Wednesday, March 06, 2024

"The People of One Color of Belief are Naturally Suspicious of The People Who Subscribe to Another Color of Belief."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I'm going to say it again. It doesn't make any difference. It won't cut through the brain fog of Fundamentalist Stupor. It just won't. I've tried. No way. Real diamonds might cut glass, but you can't cut smoke with anything but Wind (cue Vayu), and... you can cut anything that can be cut... in a mirror, BUT... you can't cut the mirror... if the mirror side is facing down. Perhaps I am trying to say something here that cannot be said directly?

I suspect this must be true... because you can give a Fundamentalist a direct statement, and it will somehow curve right around their understanding. Does it have something to do with the Space-Time Continuum? Maybe. I don't know. What is the Space-Time Continuum? It's a hall of mirrors. Don't go chasing reflections... if the mirror side is facing away.

Like I said... direct statements don't work so... one must be indirect. Perhaps a sucker punch would work? That's not necessary. Life itself will take care of that.

In any case... many... many times I have stated here that I am NOT a Christian. I am NOT a Hindu. I am not, and never have been a Jew... or a member of The Communist Party. I am not a Muslim. It is possible that... in other lives... I have been any... and perhaps... all of these. I have memory of being a Buddhist fellow in yellow and green robes, and a member of an Egyptian brotherhood. I have a memory of being a monk, so... perhaps I've worn all the outfits and hats. I wear none of them now.

You may... somehow... have talked yourself into believing that I am going to Hell. I've been there, BUT I won't be going there on your invitation or at your direction. You don't speak for the one I serve, and... I suspect you don't even speak for the one you claim to serve because... he doesn't send people to Hell. They go there under their own recognizance.

You may wonder why I bring this up today. Every now and again... like a regular thing... I have to clarify certain issues because... otherwise... people make assumptions. That's what happens in a world where all of us are mirrors, and we see ourselves in everyone else. The person we are reflecting... may look, and be... entirely different (in actuality) from the way in which we see them. That doesn't matter to people who have already made their minds up... about all kinds of things... that they have no understanding of whatsoever.

I have no use for religion(s). They are cash register lanes for people who don't mind paying for crowd control; probably because they have so little control over themselves... that they require peer pressure to do what everyone else is doing, and... just assume it has to be right... because everyone else is doing it. I don't know why so many people do the things they do. It is mystifying. They destroy themselves in short order OR... they take all kinds of time doing it over the long haul.

That's okay... I guess... cause no one really dies... they just go somewhere else for a while. Each time... except in rare cases... on their inevitable return... they get a memory wipe that counts as a fresh start. It might be very uncomfortable to arrive... already knowing what you were previously, and... to also find that your mother is a former girlfriend... your father was once your son, and your brother had recently been a bitter enemy. These things happen all the time. The continuum of existence is about taking care of business with the people you have business with.

This is why I am detached. I have no feelings for blood kin that differ from the feelings I have for anyone else. I see no point in becoming attached to anyone who is gradually disappearing as I look at them. Why should I miss anyone who is simply another version of me? In fact... EVERYONE is another version of me... going through the process of becoming... ultimately... helpful and harmless... to EVERYONE else. At the present...not everyone is helpful and harmless... not hardly. They will have the error of every other posture... explained to them... in the long course of lifetimes... through the endless dance of cause and effect.

Here's what happens when you arrive at the mindset of being helpful and harmless to everyone you meet. Eventually... (time may vary depending on however much baggage you still carry), everyone becomes helpful and harmless to you. Now... you can speed up the process... by simply depositing all of your baggage... in any one of the convenient angelic dumpsters... that are waiting for you to do just that.

Can't see the dumpsters? Well... you have this silent partner who goes everywhere you go. You may be unaware of him/her because your reality is all personality-based, BUT... I can assure you that someone is standing by to take all of your troubles... and imagined responsibilities... off your hands... as soon as you are finally willing to let go of them. Really.

I am telling you about things I have discovered to be true. How do I know they are true? I know they are true because... by their very presence... they render everything else to be false and illusory. They ring, and they sing, and I can't help but to come into resonance with them because... they are stronger than I am or ever will be. Now... when I speak of things... in the plural sense... I am only talking about one thing that has many facets... like a jewel the way it catches the light OR... the way light becomes a spectrum when it enters through a prism.

There was only the white light, to begin with, and then... it became all those colors! It is easy to get lost in the colors and forget that they are all extensions of a single light. This is the thing with religions. Each religion is a different color... because it reflects the inherent dispensation... of all the people who are born on The Ray of Color it applies to.

The people of one color of belief are naturally suspicious of the people who subscribe to another color of belief. Yet... all these colors come from the one light.

In The Land of Physics... White is the sum of all colors, and Black is the absence of color, which makes 'people of color' sort of an abstraction, and... my even mentioning it racist, but... the color of skin has nothing to do with the colors of light. It's just one more way that existence likes to fuck with your head... cause you think you know what's going on, and are not shy about letting everyone else know what you think you know.

I don't care about the color of anyone's skin. Life has given me many a surprise... about what kind of man or woman... is concealed beneath the color of their flesh...which is the least part of them anyway. I care about the color of a person's thoughts and feelings... about the quality of their soul...which is the light... that gives luminescence... or else the persona conceals it... behind a carnal darkness.

My job is to not block the light. To not step between God and his material existence. My job is to hold still... while the light passes through me.

I've found good in every kind of person. On occasion... I have found it even when they didn't know it was there. You see... it is up to us what we call forth from others... whatever we do find... is what we brought to the conversation. Now... of course... there are people going about and looking for trouble, and you can be sure they will find it, however... it does not need to be you who gives them this opportunity... not if you are helpful and harmless.

If I say harmless... I do not mean defenseless. We are ALL attended by invisible friends (and protectors) OR... invisible hungers that feed upon us. There is a lot more that is invisible than there is that is visible, AND The Visible is ALWAYS ruled by The Invisible, so... steady on mates.

If I identify with The Light and not with the colors, then I am as Paul said...

To the drunkard I am become like a drunkard
To those under the law, I became like one under the law.
To the weak I became weak.
To the Jew, I became like a Jew,
all to win them to Christ


If I am not any particular thing... then I can become anything... as needs be... at any time... temporarily for the purpose at hand. Why should I make any continuing identity... with any form... whose intention is to imprison me? Nah... not happening.

Some may think I am opposed to romantic love. That would hardly be the case for a poet. Been there and done that. I now consider myself a true romantic... who is in love with The Divine... (well... I have always thought so) WHO ALSO is not any particular thing, but... can (and does) become anything... for a time... as it pleases him to, and then... he changes his clothes, while fools continue to worship him in garments he once wore, but... wears no more.

Unfortunately for Fundies of every stripe... The Divine is coming yet again... in a new set of clothes, and that will be the end of it for The Wardrobe Department of the previous age. You don't have to believe me. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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AL said...

Looking forward to the Divine coming along and opening a can of whoop ass on all the illness dealt to mankind. Till then I have faith and trust oh and Love of course to guide me.

Much appreciated Les.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Can't wait until my self-imposed prison sentence of 'life' is over, and me thinks I'm out with the dying age when it dies, so maybe I can give it one final kick in the face with steel toe boots. . .in analogy, of course.

Nostrils to the sky.

Visible said...

This is not a graffiti board for you to grandstand and make yourself out to be the answer to everyone's prayers. I pray... sincerely... that you NEVER get any power, because if you do, a great many people will suffer terrible injury. I do want to thank you for showing up as an example of the very thing I was talking about. I suppose you cannot see how ironic that is.

Be gone, witch... meddle elsewhere... your credit here is exhausted, as exhausted as the reader would be if I did not take pity on them and went ahead and printed your incoherent shriekings.

Mountain Dude said...

Yes, 7 days after fools day, Sin Eclipses
Shamash. Shamash is Justice and Protection of travelers. According to Ancient Babylon scripture.

ROY G BIV, Quite the spectrum.

Prior to Woke, Cinderella was held hostage in the house, by her two step sisters, whose names were Ego and Resentment, and her evil step mother, who's name was Fear.

From the moment Cinderella took a single step out of the house, She entered The Kingdom. It's the first thing that happend. Upon her second step , She Ruled The Kingdom.

Fuck those Dishes!

~ Well, I know it wasn't you who held me down
Heaven knows it wasn't you who set me free.
So oftentimes it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key.~

Already Gone, The Eagles

Visible said...

What about Marduk? (grin)

Mountain Dude said...


Shamash is the Divine Judge.

Sin passes under Shamash.

The Earth is Cinderella.

As in Heaven so it is on Earth.

I understand now.

I have my answer. I must return to the Hopi.

Mountain Dude said...

It's actually a three step process. 2 step sisters and a step mother.

First step, she enters the kingdom. second step she is transformed. The 3rd step she rules the kingdom.

3 steps and 3 steps.

Thank you.

You have answered my question.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Change of This Order, Does not Come in One Single Sweeping Moment... of Broken Clocks, and... One Everlasting Sunrise."

0 said...

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