Wednesday, March 27, 2024

"Timing is The Difference between Wow... and Oops! Perfect Timing is Motionless but that Feature is Impossible to Explain."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It seems that we have entered the next phase of The Action, and that dance of forms that comes out of nothing we can see... moves to and fro through what we can see, and then departs again into what we cannot see... has now... transported itself into the prelude... that leads to The Time of Signs and Wonders.

The whole of the events... of manifest life... are no more than changes in The Weather. Unless one's attention is focused upon rising above those conditions... one remains in those conditions; sometimes it is clement, and sometimes it is inclement, and then... on occasion, it becomes like the times of Pope Clement, and that would define itself as living in interesting times... devoid of the luck... that did not exist... in the first place.

History delights me... most especially when viewed... in a detached fashion... from a distance.

I am not so fond of many aspects of history, BUT... the way it can teach those... who are attentive... is a marvel for the performance of precognition. Of course, it's easy to predict something when it keeps happening over and over again. The single... key... ingredient... as it is in all things... is timing,

Timing is the difference between Wow... and Oops! Perfect timing is motionless but that feature is impossible to explain. You just have to get that on your own. I'm told that meditating on the nature of the condition of timing will bring insight. However... I am told that meditating on ANYTHING will bring insight into that which you meditate on.

Things are not what you think they are, especially if you think things are what someone else told you they were. Here are some quotes by Eliphas Levi.

Note... most importantly... the one on Lucifer. Here are some more involved quotes from his book, Transcendental Magic.

And who said; All Magic is in The Will? And who said; Concentration is the secret of the magical art? I thought it was Levi... yet I don't see it. I didn't look really hard, BUT... I could find neither one in the search engines. Did I say it? Yes... of course, I have said these many times because I find them to be true, BUT... they did not originate with me.

Levi also said about The Tarot; “An imprisoned person with no other book than the Tarot, if he knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire universal knowledge, and would be able to speak on all subjects with unequaled learning and inexhaustible eloquence.” Now that... without someone even understanding what he meant; I would bet that would sound profound.

Let us consider what he said about Lucifer; “What is more absurd and more impious than to attribute the name of Lucifer to the devil, that is, to personified evil. The intellectual Lucifer is the spirit of intelligence and love; it is the Paraclete, it is the Holy Spirit, while the physical Lucifer is the great agent of universal magnetism.” Hmm... how about that? That should separate the men from the boys, though... you need to use a crowbar to do that if you are in Hollywood.

Here we are on the doorstep of Easter too, and you should ask yourself; what does it all mean? Really? Do you really know what you think you know? Do you know anything at all? Really?

Most of humanity is kept below a certain level of understanding. On the one hand... they are kept in the dark by the people who seek to rule over them. From another perspective... certain truths are hidden from them because they wouldn't be able to handle them in present time. Wisdom must be earned through endless disappointments; I said that. (grin)

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to convince yourself that you know something you were told by someone else OR... that you figure must be true, but you have not tested it out. You are at the portal of wisdom... the entryway... when you have come to understand how very ignorant you are. Ow! Darn it! My pneumatism seems to be acting up again.

Evil and Good. Good and Evil; which is which... eh? Certainly what is happening in Gaza is evil. What the banks do is evil. Are they a necessary evil? What about the connection between the bankers and the people committing genocide in Gaza? Hmm...

Whatever good or evil there is... is first in The Mind. That is where it all comes from... that is the source point that engineers the appearance of forms in The World. Why... one might say that appearances are what is evil. They are certainly a lie. Because everything that exists on The Visible Plane comes from The Invisible Plane... it is very hard to know... sometimes... why conditions are what they are in The World.

The Visible Plane does not take into consideration the reality of Reincarnation or Karma. People toss those terms around in certain circles, and... they have an arbitrary, and... sometimes unconscious meaning depending on who is giving them meaning... and in what context.

What does that line in The Lord's Prayer mean; Lead us not into temptation? It is a prayer authored by Jesus The Christ. It is a prayer directed at his Heavenly Father. It seems to imply that God the Father might be one who leads us into temptation. I'm sure that fundies and pundits can explain this in great detail. After all... they are the experts... aren't they?

I'm guessing that the one that gets us into the shit, is the same one that gets us out of the shit and that it is a matter of choice... directed by appetite and desire... that causes us to operate on the planes where those desires and appetites exist. Certain things happen in one section of town, and other things happen in another part of town. In reality... almost everything happens in any part of town at some time. You just don't see it as much in the areas not designated for it. They tend to try to keep it out of your sight in certain locations.

This is... maybe... because certain groups of people have taken it upon themselves to define what is good and what is evil... eh?

Yeah... Mr. Apocalypse can AND DOES make it difficult for those who are used to being able to hide the other side of their face. Times like these... those for whom evil is their chosen vocation... tend to get real nervous. Good! I hope they get jumped right out of their shoes, AND... they will be. Count on that.

I'm not here to tell you that some persona you always thought was evil is actually one of The Good Guys. I'm here to tell you that every archetype has a job to do, and you might not always know what that job entails. If you operate according to what someone else told you... or you read it in a book where...someone intended... to get you to accept something... at face value... you know... according to the appearance of it, well... maybe you might want to meditate on that.

Anybody can argue about anything, and they do. It's your fault if you stand around listening to them, and even more your fault if you contend with them. People who like to argue are living proof that they don't know what they are talking about. Running around saying God is Love is rather limiting. Yes... that is how God expresses on this plane, and The Sun is the living evidence of his presence, BUT... Love as it is commonly understood is not Love at all or... one might say it is what passes for love at that level of understanding.

Evil operates within certain parameters in The Mind. Evil is doing something the wrong way. It comes out of wrong thinking. As soon as one stops doing something the wrong way... they are in a position to do it the right way. This is why forgiveness is such a critical possession for those who wish to continue in a correct relationship with everything else. A lot of the time... Evil is ignorance in action. You have nothing to fear from any of these things... unless you do.

You are about to see a whole lot of Holy Shit and WTF... starting any time now. Probably it has already started, but... is only just coming into view now. God is real. That is what I know. Everything else is just an opinion based on a perspective, which is always changing, just the way The World keeps turning and continuing to attract or repel you... unless you are in that motionless state that is what gets everything done. Therein lies the meanings of action and inaction.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, March 22, 2024

They Are So Stupid that They Cannot See that They Are on a Leash and Being Toilet-Trained by a Stool Sculpture Banker."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It seems like Black People got the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome I have ever seen. They got brought over to this country by a... specific... group... of... people... who were slave trading round The World. When they got unenslaved later on, these same people became their slumlords and pawnbrokers.

These are the same people who ripped off all their musical royalties. Seagram had a special division to put their lights out. The Sassoon Dynasty made sure to get around to them too, once they were done with The Chinese; also suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

They manipulate these people shamelessly, and... almost none of them say anything except for Minister Farrakhan. They see themselves as The Organ Grinders... as the puppeteers. They are dedicated to taking everything of beauty and trampling it in the dust.

Kanye... who is one of the stupidest and least talented people I have seen in a long time, was used by these people to dumb down the populace, and they made him filthy rich... so that they could set him up and shut him down, to show their power... because people like Ice Cube, and others... were getting restless about the theft, and... the undeniable backstory that Mr. Apocalypse was making known far and wide, all... of... a... sudden.

Now we got The Plug-Ugly Sisters; Letitia James and Fanny Willis... who are the property of George Soros, just as if he had put a brand on their asses. They have proven to be so stupid that they cannot see they are on a leash and being toilet-trained by a stool sculpture banker. Both of them attended the No I Kant Spell Jurassprudance School of Law in Belize. (I think)

Slavery is still a real thing, only now it is a slavery of The Mind and Desire Body, through the medium of The Carnal Nature.

These law-hookers in The Soros Meat Market are riding high and mighty now... getting paid back for all that slavery that The White Man done did to them, and THEY CAN'T SEEM TO SEE what really happened. They just can't or won't.

Very few white men owned slaves, but the group of people who did own them, and brought them to these and other shores, AND STILL OWN AND CONTROL THEM are... according to them... not white at all. In fact, they are the biggest chorus line for Kill Whitey on the planet. One need only look at The Frankfurt School and Kalergi Plan.

These people aren't what they claim to be, to begin with. They are a very similar life form to HIV that masquerades as something else but... is a lot more fatal. It turns out that not only are they not who they say they are... they are presently exterminating the people who are who they say they are. Is this irony or what!!!

The most beautiful thing that Mr. Apocalypse has done is to set up their downfall... presently in progress. No one is going to stop it. It's been a long time coming. The Lord of Light is coming in the wide skies of The Hive Mind. He is tunneling through the darkness and cleansing the hidden places where evil dwells. He is coming into The Heart of Humanity, AND NOTHING!!! NOTHING can stand against him. Not now... not ever.

All across the country... the vampire banker clan... of which George Soros is a leading darkness... has taken control of Black Culture and reduced it to its most primitive expressions. There are no more soulful ballads... no more getting along with other races... no more dignity of being... now it is all street-twerking to the soundtrack of WAP. You don't agree? What? Did you put out your own eyes?

This never ends well. When a people allow themselves to be controlled by demonic forces... wielded by The Offspring of Satan... you can already see thousands of buses revving up for them to be thrown under. When observably white people start directing people who are not white... to kill everyone who is white... it won't be long before The Law of Return... The Law of Cause and Effect... comes back on them with surprising force.

How is it that for these last few hundred years they have not seen what The Usual Suspects have been doing to them? The name entertainers are owned by them. The sport's figures are controlled by them. The black politicians, lawyers, and doctors answer to them, or... they will experience the consequences of their refusal.

Now these same monsters are flooding the country... with soon-to-be gangster armies... that are going to be stealing the welfare state from the resident underclass. War in the cities is a certainty. However... they believe if they can set them at each other's throats... their control will continue uninterrupted.

Here is how they get it done. They take control of The Money Supply in a country and create a debtor nation... through usury... while extending interest-free loans to themselves, and their kinfolk. It is a matter of mathematical certainty that they will... eventually... gain control of the economy of any country they slithered into.

For a very long time, The World... as it existed in various countries... was administered by royal families... who could react to internal threats... without having to convince a bought-off parliament to go along with their own best interests BECAUSE... the parliament was already owned by these usurers.

Why does no one do anything about Gazacide? Why is the extermination of The Palestinians permitted, at the behest of the Zionist Ersatz Israel movement... which is a juggernaut putsch... toward some metaphorical Tigris to The Euphrates in their dreams of empire? It is because anyone who could object is also owned by them, either through debt or... fear of exposure... due to blackmail... conceived through The Honey-Pot Industry.

The Material World is a Chinese handcuff complexity. It's like a roach motel. The roaches move in, and... they don't move out. The giant wheels of The Economy turn because of a specific lubrication... without which they do not turn or soon freeze up. You gots to have the oil... the grease. That grease is MONEY. No sane person would involve himself in something that... inevitably turns into a concentration camp... that is the end result. Free enterprise always resolves into tyranny... once the organization gets tight enough.

However... few of us are sane in Times of Material Darkness. It's a kind of fascination... yeah? ♫ It was fascination, I know, And it might have ended right then, at the start ♫ But it didn't. It went on and it got viscous and sticky, and then... well... see for yourself.

A whole lot of people got duped into believing that everything they ever dreamed of, could... be... found... here. That's a lie. It cannot, BUT? Better luck next time, and eventually you do get whatever it is, and it starts to melt... like ice cream on a hot day, only... it's not The Sun that is causing it to melt. It is Time, and then... it's gone and you have to start all over again, and people do... people do. Then there is the press of the crowds and the howls of the winners. It's like Loser's Night at The Casino. It's always Loser's Night at The Casino.

The people running The Casino work for The Great Horned Owl. It's a family business. They don't like outsiders, but... you can convert, all you got to do is... pervert your nobler instincts, and it won't be long before you do something really bad, and arrangements have to be made to keep it... a secret. Don't worry... you're in the club now. You might not even mind your turn in the barrel. People that stupid usually don't.

Well... life is a mystery. It works according to laws that are... for the most part... poorly understood or... completely invisible to the players on the court. However... these laws are immutable. Their operations are fixed... like the constellations in the skies... from which these laws, and the order that they bring... radiate down upon us, and... within us.

Sooner or later a time of judgment comes. Sooner or later the scales appear in mid-air, and... adjustments are made. Portals open and close. Personifications of God appear and walk The Earth. It is a time of momentous change, and... magic too. A golden age... usually... commences immediately in the aftermath, and people soon forget about all those moments of What The Hell Was That?

Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

'I Saw what Jesus Did When He Chased The Moneychangers out of The Temple. The Stink of Money was Everywhere."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was thinking about that short treatise... The Coming Avatar... (it was in the last post) mostly because some of the dates he mentioned kept returning to my mind. As soon as something by Benjamin Creme was mentioned, I thought... oh well. Then I saw that book about The Hierarchy by Alice Bailey. To be completely truthful... I even went and tried to read both of them; not happening. Creme is observably off-the-wall, and you notice this before you get very far into the book.

Alice Bailey is dense... dense... dense. She's not as dense as Madame Blavatsky, BUT... she's dense, and my own particular spirituality is dense-averse. I am a huge fan of increasing densities of light, but... unless writing entertains or inspires me, I go somewhere else. I know there are people who don't like what I do either, but... at least I try to make it interesting.

Alice, Annie, and the rest of The Theosophists... might have had the best of intentions, and... back in those days... of looming global conflicts, and the shades of gray... lent by the smokestacks of The Industrial Revolution... well... it was a different time.

Many of you might not be aware of Benjamin Creme. He only passed away a few years ago, but unless you keep track of the particular communities he appealed to, you might have missed him. I was aware of him but I dis-missed him; not the same thing really. (grin) This is only one of the reasons.

It's similar to what happened with Annie Besant introducing Krishnamurti as the next world shaker.

He made a lot of claims about Maitreya. (The Next Avatar, also known as Kalki... The Mahdi... The Christ returning) He made himself into a bit of an absurdity.

My feeling is... if you are going to predict things.. don't use exact dates. Don't use them anyway because no one knoweth the hour of his coming. Don't claim to know what you don't know, and if you do feel compelled to stick your neck out... always include disclaimers.

I probably shouldn't be talking this way about people far better known than myself, not that I consider celebrity... or whatever reach it may possess... to be an indicator of value and worth; certainly not by the standards of today, where you basically have to be a cartoon for the life-censors to let you out into The Media. Then again... anyone with any degree of self-worth... doesn't want to be a media darling in the first place, and these days, you absolutely... have to be... a complete whore... to get on The Red Letter Carpet.

I've never been a fan of any of these exoteric organizations... that operate off of the donations and bequests of rich old ladies who (conveniently) left them everything; like The Anthroposophical Society... The Theosophists... ah! I'd better not start listing these collectives. All of my life I was looking for something similar to belong to, and when I went to visit any of them, I saw pretty much what Jesus did when he chased The Moneychangers out of the temple. The stink of money was everywhere.

Those places were all filled with self-important types... who got paid a lot of money... to go around and have dinner with rich people, and get awards... for some shit that got made up for that purpose. It's what rich, and wannabe rich... and influential, and wannabe influential people do. They toast each other's self-important posturing... hoping for the same, and plotting behind their backs at the same time. I've seen it up close and impersonal; well... of course it's impersonal... cause, it's just business... nothing personal.

These are the people who do what they gotta do, cause... somebody's got to do it. All the organized churches are the same. If you want to get in on the action; WHATEVER YOUR REASONS MAY BE... you got to expect to use your elbows... jockey for position... plot and connive... damn one another with faint praise... let slip the odd strategic rumor, AND... you got to be willing to wear the sort of outfits that would make a drag queen blush. I mean... look at The Pope, AND... you got to want to be evil... while putting on that avuncular... arm around the shoulder... face of benevolent concern. Not too many people, that... we... know... about... are as evil as The Pope.

So I went to ashrams... fellowships... organizations, and it never went well. If there was a teacher still present, I got along with him fine, in fact... on occasion...I would get signaled out for plum assignments... that I never followed up on cause I was gone... sooner than later.

My getting noticed was not in my favor either. The envy and jealousy were suffocating. Everyone smiled to your face and then lied behind your back. It was a tad heartbreaking for me... sniff... sniff... Lawd! Lawd! I ain't got no home in this world! I'm not a fan of whining, and my sense of humor has never deserted me, so...

...if I coulda found a place, it would have made me happy, and... I did find a place, but it didn't have any fixed... physical address. That's okay, cause it is as real as real can be, and I don't feel left out anymore. In defense of my critics, I didn't make it easy on them, and I'm a pretty strange fellow, especially now, but less noticeably so. I didn't behave myself all the time, and the only monk I ever had much in common with... in those days... was Chögyam Trungpa... or Rasputin... and he got a lot of undeserved bad press too.

It's not that I behaved like Rasputin... or looked like him... or spoke Russian, BUT... there was always something off about me in those times. Now... I realize that was a good thing. It's funny how we can have things so backwards in our heads. Never let what other people think about you become what you think about you, especially if it happens to be people who don't like or trust you in the first place... just because they can't figure out where you are coming from, and...

...wherever you are coming from doesn't look anything like where they are coming from. There are two kinds of people in this world, and those are the people who are attached to material things, and those who are not attached to material things. Of course... the first group is much... MUCH... larger than the second group. It's like that other group of people; the ones who love their brother as themselves, and those who have made their own understanding of what that means. In this case, the first group is... again, much... MUCH larger than the 2nd.

I have read some amount of the works of B. Creme... Alice Bailey... and a shit-ton of others... who said this... that... and the other thing. The books I have actually returned to and read again and again... are a much... MUCH smaller group than the ones I seldom finished, AND... the even larger collection of those I kind of knew better than to even start reading, to begin with.

I think the reader should at least skim the short treatise linked at the beginning of this post.

The Coming Avatar
Dorje Jinpa

I got that sense of my skin trembling as I read it... and... the way it appeared to me defies reason. It just kind of showed up in front of me. It was one of those time bombs... depth charges... that got set into a location, and... the time came for it to go off.

I KNOW The Avatar is coming. I know this the way I know that Spring will be here very soon now... at least the calendar spring will. Actual spring comes at different times in different places. I know this the way The Sun appears each morning and the way it disappears over the horizon... to mark the end of the day. The Avatar is a rare but regular feature in human AND cosmic events. No one knows the exact date of his arrival, and it won't be the same... everywhere... anyway.

We don't know WHEN he will materialize, BUT we do know that he will materialize... because HE ALWAYS DOES, and he will... this time... again. He might not come in person, and the treatise mentions some variations on the theme. It even mentions what I've been told internally about The Avatar... appearing in the hearts disposed to his presence... though it says so differently.

He'll be coming around the mountain when he comes. In some places... an object will block The Sun... like a mountain or... a tall building or the people standing in the way of their own understanding. I mention The Sun because The Avatar is an embodiment of The Sun in human form. The Avatar is The Sun King. The real Sun King. He comes clothed in the light of The Sun.

He is the embodiment of The Sun's message in each time frame... each age... he appears in, AND... sensitive souls are aware of his presence some amount of time before he officially arrives... because he radiates through space and time ahead of himself.

Who can say... at what moment... Spring arrives... or Summer? Who knows when a specific winter become The Winter of our Discontent? Different events and occasions come around at different times... for different people. Sometimes... and more and more often these days... they don't come around at all.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, March 14, 2024

"This is What Comes of Having Vested Interests that Can Be Diminished or Taken From You, If... You... Tell... The... Truth."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The TikTok sale was not about The Chinese owning it. It was about pressure from The ADL which owns the Congress that makes the laws.

Behind the scenes... The Usual Suspects own The United States Government. This is amply demonstrated by their overwhelming presence in every critical area of the government. Most people don't like their mass murder of The Palestinians... because they want their land and resources.

How is it that the masses have not yet discovered what a put-up job October 7th was? Have they learned nothing from 9/11? Oh... right... they don't know about that either. Do they know about Israel's motto being “By deception, thou shalt do war?” From the language used in the statement, one might imagine that motto has been around for a long time.

Well... The TikTok caper shows that The World is waking up, and every effort they make to shut down... the mediums that expose them... will only result in a greater exposure, and... more and more proof of their out-sized influence... in every area of human life.

The control they have exercised over material conditions... is being revealed to The World... through The Power of Apocalypse. Their hour has come round at last, and... there is NOTHING they can do to forestall what is coming for them. It is coming for them in external form, and... it is coming internally as well. The Avatar has got them coming AND going. They don't want to be standing still either; not that they could.

It always comes back to The 9/11 Litmus Test. If you don't know about 9/11, and who did 9/11, BUT... mostly... if you got some kind of a porous argument that will not survive even casual scrutiny... you fail. You are delegitimized in my eyes. If you don't know by now or... can't say that Israel was an architect and main player in the 9/11 attacks, AND... AND... you happen to be a politician, somebody... owns... you.

This is what comes of having skin in the game. This is what comes of having vested interests that can be diminished or taken from you, if... you... tell... the... truth. I had to make that choice a long time ago, once I saw how the game was played. Over the course of history... many souls have had to come to terms with themselves and their conscience. Everyone else keeps their heads down and their mouths shut. They should never have been born at all. What a disgrace!

Everyone who closes their eyes to the truth, and... everyone who denies the truth... automatically betrays their fellows; cave dei videt.

Oh, my goodness!!! Mr. Apocalypse has turned it up several notches. What the Hayul is this??? Remember when I mentioned Macron and his wife... 25 years his elder? Wait till you get a load of this!!!

Can The Tale of Big Bad Mike be far behind? ♫ Big Mike... Big Bad Mike... one testicle of iron... the other of steel. If the left one don't get you then the right one... oh never mind!!! Puleeze! ♫ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

And... elsewhere... elsewhere? Somewhere? I don't know! People are dropping everywhere. It seems there might be pulses that can be sent out... over cellphone frequencies... that trigger fatal reactions, at least that is what I am picking up on other... internal frequencies. This whole Vaccine of Death scenario is a well-orchestrated... culling of humanity... that is tied into 5G, and... and? All sorts of things.

Why am I even bringing that up? Everyone who reads here already (or should already) knows this. Well... I am given to believe that this is now warming up in the on-deck circle. I'm sorry to include this science-heavy commentary, BUT... for those who get it... it gives a launching pad for further speculation... leading to... greater insight.

I have mentioned the Time Bombs... Depth Charges... that have been dropped into the collective unconscious... these are tuned to the progressive advance of Lady Awakening... rising up from the depths of the subconscious... into the surface mind, AND... going Ka-Boom!!! This is a feature of one of those forces loosed into The World by The Divine. It is the cosmic arrangement of events that reflect off of... occur as a product of... the interplay of Apocalypse and Awakening. Call them Offspring if you like.

Step by step... This happens... then That happens, and then? Whatever follows That happens, and then... that leads to the next thing that happens. If you can detach your mind from its investments in outcome on this plane, you will literally... be able to see all of this happening.

Israel and its appearance-manipulating... disinfo organizations... were outraged by TikTok promoting pro-Palestinian narratives. They tried an end run under false presentations of Chinese hoodooery (not that that is not also... probably going on) and? Well... they've been caught out by these depth charges... these time-release-capsule bombs... set to go off exactly when they do.

What's coming up in The Event Horizon? Well... that certain something... that THEY say happened... during World War Two, and... that they tried to get happening in World War One... that's coming up. The truth about 9/11... that's coming up. The Killer Vaccine mass-murder affair... that's coming up. Dark and dirty doings by The Clintons... The Obamas, and... The Bidens, (and a collection of ne'er-do-wells that we have not seen... ever before... in such numbers.) are coming up too.

These are all in the process of emerging from the soil of The Greater Subconscious like Amanita virosa... with a speaker system... communicating over the mycelium telegraph. The waving... trembling... hyphae are telling The Hive Mind... where to look, and... what it means. Each of these PROGRAMMED events of exposure, and... revelation... are linked to revelations within us... having to do with our becoming more familiar... with our own being... by contrast with those who have betrayed their own being. Yikes!

We understand things through comparisons with their opposite numbers... by associations in place and time... through similarities in behavior and appearance. We make connections in our minds by electrical interactions, AND... ALL... OF... THIS... is going to lead to an epidemic of Eureka! Eureka! Not all of us will be sitting in the bathtub when it hits.

The CIA, and other intelligence services... create conspiracy stories... to cover for the real stories taking place; reptile beings masquerading as humans... ill-fitting face masks on public figures... with the intention of making us think we are seeing something... Flat Earth BS... Aliens among us.

They create these tales to distract us from what... is... really... going... on, AND... which you can't generally see in the first place because IT IS ALL made to happen through POSSESSION. It is an internal dynamic. This is why we are told, “By their works, ye shall know them.” They manufacture distractions all through the day... via hundreds and hundreds of media outlets... that they control... or have compromised.... or created for those purposes in the first place.

For the common rat in the maze... the garden variety pigeon... bread and circuses will suffice. However... with The Awakening... that they most certainly know about... there is another group of awakening humans that they have to deal with. They have whole departments that keep up with this sort of thing. Telepathic invasion is a regular feature with them. They broadcast subliminally into The Hive Mind 24-7 from invisible conning towers of darkness.

Just because you see something or... think you saw something... does not mean they didn't put it there for you to see... to begin with. Wake up!!! Meanwhile... you don't actually have to worry about all that. Forces of Light are omnipresent, and... directing traffic... as it pleases Heaven for them to do so. What you do need to do is align with these forces of light, and... you do that by watching what you think, say, and do.

You rely on the ineffable and the ineffable will handle your affairs. Rely on yourself and you will be permitted to handle your affairs, and... good luck with that; given The Purpose of Demonstration et. al.

Pay attention! It is the difference between Life and Death or... should we just say Transition... since there is no Death; not really. That's good news and that's bad news. One of the first things you discover upon leaving your body... which is your anchor into this plane... is just how under control the whole process is.

We can't seem to comprehend The Control Factor because we never see more than half of The Process at any particular time. Something's missing, is it? The more you pay attention... the more you concentrate and focus your attention... the more you see into things... the more they reveal their nature and their purpose to you.

End Transmission.......

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Patrick Willis narrates:

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Monday, March 11, 2024

"Time Moves at a Much Different Pace... in Realms of Greater Densities of Matter, and... Greater Concentrations of Light."

God Poet Transmitting.......

First the kiss, then the whip... or is it, first the whip, then the kiss? I think it's the former, but that doesn't sound any better than the other one because there is always the whip... before or after. Then I find out that I came up with that phrase in the first place, so... it's what they call a push in Vegas. I sometimes think of how The Truth can sting like a whip when it is applied to a liar.

I've mentioned a few times... these several transformative forces... that The Divine has loosed in The World... a few months ago. Until today... I've never been given any details on their composition or intention. Today... I was told that one of them was meant to reveal The Truth... at the worst possible moment... for The Big Liars, and... before the largest possible audience of the moment. This was revealed to me at the conclusion of Thursday's State of The Union travesty of interactive... partisan... fellatio.

I heard a voice say; “look at that doddering old fool with so much blood on his hands. I don't doubt he sleeps upside down... hanging from the rafters in The While House attic, BUT... does it have an attic? Never mind, I'm being metaphorical... kind of. Lies are combustible, and the bigger the lie, the more flammable are the pants of the liar.”

Ever since I met The Man on The Beach, it has been a matter of some amazement to me, how plain-spoken and... sometimes... even outrageously funny... some of the spokes-entities for the ineffable... can be. Many times when I hear something... it tends to echo for a long period of time, and each time I hear the echo... a different meaning comes to me... as if I were peeling an onion; not something I have ever engaged in... I don't think, BUT... you get my meaning... ne c'est pas?

There's probably going to be a certain amount of French in this posting. It's unintentional really. I can just see that it's going to happen because... some of these things... will make perfect sense to The French, and less sense to other nationalities. Sometimes The French are the only ones who get it. Vive La France!

So these forces crawl round The World like serpents. They go everywhere... through the high... wide... and lonesome, and... around the level of the ankles... in the corridors of power. They hear and understand everything, and... they leave time deposits in their wake, set to go off at The Given Moment. We've all heard of The Given Moment, BUT... there hasn't been a given moment like this Given Moment in a very long time.

I don't know how relevant this is...

BUT... I've been certain... for a long time... of something earthshaking... coming about sooner... rather than later... because of the horrific direction of conditions and events, and... the need for people to be rocked out of their sleep one way or another. When the whole world starts to look like Sodom and Gomorrah, fire is going to come out of the skies. In a manner of speaking.

I felt both sad and grateful... as I watched that Special Olympics Cirque du Soleil rerun today; no doubt... it wasn't intentionally ironic to hold it at The Dark of The Moon... given that Cirque Du Soleil means Circus of The Sun. No... it's just more cosmic happenstance... coincidence if you prefer. I don't think they're smart enough to do that on purpose, or... are they? (Visible raises a finger to his temple and pretends to be thoughtful for a moment.) I was sad it was happening and grateful I was not there.

It does sound like something their Israeli Overlords and paymasters might come up with. They have their own Dark of The Moon coming up shortly. Perhaps it will be a duet of dueling darknesses? Ir will be entertainment indeed for me to watch their sang-froid be the first thing to leave the building... when the lights go out.

How can they sit there and listen to that guy with a straight face, and what strange cocktails did he imbibe before he went on camera? He hasn't been that composed and fluent... like that... for any length of time in a long while, and he still wasn't that good. He looked like a paper mache man with a retarded demon's hand up his ass. Visible! That wasn't very nice! It wasn't? Hmm... and I was being kind... too. Of course, a demon with its hand up the ass of a paper mache puppet will soon cause a fire.

The camera kept panning to The Fluffers in the audience. They had that wide-eyed and yet slightly deranged look of dogs who had been told that licking their privates in public was not polite. I think it was the word, 'polite' that made their brows wrinkle... then it switched to that eager look of expectation like they might just get a treat. Mind... not as nice a treat as they were just having (or thinking about), but... a treat nonetheless.

Dogs really love the smell of decaying carcasses also. I've seen them immediately go to rolling and wriggling over them, and really putting their backs into it. I don't think that's much of a stretch for contemporary members of Congress, who... no doubt... have rolled in things much less appetizing than road kill. Otherwise, they wouldn't be in Congress. I was sad to see that not a single transsexual in uniform was present... sitting next to the sad collection of military catamites who were there, and are all that is left of a once formidable military.

I didn't mean to speak ill of dogs. Anyone should know that is not a likely event from me. It's just in their nature to do certain things... the same as members of Congress, but... not with the same degree of obscenity. I have often prayed that I might have the loyalty and devotion of a dog. I have never prayed that I might have anything possessed by members of Congress.

Don't worry. They are importing tens of thousands of military-age men who will do what they are told once the interpreters arrive. I am constantly astonished... at what these people... with all the appearances of power and money... will do right in front of everyone else, and not think it will eventually come back on them. That is the intention of The Cosmos, and... thy will be done.

The Supreme Court buzzards were also front and center. Can you imagine how careful the people directing the broadcast-camera operators had to be? I wonder if they have a 7-second delay for that... like they do for audio? I mean... some of the heavyweights in the crowd must have been providing all kinds of expressions of distaste in their features, and the tsunami of lies rolled on, and on.

Biden was lying a mile a minute. I kept expecting his hair to catch fire at any time. I remember when he was first shoehorned into The Senate and... he had less hair than he does now; not that I care about such things... one way or the other... but it does speak to the fact that there are people who believe cosmetic adjustments will balance the scale of appearances... when honor and integrity go missing.

It makes me reflect on the creation of a similar location called Las Vegas by Bugsy Segal and The Shapeshifter Crews... with a tip of the hat-trick to Meyer Lansky... Moe Dalitz, and Frank Rosenthal. There were even a few Italians on the set... to make it all look like something it was not. Then again... is that not the magic of The World... to begin with; making something... out of seeming nothing... into something it is not, BUT only appears to be? That's when the real glamour agents and make-up artistes arrive.

Meanwhile... far away... we see signs of these serpentine forces... moving in sinuous certitude... toward NECESSARY change. Many decades ago... The Rothschild Vampire Coven used the Dreyfuss Affair and one of their titled suits... named Lord Balfour... to set the engines revving... for the creation of a sovereign criminal banking syndicate... called Israel. I get misty-eyed just thinking about it.

Ah... these tireless workers for The Greater Good! Now... those forces loosed by The Divine are finding vehicles... people... who seem to know their history and are finally focusing all that displaced revolutionary fervor of directed action... in the locations where it belongs.

This is how it happens, folks... seemingly out of nowhere... coming at those who used similar tactics in Russia, and other locations, and killed millions. Now... the lens of fury is about to be turned upon them.

Every whichaway they turn, The Will of The Almighty is there to direct the event, and Reichstag fires are no respecter of person.

The thing is... if your situation is defined by that old je ne sais quoi, you are in desperate need of some savoir-faire... in your search for credibility. Credibility works from the inside out. It is not something you can applique... probably the reason that prophets, and legitimate seers... do not travel with glamour workers and a gay hairdresser, BUT... if you do... it pretty much defines your target audience. Non?

Things are about to change in a big way. I know I've been saying that for a while, BUT time moves at a much different pace... in realms of greater densities of matter, and greater concentrations of light. Nonetheless... The Day eventually arrives, and... usually, it is heralded by a natural event... like an eclipse... or an earthquake... or... something unnatural like a revolution; and... why would a revolution be unnatural?

Well, my friends... the movie is about to start. I know you've seen the cartoons and The Coming Attractions... being given the old play-by-play here at these locations. Now it's time for The Main Feature. So... get yourself the Big Gulp-size container of some hot-buttered porn, cut a hole in the bottom, and... find a seat in the balcony. You can pretend you are with someone. It's an easy thing... when it's too dark to see. Then again, if it's too dark to see... maybe you aren't alone, and... wouldn't that be nice?

Keep in mind... no one will be allowed to leave the theater in the final ten minutes of the film, or... did you not know that? Don't worry. It's just a marketing scam. At least we hope it is.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, March 06, 2024

"The People of One Color of Belief are Naturally Suspicious of The People Who Subscribe to Another Color of Belief."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I'm going to say it again. It doesn't make any difference. It won't cut through the brain fog of Fundamentalist Stupor. It just won't. I've tried. No way. Real diamonds might cut glass, but you can't cut smoke with anything but Wind (cue Vayu), and... you can cut anything that can be cut... in a mirror, BUT... you can't cut the mirror... if the mirror side is facing down. Perhaps I am trying to say something here that cannot be said directly?

I suspect this must be true... because you can give a Fundamentalist a direct statement, and it will somehow curve right around their understanding. Does it have something to do with the Space-Time Continuum? Maybe. I don't know. What is the Space-Time Continuum? It's a hall of mirrors. Don't go chasing reflections... if the mirror side is facing away.

Like I said... direct statements don't work so... one must be indirect. Perhaps a sucker punch would work? That's not necessary. Life itself will take care of that.

In any case... many... many times I have stated here that I am NOT a Christian. I am NOT a Hindu. I am not, and never have been a Jew... or a member of The Communist Party. I am not a Muslim. It is possible that... in other lives... I have been any... and perhaps... all of these. I have memory of being a Buddhist fellow in yellow and green robes, and a member of an Egyptian brotherhood. I have a memory of being a monk, so... perhaps I've worn all the outfits and hats. I wear none of them now.

You may... somehow... have talked yourself into believing that I am going to Hell. I've been there, BUT I won't be going there on your invitation or at your direction. You don't speak for the one I serve, and... I suspect you don't even speak for the one you claim to serve because... he doesn't send people to Hell. They go there under their own recognizance.

You may wonder why I bring this up today. Every now and again... like a regular thing... I have to clarify certain issues because... otherwise... people make assumptions. That's what happens in a world where all of us are mirrors, and we see ourselves in everyone else. The person we are reflecting... may look, and be... entirely different (in actuality) from the way in which we see them. That doesn't matter to people who have already made their minds up... about all kinds of things... that they have no understanding of whatsoever.

I have no use for religion(s). They are cash register lanes for people who don't mind paying for crowd control; probably because they have so little control over themselves... that they require peer pressure to do what everyone else is doing, and... just assume it has to be right... because everyone else is doing it. I don't know why so many people do the things they do. It is mystifying. They destroy themselves in short order OR... they take all kinds of time doing it over the long haul.

That's okay... I guess... cause no one really dies... they just go somewhere else for a while. Each time... except in rare cases... on their inevitable return... they get a memory wipe that counts as a fresh start. It might be very uncomfortable to arrive... already knowing what you were previously, and... to also find that your mother is a former girlfriend... your father was once your son, and your brother had recently been a bitter enemy. These things happen all the time. The continuum of existence is about taking care of business with the people you have business with.

This is why I am detached. I have no feelings for blood kin that differ from the feelings I have for anyone else. I see no point in becoming attached to anyone who is gradually disappearing as I look at them. Why should I miss anyone who is simply another version of me? In fact... EVERYONE is another version of me... going through the process of becoming... ultimately... helpful and harmless... to EVERYONE else. At the present...not everyone is helpful and harmless... not hardly. They will have the error of every other posture... explained to them... in the long course of lifetimes... through the endless dance of cause and effect.

Here's what happens when you arrive at the mindset of being helpful and harmless to everyone you meet. Eventually... (time may vary depending on however much baggage you still carry), everyone becomes helpful and harmless to you. Now... you can speed up the process... by simply depositing all of your baggage... in any one of the convenient angelic dumpsters... that are waiting for you to do just that.

Can't see the dumpsters? Well... you have this silent partner who goes everywhere you go. You may be unaware of him/her because your reality is all personality-based, BUT... I can assure you that someone is standing by to take all of your troubles... and imagined responsibilities... off your hands... as soon as you are finally willing to let go of them. Really.

I am telling you about things I have discovered to be true. How do I know they are true? I know they are true because... by their very presence... they render everything else to be false and illusory. They ring, and they sing, and I can't help but to come into resonance with them because... they are stronger than I am or ever will be. Now... when I speak of things... in the plural sense... I am only talking about one thing that has many facets... like a jewel the way it catches the light OR... the way light becomes a spectrum when it enters through a prism.

There was only the white light, to begin with, and then... it became all those colors! It is easy to get lost in the colors and forget that they are all extensions of a single light. This is the thing with religions. Each religion is a different color... because it reflects the inherent dispensation... of all the people who are born on The Ray of Color it applies to.

The people of one color of belief are naturally suspicious of the people who subscribe to another color of belief. Yet... all these colors come from the one light.

In The Land of Physics... White is the sum of all colors, and Black is the absence of color, which makes 'people of color' sort of an abstraction, and... my even mentioning it racist, but... the color of skin has nothing to do with the colors of light. It's just one more way that existence likes to fuck with your head... cause you think you know what's going on, and are not shy about letting everyone else know what you think you know.

I don't care about the color of anyone's skin. Life has given me many a surprise... about what kind of man or woman... is concealed beneath the color of their flesh...which is the least part of them anyway. I care about the color of a person's thoughts and feelings... about the quality of their soul...which is the light... that gives luminescence... or else the persona conceals it... behind a carnal darkness.

My job is to not block the light. To not step between God and his material existence. My job is to hold still... while the light passes through me.

I've found good in every kind of person. On occasion... I have found it even when they didn't know it was there. You see... it is up to us what we call forth from others... whatever we do find... is what we brought to the conversation. Now... of course... there are people going about and looking for trouble, and you can be sure they will find it, however... it does not need to be you who gives them this opportunity... not if you are helpful and harmless.

If I say harmless... I do not mean defenseless. We are ALL attended by invisible friends (and protectors) OR... invisible hungers that feed upon us. There is a lot more that is invisible than there is that is visible, AND The Visible is ALWAYS ruled by The Invisible, so... steady on mates.

If I identify with The Light and not with the colors, then I am as Paul said...

To the drunkard I am become like a drunkard
To those under the law, I became like one under the law.
To the weak I became weak.
To the Jew, I became like a Jew,
all to win them to Christ


If I am not any particular thing... then I can become anything... as needs be... at any time... temporarily for the purpose at hand. Why should I make any continuing identity... with any form... whose intention is to imprison me? Nah... not happening.

Some may think I am opposed to romantic love. That would hardly be the case for a poet. Been there and done that. I now consider myself a true romantic... who is in love with The Divine... (well... I have always thought so) WHO ALSO is not any particular thing, but... can (and does) become anything... for a time... as it pleases him to, and then... he changes his clothes, while fools continue to worship him in garments he once wore, but... wears no more.

Unfortunately for Fundies of every stripe... The Divine is coming yet again... in a new set of clothes, and that will be the end of it for The Wardrobe Department of the previous age. You don't have to believe me. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, March 01, 2024

"Someone Please Bring in The Musicians... so that Those Shuffling Their Feet won't Look Like Such Feckless Cowardly Scum."

God Poet Transmitting.......

As I observe life... I note that the ages... or stages... I observed it from... have a lot to do with the way I saw and understood it. The constructs I observe it through also affect my understanding and the meaning I take from it. Sometimes... I am quite sure I am experiencing everything in a dream state. Sometimes... I am sure it is in a movie-like format. Sometimes... I note the different theaters of operation; the body... the emotions... the mental plane, and there are higher states that I go in and out of... in search of a greater consistency and continuity of the same.

It is a slow progression... even though I have been told, and I am sure it is true... that I am moving at quite a clip... regardless of however it may look to me. Meanwhile... The World seems to be going in another direction... most especially in places like Israel and the rapidly disappearing country of Palestine. Once it was only Palestine. There... Palestinians... Jews... Christians and others... lived together for many years in the area of Palestine.

A World War came and much of the planet was thrown into disarray. As is always the case... in times of war... The Truth is the first casualty. Someone said that... I can't remember who right now. During this war, a certain group of people tried to fabricate the myth that six million of them were exterminated. That was a lie, and the lie got no traction, BUT... it was a good primer for things to come.

This group of people is genetically disposed to lying and deceitful practices... where money and power are concerned. This led to them being kicked out of 109 countries... for doing the same thing... over and over again.

No other group of people can come anywhere near those numbers. Those numbers are epic, and... according to them... it was always The Other Guy's fault. They are unique in this regard. They were even expelled from The United States by President Grant... in the period following The Civil War... due to military corruption and illegal trade activity.

(Did I mention that they owned the slave ships that brought the slaves to American shores?)

From what even revised history tells us, they had and continue to have a very large criminal element among them, and they kept getting caught out and having to be dealt with.

Then... a second World War came, and... like white on rice... they began to claim that six million of them got exterminated again. This time they were much more successful because they had gotten much more powerful internationally. You can read Henry Ford about that aspect. They also controlled the Nuremberg process... that allowed them to distort the actual historical narrative... by torturing the German officers... they were able to convince them... to confess to crimes they had not engaged in, by crushing their testicles and through other creative means.

The most powerful international vampire-banker consortium in The World... was created by them many decades earlier, and it kept getting richer and more powerful. They sunk The Titanic in order to seal the deal for a Federal Reserve, which gave them control of the American money supply. This all went on before World War One, and... likely led to it, so... they were in a good position... some decades later... to promote a holocaust fantasy for their own benefit; a benefit which still pays remarkably well to this day.

Ironically, they had caused several holocausts of their own before claiming to have suffered The Big One. They instigated The Armenian Holocaust through The Young Turks. They arranged The Holomodor genocide as well, AND... they arranged for the mass murders of tens of millions of Russians. The collected total of deaths... is far in excess of what they claimed to have suffered, BUT... they got away with it, and now... in many ways... they control The World.

They do not control the whole world. No one has ever been able to do that, AND... no one ever will be able to... because someone already does control the whole world, for reasons that are confusing to the mortal mind. Nonetheless... it is so, and no one ever gets to control the whole world. They have gained control of The Western World, and they are... presently... seeking to gain control of the whole world through World War 3, which they are doing everything they can presently manage to do... to bring it about.

However... let us return to the central issue of this posting. We seem to have digressed rather far afield to provide an extremely cursory backstory. Given the scope of the whole thing... the brevity employed here is nothing less than astonishing; thank you very much. (grin)

So... following The Second World War, which they were also the instigators of, and... on the heels of an enormous lie machine that they created... they were able to strong-arm the victors of that war into giving them the country that had previously belonged to The Palestinians. They immediately set about exterminating the rightful residents of that land, which resulted in nearly a million of them fleeing for their lives.

They insisted they were the original inhabitants of that land, and the Sephardic strain might well be. They are not. They are not... no matter how much history they distort... no matter how many towns and streets they change the names of... no matter how many people they kill... they are not the original inhabitants.

DNA tests prove that The Palestinians came from that location and were the native residents of that land. The incoming invaders had no DNA to indicate their right to be there. Their DNA placed them in the area of Ukraine, where they also started a war... just recently... because they want their homeland back, and... I do not doubt they intend to create a land mass that they control... all the way from Ukraine to what is now called Israel, but remains Palestine... no matter how many lying sonsabitches say otherwise.

So... a few months ago... they arranged a false flag attack on themselves. They are very good at false flags, well... their motto is, “By way of deception, thou shall do war.” They orchestrated an attack on America at the turn of this century. This allowed them to create a Homeland Security Agency that they still own and operate, and they are busy as can be through this agency... in an effort to destroy America.

HOWEVER... before they destroy America... they must destroy Palestine, so... as I said... they arranged a false flag attack, and have been using that... since... to justify the murder of tens of thousands of women and children. They have also arrested many thousands of Palestinians... of every sex and age, and are presently torturing them for their amusement. This is an incontestable truth... like it or not... it is so.

So... now we come to the present where they have herded a couple of million of the remaining Palestinians... that they are shooting for sport... and whom they intend to wipe out... and they don't give a flying fuck what anyone might say about the matter. They just opened fire on a large crowd of Palestinians... who were starving and waiting for food trucks to arrive. As soon as they did... The Israelis started mowing them down. They killed about a hundred and wounded nearly a thousand.

The people who shot them said they felt threatened by all these people... these unarmed people... that they had herded into this location, and... since they had been threatening and harassing each shipment brought in by aid groups... the people were very hungry. They caused them to be hungry. They want them dead and they are doing it in front of the whole world while those in power... who fear the loss of their positions and fortunes... if they say anything about these monsters... they just stand and look and shuffle their feet.

Someone, please bring in the musicians... so that those shuffling their feet won't look so feckless and cowardly as they do. They can pretend they are having a good time. No doubt some of them are.

Meanwhile... a small group of demonically possessed psychopaths who operate organizations like The WEF... The WHO... The UN... Bilderberger, and... well, there's a shit-ton of them, so... I don't have to list them all do I? Even so... they are a small number because many of them belong to all of them, and the killers of Palestinians make up a large number in all of these groups. Anyway... these demented... cold-blooded monsters... are working on destroying most of the human race, not just The Palestinians.

The whole world has gone crazy, BUT... it is always like this at the turning of an age, and there are so many of us who have shown up for The Event. What that event is... few of them could tell you. They thought they knew why they came here... once... now they no longer do.

I know it looks grim... my friends, but... me no worry. I've got invisible friends. So do many of you. I recommend you rely utterly on your invisible friend(s). There's only the one friend, but that friend has multiplied his/her presence far and wide because he/she has a lot to manage. Find that friend within now. Find that friend before you are driven to find that friend. Find that friend and let him/her create a sanctuary within you. That is the best advice I have to offer.

I have been observing life... through its stages and phases. So much of it makes so little sense, but that is because it is so hard to see The Big Picture. Everything is under control. I don't care how it might look to you. Pray that you might be granted the ability to see more clearly. Pray for The Palestinians and others who struggle through such torment in these times. The Avatar IS coming, and a golden age will follow that. There's going to be a lot of dust-up between here and then. Shelter in place.

End Transmission.......

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