Lots of sunshine and fresh air never hurt, either. Pax tecum -- life is good and all is under control.

Old Ez said...

VT has been sowing seeds of entropy and disinformation for about a year now, as best as I can figure. For me, it started with the assertions of "mini-nukes" with no verifiable evidence. Rat poison = 95% scrumptuous, wholesome rat food.

Anonymous said...

i like veterans today, but I think the writer is wrong in a few areas. He points some imaginary rift between the neocons and obama, with ghadafi having tried to play one against the other. I think by now we all know that any "differences" between obama and the neocons are for show purposes only. both sides do the bidding of their masters in tel aviv. on that basis alone, I think we can more clearly understand what is happening in Syria. Is assad a saint? of course not. but the drive the topple him comes primarily from the outside. If they succeed, assad will not be replaced with a kinder gentler government. Rather, syria will fall firmly into zionist control. this result would be far worse than leaving assad in control until such time as his own people find a way to gain control over their government, without zionist tentacles ensnaring syria.

missingarib said...

vis, the no child left with a mind is the perfect capture of the zeitgeist- unfortunately that is where we are -your describing the fog rolling in around our feet -now what?
appreciate your work

Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing on ALL the works Visible!

and thanks for keeping the government/contractor trolls at bay:

"In short, the philosophical discourse provided, conveys a limited context which seems too simplistic in its nature."

what absolute nonsense (insult fully intended, cause its directed at the thing that causes it, not the human being)

dude - did you resort to a government software program on your computer to cook up this tripe? get real - and stop supporting mass murder and genocide around the globe on behalf of the few (and no - Jesus never approved of murder for profits by anyone for any reason)
making money sowing disinfo and garbage is cowardice and as low as one can go

L.L.O. said...

You had me at Electromagnetism.
Having studied electricity (poorly) and all its components I can attest to it's magical qualities. We simply put a label on it "electromagnetism" thus making it that thing-if that makes any sense.
The invisible powers all around us are truly astonishing. Tesla got it. And if a measly amateur like myself can see the potential and accessibility of it I am dumfounded at the fact that I do not yet have a flying chariot. Dammit!



Rob in WI said...

Nice post Visible,
Duff's VT, and others in that clique, seem to be in the process of being compromised over the last couple years. Reminds me of "Stepford Wives".
While reading your post, I overheard a blatant MSM lie on National Propaganda Radio, which claims to be more objective than the commercial sources.
They reported that the US carrier entered the Persian Gulf, not as a provocation, but to "support" operations over Afganistan. What a joke! To reach Af.. requires ~2000km overflight of Iran. Syria is an easier target, as they only need to overfly Iraq.
NPR is worse than commercial MSM. Their smugness is sickening, and they are a totally vested operation.
Why do I listen? To get an idea what the enemy is up to.
Be well all, Rob

Anonymous said...

maybe clarity is a spaceship.....

Anonymous said...


This morning upon awakening the term National PC Radio popped into my mind. It has been transformed into the house organ of the zio-agenda. It's pure crap. One is never more than a very few short minutes from being hammered relentlessly with some bit or another of the 'agenda'. This morning in particular it was an inane review of an even more inane television show that featured two gay male ghosts that wanted to take away the infant daughted from a straight father, because they wanted a child.

Can NPR it get any more excuciatingly pathetic? No doubt it can and will.


Visible said...

You can send in all the hateful screeds you want Lemat Matt Durkee. I check the authors and when your name appears, out it goes unread and shall for evermore.

Visible said...

Zio Tube keeps knocking Patrick's work off the site. He keeps putting it back up and I'm just doing my part to help in that endeavor so, if you haven't heard this one, here it is You won't Feel it but Your Children Will.

Richie (Dana) said...

Wow...Being banned by Visible is a frightening thought.

Excellent post today Vis

Citizen Elle said...

People can you feel it?
Love is everywhere!

And now it’s Valentine’s day 2012… whoop-di-doo… a romantic partnership must be on it’s way for us all, right? I mean, the depths of our love for another are not meant to be wasted here at this critical juncture, are they? I’d be shocked. We can all be the most passionate partner – fully willing to embrace that special intimacy that gets shared over time when nurtured like a seedling. Or, is it something else that we feel so close on the horizon. Is it what I know to be true, that we are now aware of our union with the most Divine One, the Great Creator.

Compromises come to mind. There is an art to compromising. It is a character skill like no other. Fashioning the ego to play a harmonious role in this particular period of time requires keen compromise in order to arrive at the place we are longing to go. When we begin to evaluate all aspects of our lives we become witness to where we compromise for both our benefit & to our detriment.

Who is willing to forego an earthly relation now & commit fully to the union with the Divine? Does anyone have a clear answer if this critical or not? The depths of my own longing for union are beyond my own belief. Yet, the urge for earthly partnership has wreaked havoc in my life. I was in my bliss (ohm) & now I’m not (might I add, again). My love turned into a bully & continues to betray me. Can’t believe the space outside. Sittin in the garden of eden with hell present is quite the duality to witness.

Once again, I find myself with no where to go for comfort than Maestro Visible’s blogs for some clarity… some support… and some amusement. Thank you for being there for me now as my heart feels shattered. I love you.

~~~ from the deep~~~

p.s anonymous 3:26 pm 2/14 & Eamon – nice exchange of words!

kapoore said...

Thanks for your commitment to telling the truth... I just wanted to add something about Anti-War. com. Justin Raimondo was one of the earliest journalists to question the official 9 11 story, and one of the first to write about the quirky Israeli fingerprints all over the event. Then, as rumor has it, something happened to him--a heart attack at a very young age in a completely healthy man. Something about that heart attack (or whatever it was) was more like a warning, 'watch it, you're on thin ice.' Now it's a rumor so who knows. But we have to keep in mind that murder is not beyond the enemies we refer to...

Anonymous said...

some strong thinking stuff patrick,,,,

brilliant,the whole thing,,,neil

mike m said...

It started in Tunisia, spread to Egypt and Yemen.

By that time the Unizionistas decided to jump on the "bieber fever train" and run with it to Libya and Syria to try and get rid of any opposition to the dream of a Greater Israel and control of resources in the Middle East and Africa with willing compliance of other Arab nations who have sold their soul for a few pieces of silver.

Once those two countries were subdued then all attention would be placed on Iran.

A plan that has been years in the making. Simple but it is what I have observed.

I was going to post this last night but got distracted watching Lebron and company exact revenge on the Bucks. I still love sports because even with all the bullshit associated with it I am an athlete at heart and enjoy engaging in and watching the competitive spectacle.


mike m said...

Speaking of NPR just recently they had some shills on trying to justify the use of drones in U.S. airspace with stupid little tales of harmless hummingbird drones being used by realtors to check out homes for sale and other such crap.

And I to listen to NPR just because I want to see what is up their sleeves and if your ears are open you can pick up on a lot of things.

Like the time NPR broadcast that American Express was going to declare themselves a bank so they could get in on the Bailout Money and 1 week later they told me my credit was cut off, even though I was paying my bill on time.

Well you can just imagine what I did next. It was very simple and if everybody did what I did this whole country could have brought the banksters to their knees.


Anonymous said...

I want to pay you a compliment Vis. I go to hear Patrick's renditions of your work every time there is one and I happen to notice that most of the people that go by YouTube don't realize that you are the author of the words. You didn't even mention it here just now. You said, Patrick's work. I want you to know that people notice that. I did.

Visible said...

Yeah, well, that Lemat character is a psychopath. He runs this routine on me, similar to Godsend where he panders to me, like I would take that kind of thing seriously in the first place. Then, once he's done that a couple of times, he starts out with these irrelevant critiques and ups the intensity and insult level and is deaf to any communication concerning what he is up to. Then he migrated to Facebook too and his purpose, so far as i can see, is to toy with me for his own amusement. I've been tolerant of him.

Academically he is very poorly educated and it makes me wonder about his background. However lately, the level of abuse from him has gone way up. I don't post those comments because they are inflammatory and I suspect he's an attention whore, so that would play right into his wheelhouse.

My tolerance is past now in his case and the ban is permanent. I've tried to reason with him but that is just a sign of weakness to him. He's motivated by malice and take pleasure in the thought that if might affect someone. End of story.

Anonymous said...

,its good to see the whole thing,words of lord visible and the way patrick says it,with that music and them pictures,is strong potent stuff,,,,

artwork,,,, neil

Andrew of Sydney said...

As I looked out across the bay last night, there was a thinly veiled mist that layered itself across the water and a smell that was smoky in the air. For me it captured in form, this new wave of Neptune's energy that arrived. Somehow, things are taking on a new perspective again, but this is not one I have sensed before. I discovered Alex Grey's paintings last night, they make a connection, like your writing Les.

Visible said...

Alex Grey is seriously psychedelic.

neal said...

If you need complexity, check out the Westminster dog show. That will put most everything in it's place, they should fill earthy churches will such beauty, and that would be something, maybe why they showed up in the first place.

Anonymous said...

"those who report or analyze life's events" That reminds me of something. I was watching a Ryan Dawson video on What Really Happened and Ryan was going on about all the disinfo out there, people clouding issues or some such thing, blah blah blah. People who don't get the facts straight are doing a disservice, then he goes off about a plane hitting the Pentagon. It wasn't a missile it was a plane. WTF, I stopped watching his video and haven't watched any of his stuff since. He sounds like Michael Revero Whats with these people? Someone put a bug in their ear. Maybe you should post some bullshit Les just to see if we are paying attention.

Jeff Rense booted Henry Makow for posting Jim Stone's theory about Fukushima on Jeff's blog. Jeff says it takes the heat off of the dangers of nuke power plants. WTF, I didn't have any problems with Stone's stuff. It is a distinct possibility, and probably not far from the truth. I mean a 9.0 earthquake, In all the videos did you see any extreme earthquake damage before the tsunami hit?

I'll say one thing, anyone that is in search of the truth nowdays beter be relatively intelligent and exercise extreme discretion.


Clarity said...


Thank you for that...

onething (from smoking mirrors):

No, it is not okay that others die. My comment was very narrow, and referred only to the different possible false flag attacks on Iran as a pretext for war. The other deaths, by extension, would not occur as the excuse for war would have been removed. This is not to say that there aren't other avenues that could lead to senseless deaths, of any one. None are okay with me.

My efforts to inform, to "wake up" others, could essentially be a warning to anyone considering the military. They should be warned - not only that they might be killed, but that their deaths would be not in defense of their country; rather as a means to increase banker/MIC profits. And for these same reasons, they will be expected to kill innocent people and destroy their countries.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I visited and liked VT for a while, until they began promoting Dimitri Khalezov's basement nuke nonsense. I found it very strange that military vets with hands-on experience with explosives would be conned by that bullshit. Kevin Barrett fell for it too, but his ignorance can be blamed on a civilian's lack of expertise about explosives.

I can explain to you several reasons why basement nukes weren't used on the Twin Towers -- one reason being that underground nukes always create a big, circular subsidence crater -- which did NOT happen at the Twin Towers. Another reason is that basement nukes would NOT have completely disarticulated those tall buildings and caused them to fall into their own footprints. Another reason is that an underground nuke creates a huge undergound cavity that would have destroyed the basements of the Twin Towers, which we know were NOT destroyed. Only someone who knows nada about explosives or nukes would suggest or believe that basement nukes took down the Twin Towers. Coming from the vets at VT, it goes to show that they are either dim-wits or disinfo warriors. It is actually generous to call them dim-wits.

I think that vets who become antiwar activists, anti-Imperialists, or 9/11 Truthers and continue to expect respect from others for their military service are hypocrits because they want to criticize the System and still be respected for having served the System. A vet's former service to fascism and Imperialism does not inspire or deserve my respect. The US military is part of the problem, not part of the solution. The US military and the US government are FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond Any Repair) and vets who cling to the "honor" of their military record haven't figured out that all US military service is inherently dishonorable -- like being a gangster for a Mafia.

Visible said...

Okay people, I hope I don't get into trouble with any of the things I say here. I'm already in trouble with any number of people for not going along with the program and for not 'performing' (insert trained seal's bark) up to expectations'. When one is being hammered telepathically, they have the choice of ignoring it or accommodating it. I generally accommodate it since there is a 'good reason' for it to be happening.

Anyway, disclaimers aside. There is more to the Makow/Rense drama than just the alleged. I wouldn't blame Jeff for anything he felt he had to do. He is also very accommodating and anyone in a long term relationship with someone else, does not air their laundry in public, simply to injure the other party. I ran into that myself recently; regardless of whether it was hanging on a line on Front Street, or only strung across a back alley. They are the same thing; innuendo and out the door. And if you are going to do it, be accurate. Don't make things up. the truth should be enough and when the truth isn't enough, well then?

When you think of Jeff Rense, think of tireless devotion to the truth without concern for money or person. I'll allow that working the long hours he does can make for being reactive when someone jumps in your shit. It happens to me but that isn't relevant to the outcome, is it?

I've not got much use for Makow in any case, with all that pop psych brainwashing about the roles of men and women and the imperative that women should run around in dresses. Men shouldn't speak on women's cultural preferences without the constant apology for doing so. A great many men, thinking they are working to liberate women and their role potentials, are doing the very opposite thing to what they claim.

I don't know what happened at Fukushima but I have little doubt Jeff is more informed than I. Obviously that is an important point with him.

The no planes at the Pentagon is a very sore issue with Mike Rivero; that and HAARP. I've had him jump on me when he didn't read carefully enough what I was saying; which meant he then went and posted my piece. I didn't get up in his face about it. I politely explained. I didn't go to a rival website and attack him. These things can often be worked out but people's egos get in the way. 90% of ego conflicts can be resolved by just saying "I don't know". People have huge investments in POV's. Is it worth the relationship? Agree to disagree.

Ryan is very young and there are relationship features going on with all that too. That's neither positive or negative. He's just trying to make his way in the world and he'll learn as he goes.

I don't know what hit the Pentagon and I don't think it's important. Who did it is important and all this arguing about details is in the service of trying to make us forget that. Israel did 9/11 with the assistance of those on their payroll or who have appeared on video screenings of which they were unaware.

I'd never heard that story about Justin Raimondo. I suppose one could wonder if that tale isn't a convenient out. Always consider the deeper possibilities. I'm not saying that happened. I'm just saying look at ALL of the angles. 'What if' everything.

Smyrna said...

Andrew, Vis and others,

have a look at the Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasca inspired paintings.
grahamhancock.com/gallery has the best collection.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Just stumbling along and nursing my illusions.

I didn't need reminding of the cost I'll no doubt pay for compromise, but thank you anyway.

Always good stuff Vis,


Anonymous said...

wow. that was great. i needed that. thank you.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Masters, Mechanisms and Meaning.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

One of the least often discussed, yet highly possible, theories about "what hit the Pentagon" is that nothing hit the Pentagon, and the Pentagon damage was caused by a bomb placed within the Office of Naval Intelligence. The famous five frames of surveillance video could have been easily faked, and the few scraps of junk on the Pentagon lawn were ridiculous.

DaveR said...

"...promoting Dimitri Khalezov's basement nuke nonsense."

This sounds to me as from someone who has not read Khalezov's writings and is relying on someone elses' shorthand snippets to disparage his work. In his book and lecture he covers pretty clearly why there is no crater. Further scuffing around the net I discovered some pics of the 'bathtub' that show gigantic holes where one of the towers stood. Such holes could not have existed when the building were built. I linked them up at http://911solution.wordpress.com along w/Khalezov's book for the interested.

Nowhere does Khalezov state that nukes were the ONLY explosives used. Myself I go for the scenario that they used everything. Those suckers were wired 5 ways come Sunday.

Anonymous said...


One of my closest friends lived in Arlington about 3/4 of a mile from the Pentagram. On that morning she saw and heard the plane zoom right over her house, so low that she instinctively ducked. She's basically an apolitical soul with no political axes to grind. I'll believe her sensory input sooner than I'll believe a whole lot of retroactive internet armchair quarterbacking.

Not trying to pick a fight. And her observation doesn't obviate the possiblity that a bomb was planted inside to ensure the job would be complete. In fact, a plane crash would be perfect cover for a targeted demolition, as per the WTC.


Gregory F. Fegel said...


No argument from me about what your friend remembers seeing. However, seeing a plane fly toward the Pentagon is not the same as seeing a plane fly into the Pentagon. There is the possibility of a "flyover", without impact, immediately followed by the detonation of a bomb (or a missile)within the Pentagon.

The US Gov has never shown us substantial evidence of a plane crash at the Pentagon, inside or outside the building. If an airliner did hit the Pentagon, it cannot have totally disintegrated. But we have never been shown a sufficient amount of plane debris to account for an airliner.

Like the absence of airliner debris at the Pentagon, the US Gov never showed sufficient evidence of an airliner crash at Shanksville. The plane debris the US Gov showed us at Shanskville would fit into the back of a standard domestic pickup truck, with room to spare. It is very evident that there was no plane crash at Shanksville; the Flight 93 crash was obviously faked. The absence of substantial plane debris at the Pentagon suggests that the Pentagon "airliner crash" was also faked.

The US Gov says that traffic had been "stalled" for some time on the freeway cloverleaf near the Pentagon before the alleged airliner flew over, knocking down several light poles before hitting the Pentagon. Funny coincidence, that; or perhaps some US Gov agents were prepping the site by knocking down the poles.

Visible said...

My problem with the whole thing is that perfect circular hole that they say the nose of the plane was responsible for. Now I happen to know that the engines are much denser and heavier than the nose of the plane but there are no marks to indicate where the engines hit, yet the nose did that kind of comparative (to the engine possibilities) damage? That doesn't wash. I don't know what happened but I know if the nose hit the way the photo shows and they say it did then there ought to be serious evidence of contact from at least one engine; given that, hypothetically, one engine sheered and bounced or in some fantasy football scenario.

This does beg the question of why all the videos were seized. The videos should be proof of what they claim. Since they seized them and won't release them their story is a lie. How it happened, I don't know. What I know is that Israel was behind it. That is the important thing.

Anonymous said...

Good point on the hole Visible (apologies for mucking up your blog, however)

not only were the videos seized, but when finally released, the date stamp on the videos are September 12, 2001!!!!!!????

the nose of aircrafts (modern types) are almost always made of fiberglass (reinforced plastic) while the majority of the aircraft body, wings, etc., are made of aluminum; fiberglass and aluminum punch through very thick concrete - maybe?

where's the tail section?
the tail sections of many crashed aircrafts often are detached from the main body - because these are actually two separate constructions - attached after separatly constructed; hence tail section - often continue to fly beyond the main body (so, it's possible that the tail could have detached and gone a different direction but nothing so indicates - strangely)

Visible said...

Fiberglass and aluminum do not punch holes into reinforced concrete and certainly not through multiple levels. But not a mark from those Rolls Royce engines. At least I think Rolls Royce made them. I could be confused. I'm not saying what happened cause I don't know. What I do know is that Israel did it in tandem with the usual psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible says : " I don't know what hit the Pentagon and I don't think it's important. Who did it is important and all this arguing about details is in the service of trying to make us forget that. Israel did 9/11 with the assistance of those on their payroll or who have appeared on video screenings of which they were unaware."

Thanks , now I dont have to type it .

So I may as well recommend a couple of movies , while Im here .

" We bought a zoo " . Wholesome , great film ,free of poison blatant or subliminal . You'll love it .

" The Veteran " Brit flick . Not a great film but afghan heroin trade , 911 / 77 , phoney war against terror ,all is revealed here !


wv kalia

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

To Fud@4:54AM and others re:911
It does take a lot of careful thinking where 911 theories are concerned. However, I tend not to worry about which theory is precisely the right one (holding out for the real perps to start spilling the beans -- it WILL happen) and I'm willing to cut people some slack who have their hearts in the right place (hoping that their heads will arrive on the shores of reason eventually). The disinfo is deliberately complex, contradictory, confusing and compelling and I know I’ve slipped down a wrong corridor a few times and I might still be off course in some aspects. We have to realize that the disinfo agents are psy-op experts and that they can remain hidden by using unaware proxies to dissemble their disinfo. (Psst ... I know a secret and I’m only telling you.) With that in mind, I will continue to look at contributions from those whose opinions I don’t share regarding 911. I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t know the absolute truth or understand the complete picture, despite hundreds of hours devoted to trying. It’s really only important to keep my eye on the prizes ... awakening the masses ... convicting the guilty ... creating a peaceful and sane world.

david griffith said...

I like your work.

... o.k. that's brief but you just said it.

Anonymous said...

Like everything else about 9/11, the hit on The Pentagon was part a multi-faceted operation.

The primary purpose -- keeping in mind the elapsed time between the main event at the WTC and the MISSILE strike on The Pentagon -- was a shot, not quite across the bow, of the US military. It was Israel’s way of saying “Listen motherfuckers, get with the program or else.” Just my opinion…

(stumped on Shanksville)


Anonymous said...

pierre said....

it doesnt mean anything (perhaps) but I'm not surpised because time goes backwards (particularly on one's own up in these hills / cue Dueslling Banjos)
but last night "I had a dream", my first remembered 911 type dream. probably more personal than BIG, still, tall building Im in, earthquake style shaking (or Matrix movie inculcated memories/content), and a cyclotron buried underneath it that was there so disappear the earth material made in building an underground subway. so Ive got Dimitri's from below, Fukushima ("In all the videos did you see any extreme earthquake damage before the tsunami hit?" - yes, my second Litmus test), and Helen Judy Woods Free Energy Hutchinson effect beam ("Where did the towers go").
to boot, I went into the local art gallery this afternoon, an extremely infrequent occurence (thanks for those links, Ill follow them up).
as I said, time goes backwards, or everything is under control, or both. (or I have the internet in my head)

Isreal did 911, but the people who fabricated Isreal (as you know)... still try telling THEM (the 95%) that.


wv: oooh! new harder wvs
silentr (easy), memo to self STFU if you don;t know (caution, don;t be boring) PLUS (double plus good wvs now) ozs, from herein...Oz (cant get the plural bit, must be the divine)

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Dave R:

About a year ago, I read Dimitri Khalezov's interviews and articles on VT and at Khalezov's website.

Khalezov said that when the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were constructed, a small but conventional nuke had been placed below the basements of each of the Twin Towers and also below the basement of WTC 7. Khalezov said that these sub-basement nukes were what caused the Twin Towers and WTC 7 to collapse on 9/11.

That sounded totally bogus to me, so I did a lot of research about underground nuclear blasts. The US Gov did hundreds of them at the Nevada Test Site, and information about those tests is available on the Internet.

On VT and on Khalezov's website, the alleged basement nukes were presented as the cause of the collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC 7. I did not see any mention by Khalezov of other explosives being used to collapse those buildings.

In a previous comment here, I gave three reasons why sub-basement nukes cannot have demolished the Twin Towers and WTC 7, as Khalezov claimed. Here's a fourth reason: sub-basement nukes would have contaminated the entire WTC site with nuclear radiation. That did not happen.

Here's a fifth reason: if a sub-basement nuke had demolished the Twin Towers, the blast wave should have traveled upward. But we know that the blast wave that demolished the Towers traveled downward -- not upward.

Here's a sixth reason: the detonation of sub-basement nukes would have vaporized and pulverized a wide radius of the bedrock on which the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were built. After an underground nuclear blast, it would be impossible to build a skyscraper on the same site, because there would be no bedrock left to support the foundation. But WTC 7, which Khalezov says was brought down by a sub-basement nuke, has already been replaced by the new, 52-storey WTC 7 on the same site where the old WTC 7 stood.

Here's a seventh reason: an underground nuclear blast vaporizes and pulverizes a huge mass of earth and bedrock, creating a spherical underground cavity several hundred feet in diameter. The earth and rock that is pulverized collapses into the space that has been vaporized, creating what is called a subsidence crater. Sub-basement nukes at the Twin Towers would have destroyed the "bathtub", but that did not happen.

Sub-basement nukes at the Twin Towers and WTC 7 would have destroyed the "bathtub", pulverized the bedrock, and quite possibly water could enter the cavity of the blast, forming a swamp more than a hundred feet deep. With or without the water, the building sites would no longer support large buildings.

Why would anyone use sub-basement nukes to demolish the Twin Towers and WTC 7, when conventional explosives will accomplish the job with much more predictable and useful results?

Anonymous said...

Great article Les, thought I'd leave you with a tune from the 'Stones Sympathy for the Devil.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Vis and co,

Thanks for all you give so freely.

Have you seen this?


Much love,

Visible said...

As a matter of fact, Yes. I even commented over there and now I see there are no longer any comments. I hope it wasn't because of what I said (grin).

Anonymous said...

more on nukes etc

" On January 17th, 1994, I was sitting in the ruins of my house in Sherman Oaks following the Northridge earthquake. The windows were all gone, walls shattered, the upstairs floor had dropped a foot and a half, the gas and power were not working but the telephone rang. Gunther Russbacher and his wife Rayelan were calling from Jefferson City, Missouri. He’d just been released from prison, having been put there by Big George Bush who feared Russbacher would talk about having flown him to Paris in October, 1980 to meet with the Iranians. He’d gone to prison as a navy captain and was now a two-star admiral, he told me. He’d been feeding me information for a couple of years, which I’d repeated in my column in the National Educator paper.

Russbacher said, “You know that was two nukes that caused the earthquake.” When I said, What?, he said, “Well, did you ever hear of the ground rising and falling twelve feet in an earthquake?” I asked him who did this and he answered, “FEMA. It was an experiment. They want to declare martial law. They’ve got nukes on all the faults. No one south of the Columbia River is safe.” I investigated this wild claim and was surprised to hear Cal Tech’s chief seismologist, Susan Hough, state that they detected two distinct pulses of energy just before the two massive quakes that morning."



Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Dave R:

On your website (http://911solution.wordpress.com) you have posted a four-minute video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_UsC6GvKf0&NR=1) that presents Dmitri Khalezov's sub-basement nukes theory of the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7.

At 1:31 minutes into the video, a graphic shows Khalezov's concept of a nuclear bomb buried 50 meters below the basement of one of the Twin Towers, at a total depth of 77 meters (252 feet) below the surface of the earth. Khalezov calls this nuclear bomb buried 50 meters below the basement a "zero box". Khalezov claims that a "zero box" (a nuclear bomb) was buried 50 meters below the basements of both of the Twin Towers, and also below WTC 7, at the time of those buildings' construction.

At 1:35 minutes into the same video, another graphic shows the blast effect of Khalezov's "zero box" (nuclear bomb), which creates a cavity 100 meters in diameter beneath the basement of the building. Khalezov describes these "zero boxes" (nuclear bombs) as being just like the underground nukes that were tested at the Nevada Test Site.

A cavity 100 meters (328 feet) in diameter beneath each of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 would make those sites unable to support the foundation of a large building, due to the disintegration and absence of bedrock. The 100-meter diameter cavity would likely fill with water. However, a new 52-storey replacement for WTC 7 was completed in 2006, on the same site as the old WTC 7.

At 1:50 minutes into the same video, another graphic shows the blast wave from one of Khalezov's "zero boxes" (nuclear bombs) traveling upward past ground level, to destroy most of the Tower to a height of 300 meters (984 feet). However, the films of the collapse of the Twin Towers clearly show that the blast wave traveled downward, not upward.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To MikeyNeptune:

I don't know what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11, but I do know that the US government has employed a lot of fakery about what happened there. I am certain that Donald Rumsfeld, some of the higher echelons at the Pentagon and the FBI, and their minions, were participants in the fakery and the event itself.

Flight 93 and Shanksville is a matter that I have done a great deal of research on. I think that Shanksville is actually one of the biggest "smoking guns" of 9/11. The US Government has never shown us enough evidence that a Boeing 757 crashed at Shanksville -- the amount of plane debris that they have shown us would fit in the back of a standard domestic pickup truck, with room to spare. Nor is there adequate evidence that Flight 93 was shot down, or crashed somewhere else.

Also, from the morning of 9/11, the FBI has presented two physically incompatible narratives about what happened to Flight 93 when it crashed. The FBI's "exploded on impact" narrative claims that the explosion scattered debris over a wide area. The FBI's conflicting "burrowed completely underground" narrative claims that there was no explosion, and that 95% of the remains of Flight 93 were recovered by the excavation at the impact site.

Those two conflicting narratives are still both supported by the FBI, and by the Shanksville Flight 93 Memorial presentations. The ongoing presentation of those two conflicting narratives by the FBI shows that the FBI is lying about what happened (or what didn't happen) at Shanksville.

Note: the FBI has officially stated, more than once, that the highjackers had no bomb on Flight 93. If any passengers reported a bomb on their "cell phone calls", it was a fake bomb. The FBI insists that Flight 93 was intact when it hit the ground at Shanksville, and that no bomb ever exploded aboard Flight 93, before or after impact.

The Pennsylvania DEQ tested many soil samples from the Shanksville crash site, because they were concerned about the possible contamination of local groundwater by jet fuel or other chemicals. But the Pennsylvania DEQ never found any evidence of jet fuel -- burned or unburned -- at the Shanksville site.

My opinion is that there was no Flight 93, no "Let's roll" heroics, and no plane crash at Shanksville. The whole Flight 93 story was faked by the US government and its minions.

Anonymous said...

Les , off topic a tad, can you please write something for Jeff Rense, he's taken a hit piece and I could feel how wounded he's feeling. Let him know he is loved and how thankful we are for him (and you) truth is a commodity, your words and his service are true gifts, thanks-our countdown is on, I guess all we have left is support for our friends...

Visible said...

Jeff and I have been in touch concerning this. There are considerations that I don't want to get into that might cause reverse effects to occur so I have to consider this. I will contact Jeff and see whether he would like me to do that.

anthonyc31 said...

Dimitri Khalezov provides the world with the truth about 9/11. Do not let the negative posts prevent you from watching his incredibly detailed documentary interview on YouTube. There are countless disinfo agents working very hard to keep the public from watching Dimitri's testimony. There are many disinfo trolls that post comments laced with ridicule, outright lies, and authoritative-sounding BS, all designed to keep you from learning what really happened. Forget all that. You have a brain, watch Dimitri's interview first hand and make up your own mind.

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