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"Finding our Way out of the False Names and Forms of this Deceptive World of Appearances."

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We live in a world of Names and Forms. It is through the senses, as tools of the mind that we label and identify the components of life. One of the definitions of the word, Adam, is “namer of things”. I have the advantage of access to occult history and perspective and it mainly influences all of my positions, whatever they may be. The word, 'Occult', is a hot button item for many who choose to use it as a catchall for whatever they consider to be evil, or forbidden and this is often the province of spiritual infants, riding around on their tricycles, with training wheels, that is their elementary understanding of Religion and life. They are mostly Fundamentalists, as we see from the sophomoric reactions that our work causes at other sites. They peddle madly, going round and round in circles, while mouthing things they read, that someone who didn't know what they were talking about, told them was true.

I do not use that word to define an entire area of human enterprise. I use it as the dictionary defines it; 'not revealed', 'hidden', 'secret'. We all have access to the common lies and fabrications of Official History and Conventional Wisdom. We DO NOT all have access to Occult- or hidden- history and that is only because most of the time we do not know where to look for it. Those who CONTROL THE NARRATIVE of what people are encouraged to take as gospel, make it a point to keep the truth out of the educational systems and all of the usual media, because these are used to control what people think and feel. We are PROGRAMED to accept one version as true and all other versions as false.

Whenever I use the word, OCCULT, I mean ONLY what is hidden. What it means to you is your business.

An easily accessible source for occult history would be something like, Manly Palmer Hall's, “The Secret Teachings of all Ages.” Here is a digital copy online that you can download.

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One can also find all sorts of interesting, generally hidden, tidbits about WHAT REALLY OCCURRED in the works of Alice Bailey, Arthur Edward Waite, as well as in the writings of Hermeticists, Legitimate Alchemists and others. There are also any number of FAR OUT resources like “The Urantia Book” and “Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson” (downloadable PDF) by Gurdjieff.

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The only thing I ever liked by Gurdjieff was his “Meetings with Remarkable Men” (because I have had these experiences).

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(I do not recommend ANY of these books, I simply post them as examples)

Gurdjieff was a KNOWN TRICKSTER. He had a follower named, P.D Ouspensky that he fed all sorts of outrageous information just to watch him dance, metaphorically speaking. I'm no fan of Gurdjieff but if you are a dry, torporous, dense-minded academic, given to pontificating and 'dog chasing his tale' intellectual convolutions that lead to nothing, you might like him. You'll find no Quintessence or Telesma there and that is what I seek and employ in my life. I seek LIVING and VIBRANT teachings, granted to the sincere, by agents of the ineffable, everlasting one. At some point you have to put the books and arguments aside, as well as the company of people who are religiously addicted to NAME AND FORM and who measure their own worth by how many things they can identify and argue with you about. I run into them as I come and go; these dogs that bark after caravans but you can lose your life and gain NOTHING by engaging them.

Stay far away from people who like to argue and who spend their time tearing away at everything you say because they think it elevates them. It does not. There are accomplishments one can possess IN THE EYES OF MEN ...but accomplishments in the eyes of men count for NOTHING. It is what you accomplish in the eyes of the agents of the ineffable, everlasting one, that counts. PERIOD!!!

We can become discouraged, IF WE PERMIT IT. We can become downhearted and weak in spirit, IF WE PERMIT IT. We can fall into the Slough of Despond and the Marsh of Despair, IF WE PERMIT IT.

Let me remind you that The Avatar is coming. The Avatar may already be here but is, as yet, unannounced. He may be still sweeping his way down through the planes, with his magnetic broom that catches every trace of cosmic lint and evidence of principalities or powers, or rulers of the darkness of this world, or of spiritual wickedness in high places. He may yet be waiting for the appointed moment to begin this. I know not where he is at the moment but I DO KNOW that HE IS and let me state yet again what it is that he engages in when he gets here;

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

There are mere children in the bodies of adults, running amok in these times and proclaiming that their religion is THE ONLY RELIGION, even when proponents of their religion have spread horror after horror across the centuries and who seek to establish theocracies of despotic rule. In some cases they have ALREADY established theocracies of despotic rule. Only a few years ago, a school caught fire in Saudi Arabia and male members of that religion drove the female school teachers back into the burning building, because they had forgotten their head wrappings before coming out. THEY PERISHED IN THE FLAMES! This is what organized religion and Fundamentalism accomplish.

In another religion, psychopathic rabbis cut the sexual organs of the male children and then suck on the bloody flesh! What manner of deluded and depraved entities do these things? Another religion burned people at the stake, while first torturing them with medieval instruments because they didn't like what they might have said, or because THEY THOUGHT they might be doing something wrong, simply because some twisted soul accused them of it. REMEMBER THIS! REMEMBER THE ABUSED AND BUGGERED children who found themselves in the hands of perverted priests. None of these have anything to do with God. God does not engage in these things.

God is a living thing! God is not relics or the author of mutilated scriptures. God does not mince about in ermine robes with a ridiculous hat on his head. God is LOVE and selfless service. God is the anonymous healer and helper, moving unknown through the confused masses, in search of hearts and minds seeking to blossom, beneath the sunlight of his love.

We live in a world of names and forms and whatever you name it, so it becomes for you. You can be imprisoned by this and many are. You LITERALLY live in a world of your own creation and because you have been made confused by those whose vocation it is to deceive you, your servants eat your food and drink your wine and laugh at your stupidity, which has closed your eyes to the beauty of yourself, while you wander amnesiac and hungry through a world you do not understand, because you made it familiar, according to how you named and identified it. The beginning of understanding is the visceral cry of, “I DON'T KNOW!” God ALONE KNOWS. AND if you possess a contrite and humble heart, God will be pleased to inform you, through the intuition, of EVERYTHING you ever will need to know, WHEN YOU NEED TO KNOW IT.

You can spend your life arguing with fools or you can GO WITHIN and seek out the GOD WITHIN. The degree of intensity you put to this task is the determinant of how long it will take. You could not be alive if God were not resident within you. God IS THE LIFE in you. You could not think or feel if God were not present. It is by the power of God that you think and feel and God is in EVERYONE YOU MEET, no matter how they may appear. Communicate ONLY with that persona. If you want to find The Devil you can make him appear in others but it will be The Devil in you that is looking for him.

The Hindus have a term, 'Namaste'. What it means is, “I celebrate the God within you.” The usual translation is, “the light in me bows to the same light within you.” DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that somehow confusing? Not to me. Once you have VISCERALLY understood that God is in everything and composes everything and animates everything, you simply move through life with the awareness of it, serving as you go. Presently, the majority of us are listening to the voices of the world. These voices are uniformed, deceptive and misleading and will get you nowhere, or worse. Once you silence these voices in your head, the true Voice of the Silence will begin to speak. I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE and no one can convince me otherwise.

You have to steel yourself for the objections of those WHO DO NOT HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE and who then insist that you do not have it either because they don't. There is a good reason why they don't have it. Simply go your way, supremely contented with the remarkable reality of God speaking to you, through the stepped down transformers of his agents, who transmit his thoughts to you. ALL OF THIS is MORE REAL than the world you are moving through and you need not take my word for it. It is what ALL OF THE TEACHERS and WAYSHOWERS of humanity have been saying since they first began to speak.

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Well... you could always go back to Pocketnet, maybe you just missed it the first time.

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Here is a short clarification for Hieronymus and others about The Man on the Beach. I met a man on the beach in Big Sur. He had certain characteristics of behavior, not to mention, an appearance that was unlike anyone you are likely to meet. The best I can say is that he looked remarkably like one those Japanese figurines you see with large foreheads. He looked like no one I have ever seen in life. I spent the day with him and he told me many things. In succeeding days I found myself snorting and casting out thoughts, though I didn't know what it meant. I felt this personality coming more and more into me and then, a few months later, at a cabin in the woods in Virginia, I had a full blown Kundalini event that lasted near full on for several years and it was obvious to me he was the author of it. I had no idea of who he was at the time and have not seen him since, though I am sure I will. Many many other things happened concerning him but I don't have the time for that at the moment and I've gone into these things in detail here but don't know where to send you because I haven't kept track of what I said, when I said it.



From the book, “Bhakti” in Volume 3 of The Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda.

But we are now considering not these Mahâ-purushas, the great Incarnations, but only the Siddha-Gurus (teachers who have attained the goal); they, as a rule, have to convey the germs of spiritual wisdom to the disciple by means of words (Mantras) to be meditated upon. What are these Mantras? The whole of this universe has, according to Indian philosophy, both name and form (NâmaRupa) as its conditions of manifestation. In the human microcosm, there cannot be a single wave in the mind-stuff (Chittavritti) unconditioned by name and form. If it be true that nature is built throughout on the same plan, this kind of conditioning by name and form must also be the plan of the building of the whole of the cosmos. — "As one lump of clay being known, all things of clay are known", so the knowledge of the microcosm must lead to the knowledge of the macrocosm.

Now form is the outer crust, of which the name or the idea is the inner essence or kernel. The body is the form, and the mind or the Antahkarana is the name, and sound-symbols are universally associated with Nâma (name) in all beings having the power of speech. In the individual man the thought-waves rising in the limited Mahat or Chitta (mind-stuff), must manifest themselves, first as words, and then as the more concrete forms. In the universe, Brahmâ or Hiranyagarbha or the cosmic Mahat first manifested himself as name, and then as form, i.e. as this universe. All this expressed sensible universe is the form, behind which stands the eternal inexpressible Sphota, the manifester as Logos or Word. This eternal Sphota, the essential eternal material of all ideas or names is the power through which the Lord creates the universe, nay, the Lord first becomes conditioned as the Sphota, and then evolves Himself out as the yet more concrete sensible universe.

This Sphota has one word as its only possible symbol, and this is the (Om). And as by no possible means of analysis can we separate the word from the idea this Om and the eternal Sphota are inseparable; and therefore, it is out of this holiest of all holy words, the mother of all names and forms, the eternal Om, that the whole universe may be supposed to have been created. But it may be said that, although thought and word are inseparable, yet as there may be various word-symbols for the same thought, it is not necessary that this particular word Om should be the word representative of the thought, out of which the universe has become manifested. To this objection we reply that this Om is the only possible symbol which covers the whole ground, and there is none other like it. The Sphota is the material of all words, yet it is not any definite word in its fully formed state. That is to say, if all the peculiarities which distinguish one word from another be removed, then what remains will be the Sphota; therefore this Sphota is called the Nâda-Brahma. the SoundBrahman.

Now, as every word-symbol, intended to express the inexpressible Sphota, will so particularise it that it will no longer be the Sphota, that symbol which particularises it the least and at the same time most approximately expresses its nature, will be the truest symbol thereof; and this is the Om, and the Om only; because these three letters (A.U.M.), pronounced in combination as Om, may well be the generalised symbol of all possible sounds. The letter A is the least differentiated of all sounds, therefore Krishna says in the Gita — "I am A among the letters". Again, all articulate sounds are produced in the space within the mouth beginning with the root of the tongue and ending in the lips — the throat sound is A, and M is the last lip sound, and the U exactly represents the rolling forward of the impulse which begins at the root of the tongue till it ends in the lips.

If properly pronounced, this Om will represent the whole phenomenon of sound-production, and no other word can do this; and this, therefore, is the fittest symbol of the Sphota, which is the real meaning of the Om. And as the symbol can never be separated from the thing signified, the Om and the Sphota are one. And as the Sphota, being the finer side of the manifested universe, is nearer to God and is indeed that first manifestation of divine wisdom this Om is truly symbolic of God. Again, just as the "One only" Brahman, the Akhanda-Sachchidânanda, the undivided Existence-Knowledge-Bliss, can be conceived by imperfect human souls only from particular standpoints and associated with particular qualities, so this universe, His body, has also to be thought of along the line of the thinker's mind. This direction of the worshipper's mind is guided by its prevailing elements or Tattvas.

The result is that the same God will be seen in various manifestations as the possessor of various predominant qualities, and the same universe will appear as full of manifold forms. Even as in the case of the least differentiated and the most universal symbol Om, thought and sound-symbol are seen to be inseparably associated with each other, so also this law of their inseparable association applies to the many differentiated views of God and the universe: each of them therefore must have a particular word-symbol to express it. These word-symbols, evolved out of the deepest spiritual perception of sages, symbolise and express, as nearly as possible the particular view of God and the universe they stand for. And as the Om represents the Akhanda, the undifferentiated Brahman, the others represent the Khanda or the differentiated views of the same Being; and they are all helpful to divine meditation and the acquisition of true knowledge.

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"The Darkness can Sense the Approach of THE LIGHT Coming through The Awakening, into the Human Heart."

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The changes of the last few months have come in a swift and breathtaking surge. I try to look at conditions and events from as many perspectives as are required to get 'the closest possible' conclusion. Sometimes when I start out believing something is true to begin with, I then draw on all available data to prove it out. Sometimes I have no idea, so I gather all available data to see what 'seems' to prove out. Occasionally I will trend toward the abductive sense, which is like where the jury in a court case has a certain amount of evidence to come to a conclusion and this is where a preponderance of Circumstantial Evidence might come into play.

Whether you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes methods, or other forms of analysis, unless your mind is clear to begin with, you can wind up in murky waters and awash in syllogisms and tautologies, along with many another curious term you may have never even heard before and of course... in comes all the numbers and letters and situations like B=A when C stands for clueless. You also get that every crow you see is black, so all crows are black, just like all your uncles being bald, so that everyone's uncles are bald and not considering that your girlfriend's uncles all look like Lyle Lovett. As long as your girlfriend doesn't look like Lyle Lovett you are probably going to be more or less okay.

What am I trying to say in my usual cumbersome and circumlocutious manner? I am trying to say that logic is only valid and useful when employed by a logical person in a truly objective manner. It isn't so much that the evidence is flawed. It is that the person sorting the evidence is flawed. Similarly, Reason is only accurate when employed by a reasonable person, who also has the commensurate amount of impartial perspective. Was anything I said there unequivocally true? Heh heh... depends on whether you agree with me or not, doesn't it? AND... that would depend on whether you were warm toward me to begin with, because there are those who are not warm, who are not disposed to agree with anything I say, For instances, if 7,000 children are starving in India and someone knows that they share the blame for this somehow, by doing nothing about it, what are the odds that they will use all sorts of spurious argument to acquit themselves? The odds are quite great. When someone is NOT HONEST WITH THEMSELVES TO BEGIN WITH, it doesn't matter what forms of reasoning they use or what logic they resort to to validate or refute something AND it doesn't matter which tools you use to convince them.

One who argues with fools makes themselves into a fool. One needs never concern themselves with what others think or what slanders they employ because of The Rules of Existence and one of those is that for every action there is an equal reaction. Newton said it was an equal and opposite reaction BUT that means something different than you might first think. A ball thrown forward against a wall, rebounds at you from an 'opposite direction'. That is what is meant. Further study shows that The Laws of Karma attend EVERYTHING we do, so we need not concern ourselves with what people do to us. It is THEY THEMSELVES who need to be concerned. The Golden Rule is an advisement of Self Defense, it is not just a homily about the right thing to do. It protects you!

If you point out someone's dishonesty and they find themselves coming to argue about it in places that don't even include the commentary they are arguing about, you would... if you were at all insightful, come to believe that that person's balloon of self importance got slightly pricked and that they were in a mad scramble of self justification. Heh heh... I could do this all day. This is the thing about hypocrisy... be VERY CAREFUL when poncing about in a fever of self righteousness because you may well be a textbook case for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I understand about what happens when people age; they become less forgiving. They lose Range of Motion; not only in their limbs but also in more subtle areas of their being. They become stratified. They start pontificating about forms of behavior that only a little while ago they were passionately engaged in BUT... now their capacity has diminished SO... it must be wrong, since it is no longer fun for them.

Now... I am purposely being a bit complex in this posting and proving nothing, because, to my mind, complexity NEVER proves anything except that one would have been better off being simpler in their communications. I can get all dry and spiritually parsimonious with the best of them, if I choose but I do not choose. When I use big words round here it is not because I think they are the best choice for what I am saying but it is more something else... heh heh. Yeah, some part of me wants people to improve their vocabulary but that has NEVER led to one having anything more worth saying. All it does is further confuse the issue, which wasn't useful or informative in the first place, much of the time.

We hide our insecurities in many different ways. NONE OF THEM, I assure you, hides them all that well. If you are honest with yourself; REALLY honest with yourself, you can see this sort of childish behavior at work in a most transparent fashion at all times.

There are only a few ways that a person becomes an atheist. One of them is due to a falling out with Religion. Because it doesn't get more hypocritical and mean spirited than it does in Religion. One might have been raised in a Calvinist or Puritan household and thereby compelled to a lifetime of negative reactions to any idea of a divine being. One might think themselves smarter than everyone else and this, that, or the other. Religion is not God or Spirituality. Confusing the two is your problem. Religion is a tool of the Devil and rightly dismissed as any kind of a portal to higher states of awareness. Who is it that murdered most of the saints and spiritual leaders of their time, as well as those brave scientists who discovered that Religion was wrong about this, or that, or the other thing? Yes... you are correct.

So... to make a long story even longer, I was talking about the changes that have come upon us, the same kind of changes that the Israeli attack on America on 9/11 brought to air travel and our formerly freer lifestyles. The hammer came down on our lives after that day, just as it is coming down these days, as the result of yet another hoax, this time a Plandemic. You can be sure The Usual Scoundrels are as involved in this one as they were in the other.

I AM NOT going to let FEAR govern my life because I TRULY BELIEVE what I say when I say that God is in control of everything. Life hasn't been as carefree as once it was because, just as in ordinary times the cream will rise to the top, in extraordinary times of material confusion, the turds float like curds at the top of the mix. You see it politically, in entertainment and art. You SEE how the mediocre and talentless are at the forefront of every enterprise and this is INTENTIONAL and a major facet in Dumbing Down.

You can be very effective at Dumbing Down by manufacturing the icons that the public emulates. Observe the persona of Rap Artists. They are quite the role model (snicker) BUT... say anything critical and you are a racist. WHO IS IT that is calling for the elimination of the white race? They are nearly all from a particular genetic demographic and happen to be white themselves but they think that leading the surge acquits them of being a casualty of the thing they created. You have the progeny of the owners of the slave ships being in the vanguard of the Civil Rights movement and also founding things like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which IS A HATE GROUP and who now tells us who the hate groups are and that is anyone seeking some residue of our vanishing civil liberties.

This Plandemic is the next step, following the impeachment process in the effort to get rid of the president. 'THEY' are in a black-hearted fury to toss the whole of existence into chaos and confusion because they can sense the approach of THE LIGHT coming through The Awakening, into the human heart. They KNOW the time is short and their job is to cull all of the souls who exist in a compromised state of fear and material excess. These ARE the times that try our souls.

My friends... it is hard, so very hard to maintain a faithful perspective and remain vigilant in the face of adversity. One of the curious by products of an Apocalypse, is that intentions and weapons tend to turn upon the one wielding them, for the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. EVERYTHING in an apocalypse is for the Purpose of Demonstration because it is all about; revealing, uncovering, exposing and bringing all that is hidden, forth into the cleansing light of our awakened sight. Do not despair, the power and love of God is there.

Pray... seek the light within and when you are troubled, remember=

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

End Transmission.......

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There was an old man from Pocketnet, and what do you think? He lived upon nothing but bullshit and twinks. Bullshit and twinks were the chief of his diet, but once in his grave, the old man was quiet. Then again, there are all sorts of people at Pocketnet, go and see.

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This second chapter from the book, “Bhakti-Yoga” from the 3rd Volume of The Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda is a bit dense now and again but it also makes some very good points and it is short. Lord Ishvara is mentioned and he is the Eastern equivalent of Jesus Christ.

Who is Ishvara? Janmâdyasya yatah — "From whom is the birth, continuation, and dissolution of the universe," — He is Ishvara — "the Eternal, the Pure, the Ever-Free, the Almighty, the All-Knowing, the All-Merciful, the Teacher of all teachers"; and above all, Sa Ishvarah anirvachaniya-premasvarupah — "He the Lord is, of His own nature, inexpressible Love." These certainly are the definitions of a Personal God. Are there then two Gods — the "Not this, not this," the Sat-chit-ânanda, the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss of the philosopher, and this God of Love of the Bhakta? No, it is the same Sat-chit-ananda who is also the God of Love, the impersonal and personal in one. It has always to be understood that the Personal God worshipped by the Bhakta is not separate or different from the Brahman. All is Brahman, the One without a second; only the Brahman, as unity or absolute, is too much of an abstraction to be loved and worshipped; so the Bhakta chooses the relative aspect of Brahman, that is, Ishvara, the Supreme Ruler. To use a simile: Brahman is as the clay or substance out of which an infinite variety of articles are fashioned. As clay, they are all one; but form or manifestation differentiates them.

Before every one of them was made, they all existed potentially in the clay, and, of course, they are identical substantially; but when formed, and so long as the form remains, they are separate and different; the clay-mouse can never become a clay-elephant, because, as manifestations, form alone makes them what they are, though as unformed clay they are all one. Ishvara is the highest manifestation of the Absolute Reality, or in other words, the highest possible reading of the Absolute by the human mind. Creation is eternal, and so also is Ishvara. In the fourth Pâda of the fourth chapter of his Sutras, after stating the almost infinite power and knowledge which will come to the liberated soul after the attainment of Moksha, Vyâsa makes the remark, in an aphorism, that none, however, will get the power of creating, ruling, and dissolving the universe, because that belongs to God alone. In explaining the Sutra it is easy for the dualistic commentators to show how it is ever impossible for a subordinate soul, Jiva, to have the infinite power and total independence of God.

The thorough dualistic commentator Madhvâchârya deals with this passage in his usual summary method by quoting a verse from the Varâha Purâna. In explaining this aphorism the commentator Râmânuja says, "This doubt being raised, whether among the powers of the liberated souls is included that unique power of the Supreme One, that is, of creation etc. of the universe and even the Lordship of all, or whether, without that, the glory of the liberated consists only in the direct perception of the Supreme One, we get as an argument the following: It is reasonable that the liberated get the Lordship of the universe, because the scriptures say, 'He attains to extreme sameness with the Supreme One and all his desires are realised.'

Now extreme sameness and realisation of all desires cannot be attained without the unique power of the Supreme Lord, namely, that of governing the universe. Therefore, to attain the realisation of all desires and the extreme sameness with the Supreme, we must all admit that the liberated get the power of ruling the whole universe. To this we reply, that the liberated get all the powers except that of ruling the universe. Ruling the universe is guiding the form and the life and the desires of all the sentient and the non-sentient beings. The liberated ones from whom all that veils His true nature has been removed, only enjoy the unobstructed perception of the Brahman, but do not possess the power of ruling the universe. This is proved from the scriptural text, "From whom all these things are born, by which all that are born live, unto whom they, departing, return — ask about it. That is Brahman.' If this quality of ruling the universe be a quality common even to the liberated then this text would not apply as a definition of Brahman defining Him through His rulership of the universe.

The uncommon attributes alone define a thing; therefore in texts like — 'My beloved boy, alone, in the beginning there existed the One without a second. That saw and felt, "I will give birth to the many." That projected heat.' — 'Brahman indeed alone existed in the beginning. That One evolved. That projected a blessed form, the Kshatra. All these gods are Kshatras: Varuna, Soma, Rudra, Parjanya, Yama, Mrityu, Ishâna.' — 'Atman indeed existed alone in the beginning; nothing else vibrated; He thought of projecting the world; He projected the world after.' — 'Alone Nârâyana existed; neither Brahmâ, nor Ishana, nor the Dyâvâ-Prithivi, nor the stars, nor water, nor fire, nor Soma, nor the sun. He did not take pleasure alone. He after His meditation had one daughter, the ten organs, etc.' — and in others as, 'Who living in the earth is separate from the earth, who living in the Atman, etc.' — the Shrutis speak of the Supreme One as the subject of the work of ruling the universe. . . . Nor in these descriptions of the ruling of the universe is there any position for the liberated soul, by which such a soul may have the ruling of the universe ascribed to it."

In explaining the next Sutra, Ramanuja says, "If you say it is not so, because there are direct texts in the Vedas in evidence to the contrary, these texts refer to the glory of the liberated in the spheres of the subordinate deities." This also is an easy solution of the difficulty. Although the system of Ramanuja admits the unity of the total, within that totality of existence there are, according to him, eternal differences. Therefore, for all practical purposes, this system also being dualistic, it was easy for Ramanuja to keep the distinction between the personal soul and the Personal God very clear. We shall now try to understand what the great representative of the Advaita School has to say on the point. We shall see how the Advaita system maintains all the hopes and aspirations of the dualist intact, and at the same time propounds its own solution of the problem in consonance with the high destiny of divine humanity.

Those who aspire to retain their individual mind even after liberation and to remain distinct will have ample opportunity of realising their aspirations and enjoying the blessing of the qualified Brahman. These are they who have been spoken of in the Bhâgavata Purâna thus: "O king, such are the, glorious qualities of the Lord that the sages whose only pleasure is in the Self, and from whom all fetters have fallen off, even they love the Omnipresent with the love that is for love's sake." These are they who are spoken of by the Sânkhyas as getting merged in nature in this cycle, so that, after attaining perfection, they may come out in the next as lords of world-systems. But none of these ever becomes equal to God (Ishvara).

Those who attain to that state where there is neither creation, nor created, nor creator, where there is neither knower, nor knowable, nor knowledge, where there is neither I, nor thou, nor he, where there is neither subject, nor object, nor relation, "there, who is seen by whom?" — such persons have gone beyond everything to "where words cannot go nor mind", gone to that which the Shrutis declare as "Not this, not this"; but for those who cannot, or will not reach this state, there will inevitably remain the triune vision of the one undifferentiated Brahman as nature, soul, and the interpenetrating sustainer of both — Ishvara. So, when Prahlâda forgot himself, he found neither the universe nor its cause; all was to him one Infinite, undifferentiated by name and form; but as soon as he remembered that he was Prahlada, there was the universe before him and with it the Lord of the universe — "the Repository of an infinite number of blessed qualities". So it was with the blessed Gopis. So long as they had lost sense of their own personal identity and individuality, they were all Krishnas, and when they began again to think of Him as the One to be worshipped, then they were Gopis again, and immediately.......

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"Is Angry Jesus REALLY Coming Back to Open a Can of Whoop-Ass on the Evil and the Stupid?"

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Swami Vivekananda said,

“All difference is due to Time, Space and Causation. These are the constituent elements of the mind. No mentality is possible without them. You can never think without Time. You can never imagine without Space, and you can never have anything without Causation. These are the forms of the mind. Take them away and the mind itself does not exist. All difference, therefore is due to the mind. According to Vedanta, it is the mind and its forms. The x and y of it make it appear to be an external and internal world.”

I'll post the section containing this at the end of this article.

Well I feel kind of bad (not really) dumping all that stuff out yesterday but if I don't throw some variety in now and then, where am I? Having said that, I am going to throw in yet more variety today. We are going to have some helpful variety today, concerning your health, top to bottom, involving both the physical and the metaphysical. I am going to give you a game plan and I have verified all of these things myself, except for one and it looks like that one 'might' be worth your time, trouble and expense. I understand it is pricey at a moderate level.

The reason I am doing this is that it has come to my attention that some number of you are shifting from one foot to the other, not certain of your outward path, nor the inward path either and as to the latter... these are confusing times and there are so many options waving their hands in front of our faces, “hey! Over here, try me! Try me.” There's a few dozen of these like those air-driven plastic dancers you see outside of the car dealerships, car wash and tire outlets that keep collapsing and then shooting back up with probably the same degree of results. We'll start with the physical.

Everyone is apprehensive about this 5G thing and there's all the wifi and EMFs. The ever degenerating health nightmare that is modern civilization. No wonder they periodically destroy themselves on some kind of a regular bio-rhythmic flow of up and down, up and down, up and DOWN... and goodbye.

There's this thing that has been out for a little while called The Bio-Electric shield. I am PRETTY SURE that an inventive mind COULD COBBLE TOGETHER ITS OWN VERSION that would work as well as some say this works and maybe it does. This is the thing I have not personally proven out but if it works. Wow! So... look into it because you are surrounded by these rays and invisible forces that are hitting people's immune systems and THAT IS YOUR MAIN DEFENSE SYSTEM. People do not pay enough attention to their immune system. I do. It is important BUT... it is a spiritual thing as well. In fact... for me... everything is.

On to the basics. I've done the due diligence on these and I can tell you, the costs can vary wildly OTHERWISE. You can pay big, or you can pay small, with no decrease in quality. Do you know about Zeolite? Read up. Yes, it's $60. bucks for a pound but a pound goes a LONG WAY. There is a tiny scoop in the container and in several weeks I have hardly made a dent. The one I linked is the one I recommend. As with everything, there are many options. I RECOMMEND THIS GUY AT POCKETNET. He always has good info and he is the one who turned me on to Zeolite. I will give him my highest accolade; he is a decent human being who cares about others. At that link it opens right up into a disclaimer that SOONER OR LATER... you are going to need.

Here is a fantastic vendor of Ayurvedic and other health compounds. They have bulk Ashwagandha. If you don't know what that is you want it. Perhaps you are familiar with Ginseng and Moringa? These are both revitalizing and energy-producing compounds. Ashwagandha is (for me) a step up from these and maintains a serene and positive 'energized' body and mindset. If you are after Ginseng well... here is AMERICAN Ginseng (usually the most expensive of the lot). You get HALF A POUND! For $30. and change, or $16. and change for 4 ounces. You can pay WAY MORE THAN THIS ELSEWHERE and you can get a pound of 4X Siberian Ginseng for around $23. You used to have to pay big time for these but now... you don't and if you are getting along in years you want this. It's not for the ladies though. For the ladies, you want Dong Quai. If you need a recommendation on which one just let me know.

I am realizing NOTHING from promoting any of these except for the good feeling of having done the right thing.

You get a pound of Bee Pollen from Krupacare (already listed for their Ashwagandha) for about $25. Head out and check what you can pay elsewhere. Krupacare has ALL KINDS OF GOOD THINGS FOR YOU. Are they associated with Gene Krupa? I don't know and I don't think so.

Okay then, we've covered one section. Let's move on to vitamins and minerals. The soil we get our grown foods from is severely depleted due to commercial, “I don't give a fuck about anything but the buck” corporate farming methods. I don't need to advise you on which vitamins and minerals do I? Just make sure you take them regular. Even if you eat really healthy, like me, you might be missing something like enough Iron or Zinc... Magnesium, phosphorous and la dat. If I go into this area at the moment I could be here for a while so let's leave that for another time.

I heard from a friend today. He was very bitter about his life. Maybe he will read this (I don't think he reads my posts) and I hope not be pissed at me but I haven't named him so... yeah. He was on and on about all the good things he has done for others over the years and how badly life has treated him and screwed him over. Listen up! When you serve you serve selflessly with no thought of reward. Take a clue from The Sun and do what The Sun does. Does The Sun complain about a lack of appreciation? NO... it does not. Yea... life can be painful and leave you in a bad place if you let it. DON'T LET IT!!!

When it comes to having suffered, I take a back seat to no one (grin) but my solution is unflagging and unshakable optimism, no matter what. I like to be like the frog strangling the heron who is trying to swallow it. By now I have figured out that God does not give me more than I can handle and he has really eased up so... although I am looking in the rearview mirror, I am cautiously hopeful (grin). Since my guardian angel showed up and announced her/himself it's been a whole new world.

So... as you can see, I have traversed from the physical to the metaphysical and I need to say... KEEP IT SIMPLE. I know that doesn't work for the kabala-heads out there and the rootin tootin, scripture quotin, Luddite walking, Old Testament babbling about begats and begots and the hard and unforgiving hand of the Paulists, with their angry Jesus, coming back to open a can of whoop-ass upon the evil and the stupid, often the same, often the same. I don't know that God and I hope we never meet. The god I know is a God of Love and blessed forgiveness and a protector of the weak and friendless, a god of endless charity and giving, who immediately forgets about helping the last one that came by; knowing... KNOWING, KNOWING that service is its own reward and that it is a joy past telling.

You don't really need to know all that much. You really don't. This is why God often chooses the simple and illiterate to be his spokesters, like Jacob Boehme, who was illiterate before a mysterious stranger walked into the boot shop where he worked and did a shaktipat on him. You will learn a lot about Martin Luther also by reading that link. God picked Ramakrishna, also illiterate, to be one of the greatest saints in the Hindu Tradition. God picks crazy people too. He picked me but I wasn't crazy as I UNDERSTOOD IT and I have seen that you have to go mad in order to understand. There is no opting out from this.

I met a mysterious stranger too. These very long-lived Rosicrucians and those of other traditions walk among us today. Some of them have been here for hundreds of years but they don't just announce these things. The world you imagine that you see before you each day is a great deal more mysterious and magical than it lets on to those absorbed in their tawdry material affairs. God help you if you got your feet stuck in that quagmire.

This is an apocalypse and really amazing things are going to be happening. We haven't gone any real distance yet. You will see. Don't be a pedant, who is all caught up in what he/she thinks they know. Don't get wrapped in the arms of arrogance and pride and being important and motoring down that Loser Avenue because you won't like where it winds up at; no indeed. It is up to you who you have whispering in your ear. This is a personal decision and YOU WON'T LEARN ANYTHING OF LASTING VALUE from all those books and seminars. The greatest book of all is a living book and there to be read by those granted the grace to do so. Pray hard and relentlessly and call out as often as you can remember to the bright ones, the shining ones, who possess the keys to the understanding of that book AND I ASSURE YOU that this book exists.

Go to the source! Go to the core and where is that? It is inside you. It goes everywhere you go and it CANNOT BE FOUND OUTSIDE OF YOU! Persistent hammering at the door will bring the gatekeeper. You have my word on that. I do not lie. I might find it difficult to tell the truth, which few of us can effectively accomplish but I try. It is ALL ABOUT RESONANCE. Establish a resonance with Heaven and all will be revealed in its appropriate time, AFTER the steps have been negotiated. All those books and dudes in robes, or white linen suits and Panama hats are not going to do you any good. Some may have more of a clue than others but you MUST make your own contact within. Otherwise it is all for naught.

Okay... I hope we were of some little help today. Dog Poet Transmitting podcasts will be coming up soon.

End Transmission.......

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Here is a cutting and a pasting of Swami Vivekananda on some fundamentally important concepts!


“I shall give you a résumé of the Sânkhya philosophy, through which we have been going. We, in this lecture, want to find where its defects are, and where Vedanta comes in and supplements it. You must remember that according to Sankhya philosophy, nature is the cause of all these manifestations which we call thought, intellect, reason, love, hatred, touch, taste, and matter. Everything is from nature. This nature consists of three sorts of elements, called Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. These are not qualities, but elements, the materials out of which the whole universe is evolved. In the beginning of a cycle these remain in equilibrium; and when creation comes, they begin to combine and recombine and manifest as the universe.”

“The first manifestation is what the Sankhya calls the Mahat or Intelligence, and out of that comes consciousness. According to Sankhya, this is an element (Tattva). And out of consciousness are evolved Manas or mind, the organs of the senses, and the Tanmâtras (particles of sound, touch, etc.). All the fine particles are evolved from consciousness, and out of these fine particles come the gross elements which we call matter. The Tanmatras cannot be perceived; but when they become gross particles, we can feel and sense them. The Chitta, in its threefold function of intelligence, consciousness, and mind, works and manufactures the forces called Prâna. You must at once get rid of the idea that Prana is breath. Breath is one effect of Prana. By Prana are meant the nervous forces governing and moving the whole body, which also manifest themselves as thought. The foremost and most obvious manifestation of Prana is the breathing motion. Prana acts upon air, and not air upon it. Controlling the breathing motion is prânâyâma. Pranayama is practised to get mastery over this motion; the end is not merely to control the breath or to make the lungs strong. That is Delsarte, not Pranayama. These Pranas are the vital forces which manipulate the whole body, while they in their turn are manipulated by other organs in the body, which are called mind or internal organs. So far so good. The psychology is very clear and most precise; and yet it is the oldest rational thought in the world!”

“Wherever there is any philosophy or rational thought, it owes something or other to Kapila. Pythagoras learnt it in India, and taught it in Greece. Later on Plato got an inkling of it; and still later the Gnostics carried the thought to Alexandria, and from there it came to Europe. So wherever there is any attempt at psychology or philosophy, the great father of it is this man, Kapila. So far we see that his psychology is wonderful; but we shall have to differ with him on some points, as we go on. We find that the basic principle on which Kapila works, is evolution. He makes one thing evolve out of another, because his very definition of causation is "the cause reproduced in another form," and because the whole universe, so far as we see it, is progressive and evolving. We see clay; in another form, we call it a pitcher. Clay was the cause and the pitcher the effect. Beyond this we cannot have any idea of causation. Thus this whole universe is evolved out of a material, out of Prakriti or nature. Therefore, the universe cannot be essentially different from its cause. According to Kapila, from undifferentiated nature to thought or intellect, not one of them is what he calls the "Enjoyer" or "Enlightener". Just as is a lump of clay, so is a lump of mind.”

“By itself the mind has no light; but ate see it reasons. Therefore there must be some one behind it, whose light is percolating through Mahat and consciousness, and subsequent modifications, and this is what Kapila calls the Purusha, the Self of the Vedantin. According to Kapila, the Purusha is a simple entity, not a compound; he is immaterial, the only one who is immaterial, and all these various manifestations are material. I see a black-board. First, the external instruments will bring that sensation to the nerve-centre, to the Indriya according to Kapila; from the centre it will go to the mind and make an impression; the mind will present it to the Buddhi, but Buddhi cannot act; the action comes, as it were, from the Purusha behind. These, so to speak, are all his servants, bringing the sensations to him, and he, as it were, gives the orders, reacts, is the enjoyer, the perceiver, the real One, the King on his throne, the Self of man, who is immaterial. Because he is immaterial, it necessarily follows that he must be infinite, he cannot have any limitation whatever. Each one of the Purushas is omnipresent; each one of us is omnipresent, but we can act only through the Linga Sharira, the fine body. The mind, the self-consciousness, the organs, and the vital forces compose the fine body or sheath, what in Christian philosophy is called the spiritual body of man. It is this body that gets salvation, or punishment, or heaven, that incarnates and reincarnates, because we see from the very beginning that the going and the coming of the Purusha or soul are impossible.”

“Motion means going or coming, and what goes or comes from one place to another cannot be omnipresent. Thus far we see from Kapila's psychology that the soul is infinite, and that the soul is the only thing which is not composed of nature. He is the only one that is outside of nature, but he has got bound by nature, apparently. Nature is around him, and he has identified himself with it. He thinks, "I am the Linga Sharira", "I am the gross matter, the gross body", and as such he enjoys pleasure and pain, but they do not really belong to him, they belong to this Linga Sharira or the fine body. The meditative state is called always the highest state by the Yogi, when it is neither a passive nor an active state; in it you approach nearest to the Purusha. The soul has neither pleasure nor pain; it is the witness of everything, the eternal witness of all work, but it takes no fruits from any work. As the sun is the cause of sight of every eye, but is not itself affected by any defects in the eye or as when a crystal has red or blue flowers placed before it, the crystal looks red or blue, and yet it is neither; so, the soul is neither passive nor active, it is beyond both. The nearest way of expressing this state of the soul is that it is meditation. This is Sankhya philosophy.”

“Next, Sankhya says, that the manifestation of nature is for the soul; all combinations are for some third person. The combinations which you call nature, these constant changes are going on for the enjoyment of the soul, for its liberation, that it may gain all this experience from the lowest to the highest. When it has gained it, the soul finds it was never in nature, that it was entirely separate, that it is indestructible, that it cannot go and come; that going to heaven and being born again were in nature, and not in the soul. Thus the soul becomes free. All nature is working for the enjoyment and experience of the soul. It is getting this experience in order to reach the goal, and that goal is freedom. But the souls are many according to the Sankhya philosophy. There is an infinite number of souls. The other conclusion of Kapila is that there is no God as the Creator of the universe. Nature is quite sufficient by itself to account for everything. God is not necessary, says the Sankhya.”

“The Vedanta says that the Soul is in its nature Existence absolute, Knowledge absolute, Bliss absolute. But these are not qualities of the Soul: they are one, not three, the essence of the Soul; and it agrees with the Sankhya in thinking that intelligence belongs to nature, inasmuch as it comes through nature. The Vedanta also shows that what is called intelligence is a compound. For instance, let us examine our perceptions. I see a black-board. How does the knowledge come? What the German philosophers call "the thing-in-itself" of the blackboard is unknown, I can never know it. Let us call it x. The black-board x acts on my mind, and the mind reacts. The mind is like a lake. Throw a stone in a lake and a reactionary wave comes towards the stone; this wave is not like the stone at all, it is a wave. The black-board x is like a stone which strikes the mind and the mind throws up a wave towards it, and this wave is what we call the black-board. I see you.”

“You as reality are unknown and unknowable. You are x and you act upon my mind, and the mind throws a wave in the direction from which the impact comes, and that wave is what I call Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so. There are two elements in the perception, one coming from outside and the other from inside, and the combination of these two, x + mind, is our external universe. All knowledge is by reaction. In the case of a whale it has been determined by calculation how long after its tail is struck, its mind reacts and the whale feels the pain. Similar is the case with internal perception. The real self within me is also unknown and unknowable. Let us call it y. When I know myself as so-and-so, it is y + the mind. That y strikes a blow on the mind. So our whole world is x + mind (external), and y + mind (internal), x and y standing for the thing-in-itself behind the external and the internal worlds respectively. According to Vedanta, the three fundamental factors of consciousness are, I exist, I know, and I am blessed The idea that I have no want, that I am restful, peaceful, that nothing can disturb me, which comes from time to time, is the central fact of our being, the basic principle of our life; and when it becomes limited, and becomes a compound, it manifests itself as existence phenomenal, knowledge phenomenal, and love.”

“Every man exists, and every man must know, and every man is mad for love. He cannot help loving. Through all existence, from the lowest to the highest, all must love. The y, the internal thing-in-itself, which, combining with mind, manufactures existence, knowledge, and love, is called by the Vedantists. Existence absolute, Knowledge absolute, Bliss absolute. That real existence is limitless, unmixed, uncombined, knows no change, is the free soul; when it gets mixed up, muddled up, as it were, with the mind, it becomes what we call individual existence. It is plant life, animal life, human life, just as universal space is cut off in a room, in a jar, and so on. And that real knowledge is not what we know, not intuition, nor reason, nor instinct. When that degenerates and is confused, we call it intuition; when it degenerates more, we call it reason; and when it degenerates still more, we call it instinct. That knowledge itself is Vijnâna, neither intuition, nor reason nor instinct. The nearest expression for it is all-knowingness. There is no limit to it, no combination in it. That bliss, when it gets clouded over, we call love, attraction for gross bodies or fine bodies, or for ideas. This is only a distorted manifestation of that blessedness.”

“Absolute Existence, absolute Knowledge, and absolute Blessedness are not qualities of the soul, but the essence; there is no difference between them and the soul. And the three are one; we see the one thing in three different aspects. They are beyond all relative knowledge. That eternal knowledge of the Self percolating through the brain of man becomes his intuition, reason, and so on. Its manifestation varies according to the medium through which it shines. As soul, there is no difference between man and the lowest animal, only the latter's brain is less developed and the manifestation through it which we call instinct is very dull. In a man the brain is much finer, so the manifestation is much clearer, and in the highest man it becomes entirely clear. So with existence; the existence which we know, the limited sphere of existence, is simply a reflection of that real existence which is the nature of the soul. So with bliss; that which we call love or attraction is but the rejection of the eternal blessedness of the Self. With manifestation comes limitation, but the unmanifested, the essential nature of the soul, is unlimited; to that blessedness there is no limit. But in love there is limitation. I love you one day, I hate you the next.”

“My love increases one day and decreases the next, because it is only a manifestation. The first point we will contend with Kapila is his idea of God. Just as the series of modifications of Prakriti, beginning with the individual intellect and ending with the individual body, require a Purusha behind, as the ruler and governor, so, in the Cosmos, the universal intellect, the universal egoism, the universal mind, all universal fine and gross materials, must have a ruler and governor. How will the cosmic series become complete without the universal Purusha behind them all as the ruler and governor? If you deny a universal Purusha behind the cosmic series, we deny your Purusha behind the individual series. If it be true that behind the series of graded, evolved individual manifestations, there stands One that is beyond them all, the Purusha who is not composed of matter, the very same logic will apply to the case of universal manifestations. This Universal Self which is beyond the universal modifications of Prakriti is what is called Ishwara, the Supreme Ruler, God.”

“Now comes the more important point of difference. Can there be more than one Purusha? The Purusha, we have seen, is omnipresent and infinite. The omnipresent, the infinite, cannot be two. If there are two infinites A and B, the infinite A would limit the infinite B, because the infinite B is not the infinite A, and the infinite A is not the infinite B. Difference in identity means exclusion, and exclusion means limitation. Therefore, A and B, limiting each other, cease to be infinites. Hence, there can be but one infinite, that is, one Purusha. Now we will take up our x and y and show they are one. We have shown how what we call the external world is x + mind, and the internal world y + mind; x and y are both quantities unknown and unknowable. All difference is due to time, space, and causation. These are the constituent elements of the mind. No mentality is possible without them. You can never think without time, you can never imagine anything without space, and you can never have anything without causation. These are the forms of the mind. Take them away, and the mind itself does not exist.”

“All difference is, therefore, due to the mind. According to Vedanta, it is the mind, its forms, that have limited x and y apparently and made them appear as external and internal worlds. But x and y, being both beyond the mind, are without difference and hence one. We cannot attribute any quality to them, because qualities are born of the mind. That which is qualityless must be one; x is without qualities, it only takes qualities of the mind; so does y; therefore these x and y are one. The whole universe is one. There is only one Self in the universe, only One Existence, and that One Existence, when it passes through the forms of time, space, and causation, is called by different names, Buddhi, fine matter, gross matter, all mental and physical forms. Everything in the universe is that One, appearing in various forms. When a little part of it comes, as it were, into this network of time, space, and causation, it takes forms; take off the network, and it is all one. Therefore in the Advaita philosophy, the whole universe is all one in the Self which is called Brahman. That Self when it appears behind the universe is called God. The same Self when it appears behind this little universe, the body, is the soul. This very soul, therefore, is the Self in man.”

“There is only one Purusha, the Brahman of the Vedanta; God and man, analysed, are one in It. The universe is you yourself, the unbroken you; you are throughout the universe. "In all hands you work, through all mouths you eat, through all nostrils you breathe through all minds you think." The whole universe is. you; the universe is your body; you are the universe both formed and unformed. You are the soul of the universe and its body also. You are God, you are the angels, you are man, you are animals, you are the plants, you are the minerals, you are everything; the manifestation of everything is you. Whatever exists is you. You are the Infinite. The Infinite cannot be divided. It can have no parts, for each part would be infinite, and then the part would be identical with the whole, which is absurd. Therefore the idea that you are Mr. So-and-so can never be true; it is a day-dream. Know this and be free. This is the Advaita conclusion. "I am neither the body, nor the organs, nor am I the mind; I am Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss absolute; I am He." This is true knowledge; all reason and intellect, and everything else is ignorance. Where is knowledge for me, for I am knowledge itself! Where is life for me, for I am life itself! I am sure I live, for I am life, the One Being, and nothing exists except through me, and in me, and as me. I am manifested through the elements, but I am the free One. Who seeks freedom? Nobody. If you think that you are bound, you remain bound; you make your own bondage. If you know that you are free, you are free this moment. This is knowledge, knowledge of freedom. Freedom is the goal of all nature.”

les Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda

Monday, May 04, 2020

"May God Shine the Light of his Wisdom upon You and Grant you Illumination."

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Music, sound, vibration. Everything is vibration. The Prana impacts on the Akasha and rolls off of the great Taiko drum of God into audible, visible notes of every shape. Creation rolls out on the sound emanating from the Cosmic Drum. Some sounds call up the demons from the pit and some bring the angels low to the Earth. To know where we are at in any given moment, simply listen to the soundtrack.

Then there is that thing called Resonance. Resonance can be a very good thing and a very bad thing. We work with Resonance here in everything we get up to. Decades ago we met a Man on the Beach and he set up a resonance in me, which has by increments, changed the integral structure of my being that I might have a continuous resonance with him and transmit whatever he transmits and whenever that vibration hits a sympathetic string, resonance occurs. We are ALL resonating according to who or what we most identify with; whatever defines us, defines us. Should be obvious, right? Somehow it is not.

We have a choice that is EVER BEFORE US and that is with who and what we have a resonance with. If our resonance is with Heaven and the Celestial Hierarchy then that is a profound and wonderful thing for us spiritually, but it can be exceedingly trying materially and that is why so few do it. The cost dissuades the less intrepid. Lacking the heart of a lion we default to the heart of the jackal and our taste buds adapt. This is all too common in the world of the moment and I do not mean to de-mean others who are not called to the King's Road. Ofttimes it just isn't the time. Other times, 'material concerns' override the spiritual impulse. We may not intend to degrade ourselves but we do anyway because if we aren't going the right way then WE ARE going the wrong way and ALL the qualities and dispositions that attend that road become your own. This is how we get Fellow Travelers.

IF... if we ALIGN ourselves with Heaven then we have access to The Qualities of God AS, and when... THEY ARE NEEDED. Alternatively... there are those other qualities we see demonstrated all too often in life these days. IF... if we align ourselves with Heaven, a Resonance is established. That resonance attends us and broadcasts a subtle message to the world around us as we pass through it. When resonance is established, angels are alerted and they attend as well. They don't just guide and protect us. They express THROUGH us. Whatever parts of yourself you wash clean and offer, or offer to have washed clean, will work toward you becoming a Habitation for Angels.

I try to understand why it is so hard for people to GET IT... that this Visible World is all an extension of the Invisible World and very much created by and manipulated by it; the same way that our thoughts, which are unseen to the world around us, account for most of our actions; just as our feelings account for the majority of our REACTIONS.

Once we harmonize ourselves with the will and intentions of Heaven, we become once again the Sons of God. Everything magically comes together for us. We once had everything. Then we fell out of resonance with Heaven and we lost it all. The chaotic world we are constantly trying to adjust to is all the result of our falling out of resonance. All of our following existence(s) are the product of our failed or misdirected attempts at coming back into resonance with Heaven. We keep doing it the wrong way over and over. As soon as we realize we do not know what we are doing... accept and offer that up... the guide who KNOWS THE WAY will appear. How do I know these things? I did these things.

When we come to our true awareness, Thy Will Be Done becomes our operating manual. Every time we oppose the will of Heaven and we do it many times a day, without even being aware of it, we set ourselves at odds with The Dealer and the odds ALWAYS favor the house. We wind up, in fact, playing against ourselves and many books and other works of art have addressed this. It's like playing chess with Death. When we make THY WILL BE DONE our calling card... AS IT IS IN HEAVEN automatically happens because Heaven materializes around whomever operates according to THY WILL BE DONE.

The mind is a conniving instrument when it is possessed by fallen intelligence and that is the pro forma awareness that permeates the material world. There is no need to connive. We could have everything and anything forever, if... we traded in the conniving for the obliging. There is ONLY one thing we need to understand about the game of life and that is that we, as our independent ego-driven self, cannot win, not in any cosmic sense. Yes... we can accumulate a lot of toys. Once we pass they are gone. That is an immutable law BUT a fever comes upon the acquisitive and covetous, which makes them deaf to all good advice. They are in the grip of a delirium and believe what the spirits, who rule the fortunes of material wealth, tell them. It is a very old story and a very sad story and the number of parables and allegories that involve it, as the central subject matter, are considerable.

Despite all of the stories and real-life examples of what happens to people with money, there is a cognitive disconnect that manifests every time the reality of it rears its unwelcome head. The same applies to sexual attraction and the lack of having the objects of that attraction accounts for why a great many men pursue wealth, as the be-all and end-all of their life and passion. It has certainly proven to be the latter many times. The highways of the world are littered with the dead bodies of animals in the heat of a similar hunger. It is a cosmic metaphor. We call these things, biological imperatives. It is the same for humanity but the highways are different.

Interestingly enough, too many of us cut every corner, plot without concern for our actions, take all sorts of risks, in order to do what we... for some reason... imagine to be forbidden... legally, morally;... as Hassan I Sabbah once said; “nothing is real, everything is permitted”. The point is that so many people do not search for God because of the idea that God forbids everything they like or want to do and this is the fruit of religion, which gets most things wrong and then stratifies and institutionalizes their errors and turns them into doctrine. God doesn't forbid us anything but every action has its consequences and the consequences could also be called, THE REACTIONS; action and reaction make the world go round. Everything material has some part in the dance of Action and Reaction. Everything material comes out of the immaterial and therefore experiences spiritual consequences as well. You are present LIVING PROOF of what did away with you so many times before.

The thing is that most of us have no idea of what we are doing or what it means. It's not that particular behaviors are wrong in and of themselves, they are ...more correctly... right in certain circumstances and wrong in others. Intention defines the right and wrong of most conditions. Then there comes a time when neither good nor evil apply. One passes beyond them but that is a matter for another post. The will of God triumphs over all concerns of morality and our concepts of morality bear little resemblance to the true morality that is the automatic offspring of the one who follows the will of the Supernal Realm.

Outside of the reality of the supernal order, the whole of existence can seem one way or the other but once one is in the awareness of the supernal order, nothing is what it was or seemed to be previously. There is no way to explain what it is or how it is from the outside and once inside there is no further need for explanation and YOU STILL CAN'T EXPLAIN IT. But... YOU CAN BE IT!

That very fact renders this posting and just about everything else ever written, as being short of the mark. We try, as best we can, to tell it so that it might prove useful to others. The one thing we need always uppermost in our mind is NOT TO MISLEAD OTHERS. If we don't know, we must say so. Nothing brings the disfavor of Heaven so surely upon us as CLAIMING TO KNOW WHAT WE DO NOT KNOW. Worse even... is to profit from that which we claim to know and do not know.

It is a difficult art, this act of telling people about our thoughts and experiences as a possible guide for them; as if they carried any real weight in the scheme of things!!! A single angel possesses more wisdom than just about any human living and they gain no fame in the process. Few of us know what splendid work they accomplish on our behalf each day. Every great and noble action that happens here is inspired by an angel and how often do any of the acclaimed artists of the time admit to this, or acknowledge this or give thanks for it? How often do the fortunate among us give witness to the source of their fortune? Right. I know that any good or decent thing I have ever done has been under the angelic influence. All I have personally ever achieved and that I can take credit for, are my mistakes, of which, fortunately, there are fewer than there were.

How great and splendid is God, the ineffable and incomprehensible source of all that is good and righteous!!! How far beyond our understanding is the ineffable, so-called ineffable because he is ineffable. His angels fill the air with their borrowed light and they are so far beyond us themselves, except for those very very few who have attained to that blessed status, which is beyond the telling or describing. Such a fortune is ever-present for all but rarely does anyone aspire to it, or continue past the tests which... even there, angels accomplish for us if we only knew. It is the angel that masters it all within and we will not accomplish it until we do LET THE ANGEL IN. Just like vampires, they have to be invited.

Fear is the monster and dread taskmaster that defeats us. We have the fear of Death, who if we only knew, IS OUR GLORIOUS LIBERATOR. We have the fear of material loss, which is of no consequence, as those THINGS are the bars of the prison, forged to confine us in darkness because they are the darkness. It is no wonder we cannot see where we are going but WE WILL FIND OUT, unless we seek the aid of the angels who are ALWAYS near. It is their job to be near. We can only hear the angels when we close our ears to the world. It's one or the other. It's one or the other.

Fools imagine that they will lose the world and all of its pleasures, fleeting as they may be but we have been told on the highest authority; “SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU.” Need I say more? NEED I SAY MORE? What is the point or possibility of enjoying anything unless the Indwelling Supreme Enjoyer is present to demonstrate the proper methods and mediums of enjoyment?

Perhaps I don't know what I am talking about. These are only some of the self-verified things I have learned and for me they are true. Perhaps they will not prove true for another but they have proven true for me. They have proven true for me.

May God shine the light of his wisdom upon you and grant you illumination, without which there is no hope whatsoever here.

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