Thursday, November 30, 2023

"You Can't Prance Through Life's Nurseries like Albert Fish and Expect Accolades from Succeeding Generations."

God Poet Transmitting.......

David Rockefeller was Kissinger's patron. That they shared common themes of intent should go without saying; the ruthless practicality of self-interest would have always been at the fore with them. Kissinger's forte was Realpolitik; another way of saying 'the ruthless practicality of self-interest.'

If you spend your life hanging out with a certain group of people, you come to look like them, and to think like them. I am saying what I am saying... the way I am saying it... to avoid having to go into exhaustive detail about life forms I have no interest in. I am certain that black widow spiders and centipedes do important work in Nature. This does not mean I want to be around them.

I know that I am supposed to love everyone, at least I was told this by someone... at some point. However, I think this requires a Divine Impersonality, where the love is simply expressed without object... for the love of loving. The Sun always comes to mind in this regard... shining without a thought for who or what it is shining on. This strikes me as being different from loving everyone individually. I can go with the former. The latter is beyond my reach, and may always be.

I consider pretending to be what you are not to be a crime against yourself in the company of others. I don't like it. I don't like Vanity. I don't like lying. These are just personal things. I try not to get on a crusade about them. Let's just say that when I encounter them I move in another direction. I don't have to say anything. I just go.

I've heard it said that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Therefore, we now end any further comments on Rockefeller and Kissinger.

It's said that outworn ideas pass away with the people who held them. That's a comfort. Meanwhile... I remember that The World is The World is The World. Try to change it and you will wind up more deeply entangled in it. Change yourself and you can disappear for real.

Anyone who understands the magic of real anonymity is a fortunate soul. On the surface... such a mindset would not appeal to most people because of the residence of Vanity, but the beauty is it brings one's real worth to the surface.

If you want to be in resonant union with The Divine, you must cut loose the personal self. It's known as The Great Sacrifice, though it is no sacrifice at all. It just seems like it would be for most people, for the reason already given. Most everything seems to be something it is not. Once seen into... all objects reveal a single truth.

I had a hard time of it in The World due to efforts I made to fit in. When I understood this was the source of the problems... all the problems went away. I never wanted to fit in in the first place. I just thought I was supposed to. You are supposed to fit in where you fit in. That might turn out to be somewhere else entirely.

Everyone leaves their imprints on life. Fortunately... for most of us... we have no wider celebrity beyond our immediate environs, and it's all forgotten... as the people who remember us depart; that is until we run into them again. It's really best to clear the decks beforehand. This does not mean hunting everyone down that you ever ran afoul of. That would be impossible, even if you cared to, which most people don't. You clear the decks within you by releasing the false memories you are so determined to hold on to.

There's a story told about Mohammad where someone came to him and wanted to remove the evil from something he had said about someone else. He wanted to take back his words. Mohammad told him to take a feather and place it on the doorstep of every house on the street. The man did this and then returned. Mohammad then told him to go back and gather all the feathers again. When the man went to do so, the feathers (of course) were gone. So it goes.

Omar Khayyam said in The Rubaiyat; “the moving finger, having writ, moves on. Not all your piety can lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it.” You can make things better by making things better. I mean, The Past has gone, but you are always free to write the future any way it pleases you. This has a great deal of impact on what you have done at other times.

Such sincere and determined behavior comes to the attention of Heaven sooner or later... though probably immediately. It might seem otherwise because reactions are delayed according to the best time for their appearance. This triggers Grace. The Grace of Heaven is boundless. You court it doing The Will of Heaven, and... not seeking a return.

Elon Musk went cringing and groveling to The Stolen Land of The Usual Suspects LLD. I'm guessing they made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He does have many hostages to fortune. Then he told the fleeing advertisers to go fuck themselves, so...mixed messaging, since all those advertisers are controlled by the same crime syndicate he went hat in hand to.

Ah... the complexities of trying to find your way in The World. He and Tesla are very different in character, and most especially in the area of giving credit where credit is due; all praise to The One. It is good to mind the tale of Icarus, and how one chooses to approach The Sun. Tesla could speak 8 languages. He could also read a book and then recite it to you verbatim. He was... more importantly... a humble man of deep and abiding faith.

I go to Twitter-X now because FOR THE MOMENT... you can speak the truth (within certain parameters), BUT... no one can speak The Truth because of the limitations of words, so... what does any of it mean? I go there because I find all kinds of amazing commentary, as the links at GAB should indicate. I don't... for a moment... assume the best without preparing for the worst. How do I prepare for the worst? By being proactive and leaving it in the hands of The Divine. Did that statement make sense? (grin)

The Israeli false flag in October changed my perspective about many of my former resources. Once you have bent the knee to Satan... in my view... your credibility is shot. I leave the judgment of Musk to history and the mercy of God. Some things I like. Some things I do not like. Many people could say the same about me. I haven't walked a mile in his shoes and I don't intend to. I'm not Samuel Beckett wearing the shoe size of his idol while having larger feet. Vanity has many forms, but it ALWAYS comes at pains and great cost.

In Times of Lesser Materialism, certain demographics... sometimes... do useful things. In Times of Runaway Materialism, they are swept away and do harmful things. A lot of chickens are about to go home to roost. You can't tell massive lies and expect them to survive an apocalypse. That's just bad math.

You can't prance through life's nurseries like Albert Fish (in Ed Gein's clothes) and expect accolades from succeeding generations. Eventually... all the many people you deceived... robbed... tortured and killed... in various ways... are going to show up in your living room at the same time. That's sound and predictable math.

I don't have to worry about The World being set right. It is in a constant state of adjustment and neither Good nor Evil is a greater priority. Sometimes the cream rises to the top, and sometimes the shit floats on the surface. It depends on the weather being generated by the collective minds of the people living through it. It's just weather. If you don't like the climate or the company... move somewhere else, Or... learn to live detached from it; not an easy feat for those invested in any way.

It all comes back to the lily pad floating above the murk. It is exemplified in the water rolling off the duck's back; in The World but not of it. The answer to any of it is simple. People are just not pleased with the answers. They want a Burger King world where they can have it their way. They still don't get it their way because they don't know what they want in the first place. Life is where you find that out.... or not.

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Monday, November 27, 2023

"Those Who Believed They Were Beyond The Reach of Justice... Find Themselves Alone... on The Playing Fields of Saturn."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Lao Tzu said; “Though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.” Heaven is impartial when it comes to its basic state of being. Heaven is a manifestation of The Divine and The Divine loves indiscriminately. The Sun is a prime example of this, shining on the good and evil alike.

This does not mean that some do not fall out of favor with Heaven... in a manner of speaking; in an automatic... mathematical sense, but The Wrath of God expresses itself in Temperance... tempering... as if to bring back into balance. God... in the absolute... is absolute stillness... around which creation whirls. His very nature is a balancing of all disparate elements. It's just how it is because of the way God is.

I do not know... in any complete sense... what God is. I observe God the way that I see the wind. I cannot see the wind, but I can see the results of its passing. Consequently... I can see God in the results of his passing and his presence. I can see how he INFORMS Nature. I can see... in the destinies of Humanity... the outworking of Cosmic Justice in cycles of return. I have a partial view. It is what SHOULD make all of us so employed... inflexibly humble.

You get with the program or the program gets you. There are no exceptions. Everything is brought into order one way or another. There is a reason that it is said; God is Love.

Mastery is what happens when any one of us comes into the ability to simply Love without qualification. This is one of the great secrets and it is impossible to accomplish until you are able to neutralize the selfish... self-centered nature. Letting go completely is a major factor.

When you let go, The Divine can express through you without hindrance. You put aside The Personal Self, and The Cosmic Self can express through you.

This is all a part of what goes on behind-the-scenes. When The Personal is diminished, The Real Personality behind the artifice can shine. Then what you see is yourself everywhere you look, be it a person or a rock OR... anything in between. Of course, a divine discrimination comes into play and The Higher Self sees life through your eyes.

That is the real controller of everything no matter what. In The False World... otherwise... you see crazy people goose-stepping through their fantasies of world domination, whether they are crazy people on the street or crazy people in the halls of government or private industry. Crazy is no respecter of person.

Okay... these are all metaphysical perspectives... tied into presentations... constructed by The Mind in the service of the Personality. Most people are enslaved in this manner. If their Karma is good, then life is good. If their Karma is bad, then life is bad. Most of the time... for most of the people... the Karma is mixed.

We put on the face our astrological profile has designed for us... according to the dictates of our Karma, and it's hit and miss... back and forth... up and down. There's always a crowd around the roulette wheel and craps' table... waiting for luck to strike, and in the gambling casinos, just as in life, most of the time you lose. It's set up that way.

What I am getting to is that most of humanity for many... many years... spent all its time in a dream world. One dream ends and another begins, and... none of it matters. It's just a dream. This is why the truly wise recognize and embrace the enduring beauty of anonymity. There is one life force that is splintered into billions and billions of life forms who just dream on.

Wars and famines come and go. Good times are followed by bad times. When you hit bottom you reap the consequences of what you did when you were on top. Ages come and go. Then... something happens, and dawn breaks in The Hive Mind. Light breaks upon the formerly shuttered mindscape... in the passion-driven worlds of appetite. Some are closer to this light than others. Some have only a dim awareness of it happening.

Every now and then... The World wakes up inside the dream it is having, and it sees. It collectively sees what has been going on, and what has been happening to it. You are seeing this now.

Perhaps you cannot understand, having been partially awake all along, why Ireland, Spain, France, and all those other countries went along with the engineered migrations... the Global Warming Scam... the Killer Vaccines... the corrupt leaders... the psychopathic bankers... the lying televisions, and all the come-hither... baited hooks that twinkle like Christmas tree lights.

The Dream is powerful. It has a sucking viscosity that pulls you under and holds you, while passions swirl and the smoke clouds the critical faculties... down into Beast World you go. Down into Beast World you would go... except for the compassion of The Divine, who has sent The Light of Awakening to you that you might see more clearly. It has caused this maelstrom of collective rage against The Puppetmasters and The Men in The Shadows.

First, the rage is turned upon the interlopers, and then it is turned upon The Machinators of your distress. The Eye of Outrage is turning... turning slowly, and a cognitive connection is being established. The Rage is becoming focused, and a deep and unsettling uneasiness is traveling by mysterious means through the corridors of power. This accounts for the Draconian laws and ever more aggressive enforcement arms, BUT... they are the few, and those oppressed are the many.

Little Hamas is whipping Israel, though The Media will not tell you so. The Overlords are too fat and complacent to dare to die. Their specialty is to kill at a distance. Those they have murdered and abused have grown strong in their resistance. Now... the whole world is behind them. Slowly... and then at greater and greater speed... the oppressed around The World are turning on their oppressors. It is only a matter of time, and time is speeding up.

The Dream Fabric that has been used to control and contain the dreaming world is coming apart at the seams. The Elite have made a public spectacle of who they are, always before the eyes of The World... all of them Paris Hilton vain and overexposed.

Retribution comes as a mystery to those at pains to prevent it. Why... they were so very much in command. They would not have pranced and strutted on the stages of The World if they were not supremely confident that they could make you eat bugs and own nothing. Then... somehow... no one knows exactly how... everything changes. The High and Mighty are made low and running for their lives.

Governments fall, BUT... by whose hand does it happen? Afterward, the experts will tell you exactly how it was, if they manage to survive. Nations around The World rise up against their hated overseers. Awakening means coming into awareness of your shackles.

What has set such a panic among the figureheads? Their financial systems are going haywire. How could this happen? The banks are failing! This is the worst possible scenario for those empowered to keep the masses in line. By whose hand is this all coming about? Surely it was their own doing, BUT... always before... they found ways around their criminal enterprises of theft and deception. Is it getting hot in here or is it only me? Yeah... it's you.

My friends. This is REALLY going to happen. It IS HAPPENING right now. Bad news is coming from all directions and for... some... reason... they can no longer control the narrative. No one except the terminally woke is paying attention to their lies. From whence comes this awakening? What force is this that plays havoc with the plans of the ones with the gold... who thought they made the rules?

Dum De Dum Dum... Dum De Dum Dum... Dum! Pizzagate is real!

The Pelosi Caper on 1/6 is on the videotapes. Open Border's Soros is going to be running for the border. Bill Gates is busy still doing what he's been doing, as his philanthropy scam goes viral.

Like the mad scientist with the villagers massed at the castle gates... with torches and pitchforks... Bill doubles down!

All this time, as they see the finish line in their minds. All this time, as everything seemed to fall into place... they got bolder and bolder... careless... intoxicated with their own invulnerability... all this time... all they accomplished was to expose themselves entirely to the people they abused, and now? Now the unseen hand has maneuvered them into the gunsights of The High... Wide... and Lonesome.

It always happens that those who believed themselves beyond the reach of Justice... come to find themselves on The Playing Fields of Saturn... with The World in opposition... in the astrological charts they wrote for themselves... before they ever got here this time... For The Purpose of Demonstration.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

"These Men are all Moral Tales of What Happens When You Cross The Line from Humanity... into Demonic Possession."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Back when Dorsey owned (ran?) Twitter, I would have nothing to do with it. He looked like a recent incarnation of Lenin. Later, I found out he was just a frontman for a bunch of sick clowns looking to do their part in the world takeover.

This world takeover thing is not the brainchild of a single person or cabal. It is a series of waves that form in The Collective Unconscious... headed toward the shorebreak of The Conscious Mind. Waves usually come in sets of 7. Out of these waves come the Trends and Patterns we like to talk about here because they fascinate us so much. It's similar to the thrill a child gets by looking into a kaleidoscope.

Trends and Patterns are ALWAYS repeating. King Solomon noted this in Ecclesiastes. Oswald Spengler got it. The ancient Rishis... or what we call Elohim in our neck of the woods... knew all about these things and were the original worker bees who instituted the first Trends and Patterns that Evolution and other forces were features of.

When the time came for the criminally deluded to start working toward world domination... because the technology was making it possible for them... to convince everyone to build their own prison cell in The Penitentiary of The Mind, they made sure everyone had a cell phone... so that they could construct their own jail cell. That's why it's called a cell-phone.

Unlike the waves in the ocean, the waves that come out of The Collective Unconscious do not happen in a matter of minutes. They come rolling in over a longer period of time that is set between eclipses and other boundary markers that contain... the changes indicated... in each particular set of waves.

Keep in mind that all frequencies and vibrations operate in wave forms and you might get an idea of how all life is expressed in waves. Generations are all wave sets. As they tail off into their next set of waves... another generational set comes up.

All the social media we are afflicted with at this time is part of a set of waves. The character of waves is heavily influenced by the shoreline that greets them; high cliffs... promontories and bays... flat land... long shallows, and quick fall-offs into depth.

These and other obstructions and geographical peculiarities... define the way waves behave. Elon Musk wrangling Twitter out of the hands of people who didn't really want to sell it, but whose greed at the right price insisted on it... this would have been something similar to a shoreline intrusion... or whatever the Hell it actually was.

You like where I'm going with this? Oh! You haven't any idea of what that might be? Me either.

Historians... come up with all kinds of horseshit... depending on who is cutting their paychecks or... advancing the royalties on books... that will never see the light of day... unless they met the criteria of the publishers... who bought the company... for that reason in the first place; they like to promote The Great Man Theory.

The Great Man Theory is the idea that entire periods of history are the result of a single person who arrived for that purpose, (or whatever reasons they give) like Alexander... Constantine... Napoleon... etc. Sometimes there are several great men; the term great should not indicate they were great in any noble sense; for instance, Stalin... Hitler, Churchill... Mao. They were all part of a period.

I go along with The Great Man Theory as long as several other ideas are included, and... these great men are more like zeitgeist personifying the time they appeared in.

Elon Musk... for good or ill... would fit that picture. There are a lot of other names from the (without question) villain category who would also fit the bill; Gates... Soros... Schwab, and lesser black lights that shine in the infernal cosmos, along with The Rothschild Vampire Clan that works from the shadows.

The important thing to remember about this... because nearly all of The Great Men are evildoers in these times... is that this is a time of apocalypse, and The Purpose of Demonstration, and... the historical record will be more about what happened to them... than it will how they happened to us.

These men are all moral tales of what happens when you cross the line from humanity into demonic possession. Each of these men is only tangentially present in the form they are resident in. Arch-demons are now operating them to an appointed end.

We are entering into a new age, in which a golden age will also emerge. It is important that a lasting lesson continue with us, concerning what happens when stone-cold motherfuckers get anywhere near the seat of operations.

I know that sometimes prissy types get all offended when I... very occasionally... include certain language in the posts. These people are obviously not informed about how Martin Luther and many others of his kind spoke on occasion. The Man on The Beach used colorful language when he spoke with me. Things are not what they seem. Please do not forget that. It's never the words themselves. It is the intention of the words.

So... these days I am more and more a visitor of X; that which I now call Twitter-X because that is where the truth is... these days... in this particular set of waves. I had to let 90% of my previous news sources go... following Israel's false flag for the purpose of Gazacide; still happening as of this writing.

The purpose of the false flag was ethnic cleansing of the actual Semites in residence there. Israel intends to create a beachside resort area there. The plans are already drawn up. They also intend to steal the massive gas and oil reserves that were recently discovered off the shores of GAZA. It's always cui bono. All you have to do is follow the money, especially when it is the worshipers of Mammon who are involved.

The present set of waves is soon to end. Another set is waiting Outside; to use a surfer's term. Certain dominoes will be set into motion while other dominoes are being set up to follow after. Anyone who understands the nature of Trends and Patterns should have some idea of what is to come. The mindset of the latest generation concerning world events should... give... you... a... clue.

Now we are about to enter the election year. This should prove interesting, AND... horrifying, and entertaining at the same time. The people in power cannot afford to go out of power, and humanity cannot endure what would happen if they do stay in power... so... thrills and chills my friends, and some amount of shits and giggles too.

Cosmic Intelligence has written the script that we are all players in. It has also written the soundtrack we will be dancing to. Players may lament the lack of appearances and the paucity of their dialogue, but... it is what it is, and that is a clear indication of what it will be. If you don't like your role... change it. Unfortunately... Karma has a great deal to say about that, BUT... no matter what, you have options. Where there is breath... there is hope.

If you can't move the rocks in front of you, ask... for... help! If you ♫ got stones in my passway ♫ Ask for help, and... as those lyrics might suggest, be careful who you are asking for help. Of course, that is often determined by WHAT you are asking help for.

One should not be concerned about any set of waves unless one is not paying attention, and... in that case... one should ALWAYS be concerned. Waves come and waves go. Sets of waves come and go. Things start going South and the glass-half-empty people immediately assume that it's going to keep on going South.

Whenever appearances and the specter of things APPEARING to come gets you down, turn your attention to The Sun. The Sun is the VISIBLE regent of this world. He should also be your idea of how to go about living. He's a good indication of what works and what doesn't work. He's a good indication of the latter by reason of it being nowhere around him.

Things and conditions are due for a sharp turnaround. Nothing is going the way The Powers that Think They Are want them to. The time to worry about glueboards is BEFORE you step in one.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, November 17, 2023

"Not One Rat Will Evade The Karmic Trap. Under Their Own Power... They Will Find Samara... at The Appointed Hour."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Monsters of The Middle East will not recover from what they cannot stop themselves from doing before the eyes of The World, and every little effort they make to further deceive, keeps getting found out; like moving weapons into Al-Shifa Hospital... like knowing about the tunnel built underneath it because they are the ones who built it. Like finding dead and mutilated hostages' bodies... in the same way passports got found... on the streets of New York... during one of their last escapades.

Every little thing is now watched and recorded by the eyes of The World. The Deep State brought the freeze-dried body of Bin Laden back out on display... to reveal his terrorist letter... which resulted in most of Gen-Z agreeing with him. Heh heh...

I don't care what anyone thinks about Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening or my anthropomorphizing The Powers of God... that come and go according to The Celestial Clock. The forces of apocalypse and awakening are real indeed. So I humanize these forces. Isn't that what religions do... putting a face to a name? Unless the whole idea is off-putting... as sometimes happens to be the case... with the conversion-by-the-sword people.

Things come. Things go. Things repeat. Everything moves in cycles. Oswald Spengler knew what he was talking about, but then... plenty of people did, and for centuries these people have run afoul of The Church and The State, depending on which one was running the other at the time; Galileo... Copernicus... Giordano Bruno... many have suffered and been martyred for The Truth... for as long as history has been kicking ass and taking names; arbitrarily switching everything up when it pleased The Overlords.

Henry Ford said, “History is bunk,” and he would know. He was a very smart man. So was Thomas Edison, and they both found out what can happen when you try to do The World a favor.

What the few have known for a very long time... because we define ourselves according to our works and what we do... is now becoming common knowledge around The World, and there ain't a damn thing anyone can do about it.

The Clock of Destiny turns in The Heavens and sets the tenor and tone down here. Here it is that you see the works of The Deceivers and The Revealers. Big lies have dominated the landscape for some time. One of them is that Jesus was a Jew. Even if he was in any way related to The Tribe of Judah at the time... it bears zero resemblance to the Jews of today... or even at the time claimed for the presence of Jesus on Earth. He... and Paul... and others had much to say about those who say that they are Jews, but are not, but... are rather of The Synagogue of Satan.

Today's world effectively proves this Prima Facie. There are reasons for the enduring subterfuge because it SERVES THE PURPOSES OF CERTAIN INTERESTS.

Now... we have come to a time when all that has been hidden is being revealed, and it will not go well for those who have been doing the hiding... the folding... the spindling... and the mutilating. An outrage is building around The World. It has been simmering for a while now. The heat has gradually increased. The frog is now parboiled. Steam and fury are about to be unleashed upon the planet because a cleansing must come. It is in the way of things.

What does this mean if you are already cleansed? I would say that proactive focus will keep you ahead of the curve. I might also add that the greater one's level of purification, the greater the clarity of thought. Simple physical purification is one thing. Those unclean in their hearts and minds can imagine the lower will purify the higher... or they might not even care about that, but...point in fact... it will not.

I can know that certain things are true. This should not imply that I am out enforcing them. That's not my job. Here is a good time to quote Lao Tzu again. This is the kind of thing that will make your life a whole lot easier. It might even save your ass now and again;

“Man at his best, like water,
Serves as he goes along:
Like water, he seeks his own level,
The common level of life,
Loves living close to the earth,
Living clear down in his heart,
Loves kinship with his neighbors,
The pick of words that tell the truth,
The even tenor of a well-run state,
The fair profit of able dealing,
The right timing of useful deeds,

And for blocking no one's way
No one blames him.”

The point of The Federal Reserve Act, for the specific people who have profited from it the most, is that it allowed them to print money out of thin air, AND... by diver's means...parcel it out to each other to make things like Amazon, and a host of other magically appearing phenomena... part of life's infrastructure. Conversely... it was a means of enslaving the populace through debt. This is how both houses of Congress... The White House... and every agency thereof... came under their sway.

Cynthia McKinney, James Traficant, and many others can tell you what happens when you don't knuckle under.

However... it doesn't matter how many armies you have... how rich and connected you are... if the whole world fears you... none of that matters. You are nothing more than a moral tale unwinding through time. Sooner or later... the music comes on if your speech runs too long. Sooner or later... if need be... the whole world is arrayed against you, OR... some misfortune or series of misfortunes is set in motion. Then the bells toll for you.

Everything is on the clock and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it. The moment comes, and no matter how well prepared you think you are... you are not prepared at all. It's how it works. What is happening now... is that the long-time conspirators... against the well-being of The World... are losing their shit. Oh... they were so patient over such a length of time, and with the certainty of outcome right there before their eyes... it all went wrong. It always does.

Life is a movie or... call it a dream that is spun on a glistening web... where all the parts of you that are temporary and not real... go through the changes needed to free The Mind from its fascination with time and with things.

The previous faces of Evil are no longer here. Soon their replacements... whose weapons are debt and intimidation... will also be no longer as they are. There's quite a crew involved. Some of them are willing and many are not, and something is waking up in everyone... according to their nature. It is pleasant and unpleasant, regardless... it WILL NOT BE DENIED.

It is judge and jury inside your head. It is certainly enough of a distraction to take your eyes off the road. There is a relentless insistence about it, and it just keeps on a-coming. No earthly power can hinder it at all. It WILL accomplish what it has been set into motion to accomplish.

Everything went up a notch not long ago. The speed has increased. The force of it has increased. It's spinning faster now. It is how the universe deals with those close to The Spindle, and those closer to The Rim. No one knows the hour, but more and more people know that the hour approaches and common sense should tell you that it is closer than it was before.

There is no need for traveling circuit judges or any sudden appearance of men in camo... or men in black. It's all handled in-house. Not one rat will evade The Karmic Trap. Under their own borrowed power... they will find their way to Samara... at the appointed hour.

It is not necessary to know the intricacies of how the system works. It is enough to know that it works and to abide by the commandments and the laws. Everyone who breaks or tries to evade them... immediately sets the system in motion toward self-correction. It is flawless. It is perfect. It is what it is... as it is... world without end.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

"To Truly Thrive... You Must Rise Above The Duality of The Ring-Around-The-Rosey... Reindeer Games of The World."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In this world... there are the people who persevere, and the people who compromise enroute. The former exists in a degree of difficulty until the point is made. The latter live in a constant state of bilious anger. They grow into curmudgeons by a process very similar to the growing of mushrooms. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be appeased. They hate others and they hate life because they quit on it, and the real and living part of them, will... not... let... them... forget... it.

In order to thrive in this world, you have to transcend above the dance of Good and Evil... above what is moving and what is stuck... beyond the ring-around-the-rosey reindeer games of The World. Everything and nothing changes in The World; fashions... styles... trends... and patterns... are always rotating in and out of favor. At the same time... they are nothing more than old wine in new bottles... same shit... different day.

If you are going to SINCERELY seek The Truth, The World is going to turn on you, and all the people who compromised their integrity... for a place at the trough... are going to scream at you and call you names. This is known as projection, and you can almost always tell what is wrong with someone by the things they accuse you of... because if they were doing what they thought you were doing... that is what it would look like to them.

This is why it is never useful or helpful to get angry with any of them. They are telling you where they are at. They are already miserable, and they want you to share it with them. There is no one who has done anything meaningful in this world who has not run afoul of convention and the status quo. Some of us have intentionally done so, and I include myself in that number because I have always been a proactive kind of a guy.

My friends... how can anyone who has never even met you know all about you when they know so little of themselves? The World is an endless dance of personalities badly mimicking The Supreme Personality. The reason that wise men of every land know each other immediately is because each of them is resident within The Eternal Self behind The Personality. There is ONLY one.

Your religions are control mechanisms that faithless priests use to control you. God is not confined to any church or other place of ritualized worship. God's true church is Nature and The Adytum of your own being.

During the brief window of time... after Puberty strikes, people are often filled with idealism. They want to change The World. They want to ride the wind. They want to be free. This... usually... lasts into one's twenties, but school of one kind is out, and another schooling begins. People pair up. Karma brings them children. They wind up owing their soul to The Company Store. They begin to hate everyone who is still free, and unencumbered by these hostages to fortune that they have acquired.

I have nothing against children and families. They are the building block of the culture. There is no culture without them. There is no continuance without children. God bless those righteous few who raise their children well.

Now... there are monsters afoot who want to destroy the nuclear family. They want to take the children... put them into programming modules, and turn them into soulless automatons. These are The Bankers and The Billionaires, who control the lackeys that do their bidding, and that is the governments and organized religions... the legal and enforcement systems. Those who write the checks set the policies. This is the predictable outcome of Materialism in its terminal stages.

They are Satanists... simply because it matches up with their objectives. There is no God. They are the gods. Do they not do what they will, and take what they want? There is a divine being, however, and He lets them follow their hungers and ambitions because he knows where it leads. Indeed... he is leading them. He leads both The Good and The Evil. The Devil works for him. He is the master of ALL THINGS... in every theater of operation, he is The Ringmaster... The Players... and the audience.

“Lead us not into temptation.” is not in The Lord's Prayer by accident.

For people who are asleep, religions provide the training wheels by which... over the course of lifetimes... the masses learn about The Commandments and The Rules. Those who have made these the cornerstone of their behavior are permitted to move behind The Veil where the real work gets done.

At this time, Lies are the currency of The Marketplace, and the lies have seeped into every corner of our existence. The intention of the lies is ALWAYS... to obscure The Truth. Now... the intelligence services promote ridiculous fantasies of a Flat Earth. In all of history, not one of the great men and women... who have shaped existence toward a brighter future... have ever embraced this nonsense.

All across the internet are paid keyboard warriors who talk nonsense from both sides of each manufactured argument. The point is to catch you up in it... to set you arguing from one side to the other about... nonsense. Why would every other body in the sky be round and Earth is not? Why has not a single Avatar... Spiritual Teacher... Great Thinker... ever embraced this bullshit? Why does no enduring philosophy upon which each culture is built... East to West... have any mention of this concept?

There are many lies afoot at this time... that certain toxic garbage is safe to eat... that vaccines protect you... that genetically modified everything is a step up from The Natural World... that certain people have the right to take the land of others because they are The Moneychangers.

Everything has gotten so out of hand. It's been many centuries since The Sun King paid a visit, and it is traditional, and a certainty... that everything will gradually... and then much more expeditiously... turn to shit the longer he is away from here.

In Times of Material Decadence... the vanities of personal intelligence become of paramount importance to the ego structure of fools... with initials after their names; like they know anything at all. Compared to even the lesser servants of The Supreme Being they are like fireflies before The Sun. Those who refuse to acknowledge their creator... who are puffed up with the sense of their own importance... are the most deluded and miserable of people.

The Divine sees to the lack of all good things in their lives so that... maybe... just maybe... they might get a clue, but... they seldom do. Like the countless leaves that fall from the trees, they turn brown... decay... and cease to be... as if they never were.

I myself am among the least of God's Workmen. Even so... I am richer than the richest man on Earth. I have a certitude and sanctuary that no titles or bodyguards can equal. I have a well-being that no doctor can provide. I have found The Source of Everything, and I seek only to share what few methods I employed to accomplish this. I only wish to share the wealth.

T.S. Eliot wrote of The Hollow Men, and he knew what he was talking about. I call them The Bitter Men... those who imagine that they are the be-all and end-all, and the course of their life, and especially the way it ends up... puts paid to that sad fantasy... over, and over, and over again.

The unfortunate truth in this life is that you can't tell anyone anything. They seem to have to learn the hard way. They insist on it. They think their haughty arrogance and store-bought educations entitle them to see everyone as lesser folk. They hold forth in their small ponds... pontificating about crap that is of no use to anyone, and they let their minds seduce them with lies about how keenly they see all the things that their arrogance and ignorance have made them blind to.

I understand them well. I was once like they are. I thought I knew what was going on. Then I met someone who sucked all that foolishness out of my head and it still took me decades to recognize it. So... I am inclined to be understanding of all those fools... who except for good fortune... I would still be contending among.

Until you can command your mind-driven personality, and embrace the silent individuality behind it, you are of no real use to anyone, including yourself. You are just another hamster on an endlessly spinning wheel. Find God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find The Inner Light!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find your true self, who is patiently waiting on you because it has all eternity to play with, and... set your burdens down.

Time is a cruel mistress. The Mind... unchallenged and off-the-leash will doom you. If you can't take control of yourself, something else will. You can count on this. All the complexities that your mind creates are simply distractions to divert you from Self-Inquiry. The less you know of yourself and the more you know of The World, the deeper the quicksand you are sinking in.

May God grant you mercy. May he open your eyes. May you no longer fight the whole day long with the enemy of The Self... who contends with everyone you meet. May you find that sanctuary within.

End Transmission.......

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For those drawn to the arcane, I give you two links of profound import, should you be made able to discern what is suggested there. It's not for everyone.

Thursday, November 09, 2023

"Everything They Can Do to Distract Us, Frighten and Corral Us, While They Subjugate and Kill Us, They Are Doing."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Whatever it is... it's getting closer. In recent days, many synchronicities have been occurring, all within short spaces of time. I'll include a few as I go.

The Divine told me last night that everything was waiting on certain coordinates of celestial progression... much as this video indicates.

I do not agree with everything this fellow says, I'm just noting that... all of a sudden... I am hearing the same thing... differently presented... by people all over the spectrum; it is not the autism spectrum I am talking about. (grin)

So... my posting the link is not an affirmation of what this fellow is saying, but rather... that some parts of his statement are very similar to what you have been reading here, and there's more of this coming. You may also remember The Solar Flash soundbite from an earlier posting.

The Divine affirmed the general idea with several caveats I will go into at a later date. The important thing is... he said it was going to be a global event that hits everyone at the level of their capacity. Some of us would be changed in a very big way, and some less so. Then there are the malefactors who are going to run into the other side of it.

In an instant, The World will be transformed, according to the degrees (or lack) of resistance in each and every one of us. One of the long-hidden secrets that is emerging now is electromagnetics, not only in technology, but the human body that all technology is adapted from. We are actually on a number of time lines all moving through a single continuum. There is still no escape for The Wicked.

I am very leery of people who are too confident about the specifics on anything that exists outside the bandwidth of the senses. I know very little other than in a general way, so I try to stay away from specifics... exact dates... people... places... and things. I only know that a change is going to come and it is going to be a spiritual revolution... a transformation in the process of human thought.

I have the scripture from many traditions, and I have people coming out of the woodwork all over the place, and providing variations on a common theme. We had just mentioned the coming wave of engineered panics over potable water. Then I see this.

Then... a few minutes later... I encounter this.

Everywhere I go, it isn't long before something else shows up that ties into this wave of uncovering... at this point in the apocalypse.

Here is what I have noticed in this life at different periods when the changing lines (I-Ching) were in operation... every time when something is getting close; warning lights go on... similar events start happening in a close time frame. It's a known fact that when world-changing inventions came about, various people at a far remove from each other... were all working on the same thing at the same time. For example; the invention of the automobile... the telephone... and sundry.

The same thing is happening now, but it is happening on multiple levels... in a variety of enterprises, from software... to human development... metaphysics... and sundry. Meanwhile, The Old World is collapsing visibly around us, and world war looms on the horizon. This is all due to The Controllers from The Dark Side being in panic mode, as the individual in that first video indicated.

Everything they can do to distract us... frighten and corral us... while they subjugate and kill us off... they are doing, but... nothing is going the way they intended it to. They are losing it. They are freaking out. They were over-confident about the extent to which they had dumbed us down. They miscalculated. In the meantime... because they are driven... they can't help themselves... they keep exposing themselves in more and more unfortunate ways. They did not count on The Awakening being as powerful and pervasive as it is.

As I mentioned earlier, I was told several things internally last night. One of them was about this global phenomenon that is coming, and which is going to hit every one of us at the level we are present on. In some cases... it will wink us right out of existence. In other cases, it will make us feel truly alive for the first time. Whatever we have been up to is going to get resolved in the same pulse of energy from a higher plane... be it good... bad... or indifferent.

The outcome will vary. The force will be the same.

Everything is coming out now. It can't be hidden or concealed any longer. The Light is coming for The Darkness that has imprisoned The Hive Mind for so long, and... between the force of light and the force of darkness... there is no contest.

You know from elementary physics that when pressure is applied... in any number of ways... eventually something will give way... break... tear... as the case may be, and that is the case in human affairs, which is having different results... depending on where the pressure is applied. The Nimrods and destroyers cannot handle it at all. It makes them do things they regret. This is going to intensify greatly, and soon enough, critical mass is going to be arrived at... to the dismay of many.

Certain vested interests, whose main area of focus has been controlling The World, are going to find themselves in a bad predicament. It's like a firehose. It takes a level of attention to operate one. If the force of the water is increased, it becomes more and more difficult to control. This is what happens to all those people who bite off more than they can chew... whose reach exceeds their grasp. They are smacked down because their arrogance was greater than their self-control.

The people who rely on the principle that what you see is what you get, always run into the unexpected because what you see is NOT all there is to any matter. It is difficult to explain how things work down here to the people dreaming their way through it.

Some think the rich and powerful always have their way with the rest of us. Some think life is unfair and you have to cut corners to even things out. Everyone is trying to figure out the angles, and almost no one realizes that the whole affair is programmed... by Karma... by The Gunas... by Heaven, and the authority of Heaven.

The Higher Planes ALWAYS rule The Lower Planes, and the rich and powerful are replaced at regular intervals. Everyone gets the opportunity to be a raging asshole or a decent human being; a King Janaka or an Oliver Cromwell... a Paracelsus or an Aleister Crowley. What you aspire to... you realize some portion of. If you aspire to nothing, even that will be taken from you.

We don't see that life is perfectly fair because we can't see around the corner where the person or situation gets handled. We also don't see the parity in things because we want more than we should. If we are grasping and conniving... it is certain that there will never be enough of it. People ALWAYS get trapped in the webs of their own actions. It might happen sooner. It might happen later. Eventually, it shows up in your body... where you planted everything that grew from the efforts.

Every single one of us is a world builder. There is a reason you don't see many of the shining lights that pass through here. They have moved to a higher state of being... a state of being any of us can reach if we simply set our sights upon it, and start walking. You will see these lights as you go... because your vibrations will be incrementally raised as you go. Your perceptions will be refined. You will begin to see and hear what you did not previously see and hear.

This pole-shifting... solar flash... ctrl-alt-del... reformatting... ascension... return of the light... whatever it is... in whatever form it takes; likely the shape and form will depend on who is perceiving it... is going to happen. We... regardless of what we might think and say... do not know what it is going to be... because no man knows the hour of his coming or... the why and wherefore of it... not really.

We don't think properly because our desire body interferes with the process. We need more pure reason and less emotional disorder, and we need to get beyond both of them to get any real clarity on the matter. We need to learn how to be still. We need to be able to control our thoughts and feelings, and not be controlled by them. Otherwise, we are scrimmaging in the streets. Otherwise, we are victims of our own lack of self-restraint.

Something's coming, and it is getting closer by the day. You're going to see more and more people flipping out, which should cue you to look within. I will close with this video.

The fellow's math is off. His pronunciation is strange, and there are other tells in his tale that don't work toward a harmony of presentation. That said, you might find a great deal of it to be interesting. He hits some good points.

I do not mean to be critical of these people, but I also do not want to come off as promoting them. They are for your reflection and consideration. You make of them what you will. I scrutinize what I see because I want to get through and past it to the real meaning... if there is any. I have included only a small portion of what I have come across recently. However... the indication is that something is coming soon. It might be a little while yet. Still... it gets closer by the day.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, November 06, 2023

"There is Never a Time... When The Divine is not Running The Show... Six Ways from Sideways and Steady... As... She... Goes."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Every time I see someone preface what they are going to say, with how dastardly the attack on Israel was; how inexcusable, but still no excuse for the carnage that followed after, I know that person is a coward... and wants to appease The Synagogue of Satan before trying to walk the high road like he or she had any idea of what that is.

These people have been systematically murdered for decades. ANYTHING they do to free themselves is justified... but what really happened? Cui Bono, and study the Trends and Patterns. Maybe you won't continue to be confused.

Boy! What a litmus test we have here for the weasels and catamites among us. This is easily as fine a separator of conscience from the lack thereof that I did ever see. They are like swineherds... but of words... not pigs. They make sure that every obeisance has been offered before they ask to please be forgiven for trying to speak the truth sideways, like that was EVER a possibility; hoping not to offend M'Lord... while bowing and scraping before the throne of darkness.

Fuck The Throne of Darkness and the 7-headed beast it rode in on.

Obviously, they knew that attack was coming... standing down the military the way they did, and what about sending in the heavy weapons people to make mincemeat out of all the friendlies at that concert? As I keep being compelled to ask; what part of By Way of Deception do you not get?

Words like 'random' and 'chance' are terms we apply to laws we don't know about yet. Ignorance of The Law being no excuse... does not necessarily apply to the justice system not wanting to hear that argument. What it means is that whether you KNOW or not, when you act, you automatically set certain laws in motion... whether you are aware of them or not. Cosmic Law operates this way. Natural Law operates this way. Human law is a poor attempt to mimic these others, neither of which we fully understand.

It's just a tad too transparent to me with all the journalists... freelancers, and general suckups, who now preface everything they say with how terrible it was what Hamas did before having anything to say about Israel's massive overreaction. There was NOTHING terrible about any of what Hamas allegedly did.

They get pounded night and day regardless. They get hammered and harassed non-stop. Israel has no right to do ANYTHING to The Palestinians who are the legitimate residents. The AshkeNAZI interlopers have no DNA association there. They just stormed in and took the place and have been taking every stinking... extra... inch for decades.

As the technology for ever-wider crowd control comes into play, it is immediately put into effect, through cameras... and recognition systems... through filtering and pre-crime spec. In China, it is now full-on 24-7 mark of the beast... with credit score denial of services and access. They're testing for The West now in all The Crown Colony prison camps, though they are still letting people walk around for the moment. It's especially oppressive in Australia.

Boy! If there were ever a time and place to be a gunrunner, Oz is the place. Never you mind... Some variation on the theme of 5D... new root race... human colony collapse disorder is on the way. Some are going to make the cut, and a great many are not.

Those in the 'are not' category include the hopelessly vaccinated... the drug zombies... the sex freaks... the mindless consumers of everything in reach... AND... of course... the predatory, Vampire Squid, Crocodile Swine celebrants, washed in the blood of all those milk carton children. Hollywood and every permutation thereof will also not be getting RSVP'd. Cash Register Religion clowns too... will be left at the gate.

♫ People get ready there's a train a coming. You don't need no ticket you just thank The Lord ♫

Aye, Jim. (or whatever your name is) Ye be smart as paint... drying in an empty mind. They say that's a good way to be in those Zen conclaves run by The Usual Suspects, but... I say... you'd better have something on your mind or it will be put there for you.

Here's the thing. The whole of the temporal world is run by the process of mind conditioning. Forget about the armies and the police and all that. You'd be far better forearmed to be in command of your own thoughts. You need to realize that The Incomprehensible One is running both sides of The Good vs Evil Carnival... now present nearly everywhere on Earth. He's in charge of The Bad Guys and he's in charge of The Good Guys.

There is not. There never was. There never will be a time... when The Divine is not running the whole show... six ways from sideways and steady as she goes. On the one hand... you get the horned one... whose separated head gear... symbolizes control over the interplay of duality. On the other hand... you get that invisible unicorn that symbolizes the purity of unity, and who ALSO controls all outcomes that the dual interactions come up with.

All plots fail according to the whims and preferences of The Shining One. Everything is locked down with a math that few have the clarity to comprehend. The skullduggers who TRY to play their numbers game with alphabets, symbols, and... assorted colors and sounds, do not... and never shall... possess the necessary codes. They get to play with the low-end knowledge that The Divine was happy for them to steal because he likes to watch what happens.

It's a lot like what The Supreme Being was doing when he let the dwarfs steal The Map of Time Holes in Time Bandits.

There's a great deal of truth in that movie. There's a great deal of truth everywhere... if you know how to look thru things instead of at them, but... one has to have an attraction for that sort of thing. One has to have a real, and keen interest or it just rolls off the table... cause that's how it goes.

The World is much more accessible. Heck, it's right there for the taking... until you try to make it stay. So... most everyone goes that way... until the Awaken Sleepers alarm goes off, and everyone gets the taste of wakey-wakey they are capable of. Some just roll over and go back to sleep. Some go crazy as the dream filaments wear away. Some try to find somewhere to hide, but... there is nowhere to hide, and... some dance to the music.

All the really nasty villains are making their play now. They think they got The World corralled. They think and think... using that process of creation for personal gain... at the expense of their fellows... in direct violation of Cosmic Law. This sets Cosmic Law in motion, as does every tremble on The Web... no matter how slight. Ah! That dreaming web of Maya... how it calls like the singers on the rocks.

♫ Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep, so beware, beware!♫ ♫ Fifteen men on the dead man's chest, yo ho ho... and a bottle of rum ♫ The pursuit of gain never ends. The question of value in whatever is gained never ends either. It's like a multidimensional poker game where the stakes vary but your ass is always the collateral at the base level, and your soul at the other end.

What do you value? What do you prize? That is what you end up with... for as long as you remain... until you have to leave it behind OR... it comes along with you. This is the entirety of life in its most reduced simplicity. However you direct the attractive force... however you think anything into being... this is the process that continues ad infinitum.

Something very rare is coming on quiet footsteps... amidst the confusion and noise... something rarely seen is sneaking up on everything... identifying it as what it is... something unknowable is revealing ourselves to ourselves, and to each other too. It is no wonder that such a large portion of The World is going mad.

Some version of this is coming.

I say some version because when you travel down the following responses in the thread, you see just how self-absorbed so many of these nut-jobs are. I am amazed at the absolute certainty so many of them have about what they have no actual proof of whatsoever, BUT... it's always like this... those who know everything about nothing, and those who know that they know nothing and are... the truly informed.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, November 01, 2023

"The Important Thing to Remember... Is That All of What Is Happening... is Meant to Distract You From What is Happening."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The oddest thing happened to me a few days ago. By accident, I arrived at a Twitter-X page, having to do with John Podesta. The indication was that it was Podesta's page. What was interesting is that there was an announcement there in big letters saying, “You are not allowed to comment here. You are not allowed to follow Mr. Podesta.” It was directed at me personally.

Well... thank God for that!!!

Strangely enough, I've never had that much to say about The Pedophile Brothers. One has only so much time in a day and you have to pick your battles. There's a significant army fighting pedophilia and they don't need my help. How would they even know who I am? I'm not on Twitter-X as a player.

Strange is the order of the day in these times. Bill Gates is involved in putting mRNA in organic foods. They're doing it with the approval of The FDA. That's another one of those government agencies where the people making the decisions... move on to board seats in the industries that they regulate... once they are done... once they are done screwing the pooch on their behalf... through regulatory determinations.

Everywhere you go, the foxes are in the henhouses. Perverts are running the education system. Criminals are in charge of The Judiciary and Law Enforcement. Corruption is rife from top to bottom, and if you don't go along with the prevailing winds, you are blown right out the door.

I realize that you already know all of this, but I suspect not everyone knows just how deep the rivers of darkness run. It is evident that Divide and Conquer have joined forces with Confusion and Ignorance in an all-out war on the human mind. Today, I saw an organized protest against Blinken at a hearing. Every time he began to talk, someone would stand up and start screaming about Palestine.

At the end of the clip were a bunch of people with red hands holding signs that said, “Open Borders from Palestine to Mexico.” What has the Mexican border to do with Palestine? All of this is Marxist agitation... jumping on every available issue, and co-opting the message. We know who is behind Marxism at every turn. We know who created Marxism to begin with.

The important thing to remember is that all of what is happening is meant to distract you from what is happening... to make you feel powerless... or to galvanize your energies toward one thing or another, in order to bring you into opposition with people on the other side of the issue. The point is to get everyone screaming at each other in the street and virtual spaces... so that all organizing of conscience and collective outrage is brought to disorder and confusion.

Anyone seeing through the games that are afoot, is immediately left with a sense of helplessness; what can anyone do about what is happening? Everywhere... people are swept up on one side or the other about a blizzard of issues that change by the day.

Meanwhile... thousands are being bombed into vapor... shredded... blown to pieces... burned beyond recognition... and bulldozed into mass graves by genocidal maniacs, performing broad daylight … rituals of the damned... for their bloodthirsty demon-gods.

Across the internet is an army of paid keyboard warriors... who contend with each other on one side or the other... many times switching sides as they go... for the purpose of confusing every issue that appears.

Whenever The Vampire Banker Families want a war, they sow strife and discord in The Hive Mind... and inflame the passions of the crowd. Everything that happens is about energy, and directing the energy of the masses toward world conflict helps mightily in tipping the scales toward utter carnage.

In all the times previous to now... these tactics have worked well, and... soon enough... the cannon fodder finds itself on the fields of Verdun... or The Somme... or Stalingrad... Okinawa... or anywhere else that The Architects of Madness decide to scrimmage with the blasted forms of The Walking Dead; the programmed dreamers marching into the gaping maws of nightmare.

Unless you've been in battle, it's hard to get a clear picture of what the situation is. When you are actually there it is never how you imagined it, and very quickly... whatever marching orders you were given... cease to be relevant to the situation you find yourself in. Adaptation is the name of the game, and if you cannot adapt... you die.

What can anyone do in a world caught up in revolution at every level? Signs are waving everywhere. If you're not on one side... it is assumed you must be on the other. What if there are half a dozen sides? Warmongers are wailing. The vaccinators are leering. The poisoners of food... and air... and heart... and mind... are busy as maggots in an open wound. Everywhere you look... someone or something is gnawing away at the support columns that hold the ceiling in place.

Obviously... Divine Intervention is called for. Certain self-reliant types, who are completely unreliable, because they are relying on themselves... to deal with issues beyond their understanding... are likely to sneer and howl in their anonymity... because they have confused God and religion to the point that they know nothing about the one, and... very little about the other. For them there is no Divine Intervention because they are already intervening; doing their part to further muck up The Works.

It is an enduring blessing... to know how little you know, and... how much you do not know. These brainiacs with all the answers are quite soon beyond their depth. Simple physics should tell them that everything visible to them comes out of what is invisible. They know all about things like The Illuminati... The Masons... they know all the symbols... while remaining absolutely ignorant about the power behind the symbols, and their limitations as well.

If one does not know that there is a Guiding Intelligence behind all things, one's understanding is shallow indeed. They are rendered incapable of taking direction, and lacking in humility... they stride bravely forward into they know not what. God would help them but they will not ask.

So... to enter into the next phase of this discourse, and the question of what one should do when surrounded by insanity... acting out on all sides, let us say that the answer lies... in the silence that comes... when one masters the mechanisms of thought, and begs the further question; are you driving or are you driven? Have you mastered your internal forces, so that they might flow through you, without the usual hindrances that are causing your distress?

EVERYTHING of any meaning is going on within you, and then manifesting outside of you... in a direct expression of it. You are the author of your own circumstances, and The World adapts accordingly.

What is going on in The World has been brought about by the aggregate of all the contributions to that effect. It is what The Players made it into, and it will be resolved according to the intentions and industry of each and every one... specifically woven into personal and collective destinies.

The Loom of God is ceaselessly employed in creating the tapestries of human interplay... where what you give, is what you get. It is a hallmark of Nature, which is the mirror of existence. If God has been given a free hand in shaping you, you are on your way out of the conflict zones. If you have usurped the process... The Purpose of Demonstration will show you where and how you have failed.

The World will blow up in places where the people present arranged for it. No doubt those who are constantly doing nothing about it... will scream and stamp their feet about starving babies, and how something has to be done right now, only they won't be doing any of it.

Yes... very clearly... The World makes no sense. It seems that Injustice is running wild on all sides. One is outraged by the spectacle of brutality run amok in this world. Sometimes events must run their course. These same events have been going on for centuries, and most recently... decades... and on they go, with no defined hand at The Tiller that mortal eyes can see.

Of the very few things that I know, one of them is that The Divine is in full command of all things, AND EVER SHALL BE. Others are free to come to their own conclusions on the matter... and welcome to them. I live to serve as a tiny cog... in a massive clockwork of precise... and never-ending existence. You may have your charts and graphs... your histories of offenders... your solutions... clinically (and cynically) arrived at, and certain to need alteration from the moment they are employed.

You give yourself instructions, based on what you found out while fumbling in the dark. I wait upon The Light, which will solve the problems of darkness wherever it shines.

End Transmission.......

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