Monday, August 15, 2022

"Making Sure The Cows don't Come Home. They Built Slaughterhouses Along The Routes of Their Migration Zones."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... I made a prayer and then I started to elaborate on it; by suggesting ways that God could get the prayer done, and he said... “Visible... I know how to get it done. That's my department. Your job is to ask me. My job is to get it done. You could have hurt my feelings, but... that doesn't happen because we know who the dumb-ass is here. Visible... you know how you feel when someone starts telling you about something you have a post-graduate degree in already, and they don't know what they are talking about because otherwise... they wouldn't be talking about it like that?”

Uh... yeah?

“Please note the vast distance between what you know and what I know... just ask me for WHATEVER (his CAPS not mine) it is that you want... for yourself or for others; keeping... in... mind that I ship priority when it comes to prayers for others... and standard mail for self-directed prayers. Standard mail is still pretty fast... eh? This is my policy with everyone. Selfless service is part of the uniform we wear under our clothes.”

Because of events like this taking place on a regular basis, my life is both exciting and serene. It was quite humorous for me when I realized I was telling God how to handle the matter. Yeah... it was funny and shocking. One of the indispensable keys to living a more luminous life... is to understand the relationships between the players. We elevate the false self, and we shutter The Divine ineffable with the image of it. That's doing it backwards. God IS the wind in your sails. God IS the oasis in the desert that is not a mirage. God is the sweet honey from the rock. God is all things needed... when needed.

And... nothing else is needed.

I would hate to be out there in The World without my guide and my best friend. It is a cold and treacherous place... while playing the warm and inviting; “Come into my parlor...” at every turn. When God is with you, all life is your friend. On occasion... other life forms might not know this. Then it is your job to clarify that for them, by truly reflecting The Divine within them. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is your friend when you are in communication with The Divine within all life. You court it and invoke it forth.

In Times of Material Darkness, it has become customary to court the demonic in others, for the purpose of sexual favors... for material gain... to get over or around them... for repurposing the positioning of others while playing The Blindfolded God. You only blanket yourself with greater darkness when you do so.

Remember that bit of scripture about the “wailing and gnashing of teeth?” Where did that take place? Right... in Utter or Outer Darkness; one of the two, neither of them being what I would call, a good time.

I don't care for Alex Jones. His bombastic persona really puts me off. It always has. The little I have seen of him, inadvertently, and over the years... has not improved my view of him. I did figure The Sandy Hook school shooting was a staged event and a false flag. I didn't look into it much because... to my mind- perspective and experience... The World is a charade to begin with... a put-up job. I'm never surprised when I hear something like this.

Anyway... so many people say it was a fraud and they got charts and lists, and other things... I just assumed it. I know a lot more about 9/11... but I still don't know it all... not hardly, so... I don't really involve myself in conspiracies except for the cosmic ones. Well now... if this was a false flag, why is he having to pay near $50,000,000 for lying about it? Did he not have the evidence that he and all of these many, many people say they have? He's Alex Jones. He's a big player. Wouldn't he have the evidence?

Is this similar to what happens in Germany when you tell the truth about The Holocaust?

The way I look at it is that Mr. Apocalypse is dealing with him like he is going to do FOR ALL THE REST OF THEM who are deceivers of humanity, no matter which side they position themselves on. The new age is filled with the same kinds of phonies who are shaking the money tree; different outfit... same physiognomy and Karmic jumpsuit (grin). I measure EVERYONE by how they shake The Money Tree, and what they do it for. I've been to Sedona. I see what happens when it gets out of hand (grin),

Thing is, I wouldn't mind living around Sedona, just not in Sedona.

The red light district heats up and sends the heat through the subway tunnels, where it comes up smoking through the grates in the sidewalk where the street people sleep. The cold fish keep the money on ice. They like to serve it frosty with a twist of the knife. It's uptown living high above the park, where red eyes glow in the dark. Some are dreaming on satin. Some are dreaming in shit, but all of them are dreaming while the meters tick.

Wheels within wheels, within wheels, within wheels are... turning behind the curtain of appearances, and they are churning out the appearances replacing the appearances. It's a full-time business keeping the engines greased. Everyone colors their expectations with the hopes and strategies of getting... what... they... want, and increasingly... more and more of the time... getting it right... fucking... now.

What the Hell was that?

I understand that people are dreaming. It is an observable fact. Given that they are dreaming, the idea seems... to me... to give them better dreams. Look at The World... the tidal wave of electronic media... the culture of the streets, and every location where it proliferates. You can see the dreams being woven by The Big Engines. They huff and puff and they strut around... putting on The Ritz. They're going to make sure the cows don't come home. They've built slaughterhouses along the route of their migration zones. Viz... I didn't know that cows migrated. Yeah... let's just say, for... the... purpose... of... argument... and... so it goes.

You might have noticed the changes in presentation here, syntax AND otherwise. It started with the selective capitalization of words and phrases. Selective implies... here and there. Then came the three dots... those dots are like pauses in the thought or indications of emphasis, but different from CAPS. Then we started to use Bold. Now we are using italics without quote marks for quoting one's self.

If you go back to the first couple of paragraphs, you can get the idea that this is the way God talks to me, and it has just run over into what I do. That is how God speaks to me, loud sometimes... softer at others... in bursts... with points of emphasis.

Sometimes when he is speaking, he literally shakes me, saying something like, “That's right! I'm here. I need to remind you of this because you can forget. It is a human thing. I DO... NOT... FORGET. Consider yourself extremely fortunate that I do remind you to think of me, because... you can forget and drift into The Dream. I'm here. That alone should be a reminder.” (more shaking and clenching)

Well... you see what I have to deal with (grin). It's always best at points like this... for me to reiterate that it is not God speaking to me directly. He uses step-down transformers called angels, and... other luminous beings, BUT... IT IS STILL GOD. I am not exceptional in this regard (lest anyone who thinks that way themselves... should think... I think... that way.) God speaks to ALL OF US. Most of us just do not listen, and we... become... hard... of... hearing after some distance traveled from Childhood. I have been trying very hard to hear God through the whole of this life, and I relentlessly pestered him.

I would get periods of communication when I was on psychedelics. Time passes and it might happen at rare intervals all of its own. Then... the day came when I started getting replies in the moment. A back and forth came into being, and now... it's live nearly all the time.

This has taken years, and years more; lifetimes... probably. Reflecting now (at Petri Dish) about the course of my road to this moment, I can say with authority, it is not... an... easy... course. I can also say that it is within your reach. If I was able to accomplish this, while being a pretty consistent goofball, over... the... same... course, then... ANYONE... CAN... DO... THIS. Anyone who really wants to.

It might well be why it happened to me; for The Purpose of Demonstration. I was not an icon of stability. God stabilizing me is a remarkable thing.

Speak to God at every private opportunity! HE IS LISTENING!!! He has all sorts of ways of replying. A voice in your head is only one of them. If you make him the purpose of your passing here, he WILL become that. Perhaps you don't want to take responsibility for this? Tell him I sent you (grin) if you think it might do any good. Let it be on my head. I know if you give him no peace, he WILL respond; “Don't make me come down there!” oh... Lord... yes!!! Please come down here!

There is much here that can get in our way... that can distract and entangle us. There are sleepwalkers on all sides... who will scoff and mock your passionate aspiration. Keep it to yourself unless it comes up on its own. Don't argue with fools. They WILL discover, as... all... of... us... will, that God is real... that there is a Heavenly hierarchy... that angels and other beings flood the invisible spaces all around, AND within them.

This is inevitable because it... is... the... purpose... of... existence; that The Universe will come to know itself as God and sing in unified, celestial harmony... with every particle a song. This IS The Glorious Destiny, no matter how far ahead it may be for some. Distance is an illusion that is performed in The Separated Mind.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...


M - said...

"keeping... in... mind that I ship priority when it comes to prayers for others..."



"Don't make me come down there!"

- since I pray to the Mother Goddess, this is what I hear: "Don't make me get my high heels and come down there!" (Perhaps that's a grrrl-thing)

On a reflective note, today is the 53rd anniversary of the original Woodstock. 3 days of Peace & Music. For those of you who did not grow-up during that time, it was a very big deal. So incredible that the "anniversary" events could not possibly hope to live up to the original - and they didn't. Not in today's $$$$$-hungry cesspool. The stars were certainly aligned for those 3 days in 1969.

Blessed Be to All.

Gregory said...

Dear Vis,

I was deeply moved by this passage:

"When God is with you, all life is your friend. On occasion... other life forms might not know this. Then it is your job to clarify that for them, by truly reflecting The Divine within them. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is your friend when you are in communication with The Divine within all life. You court it and invoke it forth."

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i think it's very likely that 5% of humanity has died in the past 12 months and the media has covered this up completely. It's also my intuition that the death wave from the vaccines will be so massive this winter that even the media won't be able to cover it up anymore

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"There is No Chance or Happenstance, No Innocent Bystanders, No Accidents. There is No Coincidence."

Ty V said...

Sadly so:

Two young cousins die while playing with gun during livestream



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