Wednesday, November 27, 2019

You Knew it was Inevitable; CRAZY is the New Normal.

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Sometimes... and increasingly more and more... one has to repeat certain statements because... as time passes, they become progressively more and more obvious, palpable, present and... in this particular instance, more and more, OFF THE HOOK!

We've said this half a dozen times already and it looks like we are going to be saying it even more than that. We are thinking of posting it as part of a PERMANENT MISSION STATEMENT, front and center and maybe even to either side in every blog, or creative construct we work through, given that video is soon to become a predictable mainstay. As time gets short, there is a need to, literally, get in your face. Of course we are not talking about aggressive confrontation. We are talking about using every medium available to reach people, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU GIVE A SHIT.

Now... what is it that we have been saying with an ever intensifying frequency? MATERIALISM is the go to corrupter of all good things. It's immediate offspring is INSANITY. From this further, slug-like coupling, comes the murky, oil slick rainbow of sexual perversity. Excess becomes a legitimate lifestyle. Fat, stupid and crazy becomes a desirable life goal. It is something to shoot for, even if the recommendation here is that you shoot yourself first and save yourself the pointless and ever heightening suffering that is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to accompany you through every moment in your life, IF you continue in this fashion.

One can literally trace the progression of CRAZY, as it moves through its recognizable and definable phases. Usually it starts... almost always it starts with LYING TO YOURSELF. The next step is to insulate yourself from the truth of this, with as many layers of flesh, denial and delusion as is possible. The goal is to look as much like the functionaries sitting behind the members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (during the impeachment proceedings) as is possible. The next step is to dress in tight, form fitting clothes, like a Victoria's Secret, runway or magazine model... because... because; YOU GO GIRL!!! (or boy- or whatever you are trying to morph into) The next step is to buy a garden trowel and make liberal use of EVERY Walgreen's cosmetic you can find, for that Kabuki effect and then get a pictorial, tattoo graphic, of the Pentateuch, on every available area of skin, thus also justifying the need for so much extra skin. Following that... you are going to need a combination of purple, green and pink streaks through your hair. Your personality is going to adjust accordingly as you continue, from alienated, to agitated, to angry and then to a shrieking, hysterical shitfit of tragic comic proportions.

All of these changes are not only to be desired but are also socially encouraged and legitimate, because YOU SAY what is beautiful and attractive and if anybody doesn't like it? Off with their heads! Fire them from their teaching positions or jobs of whatever type! Marginalize them and shame them with public disapproval. How could they possibly know what sublime empyrean, of an all encompassing sky of wonder, is presently trapped in horrific disguise?

Okay... okay... enough of my demeaning people with no self control and no sense of self. (WHAT?!?) Wait a minute! There's a cosmic secret hidden in that first sentence. It's right there on the tip of my mind... it's coming! I can feel it coming! It's just out for clearance. Yes!!! Thank you! I love it when I find out some deeper and generally hidden truth about existence. Don't you?

No doubt... and more and more these days, there will be people offended at my exercising my First Amendment rights. Need I point out that an unfortunately large percentage of the rest of you, offend me constantly but I manage to contain my disapproval... usually if barely? However, this is the blog titled, “Reflections in a Petri Dish” and you might want to read the blurb up at the masthead.

I take no pleasure on calling out elements of cultural decay... but if something isn't done and if no one says anything, it's not going to be here much longer and whatever there may be that remains of it will not be fit for living in by SANE PEOPLE. Then again... the Lord God is in control of everything so... don't let manipulated appearances deceive and bring you down.

Social Justice Warriors are NOT SANE. Antifa Jacobin Reincarnates are NOT SANE. Most university professors and functionaries are NOT SANE. Most psychologists and psychiatrists are NOT SANE! Most Alt-Sex practitioners are NOT SANE. Gender Fluid Troglodytes are NOT SANE. People transitioning from one sex to another are NOT SANE. Materialists are NOT SANE. Satanists (Satanism is the official religion of Materialism) are NOT SANE. Most famous entertainers are NOT SANE. Most people employed in the media are NOT SANE. Liberals are generally NOT SANE. Religious figures, in most cases, are NOT SANE. Those preying upon the human race are NOT SANE. Just as that classic logic argument goes, about black crows, or anything... in that sense, it can be said that MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT SANE and the numbers are increasing commensurate with the escalating press of Materialism.

I've considered sarcastic and satirical takes on what I see bubbling in this noxious cultural stew. I was a comedian of the stand up variety for a short while. It didn't take long for me to discover the kind of people you wind up hanging out with and the sorts of audiences that profession attracts. I've looked into all manner of occupations that provided me with a vehicle to support myself and promote my arts. It didn't take me long to see what you have to go through to be a touring or club musician. It didn't take me very long to see what you get subjected to as an actor. Being a writer, gives you the best case scenario for being less visible and the greatest freedom of expression. Being a mystic provides the best environment for an up close and personal relationship with The Supreme Being.

As CRAZY amplifies, in accordance with the force of MATERIALISM, the sane head for the hinterlands and the hills. CRAZY people don't notice that people are being deliberately herded toward urban settings. Most people don't see the transit paddocks to the killing floor. CRAZY people don't notice the Mass Kill schematics that are being formulated and employed from a variety of levels of operation for varying degrees of impact. CRAZY people are ALL ABOUT whatever particular obsession proved to be the weakest link in the chain, as Mr. Apocalypse bears down upon it. This is why you see you so much acting out of different psychological abnormalities. What is or is not normal is no longer a consideration in any case. Now the sine qua non is, “How do you feel about it?” That is the base line for sanity. If you're okay with it, then you're good to go and if not? There's a pill or a therapy that will help you to integrate your CRAZY into the greater CRAZY.

There is a psychological term called, 'accommodation'. A good example of this is, if you live in a city and you have your window open and someone is operating a jackhammer in the street outside, you will no longer hear it, following a period of accommodation. This applies to things you see as well. If you see it all the time, it becomes normal, or not even there. Often you don't even register its presence. It could be, (and is) certainly, NOT NORMAL but one's objective capacity is muted... because the subjective has become the ruling authority in your consciousness. It controls the nature and parameters of your awareness. There are people who are now doing all kinds of things that are CRAZY, just to fit in. Kids in school are claiming to be a sex other than their birth sex because it confers ACCEPTANCE AND ESPECIALLY... POPULARITY. How is it possible that we are now discussing gender in terms of statements like, 'the gender ASSIGNED to you at birth'?

CRAZY is rampantly proliferate. It is a runaway bacteria. It is a mind parasite. It is latent in all of us but certain behaviors activate and feed it. Other behaviors render it quiescent. All would be lost by now were it not for THE PRESENCE of The Almighty, who is the prime mover and from whom ALL FORCE is resident and emergent. In his appearance as Mr. Apocalypse, he is initiating (has initiated) a GRAND AWAKENING. It is in progress as these words are being written. This IS AN APOCALYPSE!!! And it demonstrates in stages, each one of which is exponentially greater than the previous phase. This means that the levels of force are going to be dramatically intensified and as time is also collapsing, it's all going to be going down in what 'seem to be' shorter periods of time. In other words, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!

“All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are 'the called' according to his purpose.” So... factor that into the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. All manifest life, exists for the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Let the ineffable demonstrate through you, as opposed to the opposer, who is the alternative format. It doesn't matter how CRAZY the world gets, IF YOU ARE ALIGNED WITH AND IN ACCORD WITH The Divine Indwelling. This means, basically, that you are not at war with yourself and therefore, not at war with the world you are in and which is then (by extension) defined by the nature and degree of your aggression. The truth is exceedingly simple. It only becomes complex WHEN WE SEEK TO ADD EXCEPTIONS to accommodate and justify OUR DESIRES. It is what it is. If ANYTHING is what it is... it would be The Truth which, is ALSO resident within. What do you know? You've got everything you need.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

"Whether There is a War going on 'OUT' THERE or Not, is of No Matter to Me. Be at Peace."

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The war is heating up. Somehow Chick-Filet backed off from donating any more money to The Salvation Army! Now... the slathering Huns of sexual excess are going after the Thanksgiving Day, Dallas Cowboy's game, where the Salvation Army traditionally launches their Christmas fund raising campaign. Some UK Bimbette, whom I have never heard of, has threatened not to sing at the game unless The Salvation Army is given its walking papers. Boo hoo!

I find a lot of larger Christian churches and charities to be questionable in their intent and the manner in which they disburse their giving. I do not find this to be true of The Salvation Army. They are GOOD PEOPLE. They are a credit to their mission and they HELP EVERYBODY, regardless of where they put their genitals and no matter how delusional their sexual fantasies may be in these times of Pandemic Gender Hallucination and the latest Frankenstein efforts to turn anyone into anything they might temporarily think they are, whether that be a man, a woman, a 7 year old girl or a transsexual flower pistil which, in fact, many of them already are. Flowers are complex forms of being and they got Stamens that are combines of filaments and anthers and they got Pistils that have their variant of an ovary and ALSO a stigma and a style. The result is that they can be wholly male, wholly female or USUALLY....... BOTH!!!

Flowers do not have the advantage, nor... as far as I know, the bizarre inclinations to surgically alter themselves at a whim, given that Lady Nature has given them the capacity to switch round all over the place without damage or censure. On the other hand, Human Beings have the capacity to be surgically altered and the result of that has been the highest suicide rate going, for any transition process that I know of. They live in gruesome regret when they don't kill themselves.

Given what I just said and given the MANY... MANY... MANY other examples of this war against Natural Harmony, Human Nature, Common Decency, Freedom of Speech and most importantly; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; not to overlook Human Dignity and Freedom of Personal Beliefs and Choice, where they do not impinge upon the same in another person's God Given right to be here and express similar aspects of what we have come to call 'individual rights'... given what I've already said, if this is a war against all that is right and good and reasonable, what are we supposed to do about it? Should we pick up a cudgel or some-such and leap into the fray? Sounds to me like another potential case of blind people gumming each other to death.

What we do is- in my estimation- seek a deeper communion with our own being and lead by example in all we think and say and do. Some part of me ALWAYS believed this but my behavior at times was not indicative of it. I was wild and reckless. I suppose it was a persona born of my fiery artistic nature; to put as romantic a spin on it as possible. I was consumed with the zest for living and I was not going to be constrained by any temporal authority whatsoever. As you can imagine, I ran afoul of the law for an extended period of time. None of that; the confinements and ancillary punishments, the very real dangers and threats against my life... moved me one wit. In that regard I am still as I was but I am more circumspect in my behavior (grin) of course and I am now left alone. Also, by this time, there is nothing I engage in anymore than runs contrary to any sane or sensible law. I have learned a few things after all. I added this in to give context to why I say what I say today.

Whether there is a war going on out there or not, is of no matter to me AND... I am inserting myself more personally into this posting than I usually do because of what I said about leading by example so... all that I am going to say is of a personal perspective and you can take it or leave it. It is the product of what I have learned and some of which... came at the cost of extreme suffering. I'd rather no other person goes through what I did... or puts themselves through what I have. That said, I will continue.

Whether a war is going on out there or not, is of no matter to me. There is ALWAYS A WAR GOING ON OUT THERE because a large portion of the people are at war with themselves and that makes perfect sense since, THEIR BODIES ARE COMPOSED OF 4 INIMICAL AND WARRING ELEMENTS! This is why there is such a remarkable book as The Bhagavad Gita, which I consider to be one of the more direct expressions of The Poetry of God and a composition of remarkable and enduring truth. Anyone who doesn't understand why the world is the way the world is should read it; if for no other reason than that. AND... anyone looking for a way out of this 'perception of endless conflict' should read it for that reason too, however, in that respect there is more than one holy book that can be referenced, such as the teachings of Jesus the Christ and Siddhartha Gautama.

No one can make war on someone who is at peace with themselves and no one can threaten or intimidate anyone who understands the truth in the following statements; “If God is for me, who can be against me?” “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” Let me insert some of my own poor contributions to the whole, 'the Devil works for God', 'the Devil is the way the wicked see God', 'no man who is his own master can be made into a slave' and 'just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can, doesn't mean it is.' I only include my own, which you have already seen before to again confirm why I say... 'Whether there is a war going on out there or not, is of no matter to me.'

Don't go around seeing evil here and there. See good in everything. By example- trends that seem alarming in the world may well be on their way to turning into something else. Also... the raging fanatics and bonafide lunatics, presently running the asylum, are in the process of killing themselves off. Nature CANNOT BE USURPED! Nature IS THE POWER OF GOD IN EXPRESSION. Nature is the whirling, dynamic, manifesting energy of existence; the active expression of the will of God. God... the supreme, is in a motionless eternity of being. God is in a ceaseless meditation, by the power of which, all things are maintained. God can also be in quite a few more than two places at once. God is also and will ALWAYS BE, beyond the comprehension of our minds. Accepting this is a real helpmate to the acquisition of UNDERSTANDING. By the grace of God... impersonal and beyond definition, he routinely manifests in a personal fashion and THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO ENTER INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, through his personal aspect. Some would argue otherwise. Let them. I only know what works for me.

God has appeared in many different costumes, according to the needs of the time and the culture in which he appears. These all come out of the Cosmic Wardrobe and it is one of the unfortunate truths of manifest existence that people tend to worship the costumes, rather than THE LIVING GOD, who expressed through them. They wear coffin bound glitter suits and hold up old bones and state that they have the power of God. This is not true. Saying this, has on occasions, cost many people their lives. God is a living and presently living being. Whatever he may have worn once upon a time can contain elements of wisdom and spiritual resources BUT one is FAR MORE ADVANTAGED to seek for AND FIND the LIVING GOD within. “The Kingdom is Heaven is within YOU.”

You don't have to look hither and yon. You don't have to contort yourself into all manner of postures and poses to get God's attention. God is already far more aware of you than you are of yourself. GOD IS WATCHING and you can't fool him. He knows your intentions and the deeper secrets of your heart, of which some amount is hidden from you. IF YOU are sincere and dedicated and DO NOT GIVE UP, you cannot fail to make contact with the indwelling almighty. YOU CANNOT FAIL!!! Books are an aid... meditation... prayer... these are all aids, but of far greater value is a surrendered and contrite heart.

There are some things God treasures more than others. This I have learned through observation of those who have ATTAINED TO DIRECT CONVERSATION WITH GOD. He highly treasures, humility, constancy and a heart given over completely to him, so... therefore, unswerving loyalty as well. This is why there is such a thing as The Greatest Commandment. Ponder this well. Why??? Why did this get said, “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” What does this curious section imply- “And a second is like it.” What do you suppose that means?

I LOVE little clues and leadings. I have profited greatly from a certain kind of curiosity and I recommend acquiring it. God knows, right this moment, what you are up to. He has multitudes of ranks of angels who minister to and record the events of existence. Angels are extensions of God and whatever they see and hear, so does God. Right this moment, God is watching you. Cave Dei Videt!

I think we're done here (grin). MY DEAR FRIENDS... we do not know the hour of the coming of The Lord. This is why we are encouraged to be watchful and vigilant. Pray without ceasing to the limits of your ability and see what happens. Also... serve as you go, opportunities present themselves regularly but we often do not see them. IT IS REAL. This is a real thing. No more than that needs be said.

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Sunday, November 17, 2019

They Encounter a Cold Front of Sumbitches, led by a Sexual Degenerate with Sanpaku Eyes.

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Finally... finally, I have found all the evidence that I have been relying on, in one place; courtesy of Tyler Durden. I've had to explain myself to people more often than I wanted to. So much so as to refuse to do so anymore. If you can't read the litany of evidence on the circling wind... you are more likely to get caught up in the grasp of the cyclone, rather than enjoy the power and spectacle from a distance.

I'd say that most people don't know the difference between a cyclone or a tornado. Certainly a cyclone can be much bigger. Basically, you get a tornado when a cold front and a warm front come together and a cyclone wherever you get air circling around a cold front. These conditions don't always promote a powerful spinning madness. Sometimes you just get a severe thunderstorm.

So it is in political climates, when you get cold hearted reptiles spinning around an even colder theater of enterprise, you're going to get a cyclonic weather condition, called Orange Man Set-off. Perhaps you have invisible angels, wafting upon the warm air of the Almighty's love in their passing ...and they encounter a Cold Front of Sumbitches, led by a Sexual Degenerate with Sanpaku Eyes. You are going to get a tornado.

Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons are basically the same thing. Perhaps the reason they get the weather wrong so much is that they don't fully understand all the subtleties of it. They don't have THE BIG PICTURE. Political storms are similar in this respect. Our present political storm is like that; wheels within wheels. But... like John Milton (Al Pacino) in The Devil's Advocate said, “Don't get too cocky my boy. No matter how good you are don't ever let them see you coming. That's the gaffe my friend.” This is what President Trump is doing.

As the 'joined at the hip of evil' Sumbitches, do their Armageddon Macarena, all their attention is focused on the orchestrated farce of their theatrics... guided by the protocol breaking, sexual degenerate with Purse Mouth Syndrome. They seem to have forgotten all about the IG Report on the Fisa Warrants. I don't know if you are familiar with some of Napoleon's tactics of war. It seems to me that is what is presently in play. It's one of those 'reach-a rounds' that are not as pleasurable as is generally thought to be the case. Now... this in not something I would know about but... on the advice of experts (grin) I have concluded the pleasure is all with the reach-a rounder.

It appears that the long awaited report (with attendant recommendations for action followups) includes all the usual suspects AND a former president and his Secretary of State. Oh my... Oh my...

Given that there are some actions that President Trump cannot 'directly' bring about, he has to play one of those Chance/Strategy games, where you have a tall structure and you keep pulling out one piece after another, until... it collapses and the collapser loses. It's 4D legerdemain. More and more, I begin to suspect the intrusion of unseen hands and the presence of a presence undefined.

The greatest problem in the world, besides ignorance, is selfishness. When you cannot- or do not want to- see the wider benefits of your every act, your field of vision narrows; eventually you are blinded if it continues to narrow. Many people look upon the possession of a selfish or generous nature as being a personal choice that could have come about in all manner of ways. The presence or absence of a moral compass could have a lot to do with it; bad parenting and bad mentoring also can be causes. Most assuredly, no matter what other causes or ancillary influences come into the press, Materialism is ALWAYS a major player.

When you are guided by a selfish nature, there will ALWAYS be aspects of your life, critical aspects that you will not see. Your selfish nature will have occluded them. Some of what you miss can affect your survival, whether that be literal, or something like your reputation and standing in the world. For some reason, being selfish is never to a person's advantage over the long term. You miss important features and you render yourself vulnerable and exposed.

More and more... it appears to me that an unseen hand is at work. This thrills and comforts me. Of course, I KNOW that an invisible hand is ALWAYS at work, in the known and unknown worlds, however far the reach of them extends BUT... even though I know this... I forget. Memory and the ability for remembering, are extraordinarily critical to Spiritual Realization and Spiritual Revelation. Your real self already knows everything. It just has to be contacted and provoked. Perhaps the contact is all the provocation that is needed.

Every religious tradition has a element of constant prayer- constant remembrance. Each of them has a tenet whereby, at the approach of death, one has only to engage the discipline of remembering The Ineffable, or repeating the name or phrase of the celebration of the presence and salvation is automatic. I have found this to be present in Buddhism, with the Amitabha Buddha. I have found it in Hindu system with the Mahamantra and I have found it in the Christian Tradition also with, “pray without ceasing”. What many fail to realize, or simply do not know, is that there are entities dispatched at the critical moment to cause us to forget the practice. If you have been, at all, inconsistent or cavalier in your performance, of whichever process you employ, you may well forget; you might well forget.

When you set out to trap anyone, you must have your priorities in order and also be on the side of the angels, unless, of course, your target(s) are doomed in their Karma. It is probably best to never set out to trap anyone (given how it can impact on your own Karma) but... such is life and especially such is life in certain periods of display. It is the divine who both traps and releases us at different times. It is why we pray, “lead us not into temptation”. It is why Lord Ganesha carries the two accouterments of binding and liberation with him.

We have a number of phrases that have been in the common parlance for awhile. One of them refers to being hoisted on your own petard. As the other John Milton once said, “Revenge, at first though sweet, Bitter ere long back on itself recoils.”

SO... SO... it behooves us to spend some time of deep reflection upon our acts of malevolence toward others because, one way or another, it will come back on us. This applies as well to Schadenfreude. Thoughts can kill and have killed. The longer I live, the more impressed I am with The hand of God. The longer I live, the more impressed I am with the wisdom of possessing those features called, 'The Virtues' The world is incredibly deceptive. One could say it is entirely deceptive because nothing it tells you is true. It is always misleading and misdirecting. Here I mean to indicate ALL AREAS of deception, crimes of omission, as well as the crimes of commission. Then there is a whole field of prohibitions that have to do with a failure to render aid.

Yes... I'm dancing all over the place here today but some things cannot be said outright. It is not possible. The corner around which they wait must be indicated, or the attention directed toward it... it must be hinted at and then one can only hope the point is made. We are coming up on a whirlwind of riffling events... a cyclone of bada bing... a tornado of sequences that will sometimes be moving faster than the eye can see, especially if the eye has been coerced to look in the wrong direction. It's all going to be coming around the mountain when it comes.

Whatever the real nature and intention of this present president of the United States is, at this time, we are going to be witness to a grand spectacle of venality, duplicity, revenge and a scrambling mayhem after personal profit and vain ambitions, the like of which... the like of which, we have not seen in this lifetime. Never before has the lines between the combatants been so radically defined. Never has the animosity and rancor been so great. This is positively Shakespearean! I suggest you arrange your comestibles ahead of time. You are not going to want to move away from the performance once that has been set in motion before you.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Your True Self is beyond Space, Time and Causation. It is IMMUNE to Every Danger of Every Kind.

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(we are ushering in a new era at the blogs. There will generally be no links except at the end, other than the song of the day and Pocketnet. Then... then... if there are links they will be at the very end with a short bio on why it happens to be included. What is going on in the world has little to do with what is going on here, with me. You can find the news on your own and Pocketnet has got the widest selection of the most up to date and relevant items so... you don't need me for that and I don't need all the extra work that is wasted when people don't pay attention.)

I sit and wonder a lot. I stand and wonder too. I wonder a great deal, no matter what position or posture I am in. I try to trace the origins of conditions as they presently exist. I make comparisons between living conditions now and at many another time. I take into consideration the intellectual and moral climate of cultures. I wonder about the Doctor Pangloss clones of today, who imagine that this is “the best of all possible worlds”. I even wonder about things like the merger of the words 'Pang' and 'loss'. Was Voltaire trying to say something? I'll attempt to reassure you at this time that I am not one to get buried in minutiae, or endless sidetracking digressions. As far as I'm concerned, there is one supreme and ineffable being and no other thing, known or unknown, seen or unseen worth thinking about or looking for.

In a single year now, my world has been changed beyond recognition. It is pretty amazing what you can accomplish, if you set your heart and mind on it and it doesn't matter what your age is. The loss of flexibility is what dooms most of us. We harden and stratify as we age. We lose flexibility. We lose range of motion. We lose the desire for most everything except habitual repetition BUT... if that is not the case with you... all bets on the usual declines are off. Our perspective becomes fixed. If it is wrong and... MOST OF THEM ARE, then... your fixation on what is not real, intensifies.

When I say most perspectives are wrong, I am seriously understating the matter. What I should have said is that all personal perspectives are in some degree of error. There is ONLY ONE PERSPECTIVE that is not in error and that is the perspective of the indwelling true self. It is OFTEN silent on the matter as well. The indwelling self knows that, in the manifest existence, change is the only constant. If change is all there is then there is NOTHING... in the long run, that you can see, or hear, or taste, or touch, or smell that you can depend on. The radiant energy of existence is likened to a serpent, it moves in sinuous twistings from side to side. It coils. There is much to ponder here and much to wonder about.

NO MATTER WHAT you may think, there are only two directions you can go in; up or down. You might say that you can go to either side, or back and forth. With the former... ALL STRAIGHT LINES become circular. With the latter you are in stasis limbo. SO... The energy of your being is either MOVING OUT or MOVING IN. You can haggle about the terms I am using and whether 'in and out' would qualify as 'up and down'. Let's just put this all down as allegory. Of course, you can haggle about anything and some people do. I don't haggle and I don't argue. It is what it is. I would rather get to the heart, of the truth, of the matter, or nowhere at all. There is no Option B. You may have more than one option, I do not.

The dynamic energy of our being; the sacred energy that exists as the life within us, gets routed in one of two directions; outward into the world, or inward and upward to planes of consciousness beyond the terrestrial. You are having sex and battling for survival and all else; the brutal fantasies of wealth, power and fame, OR you have turned your attention away from these things because they lead ONLY to death and redundancy. They are the process and procedure of an endless cycling routine of suffering, upon the rack of the ring of fire, karma bound and harnessed to the wheel of inevitable outcome... on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. My friends... it does not have to be like this.

So many of us deeply resent the loss of the pleasures of this plane. They are less than the rooting squalor of pigs in offal, by comparison to what waits beyond. The pigs know of nothing other than what exists at the end of their snouts. Some of them were once as you and I are now. Existence operates like an elevator and is similar to a spiral stairway but these are all analogies for something that can only be experienced, not described. Some things have to be taken on Faith. I will add that there are levels at which Reason can come very close. Pure Reason is a remarkable tool.

If we don't have what is available, in seemingly endless quantity for some, we want it so bad our teeth hurt. If we have it on tap, for however long there is time left on the meter, it gets old. Then we get old and then... whatever we had is gone. All that remains is what we became and that is the arbiter of our next place of residence. Whatever you have, YOU WILL LOSE ...and depending on how you managed it and how you behaved, you will literally, up close and personal, see the results of that.

With what we presently know we could not build things like Notre Dame and other similar structures today. Somehow we lost the capacity. There are some people now engaged in attempting to do this by reverting to the tools and methods employed back when. It doesn't make sense, does it? Here is why this is so... whatever the level of materialism is at any given time, that sets the tenor for intellectual accomplishment. Surely you are familiar with the term, 'dumbing down'? Take a look around. Do you see composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Brahms at work? No... you do not. Are we in a time of lyrical and inspired poetry and books the like of those once written by Melville, Poe, Stevenson, Twain, Hugo, Dumas (father and son)? No... you do not. Do you see paintings similar to Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Goya, Monet, Manet or similar? No... you do not. Do you see the sorts of galvanizing architecture of previous times? No... you do not. Are there illumined philosophers to be found among the atheists, secular humanists and dirtbag gender and identity pundits? No... you do not.

Materialism is responsible for all this paucity and depravity. Now depravity and perversity are being CELEBRATED! Operational Insanity has become an actual form of government. Witness Kalifornia. People by droves, in an uncountable swarm; a ravening mob of berserker appetites, are loosed upon the glittering marketplaces of chattels and consumables. They are now killing people over chicken sandwiches. An angry revolution is brewing among the terminally disappointed. They don't know where they're going and they don't know what they want. All they know is that they are terribly angry. The whole world is an ongoing expression of bad parenting.

So far... this all adds up to an ominous and depressing portrait, with Hell hammering at the gates of the material plane. It has already broken through in places. What to do... what to do.

There is good news and it all comes down to the Purpose of Demonstration. Everything taking place is being directed to orchestrated ends for the purpose of demonstration. Are you in need of a lesson? In that case, simply continue along as you have been. Your lesson will be along at some point; 'objects in the mirror are closer than they appear'. Perhaps you are not in need of a lesson, or you learn your lessons on the way, as needed, as they pertain to course adjustments. AT NO TIME has there ever been a time when the Supreme Master of all Planes is not fully at the controls. That supreme master is resident within you at this very moment and YOU CAN MAKE CONTACT. You have ONLY to want it more than anything else. Let this urge consume you. Pray without ceasing. Time and time and time again, remind yourself and pull your attention back to this single pressing need. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Never before has the opportunity been as great as it is now. EIGHT BILLION PEOPLE ARE HERE!!! A drama is unfolding that is unique in recorded history. The Great Summing up is at hand. THIS IS WHY THE DISTRACTIONS ARE SO GREAT! Put down that cellphone and step away. Go within. Your true self awaits. Your true self is beyond Space, Time and Causation. It is IMMUNE to every danger of every kind.

FEAR and APPETITE. Dismiss the one and restrain the other. All fear is based on a dance of shadows. NONE OF IT IS REAL. Only your belief in it grants substance to the illusory presence of what you fear. We are the authors of whatever manifests. NONE OF IT IS REAL! NONE OF IT IS REAL! It is a simple trick of the mind. Pivot your attention. Gnothi Seauton.

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Saturday, November 02, 2019

"An Introspective Travelogue into that Far Kingdom, EVER so Close at Hand."

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It's all calm on every front here. Then I go out into the wide world, as seen from my various internet perches and all is not calm on almost any front. I walk away from the computer, troubled by the things I have seen... knowing it is all out of my hands. The only thing I have any possibility of influence over is me. Then... there is the consideration that there is no me. All there is a a temporary amalgam of persona brought together by the aggregate of what I've been through and the product of that astrological map that set in place the predispositions and inclinations I brought from the last go rounds. The eternally existing me is like the white screen that a film is projected on. Each lifetime is a film that begins and ends and the white screen is always there in the interim, unaffected by any of the movies that were screened on it.

None of the troublesome conditions are anywhere in the house as I walk through it. None of these conditions are outside my door, or down the street, in the nearby stores or the faraway stores; where they are is in my head. I saw evidence of them. I heard about them and the magic manifestation machine in my head, the subconscious factory below decks, brought an experience of each of them into my thoughts. If I don't personally attach myself to any of these situations or conditions, there's no context for interaction between me and whatever facsimile of something my mind created, as representative of whatever it is or was. The facsimile, of course, is a subjective and seriously incomplete projection on the screen of the mind.

It seems like the only important consideration is; what's behind the mind and... what is behind that and what, if anything, is behind that? The heart has similar considerations. It generates feelings that have to do with sensory reports. We're talking about the heart as a creative force that makes identifiers for whatever comes up, whatever is encountered or experienced. We call it something, we label it as good or bad and it gets an emotional qualifier that is associated with it and... the heart moves on to the next thing... or it doesn't. There are all sorts of potential results... limitless prospects. Let's say a particular heart's most recent encounter involved a bullet passing through it. This would involve it moving on in a more dramatic fashion than what it had previously been used to running into. Wow, Visible, that was abrupt (grin).

The near totality of my life has been a search for The Divine Being. It stands to reason that if you persist in anything, you're going to either get very competent at it, or eventually succeed in the acquisition of it. There are the alternatives that... you'll never get more than basically competent because you lack, 'the gene' and also that you won't get whatever it was, because; it is exceedingly rare and the competition for it fierce, it turned out to be non existent, or... you changed your mind because you changed along the way.

I'm not going to go too deeply into my struggles, beyond a few thoughts, concerning terrain and degree of difficulty. From the time I could walk, I was used as a handball and a punching dummy. This could have had a lot to do with the intensity of my quest from the inception. I suspect I asked for this 'direct route', prior to entry. Regardless of the pain and attendant psychological torment, it toughened me to a serious degree and also resulted in my becoming a redoubtable martial artist and that stood me in good stead, considering the landscape I was compelled to traverse to this point.

My search for the ineffable also resulted in countless encounters with The Truth behind appearances; caused me to not trust appearances and to delve ever deeper and deeper into the mix after essence and substance. I learned the difference between 'essential' and 'substantive'.

In the beginning, I became quite a pedant and pseudo-intellectual. That can happen when you are a teenager and read too many philosophical discourses and all things dense and convoluted. That, thankfully, did not last long. LSD came into the picture and I learned many, many lifetimes worth of what I consider worth knowing, in a very short space of time ...and also led me to a fundamental conviction that I DO NOT KNOW. If I know, then I close the door on divine knowing. If I do not know- viscerally- and with the certitude of unshakable conviction, that which does know, can know within my consciousness, for so long as I need to know it.

I encountered Eastern Thought and hardly ever looked back at Western Perspective again. Both of these are viable schools of thought. Some do well with both. For me, Eastern Thought rang my bells, especially since all western though is a product and extension of Eastern Thought anyway. Then I had a life changing Kundalini Rising and that led to my 'fixation of the volatile' but it took a long time.

Life did not ease up until later in the game. Some of it was due to the 'degree of difficulty' chosen. The more severe that is, the greater the overall reward. There are also external examples in terms of environment. Real spiritual progress can be/is severely hampered by however intense the levels of materialism are. Suffice to say, it doesn't get much more intense than this and if it does, it's right up ahead. Then... like the end of a seemingly endless cloud cover, The Sun broke through and it has gotten finer and easier and all round more tolerable than ever I had begun to think it might (nice sentence structure, Visible). That sentence reminds me of something Les Paul once said to Chet Atkins. Both of them were guitar masters and they did a lot of recording together. On one project they were listening back and Chet said to Les. “There's some mistakes in there, Les.” Les replied, “Leave em in, let em know we're human.” If you've not listened to these two maestros together and you have enough musical sense to recognize and appreciate excellence, give em a listen.

I took more chemicals than most and I'm neither recommending this or apologizing for it. That's my business, no one else's. I was in a hurry. I was reckless and caused myself a great deal of pain that I could have otherwise avoided BUT... as it turned out, the ineffable appreciated the passion in the gesture. A point came when I put it all aside and that portion of The Work which requires this began.

I found what I was looking for. By now I know it is authentic. To say that it cost everything would not be hyperbole but... EVERYTHING IS NOTHING by comparison. Scripture talks about giving up the chase after all manner of worldly objectives and how it gets added unto later. I've small concern about that. I'm going to try to explain what this means now, by using a medium that has ALWAYS AND INFALIABLY fallen short of the task ...but I think I can leave a good indicator.

Imagine that there is an emptiness within (as, in fact, there is) and... as one can easily observe in life, ANYWHERE that there are people who are looking to fill or satiate that emptiness with everything under the sun. Imagine also (though you do not have to imagine) that NOTHING external to a person will satisfy this internal hunger. The entire Purpose of Demonstration thing about existence is ALL about this. Imagine that the cure for the emptiness is already in place BUT... it has not been located or identified yet. Consider that NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, you WILL NOT find it on your own and there is good reason for this. Here is a bit of scripture in respect of that; “For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this not from yourselves; it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast.” (For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus.)

You can find your way to the door but after that...

For years, my conversations and appeals were, for the most part, one sided and the only exceptions were in rarefied states and in extremity. Then 'the voice' came to me and said, “I'm here now.” This was only about 8 years ago. What has followed since has been a increasingly clarity, as if the fine tuning dial has come into more precise position and the frequency of contact has, incrementally, increased.

Imagine that you find something that will remain undefined and it fills up every crevice and corner of that emptiness, in such a way that NOTHING has ever previously done. Attendant with it is an assurance, a kind of confidence that also cannot be defined or described. A certitude arises that cannot be impacted upon by any event or challenge. If you had nothing else, the sense of it is... that's okay. What is needed appears of its own. All of the problems of life and all of its uncertainties melt away. They have no place to be in residence. This... inexplicable thing, automatically displaces all negative concerns.

This is as close as I have come to putting the sense and feeling of it into expression and it falls remarkably short of the reality of it. I hesitate to post this when it is nowhere close to the reality but, it is what it is.

You can read the text of 'I do Believe' here

I will close with some statements that have been made to me and which were made so that I could repeat them for the benefit of any who may find them useful;

'If you do not quit, you cannot fail.'
'You only have to want it more that anything else, as soon as you do, a certain process is set into motion.'
'The opportunity for a quantum leap in personal, spiritual evolution is more likely now than at any time previous.'
'Help is at hand, ALWAYS.'
'All sincere prayers are answered but they are not all answered in, according to our wishes, a timely fashion.'
'There are reasons why, sometimes, certain prayers are not answered but the reasons for that are ALL to your advantage. So (grin) in a sense, all prayers are still answered.'

God Speed my friends! Have at it with a will! Strive hard... The Kingdom is at hand!!!

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