Monday, January 27, 2020

Navigating the Carnival Sideshow in this Marketplace of Shit.

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Waiting for the Impeachment Hearing this Monday... images of the world in motion... Time, Space and Causation, being the only mediums the mind can perceive through... Cognize... Cogitate... Think man! Think! Speed of Sound, Speed of Light, Speed of Thought. These three rates of motion bring interesting ideas into the mind. The speed of sound is around 700 hundred something miles an hour. I think the speed of light is around 186,000 miles a second. It's more fun for me if I don't look information up and provides the necessary unequal playing field to my opponents (I'm guessing I have a few). I like to think of it as something like wheelchairs for people who can't walk. We've also got hearing aids these days and I hear they're pretty good but they still haven't come up with thinking aids. Why is that? Oh... they are working on them and planning on putting in back doors.

Anyway... we don't know what the speed of thought is but I have heard it is instantaneous. Apparently, realized masters and even the odd Fakir, with the necessary yogic power (siddhi), could transport themselves, with the power of thought, to anywhere in the universe at the speed of thought. However... what if there is no atmosphere? What if the atmosphere is toxic AND... what if there is an admission fee and they don't have the right currency? These are some of the things you have to think about when you are moving around at the speed of thought.

More importantly, at least for me... one can be 'in the thoughts' of everyone they think about and ARE IN THEIR THOUGHTS, each time they think about them. The impact of it may not be immediate. It might not even register. Some of us are more sensitive. Some of us are even driven mad by the chatter in our heads. It is unfortunate that we do not know more about the invisible worlds because they affect us at all times. This is how it is though, in times of material darkness. When our mental processes are overpowered by the input of sensory data, through the sensory organs, we lose the ability to discern and apprehend what is occurring in the super sensory realms. Those of us who had the benefit of psychedelics in our life experiences have had and do have, a form of entree into areas of being that most are unaware of or simply ignore. For me, what is going on in the invisible worlds is of much greater importance than what is taking place here. HERE... is often a carnival sideshow in a Marketplace of Shit.

Anyone who had the misfortune to watch the vomit inducing Grammy Awards last night and was in possession of an objective perspective, could see how the awards were skewered toward certain social justice concerns, such as Obesity and Satanism. People on the outside of the blueprint room, where they draw up the plans for shaping material futures, don't see the evidence of intent, with the draftsmen and architects who create the schematics. Lizzo got a whole lot of awards because of the shape of her body and Billie Eilish got a bunch of awards for her songs about Satanic fantasies and suicide dreams. Billie didn't just appear from serendipitous event... AS THEY WOULD LIKE YOU TO BELIEVE. The bio is as much of a lie as Anne Frank's ballpoint pen reflections that she didn't write. Eilish was sculpted and shaped to represent emerging patterns and fashions in material life by being the vehicle for a produced message for public mind control. She is the logical inheritor of the Madonna-Lady Gaga lineage.

No one... not anymore... not in these times... comes to international celebrity BY ACCIDENT. They are all vetted and then molded by the thought wave shapers, for the purpose of indoctrination. These days, the music business and the fashion industry and the education system are all connected.

This is another area where the force of thought is extremely powerful. Certain vested interests use the music business to influence cultural behaviors. Rap was created to create a moral sewer in the hearts and minds of western youth. It was created to promote the degradation of the divine feminine because the Divine Feminine is coming into power in the Aquarian Age and it behooves the manipulators to pervert it, before it can represent at a higher level; or at least that is their intent. Rap was also created to make a religion out of 'bling' and Materialism in general. Nearly all of the forgettable compositions are about women being willing celebrators of whoredom and as subservient slaves to sexual excess. If you want to know what the intent of the message is, LISTEN TO THE LYRICS!!!

In the 60s and 70s we had songs about positive revolution, brotherhood and all manner of positive statement (most of the time). Then, gradually, music made its way to the nihilistic, depressed and suicidal songs of the 90's and now we have what we have. In previous centuries we had sweeping and ascending symphonies, often with religious and mythical themes. There was a time when art reflected the higher sensitivities of our human state. We were not being urged to act like beasts in a depraved and anonymous wallowing, with multiple partners, including household pets and livestock. There was a time when the transgender lunacy was just that, an expression of mental aberration. Women were held in high regard. In the old west it was still a time of chivalry in places and God help a man caught abusing one. Yes... I know there has always been abuse and mistreatment but there was also a general tenor to the times that we lack today.

NO ONE IS GOING TO COMPEL ME TO RESPECT AND CELEBRATE THE ICONS OF MY OWN DESTRUCTION! No one is going to piss in my ear and make me think it is rain and I don't eat shit, just because you served it to me warm.

I'm not surprised by the Coronavirus, or the even more deadly forms being engineered, as I write these words. I KNOW there is a cabal of powerful, self styled elite, who would like to reduce the greater population, to a much more manageable number, of permanent servant class lackey's, for their pleasure. I see what's going on and what I don't see, I can intuit. UNLIKE SO MANY PEOPLE that I know in passing, or hear about, I am not in a panic over the criminal elite, or their Protocols, or their mandates for a New World Order, of world domination. I am not convinced that every powerful person is a reptile, or evil; NOT AT ALL. I don't see conspiracies in every conversation, within or outside of earshot. This is because, I KNOW GOD IS IN CHARGE! I know that God weaves all Good and Evil actions, intentions, agendas and whatever, to the conclusion dictated by his will. NO ONE can command or compel God, except through Love. God is a slave to the higher love, which is also his/her primary expression.

God is not deceived and God is... most assuredly, not mocked. God is everywhere in control and eternally, through his angels, a witness to everything and there is an eternal and inviolable law of existence that attends to the necessary justice, that falls upon every thought, word and deed. I recommend disabusing yourself of any possibilities otherwise. GOD IS ALL POWERFUL and is the very power within and behind every thought, word and deed. God is the master of all things and the end of the journey for every traveler, no matter how many lifetimes are required to reach him. ALL POWER PROCEEDS FROM GOD AND IS... ON LOAN... AT HIS PLEASURE, for so long as it pleases him, to confer it... FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. AMEN!!!

In the wink of an eye, God can switch the flow of the current of power to ANYONE, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR POSITION MIGHT BE, whether one be emperor or slave, rich or poor. He can dash the one to the ground and elevate the other at his whimsy ...AND I ASSURE YOU... this is going to happen shortly. Mr. Apocalypse is soon to amplify the awakening ten fold. This WILL shake the foundations of present reality. This will put the lie to the Holocaust fabrications, professional victimhood, sexual degeneracy and many another falsehood, that presently rules over human thought to the advantage of the predators.

I suggest that you expect signs and wonders now. I suggest you look for surprising appearances and dramatic shifts, in both perception and what is being perceived. We are now in those times that over the centuries we have been warned about the arrival of. At vast and distant removes, an apocalypse appears. No one among us remembers what occurred then but once again, let me itemize in a general way; Uncovering... Revealing... Exposing and MOST ESPECIALLY AND IMPORTANTLY... AWAKENING!

Every time you think of anyone, you appear in their mind, whether they note it or not. Every thought you have, expresses a degree of force upon the being, object or location thought of. Not all of these are positive events. Many of us are vulnerable to them and some of us are protected but... ANY OF US COULD BE PROTECTED IF WE CHOSE TO BE. There is a great power in our thoughts, just as there is in our feelings. We SHOULD BE MINDFUL OF THIS. Think well of one another, regardless of whatever they may think of you. Generate and express Love toward all, no matter what might be directed at you. Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

"Ah What a Marvelous and Amazing Feat, to Still the Reactive Mind."

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Wherever we go and however we present ourselves, at whatever time, we carry the solution to all of our problems. It is a simple matter, although... it might take some doing, to grab a mound of Jello and fashion an Origami Angel from the movement of a single hand.

That is what the mindstuff, out of which... thought is fashioned, resembles. It has been compared to Mercury on a mirror. It is a feat indeed to hold such a trembling element in a fixative state. BUT... if you can restrain the mindstuff from taking shape, you have won one of life's greatest victories.
A very long time ago, a yogic-sage, named Patanjali, wrote a small book called, The Yoga Sutras. It is a compilation of 196 aphorisms, which deal with the control of the mind; the control of that unstable, Mercury like substance, which he calls 'chitti'. One who can do this has access to all of the powers, or siddhis, that it is possible to possess. One of the results of this practice of mind control is... the jewel in the crown; Self Realization and The knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

Who Patanjali was is a mystery, even his time of residence is cloudy. Some say 400 BC. Some say 200 BC and some say it was much earlier than that. We've gone through about 80 generations, since the time of Jesus Christ. When you think about it... that doesn't seem like much. It feels like it should be more, over a longer time.

I call the process, 'STILLING THE REACTIVE MIND'. Every difficulty we have, is a product of the reactive mind. It is a Herculean feat to gain command over one's intrinsic nature. In Tarot, there is card called, 'Strength'. It shows a lady holding the head of a lion and opening its mouth for it to speak. Some have said she is closing its mouth to muffle the roar. I suppose either of these would work. Not immediately seen, is a woven belt of roses in a figure 8, that wraps around the woman's waist and then around the neck of the lion, this is the chain of desires, woven together to give full expression to The Creative Imagination. The simple explanation of the card is, the control of ALL SUBHUMAN FORCES. It is an image of controlled sublimation. In psychology they call sublimation 'a defense mechanism'. Freud came up with it after reading “The Harz Journey”. It's about a boy who used to cut the tails off of dogs and who grew up to be a surgeon. I can see how that could happen, in the context of sublimation.

If you are a physicist, controlled sublimation means something else. That is not my area of enterprise but I come across these bits of information because I am a voracious reader and EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. It amazes me where I sometimes find myself. I could be watching a video about animals in the jungle (all kinds of animals are a favorite area of interest for me) and wind up in Monaco reading about etiquette. You never know where something will take you, if you let it. I've learned to be very cautious in my travels, both real and virtual.

Think about it, for a moment... all the pursuits that people get up to. There are those who want to be rich and those who want to be famous. There are those who pursue power and others for whom some passion, be it pedestrian or inspiring, is the driving force in their lives. Thinking about it, you can see the list of possibilities are endless and subsequently, as a result, people can find themselves in all kinds of situations, that they never imagined would come about, from doing something unrelated. However, it doesn't matter what people get up to, if they haven't gained control over themselves first. THAT is THE GREAT WORK. Some say it is Self Realization. Some say it is “The Knowledge and Conversation of their Holy Guardian Angel.” Enlightenment? Peace of Mind? Inviolable Sanctuary? Whatever you call it, is always requires that you gain command of yourself first.

The card that precedes 'Strength' is, 'The Chariot'. That image means, TRIUMPH IN THE MIND. I can see that. It looks like Alexander the Great, in a chariot drawn by a black and a white Sphinx. There is a blue canopy over his head, emblazoned with stars. It seems to suggest stellar forces flowing through him. I could go on and on about the intricacies in the image but it is ALWAYS better when people find things out on their own. Still... you can see how TRIUMPH IN THE MIND can lead to THE CONTROL OF ALL SUBHUMAN FORCES and then to 'The Hermit', who stand on a mountain top, in a gray cloak, which is a blend of all colors and that implies Wisdom. He's holding out a lantern with a shining star in it. He has achieved UNION WITH THE TRUE SELF. That's what you get when you gain control of the mind and then all subhuman forces.

Apparently it then becomes your duty to hold out a light for all other souls, who struggle up the mountain, where you already reside. YOU HAVE ATTAINED. There is nothing more for you to do but... the desire to share this posture, this state of awareness, this place with others, becomes the driving force of your existence. I can see that.

Until you achieve self control, mastery over the lower self, whatever you do is going to have mixed results. Sometimes the beast is in operation and sometimes the beast is contained. I've found the best 'working solution', to be teaching the beast to dance, or sing... like the lady with the lion's head in her arms.

People are driven to their wits end as to the causes of their suffering. They live in states of managed (and unmanaged) paranoia, concerning the potential loss of temporary things that THEY WILL, MOST DEFINITELY LOSE AT SOME POINT. If you gain command of yourself, none of this matters because you happen upon... you 'happen upon', a perspective that explains it all to you AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT MIGHT COME UP. This is why you need, you desperately need... a working intuition and... The Intuition, like anything else, can be developed to extraordinary levels of operation. You can strengthen it. You can adjust the volume. You can keep the station from drifting out of range, so long as you, yourself... DO NOT DRIFT. There is an old saying that I remember from time to time; “If God feels far away, guess who moved?”

Many people discover the truth of these things later in life and believe it is too late for them; if only they had done something about it earlier! The truth is that it is NEVER TOO LATE. As long as there is breath, there is hope. In this time of awakening, many are starting to discover that there is more to life... much more to life than they previously thought. All this time... EVERYONE HAS BEEN SUFFERING FROM THE ATTACHMENT TO TEMPORARY THINGS! As The Buddha said, “all life is pain, caused by ignorant desire.” Our priorities have been out of wack. We've been prisoners in the Penitentiary of the Mind, in the prison of temporary things. Ah what a fine and beautiful bird of freedom takes wing, in that moment when we are set free of concern for temporary things!!!

Yes... this is an apocalypse, a time of unveiling and uncovering... a time of revealing... BUT IT IS... MORE IMPORTANTLY... A TIME OF AWAKENING!!! Yes... the dominoes are going to fall. Yes... there is going to be social upheaval. Yes... those who have been preying upon humanity and profiting from human misery for such a length of time, are going to be exposed... BUT UNLESS THAT IS YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION, you have nothing to worry about concerning it. Embrace the awakening!!! It is coming with a fury and a DIVINE PASSION FOR CHANGE!

Existence spans such a great stretch of time that we have no way to put it into perspective, in our brief appearance here. Karma reaches back before recorded history but there are divine recording agents, who have not missed one jot or one tittle. Much of what we see happening... where it makes no sense in the context of a single life; where children suffer, where entire nations are oppressed, where horrible torments and murders occur and we can see no evident reasons for any of it... oh... it goes back a long time ago and PEOPLE ARE ROUTINELY BORN INTO SITUATIONS WHERE KARMA GETS RESOLVED.

So many times I have heard it said, “I refuse to believe in a God who lets little children suffer.” Any moron should know that children DO NOT REMAIN CHILDREN. They go on to become adults who commit adult crimes against children and sure and certain... it comes back upon them. Everything repeats and the crimes of other times, find their judgment come to pass in present times. Yes... on the surface, life seems unfair. It is not unfair at all. It is precision itself in the way it completes itself.

A wise person, accepts that God is incomprehensible and unknowable. A wise person understands that God is not a bigger version of themselves, with the same prejudices and inclinations. A wise person puts themselves 'in the way' of the divine; recognizes their ignorance and with a contrite heart, throws themselves upon the mercy of the celestial kingdom, forgives all who have offended against them and prays for the descent of transcendent grace and the forgiveness of sin. God can wipe away your slate of transgressions in a heartsbeat. I know whereof I speak in this regard.

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

I do Believe that George Soros Could Well be The Anti-Christ.

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It is more than a little odd. In fact, it is strange beyond understanding and it comes to mind often and I haven't gotten a clue yet. Why... WHY DOES NO ONE, OUTSIDE OF CERTAIN MEDIA FIGURES, SAY ANYHING ABOUT GEORGE SOROS??? I don't think I have heard President Trump mention him once. I could have missed it but... it's a wonder. He is THE MAJOR PLAYER, on the world stage today, in terms of financing drastic, social changes around the world. He is the main bank for the engineered migrant crisis, whose intent (at the moment) is the destruction of Europe AND AMERICA. He is deep into the Climate Change hoax. He is one of the primary forces behind the promotion of unnatural sexual behavior. He is involved in the attacks on the Second Amendment. He is a powerful influence upon Antifa. He is an abortion banker. Pretty much EVERY MOVEMENT that is directed to the destruction of social harmony and the amplification of world wide confusion and disorder... HE IS BEHIND IT!

I first heard about him when he got named as The Man who Broke the Bank of England. He bet against The Pound currency and made a billion dollars. At least that is what I remember. Now they say he has around 24 billion dollars. How did that happen? It would not be too dramatic of me to say that if you are sexually normal, white, male, stable, Christian and similar, he wants to destroy you. LITERALLY!!! He is diametrically opposed to everything President Trump, ostensibly, wishes to accomplish. I can't see where the president has a bigger enemy with deeper pockets. From what I can see, Little Georgie Sorrows carries water for the Rothschild family interests.

This man is one of the main reasons that I support our current president. All of his competition is also under the Soros Thrall... OR WANTS TO BE.

I've been noticing a certain uptick in my ration of the 'always anonymous' shit commentators. It's usually at about 2%, consistently. It now appears to have doubled and this can all be laid at the feet of my having said I intended to vote for the incumbent president. I probably should not have said it. Nothing rouses the ire of the internet attack dogs like any mention of politics or religion. These days that has gone turbo nova. People of all kinds just hate President Trump. They're clear about that. What they are not clear about is, who they know to be a good and effective replacement and that... well... that is the crux of the matter.

For some reason, there is a loose contingent of individuals out there who think I am unaware of the various negatives that are associated with our current Commander in Chief. He appears to be owned by the psychopathic nation of Israel. Yes... I see this. As I ponder the matter, trying to find other considerations besides this one... I can't find anything else. Well... he is bombastic. He lacks gravitas. He comes off as a cartoon more than I would like. It can be said that he is an overblown caricature of himself. I've said these things many times but my critics don't remember it.

Now... it's okay for people to disagree with statements I make and positions I take. It's okay for people to dislike me. I want certain people to dislike me. That's an indication that I'm doing the right thing. I'll just mention at this point what I have said hundreds of times by now; I DON'T KNOW. I only know what I am allowed to know, when I am informed by the one who informs me and I've been wrong in the past, now and again, and I may well be wrong in the future but as soon as I realize it, I change my position so that I am no longer wrong. I have no desire to insist on what is not so. People can have whatever reaction to me they like. It has no effect on me. ONLY WHAT GOD THINKS MEANS ANYTHING TO ME. So... there... I've said it again.

What president in recent memory has not had to answer to Israel? What president hasn't had to put on the doily cap and do the Gefilte Fish Walk? All of them have and when they don't, they get shot or shown the videos of their moral lapses. You knew that Monica Lewinsky was a Mossad Agent... right? You're pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don't. It comes with the territory. I don't think there is much you can tell me about President Trump that can be known that I haven't run across.

I mentioned Paul Joseph Watson a few days ago and a gaggle of 'always' anonymous came forth to tell me about his various failings and how stupid and treacherous I was to even mention his name. As I said, in response, you have to talk the party line to keep your place in the Alex Jones empire. I don't completely censure people for their lapses in conscience. I couldn't reference anyone then. There was a time or two in the past when I would do the self righteous goosestep just like everyone else. I'm too aware of my own flaws these days to do that anymore. I just pray for general improvement and put my faith in Mr. Apocalypse. He's going to sort it all out.

I'm not that concerned with P.J. Watson's feet of clay and President Trump's being owned by Israel. Israel is the chosen nation of the chosen people of The Prince of Darkness. The Synagogue of Satan, rules supreme in the darkness of the manifest plane BUT... BUT... The Devil, wittingly or unwittingly, works for The Lord God Almighty. That is the name of that tune and God- The Supreme Ruler calls every tune for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. I don't worry about outcomes BECAUSE.., I KNOW GOD IS REAL AND ALL POWERFUL. That is my answer to EVERYTHING, by the way.

George Soros and his minions are much like The Hashshashin of Hassan-i-Sabbah, back in the 11th century. Right now he is the main mischief maker on the planet and NONE OF THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA draws attention to this. No one in congress is calling this toxic viper out. GEORGE SOROS HAS HEAVY JUICE! His people are going to be all over Virginia tomorrow. We'll see what happens with that.

I have something I want to say here and in the light of the sum of information I possess, it seems more and more likely to me that George Soros might be The Anti-Christ. It would explain all kinds of odd associations that don't make sense otherwise. Here... I need to point out an important feature that does not occur to most people because most people ARE RULED BY THEIR SENSES. What is real to most people, is determined by what the senses report but the reality is that EVERYTHING WITHIN THE BANDWIDTH OF THE SENSES, is brought into manifestation from the invisible plane. Our thoughts and feelings and the collective of humanities thoughts and feelings, accounts for the general atmosphere of our world and what we think and feel is very much influenced through telepathic invasion from the Lower Astral Plane. This should be OBVIOUS but it is obvious only to a few of us.

The bottom line, is that in times of material darkness, the gateway for conscious evil into this plane of existence is open wide. This is not an accident, or because Evil has some greater power than good. This is all being permitted to sort us out, to test and measure our spiritual status. This determines how we will fare in this Grand Summoning to come. Of course it is difficult BUT... it is only difficult because we are vacillating. We are not all in. We cut deals with ourselves, so as to get one foot in and one foot out. Here is where the struggle is. There would not be a struggle if both feet were in the same place. That is both, potentially, very good news and not so good news. BE ALL IN!

It is unfortunate that we cannot see into the invisible world. For those of us in need of a bolstered faith, it would be a wonderful thing. Luminous beings are all around, if you are the sort to attract them, otherwise... ? Well... you attract what your desires and appetites attract and what your thoughts and feelings attract. You have only to consider this to gain insight into what that means. Some of the characters in that world can be of fearsome appearance and they await, following your departure from here. In that world, thoughts and feelings are THINGS. I would consider the implications of that, were I you. On the other hand, angels await, both there and... here. You have friends all around. It is a pity you can't see them.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

"Those Rowdy and Unrestrained Offspring of Materialism who Call the Prince of Darkness, Daddy."

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We've talked about the primary offspring of Materialism being Insanity. We've been very general about it. I'd like to be a little more specific today. That pervasive, spreading and intensifying insanity is no respecter of person. What I mean is that it's not just confined to the Gen-Pop. It strikes all classes and age groups of humanity. It's hammering on our politicians, religious leaders and famous entertainers just as hard as it is hammering on Joe Six Pack; harder probably, because Joe Six Pack is a simpler fellow with fewer opportunities for crazy. Joe doesn't run into much high end sophisticated insanity. He's got more run of the mill crazy.

The high and mighty among us have far more access to hard to get crazy and deep waters crazy. The high and mighty can have it delivered to their door. The high and mighty have in house security to make sure they aren't disturbed in their experiences of, behind closed doors crazy- and they can usually protect themselves against trouble coming from internet activity. I'm talking about proscribed indulgences having to do with small children and such. At least until Mr. Apocalypse shows up.

The Prince of Darkness has a few main agendas, which I will list; to kill our faith, to make us hate ourselves, to entice us into the despoliation of innocence. Then there are the usual cardinal sins of Anger and Greed and sundry. He's real big on Slander. If he can get us to slander and lie about others, we most assuredly slander ourselves in the bargain. It's all about spiritual diminishment. When he can get us to offend against others and against ourselves, we automatically think less of ourselves, our honor and dignity are impacted but... most importantly, our Integrity is reduced to where it can't protect us.

The Prince of Darkness is a master of increments. You might think of Chess, or any game of strategy in this regard. The player who can think further ahead has the greater advantage. The Devil knows where he wants to take you. He starts out in territory, metaphorically speaking, that is both pleasant and familiar to you. He wants you to feel at ease. Then... by stages you are taken to a place you never intended to go. Most people don't pay a great deal of attention all of the time. This is why most accidents happen within a mile of your home, or in your home. You can say, “Sure, but you're there most of the time.” That is not the reason. The reason is that you pay less attention coming and going in secure and familiar locations. The message here is to ALWAYS BE PAYING ATTENTION. The Magician Tarot card symbolizes Concentration and Attention. The opposites that apply to it are, Life and Death. Not paying attention can result in the continuance of the one, or the appearance of the other.

How did I get from Insanity to The Devil? The Devil is the Lord of the Material Theater. You could also say that The Devil is God in Disguise. The Devil is the way God appears to the wicked AND ALSO to those immersed in the material plane. The machinations of his movements in The World of Appearances are designed to render you insane. When you are not in your real mind it means you have company. Desire for the things of the world, leads to possession by the entity that rules the particular appetite, that stimulates that desire.

People don't go crazy all of a sudden. I think it was Chuang Tzu who said, “When a son kills his father, it is not the result of a single argument on a single day.” (not verbatim) You go crazy in stages, in increments. You have to go from A to B to C to D to E to F to G to H to I to get to Insanity. You might not notice it happening. Let's use the sequences of progression to terminal alcoholism as an example. As you move from one stage of chronic drinking to the next, you suddenly begin to experience things that didn't previously happen, or had happened rarely. Time passes and these experiences become routine. Then you move to the next stage and things that had not previously occurred begin to happen and then THEY BECOME ROUTINE and on it goes, until it doesn't go anymore.

So... Materialism goes through phases and these phases are not radical departures from the previous phase BUT... if you could step outside of the environs of it for a moment and look back through previous phases, you would see that you had swerved in one direction, very wide of the course, you might have envisioned in an earlier phase. You become familiarized with each succeeding phase before you move into the next, then... in one phase or another, depending on your nature... one of you goes postal, another winds up gibbering to him/herself in a corner. One takes off his clothes and runs naked down the street. One takes too many drugs. It varies according to the propensities of the individual.

A culture swept up in Materialism, eventually goes crazy itself and you begin to see social changes, where the sexual preferences of small minorities, take precedence over the preferences of the majority. You begin to see entire cities go mad, like San Franshitco. You see laws come into being that are irrational. You see an entire nation becoming subjected to the tyranny of the minority. This is what happens in Communism and it is why Communism never works, because the system falls into the hands of a minority who work it to their advantage and YOU CAN'T VOTE THEM OUT.

The Climate Change agenda is an example of pandemic insanity. Of course the climate is going through changes. IT DOES THIS ON A REGULAR BASIS. It does this regardless of the behaviors and lifestyles of humanity. I would venture to say that the climate can also be affected by the collective mindset of the inhabitants of this sweet swinging sphere. We know that there is an insanity associated with Climate Change and we know it is Satanically driven, because it has the entertainment world in a red hot lather. We know that it is of critical importance, because a large group of people have been arrested in Australia for setting fires. Besides its being economically driven, it is also right in the Devil's wheelhouse, because of THE FEAR GENERATED. Fear is an alcoholic beverage for entities from the Infernal Kingdom. Fear is followed closely behind by chaos and confusion.

You might well ask, How can God and The Devil be the same thing. Well... The Ineffable is an equal opportunity employer and brings all souls to the same understanding, the same awakening, by different routes. 'How' you experience that awakening can vary considerably. It is not that God intentionally presents himself as The Devil. It is simply the appearance given by the carnal mind. There is a reason for the line, 'lead us not into temptation' in The Lord's Prayer. The Hindu system understands this very well and even has a Yoga for those following The Left Hand Path and it is called Aghora. Serious practitioners, of EITHER perspective, are both quite dedicated and it is important to know this. In any case, THERE IS ONLY ONE POWER, which is the source of ALL PERMUTATIONS AND ADAPTATIONS OF POWER. How you adjust to it, by acquiescence or, alternatively, by rebellion, is up to you. At some point YOU WILL ACQUIESCENCE; pain and suffering will see to that. Some of us are on a long hard road ...but it will all come right in the end. When that will be... depends on you, Prodigal Son.

So... you see, God has you coming and going. You wouldn't be alive to begin with, if God were not within you. There is VERY GOOD NEWS IN ALL OF THIS. You don't have to worry about anything except to be mindful of the guidance. If you are not inclined toward guidance, you will get it anyway, as it will carry you to epiphany, of some sort, no matter what direction you head in. It's an inner journey in any case. People who are fearful of what the world might become are either headed in the direction of that fear, or lack faith in The Grand High Engineer of all Things. Life will take you toward the reservoir of Faith. Life WILL TAKE YOU WHEREVER the force of necessary experience demands, for you to acquire whatever it is you need. It's ALL ABOUT AWAKENING and until you do awaken you can depend on restless sleep and uneasy dreams. Upon awakening, one discovers that EVERYTHING; the whole of creation, was brought into being for you to experience and enjoy, once the Supreme Enjoyer is in The Chariot, the cockpit, the driver's seat or the locomotive of your being, however you prefer to imagine it. Once you awaken to the Indwelling Presence, it lives its life in you. The wonder and beauty of that is beyond description and ever shall be.

There are increasing numbers of people who do not believe in God. That is one of the results of Materialism. There are also a number of people who believe in an anthropomorphic God, or a God like the one the Atheists don't believe in; neither of those exist in any case. Well... none of the God's you can describe or define exist. What you have, is an imagined projection of a bigger you. Once again, the whole of life is designed to bring you to the understanding that you do not know and once, visibly rendered so, the indwelling presence will speak and anything you do need to know, at any time you need to know it, will be right at hand, on tap... ALWAYS and forever after. Everything in life is for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION and you learn from that and are improved thereby, or you do not learn and it rinses and repeats, ad infinitum, until you do learn.

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This song was written a few days after 9/11.
I have serious questions about who was behind this. I have no questions about things working out.

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Monday, January 06, 2020

An Apology by Way of Digression by Way of Explanation and Probably Unnecessary as All Get Out.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I had hoped I would not have to do this. I am an eternal Pollyanna at a certain level. I always expect people to get what I'm saying, without my having to parse and explain it. Such has NEVER been the case. There are always people for whom I am required to 'spell it out'. Of course, sometimes this is due to my having a perspective that they are in fundamental disagreement with and nothing I say is going to make them feel any better. Just as often... it is when they feel strongly about something and what I actually said, gets translated into something I didn't say. Sometimes the problem is that I should have said something else and I didn't. Whatever the problem may be, there is always a problem.

Now I have either incensed, upset, outraged or merely annoyed at least one person, by saying I was going to vote for Trump. My brief character study on the president was not enough.

Here is what I said on the matter, taken directly from the post in question;

“Why did President Trump put an end to that Iranian general? This... as well as EVERY conflict out of the Middle East over the last 70 some years have been at the instigation and under the pressure of Israel and American Neo-Con Zionists. Israel is not a friend of America. To understand the whys and wherefores of the nature of the AskeNAZI mind, you have to think of a creature that burrows into the marrow of a life form, sucks all of the vital force from it and then discards the husk, moving on to the next host body. That is as succinctly as I can put it and... being a warrior, I have to tell the truth without fear of consequences. It is as I just said it is and any INFORMED mind knows this to be true.

Israel wants Iran destroyed. I suspect that Israel does not know... or believe (because PRIDE is their downfall) that if they do destroy Iran, they WILL BE destroyed as well. I don't know what the cost will be to us but we are not going to come out unscathed. ALL PRESIDENTS SEE THE VALUE OF A WAR DURING AN ELECTION YEAR. However... as ALWAYS... Cui Bono... Cui Bono.

I am intending to vote for President Trump for two reasons... until very recently, everything he has done has been to the benefit of this country. He's been the greatest administrator I have seen in my lifetime. He is also THE ALTERNATIVE to his opposition who would drive this country RIGHT OFF THE CLIFF in short order. I am not a fan of the way President Trump presents himself, or his petty wars against insignificant personalities who SHOULD BE beneath his notice. He needs to act with greater dignity. He lacks gravitas but we are all flawed down here.

Whether he knows it or not... this SWAMP... this DEEP STATE, which he says he wants to drain, is populated by the very people seeking to give him his marching orders. The Tribe Members and Tribe Neo Cons make up THE MAJORITY of the population of The Deep State and The Swamp. Obviously he knows he can't get much done without catering, to a degree, to The Synagogue of Satan. I don't know what his game is but I don't have to know. GOD IS IN CHARGE. God is ALWAYS IN CHARGE of everything and directs all action to his appointed ends.”

I thought I was pretty clear about seeing Trump, insofar as I am really able to see him and I hesitate to state that I clearly see him BECAUSE this material world is a hall of mirrors, where the most glaring absence is whatever was being reflected. Of course, the original image is missing because the reflections bear no resemblance to whatever the original was. That is the nature of the world. The nature of the world is, deception. It is a world of appearances, which appear within the narrow parameters of the senses. Not only is it a lie, given that the senses cannot be trusted to apprehend the truth, but... what can't be seen, or heard or touched, tasted or felt comprises the larger amount of whatever it really is.

I realize that President Trump is a bombastic buffoon. He's a cartoon caricature ...but the country itself has degenerated into a cartoon, or joke, if you prefer, so he's the perfect representation of the times. Conversely, he's accomplished more than I ever expected and done more, of a positive nature than just about all of his predecessors. I find this to be an incredible mystery. Satanic catamite, Bwak!!! Obama did more harm to America than most people realize and if that harridan harpy, H. Clinton had become president, God only knows how bad it might all be by now.

I am put into the position of having to vote for the lesser of two evils. Everyone- who is 'presently' running in opposition to Trump, is either stone cold evil or incompetent. I can't support any of them so... what am I to do?

I don't know what the results are going to be from the killing of one of Iran's most important and strategic personalities. I KNOW the arm twist came from Israel. I would rather it had not happened and if it had to happen, I would rather the world be left with uncertainty about who did it. Taking credit for it and bragging about it, is the worst possible thing that could have happened. There is always a finesse that should be employed in the international arena. There was no finesse here. It was as hamhanded as anything I've seen and I've seen plenty. Truly... “Pride goeth before a fall.” And I fear we are going to see this in real life (whatever that is) and in real time (which doesn't exist).

For those who have, more or less, appreciated what I've been doing over the years, I am sorry and I apologize if this statement by me proved to be a disappointment BUT... in my defense, let me repeat and repost for the second time, the last sentence in that cut and paste from the last post; “GOD IS IN CHARGE. God is ALWAYS IN CHARGE of everything and directs all action to his appointed ends.”

That is what I believe and that is what motivates and drives me and also which provides the restraint that it took me a lifetime to develop. I don't believe in presidents. I don't believe in governments, or cultures or pretty much anything but GOD. God has ALWAYS been the main focus of my existence, in competition with the types of desires, which afflict all of us, at the particular age when they are most powerful. Thirty years ago, God came more center stage into my life. Twenty years ago, God came even more center stage in my life. Ten years ago there was an exponential expansion of God's presence in my life and last year... right about this time... my entire life changed more dramatically than at any time previously. The things that had been plaguing me for much of my life, dropped away and it's been smooth sailing since. From being in competition with whatever popped up to replace him, God has now removed all competition from the stage and pretty much has my attention... pretty much all of the time and I am reminded... pretty much very quickly when he doesn't have my attention.

What I mean to say... what I am trying to say, is that I am only a full on, wild eyed supporter of God and nothing else, except maybe his angels and other lovers of God; The Divine Mother, pretty much the whole celestial choir of illumined entities and presences. It's not Trump I am supporting, it's the people of this country and their welfare, which... until very recently, he was doing an admirable job- under extreme and continuous duress- of serving.

Perhaps I shouldn't have even mentioned him, given how pissed off so many people are by his having bowed down before the Satanic Throne of Israel but I did mention him. This posting is my way of clarifying... as if it needed clarifying, that it is God that I support and God who supports me. I am not a Christian, even though Jesus the Christ is possibly my biggest hero. I don't want people to make the mistake that I am a Christian and I don't want anyone to confuse me with Christianity, when it has so little to do with the life and teachings of Christ. I happen to know that God comes in all kinds of outfits and religious, in all kinds of cultures and times, in all kinds of colors, speaking all kinds of languages. God is way bigger than any religion and ALWAYS WILL BE! If you don't know this, then the God you believe in, is... just like the God the atheists don't believe in; non existent.

I probably shouldn't have written this, should have just let it go by because there's always someone who takes exception to something I said, given the controversial nature of so many of the things I have said. In the last 18 years, I have written nearly 3500 posts and over 5,000,000 words and that doesn't include the books and all the other things. Of course, given the subject matter, people are going to take exception to things said. What utterly amazes me is how few people there are that do take exception. It seems like there should be many, many more people screaming for my head but... there are not (grin).

So... as much as I wish I could please all of the people all of the time, it's not going to happen. AND... if I happen to vote for Donald J. Trump, it is because those running against him, are either criminally stupid or just criminals. I'm not saying he might not have touches of both but... by comparison, he's light years past the competition. I'm sorry if I can't be all things to all people. I'm just one of the flawed characters that come and go here in the slipstream of time. I'm trying to be better and do better but... this is where I am and what I am at the moment. I've high hopes for the day after tomorrow but we will just have to wait and see.

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