Sunday, January 19, 2020

I do Believe that George Soros Could Well be The Anti-Christ.

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It is more than a little odd. In fact, it is strange beyond understanding and it comes to mind often and I haven't gotten a clue yet. Why... WHY DOES NO ONE, OUTSIDE OF CERTAIN MEDIA FIGURES, SAY ANYHING ABOUT GEORGE SOROS??? I don't think I have heard President Trump mention him once. I could have missed it but... it's a wonder. He is THE MAJOR PLAYER, on the world stage today, in terms of financing drastic, social changes around the world. He is the main bank for the engineered migrant crisis, whose intent (at the moment) is the destruction of Europe AND AMERICA. He is deep into the Climate Change hoax. He is one of the primary forces behind the promotion of unnatural sexual behavior. He is involved in the attacks on the Second Amendment. He is a powerful influence upon Antifa. He is an abortion banker. Pretty much EVERY MOVEMENT that is directed to the destruction of social harmony and the amplification of world wide confusion and disorder... HE IS BEHIND IT!

I first heard about him when he got named as The Man who Broke the Bank of England. He bet against The Pound currency and made a billion dollars. At least that is what I remember. Now they say he has around 24 billion dollars. How did that happen? It would not be too dramatic of me to say that if you are sexually normal, white, male, stable, Christian and similar, he wants to destroy you. LITERALLY!!! He is diametrically opposed to everything President Trump, ostensibly, wishes to accomplish. I can't see where the president has a bigger enemy with deeper pockets. From what I can see, Little Georgie Sorrows carries water for the Rothschild family interests.

This man is one of the main reasons that I support our current president. All of his competition is also under the Soros Thrall... OR WANTS TO BE.

I've been noticing a certain uptick in my ration of the 'always anonymous' shit commentators. It's usually at about 2%, consistently. It now appears to have doubled and this can all be laid at the feet of my having said I intended to vote for the incumbent president. I probably should not have said it. Nothing rouses the ire of the internet attack dogs like any mention of politics or religion. These days that has gone turbo nova. People of all kinds just hate President Trump. They're clear about that. What they are not clear about is, who they know to be a good and effective replacement and that... well... that is the crux of the matter.

For some reason, there is a loose contingent of individuals out there who think I am unaware of the various negatives that are associated with our current Commander in Chief. He appears to be owned by the psychopathic nation of Israel. Yes... I see this. As I ponder the matter, trying to find other considerations besides this one... I can't find anything else. Well... he is bombastic. He lacks gravitas. He comes off as a cartoon more than I would like. It can be said that he is an overblown caricature of himself. I've said these things many times but my critics don't remember it.

Now... it's okay for people to disagree with statements I make and positions I take. It's okay for people to dislike me. I want certain people to dislike me. That's an indication that I'm doing the right thing. I'll just mention at this point what I have said hundreds of times by now; I DON'T KNOW. I only know what I am allowed to know, when I am informed by the one who informs me and I've been wrong in the past, now and again, and I may well be wrong in the future but as soon as I realize it, I change my position so that I am no longer wrong. I have no desire to insist on what is not so. People can have whatever reaction to me they like. It has no effect on me. ONLY WHAT GOD THINKS MEANS ANYTHING TO ME. So... there... I've said it again.

What president in recent memory has not had to answer to Israel? What president hasn't had to put on the doily cap and do the Gefilte Fish Walk? All of them have and when they don't, they get shot or shown the videos of their moral lapses. You knew that Monica Lewinsky was a Mossad Agent... right? You're pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don't. It comes with the territory. I don't think there is much you can tell me about President Trump that can be known that I haven't run across.

I mentioned Paul Joseph Watson a few days ago and a gaggle of 'always' anonymous came forth to tell me about his various failings and how stupid and treacherous I was to even mention his name. As I said, in response, you have to talk the party line to keep your place in the Alex Jones empire. I don't completely censure people for their lapses in conscience. I couldn't reference anyone then. There was a time or two in the past when I would do the self righteous goosestep just like everyone else. I'm too aware of my own flaws these days to do that anymore. I just pray for general improvement and put my faith in Mr. Apocalypse. He's going to sort it all out.

I'm not that concerned with P.J. Watson's feet of clay and President Trump's being owned by Israel. Israel is the chosen nation of the chosen people of The Prince of Darkness. The Synagogue of Satan, rules supreme in the darkness of the manifest plane BUT... BUT... The Devil, wittingly or unwittingly, works for The Lord God Almighty. That is the name of that tune and God- The Supreme Ruler calls every tune for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. I don't worry about outcomes BECAUSE.., I KNOW GOD IS REAL AND ALL POWERFUL. That is my answer to EVERYTHING, by the way.

George Soros and his minions are much like The Hashshashin of Hassan-i-Sabbah, back in the 11th century. Right now he is the main mischief maker on the planet and NONE OF THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA draws attention to this. No one in congress is calling this toxic viper out. GEORGE SOROS HAS HEAVY JUICE! His people are going to be all over Virginia tomorrow. We'll see what happens with that.

I have something I want to say here and in the light of the sum of information I possess, it seems more and more likely to me that George Soros might be The Anti-Christ. It would explain all kinds of odd associations that don't make sense otherwise. Here... I need to point out an important feature that does not occur to most people because most people ARE RULED BY THEIR SENSES. What is real to most people, is determined by what the senses report but the reality is that EVERYTHING WITHIN THE BANDWIDTH OF THE SENSES, is brought into manifestation from the invisible plane. Our thoughts and feelings and the collective of humanities thoughts and feelings, accounts for the general atmosphere of our world and what we think and feel is very much influenced through telepathic invasion from the Lower Astral Plane. This should be OBVIOUS but it is obvious only to a few of us.

The bottom line, is that in times of material darkness, the gateway for conscious evil into this plane of existence is open wide. This is not an accident, or because Evil has some greater power than good. This is all being permitted to sort us out, to test and measure our spiritual status. This determines how we will fare in this Grand Summoning to come. Of course it is difficult BUT... it is only difficult because we are vacillating. We are not all in. We cut deals with ourselves, so as to get one foot in and one foot out. Here is where the struggle is. There would not be a struggle if both feet were in the same place. That is both, potentially, very good news and not so good news. BE ALL IN!

It is unfortunate that we cannot see into the invisible world. For those of us in need of a bolstered faith, it would be a wonderful thing. Luminous beings are all around, if you are the sort to attract them, otherwise... ? Well... you attract what your desires and appetites attract and what your thoughts and feelings attract. You have only to consider this to gain insight into what that means. Some of the characters in that world can be of fearsome appearance and they await, following your departure from here. In that world, thoughts and feelings are THINGS. I would consider the implications of that, were I you. On the other hand, angels await, both there and... here. You have friends all around. It is a pity you can't see them.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, a very Relevant column. Thanks!

I see two 'situations' in the world. One is the (forced) tendency towards globalism. Of itself, a global society is not bad. I even seem to remember that one of Star Trek Federation's primary requirements for acceptance into same was that the planet had become 'unified'. They had to have grown-up enough to act as one voice. We may be in the tail-end of that unification; technology has been pushing us that way for a century.

The second one has to do with who rules. Just behind the curtains, the zionists and neocons (of both parties) are setting themselves up for a Dickens future; or a Harkonnen future (Dune). That, too, is probably unstoppable given the huge infiltration involved (including most politicians on both/all sides).

My hope is that Higher Intervention will raid-the-party before the above is accomplished. There have been intense discussions on the Higher Planes around how to create something good and lasting, Down Here. This requires 'changing' higher-level baddies as part of the Treatment; otherwise, it will just revert. It also requires a step-change in human consciousness; otherwise, it will just recreate the current mess. Both are needed, and recognized as needed in higher-level discussions.

You would be surprised (maybe not) at the levels of Beings involved. It includes all the way from (real) faeries and (real) elves up-through (real) angels and even to the Atman level. The level of 'interest' is unprecedented. Something is going to happen; only the exact manifestation is unknown. The sheer scale of it reminds me somehow of D-Day in WWII...

It will be interesting to see whether Higher Planes & Higher Beings become commonplace occurrences to the general public - as well as any interstellar 'contacts'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Ray; I concur in many respects. I've been thinking over the time that I've read your commentaries, about how you make so many science fiction/fantasy references. Obviously these shows (and books) had quite an impact on you and your perspective. It occurred to me to say (though you probably already have) that you should consider composing a sci-fi, or fantasy environment in the novel format, replete with your hierarchy of entities. I suspect you would be successful at that.

Robert also has some chops in that regard but in a different theater.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a strange thing happened in my early life. I was around 8-10 years old, and sick at home with a cold. My mother, completely out of character, went to the base library and brought home a certain science fiction novel for me. (Certain SF novels are what I call truth books. They are ways of mentioning 'forbidden' things. Our 'intuitive' part just goes crazy on these.) I was completely hooked. I devoured all the novels by that author, and then the base library's SF holdings. So, I have developed a high tolerance for 'strangeness'. That may contribute to me having no problem with seeing the Unseen...

I am probably too busy with Higher Self at this time to write a novel. If this changes, I may give it a go. Thank you for the suggestion.

Guldur said...

Greeting you Vis,
sorry I did not read your post yet, but on George Soros - agreed.
But forget about Trump, etc. - all are in his cohort, even if they said otherwise.
The only leader that said it openly as it is was Václav Klaus - our Czech former and best ever president. He said several times openly that George Soros is pure embodiment of evil.
See some links:

Now on to the rest of your post, thanks for that.

Dodgy One said...

Yep that satanic freak was born uglier than a gargoyle both inside and out.

Not at all surprising that he is pissed at the creator, being the most hideous being to ever draw a breath.

Vengeance will not be swift, it will take an eternity to pay back in agony.

pravdaseeker said...

Greetings Les,

I have written MANY a post on the exact same topic! Mr Soros is like the proverbial elephant in the living room, in so much of what is WRONG going on these days!

Sadly, I think you might be onto something here... or is it just because he has so much bloody money, he gets away with murder? They don't expose him in the news media because of his economic clout he could unleash if you cross the Sociopath/Psychopath Mr. Soros? He remains unscathed due to the huge amount of people bought and paid for already in his pocket?

Whatever the reason for his teflon persona; you shine the light on that elephant in the living room, as I have tried to do the same over the last few years.

The levels of ignorance in the general population concerning the current President of the USA, and the level of frothed up hate is over the top. It is dividing the nation, probably worse than the Civil War of the 1860's! It is setting up a very volatile situation that (heaven forbid), could break out in hostile acts, and a real civil war start again!

It divides families, and sets vast chasms between former friends and family that will last til the grave takes them to the other side of the veil. I have had friends whom I never thought that a divide could come between us, immediately "attack" and "just have to" say something about how much they hate Trump in the first text in 6 months of silence from them...

They pretty much quit teaching "civics" years ago.. This was the class that taught students how their government works, how bills become laws, etc.. etc.

You would be surprised how many truly believe Trump is no longer President because of the House vote!

And now you see why they made everyone ignorant, beginning years ago...

So that todays Shiff/Pelosi Clown Show, treason and insanity would be so much easier to foment! Just wait, and see the over the top insanity when Trump gets re-elected! Yes, he does things that get my goat sometimes too... no man is perfect.

Excellent post, and oh so true my friend.... keep up the good work sir.

Visible said...

pravdaseeker; Thanks so much for taking the trouble to write all of that. It is much appreciated. Daily I sit in stunned amazement at HOW STUPID PEOPLE ARE! I don't wish to demean them or lack understanding or be intolerant but they are BONE DEEP (TO THE MARROW) STUPID! It just blows my mind and breaks my heart at the same time. I keep praying for God to AWAKEN them. That is my main prayer; "Lord... please awaken humanity."

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vis.
I've been a lurker for years; always went away feeling better than when I came.
Totally with you on Soros and Trump.
When it comes to that 2%, or 5% or whatever, I say "Screw them".
Thank you for your unending source of light in this time of darkness.

Anonymous said...

Vis, Soros was featured in at least one Trump TV ad late in the 2016 campaign. There were two other jews included, Yellen (maybe) and. That set the jews off although they weren't named as jews. More recently, Guiliani was talking about Soros being the #1 receiver of NGO dollars given to Ukraine and he make light of the fact that now he was "an anti-semite" for saying Soros' name.

In his West Palm Beach rally in late 2016, Trump opening talked about the FED and international bankers as opposing him. Not necessary for a "puppet" to do. Neither was his calling out of the fake news media.

The Hermit of Loretto predicted a couple of decades ago that Trump would lead America back to God.

May be via WWIII, the inevitable financial collapse, or naming the enemy at some point. Puppets wouldn't fuss about Christmas.

God bless. Jeff

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A definite NOSTRILS UP!

PeterSwede said...

Thank you for your well written piece.
All I can say is TRUST THE PLAN and let go and let God.
Keep on giving the people the truth.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"Will You Dance with Devas in a Luminous Realm, or Stand Alone with Saturn in a Barren Field?"

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised more people are not calling out Soros.
Soros claims he is God and no one noticed.

"George Soros: ‘I Am A God, I Created Everything’"

If he isn't the antichrist himself he's his top lieutenant!

No NORMAL person would spend every minute of their
life destroying everything that most consider to be good.

Wild Bill said...

In the Gospel of Mark there is a statement that John the Baptist came to make straight the way of the Lord, ie, to prepare for Christ. It is my thought that George Soros is here to make straight the way of the AntiChrist. BTW, Obama also had this mission, which he accomplished very well. Trump came to upset their apple cart.



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