Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Steel Cage Match between Romper Room and Kardashian Think.

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On the radio live this evening at 8:00 Central. You probably want to check in earlier.

Some things go without saying, no matter how hard they may be to believe. For instance, it is a given that each Steven Segal film will be worse than the one before. “How can this be possible?” you might well ask, since it seems inconceivable that the one you saw last could possibly be followed by anything more ridiculous than that. Then you get something like Mercenary Absolution and then you know that there is some kind of reverse genius at work. There should be an award of some kind for this unique ability.

You also know that the Kardashians will come out with some bottom feeder celebrity stunt and insist that it has nothing to do with celebrity seeking and this will be followed by a small smattering of positive reactions from a handful of those who will also be profiting from the effort and it will be declared as a nationwide outpouring of support; when it amounts to about five comments. Hoorah!!!

At the same time, the manufacturing end of social mores will come out with tandem efforts that show us, one and all, that wonderful things are happening in the area of freedom of human expression. Like this tasty little tidbit. You can't have just one of these on any given day, as the envelope is pushed... into a shipping container. We have to make sure that 3 year olds don't keep on making slanderous comments about tiny little fractions of the social mix that they have never encountered before in any case. It wouldn't be a day at the zoo without a visit to the endangered feces wing and some kind of a primer on modern military life.

It's a sad thing, I know, when you encounter intolerant Neanderthals like myself, who just don't seem to get it and... I don't get it and I deeply apologize for this (imagine visible bowing and scraping before the image of cultural inevitability). Abandon hope all ye who enter there. From Girl Scout cookies to backdoor Girl Scout Nookie.

I can tell you why this is all going on the way it is, though many of you probably know this. We are in an age of extreme Materialism. What this means is that the minders and routers of contemporary perspectives are all reverse Kundalini aficionados. At the same time, the social climate, due to its state of extreme Materialism has become radically feminized in the most perverse possible expressions because the culture is run by Urban Think and urban living environments are a transposition from true nature into aberrant artifice and the more intense the materialism, the more intense the twisting of the meme into something other than what it is in its natural state. This means that there will be a relentless press into ever stranger and stranger forms of expression.

The reason for this is that there is a transition from the male principle into the feminine principle in the arriving Aquarian Age. This is intended to actualize on a higher arc and stimulate qualities like intuition, compassion and a host of informing and nurturing accessories but... these higher end qualities are not nearly as profitable in the marketplace as what we are getting from the manufacturing arm in the pit; visualize Saruman's factories underground at Isengard. “We are the servants of Saruman the Wise, The White Hand: The Hand that gives us man's-flesh to eat.”

Yes... everything you are seeing is the natural outcropping of the unnatural, as it is ever more fiercely applied to our world in transition. Money is a medium for the exchange of goods and services. This we are told. Money is also a force and it operates with the consideration of maximum reward for minimum investment and that is why ever more inferior products are the rule. This, unfortunately applies to our species as well.

Here's one of the reasons that everything is the way it is at the moment “the pigs are at the trough. The pigs are at the trough. Hi Ho the Derry Oh, the pigs are at the trough.” If a handful of satanic psychopaths are to be allowed to make more and more and more, at the expense of those who have less and less and less, then there needs to be applied measures of social control taking place at all times. People need to be reduced to mindless consumers of crap and their social and sexual intercourse practices need to be pushed into areas that go contrary to everything their intrinsic nature tells them it should. This sets up an ongoing conflict between their conscious and subconscious minds. So it is that they are rendered into states of confusion and self loathing and this makes it all so easy for them to be herded in whatever direction these psychopathic Satanists want them to be herded.

When there are so many crazy people running around crazy things happen. There is most likely some amount of those events that happen which they are protesting against but nowhere near the amount they claim. Therefore they have to engineer claims as they did at the University of Virginia through the tender media ministrations of Rolling Stone magazine. My suspicion is that this doesn't all just come out of the blue. It's not an expression of recovered memory, ingeniously manufactured by compromised psychologists, in the employ of psychopathic Satanists. The orders are coming up from down below and then being materialized in the same way that all those staged anti-Semitic events are.

What I am saying is that even when it doesn't seem to be all about the money, it is all about the money and any trend that's constructed in the sewers of Hollywood and Madison Avenue are in pursuit of the money because the money grants 'control'.

I want to say a little something about the phenomenon of Satanism here. It proliferates much further and over a wider reach than you might suspect. It involves a considerable portion of politicians, financiers, entertainers, military officers, clergy, law enforcement and a veritable army of uninformed lumpen proles and Stepen Fetchits. A not insignificant portion of them know that their works are evil but that's okay because, “bad is good'.

You see this in song lyrics. Take Elton John's line, “Don't let the sun go down on me.” Here he is warring against his inner self at the prospect of getting a hum job from the home office of the avatar and anyone who just read that and doesn't get that I just got the whim to mess with your minds is a little slow on the uptake. This would be known as a humorous digression, should it, in fact, prove to be humorous.

Please consider, in all seriousness just how truly wack it has all gotten. I am speaking of the links given in this posting. Can you possibly be, or consider yourself to be sane or rational and not get this?

The saving grace in all of it is that it does not matter how organized they are and it doesn't matter how powerful they appear or how carefully crafted their plots are; everything they do is being choreographed by far wiser intelligences than their own The movie is being guided and directed toward an end that they do not suspect. The sad reality is that they will drag millions down the garden path with them but this is just how it is because of the way it is... for the moment.

Ah well... another day, another posting.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Global Madness is in Full Approach.

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Nothing about dogs today.

Surely you knew it was only a matter of time before things like this started to appear at the top of ass medias front page. It's what they want us to have on our minds and it wants us to be completely and thoroughly engaged with and agreeable to it. It's called programming and when you have been either born, or rendered stupid, you can become agreeable to all kinds of things. It used to be a slower process but 'they' only have so much time left now to complete their mission. They got angles that would make Escher blush. Here's a curious little item. Might it be because of this? If one ponders a deeper meaning, one might imagine that this is an attempt to control the percentages but... I don't know. It's just a thought. There is page after page discussing this topic. It seems they are all about historical revision. On the one hand they hammer us with strange tales. On the other hand they fabricate attacks upon themselves and finally they press the agenda that will put them legally beyond the reach of any criticism for anything. It's a wonder.

I don't know if all the dots connect. I see dots all over the place. Sometimes you see a lot of dots when you are straining to see. I have to consider if I know what I know, or I only think I know something. I have to consider this because I am aware of many people who know things that are not so. The same could be true of me, so I have to be careful when it comes to what I know. I tell myself that what I have is a massive amount of circumstantial evidence that flows in on the extended spokes that connect from all around the circumference into the central hub where, supposedly, information is processed.

Many times I have thought about what I know and how it might be better, for me, if I didn't know it. That, unfortunately, is a lot like not seeing something coming; not wanting to see it coming because it is disturbing ...but it is still coming. If you know something is coming, you can try to make arrangements to avoid it. If you don't know that it is coming, the thought is unlikely to enter your mind. What does one do?

These days there is so much trouble loose in the world that one is hard pressed to know where to go to be beyond its influence. Other countries? Other countries have a gathering darkness of their own. They are distinguished from each other by the density and intensity of the darkness, as well as by its proximity. In some places it is closer and in some places it is at a greater distance but it's out there and it's in there. In some cases the darkness is right there inside the country and those in service to it make the rules of order and disorder.

There is a point where society appears to be more or less functional, if you don't look too close and you can only look closely to the extent that you are free enough of its influence to be able to see because otherwise the subjectivity is so great that you only see what you are shown by the manipulators of appearances. This pretense can be kept up for a good while. At some point, however, the underpinnings start to give way. It has become so unreal that it can no longer hold itself up and it can no longer hold itself together either. That time is fast approaching. It is inevitable and it is going to be specific to the karma of the locale. Everything has karma and if you want to see what that karma might be, you have only to look at what exists around you and imagine what might happen when all semblance of normality is gone. Let us say you live in an urban location that has also a large suburban sprawl. Let's say that there is the usual concentrations of crime that operate behind the scenes and below the surface. Let us say that there are gangs that have as many as a hundred thousand members and uniformed gangs with just as many, that routinely cause things like this, every single day, where a man or woman or child winds up dead or disabled, or with a severed spinal cord where no force was used to cause it.

When critical mass comes to pass in a world ruled by self interest and the pursuit of material gain, it becomes everyone for themselves in a wild tooth and claw melee. The thin veneer of civilization is ripped away and the beast emerges and this can be attested to in all the times where it has happened before. Those who are not students of history are quite unaware of how truly horrific it has been and can be. It's all a dream, isn't it?

Sometimes I lay in my bed at night and I think of the incomprehensible quantity of suffering taking place right at that moment all around the world. It is juxtaposed by an also incomprehensible quantity of mindless pleasure and appetites being exercised. Screams and laughter; screams and laughter echo upon the aethers. I try to visualize it all. I come to the inescapable conclusion that it is out of my hands. I wish it could be otherwise but I realize that is a foolish thought. I would simply seek to reshape it closer to the hearts desire and... in the process, most likely, make considerable mistakes of my own. Some of the greatest murderers in history were social reformers.

It's all so very big and incredibly complex and this planet is only a tiny particle in a measureless universe. I can also hear the restless hearts of those who care and care deeply. Great force comes down on me at times, with various malign intentions. I don't know what it means. All I know is that it comes and goes. How do any of us come to be so precisely singled out for these things?

I am coming to understand the wisdom in what I have heard, concerning simply staying in place and... being. Whatever is going to come by this route will come and I will meet it at the door. Everything outside of that is not my concern. The day provides the duties and they get done. One can care at a wider reach but caring is only effective within ones reach. Otherwise one cries in the wilderness and is heard only by the wilderness or by ears that have no inclination to reply.

It appears that the powers that think they are, are going to move on Iran. I used to think this was going to happen some while ago. Then the time came when I didn't think about it because it seemed to be somewhere up ahead and not operational in present time. Now it looks to have come into present time. It's got something to do with the S-300's and more so it has to do with long range geopolitical strategies finally coming to the fore. It's not going to work out the way they expect it to and it's not going to work out the way we might expect it to either. It's an apocalypse and everything that happens is all a part of a wider plan and they don't have the blueprints and neither do we.

We may not want certain things to happen. We may desperately not want certain things to happen. The present level of suffering loose in the world is massive. A substantial increase is definitely undesirable but... for whatever the deeper reasons may be, it is coming on in many places all at the same time and the madmen at the wheel are hitting the accelerator and driving with their eyes closed. It cannot turn out well for a very large number of people. When you are going the wrong way, wrong things begin to happen with an ever greater and greater frequency. If you don't make note of this and readjust your direction it will get worse and worse. The force of the consequences of going in the wrong direction is serving to wake many people up. It is also serving to force people to insist on staying asleep because of the undesirable consequences of waking up. Then there are those who are well aware of all of this, according to the way in which they understand it and they are pressing with their greatest intensity in this moment.

I don't want to be negative or defeatist. I fully expect a new world to rise from the ashes of the old one. I am seeing patterns and the patterns speak to me. These patterns indicate to me that sweeping change is about to be ignited all over the world. Wherever you may be. I wish you the very best.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lambs in Vengeance Suckle at the Teats of Irony.

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“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.” My dog was pushed out of a car in Italy and abandoned. I took him in and have noticed this was assuredly his greatest fear.

The more things don't change, the more they remain the same. It's freakish indeed, the way the Israeli trained police Morlocks are carrying on these days. The brutality meter has red-lined. Events like the following are happening in multiples every single day. Meanwhile in Make believe La La Land, hope and change have reached the level of the sheer ridiculous and bizarre media manipulated religions, are bombing the planet with false narratives, brought to you by the authors of the Armenian, Russian and Ukrainian massacres; not to mention also being the authors of every Middle Eastern genocidal war in recent decades.The irony! The irony! Ah... the lambs of vengeance suckle at the teats of irony.

In concert with everything else that is going on, the wealthy are in desperate need of ever greater and greater handouts. Then, in the latest horrific monstrosity, crypto-Zios are killing without conscience and don't give a damn what anyone thinks.

“Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright” uh... no... not hardly. How it all teeters on the edge. Observe the high tension spectacle of a runaway gyroscope, spinning, leaning and veering on the precipice of the lip of a smoking abyss. If I didn't know better and there are times when I come to doubt that, the general picture is not pretty by any stretch. Down at the bottom, the mass of humanity writhes in torment, while far above them, the privileged and well to do, preen and prance in the funhouse mirrors of reflected hallucination. They are drawn in fragile carriages by the two horses of vanity and greed. They see but they don't see. They know but they don't know. They are but they are not. They are all having sex with Schrodinger's Cat and each other, of course. It is a riotous bacchanal that looks like the moving wall behind Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate.

We scrolled down the pages of several alternative news sites this morning and it was dark and dreary, much like that evening when the raven came to visit Poe. I'm looking for bright spots shining through the cumulo-nimbus thunderheads but there is not a great deal of that; not today anyway. Some of the Blackwater murderers got a whole lot of time in prison. Looks like someone dropped the ball or the whole thing was so egregious that they had no choice. Elsewhere a judge ruled that a three year old girl played a part in her rape. Things like this are so very, very far beyond the boundaries of normal that even Mr. Psychotic and Madame Neurotic are crying, “Uncle! Uncle!”

I often sit back, stand back, or lie in bed, wondering about it all. An endless freight train goes whistling down the long grade, bearing millions of images and sound bytes. The noise of the ensuing confusion is deafening. I retreat behind, below and above the swirling chaos. There is peace and tranquility to be found, even if it can seldom be shared. These are not high density population zones.

Marx started a whole lot of dangerous nonsense; courtesy of Rothschild. Then Max Weber came along and it can't be denied that either of them said a few things that came across as true. Around the same time there came Georg Simmel. He said that the decisive force in people's lives is, “the power and rhythm of emotion.” This explains the intense industry of the manipulation of the same, in present time. In this time, people treat things and each other as commercial items. Their lives are built around making money.

Simmel makes a great point about the cities. He says it is the most concentrated locale of the money economy and it is here, above all, that mental life becomes essentially intellectualistic ( I don't think that is actually a word). Regimentation is the soul of the city and he goes on to say that the dwellers of Berlin and Strasbourg were required to tame their passions in favor of a punishing exactness.

In the tug and twist of existence, people come to look at others for their usefulness to them. We become commodities to each other in this time of soulless materialism, people are treated with “formality and an unrelenting hardness.” The major fruit of the whole affair is cynicism and a weary cynicism at that. This is how we came by words and terms like, ennui, weltschmerz and ca m'est egal. There are plenty of words to describe it all and precious few who pay attention to them. Simmel also says, there are “special nurseries for money.” He continues; “the more that money becomes the sole center of interest, the more one discovers that honor and conviction, talent and virtue, beauty and salvation of the soul are exchanged against money, the more mocking and frivolous attitude will develop in relation to these higher values that are for sale for the same kind of value as groceries and that also commands a 'market price.' “Cynicism is the subjective expression of a market place for values.”

“The growth of the blasé attitude produces a paradoxical result- a culture of sensation.” “So emerges the modern individual, a role player who is also a part time adventurer and stimulus seeker, trying frenetically to find himself by abandoning himself. This paradoxical creature is primed for unlimited media.”

Money twists the fabric of reality and the irony with that is that there is no reality per se. There is only the various depths and densities of of the dream weave. However much one is committed to that, to that degree one is submerged in it. There is reality, of course, it exists in the minds of those who possess it. They are a quiet and retiring sort. You might call them painfully shy. They have their reasons. They don't speak very often and in times like these, less than in other times. Sometimes they do speak when used as channels, or vehicles for the delivery of ageless wisdom. These vehicles are not always perfect because those chosen for the job are not always those with the highest moral character. That doesn't fit in with the tendency of the cosmos to use fools and madmen; possibly because the cosmos has a sense of humor. One would imagine that that must be true. I think there is a higher octave of humor that cannot be understood here because it is so incredibly outrageous. Then there is the humor of the infernal, which is seemingly triumphant at this time and whose dark, scatological and cynical nature is apparent. If it's not apparent then you are caught up in it and it has grafted its perspective upon your mind and often tattooed it on your behind as well.

Life is precious but if this idea is allowed to become a more universal understanding it gets in the way of business. Business suddenly becomes constrained by a moral climate that hinders what is called... heh hen, 'free enterprise'. Everything that is going on is par for the course. It is an exact expression of the general mental state of awareness that one must strive AGAINST their fellows in order to succeed. It doesn't even matter what happens to the other guy as long as you prevail. In many places, up there in the dizzying atmosphere of corporate hi-jinks, they laugh about what they did to the other guy. They congratulate each other and celebrate their business acumen and savvy. It is so distorted now that wrong has become the greater right and whatever was right once, is now looked upon as weakness and aberrant. So it has come to be. Let's face it. It cannot go on like this much longer. It looks like this is the year of fantastic change and, of course, it comes in an election year. Oh the ideas and things they must be thinking of on high, given what we are already seeing and given the links provided earlier.

Where do we go from here? I can think of nothing better than to quote the great mystic Lao Tzu. “Why go outside for better seeing? Rather abide at the core of your being. The way to do is to be.”

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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

And the Worst of the STD's is... Political Correctness.

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"No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as much as the dog does."

Sabrina Rubin Erdely is a liar. She is also a leftest Tribe member, smear artist, whose objective is destroying lives. Her most recent contrived whopper is not her first effort at destroying the lives of others. She created a title for herself that goes; “award-winning freelance magazine journalist.” Sabrina is a serial liar whose agendas are so important that the truth is not only incidental, it is unwelcome.

Tribe mogul, Jann Wenner has refused to fire Erdely. A little research into Wenner might bear explanatory fruit. I'm mentioning this because, repeatedly, there have been vicious assaults on the truth that have destroyed lives and which, more often than not, have included representatives of specific demographics. When you have to lie, consistently, in a big way, over and over, what you want to be true is far, far more important than what is actually true. It's like Elie the Weasel's book, “Night”, so named because at night it is much harder to see. It is also at night that vampires, werewolves and other assorted creatures of nightmare run about and do their business. Elie the Weasel is a member of this fraternity of creatures and 'night' is an appropriate title for a book filled with manufactured darkness but... once again, I digress.

If Jann Wenner, publisher of Rolling Stone magazine refuses to either fire or censure Sabrina Rubin Erdely, it stands to reason he approves of what she does. It took little time for me to find 3 examples of her vicious lying, which severely hurt a good number of people, unjustly accused by her. What I find most compelling about people like this is their adamant refusal to admit they did anything wrong. They seem to have completely adopted that old saying, “never apologize, never explain.”. Supposedly John Wayne said this and explained that it was a sign of weakness. A variation of this quote was actually made by Tribe member, Benjamin Disraeli. He either said, “never complain, never explain”, or “never apologize, never explain.” It becomes harder and harder to separate truth from fiction, based on how much time has passed. The more time passes, the more clutter there is around the object of inquiry. Just imagine how much of the Old Testament is fabricated bullshit.

There's some mention here and there about Ederly's lies, concerning the University of Virginia fraternity. Mostly it focuses on Rolling Stone magazine and not the writer who made it all up. There's no real censure taking place. It's normal. This author goes on about it somewhat. I don't usually like to link to him because he is an unrelenting apologist for Alex Jones who provides him a much larger forum than he would have in return for the favor.

Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky, all gave up their integrity a long time ago. It isn't something they miss, apparently. They defend the indefensible and they get paid handsomely for doing so. This is a very long and very detailed article about Mike Adams. I don't subscribe to some portion of the arguments presented in the article but... the documentation on Adams is riveting. I knew there was full blown corruption at work but I had no idea how extensive it was. I'm guessing that the deeper you delve into the lives of any of these people, the more you find things you wish you hadn't ...but which, invariably, you always do.

I've put in some exhaustive hours looking into the background of all kinds of people. I've looked into the backgrounds of people and their affiliated organizations, which have attacked me a time or two. I haven't had much to say about it and I haven't published these things because I didn't see any upside to it. What I am trying to get to here is that there is a reason for everything that happens. There is a reason people say and do certain things and often it is not the reason you think it is. You have to look behind the surface claims and what seems to be the motivation at first glance. There's often a deeper and darker agenda at work.

If people engage in a sleaze campaign against you, you seldom effectively vindicate yourself by attempting to counter it with the same tactics.

I remember reading and I am sure the reader remembers coming across a comment made by William Colby who said, “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” I would extend that to “most of the important figures in the alternative media” also.

Garbage, agenda journalism, like that performed by Sabrina Rubin (hyphen) Erdely is not accidental. These are intentional acts; not unlike the sort of sound bytes being manifested by Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and so many others on a daily basis. These thoughts don't just come spontaneously out of the air. These thoughts and statements are created for the effect achieved. People in marketing, public relations and media massage industries know all about the public's buttons and how to push them. They know about direct button pushing and they know about indirect button pushing, or pushing one or more other buttons first before they push their real target button.

People engaged in the continuous misinformation game, who present themselves as warriors for truth, yet make enormous profits off of the very behavior they rail against, are a curious breed. I don't pretend to understand them. I couldn't imagine doing this kind of thing. I hope I shall never find myself so blinded by self deception that I am similarly engaged. It's a frightening thought.

It doesn't matter how clean you try to be. What matters is what you say and do and who it affects. This is a time of tearing down the heroes of other times. In some cases, one might say that the evidence given makes a good case for doing this. In many cases this is not true at all. There is a reason that there is such an effort to destroy the reputations of famous individuals from other times. What they stood for is no longer politically correct. It doesn't match up with what the overlords want in terms of public icons. We live in an age of anti-heroes, of flawed personalities that behave badly and get celebrated for it. We live in the age of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Huge public relations firms work overtime to publicize their every movement. This isn't accidental. It's intentional.

I used to live in Woodstock, New York. It's much smaller but it is very similar to places like Berkeley. Ann Arbor, Bennington and others where the monster, Political Correctness, was fed and nurtured over decades of slow and incremental pressure from an international cabal who have been waging a war against both Normal and Natural for a very long time. These days, neither of them are allowed inside the city limits of most cities and towns. Back in the late seventies and early eighties when I was there, you could read in the local papers comments section about the tens of millions of gay animals that needed legal protection, due to discrimination that didn't exist and had to be invented. This was mirrored in claims that tens of millions of women were burned as witches, anywhere and everywhere. I'm not disputing that animals sometimes exhibit certain behavior traits. When and if such behavior becomes epidemic, the reasons for it can be read in articles like Tom Wolfe's “Oh Rotten Gotham Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink” (here is a protracted treatise on the type of experiments Wolfe sourced). As for the witches, I am not disputing that an unfortunate number of both men and women, but mostly women, got torched for no other reason than that someone didn't like them, wanted their property, or used their deaths to spread fear so that they might maintain control. Tens of millions it was not. This is exactly like another fictitious number created for an event that didn't take place; where the circumstances and events did not take place and where the number of actual victims was around 4% of the inflated claims.

The main feature of an apocalypse is the exposure of truth. Its dictionary definition is; revealing, uncovering. From the original Greek it is literally translated as; “is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.” This is what the liars and perversion junkies are in terrible fear of. Some number of them know what they are up against. The rest are mindless drones.

Only really dark entities put seven and eight year old girls pictures on messages like this. It's the same people behind sites like this and even though, on the surface they appear to be in opposition, they are not. This is the state of the world at this time; take control of the direction of children's libido and you can fashion and shape them in the confusion of their transitions through puberty.

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Saturday, April 04, 2015

A Bad Case of Cliff Notes Influenza.

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“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad.”

Life in these times is like that first video game, “Pong”. Back and forth go the arguments about what is real and what is not. Those who are presented and high profiled by those who manufacture both news and celebrity know, in the less than quiet, violated sanctuary of their own compromised heart, who is signing the checks and who makes or breaks most anyone, regardless of their veracity or lack thereof; regardless of their actual worth as life currency in the bank of being. They know. One misstep, one flash of cosmic Tourettes and the agents of darkness will be on you one way or another. You'll be marginalized, erased or rendered unwelcome at the trough. For some, the trough is all that matters. It doesn't look like a trough. It looks like a red carpet dinner and after party. You feel exclusive, even though you don't know what you are being excluded from.

The greater wars abroad, pale by comparison with the less obvious wars for human attention and programmed information. It doesn't get much worse than Political Correctness. Political Correctness is a creation out of the Communist matrix. Who was and is behind Communism? They are also behind Political Correctness. Political Correctness is the psychological enforcement arm of operative Communism, as it is funneled into social venues, into the education system, camouflaged in music and movies which are as not politically correct as it can get. Why would popular culture, generated out of the cesspool of poisoned minds, manifest in visible violation of all their other efforts to the contrary? It is applied schizophrenia as a business model for social and political control.

It is the act of laughing in your face because that is what they think of you. It is simple enough to understand but hard to look at. Looking at it eventually generates an understanding of what is going on and only those who love truth more than lies are equal to the task.

Twitter was created to provide a forum for soundbytes without depth or detail. It is Cliff Notes Influenza and the key to the Cliff Notes module is that all kinds of otherwise relevant and salient information can be left out. When I was very young, I read all of the Classics Illustrated comics. Somehow I got my hands on them. Around the same time and certainly later on, I read the books themselves; point made, I hope. This parallels what the news tells us and what the actual comprehensive reality of the news is and was. We are told what they want us to know, not what genuinely took place. Corporate will drives the engines of permitted information. What drives corporate will? Right.

Let's look at the moon landing(s). I'm okay with the possibility that, perhaps, one of the moon landings was engineered somewhere other than the moon. But... all of them? Is the Mars Rover being shot in a studio? Given the level of technological prowess as it exists in this time, I'd say it is not a far fetched idea that landing on the moon is doable. Of course... decades ago, I don't know. It is an interesting dichotomy, given that those who believe there was no moon landing also believe that the governments have powers and capacities well beyond what is necessary to land on the moon. Then there are those who say that the moon is a hollow space ship or some-such. They haven't been there but someone told them this is true.

Here is the likely truth of it all. We KNOW that 'they' operate through divide and conquer. We know that disinfo is one of their trademarks, which is why it was so incredibly important for them to gain control of all media, or enough to make the level of impact they are after. Does it not seem obvious that they are positioned on both sides of the argument? Does it not seem most likely that they are promoting both ends and that neither end is correct? We know about their devotion to the Hegelian Dialectic. One of the things most absent in these times is, 'common sense'. Common sense and manners are two of the most desperately missing; certainly not missing in action.

As long as they can keep you arguing with each other about things that they can't prove and you can't prove, you're in a wasteland without objective capability. The directions on the label says, 'do not chew before swallowing'.

I am daily amazed at the shit people believe without the necessary confirmation. I'll allow that one might suggest this is true of me in one particular area but... I have proved these things to myself and that is the ONLY audience that counts as far as what I believe and what I presume to know. Across time I have proven the truth of certain things to quite a number of people in what I would call, 'laboratory conditions'; in the crucible of psychedelic inquiry. Rather let me say that I have proven nothing but proof came on its own.

Things have been proven here any number of times, though one might say that these things were already proven to those so inclined. I'd add that that would not have been one hundred percent of the time. Socrates once proved complex mathematical theorems using an ignorant 16 year old boy who could neither read nor write. He did this by asking the right questions along a particular incline.

Do I spend my time thinking about ET's? No... they know where to find me. Am I fascinated or curious about crop circles? No. Do I believe that the Masonic system is inherently corrupt or do I believe it was hijacked? The latter is what I think.. Do I believe a lot more is going on than meets the eye or the intellect? Assuredly.

In the ranks of the high and mighty, paedophilia, child murder, rape and torture are an ongoing affair and I believe the number so engaged is not insignificant. Pedophilia is against the law. Murder is against the law but the high and mighty perform mass murder every day. Fraud, embezzlement and counterfeiting are all crimes, yet the high and mighty engage in them every day. There are no acknowledged crimes that they do not engage in. The president of the United States; everyone who works for him, most of the Senate and House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, the FBI and all intelligence agencies are proven criminals and rank traitors to their country. Everything you are not allowed to do they do with seeming impunity. You don't need to know more than this. The real concern is, do these claims and accusations apply to you?

People are looking in every direction for answers. They are looking for explanations. They are looking for motivation and they are looking for a way out. We want a part of the world and we want no part of the world. That's an impossible wish. We want to be free but we engage in things that chain and imprison us. We want people to love us but we do not believe we have a right to this. We want all kinds of things that we don't really want because they are masquerading as the object of desire but they are not the object of desire. Most of the time we believe what we do because it is what we WANT to believe. What we want to believe is more powerful than our interest in the possibility that we might be wrong about what we believe. This is a compelling thing and not often addressed. It accounts for all kinds of crazy thinking, feeling and behaving. Nothing motivates people more than when something they have accepted as true is challenged or proves not to be. It enrages them.

People become far more inflamed when confronted by the hypocrisy of their false beliefs (that they know deep inside are false) than they ever are by what they know to be true inside themselves where that awareness lies, or where there is nothing but a vacant lot of what might have been but never was.

There's a fellow named Steven Greer who has written at least one book that I know of, filled with impossible claims and endless allusions to himself as a very special fellow indeed. If you read the book and you pay attention the guy gives himself away on nearly every page. Despite this, he's got all kinds of people convinced of all kinds of things. I guess it doesn't take much. People are so willing to believe just about anything these days, no matter how self serving the source of the information might be.

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