Tuesday, March 19, 2024

'I Saw what Jesus Did When He Chased The Moneychangers out of The Temple. The Stink of Money was Everywhere."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was thinking about that short treatise... The Coming Avatar... (it was in the last post) mostly because some of the dates he mentioned kept returning to my mind. As soon as something by Benjamin Creme was mentioned, I thought... oh well. Then I saw that book about The Hierarchy by Alice Bailey. To be completely truthful... I even went and tried to read both of them; not happening. Creme is observably off-the-wall, and you notice this before you get very far into the book.

Alice Bailey is dense... dense... dense. She's not as dense as Madame Blavatsky, BUT... she's dense, and my own particular spirituality is dense-averse. I am a huge fan of increasing densities of light, but... unless writing entertains or inspires me, I go somewhere else. I know there are people who don't like what I do either, but... at least I try to make it interesting.

Alice, Annie, and the rest of The Theosophists... might have had the best of intentions, and... back in those days... of looming global conflicts, and the shades of gray... lent by the smokestacks of The Industrial Revolution... well... it was a different time.

Many of you might not be aware of Benjamin Creme. He only passed away a few years ago, but unless you keep track of the particular communities he appealed to, you might have missed him. I was aware of him but I dis-missed him; not the same thing really. (grin) This is only one of the reasons.

It's similar to what happened with Annie Besant introducing Krishnamurti as the next world shaker.

He made a lot of claims about Maitreya. (The Next Avatar, also known as Kalki... The Mahdi... The Christ returning) He made himself into a bit of an absurdity.

My feeling is... if you are going to predict things.. don't use exact dates. Don't use them anyway because no one knoweth the hour of his coming. Don't claim to know what you don't know, and if you do feel compelled to stick your neck out... always include disclaimers.

I probably shouldn't be talking this way about people far better known than myself, not that I consider celebrity... or whatever reach it may possess... to be an indicator of value and worth; certainly not by the standards of today, where you basically have to be a cartoon for the life-censors to let you out into The Media. Then again... anyone with any degree of self-worth... doesn't want to be a media darling in the first place, and these days, you absolutely... have to be... a complete whore... to get on The Red Letter Carpet.

I've never been a fan of any of these exoteric organizations... that operate off of the donations and bequests of rich old ladies who (conveniently) left them everything; like The Anthroposophical Society... The Theosophists... ah! I'd better not start listing these collectives. All of my life I was looking for something similar to belong to, and when I went to visit any of them, I saw pretty much what Jesus did when he chased The Moneychangers out of the temple. The stink of money was everywhere.

Those places were all filled with self-important types... who got paid a lot of money... to go around and have dinner with rich people, and get awards... for some shit that got made up for that purpose. It's what rich, and wannabe rich... and influential, and wannabe influential people do. They toast each other's self-important posturing... hoping for the same, and plotting behind their backs at the same time. I've seen it up close and impersonal; well... of course it's impersonal... cause, it's just business... nothing personal.

These are the people who do what they gotta do, cause... somebody's got to do it. All the organized churches are the same. If you want to get in on the action; WHATEVER YOUR REASONS MAY BE... you got to expect to use your elbows... jockey for position... plot and connive... damn one another with faint praise... let slip the odd strategic rumor, AND... you got to be willing to wear the sort of outfits that would make a drag queen blush. I mean... look at The Pope, AND... you got to want to be evil... while putting on that avuncular... arm around the shoulder... face of benevolent concern. Not too many people, that... we... know... about... are as evil as The Pope.

So I went to ashrams... fellowships... organizations, and it never went well. If there was a teacher still present, I got along with him fine, in fact... on occasion...I would get signaled out for plum assignments... that I never followed up on cause I was gone... sooner than later.

My getting noticed was not in my favor either. The envy and jealousy were suffocating. Everyone smiled to your face and then lied behind your back. It was a tad heartbreaking for me... sniff... sniff... Lawd! Lawd! I ain't got no home in this world! I'm not a fan of whining, and my sense of humor has never deserted me, so...

...if I coulda found a place, it would have made me happy, and... I did find a place, but it didn't have any fixed... physical address. That's okay, cause it is as real as real can be, and I don't feel left out anymore. In defense of my critics, I didn't make it easy on them, and I'm a pretty strange fellow, especially now, but less noticeably so. I didn't behave myself all the time, and the only monk I ever had much in common with... in those days... was Chögyam Trungpa... or Rasputin... and he got a lot of undeserved bad press too.

It's not that I behaved like Rasputin... or looked like him... or spoke Russian, BUT... there was always something off about me in those times. Now... I realize that was a good thing. It's funny how we can have things so backwards in our heads. Never let what other people think about you become what you think about you, especially if it happens to be people who don't like or trust you in the first place... just because they can't figure out where you are coming from, and...

...wherever you are coming from doesn't look anything like where they are coming from. There are two kinds of people in this world, and those are the people who are attached to material things, and those who are not attached to material things. Of course... the first group is much... MUCH... larger than the second group. It's like that other group of people; the ones who love their brother as themselves, and those who have made their own understanding of what that means. In this case, the first group is... again, much... MUCH larger than the 2nd.

I have read some amount of the works of B. Creme... Alice Bailey... and a shit-ton of others... who said this... that... and the other thing. The books I have actually returned to and read again and again... are a much... MUCH smaller group than the ones I seldom finished, AND... the even larger collection of those I kind of knew better than to even start reading, to begin with.

I think the reader should at least skim the short treatise linked at the beginning of this post.

The Coming Avatar
Dorje Jinpa

I got that sense of my skin trembling as I read it... and... the way it appeared to me defies reason. It just kind of showed up in front of me. It was one of those time bombs... depth charges... that got set into a location, and... the time came for it to go off.

I KNOW The Avatar is coming. I know this the way I know that Spring will be here very soon now... at least the calendar spring will. Actual spring comes at different times in different places. I know this the way The Sun appears each morning and the way it disappears over the horizon... to mark the end of the day. The Avatar is a rare but regular feature in human AND cosmic events. No one knows the exact date of his arrival, and it won't be the same... everywhere... anyway.

We don't know WHEN he will materialize, BUT we do know that he will materialize... because HE ALWAYS DOES, and he will... this time... again. He might not come in person, and the treatise mentions some variations on the theme. It even mentions what I've been told internally about The Avatar... appearing in the hearts disposed to his presence... though it says so differently.

He'll be coming around the mountain when he comes. In some places... an object will block The Sun... like a mountain or... a tall building or the people standing in the way of their own understanding. I mention The Sun because The Avatar is an embodiment of The Sun in human form. The Avatar is The Sun King. The real Sun King. He comes clothed in the light of The Sun.

He is the embodiment of The Sun's message in each time frame... each age... he appears in, AND... sensitive souls are aware of his presence some amount of time before he officially arrives... because he radiates through space and time ahead of himself.

Who can say... at what moment... Spring arrives... or Summer? Who knows when a specific winter become The Winter of our Discontent? Different events and occasions come around at different times... for different people. Sometimes... and more and more often these days... they don't come around at all.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

Interesting link about Haitian capital under siege. Then there's this article about Haiti having the world's second largest iridium deposits:

Upheaval... It's what comes before pillage and plunder...

0 said...

"I got that sense of my skin trembling as I read it... and... the way it appeared to me defies reason. It just kind of showed up in front of me."

Synchronicity is one of the hallmarks I use to see that I am looked after by the All. :) Whats needed shows up when needed most and within the context to be made sense of at the time needed.


0 said...

Did you see the latest "secret window" at usdebtclock.org?


Not sure what the constellations are supposed to be or the planets... it looks like the X is at least partially made by the coming eclipse path across north texas...

Still no acknowledgement of treasury dollars vs federal reserve notes. Dual tiered currencies, tho I don't know anyone who knows how to get Treasury Dollars... Not that they're of any benefit now with the 1:1 exchange rate, but those rates change on whims.

Guess we'll see... eclipse is about a month off now...


AL said...

Always nice to read Les many thanks and for The Way To The Kingdom link, it's a book I cannot put down and feels like the only one one could ever need aside from pleasure reading.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Creme was on of the most off-putting 'mystics' I ever read. . .very little of.

Thank you from the furthest reaches of my nostrils for bringing 'The Once And Future King' to my attention. I knew it existed forever, but I wouldn't have read it if it weren't for your comment. Awesome book, which I'm reading now. I'm about 1/2 way done with the first section. Great follow up to 'By Force Alone', which I am mailing to my psychic twin in a few minutes.

For those interested in reading The Once and Future King:


It's all on one page, but at least when I restart the computer it goes back to where I left off.

Nostrils to the sky as the world as we know it turns to ash. Good riddance!

Visible said...

I was expecting this. Yes... it is a remarkable book, and... since you are only part way through it I can tell you it gets better and better.

bigloner said...

I typed April 8th in history & see we're in line for Buddha & um...Yip Harburg as birthday boyz. Who would have thought....?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Stress and Tension Created... Causes The Mental Disturbances... that Grow Into an Unmanageable Insanity."

0 said...

The once and future king appears to be what the disney film "the sword in the stone" was about. Enjoyed the disney cartoon of it. Reading thru it now as well. Seems the cartoon film is pretty close to the book, tho I'm only a few chapters into it today.


0 said...

Nah everything is now fair huh... Equity. What a joke. Look at the kid getting the big words... he knows hes getting the big words and still tries to make it happen.


Equity will make everyone Dumber and more selfish and they'll feel entitled to it.

Goddam, Lets have the HOT WAR already!


Visible said...

I saw that spelling bee clip. Wow! How messed up some people are. The kid did alright for a bit. This is how they make us all equal. Stupid things for stupid people who want to look smart and impossible challenges for people who are smart.

The Once and Future King is one of the best books I ever read, along with The Lord of The Rings... The Monkey Wrench Gang and all of Harris's Lector books. It's hard for me to rate books when I have read so many of them. I was a big fan of the Reacher books too, until Lee Child turned over the franchise to his talentless woke son. Now I read them no more. Richard Kadrey's Sandman Slim series is also epic until he gets woked and awkward and loses the plot and the characters, BUT... the first half-dozen to ten books are pretty great. The last 3 or 4 not so much.

Stridering Fool said...

LV, I think Harold the Brain is some kind of millionaire but that is none of my business and I don't care what people make.
An engineer by trade and very generous, the last of ten children and of the old school that makes the grade.
He moved away right before the Stig Beal but it is only 50 miles away.
A five acre beauty in Pineland such a fine land where the Sun smiles at you.
He really came through like a champ the other day and I have a feeling he really is a brother from another mother.
Offer of the woods behind the out building still stands and I am just a dumb wretch and a fool that is flattered by such a kind gesture.
I owe some labor for help with money and look forward to it as the wood splitter is fun to operate.

Visible said...

Pineland's just up the road from here.



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