Wednesday, November 22, 2023

"These Men are all Moral Tales of What Happens When You Cross The Line from Humanity... into Demonic Possession."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Back when Dorsey owned (ran?) Twitter, I would have nothing to do with it. He looked like a recent incarnation of Lenin. Later, I found out he was just a frontman for a bunch of sick clowns looking to do their part in the world takeover.

This world takeover thing is not the brainchild of a single person or cabal. It is a series of waves that form in The Collective Unconscious... headed toward the shorebreak of The Conscious Mind. Waves usually come in sets of 7. Out of these waves come the Trends and Patterns we like to talk about here because they fascinate us so much. It's similar to the thrill a child gets by looking into a kaleidoscope.

Trends and Patterns are ALWAYS repeating. King Solomon noted this in Ecclesiastes. Oswald Spengler got it. The ancient Rishis... or what we call Elohim in our neck of the woods... knew all about these things and were the original worker bees who instituted the first Trends and Patterns that Evolution and other forces were features of.

When the time came for the criminally deluded to start working toward world domination... because the technology was making it possible for them... to convince everyone to build their own prison cell in The Penitentiary of The Mind, they made sure everyone had a cell phone... so that they could construct their own jail cell. That's why it's called a cell-phone.

Unlike the waves in the ocean, the waves that come out of The Collective Unconscious do not happen in a matter of minutes. They come rolling in over a longer period of time that is set between eclipses and other boundary markers that contain... the changes indicated... in each particular set of waves.

Keep in mind that all frequencies and vibrations operate in wave forms and you might get an idea of how all life is expressed in waves. Generations are all wave sets. As they tail off into their next set of waves... another generational set comes up.

All the social media we are afflicted with at this time is part of a set of waves. The character of waves is heavily influenced by the shoreline that greets them; high cliffs... promontories and bays... flat land... long shallows, and quick fall-offs into depth.

These and other obstructions and geographical peculiarities... define the way waves behave. Elon Musk wrangling Twitter out of the hands of people who didn't really want to sell it, but whose greed at the right price insisted on it... this would have been something similar to a shoreline intrusion... or whatever the Hell it actually was.

You like where I'm going with this? Oh! You haven't any idea of what that might be? Me either.

Historians... come up with all kinds of horseshit... depending on who is cutting their paychecks or... advancing the royalties on books... that will never see the light of day... unless they met the criteria of the publishers... who bought the company... for that reason in the first place; they like to promote The Great Man Theory.

The Great Man Theory is the idea that entire periods of history are the result of a single person who arrived for that purpose, (or whatever reasons they give) like Alexander... Constantine... Napoleon... etc. Sometimes there are several great men; the term great should not indicate they were great in any noble sense; for instance, Stalin... Hitler, Churchill... Mao. They were all part of a period.

I go along with The Great Man Theory as long as several other ideas are included, and... these great men are more like zeitgeist personifying the time they appeared in.

Elon Musk... for good or ill... would fit that picture. There are a lot of other names from the (without question) villain category who would also fit the bill; Gates... Soros... Schwab, and lesser black lights that shine in the infernal cosmos, along with The Rothschild Vampire Clan that works from the shadows.

The important thing to remember about this... because nearly all of The Great Men are evildoers in these times... is that this is a time of apocalypse, and The Purpose of Demonstration, and... the historical record will be more about what happened to them... than it will how they happened to us.

These men are all moral tales of what happens when you cross the line from humanity into demonic possession. Each of these men is only tangentially present in the form they are resident in. Arch-demons are now operating them to an appointed end.

We are entering into a new age, in which a golden age will also emerge. It is important that a lasting lesson continue with us, concerning what happens when stone-cold motherfuckers get anywhere near the seat of operations.

I know that sometimes prissy types get all offended when I... very occasionally... include certain language in the posts. These people are obviously not informed about how Martin Luther and many others of his kind spoke on occasion. The Man on The Beach used colorful language when he spoke with me. Things are not what they seem. Please do not forget that. It's never the words themselves. It is the intention of the words.

So... these days I am more and more a visitor of X; that which I now call Twitter-X because that is where the truth is... these days... in this particular set of waves. I had to let 90% of my previous news sources go... following Israel's false flag for the purpose of Gazacide; still happening as of this writing.

The purpose of the false flag was ethnic cleansing of the actual Semites in residence there. Israel intends to create a beachside resort area there. The plans are already drawn up. They also intend to steal the massive gas and oil reserves that were recently discovered off the shores of GAZA. It's always cui bono. All you have to do is follow the money, especially when it is the worshipers of Mammon who are involved.

The present set of waves is soon to end. Another set is waiting Outside; to use a surfer's term. Certain dominoes will be set into motion while other dominoes are being set up to follow after. Anyone who understands the nature of Trends and Patterns should have some idea of what is to come. The mindset of the latest generation concerning world events should... give... you... a... clue.

Now we are about to enter the election year. This should prove interesting, AND... horrifying, and entertaining at the same time. The people in power cannot afford to go out of power, and humanity cannot endure what would happen if they do stay in power... so... thrills and chills my friends, and some amount of shits and giggles too.

Cosmic Intelligence has written the script that we are all players in. It has also written the soundtrack we will be dancing to. Players may lament the lack of appearances and the paucity of their dialogue, but... it is what it is, and that is a clear indication of what it will be. If you don't like your role... change it. Unfortunately... Karma has a great deal to say about that, BUT... no matter what, you have options. Where there is breath... there is hope.

If you can't move the rocks in front of you, ask... for... help! If you ♫ got stones in my passway ♫ Ask for help, and... as those lyrics might suggest, be careful who you are asking for help. Of course, that is often determined by WHAT you are asking help for.

One should not be concerned about any set of waves unless one is not paying attention, and... in that case... one should ALWAYS be concerned. Waves come and waves go. Sets of waves come and go. Things start going South and the glass-half-empty people immediately assume that it's going to keep on going South.

Whenever appearances and the specter of things APPEARING to come gets you down, turn your attention to The Sun. The Sun is the VISIBLE regent of this world. He should also be your idea of how to go about living. He's a good indication of what works and what doesn't work. He's a good indication of the latter by reason of it being nowhere around him.

Things and conditions are due for a sharp turnaround. Nothing is going the way The Powers that Think They Are want them to. The time to worry about glueboards is BEFORE you step in one.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

On this Thanksgiving Eve I send thoughts and prayers of Love and Compassion to the Palestinians who are suffering at the hands of the Zionist pigs - and for the latter, my INTENT is to heap nothing but Misery, Death, and Destruction upon them.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We only have a landline, here. There's a time and a place for everything, and a phone doesn't belong near me when I'm not at the flat. In fact, I hate talking on them these days, and don't do it unless I absolutely HAVE to. Funny, but I was on the phone a lot in my teen years and early 20s, and now I wish I could throw the thang in the rubbish.

We don't have a lot of things. We also have very few bills, and they're kinda low. If we don't NEED it, we don't have it. We've also given up things that are a stupid waste of money, like restaurants. I wouldn't go back to those even if we won PCH. Even though I work in the industry, I have it our for them. Why bother anyway, when we have a Trader Joe's 1.5 miles away? Oh, and the East Indian place across the street from where I work.

My current philosophy is to do as little as I can (Does not apply to my job. . .outside of refusing to work full time, which I don't have to do.), and feed the system as little as I can. Live as virtually as I can. Be as dead to the world as possible. Also be as big of a liability to the state as I can be, legally.
Heh-heh-heh. And I'm doin' a fair job of that. Calipornia is throwing away close to $12,000 on me for calipornia care, and I REFUSE to use it. I pay quite a bit less than that in taxes and mandatory fees for the car, All the Kaiser 0 balance bills are good for is writing my shoppin' lists on. All requests to come in for this or that test are tossed in the rubbish bag.


Anonymous said...

I am grateful for all that you so freely share.
Visiting your site is always a feast.
Thank you,
Happy Thanksgiving Day

Winterfall said...


I'm also very grateful for all that you share.
Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving!


Visible said...

(grin) and the same to you. I hope I don"T have to wait till next Thanksgiving to hear from you rare birds again.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about the situation of these Poster Boys and Girls that show up as you say for the Purposes of Demonstration.
Working on a book about the Wonderman of Europe and the topic of Napoleon and his invasion of his ally Russia came up. He went against advice, and took 500,000 souls with him to one of the biggest military disasters ever known. The hubris is out if this world and was clearly one of the stories of demonstration. Now a movie is being launched so it can be lived by millions.
It is again Time for the Awakening.
Thanks again for your love of the Sun and all things mystical and true. I keep finding myself apologizing to the Logos for all He/She experiences through our stuff that is so bent or filled with discord. Love is not difficult, it just IS.

Happy Thanksgiving to All who are Here.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Presence of The Divine Makes My Life Sing! It Rumbles The Sky with Laughter Ringing Invisible Bells The Livelong Day."

Asil said...

Dear Visible,

It surprised me that you wrote about the wonders a kaleidoscope holds for children. I ordered a very beautiful one that I am waiting for. I believe that the problems in the world are not worth worrying over, so I am excusing myself from participating any longer.

The impending disaster may be followed by a golden age but even that I do not care. As long as the human race has the need to belong to any group, to take any side on issues …they will never be free to live as God intended us to.

I hoist no flag of religion, politics or ideology because all are control mechanisms. When the leader of the group wants to create some disaster to further their agenda . . . they stir their ranks of sheep. Then the sheep will even murder their fellow men in the name of the cause. It is all bullshit.

The hypocrisy of the likes of Sarandon are pitiful – crying over the murdered children of Palestine and yet 500,000 Iraqi children were murdered. No outcry then because of course the hordes were screaming for revenge over 9/11, an act of our own government. The ignorance is so extreme as to be unbelievable.

And last of all, I don’t believe that God ever is angry when we use foul language, when it is directed over a situation that is exasperating. Sometimes when I speak to the Divine I swear and it never occurred to me he would hold my vocal exasperation against me. I think our actions count and not a foul word. Given our world and the filth that is proliferated on the media it is amusing at the gasps over a few swear words

Anyway, I think 99.99% of what is being broadcast via MSM are lies. Too difficult to sort it all out so I am waiting for the kaleidoscope -



Joseph Brenner

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