Tuesday, August 02, 2022

"This Masquerade Ball... This Passing Caravanserai... This Temporary Dream State of Intoxication with Form."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

How has that Trust the Science thing worked out for you... those of you who trusted the science? How has the pursuit of material comfort worked out... with your transgender children... whose ease of life has robbed them of their ability to survive? Has making us all equal worked out to a greater harmony between the disparities? Has bringing us closer together caused us to be closer together? Are we all one big, happy family now?

The War of the Colors continues. One side is a shrieking violence. The other is a shrinking violet. Nobody knows who they are anymore... they didn't before, but... it didn't bother them. The idea that they are supposed to know who they are is confusing them, BUT... what are they going to tell the people on social media?

This has left everyone having to make up who they are, and then... forgetting the details of whatever it was that they said they were. It's all a walking, talking, showboating lie. First... you convince yourself, and then... you convince everyone else... except you don't. Insincerity does... not... ring... true. People may be polite about it, but... they know. They can feel it. Mr. Apocalypse AND The Awakening both have a great deal to do with everything we are going through. It's shaky ground... isn't it?

What you are seeing before you, wherever you go, is The Destiny of Everything, manifesting the fate of whatever lies are sustaining them in this game of Charades; this masquerade ball... this passing caravanserai... this temporary dream state of... intoxication... with... form. This is the nature of Uncovering and Revealing, which are the components of the nature of Mr. Apocalypse, followed by The Understanding that is brought by The Awakening.

What is the difference between Mr. Apocalypse and an apocalypse? What is the difference between Jesus Christ and the ineffable? What is the difference between Krishna and the ineffable? What is the difference between every persona of God that stands as a proxy by the altar of The Urge to Unity, which is similar to living in The Harmony of Love? They are The Divine Examples of the ineffable personalized.

This attractive force that is love, which is the basic nature of God in The Manifest, demonstrates The Will of God in all events and conditions that appear before us. It is what holds it all together, lest we would go flying into space (grin). It is what composes the differences between us... so we can tell ourselves apart. Not everyone can tell us apart.

The ones who live in The Impersonal cannot tell us apart. Everything they see is God looking back at them, because... that is what they have called to the fore, that is what they have invoked, AND... AND... that... is... how... it... really... is... anyway. Most of us just don't see it as so because we live in The Differences, which... is an actual place or... state of mind... if you prefer.

Whenever an age is in transition, moving from the previous age into the coming age, there is a great deal of chaos and confusion. There is social upheaval and revolution. This routinely ALSO happens in the transitions between the phases of an age... within an age. It is a great deal bigger and more pervasive when an age is replaced.

Some of you may be wondering about what is coming and who is going to be in charge. God... is... always... in... charge. The crazy people of the moment. The ones you see getting all the press or acting out in a Tom Fool manner... cause they desperately need the attention, ARE... NOT... THE... ONES... WILL... STILL... BE... STANDING... after the hoopla and uproar have passed.

We are not going to be ruled by trannies and drag queens, with President Camacho at the bridge of The Ship of State. Thugs... trolls... and orcs that now savage the streets of The Urban Nightmare are not going to be the new law enforcement. They are ALL going to be pacified by The Inherent Destiny of Their Kind. We all have a destiny. We all have a dharma. Be a certain way... act a certain way... certain things are going to happen to you. That's just the way it is. There are other laws besides the ones we pass in our poor attempts at government.

It has nothing to do with color or race. It has to do with Who and What shows up within you during Times of Material Darkness. This is how it is when the pursuit of comfort and personal gain is the main motivator of our kind. When we are celebrating the independence of the false self and the pursuit of self-interest, under the thrall of material culture, it... comes... to... a... particular... end. That's just how it is.

I REALLY feel sorry for all of these people. Like anyone else here, there was a time when features of the culture outraged me. It all seemed so unfair, and all the people who were succeeding were less human and humane than the people they stepped on and over. That's how they got the stones to step over others in the first place. They just didn't care who they hurt. I looked deeper and deeper, and either way you look... you wind up inside yourself in the end; since you have been moving through The Greater Self the whole time... it is a CERTAINTY that it will dawn on you at some point.

The victims conspire with their killers. At one point Cain brained Abel, and the disco-ball fell and shattered on the ground and thousands of Cain's and Abel's rose up as animated shards... killing and being killed, over, and over, and over again. The drama goes on forever. The drama goes on for you... so long as you are engaged in the drama. There must be something in the drama that you are after. Then... you get it, and... it isn't what you wanted, and... you get angry.

You continue to look. You want this. You want that. None of it is what you want. You're going to need that thing you REALLY want, for you to have any hope of enjoying yourself here. There is ONLY one enjoyer. You pretty... much... have... to... find... him. The good news is that he/she is within you... if you would only look. Otherwise, you will be tossed on the storm winds of Lust and Anger.

Lust and Anger are in an eternal death dance with each other. The hunger of desire drives us. We are whipped forward by our appetites. The Beast kills. The Beast feeds. The Beast fights. The Beast mates. The Beast sleeps. The beast shits where it eats. There are so many things that you can't tell the beast because... it is a beast.

You can train The Beast by a subterfuge that involves what The Beast hungers after. You can pacify The Beast. Music is supposed to have some effect on The Beast. Music, in fact, has many different effects on a beast, depending on the music. Some music arouses the savagery. The Usual Suspects are (and have been) engaged in promoting discord across The World. Part of how they do this is by controlling the music you hear, the shows you watch, and the entertainments you engage in.

You are EITHER... under their spell or you are not. Most of The World is under the spell of these black magicians. They reversed The Kabbalah. Instead of using it to talk to angels, they use it to consort with demons. Mr. Apocalypse is here to tear the covers off of their enterprises, and... The Awakening is here to clue you in to the meaning of what is uncovered. Both of them are here to set the stage for The Avatar.

What you have to understand is that the personas of angel and demon are BOTH projections from the ineffable. They are the force of the ineffable... as it appears according to the... direction... in... which... you... twist... The Dial. If you are of a carnal mind, you are treating with demons. If you are in The Unified Singularity of Mind, you are treating with angels... most of the time you are 'treating with angels unaware' because the demon is only a mask that conceals the angel from your sight.

There ARE NOT two equally empowered forces that war against one another, with one getting the upper hand here, and the other getting the upper hand there. There is ONE FORCE that appears to be one or the other of these, depending on your perspective.

If you are having a rough time of it. It won't be forever. Those who The Lord loves he chastens. He will try you in fire. He will prune the vines. It will not go on forever. It WILL get smoother, and easier, as you become smoother... and easier. With the rough spots sanded off, you are less likely to bruise those you encounter. Those you see living the high life of the moment? They are on rails to The Land of Protracted Suffering. You should have compassion for them. It's not going to turn out the way they think it will.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

How's 'Trust the science' workin'? This 'pureblood' is still waitin' for lower rent and less traffic.

So weird you mentioning Abel and Cain right after me re-reading part of The Book of Enoch.

Aburguesando was a new one on me. Probably won't remember it. I mean, why would I use that? It has nothing to do with me bein' a dishwasher. Hmmmm. Mexico has nothin' to gain with bein' invaded by the honky-gringo-cracka, unlike the U.S. wantin' cheap labour. Maybe they should do an Enver Hoxja Albania or East Germany and shoot 'em at the border?

Heh-heh-heh. One of the former dishwashers, now prep-cook keeps asking me to go to Mexico with 'im. Not because of what I look like, which ain't much; but because I'm one of the hardest workers there. He doesn't know how lazy I am on the home front. Oh yeah. I drive a car, too. He doesn't. Cab service, huh? Not gonna happen, though I swear! These days, Mexico does seem to be a better place to live than the u.s.. If you have a well payin' job, that is.

Let us see what happens from now to October. I'm expectin' a way lighter workload in there some time. If I'm lucky, I'll be nuked close enough to Ground Zero for comfort. Transited in 10 minutes is OK, though instant is better.

Nostrils to the sky.

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