Monday, November 06, 2023

"There is Never a Time... When The Divine is not Running The Show... Six Ways from Sideways and Steady... As... She... Goes."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Every time I see someone preface what they are going to say, with how dastardly the attack on Israel was; how inexcusable, but still no excuse for the carnage that followed after, I know that person is a coward... and wants to appease The Synagogue of Satan before trying to walk the high road like he or she had any idea of what that is.

These people have been systematically murdered for decades. ANYTHING they do to free themselves is justified... but what really happened? Cui Bono, and study the Trends and Patterns. Maybe you won't continue to be confused.

Boy! What a litmus test we have here for the weasels and catamites among us. This is easily as fine a separator of conscience from the lack thereof that I did ever see. They are like swineherds... but of words... not pigs. They make sure that every obeisance has been offered before they ask to please be forgiven for trying to speak the truth sideways, like that was EVER a possibility; hoping not to offend M'Lord... while bowing and scraping before the throne of darkness.

Fuck The Throne of Darkness and the 7-headed beast it rode in on.

Obviously, they knew that attack was coming... standing down the military the way they did, and what about sending in the heavy weapons people to make mincemeat out of all the friendlies at that concert? As I keep being compelled to ask; what part of By Way of Deception do you not get?

Words like 'random' and 'chance' are terms we apply to laws we don't know about yet. Ignorance of The Law being no excuse... does not necessarily apply to the justice system not wanting to hear that argument. What it means is that whether you KNOW or not, when you act, you automatically set certain laws in motion... whether you are aware of them or not. Cosmic Law operates this way. Natural Law operates this way. Human law is a poor attempt to mimic these others, neither of which we fully understand.

It's just a tad too transparent to me with all the journalists... freelancers, and general suckups, who now preface everything they say with how terrible it was what Hamas did before having anything to say about Israel's massive overreaction. There was NOTHING terrible about any of what Hamas allegedly did.

They get pounded night and day regardless. They get hammered and harassed non-stop. Israel has no right to do ANYTHING to The Palestinians who are the legitimate residents. The AshkeNAZI interlopers have no DNA association there. They just stormed in and took the place and have been taking every stinking... extra... inch for decades.

As the technology for ever-wider crowd control comes into play, it is immediately put into effect, through cameras... and recognition systems... through filtering and pre-crime spec. In China, it is now full-on 24-7 mark of the beast... with credit score denial of services and access. They're testing for The West now in all The Crown Colony prison camps, though they are still letting people walk around for the moment. It's especially oppressive in Australia.

Boy! If there were ever a time and place to be a gunrunner, Oz is the place. Never you mind... Some variation on the theme of 5D... new root race... human colony collapse disorder is on the way. Some are going to make the cut, and a great many are not.

Those in the 'are not' category include the hopelessly vaccinated... the drug zombies... the sex freaks... the mindless consumers of everything in reach... AND... of course... the predatory, Vampire Squid, Crocodile Swine celebrants, washed in the blood of all those milk carton children. Hollywood and every permutation thereof will also not be getting RSVP'd. Cash Register Religion clowns too... will be left at the gate.

♫ People get ready there's a train a coming. You don't need no ticket you just thank The Lord ♫

Aye, Jim. (or whatever your name is) Ye be smart as paint... drying in an empty mind. They say that's a good way to be in those Zen conclaves run by The Usual Suspects, but... I say... you'd better have something on your mind or it will be put there for you.

Here's the thing. The whole of the temporal world is run by the process of mind conditioning. Forget about the armies and the police and all that. You'd be far better forearmed to be in command of your own thoughts. You need to realize that The Incomprehensible One is running both sides of The Good vs Evil Carnival... now present nearly everywhere on Earth. He's in charge of The Bad Guys and he's in charge of The Good Guys.

There is not. There never was. There never will be a time... when The Divine is not running the whole show... six ways from sideways and steady as she goes. On the one hand... you get the horned one... whose separated head gear... symbolizes control over the interplay of duality. On the other hand... you get that invisible unicorn that symbolizes the purity of unity, and who ALSO controls all outcomes that the dual interactions come up with.

All plots fail according to the whims and preferences of The Shining One. Everything is locked down with a math that few have the clarity to comprehend. The skullduggers who TRY to play their numbers game with alphabets, symbols, and... assorted colors and sounds, do not... and never shall... possess the necessary codes. They get to play with the low-end knowledge that The Divine was happy for them to steal because he likes to watch what happens.

It's a lot like what The Supreme Being was doing when he let the dwarfs steal The Map of Time Holes in Time Bandits.

There's a great deal of truth in that movie. There's a great deal of truth everywhere... if you know how to look thru things instead of at them, but... one has to have an attraction for that sort of thing. One has to have a real, and keen interest or it just rolls off the table... cause that's how it goes.

The World is much more accessible. Heck, it's right there for the taking... until you try to make it stay. So... most everyone goes that way... until the Awaken Sleepers alarm goes off, and everyone gets the taste of wakey-wakey they are capable of. Some just roll over and go back to sleep. Some go crazy as the dream filaments wear away. Some try to find somewhere to hide, but... there is nowhere to hide, and... some dance to the music.

All the really nasty villains are making their play now. They think they got The World corralled. They think and think... using that process of creation for personal gain... at the expense of their fellows... in direct violation of Cosmic Law. This sets Cosmic Law in motion, as does every tremble on The Web... no matter how slight. Ah! That dreaming web of Maya... how it calls like the singers on the rocks.

♫ Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep, so beware, beware!♫ ♫ Fifteen men on the dead man's chest, yo ho ho... and a bottle of rum ♫ The pursuit of gain never ends. The question of value in whatever is gained never ends either. It's like a multidimensional poker game where the stakes vary but your ass is always the collateral at the base level, and your soul at the other end.

What do you value? What do you prize? That is what you end up with... for as long as you remain... until you have to leave it behind OR... it comes along with you. This is the entirety of life in its most reduced simplicity. However you direct the attractive force... however you think anything into being... this is the process that continues ad infinitum.

Something very rare is coming on quiet footsteps... amidst the confusion and noise... something rarely seen is sneaking up on everything... identifying it as what it is... something unknowable is revealing ourselves to ourselves, and to each other too. It is no wonder that such a large portion of The World is going mad.

Some version of this is coming.

I say some version because when you travel down the following responses in the thread, you see just how self-absorbed so many of these nut-jobs are. I am amazed at the absolute certainty so many of them have about what they have no actual proof of whatsoever, BUT... it's always like this... those who know everything about nothing, and those who know that they know nothing and are... the truly informed.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What do I value? Discretionary time and KNOWLEDGE! If I had one wish, it would be omniscience, my head would explode to give Scanners a run for their money, and I'd be outta this Hell Hole of a realm.

Stuff? Meh. We have enough, and I wish we could get rid of a bit of our clutter, but it's not 'mine', so. . . Not interested in more. . .well, unless it's books. The library grows.

Solar flash. Would be nice. Personally I have no interest in staying here. Limitations, illusions, and the stupid obligations society imposes on you amongst other thangs do NOT appeal to me. I'm glad I avoided so many idiotic, unpragmatic mortal flotsam games. It gives me more freedom than I could have imagined 20 years ago and then some. Now only my weekends and holidays suck the big 'un, but hey! It beats what I did to myself in the past, though that is what I wanted (needed) at the time. Thank my stupid ego for that.

Nostrils to the sky.

M - said...

Have you seen the TV ads now asking to STOP THE HATE (against the Tribe) - complete with Hitler and nazi sybolism? There's even a billboard around here saying the same. LOL!!!!!

What a bit of tripe. Pathetic.

Al said...

"I say some version because when you travel down the following responses in the thread, you see just how self-absorbed so many of these nut-jobs are."

Haven't been able to read the replies in a loooong while since Mr X made it so non members can no longer read the threads but actually it spares me of much nonsense to read through.

The testing phase seems to be in full forward motion and for me boredom on one hand and Fuck going through this next phase do battle within me as the outside world fades to meaningless-ville aside from prayers.

I sit here at this amusement park after riding all the rides 10,000 times gazing upon the one next door and seeing far more work than play and wondering how much of "Survivor" will be needed.

Thanks for the goods Amigo!

Visible said...

That's weird, I'm not a member and I have access to everything I want access to. Doesn't make any sense.

Al said...

Les you have friends in high places Brutha so no worries but yeah Musk put the hammer down around the end of June or July sometime.

0 said...

Maybe these lodged and forgotten have produced todays results.


Read somewhere they plan to drag out the nuclear war terrorizing of the national public thru January.

Read somewhere else, think it was fulford, that today was supposed to be some event that started the jubilee aka debt removal for everyone.

Just another day with nothing but the typical select narratives being adhered to on all news sites. Tho I did see a youtube video of a guy claiming to be back from 2 weeks in maui and who found a "cooked" toad in midleap that looks like it was instantly hardened which was odd. Evidently also a church that had all buildings around it burned to the ground as ash and somehow it only got a slice on one end up the middle that didn't burn it to the ground. Its almost like they left some debris from the event as evidence for people to Act on while they act to brake that uncovering as needful to keep to their arbitrary timeline.

The frog vid is here:

The church vid is here:

Guess we'll see if anything shakes out regarding those findings. I'm curious to know if the inside of the toasted frog has its organs dehydrated against its outter skin which would show it to be some sort of instant internal steaming that pushes all the matter against the skin junction boundary as the water is instantly evaporated from the form. I asked about it in the comments. I also noted that if space based DEW is active, the only reason to get Americans to buy firearms is to get their dollars in exchange for weapons that if needed in response to a DEW attack wouldn't even be able to be picked up before turning people to shells. The whole second amendment ordeal seems to be a distraction setup to get people to give up dollars while equipping for ground invasion when the threats from space based DEW.

Imagine WACO today eh? Feds don't even show up, just use space based DEW to instantly ASH the compound and it never makes news cuz its out in the country where nobody was around to see it happen.

Ah well.

0 said...


The church vid is here:


Visible said...

So... I went and looked and I am a member but I didn't do it. It's from just March of last year. No way I did that. If it said 10 or 15 years ago... nah, wouldn't be then either cause I detested Twitter. I did find a Les Visable with a 3rd grade humor that did not stay around long from 2010 It appears he is trying to pretend to be me. It seems not to have gone anywhere. Even I can't get away with that.

Jesus said...

Americas social credit system (dei/esg) is far different than Chinas social credit system... For corporations and businesses, think of it like the rating system on amazon, ebay, or iherb, where you can be sure of the quality of the products you are getting... but its state run... it creats a self correcting system that weeds out corruption. You fail to deliver on the promises of your product or services, you get dinged... you lose privileges, like your son may not get subsidy for a high level college education. The score can be reversed if you change your ways. The beast system will come of the western dollar backed financial institutions, not BRICS... in part with this DEI cultural marxism with talmudic characteristics.

Visible said...

I was not referring to corporate entities, I was referring to constant camera-monitoring facial recognition of individuals who break even the slightest laws of conformity. This is not based on a single observation or news source but on many many examples seen over a period of time.

Anonymous said...

Pierre said. After clicking the invisible like button.
(I cans see comments here, and have never subscribed and logged on , what I cannot see now is my mouse cursor in this text input field)
unjabbed in one study all tested for anti bodies to the spikes, shedding is real, to what extent and what of it, we shall see, if there is one (a seeing).

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"For The Moment, and Not Much Longer, The Nastiest Sonsabitches on The Planet are Having a Limited Fair Weather Day."



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