Thursday, August 18, 2022

"A Candle in The Window, and God is The Welcoming Hearth Within. God IS The Dynamic Fire of Eternal Life in You."

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I know... The commentary here, more and more often trends toward calling attention to how crazy people are becoming. It is actually moving at a pretty startling clip. It's not everybody, but there is that group of people. It is not a small group because it is a combination of various, widespread pathologies. There is this propensity for their heads to explode. Their occasional thoughts go off like firecrackers in an empty lot, on a wet night, in the wrong part of town. There is no actual wrong part of town because misfortune can happen anywhere. It's more like being the wrong kind of person.

I was in and out of carceral situations over the course of about 6 years. It worked out about even, roughly. Where I was it was 90% black. I am not. You find out rather quickly whether God is real or not. The most surprising things happened to and around me while I was locked up. I met people for whom casual and extreme violence was the way of it for them. I met royalty, and I met The Dregs. I was just out of my teens... just.

The odds were VERY MUCH against my having an easy course of it, BUT... I did, inasmuch as one could say something like that. I was in The DC Jail when, and while... Martin Luther King was killed. They were busing them in by the hundreds from Balmer (what the residents call Baltimore) and other places. I've heard it said now and again that a particular situation was a powder keg. I've been in a few of them, and this was one of those. I was transferred out mere days before they tore that prison apart.

I am intimately familiar with the notion of God's Presence. By this time, I have some certitude about it being real. By now... I know the whole course of my life was designed to bring this to my attention. I spent my life as God's Ping Pong Ball. Finally... it has all evened out. Some things, you... cannot... be... told. Some things, you... must... be... shown.

There's no telling what God might put you through if he likes you. I can remember saying, I wish you didn't like me so much. Yes... God loves everyone. God does not like everyone. Perhaps God even likes everyone, but I know he doesn't like everything they get up to. It is hard to avoid being anthropomorphic when talking about God. That leads me back to the 3 parts of The Mind. Harmonize these within you, AND everything will fall into place.

Cease wanting and The World is yours. The World is for those who don't want it. Otherwise... it involves levels of servitude to The Dark Lord. The Dark Lord is God in costume. Actually... EVERYTHING is God in costume. When you can get your perspective on this to trend toward The Unwavering, you will be in The Kingdom of Heaven.

Most people do not want to be concerned about God in their life. They've got this impression that God doesn't like some of the things they get up to. You are correct, Sir. We don't actually know what God does and does not like, BUT... we will... assuredly... find out. Impersonal God has no part in Like or Dislike. It either is... or it is not. Personal God? Well... there's no telling what you might encounter. Sometimes... he is a lion. Sometimes... he is a lamb, and sometimes he is a dragon. Sometimes he is the female aspect. In reality... he and she are always a mirror.

So... we opened with a mention about how the commentary here, trends toward mentioning The Crazy. I don't see it when I go out. I don't go out much, but... I do go to places where there are crowds of people. I don't see crazy (yet). I do see apprehensive... watchful AND inattentive. I see dreaming. I probably see dreaming more than anything else. I see frustration and hunger. I see kind and friendly people some of the time. I move through it, and then I go back to my vale of enterprise.

What goes on in The World is no longer of any great interest to me. The interest wasn't strong to begin with. I always wanted to know what was REALLY going on. I wanted to find God. I could not imagine anything more important than that. The World was very artful at cock-blocking my way. Each of us gets a different degree of intensity, AND... the intensity gets more intense when you are looking for God. Heaven makes it difficult for good reason. Part of that is the tempering and refinements that result from the difficulties, and part of it... is to separate out the poseurs and pretenders.

God is very good at tossing shiny objects at people who pretend to be looking for him. Here's something that most people just don't seem to get; God... is... Real AND Present. You walk with him, he walks with you.

I've no use for religion. I have made that abundantly clear here for years. Yet... without fail... I encounter people who confuse me with religion. I am not a Christian, but people confuse me with one, simply because I mention Jesus the Christ, and quote him, as I quote many others. I'm well aware of the lack of a historical Jesus, BUT... I... never... believed... in... that... Jesus Christ to begin with. Just as we said here yesterday; Shakespeare... Jesus the Christ, and many another character out of life and legend ARE UNKNOWN. The role is known. The one who played it is not.

They are all The Mysterious Stranger. They are God having a larf. When God lights himself up inside you... well, there are no books for that. There is no instruction manual, AND... there is no need for any of them. Those who are... outside... the... sanctuary, have no idea of what goes on there. They insist that they do, and they will argue it day and night, with others of similar mindset, but... they haven't a clue. They often parade around The Sanctuary, and yell at The Sanctuary... throw things... leave graffiti. It comes to naught. They cannot hear you inside The Sanctuary. ♫ make The World go away ♫ (grin)

A part of you is Divine. A part of you is Eternal... Immortal. That is your Indwelling Mysterious Stranger. Then... there is the unruly ego, that is banging off the walls of The Personality. When people are in that mode, there's no real point in talking to them; not... in... the... usual... fashion. You can toss the odd depth charge into their subconscious. Time and Destiny will take care of that, BUT... you can't linger. In most cases, your being around makes them uncomfortable.

It is the way of things that... sometimes you have to appear one way when you are, in fact, another way entirely. You have to become like them in order to lead them out of it. It's like having to swim up on a drowning person from behind. Drowning people can be surprisingly strong. Panic and Stress are what kill most people, and Fear? Fear is a magnet.

I heard this story about a lady who was dreadfully afraid of dogs. She was in a heightened state of anxiety while she was around them. One day, she was standing somewhere, and she had forgotten herself. A dog, a particular dog that she had feared very much, came up from behind her and began licking her hand. The event... radically changed her mindset about dogs. God is like that. God sneaks up on a lot of people because it... is... the... only... way... in.

Yes... God is already inside you. God is... a particular particle of you... BUT... all kinds of people talk a good game about God. It's best to have yourself sorted BEFORE you do that. Then... God is not compelled to embarrass you accordingly, though he... may... do... so, just to see what you are made of. God does and does not play favorites, BUT... you cannot count on things ALWAYS going your way... so... don't have a way. Rely on God to make your way, and embrace the Impersonal. Let that which is behind every identity express itself through you.

You might be a simple baker. You could be an Indian chief. You might clean houses. You might sell houses. You might own houses, BUT... if The Impersonal Self is expressing through you, life will transform all around you; be... you... prince... or... pauper, you will be rich beyond the imagining of pedestrian pack-rats. Some of us are meant to be stewards of wealth, and some of us are meant to have only a little of what The World calls wealth.

Let your existence speak to the wealth of your spirit and you will make every part of The World you encounter a... better... place. You will leave Good Footprints. You will find your way home, and there will be a candle in the window, and God the welcoming hearth within. God IS the dynamic fire of eternal life in you. EVERYTHING ELSE is sham and pretense. Everything else is a masquerade... designed to fascinate and seduce you, in... order... to... break... your... heart.

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