Tuesday, January 19, 2021

"Rely on God Almighty, Can Do Street runs Right into the Boulevard of Broken Dreams."


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've been thinking, and thinking, and thinking. I don't know what is going on. I know the air is filled with the sounds of voices, clamoring and disturbed, and making things up. You will remember, if you come around here much, what we have been saying about Materialism= Insanity. Over the course of time, since it was first mentioned years ago, you have seen it in action, and it continues.

This posting is going to be all over the place, as pieces of the jigsaw puzzle occur to me. Some are present and some are missing. Some fit and some don't. I don't want the reader to get the trembles from all this rising uncertainty and MOST ESPECIALLY, the ever-intensifying insanity of our leaders. Something is driving these people mad. It is visibly so. Is it The Devil? Is it random pinball coincidence, is it God, or is it a product of our own minds? The Mind IS The Devil, and The Devil and EVERYTHING ELSE serves the Will of God. So, regardless of all the mystery and woo-woo, God is previous to, in the midst of, and ahead of everything always, and forever.

All this force of racism that is being manufactured, orchestrated, and urged on, is the brainchild of the bankers and ruling elite, who know that the best way to govern people without their input is to set them against each other. Then martial law can be declared; of course, it is to protect us from each other and why the whole thing was initiated in the first place; the Hegelian Dialectic, the Atheist Anthem, The Communist Doctrine; 'to each according to what they can steal and from each whatever can be stolen from them'. That's not exactly how they put it. It is exactly what they mean. This has been a long time in the making.

How is this possible? People are stupid and self-indulgent. Tell them their interests are threatened and then wait for them to beg you to protect them.

It's all about pawns. A realized Kundalini is what occurs when a pawn is turned into a queen, by making it to the far side of the board. Prior to that, delusion and illusion are dancing in timeless fashion in some fancy ballroom. They do not realize... the mass of us, that all the colors and forms of the times through which we pass are formed and adapted to whatever Purpose of Demonstration is set to go into action. Look at how different the focus and objectives are for each generation coming and going.

Another reason that I have had little to say is because we are in the Doldrums of the Year, which puts us in The horse latitudes of the mind

Do you ever think about what your next life will be like? Would you like to know what your next life will be composed of? You have only to study your present life and focus on those who are in it, and for how long, and for how deeply your connection to them has continued and grown. Then... if you have the objective sense of awareness, you should look at your strengths and weaknesses, your virtues, and your shortcomings. You should look at the main events in your life and what actions you have committed and what actions have been taken against you. This is one way to understand what your past life might have been and certainly for what the future holds. Next, you should contemplate your dreams and desires, your ambitions and apprehensions. These are all fuel and blueprints for what has been, what is and what shall be.

Let all of the details that are known to you run through your mind. In the subconscious, connections... a sort of psychic pinging will begin to take place, and all manner of associations will rise to your surface mind.

There are basic cardinal features to all life, not the least of them is that life is time-sensitive. IF... IF a person REALLY cared about ascending to higher states of consciousness, there are certain sure-fire actions that will assure it happening; LOVE GOD, with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind. Meditate upon it. Hold the attention of the mind on a specific point. Make that point smaller and smaller. It could be the image of God as you imagine God to be. Settle on ONE image, or it could be a world of imagination, far past the brutish and selfish nature of these times. Whatever it is, it must be something you love and desire. Love is the cosmic attractive force, and Desire is the Agent of God's Will.

As we have said here more times than we can remember, whatever it is, you must love it more than everything else. This is a simple thing. At the same time, it is a profound and living truth. If you do this, success is certain. You should be very sure that you truly want it and that you have looked deeply into the mirror of your own being to see all the implications, present, and future that might apply. This is why loving God with an intensity greater than anything else is so foolproof. You don't know all the ins and outs of whatever it is you think you absolutely have to have, BUT... God does and he will sort it out for you perfectly. He also KNOWS what you most sincerely and deeply want and how to get it for you, and if it is good for you and if it is not, he will find the least painful way to bring that to your attention.

Devotion, especially in times of material darkness is the swiftest and most certain route to the heart of The Divine. To put it in street terms; God is a sucker for Love. He can't help himself. This SHOULD tell one all they need to know. Other paths are viable but also tricky and oft dangerous. Devotion is not, and it covers for a multitude of lacks on the part of The Seeker. It is best to RELY on The Ineffable UTTERLY and not on oneself at all. Can Do Street runs right into the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Every generation is under the spell of a common hallucination, it sets the tone for all the atmospheres, cultural twists, music accompaniments, and film landscapes of dreams and dramas unique to themselves... the hippie 60s, the disco 70's, the greed and cocaine decade of the 80s, the nihilistic slacker anthems of Nirvana in the 90s, then the variations of incoherent rap in the last two decades so that now, pornography is like a chemical grease applied to the wheels of existence. The Sex Force rises up through murky evolutionary depths, becoming purer and purer and freer and freer as it passes through the degrees of Love, until you see every creature as an expression of God, like St. Francis and others and this is achieved through DEVOTION to The One who exists in all.

Only now are we beginning to see what Soros and 'his ilk' have done in this country over recent decades= Whitmer and Nessel in Michigan. Krasner and the rest in PA, especially that photogenic Lt. Governor and so many others. There are the howling loons in LA, getting ever more strident as it moves up the coast into the darkness of the Pacific Northwest. On both coasts, the madness is starting to sound like a glass pack muffler system. Even the kindred spirits are fleeing their own states to live among the more conservative and far, far more normal populations moving to the center of the country.

Over 40 years ago, when I saw the upwardly mobile Biden arrive, I was struck with his 'look' of being SOLD OUT. This was so long ago he was still losing his hair. That was before it pulled an Elton John on his head. I felt eerie trembles as he would poop up here and there. It felt like a Dodo Bird walking over my grave.

All that is happening is what is permitted to happen and caused to happen by those who imagine they are the doers and orchestrators and they believe this, zealously, all the way until the whole of it seizes them in the vines and thorns and brambles of their own mischief. In the meantime- at the moment- they are Hell Bent to MAKE THE WORLD into their own shattered and incoherent image of themselves.

Almost no one is awake, but that is all about to change. On all sides of you, should you be one of those who looks into things instead of at them, you have noted that NEAR EVERYONE is either comatose, sleeping, dreaming, or restless leg dreaming, like dogs after rabbits, running in circles, as they lay on their sides. It is an art to move on 'the light fantastic toe' and not disturb the somnambulists or those hypnotized by desire; sleepwalking with the ancestors on the way to Tamasic shade, or whatever level of burning the appetite forges have you cooking yourself in.

Because of things Biden said during the campaign, tens of thousands of migrants are moving en masse from all over Central America. Don't kid yourself, it's not only Biden, who has the charisma of decomposing vegetable and the brains to match. It is Soros and 'his ilk' who are rousing the desperate, who presently tremble in fear of rampaging gangs, due to conditions ALSO arranged by Soros and 'his ilk' south of the border.

Talking heads everywhere in the poisonous mist of The Media are calling for deprogramming centers for conservatives; for them to be banned from all social media, for them to be stripped of all power and position because they are IN THE WAY. Some of these people are calling for prison, death, and dismemberment for all who can be PERCEIVED to be a danger to the marching ranks of Lemmings whose very nature makes them their own mortal enemy.

There is NO DOUBT that the election was stolen. The evidence is OVERWHELMING. Meanwhile, the president and his men have done next to nothing to channel the outrage of more than half the populace. The radical leftists and their stooges are a small minority, no greater than those in the alt-sex, gender blender entropy rut. Even fewer are those members of the Satanic Lodge which is bringing all their long planning and intentions from across the years right into YOUR LIVING ROOM. The President has simply folded up and stepped away. There is NO QUESTION that the 'appearance' of powerful forces has been brought to bear upon him and his supporters. I don't know what they promised him but the deal was made. The Capital Riot was drawn up well before time and all the black bloc, rogue intelligence operatives, and other footpads were given their orders and it became the killing stroke.

Something went down in the dead of night, besides the character and integrity of the players. Something went down on something in the night and they paid for it with their character and integrity. They made the trade in the shadows and now Love has gone and only Fear remains. That should be sufficient force to drive them to their doom. It makes no sense and when it makes no sense that means there is a great deal of back-story. I don't know what deals got cut in the darkness but I can see the evidence of powerful agencies at work.

This should tell you how crazy these empty suits have become.

It is clear to me now that I should trust no one but The Indwelling. Our leaders, despite their bravado and grandstanding, have feet of clay. Their hearts and minds are in pawn for their place in the pecking order. I feel sorry for them but I have no fear. I imagine where I am is safer than most places. Perhaps I will huddle with the Mormons should the time come. They are seasoned players in the Machiavellian scheme of things. There is hardly anywhere to go anymore that you can trust, and you don't know what is already scheduled for that location. I recognize no physical locations. There is one location alone, within, that I seek and serve.

After tomorrow... what?

Be of good cheer, so long as the Lord of Love and Light is indwelling, you are secure within it.

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I'm not putting in the links for GAB and Parler here today. They are none too stable. You know where Pocketnet and Fakebook are at. I would say, 'God be with you, my friends'. Perhaps it is better I say, 'Be with God.'

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

"We are on the Threshold of Great Change, Externally AND Internally."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Every now and then... you are in a position to say to yourself, this is one of those days, one of those weeks, one of those times when you KNEW what the outcome was going to be ahead of time. This is one of those times. Will it be only a few days, with a long reverberating echo, or will it go right off the road and take significantly longer to get back on the road? This is one of those times. It started today, although it could have been yesterday... no matter. It's on now. Yeah... in this case, I don't know the outcome. What I do know is that how I impact on it, is how it impacts on me.

I don't know when it was that I first heard it; “every event in your life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a special dealing of God with your soul.” It's come up many times. The reason it kept coming up is because I was supposed to be getting it and I was not getting it, and... until I did get it, it would give me no peace. Then I got it. The whole of EVERY life is an interaction with God from a particular perspective and what I was supposed to do. WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO= was take every event in my life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, and let it have an absolute effect on me in every situation, knowing it is all being choreographed for my education and my entertainment. As soon as I stop taking myself seriously, Heaven will be inclined to take me more seriously.

This is one of those 'where the rubber meets the road' signal moments in a culture. It is that crisis point that decides how it will go. Will it go up? Will it go down? Will it veer this way or that? Given that existence is an uncertain dance on an unpredictable ocean, wouldn't it be prudent to have all sorts of spiritual safety equipment? Quipmint? This is one of those cosmic kitchen appliance that negotiates the way between the rock and the hard place. Such phenomena, like Scylla and Charybdis are all about under assumed names, in cases of mistaken identity. The AIDS virus was like that. This particular virus is a Mind Virus. It is a virus where you can use the Fear generated by it to pacify a nation. People who employ techniques like that, as means to an end, have no good end in mind.

So... I did a lot of thinking for about a fortnight. I'm not trying to suggest that thinking is the best route. It can surely clutter your life if you let it; Thinking can. Maybe I shouldn't call it thinking because most of the time I wasn't thinking at all, or I was thinking about The One Thing, which is the salvation of those lost in thinking. You see, at some point, it turns into Contemplation and that leads to something else. Anywhere you are trying to go, you act like you are already there. Be inflexible about it AND... you will be there. This is a tried and tested act of practical magic. The onus does reside on the practitioner because they will wind up somewhere else, having mistaken it for something else. Therein is the origin of 'be careful what you wish for.'

As I have been away for a bit, I am going to be the soul of brevity in respect of this posting and end it earlier on; a sort of easing my way back at The Console. You might call it The Command Deck, or The Bridge. It's that place you operate from. How you respond to that which operates you has EVERYTHING to do with the weather you will encounter on your way.

Our nation needs your prayers at this time. This war is a serious war with serious consequences, for some, or for many. I believe the light of the angels is shining on Humanity at this time and there is a great possibility that Great Good may come. We are awaiting the descent of the consciousness that transforms the perspective and ERGO... a brotherhood of humanity. Perhaps it will be like a rising, rushing wind of living song in hearts far and wide. Maybe The Harvest will be great and maybe not. I do know that it matters far less where you are standing than it does what you are standing on. It was the possession of certain principles, certain qualities, archetypes, flowing through them that made it possible for this country to occur. I will not let my mind, nor my heart, entertain doubt or incline toward the negative. This little light of mine? I'm gonna let it shine.

I know I have used the example of two different mentalities on a rollercoaster. Some will be petrified and some will be exhilarated. It's the same rollercoaster. Sometimes Fear is the evidence of the absence of a critical necessity, a flaw in the character, something missing. Once that is recovered, Fear must depart. We make way too much of ourselves and then it becomes near impossible for God to make anything of us. We have to empty ourselves out of everything that is not THE THING ITSELF. That is all that remains, once you have gotten rid of the extraneous. The essential is all that is left.

So... we are in that period now of however many hours, or days or more might be required, BUT... it is going to be epic! So many forces are in the bunker awaiting word from the front. Time will tell and we shall see. I'm going to leave you now, sadly... with but this brief missive (grin). Otherwise though, I'll be back sooner now and thereby become more expansive. Stay strong.

End Transmission.......

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