Friday, August 26, 2022

"I Am Not Going to Kiss The Ring on The Hand of The Prince of Darkness. I Don't Have To. Some May Feel They Do."

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Ho! Here we are at Petri Dish or... as I call it Dr. Fauci's Cereal Bowl! If you can see it under a microscope, but... rather wish that you hadn't, it 'might' show up here. We've a kinder, gentler Visible than it was of old; as we like to say down at the taverns, when we talk about our Glory Days, our salad years, back when none of that stuff ever happened. Well... it DID happen to me. It's just everyone else that we're not sure of. Name of that tavern is The Way-out Machine, only... in order to get out, YOU HAVE TO GO IN.

That is not Way-out as in... Far Out! (dude). It's more along the lines of, That's the way out. (dude). Now that we've gotten that sorted, we can move on to whatever that is up ahead there. You feel me? Heh heh. No. I don't talk like that. I mean no offense. I just... don't... talk... like... that. I got plenty of street cred, BUT... I... am... not... street. I did time on the mean streets soon as I could walk. I went to prisons and the other lockup-lockdown facilities, and I was poor all my life. I still am poor. I just don't talk like that.

The reason I mentioned that is because there are plenty of people who do talk like that BUT are not Street. They're just trying to pass on The Street. I did not and do not have to do that because I had to face down Bad Leroy a time or two, AND... you want to talk about bristlecone vibrations? You know what I mean; when it feels like there are thousands of tiny needles pricking you everywhere, like... how it is when you go to Street Acupuncture or like that.

I never had white-boy dreads. I didn't try to shuffle like a black man because I am not, superficially black. When I was locked up, and one of the men would tell me I was alright (for a white man). I remember saying, “I may have a white man's skin, but I've got a black man's heart.” Ah... analogies... metaphors... thing is... I remember being black more than once. I remember specific incidents. In both cases, there was only one memory of each, with little context. I had the same thing happen with that time I was Chinese, and wearing green and yellow robes.

I remember a time in Persia where I would watch the stars from a turret. I remember a lot of things. I don't know how true they are, but... they felt real to me, and... this is about being real. I don't act black around blacks. I didn't do that in prison and it was 10-1. That might have been what saved my ass, LITERALLY. I didn't try to con the cons. These guys are already bent... AND looking for weaknesses. Best not to show weak. Take an ass-kicking if you have to, BUT... don't show or be... weak. IN FACT... don't ever be weak in the sense of having to give over your power to APPEARANCES.

You don't know who you're dealing with, at any particular time. It could well be God or one of his angels OR... a high-ranking rakshasa. If you are truthful, you may well get a pass. The whole situation was set up ahead of time to see what you would do. I know this to be true, AND remember; God is in everyone, AND... everything. Act like it.

God was in those prisons. I met him coming and going. God plays every role there is, and he plays them well. He is The Best of the Best. Yeah... you would have to include O.J. Simpson in that, and many another tragic figure from history. People get their understanding about what God is, all screwed up. That's not hard to accomplish when you can never know what God is. God is beyond mortal understanding, BUT... say you cease to be mortal? Then you might understand better.

Try to remember that God is the source of both Good and seeming Evil. You get to pick the face you see in everyone you meet and greet, according to everything you do, and do not do. God IS The Supreme Commander in ALL worlds.

I was just talking with the ineffable, a moment ago, when I went into the kitchen to get a cup of tea. He was telling me about all the people he has had to smack down when they were coming up. He went on to say that he gets everyone... and that no one should slip into Heaven on the appearance of virtue alone. He's no friend of the pious-faced pretenders and he doesn't like 'most' priests much either. Lots of priests are doing a lifetime penance for fucking up previously in some way. With God that is.

First thing you should learn and ALWAYS employ is Humility or... you will be set up to be smacked down. God smooths your curves and opens your eyes, if... you... let... him.

We are ALL dealing with only God all the time. Until you get this clear in your head, life will often make no sense. Heh heh... it might still make no sense. He sets you up in life situations to see what you will do, AND... REMEMBER, God is right there and can change ANYTHING at any time. You are performing, my friends. Do it in a sincere fashion, God... can... tell... the... difference. You NEVER know who you are talking to.

It just tickles me sometimes when people go off on religion and about how there was no Jesus Christ, and all they're really doing is whining about how terrible their lives are. They know they're on the outs with God, and that's how they like it. They like being one of those tragic figures. As you can imagine, that makes no kind of sense with me. God and Religion are not the same thing. Religion is a façade to begin with because you must LIVE YOUR RELIGION for it to have any meaning.

Religion is how The Priest Class gets your money.

I don't just drop in of an off Sunday to pay my casual respects to The Creator. I seek to honor the creator, in... every... single... thing... I... think... say... and.... do. No! I have not always been on the mark this way. I have screwed up considerable now and again. I'm just not doing it anymore or... far less of the screwing-up side of potential. Every moment is... potential. Every moment is about to become The Moment. Let's face it, people. We're not talking about real time here, neither length-wise nor understanding-wise. There is ONLY ever The Moment and you... are... already... in... it.

That's just more of the shit that The Separated Mind does. We are our own worst enemies. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT! Our mind is our best friend and our worst enemy. If you cannot call your mind to heel, you... will... regret... it.

So... Black culture, Asian culture, Indian culture, I've been in all of them, at one time or another, BUT... I was born into the culture of this present life for a reason, and there is no reason for me to go about mimicking someone else's culture. Nor do I have to be part of it; speaking of all the sexual cultures, presently simmering in The Petri Dish... there's an article about a guy who came in with HIV, Syphilis, and Monkeypox. I see what I see. There is much to like AND dislike in all cultures.

Things are in an uproar at this time. People are being whipped up into hatreds of each other over color and life station. Everything is upside down. How is it that Tranny-Hysteria is even a thing? The SEEMING power of those who control all Media is truly great in APPEARANCE at the moment. Things... are... not... what... they... seem. It can, AND WILL change at any time; gradually or instantaneously, BUT... usually both together, depending on time, place, and... of course... circumstances.

The age is changing and this is one of those periods where the unreal, gets real. It's all being hung on the pulley line for The Mind of Humanity to contemplate... to be exposed to them... to be exposed to it. This is a particular opera, and just because you don't have a libretto. Heh heh... is that even fair? You don't need a libretto. All... you... need... to... know is yourself. If you do then you KNOW how it is going to go for you BECAUSE... you know what you are bringing to the party. You also know to stay away from all the other parties.

There's no party going on in my head. I don't have to go into town to attend one. I have been to those parties. Nothing good comes of that sort of thing. (grin) Some of us prefer Cold Mountain. The World... is The World... is The World. It is as it is. In times of Greater Light, there are shining cities. In times of lesser light, it is better to retreat from The Affairs of Men. We are in the least of a long period of lesser light before... The... Dawn... of... a... Greater... Light... Breaking... at... this very time.

I am not going to kiss the ring on the hand of The Prince of Darkness. I don't have to. Some may feel they do, BUT... I will tell you this. He won't respect you if you do. You're just another piece on the game board. Better to be a wild card, and... better to be, all-in. Otherwise, you are playing to lose. It might happen over a longer piece of time, BUT you... will... lose. The World IS Heartbreak Hotel. Best not to put too many eggs in that basket.

Try to remember, The Devil doesn't have any friends. You need to know this going in. I was fortunate to have it pointed out to me because... he can be very beguiling. I can't tell you what God is, but I can tell you who The Devil is. The Devil is your mind... when it is directed toward The Carnal Realm. You have to keep it on a high note, BECAUSE it will try to bring you down. It's a body-mind thing. Heh heh.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Boy, does this one speak to me. 'Specially on the 'humility' paragraph. Gods, I went through various phases of arrogance for different reasons. Well, I'm not over it completely. 'Noses' tend to be a tad speciesist. Actually, individuals who join the Holey Order of the Septum end up wondering about how anyone can stand to be anything else, but we don't convert. People have to see the nose hairs for themselves.

Another beauty to add to those that come before. Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!

Arizona said...


Anonymous said...

Ah, Les, you dispense another wonderful article that constitutes a delicious meal for my soul, which incessantly cries out for Truth. Interestingly, it seems my soul, like a baby seems to opine interminably, ceaselessly as though it's not getting what it desires. It wants Truth or God for its own growth and development, and I do what I can to satisfy it. For example, now I'm reading about the remarkable life and times of the great Ramakristna, born in 1835, who could actually feel and see God over the duration of his lifetime. Having transcended worldliness, he was an inexplicably advanced soul or spirit whose earthly struggles were in his past. He had left them behind and had joined God notwithstanding the fact he still at that time walked the earth.

Additionally, here is a word or two about the notion of "culture." I grew up amid a culture of human beings whose music, food, religion, and language I loved. As a little boy, I was. to some extent, shielded from the harsh world by that culture, so it did what it was supposed to do. As I grew older and as I had begun to dabble in more sophisticated abstract thought, I realized "culture," and its associated enjoyments, was simply a way to introduce me to the world of this current lifetime. For me, it was nothing more than that, so I knew I needed to leave it behind and move on. My rationale for that is as follows: "Just as dark and light do not go together, enjoyment of the world and enjoyment of God cannot transpire simultaneously." Thus, I ultimately chose to renounce the former for the latter.

lilbear said...

That was a really good post where every word resonated with me. Thank you for that.

Visible said...

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