Sunday, April 07, 2019

The Truth, Despite all Effort to Deny it, Lives Triumphant in the Hearts where it Resides

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The balance between man and woman determines the state of society and when that balance goes missing, chaos ensues and not only chaos but enmity and wrath. Still... it is of no matter what all the world may do. What matters is what you do and whether you have maintained your balance and permitted the love in your heart to turn your life into a work of art. This is present and waiting for us... every one. By the actions of each day we demonstrate what is important to us and give evidence of what defines us until it is writ large upon our person, proving that character is fate.

I went over to some Facebook sites, where there were people I had known from decades ago and it's a lesson, because every single one of them was hanging over the ledge on the Left and it more or less explains why no one from my past, except for the close friends that I never lost touch with, ever gets in touch with me. It appears that I am to the extreme right of all of them. I can't remember when it happened, or why it happened.

None of them has a clue at what happened on 9/11. All of them want the borders completely opened. It seems like pretty much whatever anyone wants, no matter what it is, is alright with them, unless they happen to be a Republican, or a conservative. If someone from the ranks of store front Socialism is selling outfits of camouflage Communism, they think it's a good idea. Where the greatest danger of Communism exists is in all the Crown Colonies (other than this one), such as United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. This is where proponents of free thought and free speech are presently suffering the most; Arthur Topham comes to mind. Arthur didn't really do anything wrong, other than to say the Emperor had no clothes on and to object to the way large bodies of people are mistreated at the hands of some. Personally, I am in pretty good company.

I want to point out here that the SAME GROUP OF PEOPLE are behind the promotion of Communism, the Gay Agenda, drag queen, story-time, grooming in elementary schools, the entire transsexual and gender bender movement, the lunatic left and the atheist movement; here is a very amusing manufactured item for us to tear our hair over. AND one more non-newsworthy glaz of toxic journalistic swill. They are also verifiably responsible for reams and reams of mayhem across the bloody pages of tortured history. I didn't set out to put myself at a lifelong disadvantage with the footsoldiers of Satan (umm, it only appears that way). My search for the truth led me there and so it is. Those who do not recognize what is glaringly evident and factually supported up the wazoo are... either too stupid to be informed, cowards, or catamites in search of crumbs, dropping from tables they can't sit at.

I wonder at the mental capacity of people who will buy into the advertising before they look into the components of the item and its construction. They buy into cow fart generated Global Warming and it does not occur to them that ice ages and their counterparts are natural occurrences. What caused it last time? Dinosaur Farts?

How I came to my understanding of Global Warming; what little there is, is based on a more than cursory consideration of what the proponents of Global Warming have to say; their facts and figures and their hockey stick graphs. I am pretty much a 'truther' when it comes to anything and what that means to me is that I am looking for the truth of the matter. I never start out with a premise and then seek to prove it. I take the evidence and I weight it according to common sense and try to keep in mind that the reason things happen is less credible closer to the surface and more reliable beneath it. In other words; appearances lie. Why not ask nearly any street-side proponent of Global Warming why they believe what they do. They will be unable to tell you. They will also get angry.

Now... when you live in a time when information is generated to support an agenda, or belief construct and when you live in a time when appearances are of greater importance than the forces causing them, you wind up with orchestrated conclusions. The surest sign that someone doesn't know what they are talking about is how they react when confronted by inarguable facts, presented by someone who has their intellectual shit together. They get angrier and angrier and begin to shout and raise their fist. They also begin to insult and demean that person, as if their presentation was a personal whim, as opposed to the aggregate of demonstrable evidence.

I have come to understand that the world is the world and it will sort itself out one way or another. People will die because of it and some will get rich and some will go bankrupt. Some will be celebrated and some will be ridiculed. Some who will live on in infamy, who were formerly celebrated and some who were ridiculed, will be rehabilitated in reputation, when the revelations of time prove them to have been right ...but no one wanted to hear it at the time.

Should I move far away into a rustic setting, where my last years can be spent in solitude and contemplation? Will I perhaps make immortal? (always a possibility though you don't hear about it when it happens). Will what is now only a specter, reaching like the ghost of Sauron, across the unwritten pages of the future... flesh out and materialize into form of Winston Smith, his hands pressed to his ears like the character in Munch's iconic painting? Time will tell and we shall see. Allowed to run its course, there is no telling how brutally stupid and callously indifferent it all might become. As Hermes Trismegistus was alleged to have said; “nature unaided fails”.

The truth, despite all efforts to deny it and regardless of the persuasive seduction of powerful lies, is triumphant in the hearts where it resides. Those who posture and pretend to represent and possess it, cannot be considered true representatives. Hypocrites need not apply ...but where it is riveted into the bones of a person, it will defend against all odds. The truth is that God is real and his agents are abroad at all times. He sings his hymns in the rays of the sun and all life that lives has God as its author; though he shall not, in all cases, be accounted the author of their deeds. We are created with the right to oppose and rebel. That is what free will amounts to. We also possess the right to experience the following outcome, for the purpose of demonstration.

Nature is a mirror and will mirror your love, your faith and belief; what have you, really. My relationship to music, or what claims to be music but is not... is a simple affair. Does it kill plants or not? If it kills plants, if it incites violence and if it demeans human potential, I've no use for it. Some rock music kills plants too. I look at all Art in terms of what does it invoke and evoke concerning the human spirit. To interpret the times and predict the future, one only needs to listen to the soundtrack playing in the movie of life. To know the fate of a culture, one needs only consider the degree of Materialism that inspires the lifestyle. The offspring of Materialism IS insanity. The greater the force of materialism, the greater the pervasion and degree of insanity.

Life is the reflection in the barbershop mirror, where God has cast the original image and the image departs by degrees, away from the light that illuminates it. How dark does it have to get before you can no longer see yourself? What does it mean if you have never seen yourself? Who are you? That is the question of the ages and we all answer it according to our disposition and according to what we do or do not know. I am made in the image of my creator and the time will come when I no longer see through a glass darkly

Mr Apocalypse is a general in the Army of God. He sets the stage and then he arranges and disposes, for the purpose of demonstration. Sooner or later the bill comes due. The tale of Faust and Daniel Webster, as well other cautionary tales, are replicated in real life, every day. Just because you did not see them sign the document in blood does not mean the contract was not made. I will point out that your soul is not yours to sell but... there are any number of ways that one can find themselves in torment... or bliss for that matter, even if the origin be singular, in the one case ...and legion in the other.

We live in the performance of the demonstration of who we believe ourselves to be and the result of that exercise is the judgment of life upon the role we played. Did we play a role devised for the purpose of satisfying particular passions, or was it the celebration of a single passion, wherein the outcome was the place it brought us to? This will be the case in any case.

Base desire hollows us out from within and sets a course beyond this life, to the life form which best expresses that desire;;; something to keep in mind. Love hollows us out from within as well, eliminating everything extraneous and pedestrian, in order to make room for the greatest amount of love that can be contained therein and which is not the same for everyone. Why that is I do not know but we are not all the same in the capacity for love, or degree of passion exercised or experienced. Perhaps we all get there but not at the same time.

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“if one is not a liberal when they are young they have no heart and if they are not a conservative as they grow older, they have no brains.”
(paraphrased by me).