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"Is Angry Jesus REALLY Coming Back to Open a Can of Whoop-Ass on the Evil and the Stupid?"

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Swami Vivekananda said,

“All difference is due to Time, Space and Causation. These are the constituent elements of the mind. No mentality is possible without them. You can never think without Time. You can never imagine without Space, and you can never have anything without Causation. These are the forms of the mind. Take them away and the mind itself does not exist. All difference, therefore is due to the mind. According to Vedanta, it is the mind and its forms. The x and y of it make it appear to be an external and internal world.”

I'll post the section containing this at the end of this article.

Well I feel kind of bad (not really) dumping all that stuff out yesterday but if I don't throw some variety in now and then, where am I? Having said that, I am going to throw in yet more variety today. We are going to have some helpful variety today, concerning your health, top to bottom, involving both the physical and the metaphysical. I am going to give you a game plan and I have verified all of these things myself, except for one and it looks like that one 'might' be worth your time, trouble and expense. I understand it is pricey at a moderate level.

The reason I am doing this is that it has come to my attention that some number of you are shifting from one foot to the other, not certain of your outward path, nor the inward path either and as to the latter... these are confusing times and there are so many options waving their hands in front of our faces, “hey! Over here, try me! Try me.” There's a few dozen of these like those air-driven plastic dancers you see outside of the car dealerships, car wash and tire outlets that keep collapsing and then shooting back up with probably the same degree of results. We'll start with the physical.

Everyone is apprehensive about this 5G thing and there's all the wifi and EMFs. The ever degenerating health nightmare that is modern civilization. No wonder they periodically destroy themselves on some kind of a regular bio-rhythmic flow of up and down, up and down, up and DOWN... and goodbye.

There's this thing that has been out for a little while called The Bio-Electric shield. I am PRETTY SURE that an inventive mind COULD COBBLE TOGETHER ITS OWN VERSION that would work as well as some say this works and maybe it does. This is the thing I have not personally proven out but if it works. Wow! So... look into it because you are surrounded by these rays and invisible forces that are hitting people's immune systems and THAT IS YOUR MAIN DEFENSE SYSTEM. People do not pay enough attention to their immune system. I do. It is important BUT... it is a spiritual thing as well. In fact... for me... everything is.

On to the basics. I've done the due diligence on these and I can tell you, the costs can vary wildly OTHERWISE. You can pay big, or you can pay small, with no decrease in quality. Do you know about Zeolite? Read up. Yes, it's $60. bucks for a pound but a pound goes a LONG WAY. There is a tiny scoop in the container and in several weeks I have hardly made a dent. The one I linked is the one I recommend. As with everything, there are many options. I RECOMMEND THIS GUY AT POCKETNET. He always has good info and he is the one who turned me on to Zeolite. I will give him my highest accolade; he is a decent human being who cares about others. At that link it opens right up into a disclaimer that SOONER OR LATER... you are going to need.

Here is a fantastic vendor of Ayurvedic and other health compounds. They have bulk Ashwagandha. If you don't know what that is you want it. Perhaps you are familiar with Ginseng and Moringa? These are both revitalizing and energy-producing compounds. Ashwagandha is (for me) a step up from these and maintains a serene and positive 'energized' body and mindset. If you are after Ginseng well... here is AMERICAN Ginseng (usually the most expensive of the lot). You get HALF A POUND! For $30. and change, or $16. and change for 4 ounces. You can pay WAY MORE THAN THIS ELSEWHERE and you can get a pound of 4X Siberian Ginseng for around $23. You used to have to pay big time for these but now... you don't and if you are getting along in years you want this. It's not for the ladies though. For the ladies, you want Dong Quai. If you need a recommendation on which one just let me know.

I am realizing NOTHING from promoting any of these except for the good feeling of having done the right thing.

You get a pound of Bee Pollen from Krupacare (already listed for their Ashwagandha) for about $25. Head out and check what you can pay elsewhere. Krupacare has ALL KINDS OF GOOD THINGS FOR YOU. Are they associated with Gene Krupa? I don't know and I don't think so.

Okay then, we've covered one section. Let's move on to vitamins and minerals. The soil we get our grown foods from is severely depleted due to commercial, “I don't give a fuck about anything but the buck” corporate farming methods. I don't need to advise you on which vitamins and minerals do I? Just make sure you take them regular. Even if you eat really healthy, like me, you might be missing something like enough Iron or Zinc... Magnesium, phosphorous and la dat. If I go into this area at the moment I could be here for a while so let's leave that for another time.

I heard from a friend today. He was very bitter about his life. Maybe he will read this (I don't think he reads my posts) and I hope not be pissed at me but I haven't named him so... yeah. He was on and on about all the good things he has done for others over the years and how badly life has treated him and screwed him over. Listen up! When you serve you serve selflessly with no thought of reward. Take a clue from The Sun and do what The Sun does. Does The Sun complain about a lack of appreciation? NO... it does not. Yea... life can be painful and leave you in a bad place if you let it. DON'T LET IT!!!

When it comes to having suffered, I take a back seat to no one (grin) but my solution is unflagging and unshakable optimism, no matter what. I like to be like the frog strangling the heron who is trying to swallow it. By now I have figured out that God does not give me more than I can handle and he has really eased up so... although I am looking in the rearview mirror, I am cautiously hopeful (grin). Since my guardian angel showed up and announced her/himself it's been a whole new world.

So... as you can see, I have traversed from the physical to the metaphysical and I need to say... KEEP IT SIMPLE. I know that doesn't work for the kabala-heads out there and the rootin tootin, scripture quotin, Luddite walking, Old Testament babbling about begats and begots and the hard and unforgiving hand of the Paulists, with their angry Jesus, coming back to open a can of whoop-ass upon the evil and the stupid, often the same, often the same. I don't know that God and I hope we never meet. The god I know is a God of Love and blessed forgiveness and a protector of the weak and friendless, a god of endless charity and giving, who immediately forgets about helping the last one that came by; knowing... KNOWING, KNOWING that service is its own reward and that it is a joy past telling.

You don't really need to know all that much. You really don't. This is why God often chooses the simple and illiterate to be his spokesters, like Jacob Boehme, who was illiterate before a mysterious stranger walked into the boot shop where he worked and did a shaktipat on him. You will learn a lot about Martin Luther also by reading that link. God picked Ramakrishna, also illiterate, to be one of the greatest saints in the Hindu Tradition. God picks crazy people too. He picked me but I wasn't crazy as I UNDERSTOOD IT and I have seen that you have to go mad in order to understand. There is no opting out from this.

I met a mysterious stranger too. These very long-lived Rosicrucians and those of other traditions walk among us today. Some of them have been here for hundreds of years but they don't just announce these things. The world you imagine that you see before you each day is a great deal more mysterious and magical than it lets on to those absorbed in their tawdry material affairs. God help you if you got your feet stuck in that quagmire.

This is an apocalypse and really amazing things are going to be happening. We haven't gone any real distance yet. You will see. Don't be a pedant, who is all caught up in what he/she thinks they know. Don't get wrapped in the arms of arrogance and pride and being important and motoring down that Loser Avenue because you won't like where it winds up at; no indeed. It is up to you who you have whispering in your ear. This is a personal decision and YOU WON'T LEARN ANYTHING OF LASTING VALUE from all those books and seminars. The greatest book of all is a living book and there to be read by those granted the grace to do so. Pray hard and relentlessly and call out as often as you can remember to the bright ones, the shining ones, who possess the keys to the understanding of that book AND I ASSURE YOU that this book exists.

Go to the source! Go to the core and where is that? It is inside you. It goes everywhere you go and it CANNOT BE FOUND OUTSIDE OF YOU! Persistent hammering at the door will bring the gatekeeper. You have my word on that. I do not lie. I might find it difficult to tell the truth, which few of us can effectively accomplish but I try. It is ALL ABOUT RESONANCE. Establish a resonance with Heaven and all will be revealed in its appropriate time, AFTER the steps have been negotiated. All those books and dudes in robes, or white linen suits and Panama hats are not going to do you any good. Some may have more of a clue than others but you MUST make your own contact within. Otherwise it is all for naught.

Okay... I hope we were of some little help today. Dog Poet Transmitting podcasts will be coming up soon.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

A diller, a dollar, a Pocketnet scholar! What makes you come so soon? (accelerated frottage?) You used to come at ten o'clock, But now you come at noon. Spend too much time at Pocketnet and you'll be howling like a loon.

les visible at pocketnet

Here is a cutting and a pasting of Swami Vivekananda on some fundamentally important concepts!


“I shall give you a résumé of the Sânkhya philosophy, through which we have been going. We, in this lecture, want to find where its defects are, and where Vedanta comes in and supplements it. You must remember that according to Sankhya philosophy, nature is the cause of all these manifestations which we call thought, intellect, reason, love, hatred, touch, taste, and matter. Everything is from nature. This nature consists of three sorts of elements, called Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. These are not qualities, but elements, the materials out of which the whole universe is evolved. In the beginning of a cycle these remain in equilibrium; and when creation comes, they begin to combine and recombine and manifest as the universe.”

“The first manifestation is what the Sankhya calls the Mahat or Intelligence, and out of that comes consciousness. According to Sankhya, this is an element (Tattva). And out of consciousness are evolved Manas or mind, the organs of the senses, and the Tanmâtras (particles of sound, touch, etc.). All the fine particles are evolved from consciousness, and out of these fine particles come the gross elements which we call matter. The Tanmatras cannot be perceived; but when they become gross particles, we can feel and sense them. The Chitta, in its threefold function of intelligence, consciousness, and mind, works and manufactures the forces called Prâna. You must at once get rid of the idea that Prana is breath. Breath is one effect of Prana. By Prana are meant the nervous forces governing and moving the whole body, which also manifest themselves as thought. The foremost and most obvious manifestation of Prana is the breathing motion. Prana acts upon air, and not air upon it. Controlling the breathing motion is prânâyâma. Pranayama is practised to get mastery over this motion; the end is not merely to control the breath or to make the lungs strong. That is Delsarte, not Pranayama. These Pranas are the vital forces which manipulate the whole body, while they in their turn are manipulated by other organs in the body, which are called mind or internal organs. So far so good. The psychology is very clear and most precise; and yet it is the oldest rational thought in the world!”

“Wherever there is any philosophy or rational thought, it owes something or other to Kapila. Pythagoras learnt it in India, and taught it in Greece. Later on Plato got an inkling of it; and still later the Gnostics carried the thought to Alexandria, and from there it came to Europe. So wherever there is any attempt at psychology or philosophy, the great father of it is this man, Kapila. So far we see that his psychology is wonderful; but we shall have to differ with him on some points, as we go on. We find that the basic principle on which Kapila works, is evolution. He makes one thing evolve out of another, because his very definition of causation is "the cause reproduced in another form," and because the whole universe, so far as we see it, is progressive and evolving. We see clay; in another form, we call it a pitcher. Clay was the cause and the pitcher the effect. Beyond this we cannot have any idea of causation. Thus this whole universe is evolved out of a material, out of Prakriti or nature. Therefore, the universe cannot be essentially different from its cause. According to Kapila, from undifferentiated nature to thought or intellect, not one of them is what he calls the "Enjoyer" or "Enlightener". Just as is a lump of clay, so is a lump of mind.”

“By itself the mind has no light; but ate see it reasons. Therefore there must be some one behind it, whose light is percolating through Mahat and consciousness, and subsequent modifications, and this is what Kapila calls the Purusha, the Self of the Vedantin. According to Kapila, the Purusha is a simple entity, not a compound; he is immaterial, the only one who is immaterial, and all these various manifestations are material. I see a black-board. First, the external instruments will bring that sensation to the nerve-centre, to the Indriya according to Kapila; from the centre it will go to the mind and make an impression; the mind will present it to the Buddhi, but Buddhi cannot act; the action comes, as it were, from the Purusha behind. These, so to speak, are all his servants, bringing the sensations to him, and he, as it were, gives the orders, reacts, is the enjoyer, the perceiver, the real One, the King on his throne, the Self of man, who is immaterial. Because he is immaterial, it necessarily follows that he must be infinite, he cannot have any limitation whatever. Each one of the Purushas is omnipresent; each one of us is omnipresent, but we can act only through the Linga Sharira, the fine body. The mind, the self-consciousness, the organs, and the vital forces compose the fine body or sheath, what in Christian philosophy is called the spiritual body of man. It is this body that gets salvation, or punishment, or heaven, that incarnates and reincarnates, because we see from the very beginning that the going and the coming of the Purusha or soul are impossible.”

“Motion means going or coming, and what goes or comes from one place to another cannot be omnipresent. Thus far we see from Kapila's psychology that the soul is infinite, and that the soul is the only thing which is not composed of nature. He is the only one that is outside of nature, but he has got bound by nature, apparently. Nature is around him, and he has identified himself with it. He thinks, "I am the Linga Sharira", "I am the gross matter, the gross body", and as such he enjoys pleasure and pain, but they do not really belong to him, they belong to this Linga Sharira or the fine body. The meditative state is called always the highest state by the Yogi, when it is neither a passive nor an active state; in it you approach nearest to the Purusha. The soul has neither pleasure nor pain; it is the witness of everything, the eternal witness of all work, but it takes no fruits from any work. As the sun is the cause of sight of every eye, but is not itself affected by any defects in the eye or as when a crystal has red or blue flowers placed before it, the crystal looks red or blue, and yet it is neither; so, the soul is neither passive nor active, it is beyond both. The nearest way of expressing this state of the soul is that it is meditation. This is Sankhya philosophy.”

“Next, Sankhya says, that the manifestation of nature is for the soul; all combinations are for some third person. The combinations which you call nature, these constant changes are going on for the enjoyment of the soul, for its liberation, that it may gain all this experience from the lowest to the highest. When it has gained it, the soul finds it was never in nature, that it was entirely separate, that it is indestructible, that it cannot go and come; that going to heaven and being born again were in nature, and not in the soul. Thus the soul becomes free. All nature is working for the enjoyment and experience of the soul. It is getting this experience in order to reach the goal, and that goal is freedom. But the souls are many according to the Sankhya philosophy. There is an infinite number of souls. The other conclusion of Kapila is that there is no God as the Creator of the universe. Nature is quite sufficient by itself to account for everything. God is not necessary, says the Sankhya.”

“The Vedanta says that the Soul is in its nature Existence absolute, Knowledge absolute, Bliss absolute. But these are not qualities of the Soul: they are one, not three, the essence of the Soul; and it agrees with the Sankhya in thinking that intelligence belongs to nature, inasmuch as it comes through nature. The Vedanta also shows that what is called intelligence is a compound. For instance, let us examine our perceptions. I see a black-board. How does the knowledge come? What the German philosophers call "the thing-in-itself" of the blackboard is unknown, I can never know it. Let us call it x. The black-board x acts on my mind, and the mind reacts. The mind is like a lake. Throw a stone in a lake and a reactionary wave comes towards the stone; this wave is not like the stone at all, it is a wave. The black-board x is like a stone which strikes the mind and the mind throws up a wave towards it, and this wave is what we call the black-board. I see you.”

“You as reality are unknown and unknowable. You are x and you act upon my mind, and the mind throws a wave in the direction from which the impact comes, and that wave is what I call Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so. There are two elements in the perception, one coming from outside and the other from inside, and the combination of these two, x + mind, is our external universe. All knowledge is by reaction. In the case of a whale it has been determined by calculation how long after its tail is struck, its mind reacts and the whale feels the pain. Similar is the case with internal perception. The real self within me is also unknown and unknowable. Let us call it y. When I know myself as so-and-so, it is y + the mind. That y strikes a blow on the mind. So our whole world is x + mind (external), and y + mind (internal), x and y standing for the thing-in-itself behind the external and the internal worlds respectively. According to Vedanta, the three fundamental factors of consciousness are, I exist, I know, and I am blessed The idea that I have no want, that I am restful, peaceful, that nothing can disturb me, which comes from time to time, is the central fact of our being, the basic principle of our life; and when it becomes limited, and becomes a compound, it manifests itself as existence phenomenal, knowledge phenomenal, and love.”

“Every man exists, and every man must know, and every man is mad for love. He cannot help loving. Through all existence, from the lowest to the highest, all must love. The y, the internal thing-in-itself, which, combining with mind, manufactures existence, knowledge, and love, is called by the Vedantists. Existence absolute, Knowledge absolute, Bliss absolute. That real existence is limitless, unmixed, uncombined, knows no change, is the free soul; when it gets mixed up, muddled up, as it were, with the mind, it becomes what we call individual existence. It is plant life, animal life, human life, just as universal space is cut off in a room, in a jar, and so on. And that real knowledge is not what we know, not intuition, nor reason, nor instinct. When that degenerates and is confused, we call it intuition; when it degenerates more, we call it reason; and when it degenerates still more, we call it instinct. That knowledge itself is Vijnâna, neither intuition, nor reason nor instinct. The nearest expression for it is all-knowingness. There is no limit to it, no combination in it. That bliss, when it gets clouded over, we call love, attraction for gross bodies or fine bodies, or for ideas. This is only a distorted manifestation of that blessedness.”

“Absolute Existence, absolute Knowledge, and absolute Blessedness are not qualities of the soul, but the essence; there is no difference between them and the soul. And the three are one; we see the one thing in three different aspects. They are beyond all relative knowledge. That eternal knowledge of the Self percolating through the brain of man becomes his intuition, reason, and so on. Its manifestation varies according to the medium through which it shines. As soul, there is no difference between man and the lowest animal, only the latter's brain is less developed and the manifestation through it which we call instinct is very dull. In a man the brain is much finer, so the manifestation is much clearer, and in the highest man it becomes entirely clear. So with existence; the existence which we know, the limited sphere of existence, is simply a reflection of that real existence which is the nature of the soul. So with bliss; that which we call love or attraction is but the rejection of the eternal blessedness of the Self. With manifestation comes limitation, but the unmanifested, the essential nature of the soul, is unlimited; to that blessedness there is no limit. But in love there is limitation. I love you one day, I hate you the next.”

“My love increases one day and decreases the next, because it is only a manifestation. The first point we will contend with Kapila is his idea of God. Just as the series of modifications of Prakriti, beginning with the individual intellect and ending with the individual body, require a Purusha behind, as the ruler and governor, so, in the Cosmos, the universal intellect, the universal egoism, the universal mind, all universal fine and gross materials, must have a ruler and governor. How will the cosmic series become complete without the universal Purusha behind them all as the ruler and governor? If you deny a universal Purusha behind the cosmic series, we deny your Purusha behind the individual series. If it be true that behind the series of graded, evolved individual manifestations, there stands One that is beyond them all, the Purusha who is not composed of matter, the very same logic will apply to the case of universal manifestations. This Universal Self which is beyond the universal modifications of Prakriti is what is called Ishwara, the Supreme Ruler, God.”

“Now comes the more important point of difference. Can there be more than one Purusha? The Purusha, we have seen, is omnipresent and infinite. The omnipresent, the infinite, cannot be two. If there are two infinites A and B, the infinite A would limit the infinite B, because the infinite B is not the infinite A, and the infinite A is not the infinite B. Difference in identity means exclusion, and exclusion means limitation. Therefore, A and B, limiting each other, cease to be infinites. Hence, there can be but one infinite, that is, one Purusha. Now we will take up our x and y and show they are one. We have shown how what we call the external world is x + mind, and the internal world y + mind; x and y are both quantities unknown and unknowable. All difference is due to time, space, and causation. These are the constituent elements of the mind. No mentality is possible without them. You can never think without time, you can never imagine anything without space, and you can never have anything without causation. These are the forms of the mind. Take them away, and the mind itself does not exist.”

“All difference is, therefore, due to the mind. According to Vedanta, it is the mind, its forms, that have limited x and y apparently and made them appear as external and internal worlds. But x and y, being both beyond the mind, are without difference and hence one. We cannot attribute any quality to them, because qualities are born of the mind. That which is qualityless must be one; x is without qualities, it only takes qualities of the mind; so does y; therefore these x and y are one. The whole universe is one. There is only one Self in the universe, only One Existence, and that One Existence, when it passes through the forms of time, space, and causation, is called by different names, Buddhi, fine matter, gross matter, all mental and physical forms. Everything in the universe is that One, appearing in various forms. When a little part of it comes, as it were, into this network of time, space, and causation, it takes forms; take off the network, and it is all one. Therefore in the Advaita philosophy, the whole universe is all one in the Self which is called Brahman. That Self when it appears behind the universe is called God. The same Self when it appears behind this little universe, the body, is the soul. This very soul, therefore, is the Self in man.”

“There is only one Purusha, the Brahman of the Vedanta; God and man, analysed, are one in It. The universe is you yourself, the unbroken you; you are throughout the universe. "In all hands you work, through all mouths you eat, through all nostrils you breathe through all minds you think." The whole universe is. you; the universe is your body; you are the universe both formed and unformed. You are the soul of the universe and its body also. You are God, you are the angels, you are man, you are animals, you are the plants, you are the minerals, you are everything; the manifestation of everything is you. Whatever exists is you. You are the Infinite. The Infinite cannot be divided. It can have no parts, for each part would be infinite, and then the part would be identical with the whole, which is absurd. Therefore the idea that you are Mr. So-and-so can never be true; it is a day-dream. Know this and be free. This is the Advaita conclusion. "I am neither the body, nor the organs, nor am I the mind; I am Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss absolute; I am He." This is true knowledge; all reason and intellect, and everything else is ignorance. Where is knowledge for me, for I am knowledge itself! Where is life for me, for I am life itself! I am sure I live, for I am life, the One Being, and nothing exists except through me, and in me, and as me. I am manifested through the elements, but I am the free One. Who seeks freedom? Nobody. If you think that you are bound, you remain bound; you make your own bondage. If you know that you are free, you are free this moment. This is knowledge, knowledge of freedom. Freedom is the goal of all nature.”

les Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A++++++++++. . . Nostrils up, and a gazillion stars!!!!!!!!

I anticipate this is gonna be one HELL of a year. Amazed that though it does get pretty inconvenient at times, I'm STATISTICALLY not that effected by this crap so far. Though I do miss my Chinese food, Spice Corner in the same strip mall of the restaurant, and nose pets from my boss. On the other hand, I don't miss the commute, or listening to my co-workers sing crappy mariachi in voices that don't exactly remind me of Geoff Tate, Seal, Gary Lee Weinrib, Sananda Maitreya, or Marvin/Michael Lee Aday.

Anonymous said...

oh yea, those bio-shields, i had one of those from an MLM company and it does work, it basically counter-acts e-smog thru using rare volcanic minerals. Got drunk and smashed it but yea it worked, i need to buy another. It doubles or triples your energy

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'renewing' column. Thanks!

Hmmm, a small world. A decade or so back, I bought a Bio-Electric Shield. It does work. I also met and socially-interacted with Charles & Virginia Brown, when they bought a house relatively near my area. Good folks. (Unfortunately, I lost my Bio-Electric Shield some years back. I have not felt the urge to buy another, so maybe I have healed or innerly-upgraded enough.)

Speaking of urges, I recommend people listen to their bodies. The body will make it known when there is some lack or deficiency. Once, I bought a bottle of trace minerals; not the kind you get as add-ons in vitamin blends, but really obscure ones. Well, my body literally craved them (or at least some of them). It was visceral. Over time, I went through a number of bottles and then the urge waned. I guess the body now had what it needed. Again, listen to your body.

(You can also use this 'technique' with crystals and mineral stones. Walk through a shop or display and listen to your body and/or energy bodies. When you get an inner "jump'n up 'n down," ask for direction. Note that this is not for personal adornment or self-aggrandizement. It is for a need.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Ray... a friend sent me a bottle of Youngevity trace minerals in liquid form. I then bought several bottles and like you... I got what I needed and moved on. This is why I said that a curious and imaginative person could build their own Bio-Electric shield. I carry a crystal with me everywhere now and also have amethyst crystals as well- they are associated with Archangel Gabriel. I even sleep with my crystal in my hand. This trend came out of nowhere and has been with me since... half a year now or so.

In the morning I go out and greet Lord Vivasvan and my guardian angel and ask them to please fill my little crystal begging goblet with Angelic Telesma, the spiritual quintessence. You are right about listening internally. Practically everything I do now is caused out of that.

As God becomes MORE AND MORE a palpable living force in me, my joy and resonance are flooding my being in sympathetic responding. I can see now why a person would not need or much think of anything else once God has arrived to a particular extent.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the extended and personal reply. I had not thought about the body building its own 'shield' through the trace minerals; I will have to give that some thought.

One time, I was visiting a couple who were at least shaman-class. One handed me a sizable crystal 'wand' made up of an arrangement of various crystals. Out of nowhere, the (internal) words rang out, "I can really do something with this!" and a vision of what 'I' could do. I had the strongest urge to keep it, and only with effort handed it back. I presume that 'injection' came from a lifetime when I was much more aware of our innate (God-given) abilities. The experience was cool but also sad.

(I have always had this 'precaution' come-up around investing Power in something outside of oneself. I think this also originates in other lifetimes. A wizard's/warlock's wand or staff can be taken from them or broken. An internal connection to Higher Self and/or Way-Ups is much harder to truly sever. Interfere-with, yes. Sever, no. I think I learned that 'lesson', long ago...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"It's not Elvis, The Pope or President Trump, it is the Cornucopia Candy Store to End all Candy Stores."

Steve said...

Many thanks for this information- very helpful

Hereticdrummer said...

Awesome, VIS. "Balance of Nature" makes great stuff. Through a patented process, they pulverize organic fruits & vegetables into powder then flash freeze and encapsulate them. 3 capsules a day of their fruit & veggies gives your body the equivalent of 10 servings. You'll notice how much it helps you rather quickly. I am not a marketer or affiliate of that company, I just take the products. VIS, I would greatly appreciate the name of the guy on Pocketnet who turned you on to Zeolite. I tried in vain to get it from there. Also, a web site if he has one. Thanks, and thanks for the great information.

Visible said...

Hereticdrummer; when I next come across him I will post his latest here.

Visible said...

Hereticdrummer, here you go

Hereticdrummer said...

Thank you, VIS. Much appreciated.



Joseph Brenner

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