Wednesday, August 31, 2022

"Animal Farm is The Hottest New Tourist Spot in The Human Mind. They are Now Trending Toward The Totemic Animistic."

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As Yeats prophetically stated; “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,” Every bit of that is true now. Every day... while I dumpster dive through the news of The World... I see this. Everyone engaged in self-deception defines this to themselves in a different way. They put the blame on something outside of them. They place it on people... conditions... events, whatever is at hand.

Blaming anything outside yourself certainly explains your part in it because yours is The Mind identifying it. The Fact is... it is all programmed on the planning boards of those who sit in the offices above the foundry at the manufacturing department of The Cosmos. Most of the time, Winter brings one state of conditions and Summer brings the opposite, with Spring as the intermediary channel between them. Spring might feel I have down-rated its value; I'm claiming poetic license.

What's trending these days? Hmm... well... seemingly healthy people are dropping dead by the thousands around The World. Food and Energy are under threat of being in dire need over a wide reach. We've been hearing about these (and other) concerns for years now. This year we are looking right down the barrel. Will a masked superhero appear in the sky? Will it be holographic Jesus? Will it be The Saucers and Green Room Aliens?

No one knows what shape it will take or how far the atmosphere will reach. Lots of different experts who were wrong last time are going to be wrong again... because no... one... knows.

I see signs of positive change in every direction, but... I'm a- half-full kind of a guy. I see the other signs as well. Here is what I notice most of the time, no matter what direction I am looking in; people are losing their minds. Some mysterious force is pressing from within, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. It's manifesting out of the area of greatest weakness, AND... (much less noticeably) greatest strengths... across the board... with humanity... at every level of existence.

Those going down are encountering the residents and the conditions on the level they arrive at. Those going up are doing the same. The Invisible World is presently filled with invisible weather and weather conditions. There are tornadoes and hurricanes. There are whirlpools and rip tides. There are earthquakes and tidal waves. I... will... tell... you... this; when invisible weather conditions are such, it is not too long before external weather comes to mimic these conditions in real-life-situations; AND... we are seeing some of that already, in Pakistan and other places.

Rivers and streams are rising everywhere. I am not speculating or spitballing here. Waves of tension have been pouring through The Human Conditions, in increasing waves of severity... for some years now. On the visible and manifest plane we have been seeing fires... mudslides... sinkholes, AND all kinds of new diseases along with changes in human behavior that show ever greater degrees of madness and alienation.

It seems that a couple of volcanoes are meant to be the trigger-points for massive global change.

People who were never tightly wrapped to begin with, are much less tightly wrapped now. The spawn of helicopter parents roams like neutered bands of Minions through the social framework of The Culture. The disaffected are now that much more affected by the... widening... gulf... within. The ranks of the time-lapse-decomposing sex freaks are swelling by the day. The science of modern-day Frankenstein has rendered rational science into dog food for devolutionists.

Animal Farm is becoming the hottest new tourist spot in the human mind. People are trending toward the totemic animistic, which is what happens when a culture goes into free fall. First, the decadent materialism got more and more decadent, AND tasty, so that the moral nature is eaten up by astral termites who attack the more subtle locations of the human form. Sexuality has been bestialized. When the idea of God is forced out of the human consciousness or... transformed into anthropomorphic mockeries of the timeless Sun-worship (that is the enduring template of true religion) things... fall... apart, AND the... center... cannot... hold.

This is a natural thing that happens in the course of human events, when... certain aspects, personified in certain groups of people, are composted for the next wave... plowed under, and made useful where... they... were... not... before. Other long-hidden attributes in humanity come into play. They are (metaphorically speaking) dusted off and sent into action.

Nothing is new. It was all active in times out of memory, YET... cosmic memory is the repository of all that has ever been, and will be again. Meditation is a way of fishing on the banks of The Celestial Quarry. There you can pull up all that has ever been... in the form of a fish that contains the characteristics, hidden there for the use of those intrepid souls who would seek after them.

The Personality is a... temporary... construct. The Light that CAN shine through it is not temporary. EVERYTHING that you see and hear on the sensory bandwidth is an adaptation of SUNLIGHT. Everything around us... and ourselves as well... is composed of SUNLIGHT. The idea... as it occurs to me, is to consciously inhabit The Body of Light...The Body of Glory.

Now... whether that is something that has always been present and merely obscured OR... whether it is something constructed by The Angel... is not for me to say. I SUSPECT that... like everything else, it's yes-and-no. It is so and it is not so... simultaneously.

The Body of Light is The Body of Glory. Many arcane texts speak of building/constructing The Body of Glory. Yet... other texts say that it all has to do with remembrance. It is a concealed memory because we still are what we ever were; covered and obscured by The Karma that exists between your real self and the machinations of The Personality, which... is... the... origin... of... Karma. Hmm... it all seems to fit together nicely. (grin)

Along the same lines is the occult process of rising-in-the-planes or... climbing Jacob's Ladder is another way of putting it. I SUSPECT this is a very real thing that countless impostors have pretended to engage in. The first thing you have to consider... when making a name for yourself, is to create the legend first OR... at the very least, as... you... go along; provided you can pay the architects of your fantasy.

I am reminded of this exchange from Henry the Fourth;

Glendower: “I can call the spirits from the vasty deep.”

Hotspur: “Why, so can I, or so can any man;
But will they come, when you do call for them?”

It is one thing to posture and pretend to be something, and there are those who've learned a few tricks and magic stunts, BUT... WHEN THE TIME COMES, and... come... it... will, and you have to demonstrate The Goods; can... you... do... that? Actually, no! You cannot. However... The Life Power within- AKA... God can... should you be savvy enough, and capable enough, to step out... of... the... way.

Every one of us is watched, often to the great amusement of The Watchers that compose the countless numbers of invisible entities, from both The Supernal and The Infernal Realm. You don't get away with nothing. And... YOU... DO... NOT... GET... THROUGH... THE... DOORS into The Sanctum unless you are invited. You cannot steal Heaven. Heaven has a police force. In fact... everything we see acting out on this plane is represented in other locations out of The Bandwidth of your sight: as... above... so... below.

So long as you are determined to fool yourself... it will continue. Unless there happens to be an apocalypse showing up. THEN... ALL... BETS... ARE... OFF! You are going to be seeing things that you never imagined might be... AND... whatever the movie is that happens to be playing in that theater near you, it will have been tailored to the necessities of the location for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration.

Be aware! Awaken sleeper.

End Transmission.......

The Second Coming (W.B. Yeats)

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

It always reminds me of Shelley's Ozymandias

There won't be any links today. For some reason I didn't get around to it OR... there was nothing to report that wasn't the same old same old; not that that has stopped me before.


Friday, August 26, 2022

"I Am Not Going to Kiss The Ring on The Hand of The Prince of Darkness. I Don't Have To. Some May Feel They Do."

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Ho! Here we are at Petri Dish or... as I call it Dr. Fauci's Cereal Bowl! If you can see it under a microscope, but... rather wish that you hadn't, it 'might' show up here. We've a kinder, gentler Visible than it was of old; as we like to say down at the taverns, when we talk about our Glory Days, our salad years, back when none of that stuff ever happened. Well... it DID happen to me. It's just everyone else that we're not sure of. Name of that tavern is The Way-out Machine, only... in order to get out, YOU HAVE TO GO IN.

That is not Way-out as in... Far Out! (dude). It's more along the lines of, That's the way out. (dude). Now that we've gotten that sorted, we can move on to whatever that is up ahead there. You feel me? Heh heh. No. I don't talk like that. I mean no offense. I just... don't... talk... like... that. I got plenty of street cred, BUT... I... am... not... street. I did time on the mean streets soon as I could walk. I went to prisons and the other lockup-lockdown facilities, and I was poor all my life. I still am poor. I just don't talk like that.

The reason I mentioned that is because there are plenty of people who do talk like that BUT are not Street. They're just trying to pass on The Street. I did not and do not have to do that because I had to face down Bad Leroy a time or two, AND... you want to talk about bristlecone vibrations? You know what I mean; when it feels like there are thousands of tiny needles pricking you everywhere, like... how it is when you go to Street Acupuncture or like that.

I never had white-boy dreads. I didn't try to shuffle like a black man because I am not, superficially black. When I was locked up, and one of the men would tell me I was alright (for a white man). I remember saying, “I may have a white man's skin, but I've got a black man's heart.” Ah... analogies... metaphors... thing is... I remember being black more than once. I remember specific incidents. In both cases, there was only one memory of each, with little context. I had the same thing happen with that time I was Chinese, and wearing green and yellow robes.

I remember a time in Persia where I would watch the stars from a turret. I remember a lot of things. I don't know how true they are, but... they felt real to me, and... this is about being real. I don't act black around blacks. I didn't do that in prison and it was 10-1. That might have been what saved my ass, LITERALLY. I didn't try to con the cons. These guys are already bent... AND looking for weaknesses. Best not to show weak. Take an ass-kicking if you have to, BUT... don't show or be... weak. IN FACT... don't ever be weak in the sense of having to give over your power to APPEARANCES.

You don't know who you're dealing with, at any particular time. It could well be God or one of his angels OR... a high-ranking rakshasa. If you are truthful, you may well get a pass. The whole situation was set up ahead of time to see what you would do. I know this to be true, AND remember; God is in everyone, AND... everything. Act like it.

God was in those prisons. I met him coming and going. God plays every role there is, and he plays them well. He is The Best of the Best. Yeah... you would have to include O.J. Simpson in that, and many another tragic figure from history. People get their understanding about what God is, all screwed up. That's not hard to accomplish when you can never know what God is. God is beyond mortal understanding, BUT... say you cease to be mortal? Then you might understand better.

Try to remember that God is the source of both Good and seeming Evil. You get to pick the face you see in everyone you meet and greet, according to everything you do, and do not do. God IS The Supreme Commander in ALL worlds.

I was just talking with the ineffable, a moment ago, when I went into the kitchen to get a cup of tea. He was telling me about all the people he has had to smack down when they were coming up. He went on to say that he gets everyone... and that no one should slip into Heaven on the appearance of virtue alone. He's no friend of the pious-faced pretenders and he doesn't like 'most' priests much either. Lots of priests are doing a lifetime penance for fucking up previously in some way. With God that is.

First thing you should learn and ALWAYS employ is Humility or... you will be set up to be smacked down. God smooths your curves and opens your eyes, if... you... let... him.

We are ALL dealing with only God all the time. Until you get this clear in your head, life will often make no sense. Heh heh... it might still make no sense. He sets you up in life situations to see what you will do, AND... REMEMBER, God is right there and can change ANYTHING at any time. You are performing, my friends. Do it in a sincere fashion, God... can... tell... the... difference. You NEVER know who you are talking to.

It just tickles me sometimes when people go off on religion and about how there was no Jesus Christ, and all they're really doing is whining about how terrible their lives are. They know they're on the outs with God, and that's how they like it. They like being one of those tragic figures. As you can imagine, that makes no kind of sense with me. God and Religion are not the same thing. Religion is a façade to begin with because you must LIVE YOUR RELIGION for it to have any meaning.

Religion is how The Priest Class gets your money.

I don't just drop in of an off Sunday to pay my casual respects to The Creator. I seek to honor the creator, in... every... single... thing... I... think... say... and.... do. No! I have not always been on the mark this way. I have screwed up considerable now and again. I'm just not doing it anymore or... far less of the screwing-up side of potential. Every moment is... potential. Every moment is about to become The Moment. Let's face it, people. We're not talking about real time here, neither length-wise nor understanding-wise. There is ONLY ever The Moment and you... are... already... in... it.

That's just more of the shit that The Separated Mind does. We are our own worst enemies. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT! Our mind is our best friend and our worst enemy. If you cannot call your mind to heel, you... will... regret... it.

So... Black culture, Asian culture, Indian culture, I've been in all of them, at one time or another, BUT... I was born into the culture of this present life for a reason, and there is no reason for me to go about mimicking someone else's culture. Nor do I have to be part of it; speaking of all the sexual cultures, presently simmering in The Petri Dish... there's an article about a guy who came in with HIV, Syphilis, and Monkeypox. I see what I see. There is much to like AND dislike in all cultures.

Things are in an uproar at this time. People are being whipped up into hatreds of each other over color and life station. Everything is upside down. How is it that Tranny-Hysteria is even a thing? The SEEMING power of those who control all Media is truly great in APPEARANCE at the moment. Things... are... not... what... they... seem. It can, AND WILL change at any time; gradually or instantaneously, BUT... usually both together, depending on time, place, and... of course... circumstances.

The age is changing and this is one of those periods where the unreal, gets real. It's all being hung on the pulley line for The Mind of Humanity to contemplate... to be exposed to them... to be exposed to it. This is a particular opera, and just because you don't have a libretto. Heh heh... is that even fair? You don't need a libretto. All... you... need... to... know is yourself. If you do then you KNOW how it is going to go for you BECAUSE... you know what you are bringing to the party. You also know to stay away from all the other parties.

There's no party going on in my head. I don't have to go into town to attend one. I have been to those parties. Nothing good comes of that sort of thing. (grin) Some of us prefer Cold Mountain. The World... is The World... is The World. It is as it is. In times of Greater Light, there are shining cities. In times of lesser light, it is better to retreat from The Affairs of Men. We are in the least of a long period of lesser light before... The... Dawn... of... a... Greater... Light... Breaking... at... this very time.

I am not going to kiss the ring on the hand of The Prince of Darkness. I don't have to. Some may feel they do, BUT... I will tell you this. He won't respect you if you do. You're just another piece on the game board. Better to be a wild card, and... better to be, all-in. Otherwise, you are playing to lose. It might happen over a longer piece of time, BUT you... will... lose. The World IS Heartbreak Hotel. Best not to put too many eggs in that basket.

Try to remember, The Devil doesn't have any friends. You need to know this going in. I was fortunate to have it pointed out to me because... he can be very beguiling. I can't tell you what God is, but I can tell you who The Devil is. The Devil is your mind... when it is directed toward The Carnal Realm. You have to keep it on a high note, BECAUSE it will try to bring you down. It's a body-mind thing. Heh heh.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

"Welcome to The Twin Highways of Attraction... Which Lead to The Kingdoms of The Sacred and The Profane."

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I'm guessing it had been the slow attrition of... wearing away of... interest on my part that has brought the truth of the matter to me. I might count in the spiritual austerities as well, but the fact is that Woman represents the manifest world and the replication of it, as well as The Gateway to Eternal Life. She is... in fact... everything external to us, and... much that is internal as well. She is Nature in its elemental state, AND... Nature adapted to the fabrications of Culture... she is... also, The Queen of Heaven.

So it is that there are two separate worlds that exist in parallel to one another. In one, The Feminine Principle is represented by The Divine Mother. This world exists in The Mind of Childhood, and in the mind of those with some amount of regenerated innocence. The other world is The Carnal Circus with the acrobats, both clumsy and skilled... there are few of the latter. Each of them dances with different expressions of her... here, and... meets a different expression of her on their departure.

This is not an anti-sex polemic. This is a recognition of two separate worlds operating side-by-side. It has to do with The Quality and Focus of Desire. One set of residents knows about both of these worlds. The other knows only about the one they inhabit. The World of the manifest is a Vampire Feeding Ground, where the blood that is drained is composed of sexual fluids. All sexual activity directed at carnal union, is a Vitality Depletion Zone. Eventually, you become like one of those desiccated specimens you see in an abandoned web.

The World is an echo chamber, filled with the sound and bouncy castle memories of human activity, according... to... what... they... got... up... to. The Sophia, in the tradition I follow, is commensurate with The Holy Spirit of The Trinity. SHE... is the feminine nature raised to her REAL state in The Human Mind and is also called WISDOM. There is that which is called The Lesser and The Greater Mysteries. Wisdom and Foolishness are separated by perception. One sees what is there. The other sees what is not there or... in a false presentation.

If you do not spiritualize your sexual behavior, the wrong entities are coming for dinner at your expense; literally. You will be EATEN or... put another way... ABSORBED by Beast Mode or... Godhead. A chymical marriage takes place within, at a location called The Bridal Chamber. This is the dwelling place of The Realized Kundalini, where one looks divinity in the face.

People argue all day about Advaita and Dvaita; singularity or duality... within-without. We've gone over this many times. Does it happen inside you? Does it happen outside you? It happens both places, BUT... differently. The point of the whole exercise of life is for The Universe to know itself as God. Some of us get there earlier. Anyone can do this. You... have... to... want... to. Until you want to, you will go round and round in circles, consisting of the pleasant and the painful. Mangiare! Mangiare!

My perspective on this has almost always been as it is. My age has nothing to do with it. I had my Kundalini awakening at 21 and... it's pretty much been in my face ever since. I've been watching the dance of dances for decades. It is everywhere... as the prime motivator of culture, economy, and... mortality. When you can step away from it, the whole world transforms into something very different than what you see in the department stores of The World, and in The March of the Manikin armies of The Sleepwalking Dead.

Wakey... wakey is coming; pleasant for some, decidedly unpleasant for others. Still... there is no growth without pain. This is MOSTLY because people refuse to learn any other way, and have to be dragged, kicking and screaming to epiphany, into the cold... harsh... light of The Morning After. They say all cats are gray at The Sweathog Saloon. There... they are writhing in the torment of flame dancing, with crazed smiles on their faces, in The Carnal Firepits of The World. It's like scenes out of Bosch and Beardsley, depending on whether you like your hallucinations in color or... black and white.

I've been watching this curious obsession for a long time.

Heaven and Hell do indeed exist... The Lake of Fire? All those things are in your head where you experience it. The flames of Hell are the fires of passion at the lowest level. As it becomes refined, it moves to higher zones. The same fire the sinners burn in, the saints rejoice in. Try to remember that EVERYTHING YOU DO... you are doing to yourself. That's how it manages to come back on you. Everything imprints, AND... what does it imprint on? It imprints on the feminine subconscious. There it goes into gestation and eventually becomes a material product of your imagination.

It ALL has to do with the use and misuse of The Attractive Force. This is how you learn, by... getting... back... what... you... have... been... giving... out. There is a reason they say “payback is a bitch.” I don't know what form you are expecting to see her in. She comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of them are so terrifying as to drive one irretrievably insane. A certain breed of Shaivite yogi seeks a vision of her in The Burial Ground. They call her Smashin Tara... Mother Kali... and other names not in the common parlance.

I like her better as The Divine Mother, as opposed to The Consuming Lover. Even supposing that interested me, I would be more inclined to Dakinis and Houris. There are 5 wisdom Dakinis. They sound interesting. Yes... I am mixing my traditions, BUT... my tradition contains elements of every one of the traditions. I go with what works.

I am well aware of the delights of The Dark Splendor. They are not delights to me. What I love does... not... age. I am here to give an account of myself. We all are. If I can see into and through what goes on around me, it is my responsibility to call attention to it, lest... it... entrap... the... unwary. The Dream Web of Maya is a cosmic spiderweb and you can get so tangled IN ATTACHMENTS that ONLY death can free you from... and even then... only for a time, depending... on... your... nature in seeking to be attached.

Pedestrian romance is a prosaic ritual of life-giving-life-giving-death-giving-life. If you talk about WHAT REALLY IS, it can make people very angry, so it is spoken in fellowship or in private. No one wants to hear that everything they put value in... is fleeting and fading from the moment they encounter it. They want to live their lives. They want to live their dream. They... are... insane, and life WILL point this out to them.

When you love, love as if it were forever, and... it... will... be. To love Impersonally is best. This is the way The Sun does it. This is the way The Solar Avatar does it. You can have lots of fun here playing Catch and Release, regardless. Sometimes I feel like jumping up and down on the couch, like Tom Cruise with Offal. How did that work out for him? My love is of a different order than that. It is not inclined toward disappointment.

There is a truth hidden in stories like that of Peter Pan, and Never Neverland; also in so many other tales. Those who make lasting contact with The Mother are rendered immortal thereby. Devotion IS required, BUT... people are already devoted to one thing or another ANYWAY, until... they... lose... interest, and move on to the next thing.

God is still and motionless. He maintains The Universe by a fixed meditation upon it. Elsewise... it would cease. She... his divine consort, is in a constant flurry of motion, of sound and color, of palpable presence. There is so much that cannot be said, BUT... which will be revealed to the intrepid seeker.

Yes... this was a brief exposition. Much was not said. So? Fill in the blanks with your own experiences and understanding of them. See what you come up with. I seek to be in resonance with The Initiatic Brotherhood. There are other options available, BUT... not

for me.

End Transmission.......

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Once a year it comes to my attention that there are other things that go on at Facebook. I don't use Facebook except to announce the postings. I continually forget Facebook Messenger. So I can find that many people have messaged me over the course of a year, and gotten no response. On that one day a year, I receive birthday greetings and am compelled to respond. This is when I encounter all the other messages. Sure... I could remember to check the messages, BUT... I... don't. I don't know why except that I don't like Facebook. My being there came about by a sort of accident. Let's not get into that.

If you want to reach me there is email... and the music site at Bandcamp. If ever you can't locate my work, you can go to GAB or The Truthseeker.

Yesterday... Blogger would not let me post the links because I have been including links from Libs of Tik Tok. Social Media is incensed by this site. YET... all this site does is repost what others put up themselves. This is the strangest juxtaposition of Irony and Hypocrisy that I have ever seen.

Then I find that Blogger has slowed down the loading time of my sites and also shut me out of locations. This they have been doing all along but... now... they are ramping it up. They can't stop me. That is NOT IN THEIR POWER, but... it looks like it is time for me to move on from this den of poisoned dragons. They object to what I have to say. Few of the alternative news sites will even carry my work because I TALK ABOUT GOD. They don't like that. Unz went through the bathroom window when a fellow tried to get me linked there.

Most of those connected with alternative media are atheists. I would post at GAB but they only take so many words, and that is a problem with any number of sites, which usually include all sorts of other limitations as well. I will find somewhere else to go. Maybe The Elf knows about somewhere stable and non-interfering. If it was about gruesome sex or white hatred or any number of approved areas of interest... there would be no problem, BUT God? God is a problem. Of course, God is not the problem. God is the solution but that interferes with their objectives.

Anyway... so it goes.

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

"A Candle in The Window, and God is The Welcoming Hearth Within. God IS The Dynamic Fire of Eternal Life in You."

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I know... The commentary here, more and more often trends toward calling attention to how crazy people are becoming. It is actually moving at a pretty startling clip. It's not everybody, but there is that group of people. It is not a small group because it is a combination of various, widespread pathologies. There is this propensity for their heads to explode. Their occasional thoughts go off like firecrackers in an empty lot, on a wet night, in the wrong part of town. There is no actual wrong part of town because misfortune can happen anywhere. It's more like being the wrong kind of person.

I was in and out of carceral situations over the course of about 6 years. It worked out about even, roughly. Where I was it was 90% black. I am not. You find out rather quickly whether God is real or not. The most surprising things happened to and around me while I was locked up. I met people for whom casual and extreme violence was the way of it for them. I met royalty, and I met The Dregs. I was just out of my teens... just.

The odds were VERY MUCH against my having an easy course of it, BUT... I did, inasmuch as one could say something like that. I was in The DC Jail when, and while... Martin Luther King was killed. They were busing them in by the hundreds from Balmer (what the residents call Baltimore) and other places. I've heard it said now and again that a particular situation was a powder keg. I've been in a few of them, and this was one of those. I was transferred out mere days before they tore that prison apart.

I am intimately familiar with the notion of God's Presence. By this time, I have some certitude about it being real. By now... I know the whole course of my life was designed to bring this to my attention. I spent my life as God's Ping Pong Ball. Finally... it has all evened out. Some things, you... cannot... be... told. Some things, you... must... be... shown.

There's no telling what God might put you through if he likes you. I can remember saying, I wish you didn't like me so much. Yes... God loves everyone. God does not like everyone. Perhaps God even likes everyone, but I know he doesn't like everything they get up to. It is hard to avoid being anthropomorphic when talking about God. That leads me back to the 3 parts of The Mind. Harmonize these within you, AND everything will fall into place.

Cease wanting and The World is yours. The World is for those who don't want it. Otherwise... it involves levels of servitude to The Dark Lord. The Dark Lord is God in costume. Actually... EVERYTHING is God in costume. When you can get your perspective on this to trend toward The Unwavering, you will be in The Kingdom of Heaven.

Most people do not want to be concerned about God in their life. They've got this impression that God doesn't like some of the things they get up to. You are correct, Sir. We don't actually know what God does and does not like, BUT... we will... assuredly... find out. Impersonal God has no part in Like or Dislike. It either is... or it is not. Personal God? Well... there's no telling what you might encounter. Sometimes... he is a lion. Sometimes... he is a lamb, and sometimes he is a dragon. Sometimes he is the female aspect. In reality... he and she are always a mirror.

So... we opened with a mention about how the commentary here, trends toward mentioning The Crazy. I don't see it when I go out. I don't go out much, but... I do go to places where there are crowds of people. I don't see crazy (yet). I do see apprehensive... watchful AND inattentive. I see dreaming. I probably see dreaming more than anything else. I see frustration and hunger. I see kind and friendly people some of the time. I move through it, and then I go back to my vale of enterprise.

What goes on in The World is no longer of any great interest to me. The interest wasn't strong to begin with. I always wanted to know what was REALLY going on. I wanted to find God. I could not imagine anything more important than that. The World was very artful at cock-blocking my way. Each of us gets a different degree of intensity, AND... the intensity gets more intense when you are looking for God. Heaven makes it difficult for good reason. Part of that is the tempering and refinements that result from the difficulties, and part of it... is to separate out the poseurs and pretenders.

God is very good at tossing shiny objects at people who pretend to be looking for him. Here's something that most people just don't seem to get; God... is... Real AND Present. You walk with him, he walks with you.

I've no use for religion. I have made that abundantly clear here for years. Yet... without fail... I encounter people who confuse me with religion. I am not a Christian, but people confuse me with one, simply because I mention Jesus the Christ, and quote him, as I quote many others. I'm well aware of the lack of a historical Jesus, BUT... I... never... believed... in... that... Jesus Christ to begin with. Just as we said here yesterday; Shakespeare... Jesus the Christ, and many another character out of life and legend ARE UNKNOWN. The role is known. The one who played it is not.

They are all The Mysterious Stranger. They are God having a larf. When God lights himself up inside you... well, there are no books for that. There is no instruction manual, AND... there is no need for any of them. Those who are... outside... the... sanctuary, have no idea of what goes on there. They insist that they do, and they will argue it day and night, with others of similar mindset, but... they haven't a clue. They often parade around The Sanctuary, and yell at The Sanctuary... throw things... leave graffiti. It comes to naught. They cannot hear you inside The Sanctuary. ♫ make The World go away ♫ (grin)

A part of you is Divine. A part of you is Eternal... Immortal. That is your Indwelling Mysterious Stranger. Then... there is the unruly ego, that is banging off the walls of The Personality. When people are in that mode, there's no real point in talking to them; not... in... the... usual... fashion. You can toss the odd depth charge into their subconscious. Time and Destiny will take care of that, BUT... you can't linger. In most cases, your being around makes them uncomfortable.

It is the way of things that... sometimes you have to appear one way when you are, in fact, another way entirely. You have to become like them in order to lead them out of it. It's like having to swim up on a drowning person from behind. Drowning people can be surprisingly strong. Panic and Stress are what kill most people, and Fear? Fear is a magnet.

I heard this story about a lady who was dreadfully afraid of dogs. She was in a heightened state of anxiety while she was around them. One day, she was standing somewhere, and she had forgotten herself. A dog, a particular dog that she had feared very much, came up from behind her and began licking her hand. The event... radically changed her mindset about dogs. God is like that. God sneaks up on a lot of people because it... is... the... only... way... in.

Yes... God is already inside you. God is... a particular particle of you... BUT... all kinds of people talk a good game about God. It's best to have yourself sorted BEFORE you do that. Then... God is not compelled to embarrass you accordingly, though he... may... do... so, just to see what you are made of. God does and does not play favorites, BUT... you cannot count on things ALWAYS going your way... so... don't have a way. Rely on God to make your way, and embrace the Impersonal. Let that which is behind every identity express itself through you.

You might be a simple baker. You could be an Indian chief. You might clean houses. You might sell houses. You might own houses, BUT... if The Impersonal Self is expressing through you, life will transform all around you; be... you... prince... or... pauper, you will be rich beyond the imagining of pedestrian pack-rats. Some of us are meant to be stewards of wealth, and some of us are meant to have only a little of what The World calls wealth.

Let your existence speak to the wealth of your spirit and you will make every part of The World you encounter a... better... place. You will leave Good Footprints. You will find your way home, and there will be a candle in the window, and God the welcoming hearth within. God IS the dynamic fire of eternal life in you. EVERYTHING ELSE is sham and pretense. Everything else is a masquerade... designed to fascinate and seduce you, in... order... to... break... your... heart.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, August 15, 2022

"Making Sure The Cows don't Come Home. They Built Slaughterhouses Along The Routes of Their Migration Zones."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... I made a prayer and then I started to elaborate on it; by suggesting ways that God could get the prayer done, and he said... “Visible... I know how to get it done. That's my department. Your job is to ask me. My job is to get it done. You could have hurt my feelings, but... that doesn't happen because we know who the dumb-ass is here. Visible... you know how you feel when someone starts telling you about something you have a post-graduate degree in already, and they don't know what they are talking about because otherwise... they wouldn't be talking about it like that?”

Uh... yeah?

“Please note the vast distance between what you know and what I know... just ask me for WHATEVER (his CAPS not mine) it is that you want... for yourself or for others; keeping... in... mind that I ship priority when it comes to prayers for others... and standard mail for self-directed prayers. Standard mail is still pretty fast... eh? This is my policy with everyone. Selfless service is part of the uniform we wear under our clothes.”

Because of events like this taking place on a regular basis, my life is both exciting and serene. It was quite humorous for me when I realized I was telling God how to handle the matter. Yeah... it was funny and shocking. One of the indispensable keys to living a more luminous life... is to understand the relationships between the players. We elevate the false self, and we shutter The Divine ineffable with the image of it. That's doing it backwards. God IS the wind in your sails. God IS the oasis in the desert that is not a mirage. God is the sweet honey from the rock. God is all things needed... when needed.

And... nothing else is needed.

I would hate to be out there in The World without my guide and my best friend. It is a cold and treacherous place... while playing the warm and inviting; “Come into my parlor...” at every turn. When God is with you, all life is your friend. On occasion... other life forms might not know this. Then it is your job to clarify that for them, by truly reflecting The Divine within them. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is your friend when you are in communication with The Divine within all life. You court it and invoke it forth.

In Times of Material Darkness, it has become customary to court the demonic in others, for the purpose of sexual favors... for material gain... to get over or around them... for repurposing the positioning of others while playing The Blindfolded God. You only blanket yourself with greater darkness when you do so.

Remember that bit of scripture about the “wailing and gnashing of teeth?” Where did that take place? Right... in Utter or Outer Darkness; one of the two, neither of them being what I would call, a good time.

I don't care for Alex Jones. His bombastic persona really puts me off. It always has. The little I have seen of him, inadvertently, and over the years... has not improved my view of him. I did figure The Sandy Hook school shooting was a staged event and a false flag. I didn't look into it much because... to my mind- perspective and experience... The World is a charade to begin with... a put-up job. I'm never surprised when I hear something like this.

Anyway... so many people say it was a fraud and they got charts and lists, and other things... I just assumed it. I know a lot more about 9/11... but I still don't know it all... not hardly, so... I don't really involve myself in conspiracies except for the cosmic ones. Well now... if this was a false flag, why is he having to pay near $50,000,000 for lying about it? Did he not have the evidence that he and all of these many, many people say they have? He's Alex Jones. He's a big player. Wouldn't he have the evidence?

Is this similar to what happens in Germany when you tell the truth about The Holocaust?

The way I look at it is that Mr. Apocalypse is dealing with him like he is going to do FOR ALL THE REST OF THEM who are deceivers of humanity, no matter which side they position themselves on. The new age is filled with the same kinds of phonies who are shaking the money tree; different outfit... same physiognomy and Karmic jumpsuit (grin). I measure EVERYONE by how they shake The Money Tree, and what they do it for. I've been to Sedona. I see what happens when it gets out of hand (grin),

Thing is, I wouldn't mind living around Sedona, just not in Sedona.

The red light district heats up and sends the heat through the subway tunnels, where it comes up smoking through the grates in the sidewalk where the street people sleep. The cold fish keep the money on ice. They like to serve it frosty with a twist of the knife. It's uptown living high above the park, where red eyes glow in the dark. Some are dreaming on satin. Some are dreaming in shit, but all of them are dreaming while the meters tick.

Wheels within wheels, within wheels, within wheels are... turning behind the curtain of appearances, and they are churning out the appearances replacing the appearances. It's a full-time business keeping the engines greased. Everyone colors their expectations with the hopes and strategies of getting... what... they... want, and increasingly... more and more of the time... getting it right... fucking... now.

What the Hell was that?

I understand that people are dreaming. It is an observable fact. Given that they are dreaming, the idea seems... to me... to give them better dreams. Look at The World... the tidal wave of electronic media... the culture of the streets, and every location where it proliferates. You can see the dreams being woven by The Big Engines. They huff and puff and they strut around... putting on The Ritz. They're going to make sure the cows don't come home. They've built slaughterhouses along the route of their migration zones. Viz... I didn't know that cows migrated. Yeah... let's just say, for... the... purpose... of... argument... and... so it goes.

You might have noticed the changes in presentation here, syntax AND otherwise. It started with the selective capitalization of words and phrases. Selective implies... here and there. Then came the three dots... those dots are like pauses in the thought or indications of emphasis, but different from CAPS. Then we started to use Bold. Now we are using italics without quote marks for quoting one's self.

If you go back to the first couple of paragraphs, you can get the idea that this is the way God talks to me, and it has just run over into what I do. That is how God speaks to me, loud sometimes... softer at others... in bursts... with points of emphasis.

Sometimes when he is speaking, he literally shakes me, saying something like, “That's right! I'm here. I need to remind you of this because you can forget. It is a human thing. I DO... NOT... FORGET. Consider yourself extremely fortunate that I do remind you to think of me, because... you can forget and drift into The Dream. I'm here. That alone should be a reminder.” (more shaking and clenching)

Well... you see what I have to deal with (grin). It's always best at points like this... for me to reiterate that it is not God speaking to me directly. He uses step-down transformers called angels, and... other luminous beings, BUT... IT IS STILL GOD. I am not exceptional in this regard (lest anyone who thinks that way themselves... should think... I think... that way.) God speaks to ALL OF US. Most of us just do not listen, and we... become... hard... of... hearing after some distance traveled from Childhood. I have been trying very hard to hear God through the whole of this life, and I relentlessly pestered him.

I would get periods of communication when I was on psychedelics. Time passes and it might happen at rare intervals all of its own. Then... the day came when I started getting replies in the moment. A back and forth came into being, and now... it's live nearly all the time.

This has taken years, and years more; lifetimes... probably. Reflecting now (at Petri Dish) about the course of my road to this moment, I can say with authority, it is not... an... easy... course. I can also say that it is within your reach. If I was able to accomplish this, while being a pretty consistent goofball, over... the... same... course, then... ANYONE... CAN... DO... THIS. Anyone who really wants to.

It might well be why it happened to me; for The Purpose of Demonstration. I was not an icon of stability. God stabilizing me is a remarkable thing.

Speak to God at every private opportunity! HE IS LISTENING!!! He has all sorts of ways of replying. A voice in your head is only one of them. If you make him the purpose of your passing here, he WILL become that. Perhaps you don't want to take responsibility for this? Tell him I sent you (grin) if you think it might do any good. Let it be on my head. I know if you give him no peace, he WILL respond; “Don't make me come down there!” oh... Lord... yes!!! Please come down here!

There is much here that can get in our way... that can distract and entangle us. There are sleepwalkers on all sides... who will scoff and mock your passionate aspiration. Keep it to yourself unless it comes up on its own. Don't argue with fools. They WILL discover, as... all... of... us... will, that God is real... that there is a Heavenly hierarchy... that angels and other beings flood the invisible spaces all around, AND within them.

This is inevitable because it... is... the... purpose... of... existence; that The Universe will come to know itself as God and sing in unified, celestial harmony... with every particle a song. This IS The Glorious Destiny, no matter how far ahead it may be for some. Distance is an illusion that is performed in The Separated Mind.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

"Impersonal Light Hits The Prism of This World and Turns into Everything Temporary, and... Doomed to Pass."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When God is... itself... within itself... the thing apart... it is not anything but itself. However... it is, potentially... everything else made from itself. It is, The White Light BEFORE it decides to get colorful. When God moves into form, it gains the appearance of something, BUT... it is STILL God... whatever form it may be in.

This is how I come to say, Everything is under control. God personalizes into form as the male and female counterparts from which the multiplicity proceeds, and... The World replicates and changes... replicates and changes. The death of forms cycles into the life of forms, BUT... it is OBVIOUS... the whole of existence is God's playground.

Once you comprehend this and go in search of the author or... go in search of the author for ANY other reason... you... are... on... your... way to being one with God. There's a catch though. If you play God in the realm of personality then you are deified WITH term limits. You even have a destiny; read about the lives of The Gods during polytheism seasons. If you sport as God-Anonymous... The Mysterious Stranger... Johnny Appleseed... one who comes and goes... you have no term limits. You are immortal.

Folktales and Legends, Fables and Nursery Rhymes, Saints and Sages all... are forms of connection to... and expressions of... The One.

As the seasons of life change, the regularity of specific forms through specific time periods also changes. The Mysterious Stranger (who is not a stranger) changes his presentations and appearances to suit the needs and circumstances of the moment; whether he be Avatar, Crazy Man, or... both.

The closer you grow toward God, the more God facilitates it. Miracles occur; maybe you just didn't see them before? Then, too... some of them are new. Many of us perform miracles. We don't see it as such because they happen across a wider reach of time. Greater adepts can materialize forms and conditions immediately, BUT... then... so can anyone who has the necessary siddhi(s). Virtue doesn't always enter into it. Bad Guys get powers too.

Religions, very soon after being established, exist for the maintenance and profit of the priest class or... whatever they call the intermediaries between you and God. God moved on earlier or... rather let us say, Religion moved on from God. I seek the Lord of the Eternal Moment... who represents all that was good... all that is good... and all that will be good.

The Kingdom of Evil exists for a reason... to provide a world where certain appetites and desires can be worked out. It's run by a vampire mafia cabal and some mean and ugly sonsabitches live there. Lots of arrogant sorts have sought to move through that kingdom doing as they please, BUT... all of the dramas of that realm operate in The Twilight Zone... and serve as cautionary tales and morality plays. Shakespeare or... The Mysterious Stranger (cause no one can tell you who he was) laid it all out.

If you had anything more than a cursory curiosity, you will have found that there are bread and cookie crumbs aplenty in this world that lead to... who... knows... where. There are guidebooks for going to both Heaven and Hell. There are time-honored traditions that possess the authority to take you through your paces, along the stations of The Tree of Life, if... that's... your... aim.

In this transitory cusp period between the ages, (which we are right on the verge of completing; when The Age, officially begins... post-Avatar), there are still impressive dangers for those seeking by way of The Path of Knowledge. There's too much material confusion at work, and The Prince of Darkness has yet to be changed into an angel of light for... most... of... us.

This is how I see it. Not everyone is inclined to the direction I have taken, but... for me... it is the wiser course, and that is The Path of Love. It is in my nature, regardless. Poets are students of a different kind of Science, having to do with charting The Interior Wonderland, in song, verse, and stories.

I don't know what the due date is for any of you passing, BUT... I feel confident to say, you... still... have... enough... time to discover... or build a considerable sanctuary within. It is possible... AND HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED MANY TIMES across the ages by determined souls. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Remember the recent mention of Samuel Johnson's quote about how the knowledge of being hanged in a fortnight wonderfully concentrates the mind? Well... consider that you are under mortal sentence this moment... until... that... sentence... is... lifted. You're on Death Row right now. Think about it. Tick... Tick... Tick. (grin).

What I have been doing is 'getting my papers in order', and meeting with a travel agent... booking forward connections, hotels, and way-stops. I've been talking about it with everyone I know. I've been preparing and leading my mind... and... I do not expect my ass to follow- unless The Really Big Guy changes the ritual. There are some who have had transubstantiation committed on them. ALL OF US are going through forms of it, at particular speeds, depending on the attention we give it. For some... lifetime follows lifetime. There is a more direct route.

As soon as you take your attention off of The Things of The World, The World loses its interest in you. Actually... then the relationship changes and The World offers you everything. It is my advice, and... I follow it myself that... you... should... refuse. The World has nothing to compare with the finer realms, AND... you can be there while you are still here. I have seen this in action more than once, so... I have evidence. I can see where... if you don't have evidence, it is not the same for you, and it can make you angry.

Once it's thrown everything it has at you and gotten nowhere, then it loses interest in you. Sometimes God wants The World to have an interest in you. If you are fortunate, he does this AFTER you have gone... Ga-te... Ga-te... Para Ga-te.

On my soul... I declare these things are true. God is Real AND Listening. Nature is aware and listening. The bandwidth that most of The World operates within is... a narrow bandwidth. Once you have expanded your bandwidth... you will see and realize much that you have not seen, nor realized previously. How does one expand their bandwidth? Meditation is a means. Prayer is a means. Austerities are a means. Psychedelics are a means. Good Works and Selfless Service are means.

Having been mostly about these means for most of my life, I can guarantee they are true means. An expeditious and certain path is The Golden Mean... when fueled by Faith... Certitude... and Determination. Yeah, I guess you could call it work, and there are many people who don't like work unless there is a specific gain, having to do with desires or appetites.

It's only work for a probationary period. After that, it's still work, but it is now a joy that one would do every day... forever... so long as life is present for the purpose, and... as a result... you have LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY. Life overflows from a perpetual fountain for those who have discovered its location, AND its purpose. I am not speaking original thoughts here. These thoughts have echoed across the centuries and so very much further than that.

People dismiss these thoughts because they get in the way of what they think they want; then it disappoints them... they move to the next thing... that also disappoints them... and so on, and so on, and so on. The Dog of Desire is chasing his tail, and The Monkey Mind is picking its behind. It studies shit... sometimes it studies shit for lifetimes. Finally... it declares, Eureka! It IS shit! The Wise respond; No shit, and go back to what they were doing.

Of course... the one who discovered it was shit did not also realize it is The First Matter. If you want to make Gold, you had better get used to working with shit, AND... the shit you intend to turn into Gold. Hmm... Gold? God? Is that like Evil and Live... only different? Not my department. I'll leave that to the people on The Path of Knowledge. You know what happens when you complete The Path of Knowledge? You DISCOVER that you didn't and don't know anything. That... is... what... actually... happens. You also discover that something is missing; has... been... missing... for... a... long... time, and... that would be Love.

The tales of existence are long and varied. People come and people go, and people come back again. There are those who follow The Inward Path, and... they walk right out of this world. Then they come back and they bring The Kingdom of Heaven with them. Lightworkers are disbursing it this very minute... somewhere. There are far fewer than needed in these times... because of Materialism. That's all going to change... soon.

The ones WHO SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION, never... are... and... it comes right out of The Blue on top of them. Go back to the first paragraph about how God is in control of EVERYTHING any time he wants to be. Unqualified Light hits The Prism of This World and Turns into Everything Temporary and Doomed to Pass. The Light ignites within and you go on in the everlasting echo of the sound current of his being... evidencing his being for all time. Find God. Everything else is a waste of time.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, August 05, 2022

"Squadrons of Owsley Double-Dome Saucers Sail The Orange Sunshine Skies in Search of The Doors of Perception."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've always loved Arizona. I lived here for a time in the late 60s... passing through more like it, cause I wasn't here much more than a month; two months... if you count the time I was locked up for being in the company of morons. That wasn't the official charge but that is what it amounted to. Back in those days, it was like Mom's Apple Pie to wind up incarcerated for little or no reason. Given I was in The Wind mostly... as the squadrons of Owsley Double-Dome saucers, sailed The Orange Sunshine Skies of The Human Mind, in search of The Doors of Perception.

The Doors of Perception are saloon style, swinging both ways... but keeping it in your pants... with the knowledge that Brotherhood calls us to a higher order of congress, AND... The Brotherhood will cover the action of those in search of The King's Highway... leading them away from Sodom and Samara, to an appointment of a whole other order.

Anyway, Arizona just elected the full slate of election deniers so... I am meant to be here. It's not that I am a Trumpfanistanian from Trumpfanistan. I'm not. He lost me with the vaccines, BUT... given the level of the competition and what we have seen of The Drooling, Hair Sniffing, Frottage Massage, Ice Cream Man in The White House... I would hitchhike to the next town over to vote for him as The Lesser of Two Evils... and I don't have to hitchhike so... that's how serious I am.

Have you noticed all the odd comings and goings of covers... ripped from the restless dreams of strange bedfellows? Does it sound like Mr. Apocalypse is in town with The Awakening? They're on a world tour at the moment, AND... there are also a whole lot of tribute bands hitting the wide spots in the road. They want it so that every nation on Earth can have a come to Jesus moment. Well... it will be The Christ, in a new get-up for the cosmic streaming services... who got the contract for the next... two... thousand... and... two... hundred... years (or so).

It's always The Sun King who comes in on that grand Avatar liner, from over across the ocean of birth and death. He's coming down the long grade of the planes, into manifestation. There's no need for any runaway truck ramp. He's as cool as ice and as warm as love in the approach. You can't argue with him. He's just too damned impressive with all the pulsing, luminous radiance, guaranteed to light you up inside like... you... did... not... know... could... happen.

It always seems to come right out of The Blue. People get into ruts so deep they cannot see above them. That's what Materialism does. It blocks out the light, and it blocks your sight, and you begin to think that the walls around you are the only world there is. Understandable... BUT... then you forget that you ever thought it might be different, and that... that right there... is the reason The Avatar comes to town. Coming to a town near you soon, AND... in some cases... coming to a shining city within you at the same time.

Sometimes you can cut the tension with your hand in palpability mode. I'm guessing it is tense indeed for those up to no good, because... some degree of The Presence is already here. It is what is behind all of these dramatic changes since the turn of the century. It is not behind the common and day-to-day outrages we commit on each other. It is not behind the materialized expression of people going more and more crazy by the day. That's just the collateral damage for people going The Wrong Way... running into the usual off-road problems in topography and sight-lines, and... no... gas... stations.

Guru Bawa once told me, “You are out of petrol in the jungle and there is the tiger. You must get some petrol.” Like with any realized master or... illumined saint; of which category he certainly can be identified from (nice syntax, visible), Guru Bawa spoke in riddles, metaphors, analogies, allegories, and the like.

Everything is changing. Structures one has held on to, for the longest time, are crumbling. Meaning and Purpose are being tumbled in the storm waves upon the shores. What people do then is to latch on to ANYTHING that will help to keep them from losing their minds. So they go batshit over sexual identity. They get ever more passionately strident about extreme politics. They go full-blown materialists. They specialize with The Fetish of The Month Club.

They resort to lies and all manner of subterfuge because The End justifies The Means. No... it doesn't. It's not the destination in the first place, it's... the... journey. The Journey is the destination, giving the appearance of moving, in The Eternal Now. It is The Sun forever rising on an endless day. It never gets to mid-heaven because... from that point it would have to descend. It NEVER descends. It is ALWAYS rising.

That power within our single sun... and the power within the millions of sister suns... in the exploded sky, and... everything else you can think of or... that has ever been thought about is... only... a... fragment... of The Power held in reserve. The Mind cannot comprehend this. What happens is you grow into an ever-expanding awareness that never reaches The Full, and you become more and more like that which you are becoming aware of, and... The Bliss intensifies, and The Joy intensifies, and The Splendor and The Glory (let us not forget) intensifies, as do The Qualities of God that continue to increase within you.

That's one way to go. There are other ways, other directions to head in. You can see the people doing just that, everywhere they congregate. They do it in The Tower, and they do it in The Basement. They set off after... something, something that is one thing and looks like another, and is temporary besides. Their hands reach out for it and it turns to smoke. It was not there in the first place.

It's kinda like fairy rings and the secret cloisters of The Elementals and all the workers in the underbrush, in the waters, in the air that... really... are... there, and dance in the breath of God, as it moves in The Grand Inhalations and Exhalations. The whole of it is alive!!! One SHOULD pursue the opportunity to read The Living Book of Nature. You will find that our environs are populated with countless invisible life forms. Each of them has a realm. Their interactions bring about all that we perceive and experience in... the... manifesting... dream... of... life. They are the invisible color commentators.

So... there are these possessed entities... who are deeply entrenched in their ways. They've been at it for a considerable length of time, passing it on from one generation to another. The Kingdom of Evil has grown very powerful and it... does... not... want... to... give... an... inch. The thing about shadows and light is that shadows retreat from the light, and to do what they do in The Darkness, they have to hide from The Light. Well now... the time has come and The Light is set to penetrate all the citadels of darkness, all the subterranean caverns, and hidey holes of every kind.

This means that there is going to be a whole lot of noise and trembling surfaces. Something that hasn't happened in a very long time is on the verge of happening, and... it is probably going to come out of The Blue.

There is so much chaos and uncertainty in these times that most of humanity is fixated on their particular distractions, which have kept them from seeing what is really going on. People are nosediving into perversities... and absurdities... of every kind. This is because there is no satiation in any of it, so... they have to keep going deeper, looking further, pressing farther afield, and... yeah... still nothing.

The deeper they go, the more they panic and despair. Meaning is lost. The familiar becomes unfamiliar. It all seems more and more foreign. Where is the stable ground? Where are succor and sanctuary? All of these questions will be answered by events... in trends and patterns... in whatever mosaic emerges that will be the new appearances that will be hiding the Ageless Truth. Ah well... twas ever thus.

Strive to find The One within who is already guiding you, according to the degree of your cooperation. Trying to hang on to anything in The World of Appearances is foolish. Experience will and does prove that out... over, and over again.

We are on the precipice of dynamic transformation and change. You will adapt. You will evolve or... you will be plowed under and made into compost for the flowering of the age.

End Transmission.......

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