Friday, October 27, 2023

"Our Life... if We Are Unaware... is A Remorseless Interaction of The Planets, Working With and Against Each Other."

God Poet Transmitting.......

For those who keep track of such things, it's good to note that The Murrah Building was blown up 4 days before H. Clinton was to be indicted for Whitewater, and... all the documents were destroyed.

Sounds a lot like 9/11 doesn't it? For the same reasons; getting rid of the evidence, and they keep doing this, AND... creating new evidence all the time. Wait until they find out they are all remote-controlled and can't locate the power source to shut it down.

Why can't they locate the power source? Yeah... The Bad Guys have been asking themselves that for a long... long time now. The whole of The world's movements is people (or any life forms) getting somewhere and not getting somewhere; in respect of where they thought they were going. Success in planning... favors the adaptable.

The meaning of life is murky. There is a very wide and conflicting range of interpretations... as to what that is. For me... the meaning of life... is to find God. This has been accomplished, but... whether I found God or God found me... or it was some combination of the two... I don't have the answer for that, and it doesn't matter. What matters is getting there.

Go anywhere in The World at all, and ask anyone what The Meaning of Life is, and... you will get a different answer. It's similar to different people seeing different faces in the mirror. Everyone is programmed according to an astrological code, which is how the planets were configured on the day they arrived. Our lives... if we are unaware... are a remorseless interaction of the planets, working with and against each other.

It's said that a wise man rules the stars. If the stars and planets are favorable... there will be no problem. If the stars and planets are not favorable... then what? Everything here... regardless of appearances... is about The Soul and The Soul's agenda. If one aligns with that, it doesn't matter what the stars and planets portend.

This is not something that can be explained in a format like this. People smarter than I have been trying for countless ages. In this instance, I know better, and will not even try. I prefer to state things and explain them when I am able. The job of The Reader is to prove me right or wrong... through their own experience. THAT... that is how it gets explained here.

I have not followed the teachings of The Bad Guys, but... common sense tells me that's a fool's gambit, and I have no desire to head in the direction that they went anyway. I have followed the teachings of The Good Guys, and those who have reached a location beyond either of these. Whether working in these directions accounted for where I wound up... or it was destiny to begin with... I couldn't say, and it doesn't matter.

It isn't how you got there. It is that you got there. The roads up the mountain are many. There are the approved routes, traveled by others, and there are routes that were hacked out of the landscape as the traveler progressed. Getting to the top of the external mountain is meaningless... unless you climb to the top of the interior mountain at the same time. It is there that the point of the climb is made clear.

Wherever... on my way... I come to where I can hear The Drama Queens shrieking, I turn in the opposite direction. When I hear the noise of a city... when the way becomes crowded... I turn away. It is said that the way to the goal is achieved through selfless service, but one must be made fit for service before serving... or the effort can prove worse than not serving at all.

Yes... I am heading somewhere. Please bear with me. I wanted to talk about Elon Musk today. In this time of extreme news blackouts and the fabrication of news, Elon Musk has been doing something very good. I am amazed at what has resulted from his determination to let people speak. This was not a hallmark of Twitter previous to him. On the other hand, there are features about the man that cause me a great deal of uncertainty about his intentions.

Is he controlled opposition? Now... in the matter of controlled opposition... the unbelievers on all sides of every question... and they are many... because I include all those who give lip service of fealty to that which they have no comprehension of... including people who go to church because the ceremonial aspect is hardwired into their behavior patterns... yet missing the exultation that attends true faith... they think it is the human mind that is responsible for these things.

They think it's just cagey operators playing both sides of the equation for general control over the narrative, no matter what direction it goes in. Wherever deception... confusion... and warring mindsets are present, The Divine is working all of the efforts toward The Purpose of Demonstration.. short term... and long term... no matter what it is... no matter where it is... The Divine is before and after everything... ALWAYS.

This... I believe. This is relentlessly affirmed in my mind and my experiences, every... single... day. Whatever anyone else believes, they are welcome to the consequences of that, because all things move toward Good over the long haul.. or they cease to be.

Back to Elon Musk. He is allegedly the richest man in The World. This is not true, though those who are richer than he are losing their assets in a big way at this time.

He is a believer in and a proponent of Transhumanism.

Transhumanism... by its very nature... excludes God right from the get-go. God plays no part in Transhumanism, except in the making of its practitioners into Gods as the end result; a state that will NEVER be attained by them, until they are on the proper road to that end.

He appears to me, according to his physiognomy, as someone who desperately needs approval and the admiration of others. So... he is at pains not to appear evil. He seems very much on the ball, and wise enough to know that what the rest of his peer group is up to does not play well in the provinces... or anywhere else that sane people still are present.

He seems to be doing the right thing. Since the Israeli False Flag on 10/9, he has continued to allow a free dialogue from all sides. He has resisted censorship, and let the chips fall where they may. He went after The ADL.

It is my main go-to zone now because since that false flag... all the other places I used to go have shown their true colors with only two exceptions; The Truthseeker and The Daily Crow. All the rest of them are shills for the authors of Gazacide.

Certain foreign sites are also being truthful, but they are not places I normally frequented. Twitter-X (for the moment) is a revolution in human consciousness. If you know who to follow you can be entertained the live-long-day. I have not joined and have no intention of posting there. I might show up there because of other players, but... I won't be doing it on my own.

Here's what I have to say about Elon Musk at this juncture, and you can apply this across the board with everyone. God uses EVERYONE for his purposes, and often without their even knowing about it. God makes examples of people for the edification and progress of humanity. This could be the case with Musk. He is DETERMINED to appear as a hero no matter what. I can see this about him.

Meanwhile... the personifications of evil have never been more visible and apparent as they are now; Bill Gates... George Soros... Klaus Schwab... Obama/Biden... the Clintons... Satanyahu, and so many others.

Those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad. This is visibly apparent to me, as being in action at this very time, and gaining speed as it goes. So many different things are happening at the same time right now. I can see the coming age breaching. I can see the old ways falling. I can see the infrastructure failing. It is going up and it is going down and taking those associated with either... along for the ride.

For a great many different reasons, a large portion of people presently here... will be gone; soon? Later? It makes no great matter... gone. The World as we thought we knew it will be no more. A new world is coming.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks the meaning of life is to find a reason to get over it. To not want to come here any more. Well, that does mean moving closer to Source, so. . .

Musk. I trust him as far as I can throw a planet, and despite the fact he is doing some good things, I do NOT like him. I have also heard working at Tesla is NOT a pleasant experience. What are the hours for full time? 12 a day 5 days a week and 8 on day 6 or something like that? For half a year, then you go on unemployment for the other half? That's what I hear it used to be. Don't know if it still is. Man, that's worse than what I did at NCR, though when we had Ross Stores, my Saturdays used to be 16-23 hours depending on tape error situations, running three computer systems and doing the mail room. At least I got Sunday off. I used to sleep on site sometimes.

I hope I am one of those soon off planet. After all, no matter how good it gets here, it's never as good as the Otherside, where at least I can have my nose hair coat, Akashic Library Card, tail, and tacked up comet to ride to the ends of the Nose-iverse.


M - said...

Unlike LTPTB, the meaning of life for me is TO LIVE. Fully and completely. Every. Second. Every. Day. I am not a Nihilist. I am also not seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. LIFE is full of contradictions. Is my life purrr-fect? No, but it is wonderful and amazing. I choose to see LIFE. I choose the light.

You make your own Hell right here on Earth. Choose negative energy (death) or choose positive energy (life) - you DO reap what you sow.

So mote it be.

DAN THE MAN said...

Musk is an utter tyrant one of the overlords he treats his workers like garbage at Tesla . Also I read that the fitting of monkeys with the chip is being run like a production line. Even his staff see this as a deeply flawed crueland dangerous procedure and are allegedly working under great duress as the musk wants this baby to skip the crawling stage and be up and running as like that other great philanthropist Bill Grates pardon the spelling . They just have this burning desire to save the world yeh .
Gates ,musk,Bezoz ,Zuckerberg,Sorrows, whoops and Santa klaus et al . All full loony tunes fulfilling their roles as consummate Bond villians . Satans spawn each and everyone of the little devils .
Hitler did some good things man ,got the economy up and running ,unified his country ect ect but in hindsight opened the gates of Hell also without equivocation according to some Tibetan sources managed to become Evil incarnate .
sSo back to the usual suspects ,the scene is being set for the grand finale and the cosmic clock is a ticking
Souls have poured in from all over the cosmos to take part in this the greatest show on earth at the most important time on Earth .
So make of it what you will but LET GODS WILL BE DONE

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The World is Not a Safe Place for Stupid People, Especially Not Now. I'm Not Sure That it Has Ever Been Safe for Them."

Anonymous said...

Pierre said..
Gazacide is the new 911 litmus test.
Wonder if they are pumping the 2001 asbestos into the gaza tunnels by now.
Then there is the West Bankathon by the usual suspects, gambling with other people's blood.



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