Wednesday, April 08, 2015

And the Worst of the STD's is... Political Correctness.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

"No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as much as the dog does."

Sabrina Rubin Erdely is a liar. She is also a leftest Tribe member, smear artist, whose objective is destroying lives. Her most recent contrived whopper is not her first effort at destroying the lives of others. She created a title for herself that goes; “award-winning freelance magazine journalist.” Sabrina is a serial liar whose agendas are so important that the truth is not only incidental, it is unwelcome.

Tribe mogul, Jann Wenner has refused to fire Erdely. A little research into Wenner might bear explanatory fruit. I'm mentioning this because, repeatedly, there have been vicious assaults on the truth that have destroyed lives and which, more often than not, have included representatives of specific demographics. When you have to lie, consistently, in a big way, over and over, what you want to be true is far, far more important than what is actually true. It's like Elie the Weasel's book, “Night”, so named because at night it is much harder to see. It is also at night that vampires, werewolves and other assorted creatures of nightmare run about and do their business. Elie the Weasel is a member of this fraternity of creatures and 'night' is an appropriate title for a book filled with manufactured darkness but... once again, I digress.

If Jann Wenner, publisher of Rolling Stone magazine refuses to either fire or censure Sabrina Rubin Erdely, it stands to reason he approves of what she does. It took little time for me to find 3 examples of her vicious lying, which severely hurt a good number of people, unjustly accused by her. What I find most compelling about people like this is their adamant refusal to admit they did anything wrong. They seem to have completely adopted that old saying, “never apologize, never explain.”. Supposedly John Wayne said this and explained that it was a sign of weakness. A variation of this quote was actually made by Tribe member, Benjamin Disraeli. He either said, “never complain, never explain”, or “never apologize, never explain.” It becomes harder and harder to separate truth from fiction, based on how much time has passed. The more time passes, the more clutter there is around the object of inquiry. Just imagine how much of the Old Testament is fabricated bullshit.

There's some mention here and there about Ederly's lies, concerning the University of Virginia fraternity. Mostly it focuses on Rolling Stone magazine and not the writer who made it all up. There's no real censure taking place. It's normal. This author goes on about it somewhat. I don't usually like to link to him because he is an unrelenting apologist for Alex Jones who provides him a much larger forum than he would have in return for the favor.

Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky, all gave up their integrity a long time ago. It isn't something they miss, apparently. They defend the indefensible and they get paid handsomely for doing so. This is a very long and very detailed article about Mike Adams. I don't subscribe to some portion of the arguments presented in the article but... the documentation on Adams is riveting. I knew there was full blown corruption at work but I had no idea how extensive it was. I'm guessing that the deeper you delve into the lives of any of these people, the more you find things you wish you hadn't ...but which, invariably, you always do.

I've put in some exhaustive hours looking into the background of all kinds of people. I've looked into the backgrounds of people and their affiliated organizations, which have attacked me a time or two. I haven't had much to say about it and I haven't published these things because I didn't see any upside to it. What I am trying to get to here is that there is a reason for everything that happens. There is a reason people say and do certain things and often it is not the reason you think it is. You have to look behind the surface claims and what seems to be the motivation at first glance. There's often a deeper and darker agenda at work.

If people engage in a sleaze campaign against you, you seldom effectively vindicate yourself by attempting to counter it with the same tactics.

I remember reading and I am sure the reader remembers coming across a comment made by William Colby who said, “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” I would extend that to “most of the important figures in the alternative media” also.

Garbage, agenda journalism, like that performed by Sabrina Rubin (hyphen) Erdely is not accidental. These are intentional acts; not unlike the sort of sound bytes being manifested by Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and so many others on a daily basis. These thoughts don't just come spontaneously out of the air. These thoughts and statements are created for the effect achieved. People in marketing, public relations and media massage industries know all about the public's buttons and how to push them. They know about direct button pushing and they know about indirect button pushing, or pushing one or more other buttons first before they push their real target button.

People engaged in the continuous misinformation game, who present themselves as warriors for truth, yet make enormous profits off of the very behavior they rail against, are a curious breed. I don't pretend to understand them. I couldn't imagine doing this kind of thing. I hope I shall never find myself so blinded by self deception that I am similarly engaged. It's a frightening thought.

It doesn't matter how clean you try to be. What matters is what you say and do and who it affects. This is a time of tearing down the heroes of other times. In some cases, one might say that the evidence given makes a good case for doing this. In many cases this is not true at all. There is a reason that there is such an effort to destroy the reputations of famous individuals from other times. What they stood for is no longer politically correct. It doesn't match up with what the overlords want in terms of public icons. We live in an age of anti-heroes, of flawed personalities that behave badly and get celebrated for it. We live in the age of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Huge public relations firms work overtime to publicize their every movement. This isn't accidental. It's intentional.

I used to live in Woodstock, New York. It's much smaller but it is very similar to places like Berkeley. Ann Arbor, Bennington and others where the monster, Political Correctness, was fed and nurtured over decades of slow and incremental pressure from an international cabal who have been waging a war against both Normal and Natural for a very long time. These days, neither of them are allowed inside the city limits of most cities and towns. Back in the late seventies and early eighties when I was there, you could read in the local papers comments section about the tens of millions of gay animals that needed legal protection, due to discrimination that didn't exist and had to be invented. This was mirrored in claims that tens of millions of women were burned as witches, anywhere and everywhere. I'm not disputing that animals sometimes exhibit certain behavior traits. When and if such behavior becomes epidemic, the reasons for it can be read in articles like Tom Wolfe's “Oh Rotten Gotham Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink” (here is a protracted treatise on the type of experiments Wolfe sourced). As for the witches, I am not disputing that an unfortunate number of both men and women, but mostly women, got torched for no other reason than that someone didn't like them, wanted their property, or used their deaths to spread fear so that they might maintain control. Tens of millions it was not. This is exactly like another fictitious number created for an event that didn't take place; where the circumstances and events did not take place and where the number of actual victims was around 4% of the inflated claims.

The main feature of an apocalypse is the exposure of truth. Its dictionary definition is; revealing, uncovering. From the original Greek it is literally translated as; “is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.” This is what the liars and perversion junkies are in terrible fear of. Some number of them know what they are up against. The rest are mindless drones.

Only really dark entities put seven and eight year old girls pictures on messages like this. It's the same people behind sites like this and even though, on the surface they appear to be in opposition, they are not. This is the state of the world at this time; take control of the direction of children's libido and you can fashion and shape them in the confusion of their transitions through puberty.

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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

'get a rope'

missingarib said...

Vis, our prayers are that the great dissolution of families is temporary.

The splitting of the atom is analogous to the family unit split in multiple ways. Social reconfigured groups like unstable isotopes form and decay at predictable rates. The restraints inherent in just stable societies explode with great fury ..Countries ,languages, culture all exposed to energized groups of unstable elements that transform the world in unpredictable ways .

Like pictures fogged by x ray beams the past cannot be judged and new interpretations of language images and thoughts are a best guess for the majority suited in a protective coat of political correctness.

The visible and invisible elements of what were stable constructs are corrupted .The yeast of the pharisees has spread into the classroom "nurtured" by media and fear.
The invasive entity touching here and there spreading the lie Because of this, God sent them the activity of delusion that they would believe lies.2 Thessalonians 2:11

"This is the state of the world at this time; take control of the direction of children's libido and you can fashion and shape them in the confusion of their transitions through puberty." and into old age.

May God help us!

Live long

Visible said...

missingarib; it's always a pleasure to experience you fine articulation. You and BCii are like bookends.

Kazz said...

The only problem is who will use the rope. Men have been so emasculated that they are too chicken shit to stand up to the homo's running the show. The one's that aren't too scared to make a stand have their pea brain's so controlled by the homo's running the show that they are willing to kill and die in wars in foreign country's that don't give a shit about them, while their children are being introduced to anal sex in primary school and their wives are being turned into whores. All this is done in the name of freedom, but the only people I see who have any real freedom are the homo's/pedophiles running the show, who are raping, killing, and pillaging, both at home and overseas!

Jesus showed us how to fix this problem, by getting these faggots, who rape little children under the age of three (judicial privilege), and kicking their sorry arses out of their degenerate de facto courts, then dismantling them. We can then reinstall God's de jure temple courts (lawful courts decided by a jury of 12 people which is presided over by a lawful (honourable) high court judge), under which our country's and people's flourish. Only this time instead of going from complete debauchery to religious fanaticism and back again, which is what the tribe has done for the last 6,000 years to retain control, we make sure we employ the middle path, which means we enlist New Testament principals, instead of the Old Testament controlled mechanism used by the Sanhedrin priests, who are in fact those who wish to implement Sharia law/Noahide law and Babylonian law, to enslave humanity for their own personal benefit. In other words we keep living beings under God's law/common law/civil law and man's creations under Man's Law/Admiralty law/UCC law/Babylonian Law. This way we can control our creations instead of them controlling us!


(part 1)

Kazz said...

(part 2)

Then again we could just keep doing what we have been doing for the last 6,000 years, and in past civilisations since the fall of Man, which is bowing to a bunch of poof's/pedophiles who treat us like a bunch of stupid bitches, while they convince us that women are all sluts and it is manly for men to die in wars, which by the way makes the poofs/pedophiles wealthy enough to ensure the enslavement of our children and grandchildren! This way they make sure they have a ready supply of our children so they can torture, rape, murder, and eat them. Those who indulge in such practises believe they are becoming more powerful but what is really happening is they are slowing losing their soul and being inhabited by demons. The power they feel is not their's but that of demons who are slowly taking possession of them. In other words THEY, LIKE EVERY ONE, ARE BEING DECEIVED!!

What else do you think the grand deceiver was here for? Vis you are right the grand deceiver/Satan/Lucifer works for the Divine. He only leads those astray who choose to be led astray. Satan does not break God's law, because he is not that stupid, that is what his followers are for! Satan knows karma is real which is why he gets his minions to do all his dirty work for him!!

The law requires that all LAWFUL contracts be entered into without FORCE!

Do you really believe God would create a world and let everyone have equal access to it but his people? The satanists would have us believe that God's people cannot own land, operate in commerce, or travel freely, but Christ told us to follow the law of Moses (10 Commandments) and this law protects God's people's rights to OWN property, trade, and travel unimpeded, without taxes (taxes should only be paid by corporations and those operating under man's institutions). Those who work for their self should not pay tax because their labour is their property!

If the Golden Age can only begin when all evil is gone from this plane then how in the hell is the New World Order going to provide anything but a worldwide dictatorship of misery under Satan?

Those who remove the freedom's of others remove their own freedom!

Satan is not building a New World Order he is simply destroying the old one. If humanity does not overcome Satan all but a handful will be destroyed, Satan will rest for a thousand years, and then the process will begin all over again. It will keep happening like this until humanity evolves enough to triumph and evolve. The choice is ours, death or evolution!!

Cheers Kazz

Ray B. said...

Vis: "As for the witches, I am not disputing that an unfortunate number of both men and women, but mostly women, got torched for no other reason than that someone didn't like them, wanted their property, or used their deaths to spread fear so that they might maintain control."

Let's also include the more basic reason: That a fair number were authentic empaths, minor telepaths, and channels. As such, they could see/feel right past the surface appearances. This, of course, was not to be tolerated...

(Midwives and herbal healers were unfortunately caught up in the 'dragnet', whether they were the above or not.)

Best Witches, (grin)
Ray B.

galen said...

Oh yeah, was on to Adams a few years ago 'cause him no pass litmus test. And him and dem have been pushin' little Rand, Israhell's best buddy. See:

As if whoever is elected would make any difference.

Keepers of the gate growin' mo' ugly everyday, even wit all dem vitamins. Me remember when him came out of nowhere, lookin' all groomed and ready. Him wore his training like a star-pupil doin' the work of his handlers better than any others. How quickly everything fell into place for him. The word "arranged" comes to mind. And marketing, marketing, marketing!!

Vis, boy did today's post hit a nerve. But I'm sure Mike has a tonic for that. Some super nerve-calmer, from two thousand feet below the earth's surface, laced with moon-dust and crystallized particles from Antarctica's ancient ice. He can get if for you wholesale.


galen said...

Ray, yes, thank you. And I would call them healers. Burned for offering love.

May none again be so sentenced.

(sad face)


galen said...

The following quotes are from Arthur Schopenhauer. Thanks, Vis, for pointing me toward Arthur.

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see."

"Every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of the resurrection."

"The difficulty is to try and teach the multitude that something can be true and untrue at the same time."

"We forfeit three-quarters of ourselves in order to be like other people."

"Wicked thoughts and worthless efforts gradually set their mark on the face, especially the eyes."

"A man's face as a rule says more and more interesting things than his mouth, for it is a compendium of everything his mouth will ever say, in that it is the monogram of all this man's thoughts and aspirations."

"Great minds are related to the brief span of time during which they live as great buildings are to a little square in which they stand: you cannot see them in all their magnitude because you are standing too close to them."

“There is some wisdom in taking a gloomy view, in looking upon the world as a kind of Hell, and in confining one's efforts to securing a little room that shall not be exposed to the fire.”

"The greatest of folly is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness."

"To free a person from error is to give, and not to take away."

“Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things.”

"The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality."

“It is difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else.”


Kazz said...

Nice post Galen, I especially like the last quote.
“It is difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else.”

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

When I say gett ridd of the past I mean it.
Its the future that matters, its there the probabilitys and the possebilitys is dormant, suspended in midd air.

Everything is possible.
Everything is a lie.

Do you belive anything of wurth comes easy, like swallowing a pill, nope I have to dissapoint you there, our Mother Earth and Heavenly Father dont work in that way, they are alive, all ecompasing, inside ouside everything, as we speak, what is then the problem.
Consciousness, and the f..... free will witch must be controlled and learne to utelize.
Free will Is the Power of our soul, consciousness is the You, whom isnt there at all, drwomned in everyday light/life.

Scared beyound belife, when encountering anything that doesnt fitt You reality.
Witch is intervoven into a massive amount of worlds, ranging from the usuall Kaskhara and the 7 worlds, to severall hunderds, depending where on the branshes on Yggdrasill you are.

The ancient Norce, where Matriacale societys.
The vikings brougth the Catolic Church and the sword, slayed everyone whom denied the "white christ".
How "moodern".
And the downfall setted in, and humanity have degenerate into meer heeps of meat.

But then again, its never to late to turn.

And to the racsists out there.
Music is an international language, and somehow this tune wants even my dance, hehe, scary.
Probbably shock you, and I am NOT gay.
One of my few favorites even to day.
Nigthshift Commodres.

Life is indeed a dance, love life.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Who will use the rope? Too bad we can't recruit this dudette:


Dayam! Fresh out of Scythia, are we?

tmcfall said...

Wow, I don't trust Mike Adams either but a lot of his health & nutrition claims are dead on. You actually cited a Healthwyze aricle.
I would rather hear from Elie the weasel himself than "Healthwyze".
Great post as usual
Tom In Tempe

Anonymous said...

One could always become entangled in the alchemical wedding. One could always have a son.
One could always answer questions pertaining to her humanity, and why it matters to those who are not exactly from anywhere in particular.

Better to live it, than to address the mistakes that pretty much every human wrestles with.

The son just wonders why this is working very locally, and why most everything else is just doing whatever.

He wonders why Galahad did not stop. I do not know, maybe just one at a time. Of course, when that happens, all the angry ones take sides and kill everything that just wants to stay out of it.

Days of Noah. Shiny stuff. And stuff that does not sink, or buy into any repetition of mismanagement.

Brian Crossland said...

Your health is your wealth...

Kazz said...

Love to Push Those Buttons,

Sorry to disappoint but I am blonde not dark haired like Tura Satana and I only use karate as a defence, I never attack! My boobs aren't as big as hers either :op.

I note your remark about being fresh out of Scythia. The best essay I wrote whilst at university was a history paper on the Amazons, some of who ended up in Scythia. Turns out those gals were just every day women whose men had all been wiped out. Turns out the young Amazons could not marry until they had killed at least three men in battle. These women could fight! They excelled in weaponry and horse back riding. The word Amazon actually stood for young unwed female warrior. The Greeks and Romans made them out to be tyrants because they couldn't cope with the fact that the Amazons, who were simply young girls, womped their sorry arses in battle.

I have been fighting the system lawfully, the way Christ taught me, and winning! I am just one very pissed off mother who happens to be intelligent enough to know the direction we are all heading is fatal. I can think of nothing nicer than a fairy tale ending where I live with my knight in shining armour happily ever after, but that is not reality! I love it when a man opens a door for me or performs some other act of curtesy, and I always make sure to be overtly grateful for such gallant behaviour. In order to be a lady who spends her time refining herself, to be able to further evolve, a woman must have a real man!!!!!!!!

Man was created first and woman was made from man, so man is supposed to look after woman! In return woman looks after man's needs and desires, but she always keeps God and God's principals and laws first and foremost in her heart. Don't blame us girls for the state this world is in, we were dispossessed of all power with this poofta based patriarchal system. I am fighting the courts and the police on my own, and getting the word out as best I can. At least I know when I go to meet my maker, which may not be that far away, I will be able to hold my head high and know I did the moral and correct thing, not what was easy and profitable. My conscience is clear, I sleep really well at night, except when I am under spiritual attack!

At least I have not sold out my principals and stay true to who I am. If that makes me a political incorrect Amazon so be it!!

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

PS I would just like to make one correction to my last post, I am not actually fighting on my own because the best of who I am is the Divine shining through, so all the good stuff I do is God stepping up.

Luv Kazz

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Me and my 'nose toy' belong to The Holey Order of the Septum, and that induces us to disavow the concept of gender which I've always thought to be a liability anyway. With us, he's the bitch; which means I'm the one to carry the not quite 23 kilogramme cat litter up the two flights of stairs, along with all cases of water or anything else, and I pay for dinner.

Works for us. I'm an old codger who used to work out, he's an old codger who would throw his back out if he tried the cat litter thang.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Memory Lane can Intersect with Amnesia Road.

Kazz said...

Dear Love to Push Those Buttons,

If you are not breaking the law and involved in pedophilia I couldn't care less what you do. That is between you and God. Each of us must walk our own path, but we must do so without harming others. As we are each our own judge what you believe and do is your business.

Christ tells us not to judge others but he also encourages us to use discernment.

Through studying Tibetan Buddhism I ascertained that certain sexual behaviours displace your sexual chakra, homosexuality is one of them. Eating unhealthy food dislodges the stomach chakra. Lying dislodges the throat chakra. These behaviours gratify the senses but starve the soul. Sex is sacred so spiritual benefit is only achieved through following God's program. Certain behaviours connect us with the higher energy of the Divine while other behaviours connect us with the more destructive energies of the Divine. Choices we make have karmic ramifications. This is why one man can read the Bible and become a tyrant while another becomes a saint.

As I negated certain behaviours I noticed shifts in my consciousness. As I aligned my behaviour with Christ's the energy source became purer and more loving. Unconditional love does not mean anything goes though!

I try not to have any personal preferences because I want to align my Will with God's, I am not arrogant enough to believe God should align his energy to accommodate my personal preferences so I aligned my behaviour with that of Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, and other spiritually evolved people. Or at least I have tried to :o).

I don't think Christ cares what organisations a person belongs to he only cares if we are living in accordance to what God told us to do. Walking in Christ's footsteps is the best way I know how to do that. To the best of my knowledge Christ wasn't a homosexual.

I don't believe being gay means going to hell but I do believe it will inhibit your ability to align your chakra to the highest energy, which means it will impede your spiritual evolution. If it makes you feel any better men having sexual relations with lots of different women does the same thing :o). What I uncovered forced me to adjust my own sexual behaviour so please don't misperceive this knowledge as judgement. It just is what it is.

Christ promoted what the Buddhists call the middle path. The middle path takes us away from extremes and brings us to a place of harmony.

The law of Moses does not prohibit homosexuality but it does prohibit the murder and rape of children. Neither Christ nor Moses promoted any deviation from the sanctity of the male female union

(Part 1)

Kazz said...

Currently we have politicians who lie to the people about everything. They have enslaved the people and now are in the process of exterminating them under Agenda 21. This behaviour shows a total lack of humanity, and hence a connection to the lower chakras. Lower energy is sex based where higher energy is heart based. This is why sexual immorality goes hand in hand with corruption, and why both go hand in hand with society's decline!

Our society has become totally corrupt, not free, as a matter of fact the more corrupt our society becomes the more communistic it becomes. Satanism and communism are one. When the pendulum swings under satanism it goes from one extreme to the other. The Hegelian system is used to accomplish the swing. Information about the corruptness of governments, banks, corporations, and the extent of satanic practices, including sexual immorality with children in high places, is there to elicit a response from the masses. When the people push hard enough for reform the elite will introduce Sharia law/Noahide law. Just like the Roman Empire became the Roman Catholic Church. Both systems worked exactly the same only one appeared secular while the other appeared religious, when in fact both were Satanic.
Under Sharia/Noahide law homosexuals are put to death, and that is the real New World Order the elite are going to introduce. This is why Noahide law was passed in the US in 1991.A harmonious period occurs at the beginning of each new system which allows the people to work hard and create wealth, than the system is pushed into decline by the elite with war and restrictive legislation so the people can be fleeced. This way the elite get to live off the wealth created, restrict the evolution of the masses, and maintain control, because wealth is power. We are currently experiencing the end game. We are playing for keeps this time!

As a mother I want the best for my children so I want people who represent the higher energies representing my family. People who believe in peace instead of war, equality instead of superiority, freedom not enslavement, people who abide by the law instead of people who want to corrupt it.

Homosexuals only represent roughly 2% of our population, yet due to the vast number of homosexuals in power the heterosexual community has hardly any representation today. It use to be don't shove your morality down my throat, now it is don't shove your immorality down my throat!

The elite elevate people who are moral reprobates so they are easier to control. People with dirty little secrets are less likely to step out of line. According to the Roman historian Sallust the more corrupt a person is the blinder they are. This way the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. According to the Roman philosopher Lucretius it doesn't matter who the masses vote for as long as those in power control the candidates.

(Part 2)

Kazz said...

(Part 3)

The people have never had any choice in who rules or the policies adopted, yet they are the one's who have to pay for the crimes of the elite! How does that work??

Every attempt has been made to stop people from evolving, right down to drugging the people with Sodium fluoride, dumbing them down with toxic vaccinations, deliberately undermining their health with archaic medical practices, reducing the availability of nutritious food via GM farming, interfering with people's electromagnets with microwave transmissions, and lots more. We have an archaic medical system that makes people sick for profit and an education system that deliberately indoctrinates people to be good slaves. The elite have even made laws that prohibit people from associating (VLAD laws in Australia). If people choose to devolve that is their choice, but when they are impeded from evolving that is no act of God!

I want people who are well rounded and in touch with the community's needs to be at the wheel, not corrupt individuals whose main agenda is to break up the family unit so people are easier to control and their children are easier to get their hands on!! In other words I want people who wish to serve us rather than pillage, rape, and murder us!! I want God to rule not greed!! Satan has been in charge since the fall of Man, so we can't blame God. Since it is called the fall of Man we can't blame women either, because Man was supposed to look after woman!

Luv Kazz

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Kazz, first off; me thinks you are totally cool. Second off, The Holey Order of the Septum is a virtual concept that some sausage casing in Montana came up with. God is a nose, noses can do no wrong, and they are thought of like the ancient Egyptians thought of cats. The concept has been around for a decade, and I think it has like 50 members or so. It's not like we go knocking on doors to convert people.

And the rules are simple. If you are a good nose (perch) when you die, you get a nose hair coat, If you are a bad nose, you get reincarnated with bald nostrils, and I must have been absolutely EVIL in my past life, for my nose hairs are nothing compared to my flat mate, whose nose hairs come down to his. . .I'm sorry "IT'S' upper lip. And not only that, it has nose whiskers.

Finally, we are celibate, but anyone at anytime is welcome to pet our noses whenever they wish. We are also retired NOSEHAIRS. There wasn't any money in it, but it did cost us; so we gave up the occupation. . .technically. But it's like once a nosehair, always a nosehair.

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, here:


And note we were nosehairs, as opposed to nose hairs. There is a difference.

I am also a nondenominational cross-culture Pagan with a gnostic slant, not wanting to feed the world of the Demi-Urge, a Pastafarian, and an Arsehole to the 33rd degree. . .at least. Finally, I do believe THE LAW OF ONE is the only way, so we can agree on that.

Kazz said...

Sounds pretty cool Love to Push Those Buttons. Your not so bad yourself.

I tried to look at your link but it just kept bringing me back to Vis' blog.

Dear Ray B,

How did you know I was a witch, have you been talking to my husband? His other pet name for me is 'pain in the arse', but I am his pain in the arse so it is all good :o).

Luv Kazz

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Kazz, I must have screwed up.

That should work. Never sold a copy, but it's a pretty popular CD. FAJEETA ON A FLOWER TORTILA even made number one in Mariachi in the past. That isn't technically on the CD, but it's my favourite project on the list.

Have fun with our insanity.

kerdasi amaq said...

Hey, Karen Norman, with regard to your post part II, I'd like to draw to the attention of the New World Orderlies; the South Park episode were Jesus and Satan go toe to toe in a heavyweight boxing match. It's really funny and the jokes on them.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


Only one person in South Park bet on Jesus to win..

Satan, and then he took a dive. (duh)

Kazz said...

Dear Kerdasi Amaq,

Thank you so much for directing me to that cartoon. I bet my money on Jesus too, and I always knew that was where the smart money was :o).

It was very kind of you to take the trouble to let me see that. It gives me great heart.

Luv Kazz



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