Tuesday, January 14, 2020

"Those Rowdy and Unrestrained Offspring of Materialism who Call the Prince of Darkness, Daddy."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We've talked about the primary offspring of Materialism being Insanity. We've been very general about it. I'd like to be a little more specific today. That pervasive, spreading and intensifying insanity is no respecter of person. What I mean is that it's not just confined to the Gen-Pop. It strikes all classes and age groups of humanity. It's hammering on our politicians, religious leaders and famous entertainers just as hard as it is hammering on Joe Six Pack; harder probably, because Joe Six Pack is a simpler fellow with fewer opportunities for crazy. Joe doesn't run into much high end sophisticated insanity. He's got more run of the mill crazy.

The high and mighty among us have far more access to hard to get crazy and deep waters crazy. The high and mighty can have it delivered to their door. The high and mighty have in house security to make sure they aren't disturbed in their experiences of, behind closed doors crazy- and they can usually protect themselves against trouble coming from internet activity. I'm talking about proscribed indulgences having to do with small children and such. At least until Mr. Apocalypse shows up.

The Prince of Darkness has a few main agendas, which I will list; to kill our faith, to make us hate ourselves, to entice us into the despoliation of innocence. Then there are the usual cardinal sins of Anger and Greed and sundry. He's real big on Slander. If he can get us to slander and lie about others, we most assuredly slander ourselves in the bargain. It's all about spiritual diminishment. When he can get us to offend against others and against ourselves, we automatically think less of ourselves, our honor and dignity are impacted but... most importantly, our Integrity is reduced to where it can't protect us.

The Prince of Darkness is a master of increments. You might think of Chess, or any game of strategy in this regard. The player who can think further ahead has the greater advantage. The Devil knows where he wants to take you. He starts out in territory, metaphorically speaking, that is both pleasant and familiar to you. He wants you to feel at ease. Then... by stages you are taken to a place you never intended to go. Most people don't pay a great deal of attention all of the time. This is why most accidents happen within a mile of your home, or in your home. You can say, “Sure, but you're there most of the time.” That is not the reason. The reason is that you pay less attention coming and going in secure and familiar locations. The message here is to ALWAYS BE PAYING ATTENTION. The Magician Tarot card symbolizes Concentration and Attention. The opposites that apply to it are, Life and Death. Not paying attention can result in the continuance of the one, or the appearance of the other.

How did I get from Insanity to The Devil? The Devil is the Lord of the Material Theater. You could also say that The Devil is God in Disguise. The Devil is the way God appears to the wicked AND ALSO to those immersed in the material plane. The machinations of his movements in The World of Appearances are designed to render you insane. When you are not in your real mind it means you have company. Desire for the things of the world, leads to possession by the entity that rules the particular appetite, that stimulates that desire.

People don't go crazy all of a sudden. I think it was Chuang Tzu who said, “When a son kills his father, it is not the result of a single argument on a single day.” (not verbatim) You go crazy in stages, in increments. You have to go from A to B to C to D to E to F to G to H to I to get to Insanity. You might not notice it happening. Let's use the sequences of progression to terminal alcoholism as an example. As you move from one stage of chronic drinking to the next, you suddenly begin to experience things that didn't previously happen, or had happened rarely. Time passes and these experiences become routine. Then you move to the next stage and things that had not previously occurred begin to happen and then THEY BECOME ROUTINE and on it goes, until it doesn't go anymore.

So... Materialism goes through phases and these phases are not radical departures from the previous phase BUT... if you could step outside of the environs of it for a moment and look back through previous phases, you would see that you had swerved in one direction, very wide of the course, you might have envisioned in an earlier phase. You become familiarized with each succeeding phase before you move into the next, then... in one phase or another, depending on your nature... one of you goes postal, another winds up gibbering to him/herself in a corner. One takes off his clothes and runs naked down the street. One takes too many drugs. It varies according to the propensities of the individual.

A culture swept up in Materialism, eventually goes crazy itself and you begin to see social changes, where the sexual preferences of small minorities, take precedence over the preferences of the majority. You begin to see entire cities go mad, like San Franshitco. You see laws come into being that are irrational. You see an entire nation becoming subjected to the tyranny of the minority. This is what happens in Communism and it is why Communism never works, because the system falls into the hands of a minority who work it to their advantage and YOU CAN'T VOTE THEM OUT.

The Climate Change agenda is an example of pandemic insanity. Of course the climate is going through changes. IT DOES THIS ON A REGULAR BASIS. It does this regardless of the behaviors and lifestyles of humanity. I would venture to say that the climate can also be affected by the collective mindset of the inhabitants of this sweet swinging sphere. We know that there is an insanity associated with Climate Change and we know it is Satanically driven, because it has the entertainment world in a red hot lather. We know that it is of critical importance, because a large group of people have been arrested in Australia for setting fires. Besides its being economically driven, it is also right in the Devil's wheelhouse, because of THE FEAR GENERATED. Fear is an alcoholic beverage for entities from the Infernal Kingdom. Fear is followed closely behind by chaos and confusion.

You might well ask, How can God and The Devil be the same thing. Well... The Ineffable is an equal opportunity employer and brings all souls to the same understanding, the same awakening, by different routes. 'How' you experience that awakening can vary considerably. It is not that God intentionally presents himself as The Devil. It is simply the appearance given by the carnal mind. There is a reason for the line, 'lead us not into temptation' in The Lord's Prayer. The Hindu system understands this very well and even has a Yoga for those following The Left Hand Path and it is called Aghora. Serious practitioners, of EITHER perspective, are both quite dedicated and it is important to know this. In any case, THERE IS ONLY ONE POWER, which is the source of ALL PERMUTATIONS AND ADAPTATIONS OF POWER. How you adjust to it, by acquiescence or, alternatively, by rebellion, is up to you. At some point YOU WILL ACQUIESCENCE; pain and suffering will see to that. Some of us are on a long hard road ...but it will all come right in the end. When that will be... depends on you, Prodigal Son.

So... you see, God has you coming and going. You wouldn't be alive to begin with, if God were not within you. There is VERY GOOD NEWS IN ALL OF THIS. You don't have to worry about anything except to be mindful of the guidance. If you are not inclined toward guidance, you will get it anyway, as it will carry you to epiphany, of some sort, no matter what direction you head in. It's an inner journey in any case. People who are fearful of what the world might become are either headed in the direction of that fear, or lack faith in The Grand High Engineer of all Things. Life will take you toward the reservoir of Faith. Life WILL TAKE YOU WHEREVER the force of necessary experience demands, for you to acquire whatever it is you need. It's ALL ABOUT AWAKENING and until you do awaken you can depend on restless sleep and uneasy dreams. Upon awakening, one discovers that EVERYTHING; the whole of creation, was brought into being for you to experience and enjoy, once the Supreme Enjoyer is in The Chariot, the cockpit, the driver's seat or the locomotive of your being, however you prefer to imagine it. Once you awaken to the Indwelling Presence, it lives its life in you. The wonder and beauty of that is beyond description and ever shall be.

There are increasing numbers of people who do not believe in God. That is one of the results of Materialism. There are also a number of people who believe in an anthropomorphic God, or a God like the one the Atheists don't believe in; neither of those exist in any case. Well... none of the God's you can describe or define exist. What you have, is an imagined projection of a bigger you. Once again, the whole of life is designed to bring you to the understanding that you do not know and once, visibly rendered so, the indwelling presence will speak and anything you do need to know, at any time you need to know it, will be right at hand, on tap... ALWAYS and forever after. Everything in life is for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION and you learn from that and are improved thereby, or you do not learn and it rinses and repeats, ad infinitum, until you do learn.

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This song was written a few days after 9/11.
I have serious questions about who was behind this. I have no questions about things working out.

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Missing Munich said...

I needed that today. Thank you!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yes, all roads do lead to the same destination. Mark Passio is an example. My favourite former high priest of Anton LaVey, not that I know of any others.

Materialism is a prison without bars, and how few do see this. It is all explained in Theory of the Leisure Class, and I wonder if we have that book somewhere in this flat. I really wanna read it again. Then again, I just found it online, so hey! It's just so much for fun to read on futon.

tasmith said...

Very powerful! Thank you, Vis!

Anonymous said...

"...this sweet swinging sphere..."

I love those Lord Buckley-isms that you throw in there on occasion.


robert said...

Visible hones in on evil's training wheels!

He's real big on Slander. If he can get us to slander and lie about others, we most assuredly slander ourselves in the bargain. It's all about spiritual diminishment. When he can get us to offend against others and against ourselves, we automatically think less of ourselves, our honor and dignity are impacted but... most importantly, our Integrity is reduced to where it can't protect us.

Hence the latest mind control training of the more suggestible, to fling shit at anyone in a group think label which is approved for slander and to unleash their in-dwelling demonic menagerie with the same vapid rapidity with which they dissipate their sexual power in unconscious ignorance!

[from Pocketnet commenter on Visible's post]

It's a strange thing to sense/feel/see/ the culture you live in shift under your feet. It's disorienting, akin to the rolling of an earthquake. This would tend to upset people whom have a less than strong connection/belief/acquaintance with the ineffable. Conversely then, the stronger your connection is, the less you're bothered by the shifting around you. You understand the Lord's Civil Defense Program ;-) and take appropriate measures.


Well observed and stated!
Our emotional nature (assuming that we are not psychopathic rejects with hijacked soul connections), is wired to care about the whole of humanity, even if stepped down to only those around us.

If we keep our balance/sanity indirectly through our social connections, especially the virtual kind, we will fall as the Anti-Life players move the goalposts and spin the truth into cotton candy to rot our minds.

If we are blessed, if we were loved enough and learned to properly love our real Self within, we may stand still while reality shakes.

We must DETACH from our external perception and lock in to our inner knowing, that knowing which comes from consciously relating to the Ineffable!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put Robert... your comments help cut through the fog.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"The Coming of the Grand Summoning and the Golden Age."



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