Friday, October 27, 2023

"Our Life... if We Are Unaware... is A Remorseless Interaction of The Planets, Working With and Against Each Other."

God Poet Transmitting.......

For those who keep track of such things, it's good to note that The Murrah Building was blown up 4 days before H. Clinton was to be indicted for Whitewater, and... all the documents were destroyed.

Sounds a lot like 9/11 doesn't it? For the same reasons; getting rid of the evidence, and they keep doing this, AND... creating new evidence all the time. Wait until they find out they are all remote-controlled and can't locate the power source to shut it down.

Why can't they locate the power source? Yeah... The Bad Guys have been asking themselves that for a long... long time now. The whole of The world's movements is people (or any life forms) getting somewhere and not getting somewhere; in respect of where they thought they were going. Success in planning... favors the adaptable.

The meaning of life is murky. There is a very wide and conflicting range of interpretations... as to what that is. For me... the meaning of life... is to find God. This has been accomplished, but... whether I found God or God found me... or it was some combination of the two... I don't have the answer for that, and it doesn't matter. What matters is getting there.

Go anywhere in The World at all, and ask anyone what The Meaning of Life is, and... you will get a different answer. It's similar to different people seeing different faces in the mirror. Everyone is programmed according to an astrological code, which is how the planets were configured on the day they arrived. Our lives... if we are unaware... are a remorseless interaction of the planets, working with and against each other.

It's said that a wise man rules the stars. If the stars and planets are favorable... there will be no problem. If the stars and planets are not favorable... then what? Everything here... regardless of appearances... is about The Soul and The Soul's agenda. If one aligns with that, it doesn't matter what the stars and planets portend.

This is not something that can be explained in a format like this. People smarter than I have been trying for countless ages. In this instance, I know better, and will not even try. I prefer to state things and explain them when I am able. The job of The Reader is to prove me right or wrong... through their own experience. THAT... that is how it gets explained here.

I have not followed the teachings of The Bad Guys, but... common sense tells me that's a fool's gambit, and I have no desire to head in the direction that they went anyway. I have followed the teachings of The Good Guys, and those who have reached a location beyond either of these. Whether working in these directions accounted for where I wound up... or it was destiny to begin with... I couldn't say, and it doesn't matter.

It isn't how you got there. It is that you got there. The roads up the mountain are many. There are the approved routes, traveled by others, and there are routes that were hacked out of the landscape as the traveler progressed. Getting to the top of the external mountain is meaningless... unless you climb to the top of the interior mountain at the same time. It is there that the point of the climb is made clear.

Wherever... on my way... I come to where I can hear The Drama Queens shrieking, I turn in the opposite direction. When I hear the noise of a city... when the way becomes crowded... I turn away. It is said that the way to the goal is achieved through selfless service, but one must be made fit for service before serving... or the effort can prove worse than not serving at all.

Yes... I am heading somewhere. Please bear with me. I wanted to talk about Elon Musk today. In this time of extreme news blackouts and the fabrication of news, Elon Musk has been doing something very good. I am amazed at what has resulted from his determination to let people speak. This was not a hallmark of Twitter previous to him. On the other hand, there are features about the man that cause me a great deal of uncertainty about his intentions.

Is he controlled opposition? Now... in the matter of controlled opposition... the unbelievers on all sides of every question... and they are many... because I include all those who give lip service of fealty to that which they have no comprehension of... including people who go to church because the ceremonial aspect is hardwired into their behavior patterns... yet missing the exultation that attends true faith... they think it is the human mind that is responsible for these things.

They think it's just cagey operators playing both sides of the equation for general control over the narrative, no matter what direction it goes in. Wherever deception... confusion... and warring mindsets are present, The Divine is working all of the efforts toward The Purpose of Demonstration.. short term... and long term... no matter what it is... no matter where it is... The Divine is before and after everything... ALWAYS.

This... I believe. This is relentlessly affirmed in my mind and my experiences, every... single... day. Whatever anyone else believes, they are welcome to the consequences of that, because all things move toward Good over the long haul.. or they cease to be.

Back to Elon Musk. He is allegedly the richest man in The World. This is not true, though those who are richer than he are losing their assets in a big way at this time.

He is a believer in and a proponent of Transhumanism.

Transhumanism... by its very nature... excludes God right from the get-go. God plays no part in Transhumanism, except in the making of its practitioners into Gods as the end result; a state that will NEVER be attained by them, until they are on the proper road to that end.

He appears to me, according to his physiognomy, as someone who desperately needs approval and the admiration of others. So... he is at pains not to appear evil. He seems very much on the ball, and wise enough to know that what the rest of his peer group is up to does not play well in the provinces... or anywhere else that sane people still are present.

He seems to be doing the right thing. Since the Israeli False Flag on 10/9, he has continued to allow a free dialogue from all sides. He has resisted censorship, and let the chips fall where they may. He went after The ADL.

It is my main go-to zone now because since that false flag... all the other places I used to go have shown their true colors with only two exceptions; The Truthseeker and The Daily Crow. All the rest of them are shills for the authors of Gazacide.

Certain foreign sites are also being truthful, but they are not places I normally frequented. Twitter-X (for the moment) is a revolution in human consciousness. If you know who to follow you can be entertained the live-long-day. I have not joined and have no intention of posting there. I might show up there because of other players, but... I won't be doing it on my own.

Here's what I have to say about Elon Musk at this juncture, and you can apply this across the board with everyone. God uses EVERYONE for his purposes, and often without their even knowing about it. God makes examples of people for the edification and progress of humanity. This could be the case with Musk. He is DETERMINED to appear as a hero no matter what. I can see this about him.

Meanwhile... the personifications of evil have never been more visible and apparent as they are now; Bill Gates... George Soros... Klaus Schwab... Obama/Biden... the Clintons... Satanyahu, and so many others.

Those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad. This is visibly apparent to me, as being in action at this very time, and gaining speed as it goes. So many different things are happening at the same time right now. I can see the coming age breaching. I can see the old ways falling. I can see the infrastructure failing. It is going up and it is going down and taking those associated with either... along for the ride.

For a great many different reasons, a large portion of people presently here... will be gone; soon? Later? It makes no great matter... gone. The World as we thought we knew it will be no more. A new world is coming.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

"In This Harvest Time- What a Bounty We See- as They Are Bringing in The Sheaves of the Liars... Murderers... and Thieves."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This being Petri Dish, it is the place to talk about the #1 byproduct of material existence. What would that be, Visible? That would be lies, and as these Times of Material Darkness intensify... we are looking at a bumper crop this harvest time. What a bounty we see as they are bringing in the sheaves of the liars... murderers... and thieves.

People lie for the purpose of gain. People lie because they are lazy. People lie because the truth would prove a distinct disadvantage to them. They lie because they are too stupid to tell the difference. They lie because they have been lied to, and they believed what they were told. They lie because they don't know any better. They lie in self-defense because the truth brings the dreadful appearance of danger to those who traffic in it, but... are without fear nonetheless.

I'm not much of a hand at Physics. It does fascinate me, however, and I spend time regularly entertaining myself with its tricks and mysteries. I am a better hand at Metaphysics because nearly all of my composition is right brain. The only thing I have in the other hemisphere is my rising sign. Everything else is compacted in 4 houses on one side.

Here is a little something to think about, Desire is fire, and lies are extremely flammable. All the lies you tell yourself to justify the exercise of your desires... they accumulate. They concentrate. They fester in a chemical way. Sooner or later you have flames.

How do you think an apocalypse comes about? Lies are compounded like dirty paint rags that gather in a corner of your basement. The World's lies pile upon one another. They create pressure because The Truth must be free. Not only must The Truth be free. The Truth IS FREE... ALWAYS. Lies piled upon lies, eventually... according to a law of Metaphysics... makes it so The Truth burns free of the lies... by consuming the lies in the fire of revelation.

Then one sees the bullshit upon which kingdoms were built... and fortunes were made... bursting into flames, and dancing their exposures through a flaming transparency. You can see through lies. You don't need an apocalypse for that. An apocalypse comes about for those who refuse to see through the lies.

If your life is grounded in truth... that will be revealed. If it is not... that will be revealed.

I was speaking with an angel of God this morning. I assume it is one of God's step-down transformers. No one speaks directly to God, except certain angels, and no one comes face to face with God except Metatron. However... I am ALWAYS reminded that it is God I am speaking with.

Let me clarify for just a moment. Many people are offended... put off... and whatever it is that occurs to them when someone mentions talking to God or his angels. Why anyone would find that strange is strange to me. Mostly, they do not understand why God and his angels are not talking to them, while... all the time... God and his angels ARE talking to them but they are not listening.

God is speaking to us in myriad ways, but... the noise of The World... and The Desire Body drowns it out.

One must cultivate this relationship. God does not drop in on people who aren't paying any attention to him. He has others that handle that area. HOWEVER... speaking with God and his angels in a back-and-forth manner requires persistence and dedication. I hammered on the door for decades. Sometimes... a brief window would occur and... Wow! Then it was back to The Grind.

Persistence furthers. I kept at it and kept at it and finally, God said, “I am here now.” Since that time it has been a process of ever-clearer and ever more constant states of interactive communication. What do you have to do to make this happen????

It is simple and I guarantee success. I absolutely... by God.... guarantee success. All you have to do is make God #1 in your life, and everything else a distant #2. In fact... you can think of everything else as being... literally AND metaphorically... #2. Whatever comes up before you... hand it right over to God. Rely on God for everything. Do not concern yourself... one wit... about how God will handle it... or when God will handle it. God WILL handle it.

God will test your resolve. God will make sure you are sincere, and... a moment will come when you will be made aware of his abiding presence, at... all... times. Now... let me return to what I was going to say when I said, Let me clarify for just a moment; Earlier... I was speaking with God through the intermediary and I said, It is a matter of some curiosity to me, Lord, that I have zero apprehensions about what I see coming in the patterns and trends of these times.

He replied, “Well, that's as it should be. None of the terrible things looming in the form of appearances... in The Event Horizon... have anything to do with you. You may be a part of the solution. You are not a part of the cause. You have thrown your lot in with me, and it is no longer any concern of yours.

“Visible, those who are deeply invested in the conditions of these times, WILL have a return on their investment. Those taking sides... those in the support infrastructure... will all be attended to as required by them. If you have boarded a large ship, you walked up the gangway on your own. The same as if you boarded a train or a plane. If you caused yourself to be born as a certain person, of a certain sex, in a certain location, at a certain time, there you are.

“At any time, you can throw your lot in with me. You can let me handle The Details. If you choose to do otherwise, for whatever your reasons, so be it. People who make me the all and everything of their life... I will be that. Handle it yourself and you will have mixed results, and where will it leave you if you don't know where you are going or what you are doing... or why you are doing it... in the first place?”

We are each of us on a plane of contrived reality that we have convinced ourselves is real. In Times of Apocalypse we find out if it is real... or simply a tissue of lies waiting on ignition. If you are awakening, those tissues of lies are being consumed by another kind of fire, the fire of realization.

If you have gone Woke, you have attached yourself to some material facade, for purposes of self-interest via a willing self-deception. It is your intention to get ahead of The Curve, never considering that it is the nature of a curve to loop back upon itself.

My recommendation is that people should not bother concerning themselves with whether I speak to God and his angels or not. My recommendation is that you should be doing EVERYTHING possible on your own account to be talking to God and his angels too. That will prove to be the single... most important investment... you ever make.

You will never find yourself talking to God and his angels if you don't bother to engage them on your own, to begin with... and... if you do not possess the necessary sand... grit... and determination to persist in it, you should not even bother to start. How can you construct The Pearl of Great Price without sand and grit? Those who are determined WLL succeed, and... “success is speedy for the energetic.”

If you are determined to become part of a crowd contending with another crowd, well... there you are. What is happening in Palestine is a horror show, but it has been going on for almost a hundred years and no one has done a fucking thing about it. The psychopathic... serial killer mindset... of those abusing The Palestinians is clear as crystal.

Never before has such a large portion of people from all the countries of The World risen up collectively about this outrage... this despicable... inhuman carnage. ♫ Battle lines are being drawn ♫ Justice is going to be done, but... the malefactors have to make it abundantly clear what their intentions are, and... this... they are doing. This they are doing.

All these slick operators in their lofty towers... above the chaos and confusion they are causing... imagine themselves to be safe and secure. They are neither safe nor secure as we shall see. All their rat servants who scurry about on the important business of their betters... they are not safe or secure either. All those providing lip service, and fealty to the demons of currency and blood... they are also neither safe nor secure.

No one who has not turned it all over to The Living Light is safe and secure. This is a world of change, and only The Lord of The Changeless can provide sanctuary. Find God before the rest of it finds you.

End Transmission.......

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For those with an interest in the arcane, here are 3 treatises on specific areas that I have found to be more clear and concise than usual, and brevity is present as well. I am not recommending the practice of certain things, especially those contained in the first link. This is intended to inspire curiosity and open one's mind to other worlds.

Ceremonial magic and Sorcery

The Elements and Their Inhabitants

Hermetic Pharmacology, Chemistry, and Therapeutics

Thursday, October 19, 2023

"Within All of The Symptoms of National Decay. The Traveling Town to Town Crazy Circus is The Most Underestimated of All."

God Poet Transmitting.......

There is no clear provenance for this quote; “those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Apparently, it was around in Graeco-Roman times...biblical times. It's one of those statements that has the authority of Truth about it. I can clearly see its verity in life itself; historically... and right in front of my eyes.

When the Israeli-orchestrated attack on itself took place almost two weeks ago, all kinds of people... some of them known for their sagacity and quick wits at all times previously... lost their shit in the twinkling of an eye. Mark Levin... who is known as The Great One around Fox Studios... became a slathering pit bull... crying out for blood and mayhem, even though he probably knew that Israel was behind it.

Ben Shapiro who hit me wrong the first time I saw him; afflicted as he is with Short Man's Disease, and all the glib artistry of a fox... negotiating living spaces with chickens, has now turned himself into an internet cartoon overnight.

If this contrived assault for the purpose of genocide has done nothing else, it has unmasked double agents... right... left... and center.

Now we hear that there were no 500 dead in a hospital bombing, though the Washington Post and CNN were still reporting it last night. Now The Post has simply removed mention of it. CNN is still reporting it, with new details... further on in... that I refuse to read. This on the other hand is a small and very incomplete list of hospitals Israel has bombed.

Well... there's more... and more... and more.

If I were to start listing atrocities at Sabra and Shatila... and many... many... many others I know about, I would be here all day.

The bottom line is that DNA provides one's connection to specific points of land. The Occupiers of Palestine have no connection there... at all.

Something truly important that... until now has been known, but not widely known... is now widely known, and that is how almost all The World's Temporal Powers MUST knuckle under for The Banker Nation. I should mention here that ALL wars are caused by Bankers for the purpose of material gain. This is not something that can be disputed. It is prima facie... or at least what you absolutely find when you look directly behind the prima facie.

Given the mainstream and alternative press efforts to promote something that didn't happen, and to keep promoting it, I am going to stay away from the general impressions of the day-to-day... in their infective sway... on The World view of The Mind-Controlled.

Without a doubt... The Powers Presently Losing Their Grip are heavy breathing over World War 3. Anything they can do... they are doing. Meanwhile, a certain agreement concerning Iran just ended, and now... almost certainly... hypersonic missiles are to be a given factor there... should provocation call for them to be.

Why are they going mad for war at this time? They are in a whole lot of trouble of their own creation, and... like we said in the beginning, they are being driven mad because they are going to be destroyed. Heh heh... poor dears... they can't help themselves.

America cannot hope to contend with Russia-China-Iran and Sundry, in their visibly deteriorating state. Yet... this is one of the prevailing insanities of an empire in free fall. This grasping madness comes upon it, and... it seeks to snatch The World entire and bend it to its will. The result is like that which all empire builders experience... in business... in any area of enterprise; “I'm sorry, Sir... according to our records, you are over-extended.”

You see the rapid decay in the social order. Orc bands run freely through the neighborhoods. People with nothing... in search of more... are being ferried to the borders by your real enemies... posing as your best friends. You know who they are. They are not hiding it. They are financing it!!!

Sexual degeneracy is nearly a legalized requirement for good standing. Drug and alcohol addictions are rampant. Physical well-being is running away to The Big Rock Candy Mountain with your immune system. The people running the medical INDUSTRY are promoting the very disorders they are supposed to heal you of. They are promoting behaviors that... by their oath... they are supposed to be protecting you from.

The merit system is gone. Stupid and poorly taught are now the new smart and capable. After The Plandemic, I tried to have a medical procedure done and was told... NO MATTER WHAT... I had to have a PCR test, which... actually renders you positive because THAT'S HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS!

However... within all of the symptoms of national decay. The Traveling Town to Town Crazy Circus is the most underestimated of all. Now you are seeing the insanity at every level of the social spectrum. The President has become Uncle June from The Sopranos. He's talking through woven filaments of gauze that filled his brain until they started coming out of his mouth. Now he's got a new chin. Likely he's gotten The Fetterman Treatment.

His advisors are all crazy. His vice president is a cartoon. Hubris is as much a mental illness as any other form of it. Wild-eyed... power-mad lunacy has been around for millennia. You see it at street level, and they used to put these people in places where they couldn't hurt other people... BUT... now... it's in evidence at the highest levels of temporal authority.

I am watching people being controlled by enforced narratives everywhere I go on the internet. I can LITERALLY see who it is that is bending any one person to their will. I can see who the arm-twisters are. I can see who the paymasters are. All I have to do is pay attention to what they say. The amount of righteous souls... indifferent to personal gain is... very... very small.

Now... since everyone in public view has to demonstrate their loyalty to Banker Nation... they are falling to the wayside like drops of rain from the clouds... where once they lived in their minds... and believed to be composed of solid matter. They thought they were free to speak the truth... heh heh... you can't take The Devil's paycheck and freelance as you please.

You are either independent of this OR... you are in harness. I myself am in harness because that is what the term Yoga implies. Everyone has to serve somebody... like it or not, BUT... at least you do have a choice. In Times of Material Darkness your faith must be strong OR... you will not be fed from the secret springs. In such times it is very hard to exist free of The System. Believe me... I know whereof I speak.

The one I work for makes sure of a person's sincerity before demonstrating he is real. The good news is that he owns and runs everything... no matter what those being driven mad may think; those on the conveyor belt to destruction. The hard truth is that you are required to suffer in extremity first.

Hey! It's the same thing with The Bad Guys. You have to prove your mettle. You have to make your bones. Both sides have a weeding-out process.

Observe those who thought they were free to speak their minds, formerly going all self-righteous... with bombastic FX. Observe them now... when speaking the truth about a certain group of people... can mean the end of all your good times.

They think they've got the whole thing locked down. It's why they have come out of the shadows, with the control bars in their hands; that's what they call those devices that puppeteers use to work the strings.

That thing that they call The Mark of The Beast? Where you can't buy or sell without it? That was in scripture thousands of years ago. How is it that they would have already known about that? It's because the insanities that possess the human mind are predictable; there is nothing new under The Sun. They're working on that very thing right now. It's in the news regularly.

Sounds scary... doesn't it? Why... the fear alone is enough for most people to decide they had better get that mark... that vaccine... that implant; walk this way... do as you are told. However... as Lao Tzu said even longer ago. (I'll paraphrase for better understanding.) Many people have tried to take over The World, but... they never succeed because The World is a sacred vessel, which... at the mere approach of The Profane... recedes.

The Earth is a living thing. It is infinitely patient until it isn't. What scripture didn't say... in concert with The Mark of The Beast is that there is another mark you can get by following The Will of Heaven, and as Lao Tzu also said; “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.”

Yes... things... conditions... et al... are predictable because it all repeats. Those that Heaven chooses to destroy... it first drives mad. You can pretty much assume that to be true and you can see it at work right this minute... especially now.

The Divine is setting everything inorder. It can look messy, and... downright terrifying, but... he's done this before already too. He's done this many times. You've got nothing to worry about unless you've got something to worry about, and that would be inside you, where you should have been doing inventory all along.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, October 16, 2023

"The Finest Poetry is What We Write in The Hearts of Others, in Imitation of What God Has Written Upon Our Own."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Nature is the material extension of God. The Spiritual Sun is black to mortal eyes. Krishna is called The Dark One. Krish is Sanskrit... meaning to draw the plow. He draws us to him. It is as Christ said, “I will draw all men unto me.” Christ and Krishna are the same force; the personalization of God as The Attractive One; he draws us... like a plow.

In the mystery schools, and... it doesn't matter if it was Eleusinian... Egyptian... Pythagorean... or which and whenever. One of the final revelations was that... ALWAYS and FOREVER... there is but one God immanent. It matters not what the religion is... the culture or location or period of time. There is one God, and the idea of variance that men with clouded minds argue and contend over, and go to war over... is that ignorance upon which The Separated Mind is based.

Once your mind is no longer separated, you will understand. Until it is unified in the one mind, you will not understand, and no one who is informed of this truth is going to be speaking to you either, except at their peril... which... for whatever their reasons are... sometimes seems unavoidable. (grin)

Everyone who is sneering... snarling... tossing their weight about... howling after the blood of others, and all those forms of bad behavior we see going on around us every day, IS... out in The Cold, and... will remain there for so long as it is necessary for their suffering to burn out. I will make language obey me! Heh heh.

We can feel sad for the souls caught up in and wrestling with nightmare, but it takes a remarkable finesse to pull them from the waters without being pulled down with them instead.

It has been a long time coming, but... the time has come. It was inevitable that the time would come. Israel and her fellow-traveling footpads... have come to the bleeding end of a bad run, and NOTHING, and... NO ONE... is going to change the outcome. The Word has come down, and God's Will shall be done, as is ever the case.

It was necessary for it all to take place in front of the eyes of The World. This awesome and bottomless arrogance has been fed for many years from The Pit. Arrangements were made with invisible entities. Fees were paid in the blood of victims. On and on it went. On and on it goes yet... in The Middle East... in Hollywood and New York... in London and in many locations around The World... fealty to The Darkness has been celebrated in human torment, which is the food of demons.

What has been done has not been done by muscle and bone. It has not been physical industry that brought their fortunes along at such a clip. It is the fruit of dark deeds done in secret. It is the despicable bounty of countless murdered children, and people who got in the way. Justice has been delayed for so long, it can appear that what there is... is Justice, and that is not so.

From countless roads and narrow paths, humanity has traversed the moments until now. All along the course of them... the stage was being built. Heaven and Hell are both going to open and claim their own. The Old Age is passing away.

We are in the last gasp of its death rattle. It is wheezing like an emphysemic smoker chasing breath. The Old Age is passing away. Ages are no less mortal than any other thing that comes into manifestation. Its time of residence is longer and that is all.

Those whose intentions were to bend the ways of The World to their profit are going to find that they have been left with nothing but dust. The Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu is going to claim them one and all. Their hubris has grown to such a size as to imagine it can blot out the light of The Sun. Indeed... they are working on that very thing. They hate The Sun. Many of them do not know why, but they are like Gollum. Soon they will find their way to the only location they can abide.

They are going to find themselves in utter darkness, where the only music that will be playing non-stop is that of their wailing and the gnashing of their teeth; strings on the one hand... percussion on the other. It is fitting... is it not?

It has all been foretold again... and again... and again; engraved in stone and printed on paper that has all been reduced to grains of sand on the bottom of the sea... long... long ago. Ecclesiastes is one of the more recent examples of foretelling.

Some people think they came here with a contract to improve The World. Strangely enough, The World was not improved at all by their efforts, despite their longstanding efforts to take credit for everything good that happens and to reward each other with the symbols and currency from institutions they hollowed out from the inside; like that recent Nobel Prize for some bullshit about wage disparities between the sexes.

It's a fine idea to come here thinking to repair The World. Unfortunately that seldom happens. Things go up and things come down here... temporary conveniences and periods of comfort notwithstanding. The real idea is not to improve The World but to improve yourself, however... I understand why a Materialist might see it differently. This world is a temporary and ever-changing affair. Its very nature is... CHANGE.

The World is a proving ground and you get to leave once you have provided the necessary level of detachment and purification. As long as you think you are going to make a difference here, pigeons will be shitting on your statue in some park where it is no longer safe to go.

I am NOT saying the whole effort to do Good is pointless, far from it. I am saying do Good and only Good whatever you may do. I am also saying do it and forget it. You don't get a gold star for doing Good. It is your duty in the first place.

Do Good and Good will follow you. There is something to be said for that, as far as a progressive ease of passage goes, but... never forget, you came in here with what you brought in with you, and you take what you did with that... while you were here... along with you when you go. Everything else is going to turn to sand at the bottom of the sea.

One of the reasons that Poetry is considered a high art is that no real poet gets paid in material terms for what they captured during a walk with angels, and no one who hasn't been touched by angels writes any real poetry. The finest poetry is what we write in the hearts of others, in imitation of what God has written upon our own.

Social reformers are among the greatest mass murderers The World has ever known. While trying to make The World a better place... if that even was an objective... they turned it into a killing field; the best-laid plans... etcetera.

You contract with God... or you contract with The Devil while you are here, and The Recording Angel keeps the score. Look around you and see this at work... near and far. The best of us are hidden among our fellows... right down close to the common Earth... occupied in a secret industry to change the hearts of others by example... looking neither right nor left, and certainly not looking back... eyes fixed upon the further shore where The Great Companions await.

Anyone seeking recognition here is a fool, and... will be proven so. Anyone looking to make their mark... will leave a mark... and later they will bitterly regret the time it is going to take them to rub it out.

As Dennis Hopper said to Christopher Walken in True Romance; “if that's a fact... then tell me... am I lying?”

People lie to themselves all day long. They have to do so in order to keep up the pretense that they are headed somewhere worth arriving at. Entire nations lie to themselves, especially on the way down. Sooner or later... destiny comes knocking. Destiny is the sum of whatever you did to get it to show up. Such destinies are now about to come to term. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

"It's Whirlpools and Windstorms in The Mind... That Also Cause Them in The World Itself, and Throw Nature Out of Balance."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Israel's water table is going down. There is word of The US financing a pipeline from Paris to Tel Aviv to pump Evian Water for all of Israel's needs but... for the moment... that's only if Israel agrees because there are... no doubt... finer products on the market. UN officials were told that the sweetest water is that which is stolen from others who desperately need it, so... they're looking into that. They would know; wouldn't they?

This explains Satanic Banker Nation's ever-growing lust for Ukraine, which has plenty of water... some of the best soil, and... recently... lots fewer people. It's almost as if... nah... couldn't be; why, they'd never/

Then they could keep Israel for... like... a desert Disneyland for those who were victorious over those people that aren't there anymore. They seem to be real good at arranging for people not to be somewhere anymore. It's a gift! It's like they can't control it.

Everywhere that I have gone, all the news outlets that I thought might be the least worst of the lot, have now proven they are arse-kissing sycophants. Andy Ngo... who positioned himself as whatever the Hell that was, has now found a new groove in chasing down politicians who might be deserving of that trick they always use.

Israel decided... for reasons that haven't been made clear to me yet, to throw a random collection of people... who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time... into a shit-show of carnage so that they could do a massive photo-op of the always put-upon, AND... as The World's greatest victims... terrorize the entire catamite world... and drive them slobbering and genuflecting to their doorstep; wanting to know if they can kiss it and make it better.

They did a little off-Broadway 9/11; nothing like the one they pulled on The United States... 20-some years ago BECAUSE they want America to attack the dastardly Iran who is getting stronger all the time. Besides which... they hate peace. They hate peace of any kind. It makes them jump around like they got red ants in their Kevlar underwear. They really... really... hate peace; and why is that? There's no money in it.

Now... they got Carte Rouge to eliminate the people they've been routinely eliminating already for a long time. You see? All you got to do is arrange for the controlled opposition to kill a few of The Dispensables and you get a wholesale wack-out of women... children... pets... next-door neighbors, and out-of-town guests in any way you please. Will they do it? Does Rothschild shit in St. Peter's Basilica? You... bet... they... will.

We see a major performance of The Grand Deception now before us. We see all those people who... yesterday... looked like they went this way... now going that way, and... all those people we thought stood for this... now sitting down for that; formerly spinning clockwise and now spinning counterclockwise. People are lining up around the block to find out what they can say... or do... to make those who have been torturing and murdering the defenseless for decades... feel better.

It's our way; the browbeaten... the bought-off... the ruined and disgraced... the living in deadly fear of... it's our way to fluff the pillows of our betters. It's our way to celebrate the ritual sacrifice of the most desperate people on the planet BECAUSE... otherwise... we might be next. What??? You didn't hear about The Killer Vaccines? Yeah... they make those too. They make ALL OF THEM!

Obviously, this is some kind of new end run to garner sympathy for their next action because it is now so dangerous for them there. Actually... they're running out of water. They're doing their usual thing; drain the landscape dry... suck the blood from every living thing, and... move on to the next location.

There are some bright spots but I do not know if they will continue; Tucker Carlson, and... strangely... Elon Musk is permitting a wide range of free speech and is also going against the narrative of The Deep Bloodsucking State.

There is... concurrently... a huge groundswell of Progressives under the big tent of Gay-Antifa-Marxism; tear it all down, and build it back Stupid and unequal... by being in charge of who decides who is equal. I'm glad to have anyone supporting Palestine, given the frenzy and fury being whipped up for its destruction, BUT... in some cases, the cure is worse than the terminal outcome.

Materialism cranks up Desire. Desire denied constant opportunities for satiation... leads to Frustration... which leads to Anger... which leads to violence and insanity, as you can see all around. What a sane and aware consciousness would do at this time is to wonder... watch... and consider what is going on while the headlights are all over this fabricated PR stunt of Israel and her Banker Oversight Committee.

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with The Divine. I'll just include a small portion;

“I want you to remind The Reader, Visible, that though the appearance of great disorder and confusion is coming... even though this might seem like stating the obvious to some... this seeming gloom and doom is only weather. What is important is the shining reality behind it. I am that shining reality. I am unaffected by the passing weather. I am there before... during, and... after the weather.

“It is not the phenomena that hold any importance. It is less real than what projects it, and what projects it is still less real than I, and though all of it may originate as a result of me, it is not me. Those who think it so... do this at great cost to themselves. It can be likened to boarding a leaking ship or living in a poorly constructed house. It is depending on that which is not sound. It is believing in what is not real.”

Materialism draws the attention outward. One might say that if you are not paying attention... it can tip you forward and put you off balance. The nature of Materialism is imbalance. Materialism causes disorder. It is a welter of competing attractions. It's whirlpools and windstorms in The Mind that cause them in The World itself. It throws Nature out of balance. It disturbs the affairs of Humanity and other living things, and... it can't last.

People are glutted with images, spilling out of disordered mirrors... in which the false self primps and admires itself. It's a world of Photoshopped selfies and stupid pet tricks. It's countless people LITERALLY dying for a larger share of The World's attention, and... there is NOTHING so fickle as The World's Attention! Serious heartbreak for the superficial... lies directly ahead.

Israel's days are numbered. You could say that Israel did it to itself. A specialized Hell awaits each soul that has joined with criminal associates to plunder the well-being of others through scams like Climate Change... The WEF... Killer Vaccines... sexual fascism... Marxist stalking horses, and HIV-peek-a-boo lookalikes; pornography magnates... Satanic scientists, and every twisted perspective in search of ever new ways to make The World uglier and more dangerous.

Think of Materialism as something like a massive pinball machine... of countless holes and slots... that catch the balls, and run out of sight... to places unseen... below the flashing lights of The World above. It is a far-reaching hotland underneath, with nightmare horizons, and the continuous sounds of enormous machines in operation further below. No matter how far you can go... space is always compressed. The air is thick and hard to breathe. It's what you get the deeper in you go.

There are other worlds, but it takes putting one's attention on them to set the wheels of transport in motion. The higher worlds of The Shining Self await every intrepid soul who is prepared to walk them with the necessary credentials. Passport control is everywhere, and... your passage is assured by the quality of your being. Love and Unity are recognized by the angels who direct the traffic. Anyone who can play by the rules is welcome.

If you can't play by the rules you get to come back here. If you manage your course By Way of Deception, deception is exactly what you will find. Life is a mirror. You get what you see.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 06, 2023

"They Are Creatures of a Destiny of Their Own Making... Well... They Are. It's Just Not The Destiny that They Suppose It Is."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... this is Petri Dish where we use the scope to look deeper into the slime and confusion. I'll tell you... it's not very rewarding or satisfying for me. I don't like looking at putrid excrescences and stuff that jerks when you hit it with an electric wire. It's why I stopped doing Profiles of Evil. There is a much more beautiful side to life that I prefer to gaze upon.

I know you can't make a successful film without a certain amount of skells and pukes, but... I'm not making a film or writing any more books, which I could easily do; the books, not the films. I just do this. This is enough.

If you want to see the rough trade and the horrible levels people will stoop to... go to the links at GAB, which appear about 15 minutes after this post goes up.

I know how it all looks, and you can't be faulted for taking a dim view of things, but all of that is temporary. The shining throne of God lights the higher planes of existence forever and ever. If you're going to have orcs running wild... and you do... you are going to need a Saruman and a Sauron to give the orders and there are a number of those.

They are heading up the armies of chaos, which they can do without difficulty because they got cash money to appease and direct the slathering beasts. I'm not here to mince words. I call them as I see them and that is how I see them. How everyone else cannot see what I see is the big mystery to me. I guess they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, including those with no empathy whatsoever.

These bipedal monsters in human form did not get as they are by cruel acts of indifferent fate or because no one gave them a chance. All chances come from God in any case. Read chapters 16 and 17 in The Bhagavad Gita. Krishna goes into detail about how such people get to be as craven and brutal as they are.

They indulge in behaviors that route them to the lower planes of existence where there is little light and a great deal of hunger, and... they will stay there... or go even lower... until something changes, and it will. It might take millions of years but it will change.

I was in prison for several years for something I didn't do. It was in Washington DC where some of the worst people are caged and there is only about 10% white people. Then I was in a place for The Criminally Insane for 22 months because I wouldn't behave in jail. If I had behaved I would have been much tortured and altered.

When Martin Luther King was assassinated by The State, I was in The DC Jail; a place with a reputation like Angola, and people were doing life there because it's a Federal location. (DC) I saw the rage and fury. They were busing people in from Baltimore and other locations. God moved me out of there a few days before they rioted and tore the place apart. A lot of people got hurt.

While I was in the place for The Criminally Insane they let horrible people out on the grounds. One guy had strangled and raped 6 women. A week after he was released, he promptly killed and raped, and strangled a nurse on the grounds and was right back where I was. I asked Feets Robinson (that was his name) why he did it. He said... It's what I do. I got along with him very well. He and Waverly Holden were two reasons no one messed with me in there.

The doctor and staff would not release me though. Dr. Kunev said that I was too dangerous... very sick and very dangerous. I had no track record of any sort. Weird, huh? Feets was one of the greatest athletes I had ever seen. Waverly was a pure... big-hearted... gangster from the old school. God set all this up. He has set up everything I've gone through for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I might have been there some time longer if I hadn't met a Harvard lawyer who was investigating conditions. I happened to be right up by the main door when he came in... in his 3-piece suit. My God, he was elegant. He had me out of there in practically no time, despite the opposition of the staff. The last thing he said to me was... “contrary to what some people can believe, life is long. Watch how you go.”

God has been wrangling me like unruly livestock. He's a superior cowboy. I never knew what was going on. Now I am on the verge of my next commission which is a mindblowing occupation. I can't talk about it. I'd screw it up.

If you pursue God... no matter what you come up against. If you never let up on the throttle, but your driving improves... you are going to get somewhere you never imagined. I look at the raging sea of Materialism... the millions tossed upon the waves... the broken hearts and dreams, and... I am so incredibly grateful to be where I am. I haven't even seen a mosquito in over a year.

My food is better than any restaurant I remember being in. I have regular moments of sheer delight in The Presence of God. It's all been wonderful, especially looking back the way I came. I get inexplicable challenges that come out of nowhere, but they are all to build my faith.

Yesterday, during meditation... in a back-and-forth dialogue with God.... he said something like, “You have no idea the control I exercise over you.” Then... he opened my mind and as I spoke... I could see it was him speaking. Then he said... “yeah, even that. You may think you are thinking, and speaking... and acting on your own, but you are not. I am intimately engaged in EVERYTHING that you experience.”

Now... that was something that had not happened to me before, having God appear in my side of the conversation and do the speaking. It was freaky. Anyway... delusional... or spot on... it changes nothing about the way I feel and it is incredible for me; more real than anything else. Everything else is a pedestrian dream of boring repetition. There is no spark and no delight in it. I am convinced now that if you don't have God in your life... you have less than nothing.

I really couldn't bring myself to go on a tear about all the odious comings and goings of the people out for themselves today. It's not going to be long before circumstances turn on them with swift and unexpected force.

The most disturbing aspect are the millions who buy into the progressive message; who live in a loathsome mindset of cancel and censure... who spend every waking hour trying to destroy the lives of others. Every day now... large numbers of them are freaking out in public... rampaging and assaulting everyone in their way. They are like stolen cars driven by invisible demons on a joy ride to Hell.

The heat is on. The pressure is relentless. The fiery anger is out of control BECAUSE... on that level of action... there are agents of The Darkside manipulating them one and all.

Unless one can see that the entire performance of life in every location is being directed to specific ends... one lives in a place of uncertainty... where anything could happen.

I truly feel for the people who have abandoned God... who believe they are creatures of a destiny of their own making... well... they are. It's just not the destiny that they suppose it is. Nothing succeeds for long unless God permits it; NOTHING. Violent fools on a one-way ride to their own pain and torment can't be told anything. Chucky the snake Schumer can't be told anything. He's always got an angle... and he definitely looks like what he is.

Gates and the rest of the mass murderers. You know their names. They live in a state of delusion that God has manifested for them in accord with their acts and intentions. They are going to think that triumph is in reach and no one can stop them, and then? To the tune of ♫ Along Came Jones ♫ along comes God... in whatever form he chooses to resolve and transform every single one of them.

Heads are LITERALLY going to roll. Hillary is running around doing TV interviews about putting MAGA people in reeducation camps. What is really going on... in their depraved minds... is worse than anything they talk about in public. Right up to the moment when they become absolutely convinced that nothing can stop them... they are going to be stopped... in that moment... and many of them are going to come back as rocks... or best outcome... a crustacean.

It's what happens to you when you have passed a certain line of evil behavior. You get sent back to the starting gate, following whatever seasons in Hell they have coming.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 03, 2023

"I See Bobbleheads... Fastened to a Looping Rollercoaster... that Spins Forever in The Clouds Above Santa Monica."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Cover your ears and eyes children. I don't plan to be kind or nice today. From what I see in The Petri Dish it isn't possible.

I did not know this.

We know who owns Germany. Ever since Waterloo, The Monster has increased in size. It hopes to swallow The World, BUT... The World will stick in its throat and it will strangle on its own excess.

Okay... let's start with Tom Hanks. I don't pay much attention to Tom Hanks, but I keep seeing where a lot of people think he got taken to Gitmo and executed and replaced.

They are saying this about nearly everyone you can think of. What I don't get is if the latest iteration of Benjamin Fulford's color-coded ninjas from The Armies of Q are doing this; how come nothing changes?

There is this internet site called Real Raw News. The Nimrod running it was finally compelled to put a disclaimer on it, saying it is a parody-satire site, but this has made no difference. I'm not saying there are no White Hats; I'm a White Hat... metaphorically speaking, BUT... I remember 20 years ago, Benjamin Fulford was going on... and on... and on... (cue Stephen Bishop) about varicolored ninjas at war with each other.

It had some kind of connection to The Yakuza and Japan... and sounded like bullshit sushi to me. It was an earlier construct of The Q Thing. I am also not saying Q is illegitimate. I don't know, do I? However... I am not a wishful-thinking kind of a guy. I don't blow smoke up my own ass... hoping that when it finds its way to my head... it will crystallize into the shapes I am hoping to see.

Tom Hanks hangs out with a lot of nefarious characters like The Obama's and Clinton's. He's been on Epstein's plane, but so has nearly everyone of importance that Mossad was trying to honey-pot, and I guess he got a lot of them before the reality-shifters got their hands on the situation... after Epstein got shackled by whoever was behind that... and then spirited off to a villa on The Undead Sea.

I look at people like Tom Hanks.... Taylor Swift... Madonna... Bradley Cooper... all those showbiz flavors of some time span, depending on the coins in the meter, and I see bobbleheads fastened to a looping rollercoaster... that spins forever in the clouds above Santa Monica... with bobbleheads being endlessly replaced by new bobbleheads with new coins in the meter.

They are The Dancing Teletubbies of Distraction that exist for people to live vicariously through... and dream of their time to come... when they have coins in the meter. You ever see Jay-Z smile? Jay-Z doesn't smile because never a moment goes by when he is not reminded that he sold his soul to The Devil and all he got was a bunch of shit everyone resents him for, AND wants to take from him.

When The Devil gives you something... and believe me, these arrangements happen... what he does is to extract the joy from it through the period of its possession (pun intended). What God does... when he gives you something, is to be present as the joy that is in it.

You might think of The Devil as that part of God that rules a specific bandwidth of existence called the Carnal Realm. That term is not entirely comprehensive, but... we are limited in what we can say. We're not hiding any cosmic secrets but... the ones we know about don't translate into terms understandable within a particular range of communication.

It's like when you open your mouth to say something and nothing comes out. You might want to say something, but... you can't. It's similar to when an angel puts that cleft in your upper lip when you are born that says, Shush.

So... there are these cos-playing retards out there... in the amusement park... role playing location... of The Mind. They are all dreaming the impossible dream of being among the few who are lavishly favored by Karma and... whose exclusivity is ONLY made possible by its exclusivity.

Everybody doesn't get to be a fallen star that lights up on this plane... as long as there are coins in the meter, NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It wouldn't make sense and only happens on The Higher Planes where no one takes it seriously like they do down here, BUT... they want it oh so badly, and it is understandable why they don't like themselves very much because they are grasping... small-minded characters who would sell their mother for a spot on Dancing with The Cinderblock Heads.

It's understandable why they don't like themselves very much, and... most everyone else by extension, except for those who cater to their delusions. If you are looking for some entertainment in the areas I am speaking about, just go to Twitter-X and put Spiritual in the search bar.

So... I don't know much about Tom Hanks or any of the rest of those clowns and I don't care to. They'll be there until there are no coins in the meter, and then someone else will take their place. That's how it works. You get to be ANYBODY you want to from a serial killer... to a rock star... to a world savior... if you are willing to put in the time and effort they each require.

The serial killers have all kinds of former serial killers to torture and kill while there are coins in the meter. The rock stars get to use their entourage of former rock stars the same way they used the previous rock stars, and... world saviors? Well... that's a whole other thing.

The real reason the weaponized justice department is after Trump is because he had no wars. Two of the strongest powers in the temporal realm are The Military-Industrial Complex and The Energy Industry. Trump went South on both of them with... no wars and cheaper energy costs. Big Media and Social Media are two hookers owned by The Powers that think they are. They do whatever their pimp daddies tell them to, and... it looks like Twitter-X is going to be a big problem.

Governor Newsom's Senator Rugmuncher sounds like she might be German. I guess they may have more black lesbians in Maryland than in Kalifornia, which would seem odd, then I saw she was a buddy of H. Clinton and all the dead hieroglyphic children fell into place for me. I could read the bones, so-to-speak.

The whole political theater is presently an incest-fest. It's like what they used to do back in The Hapsburg period. Everybody at a certain level knows everybody else at a certain level and they all get together into an exclusive group grope and poke until there are no coins in the meter.

Some events are going to come to pass... fairly soon... that are out of the range of the comprehensive ability of most minds. It always gets stranger than fiction when God shows up, and... God is due any time. He might well already be here (of course he's here), and just working outside the present collective range of sight. He'll be coming more and more into focus all the time. However, he is going to look very different to different people.

All the animals go each day... to the relative amnesty zone of the local watering hole. There the zebra looks into the water and sees a zebra. The hyena sees a hyena. The snake sees a snake. On our plane of being... the ner-do-well sees a ner-do-well. The sleaze sees a sleaze. The World is a big projection zone and people see themselves and their own predispositions in everyone else.

The search for God and the pursuit of money and fame are like oil and water.

Everything works perfectly toward the precise resolution of everything... into the specific outcome that was generated aforetimes. Everything and everyone... does what they do... until they do something else, and the option for that is ALWAYS present, but... the motivation comes and goes and is always dependent on the degree of suffering caused, and... how long it can be endured.

There are rules and laws that intertwine existence like the threads that weave the destinies that the tapestries reveal. We've said this many hundreds of times in different ways, but... on it goes. On it goes no matter what anyone says cause some people just don't listen, and... that is what The Purpose of Demonstration is all about.

Sometimes the dramas of the moment... in the particular trends and patterns of any period of time... seem to go on far longer than many of us might wish. God is very patient, and also... the players are given the opportunity to indelibly imprint upon the fabric of existence so that there can be no doubt... no doubt whatsoever... what their intentions were; far beyond the possibility of any excuses working in defense of their actions.

However... sooner or later... what goes around comes around in a big and comprehensive manner and The Perfect Storm appears. I'm recommending squall weather gear if you did not get relocated to more favorable climes... given that there are... no doubt... still some coins in the meter, cause... it works both ways.

End Transmission.......

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