Tuesday, August 23, 2022

"Welcome to The Twin Highways of Attraction... Which Lead to The Kingdoms of The Sacred and The Profane."

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I'm guessing it had been the slow attrition of... wearing away of... interest on my part that has brought the truth of the matter to me. I might count in the spiritual austerities as well, but the fact is that Woman represents the manifest world and the replication of it, as well as The Gateway to Eternal Life. She is... in fact... everything external to us, and... much that is internal as well. She is Nature in its elemental state, AND... Nature adapted to the fabrications of Culture... she is... also, The Queen of Heaven.

So it is that there are two separate worlds that exist in parallel to one another. In one, The Feminine Principle is represented by The Divine Mother. This world exists in The Mind of Childhood, and in the mind of those with some amount of regenerated innocence. The other world is The Carnal Circus with the acrobats, both clumsy and skilled... there are few of the latter. Each of them dances with different expressions of her... here, and... meets a different expression of her on their departure.

This is not an anti-sex polemic. This is a recognition of two separate worlds operating side-by-side. It has to do with The Quality and Focus of Desire. One set of residents knows about both of these worlds. The other knows only about the one they inhabit. The World of the manifest is a Vampire Feeding Ground, where the blood that is drained is composed of sexual fluids. All sexual activity directed at carnal union, is a Vitality Depletion Zone. Eventually, you become like one of those desiccated specimens you see in an abandoned web.

The World is an echo chamber, filled with the sound and bouncy castle memories of human activity, according... to... what... they... got... up... to. The Sophia, in the tradition I follow, is commensurate with The Holy Spirit of The Trinity. SHE... is the feminine nature raised to her REAL state in The Human Mind and is also called WISDOM. There is that which is called The Lesser and The Greater Mysteries. Wisdom and Foolishness are separated by perception. One sees what is there. The other sees what is not there or... in a false presentation.

If you do not spiritualize your sexual behavior, the wrong entities are coming for dinner at your expense; literally. You will be EATEN or... put another way... ABSORBED by Beast Mode or... Godhead. A chymical marriage takes place within, at a location called The Bridal Chamber. This is the dwelling place of The Realized Kundalini, where one looks divinity in the face.

People argue all day about Advaita and Dvaita; singularity or duality... within-without. We've gone over this many times. Does it happen inside you? Does it happen outside you? It happens both places, BUT... differently. The point of the whole exercise of life is for The Universe to know itself as God. Some of us get there earlier. Anyone can do this. You... have... to... want... to. Until you want to, you will go round and round in circles, consisting of the pleasant and the painful. Mangiare! Mangiare!

My perspective on this has almost always been as it is. My age has nothing to do with it. I had my Kundalini awakening at 21 and... it's pretty much been in my face ever since. I've been watching the dance of dances for decades. It is everywhere... as the prime motivator of culture, economy, and... mortality. When you can step away from it, the whole world transforms into something very different than what you see in the department stores of The World, and in The March of the Manikin armies of The Sleepwalking Dead.

Wakey... wakey is coming; pleasant for some, decidedly unpleasant for others. Still... there is no growth without pain. This is MOSTLY because people refuse to learn any other way, and have to be dragged, kicking and screaming to epiphany, into the cold... harsh... light of The Morning After. They say all cats are gray at The Sweathog Saloon. There... they are writhing in the torment of flame dancing, with crazed smiles on their faces, in The Carnal Firepits of The World. It's like scenes out of Bosch and Beardsley, depending on whether you like your hallucinations in color or... black and white.

I've been watching this curious obsession for a long time.

Heaven and Hell do indeed exist... The Lake of Fire? All those things are in your head where you experience it. The flames of Hell are the fires of passion at the lowest level. As it becomes refined, it moves to higher zones. The same fire the sinners burn in, the saints rejoice in. Try to remember that EVERYTHING YOU DO... you are doing to yourself. That's how it manages to come back on you. Everything imprints, AND... what does it imprint on? It imprints on the feminine subconscious. There it goes into gestation and eventually becomes a material product of your imagination.

It ALL has to do with the use and misuse of The Attractive Force. This is how you learn, by... getting... back... what... you... have... been... giving... out. There is a reason they say “payback is a bitch.” I don't know what form you are expecting to see her in. She comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of them are so terrifying as to drive one irretrievably insane. A certain breed of Shaivite yogi seeks a vision of her in The Burial Ground. They call her Smashin Tara... Mother Kali... and other names not in the common parlance.

I like her better as The Divine Mother, as opposed to The Consuming Lover. Even supposing that interested me, I would be more inclined to Dakinis and Houris. There are 5 wisdom Dakinis. They sound interesting. Yes... I am mixing my traditions, BUT... my tradition contains elements of every one of the traditions. I go with what works.

I am well aware of the delights of The Dark Splendor. They are not delights to me. What I love does... not... age. I am here to give an account of myself. We all are. If I can see into and through what goes on around me, it is my responsibility to call attention to it, lest... it... entrap... the... unwary. The Dream Web of Maya is a cosmic spiderweb and you can get so tangled IN ATTACHMENTS that ONLY death can free you from... and even then... only for a time, depending... on... your... nature in seeking to be attached.

Pedestrian romance is a prosaic ritual of life-giving-life-giving-death-giving-life. If you talk about WHAT REALLY IS, it can make people very angry, so it is spoken in fellowship or in private. No one wants to hear that everything they put value in... is fleeting and fading from the moment they encounter it. They want to live their lives. They want to live their dream. They... are... insane, and life WILL point this out to them.

When you love, love as if it were forever, and... it... will... be. To love Impersonally is best. This is the way The Sun does it. This is the way The Solar Avatar does it. You can have lots of fun here playing Catch and Release, regardless. Sometimes I feel like jumping up and down on the couch, like Tom Cruise with Offal. How did that work out for him? My love is of a different order than that. It is not inclined toward disappointment.

There is a truth hidden in stories like that of Peter Pan, and Never Neverland; also in so many other tales. Those who make lasting contact with The Mother are rendered immortal thereby. Devotion IS required, BUT... people are already devoted to one thing or another ANYWAY, until... they... lose... interest, and move on to the next thing.

God is still and motionless. He maintains The Universe by a fixed meditation upon it. Elsewise... it would cease. She... his divine consort, is in a constant flurry of motion, of sound and color, of palpable presence. There is so much that cannot be said, BUT... which will be revealed to the intrepid seeker.

Yes... this was a brief exposition. Much was not said. So? Fill in the blanks with your own experiences and understanding of them. See what you come up with. I seek to be in resonance with The Initiatic Brotherhood. There are other options available, BUT... not

for me.

End Transmission.......

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Once a year it comes to my attention that there are other things that go on at Facebook. I don't use Facebook except to announce the postings. I continually forget Facebook Messenger. So I can find that many people have messaged me over the course of a year, and gotten no response. On that one day a year, I receive birthday greetings and am compelled to respond. This is when I encounter all the other messages. Sure... I could remember to check the messages, BUT... I... don't. I don't know why except that I don't like Facebook. My being there came about by a sort of accident. Let's not get into that.

If you want to reach me there is email... and the music site at Bandcamp. If ever you can't locate my work, you can go to GAB or The Truthseeker.

Yesterday... Blogger would not let me post the links because I have been including links from Libs of Tik Tok. Social Media is incensed by this site. YET... all this site does is repost what others put up themselves. This is the strangest juxtaposition of Irony and Hypocrisy that I have ever seen.

Then I find that Blogger has slowed down the loading time of my sites and also shut me out of locations. This they have been doing all along but... now... they are ramping it up. They can't stop me. That is NOT IN THEIR POWER, but... it looks like it is time for me to move on from this den of poisoned dragons. They object to what I have to say. Few of the alternative news sites will even carry my work because I TALK ABOUT GOD. They don't like that. Unz went through the bathroom window when a fellow tried to get me linked there.

Most of those connected with alternative media are atheists. I would post at GAB but they only take so many words, and that is a problem with any number of sites, which usually include all sorts of other limitations as well. I will find somewhere else to go. Maybe The Elf knows about somewhere stable and non-interfering. If it was about gruesome sex or white hatred or any number of approved areas of interest... there would be no problem, BUT God? God is a problem. Of course, God is not the problem. God is the solution but that interferes with their objectives.

Anyway... so it goes.

Maybe they will let these two links through=

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albunn said...

The world is strange indeed! I pray your site will continue. Most relevant site out there and I Thank You for what you do......A

Gregory said...

Dear Vis,

Happy belated birthday!

You don't need blogger. You have your own domain and site so just rig everything up using Wordpress. No one can shut you down if you are the one in charge.

Keep up the good work. Your words keep my sanity on life-support.

Nostrils Up!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sophia allegedly did do an oopsie if the legends are right. Yaldabaoth/Saklas/Samael/Whatever. An experiment gone wrong? The demiurge by any other name. There's supposed to be a 'Sophia's Correction' according to other theories, and I'm wondering if it's here now? Caused by the inhabitants of the planet herself? When I see all the maskerbators and those other willfully ignorant who are addicted to the Matrix, I really wonder.

Wonder if blogger would notice if you didn't hotlink your links? You could come back to Bastyon nee Pocketnet. I've posted everything that you wrote there since the day you were exiled. Why not check out if the new format lets you back in? It's gone through a gazillion changes, and some of them are ANNOYIN' AS FECK, but hey.

Loved the post, and NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!!

M - said...

You may want to look into other web-hosting options. Siteground was recommended to me by several people. Although I'm not ready to establish my website elsewhere at this point, I did look into them and they are reasonably priced. They offer WordPress functionalities IF YOU WANT TO USE THEM. If not, no problemo.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"The Impersonal Love of God is The Universal Harmonizing Agent that Puts You at Ease With EVERYTHING."



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